File #5104: "Deborah Bowerman 21.pdf"


[pg 35]
5m 17th Monthly Meeting at Hillier Father
L evi Mary Carrie & the Children went up
& took dinner at John Dorland’s . ____
_20th A fine day went to meeting P W , here our
f olks went to Picton to look for E Cadman the boat
w as gone, [Wesleyan?] Conference there,
21st Father Birth-day [sic] 86, a fine d a y . ____
23r Jim went to Toronto to see his father found
him dead & buried,____
24th The Queens [sic] Birth-day [sic], Nathaniel [sic] two
Children were here for a v isit, ____
26th Nelson & Rachel came up with the bugey [sic]
stoped [sic] with us three nights, went home the 29th
I think its [sic] rather uncertain if she sees us all
togather [sic] again, for we little know what a day
w ill bring fourth [sic]. __
[pg 36]
1877 5m 3 1st Uncle John came down for a
v isit & to attend the Quarterly meeting, _
6m 1st Select meeting Vincent & myself went
found two friends there from Philadelphia
Samuel Morris & his companion a friend
by the name of [Cope??], when we got home found
Frederick Sivetman his wife & four Children
here had a very pleasant with them.
3r A number o f our friends made us a
v isit 20 in number WmAllen & companion
among the company, we lodged the whole of
them, & after breakfast, had a chapter read
& a f ew words spoken after by some of the
company, which was acceptable, then most
o f them started for home, some went to

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