File #5112: "Deborah Bowerman 29.pdf"


19th Monthly meeting did not go, Levi and
Mary went also Carrie.____
21st Levi & Mary went to Picton got flannel
for Lydia & Carrie, mild weather yet
no sn ow . ____
24th Vincent & myself married 28 years
a go to day, meeting day no one went,
father showed Levi his W ill, not altogather [sic]
satisfied, poor man I feel very sorry for
him, haveing [sic] involved himself so much,
but we cannot all see alik e. ____
25th Samuel Baker died, _
26th Lydia went to Picton paied [sic] for her
gold spectacals [sic] or in part 5 dollors [sic], then
w ent to George Leers for a visit stoped [sic] all
[pg 51]
night with them. Carrie got her new
black dress brought home, Lydia got her
coat cut & left it to be made, _
_28th Samuel Baker to be buried to day.
2mo 1st Our Quarterly meeting commences Vincent
nor myself went to Select meeting owing to the storm
U ncle Arthur & Edwin came, also Philip and
his Cousin, _W mSpencer & Stephen Cartland
attended our meeting, I did not get out at
a ll, _ Reuben Haight was here from Snowden
left here the 7th for Belleville, _ And Lydia
w ent to Fredericksburgh Robert comeing [sic] up
for her, it seems very lonesome without her.
_8th Levi quite unwell he gave me Uncle
Arthur’s Note, five dollors [sic] & 28ct due on it up to this
date, ____

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