File #5123: "Deborah Bowerman 40.pdf"


[pg 71]
1879 7m 3rd My father & Mother with eleven Children
landed in Quebec in 1821,59 years ago to day. _
7mo 25th Seven years ago this morning between
two & three oclock, Our dear Edith breathed
her last, sitting in the Arm-chair in her
sixteenth years, _ Maria Ellsworth & daughter
Phebe Jane spending the afternoon at Nelsons,
father & myself took tea with them.
8mo 9th Levi met Mary Bowerman daughter
L ydia at Picton, on her way from the States,
to make us a v isit. ____
12th Met Elizabeth at the boat spent a
w eek with us.
_31st Daniel Levens buried at our meeting­
house aged 90 years, Vincent was at the
feuneral [sic]. ____
[pg 72]
1879 9m 1st Lydia & myself heard the
Cars for the first time siting [sic] at our
d ineing-room [sic] window pealing [sic] pears.
_3r Aunt Maria & Kate came here for a
v isit, spent three days with us, then to
L evi’s, starting for home on the 8th Second day morning. Levi takeing [sic] them to Picton
& bringing back some English friends,
James Clark & his two daughters Sophia
& Edith, it was a very short visit of two
or three hours. ____
_6th Lather Lydia & myself went to Levis with
A unt Maria & Kate, stoped [sic] till the following
Sixth day, Thomas Birth day the 10th 9 years old,
1 lm o 2n Lirst day no meeting, our first snow

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