File #5126: "Deborah Bowerman 43.pdf"


have the privilage [sic] of turning a house
in the door-yard, Oh Levi ! Oh Levi ! W hy not have let thy poor Old father died [sic]
on his own farm, where he has been
over 65 years. ____
_18th Elizabeth went home on the boat
Mary takeing [sic] her down to Picton.
[pg 77]
1880 5m 20th Monthly meeting at Hillier, none
o f our family there, to [sic] much buried in
the cares of the world, Mary haveing [sic] the
A g u e. ____
21st V B ’s birth day [sic] 89 Andrew & Sarah
here also Amey, a beautifull [sic] day.
23r First day no meeting for us, Mary
& the Children here.
24th The Queen’s birth-day [sic], it will not
make much differance [sic] with us, altho [sic]
m y Sister Mary was carring [sic] of her about
the room when she was about
t welve months o ld . ____
6mo 4th Quarterly meeting began Vincent &
m yself went out to Select meeting, then down
to Levis, were [sic] we stoped [sic] till the 7th _
[pg 78]
Uncle John & Arthur down to the meeting
w e had a very good meeting.
_10th Rachel’s Birth-day 12 years old, they
all came out to the old place & took
dinner for the last time, as the place
is sold, Grandfather in his 90 year,
& Grandmother in her 7 6 , ____

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