File #5129: "Deborah Bowerman 46.pdf"


1881 3m 8th Returned home for a few weeks
to pack up our things & take leave of the
Old place after living on it 65 years, it
looks rather hard to see Old folks give
up their home before they have done of it
3m 10th Elizabeth Cadman’s Birth-day [sic] 51.
_13th R Cadman Elizabeth, Carrie Rachel &
L evi,_ 14th E Cadman went home,
_16th Adam Spencer attended our M Monthly
m eeting. Came over to the Old place in the
e vening to see Vincent & wife accompanied by
[pg 83]
W mValentine Amy Leer & Levi,
17th Joseph Rogers buried E Varney going up
to attend the funarel [sic], ____
19th Heard the first Robin on the Old place
12m 25th 1880, Christmas Thomas sick a [sic] bed
not able to go to Picton, or to see the Christmas
t ree, ____
1881 1/1 New-years day Thomas in bed yet
not much better, lingerd [sic] along till the
first of 4 month, when he quickly breathed his
last about Vi past seven in the evening, by
the bursting of a blood-vessle,_ buried the
third by the side of his sister Edith._
poor dear [Chils?] Oh that we were all
w ith them, the way things are going, it all
looks dark after looseing [sic] our home. _

[pg 84]
1880 1 l m 27th Rachel & Thomas came out to the
Old place on the Sledge in the evening, quite cold

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