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Diary of Benjamin Freure
Ship George Newcastle
1836 London Docks - May 11th 1836
Apr1 23rd Left Glemham for America - Luggage to Ipswich by Jas. Cook - Andrew and his
Mother with him I took my gun and pistols from Margoram's Wickham went to Clapham
and dined there went to Marcus' in the afternoon slept there that night.
24th Sunday went to the Town church in the morning pleased with seeing the children
from the school and with the chiming of the Tower bells, and delighted with hearing the
organs Solemn Sounds. Went to St. Lawrence's in the afternoon a pretty church and small
organ but the music both there and at the Tower moderate - very poor and the sermons at
each like the music moderate at Marcus' Sunday night & Breakfast on monday morning.
25th Went on board steamer packet, had a very pleasant towing to London got there
between 6 & 7 in the evening. Hurried our luggage on shore and some porters bundled
them into the warehouse for which I paid them 2/-. ["rather too much" crossed out] I thought
they were better paid for their work than I had been for mine before I left Glemham. The
clerk of the warehouse (a very civil young man) had heard were we were ultimately going
kindly offered his advice were to lodge that night which if we had not intended taking Arthur
we should have gladly accepted, and I have had no reason to think my confidence in him
would have been misplaced - Now was the beginning of our dif[afreurep2]
-ficulties, he enquired (after I told him I had a son in town) were he lived, I could not tell him
for we had forgotten the name of his Master, the name of the street and the number of the
house all we could recollect he lived some were not a great way from White Chappie. He
advised us to give some one acquainted with the town a trifle to go with us, we did so and
agreed with a young man for sixpence. We went through White Chappie in hopes we might
perchance see Arthur, or might recollect his Masters name if we should be lucky enough to
see it; but alass! no Arthur nor name met our eyes. - we then went to an old woman's were
Arthur did once lodge and got the information we stood in need off. We soon found Arthur's
place of abode but he was walked out with his Master we set up all night very anxiously
expecting him to come home every minute, but nor him nor his Master came till after 6
oclock in the morning. Not having ever seen the man I was not without my fears that he
might come home Tipsy and perhap be angry with us for intruding ourselves were we
certainly had no kind of right. The woman treated us with the greatest friendship but
appeared to be as uneasy as we were on account of her husbands unexpected stay as it
was by no means a usual practice with him. a more disagreeable
night I do not recollect ever to have experienced. "Sorrows may continue for a night but joy
cometh in the morning." So says the psalmist and so it was with us. Arthur and his master
came in the morning quite sober and with all the good nature possible bid us welcome

breakfast was got ready and after hearing our tale he told us to make his home our home as
long as it might be convenient to us.
26 [Apr.] After breakfasting with our new friend we went to Mitcham to see Frederick; the
road for 10 or 12 miles the pleasantest I ever saw; very handsome houses on each side all
the way but a few rods distant from each other. The intermediate spaces between each
filled with trees and gardens: and very frequently streets extending perhaps a quarter or half
a mile (in right angles from the direct street to Mitcham); intermingled in the same manner
with beautiful Houses, trees, and gardens, and sometimes a beautiful common intersected
in different directions with coach roads and surrounded with elegant houses. We Found
Frederic and his wife and child well saw Benjamin in the evening at Frederics he was very
well, and just upon entering upon a famous good place - we carried the owl to Frederic
and put it in a back room there was a hole under the door it got out and was gone in the
morning, but was found by a boy and Frederic got it again by paying a shilling for it. We
slept at Mitchham that night and returned to London next day.
Wednesy 27th [Apr.] Slept at a respectable coffee house for which I paid sixpence a night
each for my wife and myself. Andrew slept with Arthur.
Thursy 28 Engaged our places on board the ship, George of Newcastle, for Montreal (on
Wednesday 27) got our luggage on board this day; and slept on board very comfortably. are to sail on Monday.
Satury 30 Nothing material today, (sail on Monday)
Sundy 1 May Went to St. Georges Church (in the East) a pretty church and furnished with
an organ; music, and sermon, both moderate. Could not go any where afternoon on
account of my wife having caught cold and being very unwell.
Mondy 2 May Chimney sweeps holliday celebrated should have been yesterday but for its
being the sabbath. A great many bands published at St. Georges yesterday I think not less
than a Dozen. To one of the schools for Girls a Gentleman have left a donation with
directions for every one of the scolars to receive on their wedding day (provided she marry a
man of good character and approved by the Guardians of the Charity) the sum of one
Hundred pounds, and as some one or more of them are married every May day (which I
think is the day stipulated for them to do it) the Bells are rung all the day and all is festivity
and joy.
Sail on Wednesday.
Tuesdy 3 May Went to Mitcham was very happy to hear that Fred had recovered his lost
owl stoped there that night - went to see Ben in the morning found him ["very luckily"
crossed out] in the knife house. He gave me a hat; and Frederic's wife gave me plumb
cake to carry to my wife.


Wednesy 4th to sail on Saturday.
Thursy 5th preparing as much as we could for sailing
Fridy 6th
Satury 7th to sail on Monday.
Sundy 8th went to St. Pauls in the morning. It is a most noble building; and the finest organ I
ever heard or I suppose ever shall; the low notes echoing thro' the vast hollow of the
building resembles distant thunder which accompanied with the sounds of the higher ones
have a most delightful effect: but the music they played consisting entirely of chaunts was
not so pleasing to me as I expected it would have been. ["The sermon I could not hear
enough off to know much about it, but from what I could hear I rather think it was simliar to
that at St. Georges, moderate" crossed out] They were chiming the bells at Bow as we
went past I supposed there was twelve but could not know possitively as the carriages made
such a constant rattling on the stones I wished them all in the Red Sea with Pharaoh. But
from what little we could hear
it is a grand peal; far far superior to any I ever heard before; I think nothing can exceed the
fine solemn tones of the great Bells.
Mondy 9th May Monday is come but no sailing. Put offs have been the order of the day
from our first being in London they began directly after landing by setting up the whole
night expecting Arthur every minute. Next, after writing to the parish to remit the money to
the ship agent (Mr. Knowles) stipulated for us; that was done imediately by the parishoners
so far all was well; but when I applied at Mr. Knowles chambers to enquire about it; they told
me he had received the order but the bank had not paid it; I applied again the Bank had paid
the money but Mr. Knowles was not at the office; we called again same day He had been
there but was just gone. Went again next day waited several hours he did not come went
another day they told us they did not expect him that day. One of the days appointed for
sailing was Saty. 7 May I got up on the Friday morning my mind filled with dread; we had not
taken our provisions on board nor received the money of Mr. Knowles and as I had been
disappointed so many times I might be disappointed again, and if we did sail next
day I could not devise any means how I could possibly proceed with any propriety on my
voyage. However I got up a little earlier than usual and stated our situation to Andrew and
agreed with him to help me to forward our business all he could - I went to Mr. Knowles
office he was not there but was expected there in a very little time - full of anxiety for the
result every person that come in I hoped was Mr. Knowles; at last a Gentleman came in who
seemed to take an active part in the business; I asked one of the clerks if he could do mine
he told me that Gentleman was Mr. Knowles; nothing could sound pleasanter in my Ears
than that did at that time. He presently enquired if I was the man to whom the letter from
Glemham related - I told him yes he gave a check upon Harvies Bank for six pounds the

clerk enquired if I wished him to get it cashed I thanked him; and it was done for me. Altho' I
had two ounces more weight I came home two stones lighter than I went. We got our
provisions on board to day, and were fully prepared to begin the voyage - went to rest to
night with a mind much more at ease than it was when I rose in the morning.
Tuesday 10th May Nothing to do to day but to rest contented that we are prepared to sail talk of sailing tomorrow.
Wednesy 11th - nothing to do to day for us. Crew very busy taking in Iron
Thursy 12th - Crew very busy again this morning taking in Iron, water etc. removed the ship
this morning at half past Eleven from the docks to what they called the bason stayed they
till next morning.
Friday 13 - Set off again this morning between eleven and twelve - opposite West India
docks at one - Gravesend between four & five
Saturday 14 - In the channel - lay for an hour or two for the tide - weighed anchor at noon
and are going slowly on now - several of the passengers very sick this afternoon wind very
cool could not write on deck. The captain advised me to get in the boat that was on the
deck I did so; and spoiled a most famous pen by striking the nib on one of the oars, went
to bed early fearing that I was going to be like some others on board as my head began to
ach. ["and my stomach to rumble and" crossed out] seemed very chilly but soon felt
comfortable in bed and fell asleep and slept very comfortably thro' the night.
Sunday 15 May 1836 - The first Sunday that ever I began at sea; how it will finish Heaven
only knows - I have not begun it in the manner I wished; and had had in contemplation for
some time past; I find 'tis impossible for me to associate with any satisfaction to myself; with
any of my ship-mates. - To me O Father, whose almighty power the Heavens, and Earth
and Seas adore, to the be all my thought directed, all my desires known, and all my actions
guided; let my whole trust be on the and thy will not mine be done; and let me never be
confounded. - Everyone now anxious to see the eclipse of the sun we had an opporntunity
of seeing it very accurately as the Mate was so obliging as to furnish me with a black lens;
which enabled me to oblige a great part of the passengers with a perfect sight of it which
otherwise they would not have had. We had just passed Dungeness light house at the time
think in the evening we were opposite Beachy head. - very pleasant weather; but so calm
that we make but little way.
Monday 16th very pleasant this morning ["a large whale passed the ship this morning about
eight oclock; and what a shame I was not up early enough to see it" crossed out] Have
been reading an interesting story called the irreparable misfortune; from a French Author, of
a lady who proved faithless to the most affecte husband.

Oh! Andrew! I am sorry to see him fooling away his time in playing with cards or some such
nonsense with Boys on deck; the principal part of this day he have lost in that manner; what
pity when there is such a good opportunity to employ his time to a good purpose.
It gives me pleasure that the captn have given me leave, or rather an invitation to read or
write on the Quarter deck, but it will not do except in very calm weather the motion of the
ship is too much the sea have been very smooth all day; we have made but little way;
nearby land still; Fiddling and dancing this evening on deck; Andrew one of the players
Tuesday 17th May. Fair wind this morning; have been getting forward well all day; seems to
be dying away this Evening.
One of the passengers this morning had some beef he thought wanted washing; he was
advised by some one to tye it to a string and throw it into the sea at the ships stern, and let it
remain for a little while drawing along in the water he took the advise but in throwing it the
string broke, and he saw his beef no more. - From the motion of the ship being greater to
day some of the people on board have felt themselves unwell I have felt rather squeamish
but it seems to be going off; my wife have been a good deal affected but the Captain was so
kind as to give her a little Brandy and she is better.
[afreurepl 1]
Wednes y 18 May - We are got near Penzance; in consequence shall not see land for some
time to come. Still going on with fair breeze I have often thought when I was engaged at
work all the day, how happy those people were that had nothing to do but were at perfect
liberty to employ their time as they pleased. I thought if I were placed in such a situation I
could make myself very contented in reading and writing. - and if music were added to my
amusement, my happiness would be as complete as this life could admit off; but I now find
rny Ideas were very erroneous. - I am in perfect health, on board a good ship, very
pleasant weather, I enjoy the sea, the gentleman who commands the ship is a very
intelligent good natured man, he have read a great deal and have been so obliging as to
offer a variety of books for my amusement; and several of the passengers have been
equally kind so that I have the opportunity of always seeing something entirely new to me. I
read when I please, write when I please, eat & drink when I please, go to bed when I please,
5jet up when I please; and yet with all these conveniences and agreeables time sometimes
Seems rather irksome and heavy. - mismanagement somewhere. - Have been picking my
potatoes this afternoon which were shooting very fast; very contented while after that job.
[afreurepl 2]
Thursday 19 May - Alas! sick, sick, sick, very sick to day. have not been so 'till now.

Friday 20 th - Still sick, all of us.
Saturday 21 - Grow still worse. scarcly able to wait of each other.
Sunday 22 nd - Still sick at times, not able to go on deck. obliged to ly on our births almost
all day.

Monday 23rd - Still very debilitated and strenghless not at all inclined to get of our beds.
A man who had been very ill from his first coming on board dyed this morning. In
consequence of which every one was requested by the Captain to go on deck this afternoon
which we were obliged to comply with, altho' we were scarcly able to walk up the ladder
from the hold. The afternon was very cold and as we felt very ill we were obliged to ly down
on the deck, but altho' we lay shivering with cold several hours we did not feel any
inconvenience from it afterwards; I certainly expected we must all of us have caught severe
colds; but that was not the case, we went to bed early and were soon rocked into a very
comfortable sleep. For altho' we always felt very ill while we were employed after what
business we were obliged to do; boiling our gruel making our beds etc. we generally slept
very comfortable at nights.
Tuesday 24 May - Still sick in the day time, except when lying still on our beds.
Wednesday 25 - Still remain sick, the sea have been constantly rather leavy for this week
Thursday 26 - To day the sea is much smoother and I hope our sickness is nearly over, I
have been able to be on deck a considerable part of the day.
Friday 27 Altho' the last evening was remarkably fine, quite calm, and pleasant; the sea
have been the most rough and turbulent to night that it have been ever since we began our
voyage, and continue the same this morning; which have brought on our sickness a gain
quite fresh.
Saturday 28th - Sea still rough, and weather colder, cannot get well yet.
Sunday 29th - Still cold, and unpleasant, did not go on deck nor yesterday nor to day kept
in bed the principle part of our time.
Monday 30th - Still cold and uncomforable. saw Ice go past.
Tuesday 31st - Colder - more Ice seen to day
Wednesday 1 June - Very cold this morning and rafty went on deck this morning did not
remain there more than half an hour was so cold I thought I never should be warm any
Thursday 2 June - very cold still did not get up all to day. could scarcly keep myself warm
in bed
Friday 3 rd - Still cold in bed almost all day.

Saturday 4th - not quite so cold but still in bed all Day. and tho' I have slept a considerable
part of the days continued to sleep well at nights.
Sunday 5th Pleasanter to day, sea very smooth got up about three oclock this afternoon
and went on deck a little while for the first time since Wednesday.
Monday 6th - Sea very smooth ship going along slowly and steadily, - saw land today
covered with snow we are in the Gulf of St. Laurence.
Tuesday 7th - a child died with small pox on board buried in the deep last night at 10 o'clock.
Rainy unpleasant day. did not go on deck much to day.
Wednesy 8th - Nothing material to day.
Thursday 9 th - Passed very near land to day it looked very dreary and cold.
Friday 10th - Made very little way to day, were forced to shift the sails very frequently. land
observable on both sides. River about 24 miles across. land appears high and Rocky.
went on deck about 3 afternoon to day and took more exercise than I have done for the last
fortnight, and certainly felt much the better for it. expected to sleep very soundly at night,
but having been so long in the habit of being rocked to sleep, as the ship was very
very steady I could not go to sleep at all for several hours although I felt perfectly well, and
lay as warm and easy apparently as possible.
Saturday 11th June - Saw land only on one side the River to day a high hill appeared this
afternoon we passed a lighthouse last night just got sight of it in the evening. Captain
spoke to a ship yesterday afternoon she came from Exeter; had been on her voyage six
weeks. We had been only four; so had outsaild her a fortnight. - an American boat with thre
men came along side and put a pilot on board. - The Captain say we shall reach the
Quarentine station tomorrow: how long we shall be forced to remain there is still to be told;
but I am afraid it will be a considerd time on account of the small pox being on board. However we are lucky in having a good stock of provissions on board.
I did not expect to have felt any more sickness but had another little fit directly after leaving
the deck this evening but it was soon over but have not recovered my last appetite yet.
Sunday 12 June. - Went on deck about nine this morning. not very pleasant on account the
wind blowing rather too cold; and being unfavorable made the ship too much on her beam
ends. - another child died last night and was buried in the River at five o'clock this morning.
- melancholy situation them people are in were the small pox is - they are
in the steerage, and consist of people sent from Folkstone in Kent, and places adjacent,
amounting in all to about sixty, about one half of them from Folkstone.

We have been nearer the side of the river to day than we have been before, and the land
appeared to be covered very thickly in general with shrubs; which I was informed were
principally spruce firs; some places appeared to be naked and barran. - I saw houses and
the smoke from the chimnies; but were not near enough to see the inhabitants.
Monday 13 June - Got up early this morning and went on deck directly. was highly delighted
with the scene it was a most beautiful morning, quite calm and the river growing narrower
we could see the land more distinctly on both sides than at any time before. - on our right
hand appeared a ridge of high mountains at least they appeared so to me never having seen
any thing like them before: extending (as the Captain informed me a bout fifteen miles). altho' the whole appeared nearly opposite to the ship. - do not appear to be any inhabitants
out there are people because I can see smoke in one place. They appear to be covered with
some kind of trees or shrubs. The other side is more level but both very pleasing to me. I
never enjoyed life more than I do at this instant; it is now near noon; and the weather as
pleasant as it can possibly be. [afreurep17]
Monday 13th June continued. - a melancholy accident happened yesterday. - The captain
had two dogs on board, which from their inoffensive manners were not disliked by any one.
Whither it was from a similarity of dispositions I know not but a friendly intamacy was
contracted between one of them and myself. Yesterday afternoon we spoke to each other as
usual: and after lying some time at my feet on the deck I went down below and he went on
the ships stern, from which, on a sudden motion of the ship, his foot slipped and he fell over
board. he struggled hard against the stream to regain the ship, but alas! Struggled in vain
was soon out of sight; and was seen no more.
David said, O Lord! how wonderfull art thou in all thy works; I certainly have now the greatest
reason to make the same exclamation. we are about sixty miles below Quebec and surely
nothing can exceed the beauty and Grandeur of the noble river Saint Lawrence, and its
picturisk banks unadorned with any thing of mans invention. for tho' we see smoke in places
behind the hills we see no fine buildings. I do not recollect ever to have enjoyed one day in all
my life more than I have done this. It is now about seven in the evening the water is smooth
as glass and the ship lying quite still all nature seems to have finished its days work.
Tuesday 14 June
I ["got up" crossed out] rose earlier than I usually do this morning to see the sun rise over the
water and was so lucky as to have a fine view of it, as the morning was very clear and the
water in a very favourable direction from the ship. I certainly never saw any thing more
beautiful than its rise, apparently out of the water.
The shore on both sides of us is variagated with white dots in clusters and ridges which
appear like ship, but are in reality houses, and we sometimes can observe one larger and
differing from the rest by appearing Higher; they are churches.
(Two o'clock afternoon) we are now nearer to them and can plainly see what they are. - we
are nearly opposite to a very pretty church a turret at each end, and a gilded ball on each
about halfway up the turret. The houses have a very neat appearance, roofs and every part

of them being white. They are all near the edge of the water. The land generally seem to
rise very very high at the back of them. - we are now passing a famous church covered with
something red, the walls are white, and three Turrets two at one end and one at the other.
on the other side of us, is a peninsula that look like an Island (it just seems it), in the middle
of the River is covered thickly with trees, or shrubs, and have a very pretty appearance. we passed two small Islands an hour since covered in the same manner.
The houses seen from the middle of the River appear to the eye to be close to the water
edge but are in general about a quarter or half a mile distant from it. The land appear very
high opposite to the ['Island" crossed out] (peninsula in the River). The beauty of the day is
over it has been delightfull, but it is very cloudy a head, and seem to indicate a storm. sails
reefed and ship lying still. another child died on board ["last" crossed out] this morning.
Wednesday 15 June - Quite a change; we are landed. - This morning when I rose the ship
was under weigh and in about an hour we got to the quarentine station, the ship lay too and
the Docter was expected on board in a short time and in half and hour we were all ordered
on deck; the Docter was on board. We had all of us to pass before him; and he counted the
number of us. he then order'd all mothers who had sick children to go immediately on shore
with the children, and the whole of the passengers were ordered to pack up all there
luggage and be ready to leave the ship as soon as possible; no time allowed for breakfast.
all were busy as bees and in about an hour beds were tyed up boxes packed and we began
to leave the ship. - the boats carried us a bout two hundred rods and put us on shore at the
foot of a rock of solid stone in a very rough state. we had then to remove our luggage up
the rocks a bout two hundred yards which was no easy task
(Wednesda6 15 May continued.)
However we set a bout it lustily and were soon in a house built in purpose, with a double row
of births two deep for sleeping which would contain more than a hundred people; and by no
means an uncomfortable place. This building like all others here is all white, roof as well as
sides;which have a very pretty effect. The roofs are boarded then covered with slate and
painted white.
The place were we are is very pleasant; covered over every were very thickly with spruce
firs. But we are not allowed to go any where further than the front of the house extends
down to the foot of the rock at the waters edge, so cannot know much about it. I shall be
very glad when we get our freedom. Because the mind is kept continually in suspence we
must stay ten days; and if another case of malady should happen before that time is expired
it will prolong our stay in consequence we cannot tell how long.
There is wood allowed, which everyone must rive or chop to peices, and make their own
fires in clefts of the rock. - There is a shop at one end of our dwelling were is sold beer,
bread and all necessary articles, so that a person may live very well here if they have
money. - Beer 3d pint, bread much the same as in England Butter 14d pr lb, salt 2d - eggs
12 for one shilling, milk 2d a pint. - I certainly had not thought of being detained here; nor do
I like it. still we ought not to complain; the law is a good one.

Grose Island the name of the place were we are
Thursday 16 June - Two more ships are come here with emegrants on board which were
sent on shore from one of them yesterday amounting to more than a[ ? ] hundred. - the
other an Irish ship from Londondery with three hundred and sixty emegrants which were
sent on shore to day. one boat load came in the morning and were landed with their
luggage another boat load was sent but the tide was so low that the boat got aground at
some distance from the landing place and there they were obliged to remain all the day
crowded together in the boat 'till the tide came in the evening, when they were landed and
the rest were sent. There are seperate buildings for every ships passingers; and those
belonging to each ship are not allowed to have any intercourse with those of any other not
even to talk together. - A regement of soldiers are stationed here to preserve order; and
centinels constantly standing in diferent places so as they can observe every transaction.
Here is an hospital to which every one that is unwell is sent directly after they are landed.
Friday 17th June - Six o'clock in the evening our ship is now got under sail and set off for
Quebec; from whence he is to send a steam-packet for us as soon as we can get our
discharge; from the medical board here declaring that we are all in perfect health. we are in
hopes that Monday or Tuesday next will set us free.
Friday 17 continued - Another large ship is now come in and appears to be as full of
passingers as she can hold; the deck is covered with them. The ship that came here from
Londonderry had been on her passage six weeks. - we have been but five so that we
cannot count ourselves unlucky yet.
Saturday 18 June - Another large ship is come here with a great number of passengers; I
think they also came from Ireland.
Andrew and myself have been washing 2 bed-rugs and 2 bed cases; we tyed them to the
end of a line and hung them into the water in the river at the edge of the rocks; the water
being rather rough kept dashing them angaints the side of the rock and made them quite
clean in a very little time. - Another ship this afternoon with a great many passingers. - The
passingers belonging to the ship from Londonderry have been getting on board this
afternoon with their luggage and continue very busily at it late this evening.
Sunday 19th June - Andrew and myself got up about five o'clock this morning and went on
the rocks and read the service for the day with the psalms and lessons; nothing could be
pleasanter than it was; the morning very fine and the water gently dashing againsts the rock
at our feet. - Read the eveng service this afternoon before dinner. people belonging to
other ships, very busy all day washing their linnin and drying it on the rocks. It is realy
wondfull to see the trees growing in the solid stone which is the case as far as we can see

from our yard, which we are not suffered to go out off; but I have reason to think it as all
solid stone for some miles around; in consequence cannot be cultivated there is now and
then a tuft of grass growing in the low places were a little soil is collected I suppose from the
leaves that fall from the trees rotting and washing into the hollows. some weeds also; sow
thistle, burdock, and some others like what are in England. The trees appear to be
princepally, spruce fir, ash, and elm.
Monday 20 th June - This morning Finished washing all our linnin, blankets, rugs, trowsers,
slops, Jackets etc we had orders about eight o'clock to roll up our beds to one end of our
births, and to empty all our boxes and to lay all our linnin neatly folded for the inspection of
the Surgeon; which was all done, and no fault found. - so that we are in hopes we shall

Tuesday 21 st June - Another day is nearly gone, and we have heard nothing about when we
are to leave this place. - I have cut my name on a pale in the yard and Andrew have cut his,
and his mothers; we did it to pass away the time. A ship now just gone; another weiging
anchor and will soon follow her; only one left here now.
Wednesday 22 June - Orders this morning for every on to take away the beds and white
wash their births, - two Docters have been here and we were all ordered to pass before
them, we are in expectation that the steam boat will come for us this afternoon.
The Docter have now told us that the steam boat will come for us this evening, we all seem
glad, but still I dread it, it is a very great deal of work to get our luggage on board but
perhaps we may get on better than I expect. I shall be very glad when we get to end of our
journey, we had packed everything ready for starting but night is come and not boat so we
have to unpack again and go to our old lodgings.
Thursday 23 rd June - What this day will bring forth is still to be told, but I am very doubtfull
whither we shall go today. It seems to be the opinion of every one here that it is a
misfortune that we are detained here, but whither it be so in reality we cannot possibly know,
providence rules in a way so far above our comprehension that we cannot tell what is for our
good, or for our ill. But of this we may be certain, that it is our best way to make ourselves
as easy as we possibly can, under any circumstances that we may chance to befall us;
knowing well that providence must, will, and ought to rule our best way is to divest ourselves
as much as we can from both hopes and fears; neither to hope, nor dread tomorrow; our
Blessed Saviour said sufficient is the day to the evil thereof. - and the evil of this day have
been more than that of any day since we sailed from London; in the morning we had a order
to pack and get all our luggage out which we did and had to carry it over the rocks and put it
in a boat sent by the Doctor as he expected the steam
packet would be up directly; the luggage was hurried into the boat the steamer came in
sight and when came near was hailed by the Docter. it had been down the river about one
hundred and sixty miles to a ship that was wrecked a few days since and was so heavily

laden it could not take us on board we were therefore obliged to take all luggage out of our
boat and carry it up the rocks again. - In a bout three hours another order was given to carry
it all down the rocks again, and over a place were the water flow at high tide, and cross
another ridge of rocks; as the steamer was coming to take us in the evening. All was bustle,
and we finished getting every thing over about eight o'clock. - we were then ordered to go
back to our old habitation; all our beds all our victuals left behind on the rocks five or six men
being appointed to sty with it to guard it; as there were a great many Irish in the barracks
just by it. - we went back and made a fire in our yard and sat up all night. in consequence
the night was not spent very pleasant
Friday 24 June - This morning daylight came but saw no steamer. - We begged leave of
our stomachs were not very keen, the steamer came in sight; every hand busy again getting
our things to the water-edge and putting them in the steamers boat; got them all on board
about nine o'clock. [afreurep26]
ten oclock; the steamer is now set off. we shall soon loose sight of Grose Island were we
have been prisoners for the last ten days; guarded noght and day by two soldiers and an
officer in almost constant attendance. - Half past twelve we are got to Quebec it is a
beautiful place. - At first going to it the houses are to the water edge. - further on the rock
rises very steep and high on the top of which appears to be Fortifications. There are four
apparently very handsome churches; one with a cupula like Sanit Pauls in London the
others handsome spires. some of the Houses the roofs shine like silver. One of the spires
shine the same. - The river all the way we came this morning is delightful both sides lined
with white houses the same as it has been for a great many miles back; only the river not
being so wide we can see them better. - Last night I saw for the first time what are here
called fire flies. They appear just after the going down of the sun and exactly like sparks of
fire appearing and disappearing instantaniously, the same as sparks do. - There is a little
spot I was told upon one of the wings so that whenever that is turned so as to meet the eye
you see the glitter.
Andrew and I walked into the town of Quebec this afternoon. In the lower part of the town
the houses are by no means good ones. - The upper part of the town is on the top of a rock
which for a very considerable part of the way round rises perpendicular as high as Glemham
steeple, and in some places much higher so that when you look over the walls, you see the
lower part of the town directly under your eyes
the tops of the houses being far below. - The largest ["church which I supposed to be the
cathedral" crossed out] building is the Parliament House is an extensive building but not built
in a church style the windows of which there are a great many, are small, and like those of
private houses; and a number ot chimnies around, so that the precincts I suppose are
inhabited, and perhaps we did not see the Church (which was evidently the case as it is not
a church); for a little further on we saw very near a very Elegant church large windows and
beautiful steeple, and spire covered apparently with silver, which I have been told is a

catholic one. The houses in this part of the town are very good ones; some of them are very
A range of Cannon of large calibre are placed on the edge of the rock pointing over the
lower town so as to command the shipping in the river. The packet we are on board off is a
very large one much larger than any in England; and most neatly fitted up; I did not see any
thing in London like it. I am told that we have cows, and horses, and hogs on board but I
have not seen them except one horse which stands in the steerage. Saturday 25 th June - The steamer was to set off again at eight o'clock last night as it lay still
at Quebec yesterday afternoon. What time it did start I do not know; for I went to bed early
and as I did not get any sleep the night before In consequence I soon fell asleep and slept
very soundly till eight oclock this morning. What thus passed in the night I know not. What I
have seen of the river since I got up is not so pleasing to my eye as it was on the other side
We are into just got through St. Peter's bay, (tis now five o'clock) when you are nearly over
that broad it appears as if there was no way out of it as it look entirely surrounded with trees
but when the opening appears it is very beautiful; horses and cows feeding and the shores
lined with white houses as it has been were we have passed. - They tell one the place were
are now is called Sorel. - Altho' the steamer is repleat with every convenience, in the most
elegant style, we never have been so disagreably situated as we have been ever since we
left Quebec; a great many passengers being taken on board there of all discriptions, we
were all huddled together which was not at all congenial to the feelings of people who are
fond of peace and quiet. The sleeping department was a great deal more obnoxious than
the decks; as a number of the passingers many of which were Irish, were strongly
suspected of being infested with bugs, lice, and other vermin; and as the births were only
divided from each other by a boarded partition, we were in fear least some of their retinue
might leave them and enter our services; which would have been directly contrary to our
design of travelling incog. - This will be the last night we shall be cribbed up here.
This evening about five o'clock we went to a whart by the side of the river to take in wood
and while that was doing, a child fell over board, one of the sailors directly jumped into the
water after it; ropes were thrown our, poles were brought & all the people on board crowded
to that side of the boat which made it ly so much on that side
that the man in the water was drawn under the boats side, and it was thought he would have
been drowned; the people on board were ordered to go on the other side the boat and in
about five minutes they were both taken out of the water and both saved.
Sunday 26 June - When I awoke this morning I heard some one on board say; in a quarter
of an hour we shall be there. I jumped up, dressed as quick as I could and went on deck
Montreal was in sight and a beautiful place it appeared. it was about five o'clock am, and
the sun shining on the spires, that were covered with tin they looked as if they were covered
with silver. I asked our captain whither the boat would go along side his ship, as we were to
take our luggage on board her till we could get a conveyance to proceed. He told me no; I

enquired of him how far his ship lay from were the boat would unload; he said if measured
the distance after I got on shore I should know exactly. In a few minutes the boat was at the
landing place; we had some trouble in getting our parcels off the steamer but not so much
as I expected. We got everything safe on board the George a bout eight o'clock, we now
seem to be got home again Got our breakfast; shaved, put on clean shirt, took a walk by
the side of the Canal about three quarters of a mile; when I cam back all three of us went
and looked into
the French Church a new and most noble building - it is a square and very large and lofty
pile and the inside as elegante as it seem possible to make it. - went to the English church
after noon; it is a handsome church and a very fine Organ, which was well played, when
service was over and I came out of that I went in my way home into a Catholic church a very
beautiful place; decorated with silver, and very different from any thing I ever saw before.
The markets at Montreal are well supplyed every day; Horses, cows, calves, sheep, fouls,
fish, oranges, apples, and all sorts of vegitables; shops well stocked with goods of all
discriptions. - a great many large and very respectable Hotels. Here appears to be every
thing that is required to make life comfortable Sundays are observed here with more
propriety than in any other town that ever I saw few people seen in the streets except those
going to and from places of public worship; printed papers are pasted up byt he public walks
with the words, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy" - I was walking over a
condsiderable part of the town late in the evening of this day, did not see one person the
least intoxacated; did not hear any noise in the public houses; nor have I seen anyone tipsy
since I have been here.
Monday 27 June - I went this morning and engaged a passage from here to Toronto for
fifteen shillings each with one cwt of luggage with each person the rest over that weight
to be paid for. - It is a much better bargain than I expected I could have made.
Tuesday 28 June - Unlucky day - gave my wife a quarter dollar to buy a few little articles
she did not take her change or lost twenty three copper afterward. Had to hurry our luggage
from on board the George this morning, before breakfast. tried to sell our biscuit asked
15/- for 1 >2 cw l was offerd 10/- wish I had sold them at that price. - Andrew and went into
the market. I bought a pair of shoes for which I paid 2/- ought to have had them for 1/3. I
understood the man (yesterday) with whom we agreed for our passage to Toronto, that I
was to pay 15/ for each of us; and be allowed to take 1 cw l of luggage to each of us gratis
and pay 1/- a cw{ for all over that quanty. But when we carried our luggage to the office to
day, he made me pay 2/6 a cw* for the whole of it 7 cw{ n 2 [? ] - and a charge of 4/ for
going on lake Ontario, so that instead of a bout 50/ -1 had to pay 3-7-9 - Our luggage was
then hurried into the boat as usual, we laid ours as much together and convenient as we
could, and as the boat appeared full I though all was well so far; but when I went on board a
bout an hour afterwards, they had carried good on board and covered ours completely over;
a large cask weighing 1/2 a ton was rolled on our parcels; I found our biscuit but could find
nothing else. The day has been very hot and Andrew and I had stripped ourselves our

cloaths were in the boat covered up with the rest of the things. I could not see any
alternative but that we should be obliged to remain in that
state the whole way to Toronto which perhaps would be eight or nine days. However we
were luckier than I expected; we found a bag with old cloaths from which we equipped
ourselves, and we found two dutch cheeses and 2 loaves bread so we shall get on for
victuals. We set off a bout 5 oclock from Montreal the Sailors shoving the boat along with
poles shod with Iron on a beautiful canal after going about 2 miles a horse was put on
which drew us along 'till a bout nine oclock when we stopped at the entrance of a lock; we
lay there 'till morning much more at ease than I expected as it thundred and lightened at the
beginning of the evening and I expected it would have rained. Here was a great many fire
flies sparkling over the meadows 'till day light.
Wednes y 29 June - we set off this morning about 5 oclock drawn by horse the country on
both sides is beautiful - we are now at the entrance of a small lake - here we lay still an
hour and went on shore and bought some whisky at five pence a pint - we are now going on
again drawn by steamer, with 7 or 8 other boats; the steamers name is Henry Brougham
we are not passing three Islands in the lake the first appear to be partly cleared. I can tell a
bout twenty trees left I suppose it to be 1/4 a mile long, the next a bout
as large as the
first and the next about 5 or 6 times a large as the first and both these covered very thickly
with trees; they have a very beautiful appearance. - we have left the lake and passed
through another canal cut through a rock into
another small lake the currant running very strong through it; beautiful Islands covered as
usual with wood, at Cascades were we left the steamer we bought butter milk. - very rough
going since we left the steamer - we lay this night under a cliff; we were obliged to ly on the
deck without any shelter from or wind or rain and must continue to do so 'till we get to
Thursday 30 June - set of this morning about six oclock the river here is full of Islands the
most beautifull I have seen. - Currant strong forced to have 10 horses to draw us through
this rapid. - Met the steamer at 7 this evening she set of at eight; drawing us, and eleven
more boats after her.
Friday 1 st July - Steamer left us this morning. - now we are drawn by horses again. - I am
afraid my journal is nearly finished. - I intended to have continued it for some weeks after I
had found Augustus and Felix but I am doubtful whither I shall be able. - Last Tuesday just
before we left Montreal, I was assisting the sailors to remove a boat on the barge it slipped
suddenly which caused me to fall from a considerable height backwards; my loins coming
directly in contact with the edge of the barge; I have hardly been able to walk since, nor to
turn myself in bed, and being obliged to sleep at nights in the open air do not contribute to
make me well.

Saturday 2 nd July - we have had a very pleasant trip to day; river wide and water smooth. I have felt myself a great deal better to day. - The part of the country that we have passed
to day is delightful; the Soil appears to be good, still but a small part is cultivated; and that
small part in a very slovenly manner; do not see any people
at work altho' there is a great deal want to be done.
Sunday 3 July - O Lord my God forsake me not now I am grey headed. - Our boat is lying
still to day, and I am now writing under the shade of an oak on the bank of the finest river in
the world; and at a very beautiful part of it; it is impossible for me to discribe my feelings
when I contemplate the scenes that I have passed, and of that now before me.

Monday 4 July - Anniversary of American Independaince - Guns firing at a Town belonging
to the states near were we are lying. - A heavy fall of rain in the morning began about two
o'clock and continued 'till six. - we were obliged to leave our beds on deck for altho' a
tarpaulin was thrown over us, the water dripped thru' and made us very wet - luckily there
was a shed on the warf were we lay, into which we crowded and remained there very
uncomfortable 'till it ceased raining. - We then set off with our boat and after pushing
forward about a mile we came to a rapid; and six oxen were to draw us through it. - When
we got into it the oxen faultered. - the boat drifted and drew the oxen down the cliff into the
river; the rope was cut on the boat. - they were soon forced by the currant into the midst of
the river, floating, and strugling to keep their heads above water which they did for eight or
ten minutes when one dropped his head into the water and raised it no more, and very soon
after another did the same; our boat drifted back faster than they, so that we were unable to
give them any assistance. - Two small boats rowed to them as soon they could, and in a
bout a quarter of an hour they were drawn on shore four alive and two dead. - Four other
Bullocks and two horses were soon procured
to supply the places of the unfortunates and we were drawn over
Tuesday 5 July got to Prescott a very pretty place left our boat and got on board the
steamer Great Britain perhaps the finest in the world.
Wednesday 6 July Saw three ducks or divers in the river this morning the first I have seen
since coming to this country. - stopped a little while at Kingstone - seem to be a pretty
place, - It is a curious steeple. I saw a house on the opposite side the river with nearly two
hundred windows and doors in front; and only two deep. - It was a very fine morning, but it
rained from 9 'till 12 and was cold and unpleasant. - stopped at Oswega in the evening very great improvments making there there by taking away hills, filling valleys and making a
fine warf.
Thursday 7 July - arrived at Toronto at three or four o'clock this afternoon. - went to post
office no letter. - nor no Augustus, nor Felix. - hired a room at a dollar a week. - removed

our luggage from the steam boat this evening and took possession of our room, slept the
most comfortable I have done for a long while, have not been undressed before since we
left Montreal.
Friday 8 th July - This is a day in which we have been entirely unable to do any thing. we
cannot get any information of Augustus nor Felix. - nor we cannot sell our biscuit. - and my
wife unwell. - no luck today. Saturday 9 th July - Andrew & I have been walking this morning. - Toronto is a large and
pretty place; and might be much more so. But considing the time it have been building it is
astonishing it is so complete as it is. Here are a great number of very fine shops, and good
Sunday 10th July - Went to the new church this morning - a fine building of black stones, a
beautiful painted window at the further end, - Organ moderate; - preachers very fair, but the
desk and pulpit being placed at the further end of the building we could not hear them
distinctly. - A great many Soldiers at church they have a famous band of Instrumental
performers. They came playing from the barracks; and went playing all the way back; a
distance of a mile & half! we took a walk this evening to an out skirt of the town were they
had lately cleared land and a great number of people lived in nasty looking hovels without
either windows or chimneys. it gave us a disgust to the country.
Monday 11th July - went about packing our luggage again this morning ready for our journey
to Hamilton. - went to the government emigrant office, but could not get any information to
be of any service to me. got our luggage on board the Brittania Steamer about one o'clock
p.m. as we should have proceeded on our way to Hamilton last friday I was afraid I should
have been obliged to pay my passage over again from Toronto to Hamilton but luckily I had
the last ticket so got free, it would have been fifteen shillings besides the luggage. - they
charged me 1/3 wharfage at Hamilton and all was settled so far. - We now hired a carriage
to carry us to Guelph for nine dollars (2L:5s:0d Stirling). He carried us to the town this
evening, we took our luggage down a cellar where we slept for the night for which we paid
1/3. - and 5 1/2 for a p* of moderate beer.
Tuesd y 12 July - Set of this morning for Guelph with two lean grey horses and an old crazy
four wheel carriage (what is here called a waggon) driver a very social fellow knew every
one on the road, man woman and child stopped at every house and drank a glass whisky;
for the first few miles the roads were toleable we soon went into what is here called the
bush but, nor bush nor bramble have I seen since I have been in America. - It is a road cut
thro' the trees from Dundas to Guelph (a distance of thirty miles) and left to rot on each side
the road: fine timber as ever grew. The Timber still growing on each side the road as thick
as they can stand the finest I ever saw sometimes 3 or 4 very large trees growing from one
stem, and to an extraordinary height, much higher than any I ever saw in England. Now
came the worst part of our whole journy; crossing the Atlantic was not half so dreadful; the
road all the way worse than you can have any Idea off. Stumps of trees, pieces of rock,

deep ruts, very steep hills, trees laid across the road as close as they can be laid across
swamps reaching sometimes two hundred yards; the carriage jolting of one to another seem
as if it would shake your whole frame out of joint. We got within 7 miles of Guelph a bout 8
or 9 oclock where we stopt for the night. This have been the most unluckly day for loosing
our articles we lost our tin bottle it cost three shillings; and Andrews coat, value about five
Wednesday 13 July - Set of again this morning a bout 6 o'clock pd 2/0 for lodgings and
Rhubarb pye. - got to Guelph about 8 o'clock saw M r Martin, and George Bates and Mrs
Pipe, as soon as we entered the town. Had an invitation from Geo Bates & M rs Pipe to their
houses which were both close by, went with Geo: Bates, paid the carrier. Discovered
another loss this afternoon; had a two dollar note, and have paid it away for one, either to
the carrier or the woman where we slept last night. - However, we are got near our journeys
end. Hope to see Augustus tomorrow; and then I hope no more tricks upon travellers. Thursday 14 July - Set off to find Augustus and Felix this morning; Augustus about 9 miles
distant, and Felix 13 upon the same road, found them both without any trouble. Felix had
the ague but it appeared to be going off Augustus was well, we laid plans for future
proceedings, but could not determine upon any thing. - I am in hopes we shall get on very
well as Felix have a yoke of good young oxen now fit for work; and Augustus have wages
due to him from several people from whom he can have or cows, or hogs, or sheep, or flour,
or meat, or butter cheese &c articles which altho' they have not wanted (as they boarded
were they wrought) if we can get land, will be equal as valuable as money.
Friday 15 July - We slept at Felix' masters last night - breakfasted there - dined at
Augustus' masters and returned to Guelp (to M r Bates') to tea, were treat[ed] every where
with the greatest civility and friendship. The country here is beautiful, a rich soil, covered
with Timber, and well watered, and all the inhabitants the most social and good natured I
ever met with. - Augustus and Felix have each a rifle gun; Felix's is a very handsome one,
and with them they kill deer at their leisure hours; Felix had one a very nice waistcoat, made
of the skin of a young Faun which he had lately shot. - no mantraps, spring guns, nor dog
spears are set here. A good well grown stag (in my opinion), is worth as much as a
pheasant and a brace of partridges.
Saturday 16 July - Digged the land for and planted % hundred cauliflower plants the first
work I ever did in America.
Sunday 17 July - went to the English Church at Guelph this morning. The singing much the
same as at Glemham in respect to tunes but better performed. The minister read the
prayers very well; but the sermon I could not hear distinctly; but I did not much like what I did
hear; all extempore; and the same as the methodists in matter and manner. - Augustus
came to see us to day. - we played a few psalm tunes for the first time since leaving

Monday 18 July - Felix came to see us today Augustus [and he] set off for home together
this evening.
Tuesday 19 July - Went to Felix to day to consult about hiring a farm saw Felix before I got
to the house were he is living and luckily we saw the man on our way who owe the farm we
wanted to hire. - agreed to meet him at his house tomorrow morning.
Wednesday 20 July - Went according to appointment and hired the farm this morning - and
I think, and it is the opinion of several people who understand the matter much better than I
do, that we have made a good bargain. I went yesterday to a raising, what they call a Bee,
but did not stay to see much of it.
Thursday 21 July - Felix should have come with a waggon and taken us to our new
habitation, but it being so rainy was the reason I suppose that he did not.
Friday 22 July - Felix is come to day and we shall soon leave Guelph. - did not get to our
journeys end till nine o'clock then Felix had to go back three miles with the waggon Andrew
went with him and they got no sleep that night. - It made Felix fare sadly next day.
Saturday 23 rd July - Goham fair, but I should not have been there, if I had been in England
Here we are at the end of our journey I hope for some time. - Milked our two cows this
morning for the first time. - We are to have the use of them 'till the sale. - rainy again to
Sunday 24 - Went to see Felix this Evening. - And Augustus came to ours and stayed with
us 'till morning.
Monday 25 July. - Felix and Andrew came with their Oxen this morning and Andrew
harrowed with them all day. - sowed the turnips to day. - Our first days work in America.
Tuesday 26 July - Hoe'd and weeded, and mound up potatoes for our landlord to day. we
are to have new potatoes for boiling as a compensation for my work.
Wednesday 27 July - Hoe'd potatoes again to day. - obliged to make a fire to smoke the
knots away. - they Seized [?] me so that I couldn't work
Thursday 28 July - Andrew went this morning to work at Mr William Armstrong's. - finished
hoeing potatoes to day.
Friday 29 July - 1836
Saturday 30 July - Felix shott two fawns last night, brought us some for our dinners to day.
- and two hind quarters for tomorrow.

Sund. 31 - Felix & his Master dined with us to day.
Mond y - 1 st Aug 1 nothing material from that time till now which is Saturday 13th August - it
is a rainy day but very warm and pleasant.
Sunday 14 Aug* - nothing Material to Day
Sund y 21
Tuesday 23 rd - Auction day, Augustus Bought the potatoes befor the House at — 1 4 "
D° Sow at Seven Dollars
1 " 15 "
Due at Six months
L 2 " 9"
young cow sold at 20 1/2 Dollars to M r MacDonald - I have been sorry ever since that we did
not buy her.
Monday 28 A u g * - Nothing else Material.
Sunday 4 S e p r - Felix and I and Andrew began logging yesterday.
Sunday 11th Sep r - At work with the Oxen 5 Days this week cutting and drawing and burning
logs. - Saturday rainy could not work. - Felix shot a Deer last week brought us a quarter
have been living upon it - It is tender and good. Andrew shot a pigeon and a pheasant this
18 Sepr 1836 - went to Meeting today
25 Sep r 1836 - William Armstrong's Barn burned down this forenoon with all the grain in it;
and one of his Children burned to death legs burned off and head burned off
Sunday 25 Sep r 1836 - M r William Armstrong's (of Eramossa) Barn burned down to day,
about noon, while they were at meeting. - Set on fire by children left at home - One of
which was burned to death
Mond y 26 Sep r

Sowed the logged land with wheat to day

Tuesday 27 - began cutting wheat this afternoon.
Wednes y 28 th
Thursday 29


Snow on the ground this morning took up peas to day; and cut more wheat
- Continue snowing. - Augustus shot a fine stag to day.

Friday 30 - Andrew shott a brace of good pheasants.

Monday 10 Oct r Mr James Sister's Auction to Day; bought a young Cow 6" 12" 6 12/6 - Tea Kettle 5/- Iron saucepan 4/- 14 1/2 Sugr @ 6 1/2 d - 7/10 Wednes y 12 Oct r


Finished Harvest today. very fine weather the last four days.

Sunday 16 Snowed all day.
17 - Continue Snowing
21 st Felix shot a deer to day.
23 - Fine day. Snow wasted today.
Sunday 23 rd Octr - A beautiful pleasant day, clear and calm, and warm. - reading, and
fiddleing 'till I am tired with rest.
Sunday 30 Oct. nothing material
Sunday 6 Novr — S a m e - weather very pleasant
Sundy 13
21 - Rainy - but not cold.
22 - Snow and frost.
Sundy 27 - Fine pleasant weather
Sundy 4 Deer
11 - Ground covered with Snow about 12 Inches deep

Sund y 18th - Began chopping last Thursday Sund y 25 - Christmas day - A very warm day, altho' the ground is covered deep with snow;
the 20 of Dec r (the day before the shortest day) was intensely cold and the 21 st the same;
more moderate since
Sunday 1 Jany 1837 - Cold day, but not very Sharp.
Sund y 8 - Not cold for the season
shot a Deer. -

Last Mond y & Tuesday very cold - Wednesday Felix

Sund y 15 - Jemmy Lister go of tomorrow to see his friends previous to setting off for
Jan y 22 nd - Wind cold to day. - A misserable day - all my dress in tatters, breeches,
stockings, coat, waistcoat, Hyloes [i.e. highlows], all worn out entirely, do not know when I
shall be able to get more Sun y 29 - Beautiful fine day. - Bought a Temperance Almanac yesterday price 3


Feb y
5 - - Cold - Snow very deep
12 - - Cold - increasing almost every day
19 - - Cold - cannot chop trees on acct of snow being so deep
26 - - very cold
5 March - Weather more moderate
12 Marh - Rainy
19 — Snowing dull day
26 - Frosty but fine clear day. Snow is waster within this last two weeks a bout a foot. Tis
now about two feet deep.
2 st Aprl - Yesterday it rained fast all day but the snow did not wast but little. - Just before
we left our work to day two Deer came along the road before our house; Griffith's dog fell in
with them one went off again and the other (a large old buck) after a hunt of a bout half an
hour in Griffith's chopping pursued by the two girls Griffiths, Augustus, Felix, Andrew, and
Andrew Griffiths; was knocked down with a cudgel by Felix and killed, Griffith took one half
and the skin; and we had the other half.
9 Apr1 Weather winterly and unpleasant
1 6 — Still winterly and unpleasnant. snow is wasted
23 — Snow is gone in the cleared grounds, except in the low places were it was very deep.
- But still very cold and frost at night.
30 Apr1 - Ploughing this last week. - Weather more moderate in respect to cold.
Friy 5 th May - Thundering almost all the day; heavy shower of rain at the beginning of the
Sat y 6 May. Cold wind frost sharp last night.
Sun y 7 th Frost sharp last night; Fine to day. nearly finished sowing corn this last week.

Sunday 14th May 1837. Fine day, and have been fine for several days past.
Mon y 15th. - Rainy but warm growing day.
Tuesday 27 June - We have had a fine growing spring. we have had some thunder; one
day it continued the whole day. - Felix have shot three Deer within the last few days.
Augustus shot one last Tuesday 19 June. Flour have been very deer; we had a barrel of
flour from Guelph a few weeks since at 81/2dollars; it was most famous flour, the best by far
that I have seen since I have been in this country.
Sunday 2 July - Our corn is growing well. I planted some potatoes as early as I could and
they are growing well. - We have two sows, one have six pigs, the other ten; they have

been very troublesome to me by rooting up my potatoes I have been obliged to keep with
them all day, to prevent their spoiling the whole of them that are planted near the house,
which have been a very irksome job. Sunday 9 th July - The same employ today as last Sunday and the pigs more troublesome
than they were then; two the most disagreable Sundays I have lived since I have been in
Thursday 13 July. - I have been pulling weeds from among the corn the last four days and
feeding the hogs with dandy-lion and what they here call cow cabbage which they eat
greedily and do well with. - I have been so vexed with the ten little pigs that had they been
my own I would have sold six of them for a york shilling each, or given them away rather
than have been so harrassed.
Friday 14 July 1837 Mr. Wood came this morning and enquired if I would sell any of them; I
gladly told him, yes - he asked the price, I told him the general price in Canada for pigs a
month old was half a dollar; he said he would give half a dollar each for two that he would
choose; and would take them at night, or Saturday morning, he paid for them, and I took the
dollar with more pleasure than if he had given me two dollars for nothing (as a present.)
Saturday 15 - Mr Wood took his pigs this morning.
25 July - Jim Rous [?] married to day to Grace Wilkie
Andrew shot a Deer Tuesday 18 July.
Th y 27 July - Felix shot a Deer to Day; Quarters weighed 6 stones, or 84 lb . July 29 - Boiled potatoes to day for dinner, the first this season.
30 - The weather is warmer now and have been for a few days past than it have been
before at any time this summer Sat y 5 th Aug st . - Weather continue fine. - began mowing grass this week. Tues y 8 Aug st . - Began to rain last night; and have continued raining sans intermission ever
since it is four o'clock p.m. - Wed y 9 t h ceased raining to day. - T h u r s y f i n e 11th - Rain very heavy last night. - Hay that was made at Hornby's spoiled I doubt, altho' it
was cocked.
13 Sunday - Fine weather yesterday; very fine to day. Green peas for dinner
Fine weather still —
22 Tuesday - Rainy Augustus, Felix and Cesar went out with their Guns - Felix shot a
Sun y 27 - Fine to day - Have been logging all the week.
28 Mon y Very fine today - got up all the hay at Hornby's farm to day.
29 Aug. 1837 - Rainy - could not log to day - Felix shot a Deer today.
30 — Rainy still
31 - 1 st Sep r 2 Sep r Fine days busy at logging -

3 Sep r Sunday - Very fine day.
8 th busy logging 'till noon: then began reaping wheat
9 - Cow took bull this morning at John Ray's, reaping wheat from after breakfast.
Sunday Sep r 10 - Rainy all the day, but very warm. - eating some very nice Raispberrys
while writing
Sunday 17 Sep r. Last Monday was a dull day: - all the rest of the week have been very fine
have been busy in cutting wheat and oats; all cut except1/2an acre of spring wheat. The fall
wheat (2 acres) carried into the barn; and 4 or 5 bushels threshed. - Burned 15 or 20 log
piles. A very fine pleasant day to day, very warm. - chickens and green peas for dinner to
day. Mond y 18th - Felix shot a fine Deer to day.
Tues y 19th - carried 53/4 bush ls wheat to Fergus (new wheat)
Satur y 23 - Finished Harvest to day except a few peas. Sunday 24 Sep r . - a very fine pleasant day but could not enjoy it as I was obliged to keep
the hogs and cow from the few peas that are abroad.
Tues y 26 Sep r . - began to sow wheat.
Saturday 30 Sep r . - have sown seven acres of wheat this week. - It have been dull and
rainy almost all the week. 1 October Sunday - A very fine pleasant day. - everything respecting our business appears
to be going on well. - Very lucky in finishing harvest last week, as the weather have been so
Thurs y 5 Oct r 1837 - Augustus shot a deer to day the fattest we have had this season; it
rained so we could not work. Sunday 8 Oct r - the weather have been frosty for a few days past, but very pleasantin the
Wednes y 11th Oct1" - Finished logging the ten acres to day; sowed some more wheat on
Friday the 1 3 t h Satury 14 - Frost this morning the sharpest we have had this season; a little snow have
Sunday 15th - very mild and pleasant this morning. - a pleasanter evening than this is here
cannot be (I think) in any part of the world.
Monday 16 - This is a day delightful; finished sowing wheat to day. - Griffyth's wheat was
sown about the 15th S e p r - Armstrongs about the 1 st of Sep r 22 Oct r Sunday - A most beautiful day. We have been busy this last week in taking up
potatoes, and pulling swedish turnips. - Carried 61A bushels wheat to Fergus last Thursday
got it home on Friday. - Augustus is gone to Guelph this morning.
23 - Monday got the potatoes home.
24 - Got the swedish Turnips home
25 - Snowing all day
26 - Snowing

27 - snow wasting
28 - same Augustus Felix & Andrew hunting these 4 days
myself driving wheat that was topped [?]
29 Sunday. A fine clear day; Frost last night

Felix shot a Fawn,


Mond. 30 Octr Frosty at night snow wasted in the Day.
Octr 31 st , 1 Nov r 2 Novr 3 Novr weather the same.
Satur y 4 Nov1" rainy; continued raining thru' the night - Augustus underbrushed 4 acres at
Wood's - Felix & Cesar underbrushed 5% acres at Griffyths this week. Augustus shot the
head off a pheasant with his Rifle this afternoon.
Sunday 5 Nov1" A very fine day. snow wasting
Mon y 6 Novr 1837 Snow falling to day.
Tues 7 - A little snow in the night, but still wasting; almost all of the ground. Felix shot a fine
large Buck this morning.
Wedn y 8 - A fine day mild and pleasant.
Thurs. 9 th A very find day, very pleasant
Frid 10 - Still fine weather but rather colder.
Satur y 12 Nov1" - Felix & Ceasar Bought a pair of steers of Will m Henley for fifty dollars to be
paid for by chopping four acres. - Augustus shot a deer this afternoon. Felix and him did not
get home 'till late in the evening; - It have been a very dark day, a very thick fog all the day
but not cold.
Sunday 12 N o v r - A fine day for the season; not quite clear, but mild and pleasant.
Sunday 19th Novr - We have had a very fine week for the season of the year. frosty (but not
sharp) at the beginning of the week; very mild Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, began to rain
Satur y afternoon and continued 'till after midnight; but very mild, and pleasant, and clear this
morning. 20 - Fine day; quite warm; rain at night
21 - Rainy but still warm.
23 - Rather colder but still rainy.
24 - Ground covered with snow, and frosty
25 - Frosty, very cold. (Felix shot a pheasant.)
26 - Sunday - Still frosty and snow falling fast.
Mon 27 - Fine day - not so cold as it has been
Tues 28 - warmer snow wasting; a little rain.
Wed y 29 - Quite mild, snow almost all gone this morning. I thought we should not have
seen the ground any more this season. - Cesar shot a pheasant.
Thurs y 30 - Fine day more clear but not frosty.
Friday 1 Dec1" - Rainy last night, but fine to day, and very mild. Augustus engaged
yesterday to slash six acres (for John Canada) for which he is to have a Heifer which will
calve the begining of April.
Sund 3 Dec1" Snow began to fall again this morning and continued all day. not very cold.

Mon y 4 Dec. A little frosty but not sharp. Augustus Felix and Cesar underbrushing at John
Canada's this day.
7 th Thursday. Finished underbrushing at John Canada's
8 Friday Augustus Felix & Cesar went to a political meeting 4 or five miles from Guelph. A
rumour of war is afloat; between the Whigs & Tories.
December 1837
9 th Satur y 1837 The weather have been pleasant this week, yesterday was rather colder
and to day very cold and windy with some snow in the evening
10 Sunday. Ground covered with snow this morning; but much warmer than yesterday,
snow falling this afternoon. - All the talk (since Thursday) have been about war, between
the Whigs and Tories; reports are various; nothing certain is known.
17 Sunday. The weather have been frosty and very cold all the week. - last night snowy
and not so sharp cold. - This morning milder; and a dull day. James Peters, Will m
Armstrong, and several others arrested, and carried to Hamilton last thursday, for calling an
unlawful meeting of the Inhabitants of Eramosa.
24 Sunday - a pleasant day for the season. snow a bout 6 inches deep: good sleighing
25 Christmas Day. A very pleasant day not cold. - have been writing to send to England. Cesar making trowsers. - Augustus and Felix hunting
26 - stormy with some snow unpleasant day
Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday fine & pleasant
1831 31 Dec r Sunday - very pleasant, not cold.
1 Jan y 1838 - very pleasant and quite mild.
2 nd - warm like spring and snow wasting fast.
3 - still warm and snow wasting.
4 - day delightfull, snow nearly all melted.
5 - rather colder and some rain in the morning slight frost at night.
6 - Frost at night just sharp enough to make it clean; day dry and very pleasant.
Sunday 7 th Jan y 1838 - Rainy all day
Mond y 8 Jan y - Frosty and much colder, some snow fell.
Tues y 9 th clear day and very cold. Wednes y & Thursday Cold and windy
Fridy 12th fine day, not cold for the season
Sat y 13 - very fine day afternoon quite warm.
Sund y 14 - Fine morning, a little snow fell this fore noon
Mon y 15 - Snow wasting fast
Tues 16 - Snow all gone
Wed 17 - some rain
Thur 18 - very cold and snow four or five inches deep in the night

Fri 19 & Saty 20 - Frosty and very cold wind. Cow from Kennedy's
Sun 21 - Clear & frosty - but not unpleasant
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dull cold days, some snow, Saturday
hazy cold and snow afternoon considerable quantity at night
Sunday 28 th - Snowy all the day - snow is about 12 or 15 inches deep
Sunday 4 [Feb.] Snowy day; snow have been increasing all the week, and have been cold
with some sharp frost at nights
Sunday 11. snow and some sharp frosts this last week, frosty but fine clear day
Wedy 14 Feb y

Valines day very cold; but a fine clear day.

Sunday 18th. Wind have blown from the north and have been frosty and very cold all the
week rather more moderate to day, wind South East. Bought almanach yesterday price
four pence (bo1 mole skin for trowsers at 2/6 per yard at Guelph
Sunday 25 - Weather very cold all the week past yesterday very cold - clear no snow wind N & NW - made my Trowsers this week Sunday 4 Mar*1 - weather very fine and pleasant but sharp frost at nights. - first of month
very pleasant - Friday and Saturday same.
snow is wasting in the day in the sun but have froze in the shade all the days; and sharp at
Mar 5 th 1838 Mon y - Snows fast this morning.
6 th Fine Morning. Clear and not cold. - wrote a letter to send to England yesterday; the first
since I have been here.
Sunday 11 Marh - The weather all this last week have been very fine and pleasant, snow
wasting every day, Last Tuesday at midnight a deer came into Griffith's clearance and
chased their dog to the door of their house and they got up, and after hunting it a few
minutes killed it.
12th Poor Nero have not been well for a week or fortnight past; to day he lay all day in his
kennel; he have not been with me once all the day, nor he would not walk with me yesterday
altho' I invited him. - This evening he appeared much worse; he staggered and did not
appear hardly able to walk; he appeared very uneasy with a difficulty of breathing, he went
into his kennel and Augustus and myself shut him in securely.
13 Tues y This morning poor Nero seemed worse with every appearance of madness often
growling and biting the wood of his house. - after consulting with Felix and Cesar we
thought it best to put him out of his misery; Felix shot him thro' the head and he died without
a struggle, we have buried him just beyond the privy: Alas! poor Nero.

Sunday 18 Mar 1838. The weather have been very fine the last week 'till friday when it was
considerably colder and snowed all the day. Saturday was fine but cold & frosty. today very
fine and pleasant and not so cold. John Peters left a dog this morning. We call him Fox.
Letter sent to England 14th Mar 1838. dated within 5 th Mar, outside 10th Mar, but was not
sent 'till to day
Sunday 25 Mar 1838. Weather have been very fine this last week, snow wasted every day,
now nearly all gone, finished chopping at Henly's on Wednesday; splitting and hauling rails
Thurs y Friday & Satur y . - Fine, and pleasant today.
Sunday 1 Apr1 1838 - Weather still fine; began plowing last Wednesday. - Have been
splitting rails and fencing round the 10 acres - sow pig'd last Thursday eleven pigs 3 are
since dead.
Sunday 8 Apr1 - Fine 'till Fridy rained afternoon Satur y fine - today rainy all day. - carried 8
bush ls wheat to Guelph and brought home the flour - and a new plough, tea cups saucers,
and spoons, 2 straw hats mole skin for a jacket [?] - 7 April. Nancy calved 6 Apr1.
Mond y 9 th Apr1 Cold to day, with some snowstorms
Tues - 10th sharp frost this morning (cannot plow) - Finished fencing the ten acres
yesterday. 11 W e d n e s y - Ground covered with snow this morning two or three inches deep; all wasted
in the day.
12 Thurs y more moderate still rather cold.
13 Good Friday. - Snow three inches deep again and cold and rather unpleasant: no
Easter Sund y 15 Apr1 - Easter Sunday, fine day but rather to cold. Snow is not all gone. done but little this week.
Mon y 16 a fine day. - Tuesday 17th Rain and frost most piteous the ground is covered with
Wednes y 17th Not so cold but Snow in afternoon.
Thur 18 th more moderate; Snow at times; and still cold.
Last Friday a dog came to the door and bit our dog (Fox) went over to Griffyths and
appeared to bite his bitch.
we supposed him to be mad, but hope he was not.
1838 Sunday 22 Apr1 - We have done but little work; the nights have been so frosty we
could not plough. - no frost last night and more pleasant today. Mondy 23 fine day.
Tues y 24. Snow and frost and winterly all day. Cold and unpleasant all the week. Satur y
rain and Thunder afternoon. - sowed peas yesterday.

Sunday 29. Cold, stormy and unpleasant day. - our plowing is nearly finished for this
season, a bout one day more will do it. - Augustus, Felix, and Cesar logging for Mr. Rowes
last monday 23 Apr1 - with Lyon and Lamb.
Mond y 30. Finished plowing; and harrowing peas.
1 st May. Fine Summer day very pleasant. - sowed oats today. - Wed. 2 nd finished
harrowing oats.
3 rd May Felix & Cesar at Henly's with Lyon & Lamg. Pol took bull at Smith's (Henly took a
pig 5 th May)
5 May. Rainy all day could not work; some snow.
6 May Sunday. Ground covered with snow this morning, rain at times to day not cold.
7 th Mon y fine to day at times, some rain.
12 May Saturday - Planted some garden peas to day and some yesterday (large grey
ones.) planted some potatoes to day in the nooks between the wheat and the oats.
Felix & Ceasar at Henly's with Lyon & Lamb part of this week. - The weather fine the last
five days.
Sunday 13 May. Very fine day quite hot went to Jas Peter's did not see him - (gone to
meeting.) John Armstrong's ox died this afternoon
Mon y 14 - Fine day. Felix & Cesar at Henlys
Tues y a5 - Fine day. - Felix and Cesar at Henly's and Jem Rowes
Wed 16 th - Rain and thunder this morning. - planted Kidney potatoes yesterday.
17th May 1838
planted more potatoes to day - Jem Rowes child born 18th Friday & 19 Saturday planted more kidney potatoes sowed garden seeds plant some
French beans weather have been very pleasant all the week Musquitoes began to Fly
last Sunday (thinly).
20 Sunday. Fine day.
21 - 22 - 23 - fine day. not as hot as it has been planting potatoes and leveling the land,
plowed before the house 23 Wednes y
24 Thurs y Rain & snow this morning, and cold.
25 & 26 Fine days - planted potatoes before the house.
27 Sunday. Rainy all day, at intervals, but a warm growing day. last planted peas are up Lost a hog some days since, are fearful the bears have killed it. Augustus have been unwell
these last ten days appears to be getting better. Felix & Cesar chopping at Wilson's 5 days.
Logging at John Armstrong on Saturday
28 Monday rainy - (30 May young sow pigged.) (Sowed some oats at spring-head.) began
to hoe peas this week.
29 Tuesday snowed fast this morning, soon over.
3 0 - 3 1 - 1 June 2 nd June very fine and pleasant.

3 June Sunday. Very pleasant morning warm growing rain at noon! till 3 o'clock. went to
Hornby's, Jem Rows & Henly's looked at their crops growing. do not look so well as ours.
6 June sold a sow and nine pigs for five bushls wheat
7 - Sowed a bushel barly.
10 June 1838 Sunday - The weather have been fine and pleasant all the week Sold sow
and pigs, sowed barly - hoed peas - Felix & Cesar finised chopping at Tom Wilson's.
17 June Sunday. Weather still continue fine had a fine growing rain on Thursday and
some thunder, and again yesterday. Began hoeing potatoes this week. between 4 and five
o'clock this afternoon rained very fast about half an hour with thunder. very warm and
pleasant after the shower.
20 Wed y - Finished working on the roads yesderday.
21 - Thurs y Felix & Cesar chopping at Hindley's
22 - Felix & Cesar

Poll took bull (yesterday) at Macauley's
23 - Saturd y Rain with Thunder fine growing weather corn, grass &c grown very fast
Finished hoeing potatoes this week, molded up two beds, they look well - Transplanted
French beans this evening.
24 Sunday. Very fine morning; cut cresses this morning for breakfast, (very nice ones.)
Augustus cutting down trees at John Armstrongs and peeling the bark for Griffiths at

1 st July. The weather have been showery, a fine growing week - Felix shot two Fawns last
Tuesday. - Felix & Cesar at work for Henly 2 days Do Chopping at John Macauleys 3 days
Augustus chopping at John Armstrongs.
8 July Sunday. The weather very hot this last week. Augustus Felix & Cesar helping to
raise Griffith's Barn on Friday 6 July.
Sunday 8 July 1838 Continued
The day have been very hot but very pleasant we have looking at our corn potatoes grass
and Turnips all look beautiful and well.
Monday 9 July. Ceasor and myself set off for Guelph at three oclock this morning; got there
at eight. Spoke to Mr Allan about land; - Bought a cradle scythe, stuff for trowsers for
Cesar, pair of spectacles, socks, callico, violin strings and several other things; cesar got his
Gun lock put to rights, and I my watch, got home a bout Eleven.
Tuesday 10th Augustus & Ceasar helping to raise John Armstrongs barn.
Wednes y 11th Felix shot a deer.
Thurs y 12th Began to mow grass; & began Frame's 2 acres chopping
Friday & Satur y Mowing grass, and chopping.
Sunday 15. Very fine day & have been fine and hot all the week.


Mond y 16. Rainy in the morning.
Tues y 17. Fine day Finished getting up our hay in good condition.
Wed. 18. Showery almost all the day.
Thurs y 19. Heavy thunderstorm and driving rain.
Fridy 20. Showery at times. - Felix shot a Fawn to day
Satur y 21. Fine day. - Chopping at Frames 2 acres. myself mold up potatoes and planting
Savoy Cabbage
Sunday 22 - Very Fine pleasant day. Walked round Griffyth's corn this afternoon it looks
Monday 23 Soham [?] fair day; fine; Tuesday fine, finished Frames chopping
Wednesday 25. Fine, finished howing Swedish Turnips.
Thurs y 16 - Rainy all day; - Felix made two ax helves
Friday 27 - Felix shot a deer to day. - Augustus at John Armstrongs helping to fix his barn.
Satur y 28. Cut down a few trees at Armstrongs. - Cesar after the cows in the morning, and
Felix and he in the afternoon found them at night.
Sunday 29. It have been very hot all this last week when it was clear. - and is very hot to
day but a pleasant breeze from the west make it pleasant.
26 July boiled peas the first this season.
30 th Hunting cattle almost all the day (Cesar & Felix.)
4 Aug st Satur y - Felix & Cesar burning brush & logging at Henly's - Augustus chopping at
Armstrongs 5 days.
Sunday 5 Aug st - It have been fine weather and hot all the last week. - A fine shower &
some Thunder to day, but still a fine day. - Hogs troublesome by getting over the brush
fence into the peas & wheat before the barn Bought a Dressing Machine of Thos Wilson for
24 dollars Got it home last Wednesday. - pigs got out this afternoon into the potatoes and
Barley. I have been so pestered with them and the hogs that I have not been able to read
with attention that I ought to have done. I hope I shall not spend many Sunday as I have
done this. - I always count of the Sunday as a blessed day of rest and peace, but I do not
always find it so. - But I shall soon go were the wicked cease from troubling and were the
weary are at rest.
Sunday 12th A u g s t - A most beautiful pleasant morning. We have had a showery week, and
some heavy rain. Griffyth began cutting his wheat last Tuesday. Armstrong have cut his.
We began to reap our Ten Acres last Friday 10th August. Augustus, Felix & Cesar at
Hornby's on Thursday raising his barn We have lost our black Cat; saw her in the lane last
Sunday evening took her in my arms as usual, have not seen her since: she had a kitten in
the wood, Cesar took that home, a better cat than she never was; we all regret the loss of

Sund y 19th - Reaping 3 days; Thursday rained all day; Felix shot a fown & Cesar shot a
deer. Fridy & Satur y reaping. It is very fine to day and as pleasant as it can possibly be. Have not seen our poor black cat I fear she is dead.
Sund y 26 t h Reaping and carrying wheat all the week; finished all the wheat last night. It
have been very fine every day. - Thos Frame burned his brush Friday and Satury was
forced to
some rails, Cesar & I replaced them this morning but it
[Note in margin] (Began harvest 10th August)

did not answer well, Sunday work never do, we drove the hogs & pigs into the 10 acre
stubblefield; the pigs got into the oats as they went along, and gave us a deal of trouble; I
counted of seeing them feed comfortably in the field all the day but am entirely disappointed.
The day is beautifully fine and pleasant but cannot enjoy it on account of fear lest the pigs
should do mischief.
Satur y 1 st Sep r Cutting oats & taking up peas Felix & Cesar2 days logging at Henly's. The
weather have been very fine all the week. - carried 9 1/4 bush'3 wheat to Guelph Mill
yesterday new wheat (famous good flour.) (two Barrels nearly)
6 th Sep r Thurs y Got up all the oats yesterday in famous order. got up the barley & stacked
the stacks to day. The weather have been very fine ever since we began harvest. - Felix &
Cesar gone to logging at Henly's & Augustus chopping at Armstrongs. Last Sunday night a
considerable Frost cut down the potatoes and French beans. - quite warm both days and
nights ever since
Sunday 9 th Sep r - The weather continues remarkably fine. Thos Frame logged his 2 acres
yesterday; 3 men & 2 pair oxen. - Felix & Cesar helped Jem Rowes to Finish harvest
yesterday (carried his wheat.)
Sunday 16 Sep r Felix and Cesar logging at Henley's. Augustus chopping at John
Armstrongs; and on Friday helping to raise Thos Frames hous. - Thos Frame sowed his
wheat yesterday. - I took up about 12 bushels of potatoes last Tuesday. My sons think they
will not be good for any thing from taking them up so soon; I think the contrary; time will
determine. - The weather have been very fine and pleasant ever since the 23 Aug st and still
continue so. - I am forced to keep the hogs from the potatoes daily in consequence cannot
enjoy any thing. I hope for the future we shall manage better by planting potatoes; not liable
to depredations.
Tuesday 18th Sep1" 1838. Felix & Cesar helping to raise Allex Wilkie's barn. - logging at
Henly's Mon y
Thursday 20 - Went to draw rail cuts at Henly's one of the Oxen struck Cesar with one of
his horns and bruised his lower lip very badly; forced to go to the Docter at Fergus.
Fridy Augustus & Felix logging at Henly's Bee.

Satury 22 nd Change of weather to day began to rain this afternoon. wind blowing hard at
times. - I have been keeping hogs and taking up Kidney potatoes all the week.
Sunday 23 rd Rather stormy to day, cold wind and hail.
Friday 28 th Tho s Frame married to day. - Weather fine since Sunday.
Satury 29 th Tho s Frame came into his new room [?] this afternoon
Sunday 30 th Beautiful day. - We have taken up all our potatoes this last week - began to
plow - and carried muck, and threshed oats. - Satury 6 Octr Weather have been
remarkably fine and pleasant all the week 'till to day, that we have had a fine rain. Augustus
and Felix shooting; Augustus shot a beutiful young Bear very fat
Sunday 7 Octr - Fine morning, a little frosty, but very pleasant
Monday 8. Tuesday 9 th - Fine weather; sowed our wheat to day.
Wednesy 10th wind cold. - Thursday 11th wind cold still; Michs day in England. Friday 12
still cold and rainy in the forenoon
Satury 13th - not quite so Cold. - Felix shot a deer to day.
Sunday 14th Oct. dull morning; but very pleasant day - not cold.
Thurs y 13th Have had a slight inflamation on my foot today am forced to keep within all the
day as it is much worse.
Friday 19 swelling increased cannot walk without a stick.
Satur y 20 t h - Foot still more swelled; have fomented it with scalded bran and water. Augustus Felix and Cesar shooting yesterday but caught nothing, gone again to day.
- it is night - all three are home but no deer today.
Sunday 21 Oct r - Snowing at times. - My foot swelled much the same - fomented it with
scalded bran; skin broke this evening but discharged nothing but water; laid on a poultice of
bread and milk at going to bed.
[note in margin] sowed wheat on Tuesday 9 th Octr
Monday 22 Oct 1838. My foot is easier to day but no discharge in the night.
Tuesy 23 rd - the weather is warmer and pleasant again now
Wedy 24 - pleasant morning. - My Foot was better yesterday washed it with Lime water
and this morning it is much better. - I lost myself last night in going to the privy, was obliged
to call a pilot. Thursy 25 Augustus Felix and Cesar finished John Armstrongs chopping to day. - Friday
26 - Hunting for deer. Satury 27 - Cesar at [?] Woods house raising. Felix & Augustus hunting. Augustus killed a
deer to day. mild and pleasant weather the last two or three days, rather colder and some
snow today. My foot is getting well fast.
Sunday 28 th - Ground covered thinly with snow this morning dull day - I eat no breakfast.
Goose roasted for dinner I did not taste it. no stomach for it. (on the bed all the day.)

Mony 29 th Augustus Felix & Cesar are gone to fetch the deer home that Augustus shot on
Saturday. - more snow on the ground this morning, but not very cold. Could not find the
deer - Tues y 30 Augustus & Felix after the deer again today could not find it. Wednes y
31. Augustus after the deer again to day could not find it.
Thurs y 1 Novr. Augustus after the deer again this morn 9 and found it. - weather cold snow
waste Slowly.
Frid 2 Novr Fine day snow almost all gone to day.
Satur y 3 rd Nov r - not so fine and warm as yesterday
Sunday 4 th

Fine pleasant morning; snow gone. This day remarkably fine and pleasant, and

Sunday 11th Novr - The weather have been cold and unpleasant this last week. - my foot
and leg have been much worse have been unable to keep up. Sent a letter to England 5 th
November a copy of that sent in Mar 1838
Sund y 18 Nov r 1838 - Weather have been unpleasant all this week rain and snow and
frosty. - my foot have been rather better but still obliged to keep in bed.
Mon y 19 - began to get better; weather more moderate
Tues y 20 - Wed y 21 - Thurs y 22 nd - getting well slowly. weather much pleasanter snow
waster. Augustus Felix and Ceasar have chopped an acre round Jas Armstrongs house at 5
dollars. Bought a cow of Tom Wilson for 25 Dollars - killed a fat hog - underbrushed 9
acres for Tom Wilson. - Thresed the peas. Augustus made a corn shovel. 23 rd Fridy - threshing oats with oxen - Colder than it has been
Satur y 24 - threshg more oats with oxen - Colder, very Cold.
Sunday 25 - Sharp cold night; and very sharp cold to day. I am in hopes my leg is getting
better, but it is very slowly. Cesars red boots are made, and Augustus; shoes are home.
Monday 26. - Much milder to day. - Cesar boots not large enough, returned them. 27 T u e s y - Still mild weather some snow falling.
28 Wed y & 29 th Thurs y rather colder but not unpleasant
30 Friday. Very fine day, clear and not cold.
1 Dec r Satur y - not so clear, some snow falling at times
wheat this week.

making a sleigh and threshing

2 nd Sunday. Snow falling at times but not cold - my leg getting better slowly - had the
misfortune to scald my foot this morning (slightly) Mond y 3 rd Dressing wheat to day to carry to Guelph tomorrow
4 Tuesday Carried 18 bush ls of wheat to Guelph sold it at 9 shilP York Bo1 call0, pans,
rosin, almanack, Felix bot cap, trowsers etc.
5 th Wed y thresh 9 - weather snowy and not very cold.

6 Thurs y Killing 3 hogs this morning. - shot them before sticking the best way; dead in a
moment. - made a fire at the spring and scalded them there.

Friday 7 th Dec r 1838. - Cut out the hogs this morning. - The first weighed by Griffyths
13 ib 3 ces


Dec r 8 th Satur y - Felix went to Guelph for his watch and Augustus to Fergus with 2 1/2 bush ls
wheat. Cesar threshing wheat with oxen weather cold and snowy. - snow have fallen
every night for several nights
Sunday 9 th Dec r Weather very cold last night, and the same to day. - My foot and leg get
well very slowly, leg do not swell so much as it did.
Mon y 10th Threshing wheat - weather moderate
Tues y 11th Weather quite mild afternoon. - Tom Wilson took thirteen bush ls wheat in part
payment for his cow, 3 acres chopping to do for the other part.
Wed y 12 - wind blew quite a gale this morning between 3 & 4 oclock. continues to blow this
forenoon and very cold.
13 Thurs y Still cold, but calm. - Fridy more mild.
15 Satur. - mild Forenoon - colder afternoon; very cold night Augustus & Cesar to Guelph
with 103/4bush ls wheat sold at 9 shillings York. Bo1 barrel salt, Saw, shave, sheets, stuff for
bags, and a great many other things. Felix shot a deer to day not far off Hornby's.
16 Sunday - Cold, frosty, but pleasant morning.
23 Sunday - Cold beginning of the week Friday Mild, Saturday colder & this morning sharp
again, but fine pleasant day. - My Leg getting well slowly; left off the bandage last night. Snow increased last night, it is now about a foot deep. - good Sleighing for some time past.
28 Frid y - Have been cold all the week, fine and not so cold to day. Augustus Felix & Cesar
training at Fergus to day Felix & Cesar made a Table and stools beginning of the week
29 Satur y Augustus & Cesar to Fergus to day with 14 bushls wheat. - Very cold to day
windy & Snowy. Considerable quantity of snow fell last night.
1838 Sund y 30 th D e c r - W e a t h e r much the same.
Mon y 31 st - Nothing done to day of any consequence. The year is gone; we have been
lucky in respect of crops and cattle doing well, but we have not employed our time so well as
we ought to have done. We have all had health; and have had no misfortunes of any kind of
any serious consequence; so that we ought [to] feel all the gratitude we possibly can; to the
great giver of all good. - Farewell 1838. may I never forget your benefits,
[in margin] 31 Dec Augustus & Cesar to Fergus with 14 bush wh*
1839. Jan y 1 st Quilting bee at Jonathan Listers Augustus, Felix and Cesar went there in
the evening to play dancing tunes; came home in the morning at day light all sober.
Wed y 2 Jan y Nothing done to day; except feeding cattle.

Thurs y 3. Henley's bee for drawing fire-wood; drank out all their Whiskey at night, sent for
three Gallons more all got drunk except Cesar; Augustus there next day. - Felix at home
on the bed. Jonathan Lister beaten black and blue; Augustus home about midnight on
Satur y 5 Jan Cesar & Felix to Fergus; Felix bot a Jacket - Augustus threshing barley.
Sunday 6 Jan y Fine mild morning: the weather have been very mild since last Wednesday.
- How the new year will be is still to be known we have made but a moderate beginning.
Mond y 7 th Fine pleasant day; sun shines quite warm - snow wasting.
Tues y 8 th The weather still remaining fine; a little frosty.
Wed y 9 th - Fine day; rainy at night and snow wasting
Thur 10th Weather quite mild and misty this morning clear and warm after 10 o'clock.
Felix & Cesar went to chop at Tom Wilsons Wednes y evening to begin Thursday morning.
Friday 11 Jan y 1839. - Weather very mild and pleasant snow is wasted more than a foot in
the last few days.
Satur 12 - Rain early this morning - morning fine wind blowing pretty high. - Thaw
stopped. - Frosty afternoon.
Sunday 13 Frosty, road all Ice. Weather variable but tolerably pleasant, 'till Friday night.
Saturday cold. - Have been able to bear a boot on my lame leg since Wednesday last. went to Mr. Loffran's on Thursday to enquire about land. - Will Woods barn raising Satur
19th Cesar assisted; all sober, altho' plenty of whiskey (8 Gallns)
Sunday 20 th - Fine morning not quite so sharp cold; - sharp cold night.
Mony 21 st - Cold day - Augustus & Cesar looked over Loffran's land.
Tues 22 - Augustus to Guelph with 19 bush'5 n [?] 41!4 wheat sold a 9/- Felix & Cesar to
Tom Wilson's Chopping.
Wednes y - Very sharp biting cold this morng and continued extremely cold all the day.
Thurs y Friday & Satur y not so sharp cold.
Sunday 27. Windy & very cold to day - wind north.
Mon y Tues y & Wednes y very cold and windy.
Thursday 7 th not quite so cold to day
Friday 8
Beautiful pleasant quite mild
Satur y 9 th - Frosty but pleasant. - Cesar threshed oats last Tuesday - we got the stack in on
Monday. Augustus & Felix chopping at Tom Wilsons 5 days and Cesar 4 days this week
Felix broke his ax, and Cesar strained his ankle last Thursday [afreurep67]
Sunday 10th Feb 1839. Fine pleasant morning; milder than it was yesterday.
Mon 11th - Threshed out some wheat to day. Augustus & Felix to Tom Wilsons
12th Tues y - Cesar to Fergus with 13 1/2 bush'5 oats. Oatmeal back 163 lb
13 W e d y - Weather continue mild and pleasant for the Season
14 Thurs y Valintines day. very mild and pleasant to day.

15 F r i y - Finished chopping at Tom Wilsons to day. Cesar went to them on Wednesday. 16 Satur y - The three lads went to MacCullah's apple bee last night came home this
forenoon, remained very dull all the rest part of the day. a good frollick, but too much
17 Sunday. Weather remains mild, and pleasant.
21 Thurs y - Weather moderate; snow wasting to day.
22 Fridy - still thawing and rainy this morning. (Another frollick at Mac-Cullah's on monday
last, Felix and Cesar were there, did not get home 'till Tuesday night): Signed our
agreement for Loqfran's land this evening.
23 rd Satur y threshed what wheat was in the barn yesterday. Augustus, Cesar & Felix
carried 10 bush ls wheat to Fergus to day. - snow is wasting; rainy to day - Augustus got his
white Jacket & trowsers to day. Bo1 a sugar Kettle at Fergus to day for 5 Dollars (1L 5 s -d).
Bought our land finally last night.
Sunday 24 Feb y Weather mild, keeps thawing
Friday 1 st Marh - making Sugar troughs on our new Farm Days, weather unfavorable
have made only 170.
Satur y 2 Marh - Wind blowing from the north quite cold. Felix and Cesar went to Fergus Bot
2 Sugar boilers at 13 Dollars - bails to D°11/4Dollrs
Sunday 3 rd Mar11 Frost very sharp last night, and wind north and pinching cold to day. Sun
shines bright but the wind blows away all the warmth.
Monday 4 Clear and cold. Tues y 5 th Wed y 6 th Thurs y 7 th weather much milder snow
wasting dayly.
Satur y 9 th Mar11 1839 - Making Sap troughs all the week have made about 250, and two
store troughs, and prepared some wood for building a Shanty, yesterday and to day the
weather colder, snowy this afternoon, wind north, self threshing oats. Sunday 10th Mar11 - Frost sharp last night; cold to day but clear and not unpleasant.
Monday 11th Augustus set off this morning for Toronto Felix and Cesar at work on the
new Farm after the sugar troughs and making Shanty.
Tues y 12. Went to Will m Armstrong's for the gouge for taping trees. - Carried Cesar's boot
to Mr. Peter's to have it sowed up were it was cut with the ax.
Wednes y 13th Dressed the last of the Oats; laid on the chamber and put in bags 5314
bushels, went to Fergus for a bails for Sugar boiler cost two shillings sterling; did not pay
for it.
Thurs y 14th Error above Oat were not dressed 'till this day.
Fridy 15th Felix & Cesar finished their Shanty.
Satur y 16. Felix & Cesar cutting down trees around their new building. - Self threshg wht
yes y & today, weather have been moderate but snow wast slowly
Sunday 17th

Frost rather sharp last night and continues cold this morning. Snowy this

Mon y 18 - Felix & Cesar to Fergus with 19 bushl Oats, 10 sold at the store at 17d and bought
a log chain 8 lb [?] at 9d - Ls 6 9 bush to mill took Oatmeal back - p d blacksmith for bail for
Sug r boiler 2/- Bot Milk Tin.
Tues y 19th Felix & Ceasarto Guelph with 12 bush'5 oats sold at 1/3 Sterling] and 4
bush is wh'sold at 9/- York. - Augustus home to day. Wed y Mend d old sleigh - Thurs y Friday and Saturd y at new farm [?] after troughs, and
plastering Shanty. (254 troughs) weather have been variable some snow on Wednesday
but wasted away to day Saturday.
Sunday 24 th Mar 1839 - Fine Morning, warm and very pleasant. snow wasting; some
places land bare.
Mon y 25 th Tues y 26, Wednes y 27 th - Snow & rain and frost.
Thurs y 28 th - rather more pleasant.
Friday 29 th (Good Friday). Snow and frost, stormy, have been preparing for making Sugar
all this week, brought home sugar & molasses to night.
Satur y 30 th Augustus fetched four sap buckets from Edward's at1/2dollar each. - brot home
2 cakes of Sugar, and bottle of molasses to night. - self threshing wheat this week.
Sunday 31 st (Easter) Fine pleasant morning. snow is much wasted this last week, ground
appear in many places in the woods. shall build a chimney in the shanty perhaps to
Mon y 1 st April. Weather very fine (pleasant as possible) busy making Sugar. sap running
fast. boiling all night.
Tues 2 nd - Weather fine, sap still running freely; store troughs full; boiling all day, and all the
Wednes y 3 rd Weather fine, sap do not run so fast, still boiling
Poll calved this afternoon.
Thurs 4. Weather still very fine and pleasant - boiled off four pans of Sug r (we thought
nearly enough.)
Friday 5 th Finished boiling the sug r begun yester y overdid it, made it tough, and lost its
Satur y 6 th Weather the same. Tho s Frame went with them to assist in making sugar, boiled
off 50 or 60 l b . Self threshing wheat Thurs y and to day.
Sunday 7th most beautiful day; nor too hot nor too cold.
Mon y 8 & Tues y 9 th Fine days made some Molasses. Began to plow on Monday.
Wednes y 10th Apr 1 1839. Weather colder and rainy Felix at Jonn Listers barn raising.
boiled some molasses to day. Augustus chopping at Monpelier. Cesar plowing.
Thurs y 11th Augustus Felix & Cesar put the teeth in the drag, took the chaff from the
threshed wheat and threshed some spring wheat. (Paid Armstrong for 9 drag teeth s 16/-,
log chain hooks s 5/0, tapping Gouge 10 1/2)

Friday 12th weather colder than it was Mon y & Tues y and duller. M r George Bolton from
Albion came this evening. James Bolton is dead - on account of his plitical opinions he
cleared out to the states and died there.
Saturday 13th walked with M r Bolton & Felix to our new Farm to day, he seemed to like it
very well; much better land he thinks than at Albion. fine day wind north. took the calf from
the cow yesterday it began to drink well.
Sunday 14th Apr1 Fine Morning, M r Bolton went away after breakfast. He have been a very
pleasing companion we all seem dull now he is gone.
Mon y 15. weather fine - sowed peas before the barn
Tues 16 - Sowed peas - Wed y 17th sowed peas.
Thurs y 17 - Sowed large peas from Jem Row's
Friy 19 th - Sowed spring wheat, & more Oats.
Satur y 20 th - plowing & harrowing. - the leaves in the woods caught fire yesterday, and have
been burning from Rich d Hornby's past the back of Griffith's to John Armstrongs and from
John Armstrong's to the river at Montpellier. and beyond Tom Frame's chopping to the
cranbury marsh and at the bottom of the ten acres. - John Armstrong was fearful yesterday
his barn would catch fire. Augustus Felix & Cesar went to assist him Felix staid all the
afternoon - trees were falling all night weather have been fine all the week [afreurep71]
Sunday 21 st Apr 1 1839. Fine morning. - the fire in the woods have ceased burning around
us. Tho s Frame is gone to his Father-in-laws since friday, his cow calved this morning, & his
child is to be christened to day - Cesar is gone a courting to day (second journey) Cesar
stopped short and went to [?] home about 2 o'clock
Monday 22 - plowing and dragging.
3 rd Tuesday - D° - Rain & thunder in the evening. - finished threshing to day. 4 th - plowing & hoeing in large peas that lay above ground
7 th Saturd y Felix Cesar and self chopping at Montpellier last 3 days - Showery to day. Augustus left plowing and came to us afternoon. - two hours will finish plowing.
Sunday 28 - Rainy all the night, and Continues so this morning, but not cold; fine growing
weather. Last Sunday poor Flora and I went to Jem Row's; to day she is a corps; we think
John Armstrong shot her by order of her Master (Thos Frames) last Wednesday. - I do not
know that she had any fault; always appeared a harmless inoffencesive little animal as ever
exister; poor Flora I am sorry for you, you deserved a better Master. - Farewell.
Mon y 29 - Felix to Fergus with 4 bush ls wheat; flour back. 3 chopping at M o n t r - rainy at
Tues y 30 - All chopping at M o n t r - rainy at times.
Wed y 1 st May. rainy all forenoon. (Poll took Bull at Peter's; - Cut calf today)
Thurs y 2 Friday 3 rd Saturday 4 th Chopping at Montpellier. rainy at times and cold the last
3 days.
Sunday 5th - Windy, and rather cold. - went Geo Wilson's this afternoon carried home the
bale[?] of a Tub and borrowed the C[?] cave, a play called Douglas, and a system of

Mond y 6 - Nancy took Bull at Peters. - Augustus & Ceasar to Guelph fair. Felix & self
dressed the last of the wheat this afternoon and put it up the chamber 27 bush l s - Tom's
brush fence caught fire was fearful the Barn would.
Tuesday 7 th May. Augustus & Cesar not home from Guelph this morning came home this
Evening, rainy all day. - Augustus brought home the churn; cost 2 Dollrs
Wednes y 8 th - Poll to Bull at Wm Armstrongs. - Chopping at Montpr
Thurs y 9 th - Burning brush - Friday 10th Logging burning.
Satur y 11th Burning and logging. - Will m McCullah came this evening Bot Felix's violin at 4
dollar's; slept here.
Sunday 12th May. Very pleasant morning. - McCullah to Griffiths, came back and dined with
us, and set off for home with his Fiddle Sunday 19th May. Weather have been fine all the week except a little rain last Tuesday. Fine this morning. - have been logging and burning at Montr on Mond y Tues y - splitting rails
& planting potatoes on Wed y - planting potatoes on Thurs y - Fridy and Satur y sowing barley
on Tom's farm. - Augustus to Guelph on Satur y with 14 bushls wheat sold 5 bushls at 8/9 the rest ground and flour back.
Mon y 20 - planting potatoes & burning [?] at Mont r
Tues y 21 - planting potatoes - Heavy shower this afternoon
Wednes y 22 - Do & riving rails. - Thurs y 23 rainy all day.
Friy 24 - splitting rails. - Satur 25 chopping, (flies, flies, flies)
24 th Planted Indian wheat & pumkins seeds at Mont r Felix & Ceasar slept in the Hovel at
Mont r Thurs y night Felix & Ceasar stayed there this night Friday. thunder all night
Sunday 26 th Very fine morning. - rainy afternoon.
Mon y 27 th Rainy morning - Felix to Fergus paid for Sugar boiler 6 1/2 dollars( L 1 :S12:d6
sterling.) Augustus and Cesar chopping
Tues 28. - Wed y 29 th Thurs y 30. chopping at Montpellier.
Fri 31 st chopping & burning brush.
Satur y 1 st June - Felix hunting cattle; shot a large Buck upon the edge of our land:
Augustus & Felix and myself went to fetch it home afternoon had some trouble to find it; and
still more to get it home. - Cesar to Tom Armstrong's barn raising.
Sunday 2 June. Rainy dull day. Augustus after the cattle from 4 or 5 in the morning until 2
Sunday 9 th - Rather a dull day but no rain, had a letter from Marcus (last Tuesday 4 th June
1839) dated 6 Jan y 1839. Raining last Tuesday, raining on Wednesday, drawing rails on
Thursday and laying them; Logging on Friday; and hunting Cattle and dressing wheat, and
Augustus to Robinson's barn raising on Saturday.

Satur y 15th - We have been chopping and logging & splitting rails & burning this week; rain
almost every day. Cesar at John Macauley's barn raising today.
Sunday 16th no rain to day; wind rather blustering. it have been quite cold at nights and
mornings for some days past. Thurs y 20 June posted a letter at Guelph for Marcus.
Sunday 23 rd - It have been rainy all the week Thursday it rained almost all the day - Felix
& Cesar went to Guelph with 12 bushls wheat, sold 4 @ 7/9 York. Finished cutting house
logs yesterday. - planted French beans at Mont r Fridy & Saturday sowed about 3 pecks
barley at Mont r on Wednes y 19th June.
Sunday 30th - Road work done last Mond y and Tues y - Augustus Felix & Cesar on Mon y &
Cesar on Tues y - Augustus & Felix cutting a place for our home & cutting sleepers &
rafters[?]. - and hoeing potatoes - rainy on Thurs y . Friy went with Jem Rowes & measured
Sandy Clarks clearance S a t u r y - Augustus & Cesar hunting after the oxen 'till 4 afternoon
did not find them. Felix at Griffyths barn raising - Augustus & Cesar went to them and
assisted from 5 'till 7. - weather have been wet and rather cool 'till yesterday & today, which
have been fine & very warm.
Sun y 7 th July. - We have been cutting & drawing house logs Mon y Tues y & Wednes y Considerable in finding the oxen. (Cesar went to Willm Armstrongs barn raising Thurs y 4 th
July) Friy 5 July finished hoeing potatoes & Satur 6 th July laid the Foundation of our house.
Weather fine all the week. This day 7 July three years since at three or four o'clock
afternoon, arrived at Toronto.
Mon y 8 th went to Jem Rows this morning and agreed for a sheep for house raising. making beams. Tues y 9 th - Cutting beam bearers.
Wed y 10th - Felix & Cesar hunting after oxen all day but could not find them. Augustus &
self chopping.
Thurs y 11th Augustus after the oxen in the forenoon could not find them. - chopping
afternoon. Felix & Cesar went to Fergus and got 5 gallons whisky - 7 lb Rice &c - on credit.
Felix sold deer skins to a Tin pedlar and took Tins for them - Killed a sheep at Jem's took
3/4 which weiged 50 lb Friy 12 th This is the day I have dreaded for some days past - no oxen to be found, rained
fast this morning before we got up, looked very dull after we were up. have 4 logs to draw,
have the promise of John Armstrong's and Griffyth's oxen, and Jem Rowes, and his horse
have gone to Fergus yesterday. - took Griffyth's oxen and John Armstrong's drew up the 4
logs, the people all came in good time and went directly to work, whisky was handed round,
cakes at eleven, dinner at one, and at five afternoon the last log was hauled up and soon
laid, and the house named Montpellier, all left the place and went to a very comfortable
supper at our old home, and spent the night very merry, fiddling, dancing and singing until 4
o'clock in the morning. - a little rain at times but very pleasant while building.
Satur y 13 - all of us very drowsy to day. but all well.

Sund y 14th July 1839. - A very pleasant day, but we have not got our sleepiness off yet. when I think of our new house, it seems like a dream.
Mond y 15. Felix and Cesar hunting after oxen all day did not find them.
Tues y 16th Chopping. Wed y 17th chopping. Thur y 18th chopping
Fridy 19. Chopping and hunting after oxen. - heard that they came to Sandy Clark's
clearance last night, they have been a way 14 days, we should have sown turnips this week
if we could have found them.
Satur y 20 th Got the oxen home this morn 9 they look well. we yoked the pigs this morning
they have been spoiling Tom's potatoes & our few that were planted here. - The weather
have been very fine all the week, and very warm. began to plow for turnips to day.
Sunday 21 st - A very fine day. - Monday 22 nd rainy all day cut the calf, and the pig. - Tuesy
23 rd began to mow grass. Augustus and Cesar sowed the turnips; my wife went with me to
Montpellier this evening; the first time she was there.
Wednes y 24- rainy, finished mowing grass.
Thurs y 25 th - making hay, a fine day, corked[?] some.
Fridy 26 - Do and getting it on a stack, cleared the meadow.
Satur y 27 - got a large sleighload of hay from the spring in the pea field and finised the stack
this afternoon. Cesar went to Fergus with 5 bushls wheat. bought a pair trowsers for 3
Dollars. he came home just as we had finished the stacks; it began to thunder, and rain as
soon as we had done, and continued raining all the evening.
Sunday 28 th

very fine, and very warm to day.

1839 - Sunday July 28 th continued - we had green peas for dinner yesterday (the first this
Season). finished writing M r Handel's & D r Callcott's anthems from M r Peter's book this
afternoon; but I am fearful that I shall never hear them performed.
Mon y 29. - Cut out the logs for Door & windows & chimney at the new house; and made a
ladder. fine day, quite hot.
Tues y 30 th Cut pine in lengths for making shingles, rained hard a considerble time this
Wednes y 31st Thrandiston fair day in Suffolk England. Rainy this morning, - wheat is rusty
and notlikelytobegoodformuch.
Thurs y 1 Aug st - Felix hunting after Oxen all day could not find them
Satur y 3 rd Felix and Cesar after oxen found them on the fifth concession Garafraxa - drew
up one load shingle stuff, cut down some trees round the new house. weather have been
fine the last three days. - Cesar shot a pheasant & a pigion to day. - Flies very
Sunday 4 th Fine and pleasant.
Mon y 5. - Felix and Cesar at Henly getting up his hay. - Augustus went Huxtables for rough
boards for covering the house. - Tuesday 6th rainy. - Augustus for more boards. Wed y 7 th Augustus Felix and Cesar hauling logs for Huxtable to pay for 800 feet boards;
(hauled in Eighteen logs)

Thurs y 8 th - Nancy took bull at Gladerers [McGladderv's?]. - drew up more stuff for
shingles, and cut a road past Bowie's.
Friday 9 th - Riving and shaving shingles and framing roof. - Satur y 10th - raised part of the
roof to day.
Sunday 11th - Fine morning, but became cloudy & rainy.
August 1839
Mon y 12th Aug st - at Montpellier at work at new house.
Tues 13 Wed 14
The same spliting & making shingles.
Thur y 15 - the same making a large log pile for burning lime drew up stones for building the
chimney and for lime these last three days - began to hoe the turnips to day. - began to
burn lime to day. - Friday 16th - Cut down trees for the lime pile, it burns well. - finished
hoeing turnips to day.
Satur y 17th - Mr Wood have been cutting wheat all this week, rainy this forenoon, Cesar &
self making shingles. Felix hewing the inside of the house, Augustus after the cows and a
cradle for the scythe; - and went with Lilly to Gladerar's Bull
Sunday 18th A beautiful fine morning, and continues so thr' the day. - Evening very
Mon y 19th Weather fine, began Harvest this morning reaping wheat. cut down the two
acres by the line[?] but it is not of much value from being rusty.
Tues y 20 th Began to cradle barley this morning and reaping spring wheat by the peas, it is
good wheat.
Wed y 21 st Cutting barley and tying it up.
Thurs y 22 nd Cutting barley and Carrying it into the barn
Fridy 23 Same. Weather very fine all the week. - Carried the fall wheat to day, friday.
Satur y 24 - Same, 'till four o'clock afternoon when it began to rain. left about 2 loads in [?]
Sun y 25. A dull morning but turns out a fine day. - I shall be glad when we have finished
harvest and can finish our house and remove away from this; for it do not seem like our
home now; people take liberties that come to see Thomas, and we dare not contradict them;
a man have put two horses in our calves pasture a wheat stack unfenced, and barley in the
1839 Sunday 25 Aug st Continued
and in danger of their getting in the oats that are standing; it is uncivel, and what I think I
would not do; but if providence protect us we are safe from harm.
Mon y 26 - Altered barn floor and mowed oats, rainy began to thresh some fall wheat.
Tues y 27 th - finished mowing oats before the farm and Felix and I threshed some more fall
wheat, and dressed it, three bushels of it; very light.

Wed y 28 - Andrew to Fergus with 3 bushls wheat, and brought home 50 lb oatmeal to be
paid for with oats. Augustus & Felix and I cutting spring wheat. we have lived upon
potatoes all this week
Thurs y 29 th Cutting wheat, weather very fine still
Friy 30 th Same, had a little frost on Wednesday or thursday night touched the French
beans & Indian wheat, and pumkins, but not much.
Satur y 31 - Finished cutting wheat and carried about half of it to day, made a stack. - Felix
& I tyed some oats before the barn. weather have been very fine since Monday last.
Sunday 1 Sep1" a most beautifull day through out.
Mon y 2 nd Carrying wheat & oats. - Tues y 4 th taking up peas
Wed y 3 rd - Augustus at John Peters. Felix & Cesar at Mr. Rowes helping in their harvest.
Thurs y 5th rainy, taking up peas forenoon Felix & Cesar at Jem Rowes afternoon.
Fridy 6 finished cuting peas this forenoon Threshed spring wheat that grew by the peas
afternoon, 5 bushels, good heavy wheat. Satur y 7 th - Augustus to Fergus with the 5 bushls wheat carried 2 loads oats & brown peas,
turned the other peas my wife went to Fergus bo* a pair stockings 3/6 brought home the
shingle rails, & 1 lb tobacco and a little bottle whisky. Jemmy Lister called and spoke to us
on Thursday last.
Sunday 8 th Sep r - Jemmy Lister dined with us to day Cesar and myself played a few
psalm tunes to oblige him a fine morning but rather dull, and a little rainy afternoon.
Mon y 9 th Rainy and cold, Augustus at Wilkie's helping in his harvest. - Tyed a few oats
10th Tues y Still rainy and cold, Augustus at Geo Wilson's cradling oats
11th W e d y - Cold and dull but no rain this morning, finished shingling one side of the house
began to dig cellar
12 Thursday. Frost in the morning ground white. Covering the house to day.
13th Friy - Carrying peas made a large stack.
14 Satur y . Finished carrying peas & threshed three slay loads abroad with oxen a sad
slovenly job; left the stacks unthatched, looks like rain coming this evening.
15 Sunday. Began to rain early this morning and have been raining all the day. John
Armstrong and Griffyth sowed wheat this last week.
Mon y 16. at work at the house. fine day.
Tues y 17. rainy all day. began to build the chimney.
Wed 18. Finished the back of the chimney stone work.
Thurs y 19. finished shingling, and chauked [?] a part
Fridy 20 Sep r cut the barley at Montpellier, and Indian wheat and pumkins, and Carted
Sand; Felix logging at David Wrays with a pair of oxen.

Sat y 21 st Felix logging at Willm Black's with oxen threshed peas off the top of the stack
that were got wet. - and part of the marrowfats in the barn Set the oats to dry that are in
the field they are very wet but considerably dryed to day, tyed them up this evening Sun y 22. A pleasant morning, but the day is showery with some thunder. rainy at night.
Mon y 23 rd - Fine morning. Finished threshing what we began on Saturday and dressed
them; about ten bush ls marrowfats & and Ten or twelve of the mixed ones. Got the oats up
to day & stacked them in better condition than I expected, some of the Sheaves wet inside.
Tues y 24 th - Thos Frames logging day; cloudy morning and some rain Felix, Cesar & Lyon
& Lamb are logging. - Augustus is gone to Huxtable's with door and window dimentions &
from thence to Guelph with samples of peas; home at ten this Evening.
Wednes y 25. Felix and Cesar shot a fine Buck to day as they were going to Montpellier,
weighed 140lb when dressed.
Thurs y 26. Began logging some more at Montpellier; fine but wind cold.
Friday 27. Rain at 3 or 4 o'clock this morning began to snow at 8 or 9 o'clock, and
continued all the forenoon. very cold and winterly. Afternoon a little sun shine but still cold.
Augustus, Felix & Cesar at Mont r after finishing the Chimney
Satur y 28. Cold stormy day, Cesar to Jon Lister's with the Heifer to Bull - Augustus & Felix
at the Chimney at Montpellier.
29 Sunday - a little warmer this morning. - but colder and snowing fast this afternoon. winter seem to be began.
[in margin] 1839 - Satur 28 Sep r

Primrose took Bull.

Mon y 30 th September 1839 - Quite a change weather much finer. Finished the chimney.
stacked the Barley at Mont r and began to log. Tues y 1 st Oct r Very fine; logging to day. Wednes y 2 nd - Logging; and Fired some piles, quite warm.
Thurs y 3 rd - Logging, and burning; weather fine, and quite warm
Friday 4 th Logging and burning; very fine and warm
Sat y 5 th - Putting fires together and Cutting down trees. Augustus to Huxtables for door and
window frames.
Sun y 6 - A fine morning, very pleasant, all the last week was very pleasant - it is turned
very dull this afternoon, looks like rain.
Mon 7 th - Augustus & Felix threshing fall wheat41/2bushls Cesar & self putting together log
fires - rainy day.
Tues y 8 Felix to Fergus with the wheat. - fine day.
Wed 9 th Began to take up potatoes at Montpr fine day
Thurs 10th Taking up potatoes. - fine day
Frid y 11 th rainy day
Satur 12. Boarded up one end of the house rainy, measured the land for sowing wheat
11/4acres, rainy.

Sunday 13th finer weather this morning. - fine afternoon
Mon y 14 Taking up potatoes &
at Montp r - fine weather
Tues y 15. Taking up potatoes & Dtsgging [?] the wheat - fine day
Wednes 16th Finished taking up the potatoes very fine day - quite warm and took the top of
oat stack into the B[?] Barn
Thurs y 17 - Threshing oats & logging afternoon. still very fine
Friday 18 - Went to Mr. Peter's for Augustus & Felix' boots Augustus & Cesar threshg
Oats. Felix after the Cows logging after breakfast - weather very fine & warm
Satur y 19 Felix to Fergus with 13 bush ls oats brot oatmeal back, and the flour of the41/2
bush fall wheat wind very Cold, after the log fires this afternoon, very cold north wind
Octr 1839
Oct 20 th Sunday - A very fine pleasant day - but frosty. The weather was very warm and
pleasant all the last week untill Satu r when the wind shifted to the north, and was very cold
26 Saturday - Logging and burning all the week finished logging this evening - The
weather have been remarkably fine and pleasant every day, quite warm, and much more
pleasant than in Summer, no flies to tieze.
Sunday 27. a beautiful morning, and fine all day very smoky this afternoon; this is the
Indian Summer
Mon y 28 - Sowed some more wheat.
Tues y 29 - Augustus to Guelph with 15 bushls peas sold them at 4/ York. - Paid Peters for
the calf. Bought Glass for the windows at Montpr @
square Bot 100 feet of boards at
/2 a dollar. - Huxtable came this morning to put in windows and door at Mont;r Wednes y 30 th Sowed some more wheat to day.
Thurs 3 1 s t - Huxtable finished to day afternoon.
Frid 1 Novr - plastering house.
Satur y 2 - Do the weather have been fine the greatest part of the week, rather cold at
times, with some snow
Sun y 3 - a beautiful fine morning but cloudy and dull afternoon.
Mon y 4 th - Tuesy & Wed y 6 th - drawing boards & altering chimney and removing some
things from Thos Frames house to Montp r . Thursday 7 th Ground covered with snow - got in
a little oat stack. - weather cold & frosty Friday 8thy - snow falling at times. - frosty still Satur y 9 th - Drove the hogs to Montp r , with less trouble than we expected. - Old sow led the
way cross the river.
November 1839
Sunday 10th - Still frosty but a very fine morning, snow wasting to day. - Very pleasant
since 9 o'clock.
Mon y 11th - Tues y 12 - underbrushing - Wednes y 13th pulling Turnips; snow nearly gone.
Thurs y 14th rainy, snow gone

Frid 15 finished pulling Turnips. - Frosty.
Satur y 16th laid the hog-stye. and sowed wheat. Forced to kill the old sow Friday 15th on
account of her being pushed with the oxen. the weather have been fine except Thursday
Sund y 17th Fine morning, Snowy at Ten, rainy this afternoon, expect to remove to Montp r
Mon y 18th - Ground covered with snow this morning; a fine day and snow almost all gone at
night, cutting trees down round the house self threshing oats. - M r Wood brought over 2
bush'5 wheat flour from Fergus. - carried to mill by Griffyth's [?] Wed y 13th /
Tues y 19th Snow considerably deep again this morning - cold - Removed from Thos
Frames house this afternoon - Finished threshing oats and followed to Montp r going over
the tree to our old watering place I slipped off it and hurt my knee, so that I found it difficult
to reach Montp r ; it made me quite ill so that I was unable to go abroad, or do anything within
for days. - Augustus wounded a deer to day.
Wed y 20 th Augustus and Felix got the wounded deer to day. drove the Cattle here to day.
- continue snowing, and freezing.
Thurs 21 st made a shed for the Cattle. - Freezing sharp.
Fridy 22 nd - Felix made trough for salting meat. - Frosty still.
Satur y 23 - Dressed the oats - Cut down some trees for [?] not quite so cold.
Sund y 24 - snow last night - rainy this morning and much warmer
Bowles & son came to see us to day.

snow wasting. - M r

25 Novr Mon y , very cold and stormy. Felix made a sleigh to[?], Augustus a shovel and
Cesar a rack for the calves.
26 Tues y - Felix to Fergus with 15 bush oats & 2 wheat. Augustus & Felix threshing barley
at Tom's - weather still cold but not so sharp as yesterday
27 th Wed y got in the barley at Montpr and threshed it. Felix got some potatoes into the
cellar. - much milder to day.
28 th Thurs y - Felix and I got some more potatoes into the cellar.
29 th Friday - Got the rest of the potatoes into the cellar. Augustus and Cesar making shed
compleat. - weather the same since Wednesday; pleasant for the season.
30 th Satur y Augustus and Cesar threshing barley at T. Frame's Felix chopping Trees
down before the house. Weather same as yesterday.
1 Dec r Sunday, weather much the same as it has been since Wednesday snow have
wasted a little but not much.
2 nd Mon y underbrushing and chopping - weather fine 3 rd T u e s y - chopping & shoeing sleigh - weather the same
4 Wed y - Chopping - & threshing barley at Frame's - very fin & clear
6 Friday - Do
Do got in the top of the wheat stack - fine day
7 Satur y - got a heap of turnips into the Cellar & chopping. and Cesar & Augustus covered
up the wheat stack more secure rainy from ten until midnight no frost last night.

8th Sunday - Fine morning like spring; no frost last night. rainy at ten this morning. - snow
wasted last night.
9 Mon y Felix to Fergus; Augustus & Cesar chopping - a fine day (Old Mr Logfrin lost his
way from Fergus, lay in the woods last Saturday night. Alexander Logfrin lay in the woods
on Sunday night being in quest of his Father)
10 Tues y Chopping. Wed y 11th Chopping & underbrushing - weather fine
12 T h u r s y - A u g u s t & Cesar threshed some pOeas, Felix to Jem Logfrim's underbrushing.
Snowy at times.
1839 Dec r 13th
13th Friday Augustus & Felix underbrushing at J. Logfrim's Snowy at times not very cold.
14th Satur y Cesar threshed some more peas; Augustus & Felix finished underbrushing at J.
Logfrin's this forenoon. Snowing fast all the day. calm, not unpleasant.
15th Sunday, no snow fell in the night a little at times today - not very cold
16 Mon y Chopping - Snowy & cold 17 Tues y
Cesar & Augustus at Frame's - snowy - Augustus, Cesar to Fergus
with 12/4 bush'5 barley, sold to the store at 2 s /2 d
13 W e d - Chopping, and threshing wheat
19 Thurs y - 20 Fridy Chopping and re[?]
sap troughs and threshing wheat Fine days
yesterday & today
21 Satur Frost sharp last night and very cold this morning. Cesar Felix & Augustus on the
roads making Cross-way over the water at Thos Frame's - shortest day.
22 Sunday. Snowy morning, not so cold, continue snowing.
23 Mon y Aug s Felix & Cesar shooting in the forenoon no luck. Snowy.
24 Tues y Augustus to Fergus with121/4bushlsbarley to the store at 2 s /2 d Felix & Cesar
threshing peas. - fine day rather mild.
Christmas 25 Wednes y Fine morning - not cold - Felix cut down two large trees for browse
for the Cattle - Augustus finished the bed feet. Cesar making a helve for his new ax bought
at Fergus yesterday.
26 Thurs y Augustus with Sow to brawn at Guelph - price 1 Dollar Cesar threshing peas.
Felix chopping, weather mild.
27 Frid y Felix & Cesar threshing peas. Augustus chopping.
28 Satur y Felix & Cesar dressing peas & getting them home Augustus chopp 9 Snowy
day, not very cold. - Snow falling at times every day since 12th Decr - now about 12 Inches
29 - Sunday. Snowy morning, frost rather sharp last night, wind north west and blows cold,
snow drifting, have been snowing all day.
Mon y 30 th - Chopping - Weather cold.
Tues y 31 st - Chopping forenoon - Cutting barn logs afternoon at Jas Armstrong's - Fine
clear day, and calm, but very cold, another year is gone and we have still reason to be
thankful to the Great giver of all good; for the benefits that have been

Dec r 31 st 1839
besowed upon us; our crops of oats, barley and peas were good at our old farm; and
potatoes & turnips at Montpellier were very good. - but we neglected thatching our stacks of
wheat oats and peas; rain came and did them Injury; we tryed to thresh peas abroad, it did
not answer the purpose; loss considerable. we have all had good health, and good luck with
our Cattle. we have got land, and a good comfortable house, tomorrow the Interest of the
money for the land (forty eight dollars) should be paid but we shall not be able to pay it.
Corn is at low prices and dificult to get money for it; can have goods in exchange. - I am in
Logfrin; and we shall have some barley to sell (after we have paid our debt at Fergus store)
and some peas; so I think we shall be enabled in a few weeks, to pay a considerable part of
it. — Farewell 1839, with thanks for all your favours
1840. Wednes y 1 Jany. The year begins with a very fine sunshiny calm day, but very cold,
last night the frost was sharper than any night we have had since winter began - chopping
Felix and Augustus - Cesar gone to the old farm.
2 Jan y Thursday. Still sharp cold but fine & clear. - chopping and drawing logs for Barn
from Jas Armstrong's.
3 rd Frid y - Chopping & drawing logs for Barn. still very cold.
4 th Satur y - very cold this morning, but clear and calm. Chopping & drawing logs. - Felix to
Tom's for straw & hay.
5 th Sund y not so cold this morning, rather pleasant than not. quite calm 6 Mon y - Augustus to Town Meeting at school house respecting the roads. Felix to Fergus
with 6 busls oats, 4 bushls blue peas. 2 bushls marrow-fats. Cesar chopp 9 fine day quite
mild. Augustus bro t 2 letters from Eramosa post office, one from Marcus & his family at New
York & one from a M r Wright in England borrowed a dollar of Jon n Lister to pay for them
7 th Tues y Killed four hogs; Jem Rowes & wife and Will m Henley and wife assisting - day
very fine

Tuesd y 7 th Jan y Contin d 1840
drank VA Gallons whiskey; three York shilP a Gallon
Wed y 8 th Augustus sold his watch and Rifle to Heny Breeze for a Cow will be three years
old in the spring, is gone after her to day. - M r Henley salted the meat and made the head
cheese, and boiled the fat for us to day. Felix to Tom's for straw, Cesar sick all the day.
weather very fine and mild. Cow home this evening.
Thursy 9th chopping browse for Cattle. Clear & sharp cold.
Friy 10 th Chopping browse for Cattle. - Cloudy & not so cold.
Satur y 11 th Heavy fall of snow last night, twelve inches deep at least. Felix & Cesar made a
bargain with Hindley last night; Buck & Bright for 2 Cows and twenty dollars, to be paid next
fall; money for washing, mending, and making shirts to be deducted.
Sunday 12th

Fine day not very cold. Trees loaded with snow.

M o n d y - 13th threshing barley colder than yesterday. still calm.
Tuesd y 14th Augustus with sow to brawn at Guelph. threshing barley. Sharp Cold. freezing
in Cellar.
Wednes y 15th threshing barley; very sharp cold
Thurs y 16th Cutting down trees. not quite so cold.
Frid - 17th - Cutting some trees down, making brush fence.
V Satur - 18th - Felix to Fergus with 10 bushls & 39
barley; & 21/2 bushls wheat
Sunday 19th Fine morning; not so sharp cold the last 3 days, fine clear mornings all the
week & cloudy afternoons
Mon y 20 Felix to Fergus with 22 bush/39 lb barley to the store Augustus to Huxtable's
with log. Fine day not so cold as it has been, all the lads at Hindley's this evening drinking
Tues y 21 st Augustus Felix and Cesar at Hindley's all day to day drinking whiskey weather
very fine and much warmer.
Wed y 22 Augustus Felix & Cesar Cutting pine log drew it to Tom's - Threshing barley

Jan y 1840
Thurs y 23 - threshing barley and drawing pine log to mill.
Friday 24 - threshing barley & drawing log to mill. Cold yesterday and to day.
Satur y 25 - threshing barley & drawing log. - very cold to day and yesterday. Cesar to
Fergus, not home to night.
Sun 26 - Fine morning but sharp cold.
Mon y 27 Cesar to Eramosa post office. Augustus thresh 9 Felix to saw mill with log. not so
Tues y 28. Augustus threshg Felix with pine log to Mill. Cesar home tonight with a letter
from Charles Bolton. Weather moderate not sharp
Wednes y 29 t h Cesar chopping. Augustus & Felix grinding their axes. snowing fast all day.
Thurs y 30. Rainy this morning. Augustus & Felix chopping. Cesar threshing. - Sun shining
at times, summer seems to be peeping out.
Fridy 31 st Cesar finished threshing barley; Augustus & Felix cutting down trees; cold &
Satur y 1 Feby Augustus & Cesar dressing barley. Felix drawing 2 pine fogs. Fine day but
cold, frost sharp at night.
Sunday 2 Feb y . Fine morning, but rather sharp frost, snowy afternoon. Snow is very deep.Mon y 3 rd - Dressing barley. Cold day.
Tues y 4 - Augustus set off this morning for Dundas with a load of barley. 31 bushis 3/6 York
fine, clear, but rather cold. Felix & Cesar got the half stack of peas in, and threshed some Wed y 5 th Felix & Cesar threshing peas, very fine, and much w a r m e r Thur y 6 th Rainy and thawing slowly; Felix & Cesar threshing
Friy 7 th Felix & Cesar got in wheat & oats - Augustus home from Dundas this evening. Fine
day quite warm.


Feb y 1840
Satur y Feby 8 th Fine morning, quite mild and clear. Augustus Felix & Cesar threshing
spring wheat - fine day
Sunday 9 th - Fine morning; rainy afternoon - not cold.
Mon y 10th - Augustus chopping, Felix & Cesar dressing barley.
Tues y 11 - Felix to Guelph with barley 21 bush'5 sold at 21- york left 8 bush15 at Macauley's;
load was to much.
Wednes y 12th - Augustus threshing Felix and Cesar Chopping Snowy on Monday &
Tuesday - today more pleasant.
Thurs 13th - Saw 4 deer in the Clearance this morning Could not get a shot at them. weather moderate
Friday 14. Valentines - rainy & cold. Felix turned[?l the pork
Sun y 16
Fine, but cold morning; and cloudy day.
Mon y 17th Augustus to Fergus with 14 bushls wheat flour back. - Felix & Cesar to Logfrin's
chopping. - Fine day quite mild.
Tues y 18th Augustus Threshing; F & C at Logfrin's Mr Geo. Bolton and Charles came this
Wed y 19th Augustus thresh 9 - F & C at Logfrin's very fine weather snow wasting fast.
Thur y 20 th Still keep thawing; rain this morning - Charles went for Felix and Cesar and took
them home in his Sleigh to dinner M r Bolton's musick box played us some tunes before
dinner. Still thawing.
Frid 21 Frosty at night M r Geo Bolton & Charles left us this forenoon to go Home to Albion
took my Journal of my voyage with them to send to Miss A: Newson in England.
Satur 22 - Poll calved this morning. One thresh 9 oats - two chopping, not very cold
Sun y 23 rd not very cold, a little snowy
Mon 24 - Aug us threshing oats. F & C at Logfrin's Sharpish frost last night, fine day but
Tues y 25 - Dressing oats. F & C at Logfrin (Sent Griffvth's 42 lb flour with bag.)
Wed y 26 Augustus to Fergus with 35Yz oats snow in the night, and snowy to day.
Thurs y 27 th - Augustus dressed the remaining oats 12 bush ls carried them into Tho s
Frame's house. Chopping afternoon
Friy 28 th Chopping all day. weather fine and mild
29 Satur y 29 chopping forenoon. - fetched a load of straw afternoon. very fine and mild.
Sun y 1 st Mar. Thunder and lightning, very sharp last night, and heavy rain. very fine, and
pleasant and warm this morning. Felix & Cesar at Jas Logfrin's all last week. - Snow have
been wasting all the week; went off very fast to day: land appear in many places. Augustus
have got his new boots from M r Peter's

Satur 15 - Dressing spring w



Mon y 2 nd March - Augustus & Felix to Logfrin's Cesar to Tho s Frames for hay. - Slight frost
this morning.
Tues y 3 rd - Cesar dressed the peas to day. Tho s Frame to have four bush,s one bag left
with him, about 2 bush ls
Wednesday 4 th Cesar to Fergus with ten bushls & twenty eight pounds of peas; left at 2 s /0 d
sterling to be paid for this summer; brought home the oatmeal 493 ib
Thurs y 5 th - Cesar chopping, and fetching hay.
Fridy 6 th - Cesar chopping; and took some turnips home from the heaps; some few decayed
not many.
Satur 7th Cesar and myself went and got in the last wheat stack, and threshed one flooring
(64 sheaves) with the oxen. wind have been blowing rather hard from the west and very
cold all day. - The weather have been fine (and untill this day not very cold) all the week. snow much wasted
Sunday 8 th very fine morning, wind not blowing, frosty but not sharp. - Augustus & Felix
home last night; nearly finished at Ja s Logfrin's; great trees all down.
Mon y 9 - Augustus and Felix to Logfrin's - Cesar threshing wheat. - Smith the assessor of
taxes called to day - snow last night about two inches.
Tues y 10th - Cesar threshing. - fine clear morning, but very cold. - Augustus & Felix home
this evening, finished at Ja s Logfrin's slashing.
Wednes y 11th, Thurs y 12th Augustus & Felix chopping Cesar threshing; finished the wheat.
Fridy 13th dressed chaff from the wheat. Buck & Bright to Hindley's; 2 Cows taken over
here to day
Satur y 14th - all chopping. - weather fine and frosty all the week.

Sunday 15th Marh 1840. Rather dull weather, a little snow in the night; but not cold to day.
Mony l6 th & Tues 17th fine days; making brush fence around the clearance.
Wednesy 18 th snowy morning, not very cold; grinding axes at Jas Armstrong's after
Thursy 19th Chopping. Fridy 20 Do Satury 21 st Do - weather frosty
Sundy 22 nd weather fine; still Frosty. paid Griffyth for Felix and Cesar's boots a few days
Mony 23rd Chopping; Snow last night, but all gone to day; considerable quantity of snow
Tuesy 24th began to snow in the morning, and have continued all day have fallen 6 inches
in depth; seem quite winterly.
Wednesy 5 th Very fine and pleasant day.
Thursy 26 th - Friday 27 th - Snow wasting slowly; Cesar & Felix tapping more Sugar trees to
Satury 28th - sap running yesteday and to day; Cesar boiling to day. Augustus & Felix
chopping. have been chopping at every opportunity all the week. fetched a load of oat

taxes called to day - snow last night about two inches.
Tues y 10th - Cesar threshing. - fine clear morning, but very cold. - Augustus & Felix home
this evening, finished at Ja s Logfrin's slashing.
Wednes y 11th, Thurs y 12th Augustus & Felix chopping Cesar threshing; finished the wheat.
Fridy 13th dressed chaff from the wheat. Buck & Bright to Hindley's; 2 Cows taken over
here to day
Satur y 14th - all chopping. - weather fine and frosty all the week.
Sunday 15th Mar' 1 1840. Rather dull weather, a little snow in the night; but not cold to day.
Mon y 16th & Tues 17th fine days; making brush fence around the clearance.
Wednes y 18th snowy morning, not very cold; grinding axes at Ja s Armstrong's after
Thurs y 19th Chopping. Fridy 20 D° Satur y 21 st D° - weather frosty
Sund y 22 nd weather fine; still Frosty, paid Griffyth for Felix and Cesar's boots a few days
Mon y 23 rd Chopping; Snow last night, but all gone to day; considerable quantity of snow in
the wood still.
Tues y 24 th began to snow in the morning, and have continued all day have fallen 6 inches
in depth; seem quite winterly.
Wednes y 25 th Very fine and pleasant day.
Thurs y 26 th - Friday 27 th - Snow wasting slowly; Cesar & Felix tapping more Sugar trees to
Satur y 28 t h - sap running yesterday and to day; Cesar boiling to day. Augustus & Felix
chopping. have been chopping at every opportunity all the week. fetched a load of oat
straw from Hindley's last Thursday. Jem Griffyth brot the flour back that they borrowed, a
considerable quantity of rain fell this afternoon.
Sunday 29 th Snowed a little this morning, but have been a fine dry day, snow all gone that
fell on Tuesday, and some of the old also.
Mon y 30. Chopping & boiling Sugar.
Tues 31 - Augustus to Guelph for stuff to [?][illegible]Cesar & Felix Chopping. Weather

Wed y 1840 April 1 st Chopping, weather more moderate.
2 nd April Thurs y Chopping. 3 rd Friy Chopping & boiling Sugar.
Satur y 4 th boiling Sugar. Finished the piece of chopping to day. very heavy rain last night
with some thunder; stormy to day.
Sunday 5 th Fine morning; sap running to day. short of straw gave the cattle some turnips
this morning.
Mon y 6 th - straw from Hindley's to day: boiling sugar.
Tues y 7 th boiling sugar. Wed y 8 th boiling sugar all night.
Thur9 t h Friday 10th Sap running fast, boiling at nights.

Satur 11th - rainy, boiling sugar all day & all night, paid Huxtable his bill to day; viz! 8
Dollars. Felix & Cesar went to Fergus bought a bell for the calves cost1/2a dollar, mustard
pot1/4dollar,1/2[?]mustard, and brick of soap. - lost the calves last night, found them this
Sun y 12th Rainy morning, some thunder, snow afternoon.
Mon y 13th boiling sugar, fine day
Tues y 14th boiling sugar, Felix at John Armstrong's barn raising Wed y 15th cutting rail stuff.
Thur y 16th laying up rails on concession line; Augustus at Richard Hornby's barn raising,
home at noon next day. rainy night
Good Friday 17. Drawing rail cuts. Cesar to Thos Frame for straw and hay and plow; rainy
y / ^
Satur 18tb C e s a rto David Wray's barn raising home before night. Augustus & Felix
ground the axes.A u g u s t u sboiling Sugar afternoon Felix cutting down trees by the house.
Easter Sun y 19 Fine morning; calves in the woods last night with the cattle. poll came
home & was milked and went back to the other cattle. fetched her home at noon today,
Mon y 20 April 1840 - Chopping by the house.
Tues y 21 st Felix & Cesar to Th s Frame's to dress peas, 2 bushels left for him & 2 bush ls he
had before make 4 bush ls to him
Wed y 22 rainy morn 9 Felix & Cesar to Fergus.
Thurs y 23 - began to log. Frid 24. logging.
Sat y 25 - Sowed oats by the Shantor[?]; & grass seed. thunder storms and rain afternoon.
very heavy storm to night.
Sun y 26 - Rainy all this forenoon.
Mon y 27 - Ground covered with snow this morning; day fine all the snow gone at night.
Cesar borrowed wood's Saw to day Augustus and Felix splitting rails. Cut shingle logs
Tues y 28 t h sawing shingle stuff & sowing spring wheat.
Wed y 29 - Sawing shingle stuff; rainy day.
Thur 30 - Augustus carried Mr. Woods saw home. Felix & Cesar drawing shingle logs. Dry
Fri y 1 s t May. burning brush Slow work. Still fine.
Sat y 2 nd - Augustus hunting cattle. Felix & Cesar burning & altering hog sty. - planting peas
to day.
Sun 3 rd May. Fine morning. - warm & pleasant, rainy this afternoon. - Augustus Felix &
Cesar hunting Cattle.
Mon y 4 th Augustus & Cesar drinking at Griffyth's all day. rainy.
Wed y 6 th logging - Thursy 7 th logging. - fine days - sow pigged Wed 6 th
Friday 8 th burning brush forenoon. - rainy afternoon - sow pigged in the wood Wednesday;
got her home this evening; five pigs.

/ Satur y 9 th rainy & stormy night, rainy this morning & all day. nothing done abroad to day
Felix fourparted[?] a waistcoat, Cesar finished his trowsers; Augustus after cattle.
Sun y 10th Fine morning, and continue so throughout
Monday 11th & Tues y 12 logging and burning brush.
Wed y 13th Felix & Cesar burning brush. Augustus to the sawmill to draw away the boards,
still very fine
Thursy 14th logging. Fridy 15 logging.
Satur 7 16 t h planting potatoes; & burning brush; weather still fine.
1840 Sunday
May 17 th Sunday Beautiful fine morning; and very warm day.
Mon 18 & Tues y 19 logging. - Fine days
Wed y 20 th logging half day; rainy afternoon; Nancy Calved in the woods
Thurs y 21 rainy; hunting; after the Cattle all day. found them at night
Friy 22 & Satur y 23. logging; fine days.
Sun y 24. Shower in the morning, Lilly Calved this morning
Mon 25. Dressed up the last wheat in Tom's barn 161/2bushlsFelix & Cesar carried it to
Fergus Mill 4 bushls ground flour back
Tues y 26. Sow pigged 6 pigs. logging and burning.
Wed y 27 th - logging and burning. Thurs 28 th the same
Friy 29 - & Satur y 30th the same. weather fine all the week
Sun y 31 st very fine & hot. - Mon y 1 st June rainy and cold
Tues y 2 June rainy and cold. Wedn y 3 rd June logging.
Thurs y 4 th June - Daisy Calved - Training day at Fergus; - home at five o'clock all sober. Fridy 5 th June logging & burning
Satur y 6 June sowed barly. - mending the brush fence rainy afternoon.
Whitsun y 7 th - dry morning, but wind cold.
Mon y 8 th Sowing barley & dragging the other the third time and logging & burning.
Tues y 9 th & Wednes y 10th burning & logging. Daisy calved to day.
Thurs y 11th logging & burning. Friday 12 Same; rainy afternoon and all night. - Satur y 13th
logging. fine day
Sun y 14. Fine morning; thunder afternoon at four o'clock Cesar catched eighteen pigions
in hisy trap.
Mon 15th & Tues y 16th logging & sowing barley.
Wednes y 17th M r Bowie's barn raising, Augustus & Cesar helping Felix to Fergus for the
last of the wheat flour.
Thurs y 18th Felix to Peters, & Smith's & Hemmings to make the time right for working on the
roads; from 11 days to 5.
Friday 19th hunting after the cattle.
Satur y 20 th logging & sowing barley.

1840 Saturday 20 th June contin d
Cesar caught 49 pigions this week, viz. 18, 8,. 8, 6 &9
Sun y 21 st Very fine morning, began to rain at noon & continued all the afternoon
Mon y 22 nd - burng before the House.
Tues 23rd Augustus & Felix on the roads. Cesar draw 9 barn logs.
Wed y 24 th Felix on the roads. Cesar draw 9 barn logs, planting potatoes on Mon y
Thurs y 25 logging. Friy 26 th logging & making shingles.
Satur y 27th making shings and logging & hoeing potatoes. Catched 47 pigions this week total 96.
Sund y 28 t h Finished planting potatoes yesterday (apples & early [?] )
Mon 29 th Logging, Tues y 30 th Logging Wednes y 1 July. Logging and burning, grand
display of fires this evening.
July Thurs y 2 nd - Logging - Fridy 3 rd Augustus at Bowl's logging bee. (Primrose Calved last
night, got the calve home this morning.)
July 4 th (Aniversary of the American Independance.) raking and burning rubbish on the
logged land, weather have been fine all the week. Morning & evening rather chilly.
Sunday July 5 th Fine morning, not so many Mosquitoes this season as we have had some
Mon y 6 th Tues y 7 th & Wed y 8 th Logging & burning for turnips.
Thurs 9 th Augustus to Jona Jon n Lister's logging bee.
Friy 10 th drawering barn logs & cutting sleepers, very hot the last three days.
Satur y 11th Felix & Cesar at M r Logfrin's barn raising. Augustus dragging for turnips; very
hot to day. Flies very sharp, the last few days.
Sun y 12th
Mon y 13th
Thurs y 16
Satur 18th

fine morning, very hot.
Sowing turnips. Tues y 14th Wed y 15th Sowing turnips, & dressing logs for barn.
Friday 17th Sowing turnips & drawing logs cutting sleepers Poll took bull at Jonathans; Cutting rafters Finished sowing turnips.

[afreurep97] [Page torn. Sunday July 19 - Saturday August 1,1840 missing]
[missing text] home with
[missing text]

to mow his grass did not do much Jem on

Sunday 2 nd August. fine and pleasant morning.
Mon y , Tues y & Wed y preparing for the barn & helping Jem Rowes
6 th Thurs y Mowing our grass at Jem Rowes.
7 th Frid y got up the hay & stacked it. good luck with it.

[missing text] bed all day. - hoeing tu

8 th Satur y Jem Rowes came and assisted in framing the rafters for barn and in raising them
which was done compieatly and well, poor little calf we call Spider teribly bitten by a wolf
found it near the house this evening, it was bitten near Jas Armstrongs last Thursday
[9th] Sunday most beautifull fine and pleasant day. Calve is alive. - 10th Mon y rainy 11th
Tues y dull 12 Wed y 13Thurs y fine 14 Friday fine
15th Satur y have been shingling the barn and helping Jem Rowes and doctoring the lame[?]
bitten Calve all the week! till to day Felix hunting cattle & Augustus & Cesar began to cut
the fall wheat, it is rusty & very light, howed the first sown turnips the second time.


[afreurep98] [Page town. Sunday August 16 - Tuesday August 25, 1840 missing]
Tues y 25 [missing] Cutting pine logs for shingles Wednes y 26. getting splinters for roofing the barn.
Thurs y 27. cutting spring wheat.
Friday 28. Finished cutting spring wheat. Augustus cradling
. rainy afternoon [torn]
at Ja s Armstrongs a few [torn]
Satur y 29 th making shingles and drawing up stuff for more and nailing splinters and shingles
on the barn. Weather have been rather dull this last week.
Sund y 30 th dull morning, but a fine day. M rs Henley to see us to day.
Mon 31 st Shingling barn & cutting Barley. Rather rainy.
Sep r Tues y 1 st September. Shingling barn & cutting barley.
Wed y 2 nd same. - got the dressing machine home from Tom's
Thurs y 3 rd finished cutting first sown barley
Friday 4 th got the spring wheat into the barn.
Satur 5 th finished shingling the barn & got some barley into it. Augustus at Tho s Frame's
helping him with his harvest the last three days. Weather fine since Wednesday.
Sun 6 th Very fine, and pleasant. Mon y 7th Tues y 8 th Wed y 9 cut some more barley, & did
some odd jobs; Showery at times.
Sep r 10th Thurs y began chopping the timber for logging behind the house. Frid 11th &
Saturday 12 th Chopping & logging; Showery.
Sunday 13th very fine and pleasant morning, a little rain afternoon
Mon y 14th Cutting barley. Tues y 15 t h Cutting barley.
Wed 16th carrying barley. - Thurs y 17 rainy all day
Friday 18th splitting rails.
Satur y 19 laying up rails; underbrushing; afternoon Jon[?] Griffyths came to us paid him two
dollars for a pair Shoes. Cesar at Tom Frame's last Mond y
Mon y 21 - carrying dung & splitting rails


Tues 22. hauling dung. finished carrying barley
Wed y 23. splitting rails. Threshing spring wheat & hauling Thurs 24. hauling dung & threshing wheat
Fri y 25. Got in the farther (fall) wheat stacks. Augustus to Fergus Mill with 51/4bushls spring
wheat; flour brot back.
Satur 26 th got in the other wheat stack. underbrushing afternoon
Sun y 27 th walked round our lot with Cesar & his mother. Mrs Griffyths & Matilda drank tea
with us this afternoon
Mon y 28. logging behind the house 29 th Tues y Same, rain this Evening
Wed y 30 th Rainy all the day; Augustus filling up the crevices in the walls
Octr Thurs 1 October rainy Augustus Felix & Cesar hunting; no luck.
Friday 2 nd Chopping up by the house; Taking up potatoes, fine day
Satur y 3 r d Finished chopping up; underbrushing afternoon, wind very cold
Sunday 4


very fine & pleasant day; warm Felix Cesar & mother to Griffyth's

Mon 5 Tues y 6 th Wednes y 7 th Thurs y
by the hour.
Friy 9 th Sowed wheat behind the house, splitting rails.
Satur 10th Have been taking up potatoes all the week; finished today.
Sunday 11th rather dull but warm and very pleasant.



Mon y 12th Octr & Tues y 13 splitting & putting up rails past the barn. Wed y 14th got the
potatoes into the Cellar and some turnips Augustus shot a Fawn this morning. Thurs y 15th
& Friday 17th underbrushing & pulling turnips before the House.
Satur y 17th Rainy. Felix shot two fine Bucks.
Sun y 18th Rainy, dull morning, but not cold.
Mon y 19. rainy 20 Tues y pulling Turnips.
21 Wednes y underbrushing 22 Thurs y pulling turnips
Friday 23 rd pulling Turnips & building Hen house, wind high & cold
Saturd y 24 building house for hens began to snow Friday night ground covered this
morning; and times all the day.
Sunday 25 th considerable quantity of snow last night and snowing fast all this forenoon, not
very cold.
Mon y 26 - Tues y 27 & Wednes y 28 th winterly snowing & freezing
Thursy 29 th & Frid y 30 more moderate Snow wast Slow.
Saturday 31 st Threshed 6 bushls of fall wheat this week and carried it to Fergus Mill to day
1 bush ls that was threshed before. finished the hen house this week. Mitchel[?]
Sunday 1 st Nov r Fine weather snow wasting fast.
Mon y 2 nd Tues 3 rd Wednes y 4 th very fine days underbrushing mornings pulling turnips
afternoons. Turnips all [splotch]takenup



Thurs y 5 th Friday 6 th Satur y 7 th weather still fine underbrushing last three days.
Sunday 8 th rather dull and rainy, myself unwell
Mon y 1840
Nov r 9 th Augustus threshing barley 2 bushis for hogs Felix to Peter's with his boots &
Augustus' to mend, weather rather dull and rainy at times
Tues y 10th Very fine day bright & warm like summer
Wed y 11th - underbrushing. Thurs y 12th Augustus threshing barley Felix to Peters for
boots. Shut the 4 hogs up to fat them.
Friday 13th Snowy day. grinding axes & threshing barley.
Satur y 14th Frosty. - Getting Stones for the hearth. paid M r Jas Benham taxes 13 s :11 d paid
to him 6 s : 1 d for Ja s Peters on accompt.
Sun y 15th Snowy day. - Mon y 16th Tues 17th built a shed for the cattle at the barn. still
snowy. - hunting afternoon
Wed y 18th began building another Shed; Augustus & Felix finished the other Shed.
Thurs y 19th - Fridy 20 & Sat 21 st Augustus & Felix and Augustus chopping. Cesar feeding
hogs & doing other Jobs. self threshing barley last four days.
Sunday 22. Snowing all last night, and continue snowing all this day.
Snowing to day, wind East, cold and winterly.
Satur 7 28 the weather have been fine almost all the week; Augustus & Felix chopping all the
week Cesar & myself threshing barley & feeding the hogs.
Sun y 29 - Very fine day; mild and pleasant. snow a little wasting yesterday & today, snow
more than a foot deep.
Mon y 30 Augustus & Felix threshing wheat Tues y 1 Decr Same
Wednes y 2 nd Decr Augustus to Fergus with 5 bushl fall wheat Felix chopping (weather
Frosty) 50lb oatmeal brot from Fergus
Thurs y 3 rd Felix to Guelph for Hellebord[?]; Augustus Chopping
Friday 4 & Satury 5th Augustus & Felix Chopping.[margin]Sun15thwinterseemtobebegun
1840Sunday6 Decr

Mon 7


Snowy Day. not very cold

Augustus & Felix chopping. Wind cold.

Tues y 8 th Same A & F chopping. warmer.
Wed 9 th A & F chopping. weather milder; thawing.
Thurs y 10 - Friy 11th Satur y 12 A & F chopping Cesar chopping three half days. (weather
remarkably mild and pleasant)
Sun y 13 Mild morning. snow in the night and last night but thawing in the day time
yesterday & to day.
Mon y 14 Chopping. Tues y 15th Snowing all day fast.

Wednes y 16th Chopping. Thurs y 17 killed a fat hog & Chopping. Frost sharper last night
than it has been before this winter
Friday 18th Chopping sharp cold day. Chopping.
Satur y 19th Chopping; not quite so cold.
Sun y 20 th Frosty but not very cold. Snow falling at times. (Received a letter from Marcus
last night.)
Mon y 21 st Chopping. Tues 22 nd Snowing fast all day.
Wed. 23. Chopping. Thurs y 24 th chopping Friday 25 th Christmas
Satur y 26th chopping, weather fine for the season.
Sunday 27 th - Mon 28 th Tues 29 th Wednes y 30 th Thurs y 31 st chopping all these four day.
weather cold and snowy Felix to Fergus with 51/2 bush' fall wheat; bought a new ax. broke
the edge of his old one.
1841 Friday 1 Jan y 1841 Killed 3 hogs to day
Satur 2 nd cut up and salted the hogs this day. Cold, windy, and snowing.
Sunday 3 rd - Frost sharp last night. not unpleasant this morning.
Mon 4 chopping. - Frosty & very cold day. Tues y 5 th - Sow to Peter's hog. - Felix & Cesar chopping Misty, rainy & warm days;
Wed y 6 th Mild morning, raining fast, and thawing.
Jan y 7 th 1841. Thurs y - Friday 8 th Satur y 9 th Chopping weather mild for the Season.
Sun y 10th Hazey, but not very cold.
Mon 11th snowing fast all day. Tues y 12 very fine morning Snow afternoon
Wed y 13. Thurs y 14. Friday 15th & Satur y 16 fine for the season Chopping all the week.
Thawing to day (Saturday) and rain in the night; snow in the morning.
Sunday 17th thawing is stopped but not very cold, put 40 bush'5 Turnips in the cellar
Mon y 18 C h o p p i n g - v e r y c o l d - T u e s 19th the same.
Wednes y 20 th Chopping - not so cold.
Thurs y 2 1 s t - Brought 2 Sleigh loads hay from Jem Rowe's milder.
Fridy 22 nd - D° - 2 loads more hay home to day - not cold Satur y 23 rd - D° - 1 load hay more yesterday all that was left, chopping afternoon
Sun y 24 th - weather mild since Wednes y snowing to day but not cold.
Mon 25 th Chopping & dressing wheat, weather moderate.
Tues y 26 Augustus to Fergus with 14 bush'3 wheat (fall wht) Felix & Cesar chopping, heavy
snow afternoon.
Wednes y 27 th soft day. thawing a little.
Thurs y 28 t h Felix & Cesar to Guelph. bought trowsers at 2 Dollars each. Augustus
chopping, fine day Friday 29. rather cold & snowy. - chopping - 30 bushls turnips into the

Satur 30. Chopping - cold windy Day.
Sun y 31 st very fine day. - clear & not cold.
Mon y 1 st February. very fine Day. Cesar chopping. Felix hauling pine log.
Tues 2 nd Snowy & cold day. Chopping.
Wed 3 rd Augustus Set off for Albion - drawing pine log & fire wood
Thurs 4 th John Durrant & Son came to see us.
Frid 5 th Went away after breakfast this morning.
Sat y 6 th

Cesar with pine log to Saw mill brought 150 ft planks back. fine pleasant day.

Feb y 7 th 1841. Sunday, a beautiful, clear, and mild & very pleasant day.
Mon y 8 th Chopping, and drawing pine logs, cold day
Tues y 9 th very cold and Snowy at times. drawing logs.
Wedy 10 very cold, chopping & drawing logs & boards back. Augustus came home this
evening having had a fruitless and very unpleasant Journey. lost a pair of new socks.
Thurs y 11th - Felix & Cesar chopping. Augustus drew home the last boards from opposite
Willy Woods barns. Sharp cold & windy
Friday 12th Chopping. very sharp cold & windy.
Satury 13th very sharp cold & windy still. it have froze sharper the last three days than at
any time before since this winter began. Felix got turnips into the cellar Augustus and Felix
chopping - (Augustus brot his new laid ax from Guelph last Wednesday 10th Feb1r)
Sun y 14th Froze sharp last night but not so pinching cold this morning as it has been for
some days past beautiful clear day and comfortably warm in the sunshine
Mon y 15. Felix to Saw Mill with pine log. paid Kribs 41/2 ^ ^ the amount of his bill.
Augustus & Cesar chopping
Tues y 16 Wednes y 17 & Thurs y 18th - 3 chopping. Finished thresh 3 Fall Wheat. - weather
have been moderate.
Friy 19 th Drawing fire wood; and making ax helves.
Satur y 20 th All three chopping; fine mild day: pleasant.
Sun y 21 remarkably fine for the season; warm & pleasant. read the Service for the day in
the open air
Sat y 27. Fetched a load of straw from Griffyths last Tues y - the weather moderate all the
week, rather windy - have been chopping all the week.
1841 Sunday 28 th Feb y Fine morning, Snowy afternoon.
Mon 1 st March Fine day. Tues y 2 n d fine not very cold 2 loads straw from M r Bowles
yesterday & to day. Felix to Fergus with 10 bush'5 fall wheat to grind - Spring 5 bush 45 lb
wheat sold to M r Webster at 3/11/2.
Wednes y 3 rd - Thurs y 4 t h Chopping weather colder.
Fri 5. very cold chopping & dressing fall wheat
Satur 6 th Cold & Snowy. Felix to Fergus with 10 bush ls more of fall wheat, could not get it
ground. brought back the flour of that carried last Tuesday. Augustus and Cesar chopping.

Sun y 7. Fine day for the Season. Mony 8 th chopping.
Tues 9 th Felix to Fergus brought back the flour. Augustus & Cesar chopping. Snowing fast
all the afternoon.
Wed y 10th Thurs 11th More moderate. chopping & finished what was underbrushed
Fridy 12th began to snow this afternoon.
Satur 7 13 th six or eight inches snow fell last night.
Sun y 14. Cold, windy and snowy at times.
Mon 15. Tues y 16th & Wed y 17th Cold and winterly chopping
Thurs y 18th Fridy 19th Satur y 20 th much warmer, snow wasting these three days past
Sun y 21 st Fine & very pleasant all the day.
Mon 22 nd Chopping. Tues 23 rd rainy all day. snow wasting fast
Wednes y 24. Thurs y 25. rainy, got in the log heap of Turnips.
Friday 26 Very fine; Finished getting Turnips into the barn, tapped a bout fifty trees for
Sugar making, snow wasting fast.
Satur y 27. rainy all the day
Sunday 28. Fine day, rather colder but snow still wasting.
Mon y 29. Weather winterly - Tues y 30 th Felix to Fergus for Shirting & tobacco. Wed y 31
boiled some sap.
Thurs y 1 st Apr1 1841. Fell into the cellar bruised my thigh.
Friy 2 nd boiling Sugar. Satu r 3 r d boiling. - Augustus & Felix all night
Sunday 4 th Fine day; snow wasting; still deep in the woods. began to snow about noon and
continued to fall fast so that at night it was six inches increased in depth.
Mon 5 th Snow wasting slow, Cesar boiled off the first sugar this season.
Tues 6 snow wasting slow. boiled off more sugar (Augustus)
Wed 7. snow wasting slow boiled off more sugar (Augustus
Thurs 8 - began to snow this morning contined all day. Six or seven inches deepth fell to
Good Friday 9 th boiled more sugar - cold day - Augustus boiler
Satur y 10th - wind from the north very cold. Felix Boiled sugar; three large pans; near 100lbs
made this last week; all good.
Easter Sunday 11th Fine clear day; but very cold wind.
Mon y 12th Augustus & Cesar to Ja s Logfrins chopping. Felix boiling Sugar & Cutting browse
for cattle, fine day.
Tues y 13 - Wednes 14th & Thurs 15th fine days but cold winds
Friday 16th warm, snow wasted more last night than in all the rest of the week - Felix boiled
off three cakes of sugar to day.
Satur y 17th - Felix fetched in 38 buckets sap. cut browse. a fine day, thawing. Augustus &
Cesar home this evening they have been chopping all the week. -

Sunday 18 - Snowing again this morning. wind very cold. weather finer this afternoon
Mon y 19th Felix boiling Sugar. Wind north cold.
Tues 20 th Wednes 21 st & Thurs y 22 nd Fine days but frost at night
Frid 23 rd Felix boiled sugar &21/2buckets of Molasses. fine warm day.
Sat 24 split rails. drew logs for D g [dragging?] & cut down Trees for cattle. very warm to
day: August & Cesar at Jas Logfrin's all the week.
Sunday 25 Very fine warm day, we hope to begin to sow wheat tomorrow morning.

Mon y 26 Apr1 1841 began to sow wheat on Turnip land
Tues 27 Sowing wheat.
Wed y 28 - Sow pigged eight pigs. Sowing wheat.
Thurs 29 - Poll Calved in the woods. rainy all the day & Cold & windy
Friy 30 rainy all last night. hunted for Poll 'till dinner could not find her. plowing & dragging
Poll came home just at dark Shut her in the Barn.
Saty 1 st May Found Poll's calve, she went were it lay, got it home this forenoon. Felix
chopping at Logfrin's all the week, came home this evening. (cold wind)
Sunday 2 May. Cold wind, snowing at times all the day.
Mon y 3 rd Tues 4 th Wednes y 5 th Finished sowing spring wheat.
Thurs y 6 th sowed peas. Friday 7 th & Satur y 8 plowing. weather milder. Felix at Logfins all
the week. Cesar went on Thurs y 6 th
Sunday 9 th Fine morning. Cattle did not come home last night except Lilly, Bright & Poll,
did not find them 'till 3 o'clock this afternoon
Mon y 10th Augustus at home; Felix & Cesar to Logfrins rainy all day day mended my old
Tues y 11th Augustus sowed oats & dragging.
Wed y 12th Augustus hunting after cattle all day; cold not find them
Thurs 13th Sowing barley & dragging
Friday 14. Dragging. Satur y 15 Sowing barley & dragging, weather fine the last five days;
frost at night.
Sun y 16. Fine & pleasant day.
Mon y 17th - burning brush on potatoe land.
Tues y 18 - Felix to Ja s Logfrin's. Augustus & Cesar clearing land for potatoes & dragging
barley land Wed y 19 - Felix came back at noon Jobb finished; brought home twenty four dollars and
half a crown.
Thurs 20 - splitting rails & clearing land for potatoes
Fri 21 - Drawing brands [?] & burning by the house.
Satur 22. planting potatoes: weather fine all the week - Cesar to Fergus paid M r Webster's
acct 7$ & 6

Sunday 23 May 1841. Very fine day.
Mon y 24 - Tues y 25. - Wednes y 26. - Fine day. - altering fences.
Thurs y 27 th Augustus & Felix to Guelph.
Fri 28. Augustus & Felix home from Guelph; staid at Thos M'Cullah's last night. Felix left
his Jacket; lost a pair stockings; bottom came out of the barrel spilled the salt, Tin bottle
leaked and 3 Gallons whisky ran out.
Saturday 29. Sowed oats before the house.
Sun y 30 th very fine weather all the week; and same to day.
Mon y 31 Burning brush; & cutting a road round to the chopping.
Tues 1 st June. burning brush. & cutting down poles in the chopping.
Wed 2 nd Cutting brush in the chopping.
Thurs 3 rd hunting after Lilly's calf. peeling elm bark.
Friy 4 th Muster-day at Fergus, & whiskey drinking.
Satur y 5 th Began to log the 20 acres. quite hot weather all the week flies stinging very
Sunday 6. very fine forenoon; thunder and delighfull rain afternoon
Tuesd y 8 th Logging. - Mon 7 th Augustus & Felix at Jem Rowes scoring timber for barn
building. Cesar plant9 potatoes
Wed y 9 th Augustus & Cesar at Jem Rowes; scoring. Cesar & myself burning logs heaps &
picking up
Thurs y 10. Augustus & Felix at Jem Rowes.
Friy 11th splitting rails & stakes, for the lane.
Satur 12th laying up rails & riders in the lane. Fine weather all the week.
Sunday 13. Fine pleasant day; flies not so bad on yesterday. Calf to Jem Rowes
Wednesday 9 th last Wednesday. Mon 14. logging. Tues y 15. logging. Primrose to Bull at Cormy's
Wednes y 16th Thur y 17 t h Fri y 18. 5 bushls potatoes from Bowie's
Satur 7 19. log9 forenoon. Augustus & Cesar laying foundation of Jem Rowes barn,
afternoon, fine dry weather.
Sunday 20 th June 1841. Fine & pleasant day.
Mon 21 Logging. Tues y 22 Augustus and Felix at Jem Rowes Barn raising, dreadfull
accident scaffold broke down, and five people fell on the sleepers more than twenty feet no
limbs broke, but sadly bruised. Cesar to Fergus. bought callico for logging shirts.
Wed y 23 rd On the roads prepared for making a bridge.
Thurs 24 th made the bridge Lyon and Lamb assisted.
Frid 25. Laying rails round potatoe & Turnip ground.
Satur 26. Logging. fine shower on thursday, and another today
Sunday 27. Cherry to bull at M r Cormy's

Mon 28. ["Nancy to the" crossed out] Bull at Cormy's. Poll 28 th
Tues y 29. ["Beauty or Breeze to Bull" crossed out] at Cormy's. Nancy 29 th
Wed 30. burning and hunting cattle oxen
Thur 1 st July. Friy 2 nd Logging.
Satur 3rd at Jem Armstrongs Logging Bee. finished hoeing potatoes by the house.
Sunday 4 th Fine day. fine all last week.
Mon y 5 th Tues y 6. Fencing the Turnip Land.
Wed y 7 Thurs y 8 th Logging
Friy 9 th Cesar to Scott's Saw Mill raising, rain this afternoon
Satur 10th Logging yesterday & to day. Cesar came home this evening.
Sunday 11th Fine day.
Mon y 12th Tues y 13th Wed y 14 t h Thurs y 15 t h Logging.
Friy 16. sowed Turnips. Cesar dragging. Augustus & Felix at Sandy Wilkies Barn raising
17th Satur y Finished dragging, drew brands & rails by the house forenoon helped Jem
Armstrong to stack his hay afternoon. Fine weather all the week
[afreurepl 10]
Sundau 18th July 1841. Very hot day.
Mon y 19th Tues y 20 th Wed y 21 s t Thurs y 22. Logging, finished what was chopped up
Fridy 23. Lilly & breeze to Bull at Cormy's.
Satur y 24 t h Chopping up. Fine rain this afternoon.
Sun y 25 Fine pleasant day.
Mon y 26. Augustus to Saw mill to pile the boards. Felix and Cesar to Fergus with 3 bush'3
of our own wheat Bought 2 bush'5 of M r Bowls. - bo1 al 5 bush'5 counld not get it ground.
Took back flour from Jem Rowes.
Tues 27 th Wed y 28. Chopping up. Thurs y 29th Logging
Friday 30. rainy. Satur y 31 s t rainy; charming rain.
Sunday 1 st August, very fine day.
Mon 2 d Augustus & Felix logging at Cormy's
Tues 3 rd Augustus & Felix logging at Jem Logfrin's. Grace Rowes dyed this morning
Wednes 4 th logging at house.
Thurs 5. Augustus Felix & Cesar at Mrs Rowes Funeral
Friy 6. logging at home; Satur 7 th logging, at home.
Sunday 8 th Fine morning. Rainy afternoon.
Mon y 9 th Logging. Augustus to Fergus for the flour.
Tues y 10th Logging. Wednes y 11th Rainy took up the barn floor.
Thurs y 12. Began to mow barley - branding.
Fridy 13. Finished mowing barley tyed some up.
Satur y 14th Cut the fall wheat. tyed up more barley.
Sunday 15th Lilly to Bull at Cormy's.

Mon y 16th Tues y 17th (Wednes y 18th carrd barley and wheat) laying barn floor.
Thurs y 19. Fridy 20. branding.
Satur y 21 st Augustus Felix & Cesar at Griffyths cutting fall wheat.
Sunday 22 nd Fine day. - Got the Fall Wheat & barley into the barn last Wednes y 19th
[afreurepl 11]
Mon y 23 rd - Tues 24 - Wed 25. Thurs 26 Friday 27. Cutting wheat.
Satur 28. Cutting wheat, and threshing fall wheat for sowing
Sunday 29. fine morning, a little rain afternoon
Mon Y 30 th Dressed 5 bush is fall wheat. - cutting wheat.
Tues y 31. Sowed 2 acres (2 bush'5) Fall wheat.
Sep r Wednes y 1 st cutt9 W h * - Hauled 8 or 9 wagg n loads wheat into the barn. Heavy rain
and thunder at night
Thurs 2 nd Cesar to Saw mill for boards. Heavy rain and thunder at night. Felix threshed
spring wheat today very heavy rain began about 4 oclock and Contin. all night Millar not at
home could not get the corn ground. Stayed at And w Simms 'till morning on acct of the rain.
Satur y 4 th took the cap Sheaves of the shocks and untyed them; very wet and some grown
out green. Cut a sleigh load wheat and got it into the barn. tyed up the cap Sheaves and
laid them on round shocks quite dry.
Sunday 5th Very fine day.
Mon 6 Tues y 7 Wednes y 8 th Thurs y 9 th (Harvesting) finished wheat this evening very
heavy rain as soon as we had done
Friday 10th - Satur 11th sowed more fall wheat. dragged it twice.
Sunday 12 very fine day.
Mon y 13th dragged the wheat again sowed last Saturday - threshed the fall wheat
Tues y 14 Got oats & peas into the barn; Harvest done.
15th Wednes y liming wheat & branding. Felix to Fergus with 2 bushls wheat brought the
flour home with that left there 3 rd Sep r
[afreurepl 12]
Thurs 7 16 Sowed more wheat. Cesar dragging.
Friday 17 Satur y 18th Dragging & branding.
Sunday 19th Fine day. Mon y 20. Branding & threshing
Tues y 21 s t dragged the land once before sowing. limed wheat
Wed 22 Sowed the slashing (about half) with wheat.
Thurs y 23 r d Dragged it in, this forenoon.
Fri 24 & Satur y 25 Logging.
Sunday 26. Rain in the night. wind and rather cool this morning.
Mon y 27 - Daizy to Bull at Jem Rowes. Rainy
Tues 28. Rainy. Wednes 29 chopping up.

Thurs 30. Logging. Oct r 1 st Friday Logging
Oct r 1 st Primrose to Bull at Jem Rowes.
Satur 2 nd Logging.
Sunday 3 rd Fine day. (Frosty last three nights)
Mon y 4 Tues y 5 th picking up and burning.
Wed 5 Logging forenoon. Augustus & Felix helping Jem Armstrong to kill hogs afternoon.
Thurs y 7 Logging & burning. Friday 8 Logging & burning
Satur 9 Finished Logging. Augustus Threshing wheat.
Sunday 10th A beautiful fine & pleasant day. read in the log field [?] Frost every night last
week, and fine days.
Mon y 11th Threshg barley. - began to take up potatoes.
Tues 12th Augustus to Fergus with 6 bushls wh l & 8 of barley (ground) meal & flour home
that evening.
Wed 13th taking up potatoes.
Thurs 14 Same - Friday 15 finished taking up potatoes & got them into the cellar about
150 bush ls fine weather all the week,
[afreurepl 13]
Octr 1841
17 Octr Satur branding. Cesar unwell, cold rather stormy
17th Sunday fine day. not cold.
18 Mon y Finished branding.
19 Tues y Cesar began plowing, began underbrushing. began to snow this evening.
20 Wed y ground covered with snow. began to fix barn doors
21 Thurs y Finished the lower doors, hung them
22 Friy plowing, and underbrushing. snow not all gone
23 Sat y made the upper barn doors; snowing Snowing all day
24 Sunday. Fine morning. Cold and Frosty, Snow two or three inches deep
25 Mon y finished barn doors.
26 Tues. Threshing & roofing sheds.
27 Wed. underbrushing morning. pull Turnips afternoon. snow among the Turnips
28 Thur. underbrushing morng. pulling Turnip. frost at night
29 Fri. No frost. Finished pulling Turnips.
Indian Summer
30 Sat y very fine yesterday, and to day, quite warm. no frost last night. underbrushing.
Augustus helping to raise school House.
31 st Sunday Fine day, no frost last night - very mild.
Novr 1 st Mon y Tues y 2 underbrushing & plowing.
3 Wed y Augustus to finish raising school House.
4 Thurs. 5 Frid y underbrushing & plowing. - cold 26 Satur y Augustus & Cesar raising Bowls new House.

Constable summoned this afternoon, Augustus Felix & Cesar to appear at Hemming on
Mon y 8 respecting road work - cold wind
Sunday 7 th Fine pleasant day, not cold.
8 th Mon y Augustus Felix, Cesar & David Rae off for Hemmings home this evening, fined
2.1.10 for not doing road work and four days work to do.
9 th Tues y Augustus & Cesar on the road
10th Novr 1841. Finished road work today
11th Thurs y Cesar put hen shed to rights.
12Frid y Underbrushing. Augustus plowing.
13 Sat y Killed fat hog. plowing & dressing wheat, 22 bush'5
waggon 18 bush ls [?] for guelph on Monday

loaded Ja s Armstrongs

14 Sunday. Very fine morning but cloudy day snowing at times.
15 Mon y Augustus to Guelph with I7 bush ' s : 24 lb wheat sold at 6/- York 3/9 Sterling, paid
Hemmings 2 t .1 s .10 d
16 Tues y . Carried Jem Armstrongs grist & 2 Galf s Whiskey underbrushing afternoon
Wednes17 underbrushing. paid the taxes 15s.81/2 Sterling. 18 th Thurs y underbrushing.
19 Friday Finished underbrushing 18 or 20 acres
20 Satur y Threshing, dressed 12 bush!s peas, fine weather all the week.
21 Sun y Mild day. Rainy at night.
Mon y 22. a warm day. - making rails & plowing
Tues 23 rd Felix to Fergus 8 bush'5 4 Sold at 6 s /0 York. The rest ground & 3 bush'5 barley
ground, much colder. some snow Snowing fast this afternoon
24 Wednes y milder snow wasted. Cutting rails stuff.
25 Thurs. Snowing all last night, about 6 Inches deep
26. threshing barley & cutting logs for Cow house
27 Satur. dressing barley & building Cow house. winter appear to have begun last
Wednes y 24
28 Sun y not quite so cold as it has been the last few days.
29 M o n y - building Cow house Tues 30 th build cow house.
Wed y 1 Decr. Roofing Cow house. 2 nd Dec. Thurs y began Chopping.
3 rd Friy rainy all the day. - making Sleigh Snow wasting
4 Sat y snowing all day - making Sleigh.
5 Sunday. Snowing all last night. windy.

[afreurepl 15]
Mon y 6 Decr 1841 Chopping & threshing. Snowy.
Tues y 7 th Augustus & Felix at Henly Barn raising. Fine day.
Wed 8 th Chopping & threshing. weather milder.
Thur 9 th Chopping & threshing. Thick misty morning. rainy all the afternoon

Fri 10 - Ibid - misty morng Rainy forenoon mild, Snow wasting yesterday & today.
Satury 11 th rainy. snow almost all waster.
Sund y 12 - very fine day; warm & clear, very pleasant.
Mon y 13 - Tues y 14 & Wednes y 15th Chopping & threshing wheat.
Thurs y 16th Augustus & Cesar at Will m Millar's House raising; cold & snowy
Fridy 17th Dressed about 22 bush ls spring wheat, threshed a floor of Barley
Satur y 18. Killed the young Sow forenoon. Augustus & Cesar to finish Millar's house
raising. threshed another floor of Barley very clear, but very cold day.
Sunday 19th Fine day frost but not so cold as yesterday

20. T 21. W 22. Th 23. F 24. S 25. Christmas day v
what we were doing I do not know.

26 Sunday. 27 Mon y (Killed four hogs on Tuesday 28 t h )
Wed 29 th fine day. Thurs y 30 th to Guelph with 30 bushls Wheat Sold at 53/4shillings York.
Bot Barrel Salt.
Friday 31 st Satur y 1 st Jan y 1842. put Glass in the windows & Cut out and Salted the meat.
Felix Bo1 Jacket & Trowsers Cesar the Same & pair trowsers for me, last Friday.
1842 Sunday 2 nd Cold windy day. Mon y 3 rd not quite so cold
Tues y 4 Augustus to Fergus with 20 bush is wheat sold 12 bushls to M r Webster at 6
Shill gs York. 8 ground flour back. Snowy day.
[afreurepl 16]
Wed y 5 th Jan y 1842. rainy and freezing.
Thur y 6 th weather better, chopping. Friy 7th fine chopping.
Satur 8 th Fine day; chopping & dressing rails today & yesterday
Sunday 9 th very fine & mild. Mr Griffyths Sen r came today & Mr. Henly & his Children.
Mon y 10th very fine day; chopping Tuesday 11th the same; chopping & dressing rails
Wed y 12 Thurs y 13th & Friday 14. rather colder; & snowy and stormy to day.
Satur 15th Threshing 210 sheaves with oxen; Aug s & Felix chopping.
Sow to Harlands Hog last Thursday 13th Jan y 1842 Augustus to Guelph brot home Felix &
Cesars Hyloes.
16th Sunday very fine day; quite mild.
Mon y 17th Augustus & Felix to Guelph with 18 bush'5 wheat. they allowed for 16 s . 42lb sold
at 6/4 York Shillings; paid Jackson for 3 pair Hyloes at 24 dollars each. Bot Grindstone at 3
cents per Lb. Day remarkably fine and warm; wind South.
Tues y 18th very fine & warm morning. hanging the grindstone.
Wed y 19th chopping & Cesar drawing rails, fine day.
Thurs 20 th Rainy all day snow wasting; Cow house flooded at night, cut the Ice away with
an ax & let the water out
Friday 21 st Snowing all day; Sharp frost in the morning.

Satur y 22. Fine & Frosty day. Chopping Augustus & me dressing the chaff out in about 23
bush ls wheat and threshing straw for cattle.
Sunday 23 rd clear & Frosty day.
Mon y 24 Tues 25 Wednes y 26 Thurs y 27 Chopping & drawing rails Very fine winter
Friday 28 Cesar to Fergus with 151/2 bushls wheat Sold at 4 s /6 d . paid Mr Websters acct
Satur y 29 th Clear & quite warm. Rain at night; still warm. Chopping & drawing rails.
Jan y 1842
Sunday 30 th Fine morning, a little frosty, not very cold
Mon 31 st Fine day. This month have been very pleasant, not cold for the season
Feb y 1 st Tues y Fine. Wednes y 2 nd Fine. Thurs y 3 rd Rain & warm.
Friy 4 th snow much wasted. a little fell last night; mild.
Sat y 5 th Fine day. not very cold. have been chopping all the week. I have been
Sun y 6th Fine day for the Season; not cold.
Mon 7th - Chopping. Tues y 8 th Shrove Tuesday very cold winterly day - snowing & driving.
Wed y 9 th more moderate Augustus to Fergus with 16 bushls wheat 4 bushls ground the 12
left on credt 11/28/60 at 4/6 sterling. Thurs 10th & Friy 11 Chopping fine days. Satur 12th
chopping very fine and warm.
Sun y 13th very fine mild day for the season. moon appeared beautiful last night the dark
part visible.
Mon y 14 Valentines day. very winterly. wind blowing & snowing Freezing sharp. cut down
the trees in the potatoe ground.
Tues 15 more moderate. chopping.
Wed y 16th Snowing but not sharp cold. Chopping.
Thurs y 17th Fridy 18th Cold and Snowy. Chopping.
Satur y 19th Cesar & self dressing wheat part of the stack about 21 1/2 bushls left it laying in
the barn (only the chaff blown out.) Cold day, snowing at times. great fall off snow last
night, about 12 inches deep now.
Sun y 20 t h Fine day; Tom Wilson & Jem Rowes came to day.
Mon 21 st Cold. Chopping. Tues y 22 nd Cold. Chopping
Wed 23 rd Cesar to Fergus with 16 bush'5 w1 weigh'd 151/2 to Webster at 4/6. Augustus &
Felix chopping.
Thurs y 24 Cesar to Saw Mill for boards. A & F Chopping - fine mild day
Frid 25 Augustus to Saw Mill for the boards that remained
Satur y 26. Chopping thick misty day. thawing.
Sund y 27. Fine day; thawing.
Mon 28 th a little frosty; but not cold. Felix to Fergus with 14 bushls wheat for grist. Flour
back at midnight.


The last month have been very favorable
1842 March 1 st Tues y fine day misty and
Wednes y 2 nd Misty & rainy, picking wheat
Thurs y 3 rd Fridy 4th Satur y 5 th Chopping.

many days mild and pleasant.
some rain thawing all chopping for sowing.
& threshg wheat.

Sunday 6 th Cold; roads all covered with Ice. very slippery
Mon 7 A & F chopping. Cesar & I threshing Barley; the last for this year.
Tues y 8 th Laid the floor in the cow house.
Wednes 9 th Thurs y 10th Friday 11th Satur y 12th chopping, laid up some rails on thursday
Sunday 13th M r Black came yesterday to assess the land and cattle. and took acct of our
number and ages. and what corn & potatoes we grew last year. and what quantity of sugar
we made. the weather cold and frosty the last three days. Fine today.
Mon y 14th Tues y 15 & Wed y 16th Chopping. weather mild.
Thurs y 17th Fine day, got in the oat stack & splitting rails.
Fridy 18th & Satur y 19th very fine; hauling & laying uprails.
Sun y 20th Fine Mild day; Cesar & myself went to Griffith
Mon 21. Snowy all day Chopping
Tues 22. Snow 6 or 7 inches deep. drawing Logs & chopping
Wed 23. drawing Hay (1/2 a Ton) from Andrew Sim's
Thurs 24. Cutting & drawing Barn Logs. rainy afternoon
Fri 25. Rain & heavy Thunder at 2 or three o'clock this morning.
Satur y 26 chopping & drawing Logs.
Sun y 27 Snowing in the forenoon very large flakes.
Mony 28 th Nancy & Cherry calved Felix choppping. Augustus & Cesar Tapping trees, for
Sugar making.
1842 Marh 29. Hung the Sugar boilers, sap running.
30 th Wednesy Made 2 cakes of Sugar.
31 stT h u r s yvery cold, no sap. - spring froze this morning
Aprl 1 st Friday. boiling sap. Felix & Augustus chopping, milder

2 nd Satur y made 2 cakes of Sugar. finishd chopping. warm.
3 rd - Mon y 4 boiled some sap. Tues y 5 Snowing. Finished threshing oat
Wed y 6 th Began to sow spring wheat. ( Poll calved on Monday 4 th April in the woods)
Thurs 7 th Sowing wheat. & dragg 9
Friday 8 th Sowing wheat & dragg 9
Satur 9 th Augustus dragging. Frosty at nights

Sunday 10th Fine mild morning. - Lilly's last years calf torn to pieces last night by the
wolves. Felix & Cesar at Mr Bowles Barn raising yesterday Saty 9 th
Mon 11 dragging & plowing. Tues y 12 dragging wheat barn Field.
Wednes y 13 dragging Barn Field, plowing. Augustus riving stakes.
Thurs 14th Finished dragging Barn Field. began to burn brush fence
Friy 15. Sowed peas; plowed them in. burning brush fence
Satur 16th Sowed more peas. cut down basswood tree, rove rails and made the Fence
good past the brush fence. weather fine, frosty at nights, wind cold.
Sunday 17th Fine dry morning, wind rather cold.
Mon y 18 rainy, dressed wt. - Tues y 19 splitting stakes & plowing.
Wed y 20. Sowed spring wheat; in the wet part; & dragging it.
Thurs 21. dragging the peas - Very warm day.
Fri y 22. dragging; & sowing oats; & plowing finished today, got the last of the turnips into
the Barn, very hot to day.
Sat y 23. Sowing more oat & dragging.
Sunday 24 Apr 1 1842. Fine day pleasant Borrowed M r Baxters Saints rest.
25 Mond y putting up stakes & riders 26 Tues y the same wind cold
27 Wed y Felix to Fergus with 8 bushls wheat. Snowing
28 Thurs y ground covered with Snow this morning.
29 Fridy putting up Stakes & riders snow ail gone
30 Sat y Ibid - Fine day - no Cattle home tonight.
1 May Sunday - Fine day - M rs & M r Hindley dined with Brot M rs Freure's new



2 May Mon Cesar to Guelph fair, bo 1/2 bushl grass seed 5 /0 York
3 Tues y Logg 9 brush fence Wed y 4 Same. planted potatoes
5 Thurs y Staking & Ridering. & cutting rafters.
6 Friy Sowing barley. 7 Satur y dragging barley & cutting rafters carrying muck on potatoe
land. planted some on brush fence land 8 Sun y Fine day. Fine all last week.
9 Mon y Brought 2 bush'oats from Henly's, sowed grass seed
10 Tues y sowed oats by the fall wheat, planted potatoes, pumkins and Indian corn.
11th Wed y Finished dragging oats, cut & peeled logs for milk House
12 Thurs y Augustus to Hog's with pair oxen dragging. Finished plowing & dragged potatoe
ground. cut down trees against the brush fence.
13 — Friy Rainy day.
14 Satur 7 Cutting & making shingles, fine day
15 Sun y fine day.
16 Mon y Found Hendley's Cow. making shingles planted Indian corn, onions French
beans &c Lilly calved in the pasture



17 Tues y 18 Wed y 19 th Thurs y 20 Friday 21 Satur y , making shingles all the week. Finished
planting potatoes.
Sunday 22 May 1842 Rainy
Mon y 23 rd began the Milk-house laid the Logs.
Tues y 24. Cut rafters & peeled them. and made them.
Wed y 25. put the rafters up. —
Thurs y 26. Cesar to Fergus for nails.
Fridy 27 put the shingles on.
Sat y 28. laid the floor finished it compleatly.
Sun y 29 th Fine day.
Mon y 30. Augustus went round to ask people to the barn raising Cesar to Fergus for
whiskey, rice, currts, nutmegs, mustard &c. Felix shot a porcupine.
Tues y 31 st Laid the foundation of the barn.
Wednes y 1 st June preparing for the raising tomorrow. M rs Hindley baking bread, cakes &c
and boiling 2 hams.
Thurs y 2 June Barn raised to day, beautiful fine day.
Friy 3 rainy. I went to M r Logfrin's. Augustus Felix & Cesar carrying home articles we
Satur y 4 Training day at Fergus. fine day
Sun y 5 th Fine d a y . Mon y 6 th drew up the rafters.
Tues 7 th Framed the rafters & put them up. Jem Rowes assisted
Wed 8 - Drew shingles stuff & made shingles - sharp frost last night
Thurs 9 th Augustus & Felix at Cormy's Barn raising. Rainy.
Friday 10th making shingles. frost.
Satur y 11th making shingles & drawing more Logs. making scaffold and priming rafters
Sun y 12 Fine day. Mon y 13 on the road cross waying bottom of concession
Tues 14. opening & crosswaying by the House Wed 15 Crosswaying at Bridge
Thurs 16. cutting down Trees on the concession from the Bridge
Fri 17. the same Satur y 18 making road from Bridge to M r Bowles
Sun 19th Fine day. growing showers latter part of the week, warm.
Mon 20 Tues 21 Wednes y 22 Thurs 23 shingling Barn
Frid 24 Finished shingling Barn. Felix burning brush; went well.
Satur y 25 Augustus to Fergus with 10 bushls wheat; rainy; Brush fence caught fire. split
rails & fenced the breach
Sunday 26. Warm day; light Showers; growing day.

Mon 27. Augustus to Fergus took 3 dollars & 2/4 !4 Sterling. paid Sim's for hay 4 dollars.
Cutting thro into the new barn.
Tues 28 th Lilly to Bull at Jem Row's. Chopping up afternoon.
Wed 29. Began Logging. Thurs y 30th logging. Frid. 1 st July Logging
Satur y 2 July rainy all day. Hunting for Daizy.
Sunday 3 rd July. Poll to Bull at Jem Rowe's. Fine day.
Mon 4 Tues 5. Wednes y 6 th Logging.
Thurs y 7 th Cesar at Griffyths Barn raising. burning logs
Friy 8 Cesar at Griffyths rasing rafters. burning logs
Satur y 9 burning logs & brush.
Sunday 10th (Nancy to Bull at Jem Rowes. Nancy.)
Mon y 11th branding. Tues 12th branding. Wednes 13 burning brush.
Thurs 14th splitting rails. Tulip to Bull at Jem Rowes yesterday Wednes y 13th July
Friday 15. branding Forenoon. one of dogs dreadfully torn by a Bear, forced to kill it
Satur 16th Logging at Ja s Armstrong's 2 pair of oxen & 3 men
Sunday 17th very hot day, have been hot all the last week
Mon 18 Tues 19 W e d y 2 0 Thurs 21. hot weather Logging. Frid 22 Violet to Bull at Jem
Satur 23. Logging.
Sunday 24 Fine day. Mon y 25 Tues y 26 Wed 27. Logging & burning & mowing grass.
Thurs 28. (Cherry to Bull at Jem Rowes) Friday 29 th & Satur 30 Logging
29 Friday Logging. 30 th Satur y Hindley's sheep pen raising; rainy all day, did not go. made
a rack for the waggon. Felix hunting cattle found them at night
31 st Sunday fine day. Mon y 1 st August got the hay into the Barn sowed 2 acres of Turnips.
August 2 nd Tues y fine morng. Finished dragging Turnips Wed 3 rd Logging
Thurs y 4 t h Augustus to Mill with 12 bushls wheat Jas Armstrong had 2 bushls of it.
Friy 5 - Satur 6 th Logging, yesterday fetched a sow & nine pigs from Jon n Listers. Finished
howing potatoes
[afreurepl 23]
Sunday 7 Aug st 1842 Fine day, hunting cattle all day could not find them
Mon 8 hunting cattle all day. found them, burning Log heaps
Tues 9 th Primrose to Bull. Logging.
Wed y 10 th Logging - T h u r s y 11 Laying round Turnips. Fridy 12 Logging
Satur y 13th Logging Jemmy Armstrong helping borrowed bottle of whiskey of M r Bowles
Sunday 14 Fine day. fine all last week; hot.
Mon y 15th Began to mow Barley. Burning log heaps & branding.
Tues y 16th branding; and finished mowing Barley.
Wednes17. Rainy making cradle & Clearing the Barn. Heavy rain last night.

Thurs y 18. pulled down the ox shed Primrose to Bull again
Friday 19. Satury 20 th Cutting fall wheat.
Sunday 21 Fine day. Nancy & Daisy have been lost a week.
Mon 22. cutting wheat. Tues 23 rd Same & carrying Barley.
Wed y 24. Cutting wheat. Thurs y 25 Cutting & Carrying. Fridy 26 Cutting forenoon
Satur y 27. heavy showers of rain. began to hoe Turnips


Sunday 28. very fine day & very hot. Felix & Cesar in woods hunting after cattle two cows
Daisy & Nancy have been lost two weeks.
Mon y 29 finished cutting fall wheat. Tuesy 30 th & Wednesy 31 Carrying
Thurs y 1 st September Carrying fall wheat forenoon; rain afternoon
Friday 2 nd Cutting oats & taking up peas & cutting wheat by the Barn.
Satur y 3 rd Rainy.
Sunday 4 th Fine day Daisy & Primrose came home this morning. & 3 of the young Cattle
with them M r Potter from Erin came this morning on the hunt after his cattle
Mon y 5 th finished cutting the wheat by the Barn; the other lost cattle came home this
Tues y 6 th Began to cut the spring wheat in the 20 acres.
Wednes y 7 th Cutting spring wheat.
Thurs 8 th Got home 4 loads fall wheat rainy afternoon left some in the field. threshing fall
wheat for sowing
Friday 9 th Sowed two acres of wheat this morning; rainy threshing more wheat, & dragging.
Satur y 10. Fine day finished dragging. laid up more rails round the turnips. took up peas.
Cut spring wheat afternoon.
[in margin] Daisy

Sunday the 4 th September Daisy to Bull at Jem Rowes

Sunday 11 Sep r 1842. Rain this morning. warmer than yesterday
Mon y 12th Rain'd very fast all last night. - rain all this afternoon fast
Tues y 13th raining almost all last night. spring wheat growing as it stands. Oats and peas
on the ground; fine this morning.
Wednes y 14. Turned the oats & peas. Cut some spring wheat.
Thurs 15th - Tyed & carried oats. green & moist some of them
Friday 16 - Carried the spring wheat by the Barn. light showers afternoon.
Satur y 17th - Carried the peas & one load of oats, & two of Fall wheat, the last
Sunday 18th - Light showers; but a warm & pleasant day.
Mon y 19 - cutting & carrying spring wheat. - Fine day.
Tues y 20 - D° D° fine day. Carried wheat to night & last night by moon light
Wed. 21 - rain last night. took down the oat stack & made 2 of it. rainy
Thurs 22 - Frost & snow this morning. Snowing at times all day. Cutting & carrying wheat.
Friday 23. Fine morning. Frost; ground hard. Cutting & carrying wheat
Saturday 24. Finished cutting & carrying spring wheat; very fine & hot

Sunday 25. Fine day. I was unwell laid almost all day; could not read.
Monday 26. Cutting oats tying up & carrying. very fine day.
Tuesday 27. Carried all the oats. Harvest done. very fine day
Wednes y 28. sowed more wheat yesterday. took up the potatoes were the brush fence
was. dragging wheat-land
Thurs 29 - Threshed & dressed spring wheat. Aug. & Felix branding
Frid 30 Cesar to Fergus with 8 Bush ls wheat sold one for tobacco 2 of old wheat & 6 of
new ground.
Satur y 1 Octr Sowed more wheat. put up 2 log heaps - rainy afternoon
Sunday 2 nd October Fine day.
Mon y 3 rd - Dragging wheat & Threshing Fall wheat.
Tues y 4 Augustus & Cesar to Fergus (first Fair.) taking up potatoes.
W e d y 5 sowed the last wheat. dragging.
Thurs 6 th dragging & branding
Fridy 7 th branding & doing up oat stacks. rain afternoon
Satur y 8 th Augustus Felix & Cesar at Hindley's Logging.
Sunday 9 th Rainy last night, & all day to day.

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