Margaret Rutherford Diary & Transcription, 1917


Margaret Rutherford Diary & Transcription, 1917


Margaret Rutherford


Courtesy of Grey Roots Museum and Archives


20th Century, Grey County, Sydenham Township, Ontario

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Margaret Rutherford Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription



The year 1916 is drawing to a close. Three more hours and it will be gone with all its sad and gay times and in its place little new 1917 with its pages still unturned. One can but wonder what it will bring and how it will end. The year 1915 was a year of war as has been 1916. On Dec. 15 1915 Tom left home to join


the 147 Batt. The Batt spent the winter in O.S. and the summer in Niagara and Camp Borden. In June Nellie S and I spent from Saturday until Monday in Niagara. Tuesday June 6 we spent in Toronto with Kate. At the end of June I stopped my music lessons. The holidays were very quiet very little company. I spent a few days at Chatsworth in July. Janet Pringle spent a day or so here while Anne was with us. Kate took the home school in September and Jess went back to O. S. C. I. Tom was home for last leave at beginning of Oct. leaving on Oct. 3. Bert left the same day Ken two days after Dr. Fraser's presentation was on Oct 3. On Oct 4 Mother fell and broke her thigh. Everyone has been so kind to her and to us all.


We have been having a succession of ministers preaching for a call or merely filling in. Mr Graeme and Mr Jones spent two weeks each in the {charger?} and were then voted on. Mr G. received a call but did not accept Mr. Telford was here two weeks but did not wish to be called. Dr. Fraser and Mr Cummings filled in. Mr. Robson next then Mr McConnel.

838754. K. R. McCay.

No. 3 Co. No 10 Platton

8th Reserve B{?} SHoreham

no 475 W. D. Armstrong

6 Field Co. Div. Eng.

C. E.F. Army Post Off.

838753 B. P. Davis.

838708 J. Reilly

May 1917 - S{illegible} church at night.

Mon 1 -- JANUARY, 1917

Election day. We had dinner at Uncle Tom's. Just we girls going and our sleigh ride after Sibbalds in the evening

Tues. 2 Mr. Hutton began work. Jess left for town in the evening. Anne & Morry taking her in.

Wed. 3 Kate back to school to-day. A January thaw setting in.

Thur. 4 Dad and I took Anne into town in the afternoon. Nice sunny day. Roads getting bare.


Fri. 5 A letter from Tom to-night from Military School. We spent the after noon at Mrs Alexander's where we had our cups read.

Sat. 6 The thaw is over. A very nice day. Dad in town. Aunty over the way Jessie gone out to Chatsworth.

Sun. 7 A stormy day not cold tho. Mr. Lardiner preaching for a call.

Mon. 8 Rather windy in morning afternoon softer. Went up to Miss Hogg's. Mr. H. & Dad put wood in woodshed.

Tues. 9 Hail in afternoon. Bee at church shed. Aunt M. and Miss Hogg here. A letter from Faye.

Wed. 10 Very cold and stormy. Aunt Kate over in afternoon. A letter from {Teana?}. Two from Tom.


Wed. 17 A cold stormy day. Dad up to Annan to committee meeting in the evening.

Thur. 18 Still stormy. Went to Mrs. Frizzel's. Letter from May {me?}. Sold a dozen eggs at forty five four lbs. butter forty

Fri. 19 Cold but very bright until evening when it began to snow. Calf sold. Aunt Minnie and Uncle {T.?} here.


Fri. 26 Snow quite deep. Snowing but not blowing all day. Clear at night. Letters from Tom and Aunt Minnie.

Sat. 27 Dad and I went to Owen Sound. Weather fairly nice in morning. Stormy in afternoon. Roads {heavy?}

Sun. 28 A beautiful mild day. Mr. Walker preaching for a call.

JANUARY, 1917 Mon. 29

A thaw setting in. Dad and I went up 8 Annan to Congrg. meeting. Mr Jones accepts call.

Tues. 30

Thaw over. Went to Miss H's with {Mossy?}. Mack Jean and baliy here. We went over to Uncle Tso in evening Mrs Gellehsist Lacky J. McHeen there

Wed. 31

Mack & Jean over for supper Stormy at evening. Got the Aladdin lamp.

FEBRUARY, 1917 Thur. 1

A cold stormy day Mack over. Went to Mrs Rosses to meeting in after noon. going down with Bugza's.

Fri. 2

A very cold stormy day. Dad up with call to Lang's & Spences. Will S. Here in the afternoon.

Sat. 3

cold and a severe storm. Dad in O.S. at presbytry. I spent the day over at Uncle F.'s

FEBRUARY, 1917 Sun. 4

A nice bright day. Roads very heavy Mr. Dobdrin {wreashed?}.

Mon. 5

Rather nice out. Aunty over the way all day Aunt Kit here. Went to Leith with eggs.

Tues. 6

Stormy in early morning cold. Jean & Mack went home Uncle Tom & Aunt M. here.

Wed. 7

Milder sold five pounds butter. eggs. Dad over at Scotte. Got shade for lamp. Letter from Margaret D.

Thur. 8

Still more snow. Quite cold.

Fri. 9

Clear and cold. Thawing with heat of sun out of wind. Snowshoed over the way. Started to haul wood home.

Sat. 10

Nice bright morning but severe storm in after noon. Dad & Kit in town. Went over to Ada's. Froze my face. Trains very late.

Sun. 11

Still very cold. Mr Crowth preaching. Got the church reports.

Mon. 12

Another very cold day. Mrs Veith & Mrs Rud here all day. Aunt Hate over. Kit & I went over to Mrs J. McKeens in evening on our snowshoes.

Tues. 13

Milder with snow at night. Letter from Mayme. Broke mantle. Kit & I show-shoed over the way.

Wed. 14

Milder. Kate went to Annan for my dress. Marion Frank and Robin snow-shoed over.

Thur. 15

A nice day. Aunt M. & Uncle T. here. Two letters from Boy. Kit snowshoed to Annan.

Fri. 16

Stormy in morning. Lovely evening Jess home. Mr. Jones induction & ordination.

Sat. 17

Very high wind. Aunties woodshed moved by it & weight of snow. Jess went back to O.S. with Dad in afternoon.

Sun. 18

A nice bright day quite cold. Mr Jones preached first sermon as our minister.

Mon. 19

A sleet storm in the evening. Kate and I went up to the ten cent social at Annan with the Buzzas. splended time.

Tues. 20

A rather nice morning. Stormy and bright by turns in afternoon. not very cold.

Wed. 21

On Thursday Dad took Aunt Kit out to her Aunts funeral.

Thur. 22

A nice day. Men took a load of logs in and got them cut. This was Wednesday.

Fri. 23

Very mild all day colder at night. Went down to Sibbalds. Weo & Ida McKay over.

Sat. 24

Sharp day. Dad and I went to O.S. Jess and I went up to Thompson's. Letter from Ken.

Sun. 25

Mild with heavy rain during night. Choir practice at 2. Mr Jones sermon. Mat. 2. 1 & 2.

Mon. 26.

Quite mild churned.

Tues. 27

Very sharp wind with a little snow in afternoon. washed.

Wed. 28

Nice day. Kate and I over the way in evening Mr & Mrs. J.H. McKeen there. Jessie & Will Ross also.

Thur. 1 - MARCH

Miss Gelchrist and Mrs Cameron here. Kate to Sibbald's for all night. I went up to Buzzas & snowshoed.

Fri. 2

Rutherford & Wellie here. nice day. Kate and I back to Kogg's back in early evening.

Sat. 3

Dad to town. Aunty over the way. Mr. Shephardon here for dinner. Kate & I back to the creek in evening.

Sun. 4

A nice bright day. cold wind.

Mon. 5

A stormy cold day. Dad and I went up to Miss Alexander's funeral.

Tues. 6

A nice mild day. men in the bush. Washed. Went to Luth with butter and eggs. Egg 40 ¢ butter 37 ¢

Wed. 7

Quite mild. men in bush. Aunty over at Mrs McKeens

Thur. 8

Stormy but not cold. Went to Mrs. Buzza's to W. M. S. meeting in afternoon. Prayer meeting in church at night.

Fri. 9

Dad went to Sullwan a nice day.

Sat. 10

Went out to {Sulb- page molded} with Uncle T. stormy spent night at Aunt Mary Annes.

Sun. 11

Went to church in chatsworth from Uncle Tom's.

Mon. 12

Agnes McKeen here for tea. Two letters from Tom. Aunty & Kit over the way at night

Tues. 13

Kate and I went to Leith in the evening. Letter from Dun. A wet windy night.

Wed. 14

A blustery sort of day. Nell and I over at Ada's for afternoon. Chain letter came.

Thur. 15

Kate and I went to prayermeeting in evening. Dad hurt his leg.

Fri. 16

Nell and I went up to Fould's in afternoon Kate and I went up to concert with McKeen's. Fine crowd.

Sat. 17

A very windy day. Went to Leith in afternoon and up to Buzza's for a few minutes after tea.

Sun. 18

A fine bright winter day. Mr. Jance Nell came up after church. We girls went to Baptist Meeting.

Mon. 19

A beautiful day. Aunty over to see Mrs. Day. washed.

Tues. 20

Mrs. Day and Mrs Cameron here. Letter {eard?} from Tom. Letter from Mary C.

Wed. 21

Snow getting soft. Went to Mrs C.W. Camerons for afternoon. Mr & Mrs Buzza here at night. Letter from Tom.

Thur. 22

Went to Prayer meeting at night. Dad and Uncle Tom went to town. sleighing getting bad.

Fri. 23

A windy wet day. Mr. Rob. Harkness here for dinner. Kate Morry and I went to Mr C. Scots in evening. waters high

Sat. 24

Buggies out again. Mrs McKay & Wes here in afternoon Went to Leith.

Sun. 25

A nice day. A good number at church.

Mon. 26

A beautiful day. Washed.

Tues. 27

Quite a snow storm Vera Riddell improving.

Wed. 28

Mrs J. W. McKeen ere. A stormy day. Kit and I went to Uncle Tom's at night.

Thur. 29

Went to Prayer meeting. A windy day. Kate at McKays for tea.

Fri. 30

A beautiful mild spring day. We had tea at C.T. Day's.

Sat. 31

Kate and Dad went to town.

Sun. 1 - APRIL

A nice mild spring day.

Mon. 2

A wet windy day.

Tues. 3

A lovely bright day. Washed.

Wed. 4

Kate and I over to J.H. McKeens in evening.

April, 1917

Thurs. 5 A very wet day. Ladies meeting at Mrs. G. W. Camerons Kate & Jess home for holidays.

Fri. 6 A very stormy day but not cold.

Sat. 7 Roads bad. Went to Aunt Minnie's and to Leith. Aunt Kate over.

Sun. 8 Easter Sunday. A bright cold day. W. McDonald called here. Daffodils in church.

Mon. 9 Mrs. Sibbald here in afternoon. Mr. S. at night. Mr. McInnis & Mr. Wilson here. Sold Frank. Cold day.

Tues. 10 Spent the day down at Sibbald's.

APRIL, 1917

Wed. 11 Went to town with Dad. Spent afternoon with Frances.

Thur. 12 Snow storm in evening. Nell here in afternoon & to spend night. Went to choir practice at Uncle T's.

Fri. 13 A nice day.

Sat. 14 Went to town in morning with Uncle Tom Got a new suit.

Sun. 15 Communion Sunday. Jess went back to town with Uncle Tom on way to Sullivan. Mr. Abram of Toronto took service.

Mon. 15 Grandma died.

APRIL, 1917

Tues. 17 Dad went to town.

Wed. 18 Had pancakes in {illegible} of the day. A fine spring day.

Thur. 19 Dad went out to Grandma's funeral taking Dr. Fraser with him.

Fri. 20 A very warm day. Thunder storm at night. Ice went out of bay.

Sat. 21 Colder. Aunt Grace and Henry here. Kate & Dad in town Ada over for afternoon.

Sun. 22 Henry Kate & I went back to the bush for flowers.

APRIL, 1917

Mon. 21 A lovely day. Letter from Tom. Pancakes. Kate & I went to {Buzzas?} & Mr. Kenn's in the evening.

Tues. 21 A cool wind blowing. Mrs. Veitch and Aunt Minnie here. Letter from Tom telling that he had gone to France.

Wed. 25 A windy day. Spent the afternoon at McKays. Cable from Tom.

Thur. 26 A wet morning Kate & I went to prayermeeting.

Fri. 27 Windy & rather cold. Henry & I went to Annan. Jess came home. Two letters from Tom from France.

Sat. 28 Aunt Grace & Henry went to Uncle Tom's. Wood all piled.

APRIL, 1917

Sun. 29 Warmer. Mr. & Mrs. Jones & Bessie up after church. {Morry?} took Jess back to school.

Mon. 30 Aunt Grace & Aunt Minnie over in morning. New harrow came. Wilson over. Dad took Aunt {G?} & H. to town.

Tues. 1-MAY Ground white in morning a cold bleak wind blowing.

Wed. 2 Cold and quite windy.

Thur. 3 Had a bad cold but went to the meeting at Mrs. McKay's. Cold.

Fri. 45 Warmer. Washed.

Sat. 5 Jess walked home from school in morning. Aunt Grace, H., Aunt Minnie C., & C. Aunt Nell & Anne came in Mr. Finlay's car. Aunt Nell going back again.

Sun. 6 A nice day. First day of Sunday School. All went to church but Colin Henry & I.

Mon. 7. Aunt Grace & Henry here for Supper. Went to the lake at night.

Tues. 8 Aunt Grace left on early train. Six letters from Tom.

Wed. 9 Fine and warm. Went to meeting in school to organize Red Cross Society.

Thur. 10 Sent off {boas?} to Tom Chisholm and our Tom. Went to prayer meeting. Nice bright day.

Fri. 11

Nice bright day.

Sat. 12

Dad took dat cattle to town Aunty went to Ross's. Bright.

Sun. 13

Chuch at night for first time. We girls Colin & James went to Hogg's back in afternoon.

Mon. 14

Letters from Boy. He's back in hospital in England.

Tues. 15

Anne Dad & I went to Town. Anne stayed in row way to Aunt Nell's.

Wed. 16

A very cloudy smoky day. Colin & I went to lake at night.

Thur. 17

Took my dress to Mrs. Alexander's and called on Flemings Men finished seeding

Fri. 18

Spent the day at Sibbald's Lally was down. Marion came up with Laura after school.

Sat. 19

Aunt Minnie & Colin left. A terrific wind storm at noon. Tom's pictures came.

Sun. 20

A nice day. Nell came up in afternoon. wet to church and Sunday School.

Mon. 21

A nice day washed.

Tues. 22

A wet day.

Wed. 23

Snowed damp and cold. Cable from Tom.

Thur. 24

Not much like a holiday. Went to Mrs. Alexander's. Prayer meeting at night. cold & damp.

Fri. 25

Nell and I went up to see Verce. warmer.

Sat. 26

Threatening rain. warmer.

Sun. 27

A cool wind. Uncle Tom and I went out and I went to Weavers. church and prayer meeting sunday school at night.

Mon. 28

Mrs Kettles and Miss Gelchrist here in afternoon

Tues. 29

A fine warm day went up to Miss Hagg's.

Wed. 30

Nell and Jim up in evening fine and warm.

Thur. 31

Rained I went to prayer meeting.

JUNE, 1917 Fri. 1

I went to Leith in evening with to Mrs Alexander's

Sat. 2

Aunty went to town with Uncle Tom.

Sun. 3

Cool. All wento to church but myself and mother.

Mon. 4

A fine day. Mr. Brookes still away. Morry here.

Tues. 5

Cool and fair. Kate & I went to McKeen's at night.

Wed. 6

Morry and I were to have gone to S.S. convention but we had thunderstorm in afternoon & evening.

Thur. 7

A wet day. Went to Agnes McKeen's to the meeting and to prayer meeting at night.

Fri. 8

Another wet day. Went up to Harknesses at night with Nell and Jim.

Sat. 9

Dad Kate and Jen went to town.

Sun. 10

A fine cool day. Mother up in wheeled chair. Went to chuch & Sunday School.

Mon. 11

Fine and warm. Went up to Miss Hogg's.

Tues. 12

Wet. {?} & churned here.

Wed. 13

Wet. "Forget what did".

Thur. 14

Still cool. Went up to prayer meeting at night.

Fri. 15

Preparatory service at Annan Dad & I up. Aunty over at McKeens for tea.

Sat. 16

Went to town and got a new hat.

Sun. 17

Communion at Annan. We girls & Dad went up. Sunday S. and church at night.

Mon. 18

A big rain storm

Tues. 19

More rain. Aunt Minnie over all ni{ink on page}

Wed. 20

Entrance exams begin.

Thur. 21

A fine cool day. Jess and Kit at Sibbald's for tea. Went to prayer meeting.

Fri. 22

Institure meeting at Annan at night. Wa{ink on page} and Jess went up. Mr Buzza James here corn planting.

Sat. 23

Spent the day in town. It rained all afternoon. Went to detists. finished corn and dad {?} in turnips.

Sun. 24

Mr. Scott preaching. Ada away at Hunters.

Mon. 25

Mack & Bob McGregor and Christin and little Mack here in the afternoon.

Tues. 26

Sultry all day. Thunder at night. Went to R.C. meeting in school in p.m. Mrs McKeen's operation.

Wed. 27

A fine cool day. Went up to Miss Hogg's.

Thur. 28

Went to prayer meeting at night. Got flowers for Aunt Minnie

Fri. 29

A wet night but nice day. Was at Aunt Minnie's in p.m. Aunty Dad and the girls over at silver wedding.

Sat. 30

Dad in town all day. A fine day.

JULY, 1917 Sun. 1

Biggest rain of the season. Great floods around.

Mon. 2

Red Cross sale of homemade baking in hall. Big time.

Tues. 3

Letter from Tom. telling of his visit to Scotland. Went to Uncle Tom's at night.

Wed. 4

We washed and the girls went back for berries in the afternoon.

Thur. 5

Meeting at Mrs. Jones but was not able to go nor to prayer meeting at night

Fri. 6

Straw berry picking the order of the day.

Sat. 7

Uncle T. & Aunt M. went to Chatsworth. Thunder storm in afternoon. Rained all night.

Sun. 8

A misty cool day. Several of the campers out at chuch.

Mon. 9

A wet day Water over the bridge at the barn. Aunt Minnie & Uncle T. here in p.m. Hail storm in O.S.

Tues. 10

Rained most of the day.

Wed. 11

Dad in town a rather wet day.

Thur. 12

Dad in town all day. Was up at Thompson's. Went to Leith in p.m. Nell up Went to prayer meeting.

Fri. 13

Kate & I went back for berries in afternoon. Fine lot.

Sat. 14

Mr. Duncan here for dinner. Colin & Aunt M. came down. Went to Uncle Tom's for all night.

Sun. 15

A cool day. Went to S.S. and came home to stay with mother.

Mon. 16

Spent the day back at the berries.

Tues. 17

Took our lunch and went for berries Claire and & Bink up. Colin & I at Leith at night.

Wed. 18

Dad in town Aunt M. & Colin left in the morning for Belle Weaver's.

Thur. 19

Fine warm day Mr Fraser here in after noon. Dad started the hat. Prayer meeting at night.

Fri. 20

A little shower in afternoon. Hannah up in evening. cool.

Sat. 21

Tom Thompson's funeral. Mr Telperd here working at hay. Very warm.

Sun. 22

Another warm day not day we could wear dudders to church.

Mon. 23

A warm day. Ms. Telford, Cochrane, Gibson & Emslie here working at hay.

Tues. 24

Cooler. fine Mr. Cochrane in afternoon. Kate & Jess up at Piddell's.

Sun. 22

Another warm day. we could wear light {dussers?} to church.

Mon. 23

A warm day. Ms. Filford, Chochrane, Gibson & Emslie here working at hay.

Tues. 24

Coolwer. fine Mr. Chochrane up in afternoon. Kate & Jess up at Piddell's.

AUGUST, 1917 Sat. 18

Morry Anne and I went to Jim Lynn's for dinner Nellie for tea up to Uncle J. & McAlahearns. Jim T. met up there and we spent the evening in Chatsworth.

Sun. 19

Went to Chatsworth church in morning. Got word of Dad's illness after chuch so Morry and I started home calling at Lambles & Uncle Tom on our way.

Mon. 20

Severe electric storm in early morning Eloise Telfnd came up to churn. Ms Armstrong here in afternoon.

Tues. 21

Mr & Mrs Neil McDonald, Mr A. G & McKay here in evening.

Wed. 22

Washed in morning. The girls our at the corn all day.

Thur. 23

Prayer meeting at night Morry & Jess in town in afternoon. wet.

Fri. 24

Jim & Lydia down. a very wet night.

Sat. 25

A wet cold day. Spent the after noon over at Ada's.

Sun. 26

All at church but Dad. cool and fair.

Mon. 27

A heavy rain at night. Aunt Minnie over all night.

Tues. 28

Mr. Buzza and Ross started the {binder?} to day. Mr Jones Mrs McKay Ida, Annie and Godfrey here. First letter from Tom from France.

Wed. 29

A fine harvest day. Mr Telfnd and Mr Libson here.

Thur. 30

Ms. Armstrong up in the morning. A fine harvest day.

Fri. 31

Ladies meeting happy at Mr. Scotts. A Birthday! fine cool day.


The men finished cutting at noon. Rain at night.

Sun. 2

Dr. Fraser preaching. A cool day.

Mon. 3

Dad took Jess into town in late afternoon.

Tues. 4

Kate started back to school. The men began to draw in.

Wed. 5

Drawing in all day. High wind in evening.

Thur. 6

Still drawing in.

Fri. 7

Went over to C.W. Scott's at night.

Sat. 8

A great harvest day. Mr. J. Buckley here helping.

Sun. 9

Mr. McKenzie preaching. Quite cool. Little shower at night.

Mon. 10

Finished harvest. J. Buckly J. Cunningham J. McKeen, B. Buzza, Mr McNeil Mr Johnson here.

Tues. 11

Finished harvest at Uncle Tom's Dad went to town in afternoon.

Wed. 12

Dad and I went to town. Dad went up to the fair. warmer.

Thur. 13

Took in some rakings. Threatened rain.

Fri. 14

A very little shower in afternoon

Sat. 15

Dad went to town. Spent afternoon at Sibbalds. Three letters from Tom.

Sun. 16

Mr. McKenzie preached. Fine and warm.

Mon. 17

Washed. Fine cool day.

Tues. 18

Aunty spent the day at Uncle Tom's {?} and baked.

Wed. 19

Kate and I went up to the school fair. Splendid time.

Thur. 20

Cloudy but no rain. Took butter to Leith.

Fri. 21

Kate and I went to Dothwells fair with Mr McKeen. We girls went to Ada's for apples at night.

Sat. 22

Went to Sibbald's raising. Dad and Kate went to town at night.

Sun. 23

A fine cool day Nell came up and we went to Hoggs back. Morry & Wes in for tea. Stayed home from chuch with mother.

Mon. 24

Made jelly.

Tues. 25

Forget what did.

Wed. 26

Mrs Ferguson Mrs Hogg Mr. McDonald Mack Jean and Jim here. Went to McKeens at night.

Thur. 27

Went to Leith with butter at night.

Fri. 28

Kate had her corn roast in afternoon Preparatory service at night. Mr. Vanuyok all from Annan.

Sat. 29

Aunt Minnie & Colin here in morning. Dad & Uncle Tom brot out cattle. Nell here in afternoon. Thunder storm at night

Sun. 30

Communion a rather cold wet day. Sunday School at 1.30

Mon. 1 - OCTOBER


October, 1917

Tues. 2 Rained quite heavily.

Wed. 3 Rained cold

Wed.4 W.M. S Thank offering meeting in church afternoon. fine.

Fri. 5 Very high wind in afternoon & at night. Kate west to O.R on way to Chatsworth

Sat. 6 Spent the afternoon at Rosses. Jess came home.

Sun. 7 Jess & I went to S.S. Jess went down with Nell, Dad stayed home with mother. Dr. J.D. Fraser preached


Mon. 8 Thanksgiving Dad went in for Kate. Kate & I went to Thanksgiving service at Annan in the evening.

Tues. 9 Made pickles. went to Leith in afternoon.

Wed. 10 Heavy frost at night. Kate went in with Mail man to convention

Thurs. 11 Washed. Mr, Jones here in afternoon went to prayer meeting.

Fri. 12 A wet day. Ironed.

Sat. 13 Dad went into town for Kate in morning. They started to cut corn at Buzza's in after noon


Sun. 14 Went to church and Sunday school, windy.

Mon. 15 Went to Leith in afternoon. Started to cut corn with sickle

Tues. 16 Red cross meeting in B. church. Fine & Made jelly

Wed. 17 Churned. Rained a little. Two letters from Tom

Thurs. 18 Milder with some rain. Went to prayer meeting at night.

Fri. 19 Dad in town in the morning. Rain. Cold. A few flakes of snow.


Sat. 20 Dad and Uncle Tom at the corn all day. Went to pick beechnuts for a short time.

Sun. 21 A fine lot at Sunday School. Cold.

Mon. 22 Nice in morning but it commenced to rain a little.

Tue. 23 Mr. C.W. Cameron's sale Packed boys boxes in church.

Wed. 24 Corn cutters at Uncle TOm's. Went to Scott's in afternoon.

Thurs. 25 Corn men here for tea. Went to prayer meeting. High wind.


Fri. 26 Men here for dinner, Went for beechnuts in afternoon. Windy night. lovely day.

Sat. 27 Dad and Kate in O S. went for beechnuts in afternoon.

Sun. 28 Last day of S.S. Congregational meeting after church. Kate Nell and I went for a walk.

Mon. 29 Raining.

Tues. 30 Washed. Mrs. R Harkness died. Snow storm.

Wed. 31 Halloween. more snow. went ever to Mr. Scotts.


Thurs. 1 Went to Mrs. Harkens funeral. Prayer meeting at night. Walter Harrison came.

Fri. 2 W.M.S. meeting at Miss Gilchrists. Snow all gone by night. Kate & I over at McKern's at night.

Sat. 3 Went to town in afternoon. A beautiful Indian summer day.

Sun. 4 Kate & James went to O.S. to church. Aunty over the way for dinner Went to Sibbald's for tea. lovely day.

Mon.5 Another fine day. Went picking beechnuts Nell had a cable from Tom.

Tues. 6 Dull but no rain. Washed.


Wed. 7 colder.

Thurs. 8 Still quite cold. Prayer meeting at night.

Fri. 9 Went for beechnuts in afternoon.

Sat. 10 Kate & I at beechnuts all afternoon. Went to McKeen's at night. Misty.

Sun.11 Very dark night and still misty. Kate & I over the way in morning. W. Ferguson's funeral.

Mon. 12 A beautiful day. Washed Uncle Will G. and Colin here.


Tues. 13 Colin & Uncle W. left after dinner. Aunt Mary Ann. Mick and Jack G. here.

Wed. 14 Kate and I went over to Scott's at night.

Thur. 15 Kate went to prayer meeting. Threshing machine came.

Fri. 16 Nell up all day Mr & Mrs Jones here in afternoon.

Sat. 17 Dad went to town Jess came home. Threshers left here about three o'clock.

Sun. 18 Dark at night Jess went to town in afternoon with MS Keens



Mon. 19 Washed A beautiful day.

Tues. 20 Snow at night Nell and I went to town

Wed. 21 Aunt Minnie over in after noon.

Thur. 22 Snowing and very cold.

Fri. 23 Very cold Jess came home. Walter put wood in wood shed.

Sat. 24{ unable to make out words to faint}


Sun. 25 All at church but Dad Aunt M and I.

Mon. 26 Mother died.

Tues. 27

Wed. 28 Mother's funeral day.

Thur. 29 A beautiful day.

Fri. 30 Wet.


Sat. 1 Dad in town

Sun. 2 All out to church but Dad and Walter. Jess back to school.

Mon. 3

Tues. 4

Wed. 5

Thur. 6


Fri. 7 Dad took calf to town. Went to W. MS. annual meeting in church.

Sat.8 Very cold and stormy

Sun. 9 A very stormy day. No service here at all.

Mon. 10 Went over to McKeens in afternoon cold. Dad sent off Tom's slicker

Tues. 11 Spent afternoon at Scotts. Aunt Kate over.

Wed. 12 Dad & I went to town. Aunt Minnie over.


Thur. 13 A stormy day. Did not go to prayer meeting. Men took in hay stack.

Fri. 14

Sat. 15 Dad & Walter in town, Aunt Kate over in after noon. lovely day.

Sun1 16 Communion service at Annan fine day. Spent afternoon and evening at Sibbald's.

Mon. 17 Went to Annan to vote. A lovely day.

Tues. 18 Went to Leith in afternoon. Roads getting soft.


Wed. 19 ROads breaking up.

Thur. 20 Sleighing done.

Fri. 21 Dad went in for Jess in afternoon with the buggy.

Sat. 22 A lovely day. Dad in town, Kate & Jess down at hall in after noon. Concert at night lovely moonlight.

Sun.23 A fine day soft Nell up after church. went to Baptist meeting

Mon. 24 Cold and clear Walter went home. Was at Rosses for tea. Dad down to audit school books. Mr Buzza & Mr. Fawcett over,


Tues. 25 A stormy cold day. The folks over as usual.

Wed. 26 Went out to Chatswich by barn to Rutherford's. cold. Spent evening at Mr. Black's.

Thur. 27 Colder. Went over to Uncle T'S in after noon and on to Francis Bairds.

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Margaret Rutherford Diary, 1917.pdf
Margaret Rutherford 1917 Diary Transcripts.pdf


Margaret Rutherford, “Margaret Rutherford Diary & Transcription, 1917,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 1, 2023,