Forbes Moir Diary, 1904-1914


Forbes Moir Diary, 1904-1914


Scanned Photocopy of Manuscript

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December 9, 1904

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Forbes Moir Diary Collection



Decr 9 Thompsons finished threshing Jas White threshing very Cold " 10 Jas. White finished threshing. Drawing hay from Lower Place still cold " 11 (Sunday) B. & Mary to Libs Stormy but no sleighing " 12 Stormy all day Putting away Implements. A {Agnes} to Fergus with Cutter " 13 Hastings Threshing Stormy Drawing wood " 14 " " 2 hands. Sold 5 Cattle to Geo. Burr @ 8 1/2 " 15 Took Burrs 5 Cattle to Fergus wt 4880 " 16 to Fergus with chop 7 Bags took straw to C Kleiner " 17 To Guelph with Cutter Poor Slipping. Cold & Fine " 19 To Fergus County Council nomination Snowing 10 Below " 20 Jas Smeltzers Sale. heavy snowfall. good sleighing " 21 B. & Jas. to Belwood. Got Rubbers. To A. Hannas at night cold " 22 Milder Drawing up Hay A {Agnes} to Fergus killing Pigs at Rennies and D. Milnes " 23 Thaw Sleighing gone. Working at Building Calf (Felker) " 24 B. To Fergus with chop. Cold. B. & Mary down at night " 25 (Sunday) B. and A to Church. storm from the East " 26 Raw misty Byron struk {struck} by the Train on 4th line Crossing and had his Leg Broken Badly. Removed to the Alexindria {Alexandria?} Hospital where it was ampluated {amputated} above the knee that night and he Seemed to be doing well. A {Agnes} stayed all night " 27 Rain which froze as it fell making very slippery roads went to Hospital when he seemed still well Came home in afternoon But was Called Back at night he being worse " 28 Byron Died in the Hospital this morning at 1 Oclock Kaye {& ..? cut off} in Hospital all night and was Driven up in the morning By Jas Russell. Jas Thompson Beat the Body up {that?} night Cold stormy and Roads very Icy " 29 the most dangerous Roads I ever saw still Cold with Some Snow " 30 Still Raw Cold and slippery Byrons Companions Brot {Brought} wreath :Gates Ajar: " 31 milder Byron's Funreal {Funeral} Large attendance Considering the roads Since at the House & Belsyde Cemetry {Cemetery} By J. B. Mullan all Neighbors have been very helpful and sympathetic but the Sudden Breavement {Bereavement} is hard


Jany 1 (Sunday) a sad lonely day. fairly mild. took Lizzie and Jessie down to Fergus " 2 Cold and roads still slippery took Edna and Hary {Harry} to Train " A. {Agnes} and I went to Fergus got Big Black Horse {sharpened?} " 4-5-6. Cold. some sno {snow} from East laid up with Cold " 7 A. {Agnes} to Fergus Re Kyles note Aunt {Isie?} and Bell came up " 8 Cold and stormy to Church. Cutters and sleighs again " 9 very stormy and drifts Piling up fast " 10 " " Cold and Con Roads in some places filled up " 11 stormy A. {Agnes} to Fergus Oswald Stewart Came " 12 Cleaning Grain. To Barnetts with Sow Mrs {Mason?} here " 13 Milder Wm Browns Funreal {Funeral} " 14 Clear Cold Seeing A. White & D Johnston then to Fergus " 16 very Drifty Roads (Con) Blocked up to Drydens & {Surgiss?} Re Gibson took Sow Home " 17 Fine over the River and up by Dream Beloved Meeting in evening Drawing Turnips " 18 Mild Snowing Nomination (Local) Candidates Gibson & Craig. Jas Rennie here drawing Turnips took 4 Loads " 19 Fine. John & Oswald down with Turnips " 20 To Fergus with A Hanna Saw Beattie re Turnips Meeting in Townsends in evening for Gibson Fine Weather " 21 Mild snowing To Fergus with A. {Agnes} to Dr " 23 Fine But Cold D Johnston & F Martin here " 24 Snowing Heavy. To Mrs {Peters?} Funreal. {Funeral} Mr McDonald Came Killed Pig 203 lbs " 25 Great storm. Blocked roads. Polling day Local Election Ross Defeated 69 C. to 29 L. D R U at Living Springs " 26 Os Stewart Left Cold but not so stormy " 27 stormy again to F.B. Andersons with H McDonald Re {audit?} " 28 Mrs McDonald went after {afternoon} H staying al {all} night " 29 (Sunday) A. {Agnes} and Mary to Church still cold " 30 Clear Cold to Elora with Ballot Box to meet Anderson " 31 " " Alex Whites Funreal {Funeral} To Fergus with Load of Oats Feby 1 To Fergus with Chop to Barnetts with Sow Cold Storming " 2 very cold and stormy Laid up with Cold


Feby 3 John & Jim to Barnetts for Sow Cold " 4 To Fergus with Lamb to Cold storage Cold 20 Below " 5 Stormy from East M. & Bella to Church " 6 Fine Auditing Tp {Township} Accounts Drawing wood " 7 Colder " " " " " " 8 Mild Took wire off along River Filled up a draw home oats " 9 " Getting wood near Big Spring " 10 very stormy A {Agnes} to Fergus Roads Blocked " 11 Fine Breaking Roads Drew up 4 Jugs of Honey to waggon took Load of Oats to Fergus @ 36 " 12 (Sunday) heavy Snow all day Mild A {Agnes} to Church Bell Left " 13 very Cold Roads Blocked again to Belwood to Council Meeting with Auditors report. A {Agnes} to McDonalds Paid McGregor For truck waggon. valley for Boots & Taxes " 14 vicious Cold 23 Below Roads Bad no {meat?} for the first time this winter " 15 Still Stormy. Took home oats (16) the same stormy Cold weather " 17 Worse Drifts yet the Belwood Road in the worst shape for years the Track being so high Horses can not go. Snowing heavy no Train in afternoon. " 18 10 Below Calmer but Drifting Drawing hay to Cattle very fine night " 19 (Sunday) mildest day for 2 weeks A {Agnes} & John to Church. Being Johns Birthday (14 yr old) to Thompsons in evening " 20 mild but drifting. Broke road on to river. Cleaning Oats " 21 Mild Clear. To Fergus on River with Chop Cattle " 22 " Drawing hay up to Cattle (23) mild to Fergus with horse chop " 24 very mild " " " " Getting wood " 25 Been a Fine week Cleaning out Cattle below " 26 (Sunday) Mary and I to Church very stormy " 27 Fine again to Belwood Getting Harness and Boots mended " 28 Cold and Clear. Two weeks of fine weather March 1 To Danes Sale Clear cold to {Rennies?} in evening " 2 Fine Getting wood to D. Milnes in evening (3) Fine A {Agnes} Moir here " 4 Still fine but Cold A {Agnes} to Fergus to Church " 5 (Sunday) Sacrement A {Agnes} and I to Church Clear Stormy at night " 6 Clear Cold to Belwood to Jas Inness Funreal {Funeral} Finished 1st Hay stack {sideways on right} Drawed up 2 loads of oats


March 7 Fine Clear to Belwood with oats @ {40?} " 8 " " A. {Agnes} and I to Fergus (9) Fine very frosty Drawing hay & wood " 10 Fine Clear Cold drawing wood (11) Clear Cold oats to Belwood Drawing Hay Jack Moir Here " 12 (Sunday) Clear Cold John & Mary to Church (13) Clear Cold 10 Below moving straw " 14 A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with Chop Clear Cold " 15 To Sherwoods Sale & and R. Stewarts took hay to A Hanna Clear Cold " 16 Rain. Freezing {east?} fell. To Fergus Seed Fair " " " " 17 Misty Mild Then sunny took oats to Fergus Isie Came up " 18 Rainy Real Thaw Thunder River Flooded Robins Seen Drawing Hay " 20 Drawing hay. Soft Roads bad Frosty night " 21 To Fergus with Thompson Bros with Bull for Guelph sale Roads Bad " 22 A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with oats. Thawing Bad Sleighing " 23 No Frost Last night warm to day Great thaw River Broke up 9th april Last year. Drawing hay Cleaning out Hogs " 24 Thawing good all day. no Frost at night. Ringing Hogs Ice left Fergus working Wilsons Flame " 25 Greatest sun thaw yet River very high Ice Left Fergus Dams Last night Broke Road on Concession. Drawing Hay quite warm " 26 (Sunday) Drizzling most of the day " 27 Warm. Lot of Snow went. Cleaning up Oats. wheels out first time " 28 Warm Drawing oats From Low Place all Day " 29 Took Chop to Fergus on Wheels. Went to Davidson's sale Isie & A {Agnes} To Fergus with Buggy very Warm " 30 Threating Rain storm Hanna Clipped Donkey Horse " 31 Snow about gone. Rae Duguid McDonald Plowing Drawing hay up from Lower Place April 1 Took steer up to Albert McLellans took Home Seeder from there Frosty night " 2 (Sunday) Cold NE Wind up to Flewellings Wheelling good " 3 Stan Hanna Came to work. took Heifer to Fergus Drawed up all the Turnips Frosty morning to Brown for Barley Rain " 4 Started Plowing (Sod) A {Agnes} & John to fergus for Grass Seed and oats. Took Chop. Cold. Raw " 5 A {Agnes} to Flewellings for seed oats. Plowing spreading manure. Fresh in morning " 6 Hard frost Taking off wire Plowing sod in afternoon to {Mrs?} Thomsons at night Lambs


April 7 very hard frost No Plowing in the morning hardest Frost since 21st March in Fact much weather in april Boys Cutting wood in Forenoon. To Whites Sale in afternoon Mrs Stewart here " 8 very Hard Frost and Ground white with Snow Sunny after Noon. To Fergus Plowing sod " 9 (Sunday) Milder A. {Agnes} and Mary to Church " 10 Rainy all day Cleaning up oats and Fixing up machinery " 11 Picking stones and Plowing Turnip land in 13. A {Agnes} To Fergus " 12 Hard Frost in morning. Drawing up Hay to Cattle Finished Plowing in " 13 Cool. Clear & Drying. A. {Agnes} to Fergus Re. Seeder Pinion & Clover (Alsike) Willie Gerrie Came. Sowing Oats and grass Seed in 13 {Barian Deft Gow?} " 14 Cold Frost Snow at night Ground white finished Sowing 13 started in 10 " 15 Hard Frost showers of Snow Putting in Posts and fixing Fence in Forenoon Picking stones and Finished Sowing 10 in afternoon " 16 (Sunday) Raw. Frosty Day Showers of Snow Heavy at night " 17 Ground Covered with Snow. Shower all day very Frosty Drawing up hay had sleigh out. Finished Plowing 8 " 18 Snowy Frosty Blustry Building wire Fence Round yard below in Forenoon Plowing in afternoon " 19 Frosty Team to Elora for lumber to A Hanna Plowing Sod in 14 and Harrowing in 10 in afternoon High wind " 20 {warmer?} Taking up Hay and Harrowing in 10 in Forenoon Finished Plowing sod in 14 in afternoon 7 ready for Sowing A {Agnes} To Fergus Dr Johnstons Funreal {Funeral} " 21 Good Friday last night heavy Rain and wind From N.E. Snowing Heavy all Forenoon let up a while then Snowed {illegible?} Cleaning Oats " 22 3 inches of Snow on the Ground Cold Sunny Building Fence Round yard took up hay. Spreading manure " 23 (Sunday) Calm & Cool. A {Agnes & John to Church Aunt Ida & Mary here Frosty night " 24 Heavy white Frost. Threatened Rain but Fair Sowed 6 or 7 acres oats in 14 and harrowed it plowing in 11. Swallows here Picking stones in 13 " 25 Sowed {Mard?} Barley & {Daubery?} oats in 7 Dry and warm " 26 Disking in 14 Harrowing in 7 Plowing in 11 " " " Heifer calf from white cow " 27 Dry warm Finished Disking in 14 and Harrowed it Ready to Sow " 28 Dry Warm Sowed in 14 and Harrowed it Disking in 8


April 29 slight shower in morning then cool and wind finished Disking 8 Sowing it with New Zealand oast and Harrowing wind & Rain at night " 30 (Sunday) Cold Cloudy & windy Mary walked to Church May 1 Hard Frost Ice & thick To Jas Milnes Trading oats. Finished sowing N. Zealand oats in 8 and Harrowed them Cultivating this side of Ditch in 8 Disking in 4 " 2 Cold shower of Snow. To Fergus with chop finished spreading manure in 11 Plowing Sowed 4 NE of Ditch " 3 warm Rain in morning Plowing till noon in 11 Finished Sowing in 4 Started in 8 west of Ditch Harrowing in 8 & 4 " 4 Misty Cool To Fergus with Hogs for A Hanna pd {paid} Pritchard got more Grass Seed finished Sowing & Harrowing in 8 Plowing in 3 Stans time up " 5 Warmer Plowed Harrowed and Cultivated in 3 ready to Sow it " 6 Started to sow in 3 but had to quit for a rain rained heavy all afternoon " 8 Finished Sowing upper {Piece?} of 3 (Leaving Black muck at Bottom to Do) Frost in morning Rain in afternoon Jas Black here. Fixed Place for {cow?} at {Jones's?} Line " 9 Warmer Stan Hanna had Team Drawing straw and Hay to stockers Plowing in 11 " 10 Cool Fixing Fences A {Agnes} to Fergus Putting stakes along River For wire Stan had Team {Brinhous?} Colt Came A Called over to Thompsons Eliza {Forbes's oldest daughter Elizabeth} Being taken suddenly ill " 11 Cool Took 4 Hogs to Fergus 6.75. A. at Thompsons Fine afternoon " 12 very Fine Drawing manure on Track Plowing & Drilling. A {Agnes} still at Thompsons " 13 White Frost Warm Fine Day Took Load of Hay from Thompsons fixing Fences. Planted 9 Pails of Potatoes on Track A. {Agnes} at Ts {Thompsons} " 14 (Sunday) Heavy rain in morning and Drizzly all Day A {Agnes} Came home From Ts warm Growing day " 15 Damp and Rainy all day Put wire accross {across} River Fixing Fence Stan here " 16 Took 2 steers to Fergus 22.00 @ 4 cts Put 20 Cattle out to Grass heavy Rain in afternoon Stan had Team " 17 Plowing Summer Fallow Stan here. A. {Agnes} To Fergus Rain and Hail " 18 Stan here Rain all Forenoon {Bils?} Horse sick Picking Potatoes J. {Breechnoir?} came to Fence Finished Plowing in 11 Cold " 19 Stan here Drawing up {stash?} Bottoms and drawing manure to spring Field Picking Potatoes Wild Plums in Bloom " 20 Frost Ice on water 2 Teams and John with Stan Finished Picking

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“Forbes Moir Diary, 1904-1914,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed November 30, 2020,

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  118. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_118.pdf
  119. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_119.pdf
  120. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_120.pdf
  121. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_121.pdf
  122. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_122.pdf
  123. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_123.pdf
  124. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_124.pdf
  125. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_125.pdf
  126. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_126.pdf
  127. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_127.pdf
  128. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_128.pdf
  129. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_129.pdf
  130. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_130.pdf
  131. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_131.pdf
  132. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_132.pdf
  133. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_133.pdf
  134. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_134.pdf
  135. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_135.pdf
  136. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_136.pdf
  137. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_137.pdf
  138. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_138.pdf
  139. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_139.pdf
  140. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_140.pdf
  141. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_141.pdf
  142. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_142.pdf
  143. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_143.pdf
  144. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_144.pdf
  145. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_145.pdf
  146. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_146.pdf
  147. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_147.pdf
  148. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_148.pdf
  149. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_149.pdf
  150. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_150.pdf
  151. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_151.pdf
  152. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_152.pdf
  153. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_153.pdf
  154. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_154.pdf
  155. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_155.pdf
  156. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_156.pdf
  157. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_157.pdf
  158. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_158.pdf
  159. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_159.pdf
  160. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_160.pdf
  161. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_161.pdf
  162. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_162.pdf
  163. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_163.pdf
  164. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_164.pdf
  165. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_165.pdf
  166. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_166.pdf
  167. Forbes Moir_1904-1914_167.pdf