Forbes Moir Diary, 1904-1914


Forbes Moir Diary, 1904-1914


Scanned Photocopy of Manuscript

Date Created

December 9, 1904

Is Part Of

Forbes Moir Diary Collection



Decr 9 Thompsons finished threshing Jas White threshing very Cold " 10 Jas. White finished threshing. Drawing hay from Lower Place still cold " 11 (Sunday) B. & Mary to Libs Stormy but no sleighing " 12 Stormy all day Putting away Implements. A {Agnes} to Fergus with Cutter " 13 Hastings Threshing Stormy Drawing wood " 14 " " 2 hands. Sold 5 Cattle to Geo. Burr @ 8 1/2 " 15 Took Burrs 5 Cattle to Fergus wt 4880 " 16 to Fergus with chop 7 Bags took straw to C Kleiner " 17 To Guelph with Cutter Poor Slipping. Cold & Fine " 19 To Fergus County Council nomination Snowing 10 Below " 20 Jas Smeltzers Sale. heavy snowfall. good sleighing " 21 B. & Jas. to Belwood. Got Rubbers. To A. Hannas at night cold " 22 Milder Drawing up Hay A {Agnes} to Fergus killing Pigs at Rennies and D. Milnes " 23 Thaw Sleighing gone. Working at Building Calf (Felker) " 24 B. To Fergus with chop. Cold. B. & Mary down at night " 25 (Sunday) B. and A to Church. storm from the East " 26 Raw misty Byron struk {struck} by the Train on 4th line Crossing and had his Leg Broken Badly. Removed to the Alexindria {Alexandria?} Hospital where it was ampluated {amputated} above the knee that night and he Seemed to be doing well. A {Agnes} stayed all night " 27 Rain which froze as it fell making very slippery roads went to Hospital when he seemed still well Came home in afternoon But was Called Back at night he being worse " 28 Byron Died in the Hospital this morning at 1 Oclock Kaye {& ..? cut off} in Hospital all night and was Driven up in the morning By Jas Russell. Jas Thompson Beat the Body up {that?} night Cold stormy and Roads very Icy " 29 the most dangerous Roads I ever saw still Cold with Some Snow " 30 Still Raw Cold and slippery Byrons Companions Brot {Brought} wreath :Gates Ajar: " 31 milder Byron's Funreal {Funeral} Large attendance Considering the roads Since at the House & Belsyde Cemetry {Cemetery} By J. B. Mullan all Neighbors have been very helpful and sympathetic but the Sudden Breavement {Bereavement} is hard


Jany 1 (Sunday) a sad lonely day. fairly mild. took Lizzie and Jessie down to Fergus " 2 Cold and roads still slippery took Edna and Hary {Harry} to Train " A. {Agnes} and I went to Fergus got Big Black Horse {sharpened?} " 4-5-6. Cold. some sno {snow} from East laid up with Cold " 7 A. {Agnes} to Fergus Re Kyles note Aunt {Isie?} and Bell came up " 8 Cold and stormy to Church. Cutters and sleighs again " 9 very stormy and drifts Piling up fast " 10 " " Cold and Con Roads in some places filled up " 11 stormy A. {Agnes} to Fergus Oswald Stewart Came " 12 Cleaning Grain. To Barnetts with Sow Mrs {Mason?} here " 13 Milder Wm Browns Funreal {Funeral} " 14 Clear Cold Seeing A. White & D Johnston then to Fergus " 16 very Drifty Roads (Con) Blocked up to Drydens & {Surgiss?} Re Gibson took Sow Home " 17 Fine over the River and up by Dream Beloved Meeting in evening Drawing Turnips " 18 Mild Snowing Nomination (Local) Candidates Gibson & Craig. Jas Rennie here drawing Turnips took 4 Loads " 19 Fine. John & Oswald down with Turnips " 20 To Fergus with A Hanna Saw Beattie re Turnips Meeting in Townsends in evening for Gibson Fine Weather " 21 Mild snowing To Fergus with A. {Agnes} to Dr " 23 Fine But Cold D Johnston & F Martin here " 24 Snowing Heavy. To Mrs {Peters?} Funreal. {Funeral} Mr McDonald Came Killed Pig 203 lbs " 25 Great storm. Blocked roads. Polling day Local Election Ross Defeated 69 C. to 29 L. D R U at Living Springs " 26 Os Stewart Left Cold but not so stormy " 27 stormy again to F.B. Andersons with H McDonald Re {audit?} " 28 Mrs McDonald went after {afternoon} H staying al {all} night " 29 (Sunday) A. {Agnes} and Mary to Church still cold " 30 Clear Cold to Elora with Ballot Box to meet Anderson " 31 " " Alex Whites Funreal {Funeral} To Fergus with Load of Oats Feby 1 To Fergus with Chop to Barnetts with Sow Cold Storming " 2 very cold and stormy Laid up with Cold


Feby 3 John & Jim to Barnetts for Sow Cold " 4 To Fergus with Lamb to Cold storage Cold 20 Below " 5 Stormy from East M. & Bella to Church " 6 Fine Auditing Tp {Township} Accounts Drawing wood " 7 Colder " " " " " " 8 Mild Took wire off along River Filled up a draw home oats " 9 " Getting wood near Big Spring " 10 very stormy A {Agnes} to Fergus Roads Blocked " 11 Fine Breaking Roads Drew up 4 Jugs of Honey to waggon took Load of Oats to Fergus @ 36 " 12 (Sunday) heavy Snow all day Mild A {Agnes} to Church Bell Left " 13 very Cold Roads Blocked again to Belwood to Council Meeting with Auditors report. A {Agnes} to McDonalds Paid McGregor For truck waggon. valley for Boots & Taxes " 14 vicious Cold 23 Below Roads Bad no {meat?} for the first time this winter " 15 Still Stormy. Took home oats (16) the same stormy Cold weather " 17 Worse Drifts yet the Belwood Road in the worst shape for years the Track being so high Horses can not go. Snowing heavy no Train in afternoon. " 18 10 Below Calmer but Drifting Drawing hay to Cattle very fine night " 19 (Sunday) mildest day for 2 weeks A {Agnes} & John to Church. Being Johns Birthday (14 yr old) to Thompsons in evening " 20 mild but drifting. Broke road on to river. Cleaning Oats " 21 Mild Clear. To Fergus on River with Chop Cattle " 22 " Drawing hay up to Cattle (23) mild to Fergus with horse chop " 24 very mild " " " " Getting wood " 25 Been a Fine week Cleaning out Cattle below " 26 (Sunday) Mary and I to Church very stormy " 27 Fine again to Belwood Getting Harness and Boots mended " 28 Cold and Clear. Two weeks of fine weather March 1 To Danes Sale Clear cold to {Rennies?} in evening " 2 Fine Getting wood to D. Milnes in evening (3) Fine A {Agnes} Moir here " 4 Still fine but Cold A {Agnes} to Fergus to Church " 5 (Sunday) Sacrement A {Agnes} and I to Church Clear Stormy at night " 6 Clear Cold to Belwood to Jas Inness Funreal {Funeral} Finished 1st Hay stack {sideways on right} Drawed up 2 loads of oats


March 7 Fine Clear to Belwood with oats @ {40?} " 8 " " A. {Agnes} and I to Fergus (9) Fine very frosty Drawing hay & wood " 10 Fine Clear Cold drawing wood (11) Clear Cold oats to Belwood Drawing Hay Jack Moir Here " 12 (Sunday) Clear Cold John & Mary to Church (13) Clear Cold 10 Below moving straw " 14 A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with Chop Clear Cold " 15 To Sherwoods Sale & and R. Stewarts took hay to A Hanna Clear Cold " 16 Rain. Freezing {east?} fell. To Fergus Seed Fair " " " " 17 Misty Mild Then sunny took oats to Fergus Isie Came up " 18 Rainy Real Thaw Thunder River Flooded Robins Seen Drawing Hay " 20 Drawing hay. Soft Roads bad Frosty night " 21 To Fergus with Thompson Bros with Bull for Guelph sale Roads Bad " 22 A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with oats. Thawing Bad Sleighing " 23 No Frost Last night warm to day Great thaw River Broke up 9th april Last year. Drawing hay Cleaning out Hogs " 24 Thawing good all day. no Frost at night. Ringing Hogs Ice left Fergus working Wilsons Flame " 25 Greatest sun thaw yet River very high Ice Left Fergus Dams Last night Broke Road on Concession. Drawing Hay quite warm " 26 (Sunday) Drizzling most of the day " 27 Warm. Lot of Snow went. Cleaning up Oats. wheels out first time " 28 Warm Drawing oats From Low Place all Day " 29 Took Chop to Fergus on Wheels. Went to Davidson's sale Isie & A {Agnes} To Fergus with Buggy very Warm " 30 Threating Rain storm Hanna Clipped Donkey Horse " 31 Snow about gone. Rae Duguid McDonald Plowing Drawing hay up from Lower Place April 1 Took steer up to Albert McLellans took Home Seeder from there Frosty night " 2 (Sunday) Cold NE Wind up to Flewellings Wheelling good " 3 Stan Hanna Came to work. took Heifer to Fergus Drawed up all the Turnips Frosty morning to Brown for Barley Rain " 4 Started Plowing (Sod) A {Agnes} & John to fergus for Grass Seed and oats. Took Chop. Cold. Raw " 5 A {Agnes} to Flewellings for seed oats. Plowing spreading manure. Fresh in morning " 6 Hard frost Taking off wire Plowing sod in afternoon to {Mrs?} Thomsons at night Lambs


April 7 very hard frost No Plowing in the morning hardest Frost since 21st March in Fact much weather in april Boys Cutting wood in Forenoon. To Whites Sale in afternoon Mrs Stewart here " 8 very Hard Frost and Ground white with Snow Sunny after Noon. To Fergus Plowing sod " 9 (Sunday) Milder A. {Agnes} and Mary to Church " 10 Rainy all day Cleaning up oats and Fixing up machinery " 11 Picking stones and Plowing Turnip land in 13. A {Agnes} To Fergus " 12 Hard Frost in morning. Drawing up Hay to Cattle Finished Plowing in " 13 Cool. Clear & Drying. A. {Agnes} to Fergus Re. Seeder Pinion & Clover (Alsike) Willie Gerrie Came. Sowing Oats and grass Seed in 13 {Barian Deft Gow?} " 14 Cold Frost Snow at night Ground white finished Sowing 13 started in 10 " 15 Hard Frost showers of Snow Putting in Posts and fixing Fence in Forenoon Picking stones and Finished Sowing 10 in afternoon " 16 (Sunday) Raw. Frosty Day Showers of Snow Heavy at night " 17 Ground Covered with Snow. Shower all day very Frosty Drawing up hay had sleigh out. Finished Plowing 8 " 18 Snowy Frosty Blustry Building wire Fence Round yard below in Forenoon Plowing in afternoon " 19 Frosty Team to Elora for lumber to A Hanna Plowing Sod in 14 and Harrowing in 10 in afternoon High wind " 20 {warmer?} Taking up Hay and Harrowing in 10 in Forenoon Finished Plowing sod in 14 in afternoon 7 ready for Sowing A {Agnes} To Fergus Dr Johnstons Funreal {Funeral} " 21 Good Friday last night heavy Rain and wind From N.E. Snowing Heavy all Forenoon let up a while then Snowed {illegible?} Cleaning Oats " 22 3 inches of Snow on the Ground Cold Sunny Building Fence Round yard took up hay. Spreading manure " 23 (Sunday) Calm & Cool. A {Agnes & John to Church Aunt Ida & Mary here Frosty night " 24 Heavy white Frost. Threatened Rain but Fair Sowed 6 or 7 acres oats in 14 and harrowed it plowing in 11. Swallows here Picking stones in 13 " 25 Sowed {Mard?} Barley & {Daubery?} oats in 7 Dry and warm " 26 Disking in 14 Harrowing in 7 Plowing in 11 " " " Heifer calf from white cow " 27 Dry warm Finished Disking in 14 and Harrowed it Ready to Sow " 28 Dry Warm Sowed in 14 and Harrowed it Disking in 8


April 29 slight shower in morning then cool and wind finished Disking 8 Sowing it with New Zealand oast and Harrowing wind & Rain at night " 30 (Sunday) Cold Cloudy & windy Mary walked to Church May 1 Hard Frost Ice & thick To Jas Milnes Trading oats. Finished sowing N. Zealand oats in 8 and Harrowed them Cultivating this side of Ditch in 8 Disking in 4 " 2 Cold shower of Snow. To Fergus with chop finished spreading manure in 11 Plowing Sowed 4 NE of Ditch " 3 warm Rain in morning Plowing till noon in 11 Finished Sowing in 4 Started in 8 west of Ditch Harrowing in 8 & 4 " 4 Misty Cool To Fergus with Hogs for A Hanna pd {paid} Pritchard got more Grass Seed finished Sowing & Harrowing in 8 Plowing in 3 Stans time up " 5 Warmer Plowed Harrowed and Cultivated in 3 ready to Sow it " 6 Started to sow in 3 but had to quit for a rain rained heavy all afternoon " 8 Finished Sowing upper {Piece?} of 3 (Leaving Black muck at Bottom to Do) Frost in morning Rain in afternoon Jas Black here. Fixed Place for {cow?} at {Jones's?} Line " 9 Warmer Stan Hanna had Team Drawing straw and Hay to stockers Plowing in 11 " 10 Cool Fixing Fences A {Agnes} to Fergus Putting stakes along River For wire Stan had Team {Brinhous?} Colt Came A Called over to Thompsons Eliza {Forbes's oldest daughter Elizabeth} Being taken suddenly ill " 11 Cool Took 4 Hogs to Fergus 6.75. A. at Thompsons Fine afternoon " 12 very Fine Drawing manure on Track Plowing & Drilling. A {Agnes} still at Thompsons " 13 White Frost Warm Fine Day Took Load of Hay from Thompsons fixing Fences. Planted 9 Pails of Potatoes on Track A. {Agnes} at Ts {Thompsons} " 14 (Sunday) Heavy rain in morning and Drizzly all Day A {Agnes} Came home From Ts warm Growing day " 15 Damp and Rainy all day Put wire accross {across} River Fixing Fence Stan here " 16 Took 2 steers to Fergus 22.00 @ 4 cts Put 20 Cattle out to Grass heavy Rain in afternoon Stan had Team " 17 Plowing Summer Fallow Stan here. A. {Agnes} To Fergus Rain and Hail " 18 Stan here Rain all Forenoon {Bils?} Horse sick Picking Potatoes J. {Breechnoir?} came to Fence Finished Plowing in 11 Cold " 19 Stan here Drawing up {stash?} Bottoms and drawing manure to spring Field Picking Potatoes Wild Plums in Bloom " 20 Frost Ice on water 2 Teams and John with Stan Finished Picking

1905 == === 7 {in top right corner} =

May 20 (Con) Potatoes Chilly Cold wind all day

" 21 (Sunday) Frost again Dry Chilly Jas and Mary Gerrie Here

" 22 Frost again Team at Hannas with seeder John Drawing Rails to Jerry then to Hannas Jerry Finished Fence Between Lot 9 and Hastings. A at Thompsons. Blue Grey Calved

" 23 Frost Team Hannas (Finished) started Plowing Black mark in 3 John to Fergus with Chop (Horse)

" 24 Frost the 5th morning in succession Finished Plowing Black muck Harrowed and sowed it the Last of seeding John Harrowing Root Land (spring Field) A at Thompsons Eliza Died Cows out all night

" 25 To Fergus still cool. Jim Rolling John Plowing Potato Land Frost

" 26 Cool. Eliza Thompsons Funreal {Funeral}

" 27 To Elora A along. John finished Plowing Potato Land took sow away Cool night Trees in Leaf (Late)

" 29 To Fergus in Forenoon Heavy rain all afternoon Cutting Potatoes

" 30 Mary to Jno Davis John took sow home Cutting Potatoes

" 31 Frost yet to Guelph. Re. H. & E. good Roads Cool day

June 1 Frost Marking out and planting Potatoes

" 2 " Cold windy day " " " Mary at Elora to Mr. & Mrs. Jas Richardsons silver wedding

" 3 another Frost at Potatoes all day Fred Flewelling came for A

" 4 (Sunday) Rain and thunder in morning up to see Lib at night

" 5 Finished Potatoes in spring field 47 Pails about 2 acres. Plowing on Track. Harrowing in 11. heavy rain at night got Hair cut

" 6 To Fergus with oats 40 cts. Rain again and Cool

" 7 Drizzly Cool Cloudy all day

" 8 Dry and warm. Plowing in spring field for Turnips

" 9 Frost. John up to see Lib. Plowing in spring Field and Harrowing Washed sheep

" 10 Rainy all day Heavy at night. Finished spring Field

" 11 (Sunday) Damp Cloudy all day showers Mary and Jim to Church

" 12 Taking up stack Bottoms Harrowing and Picking stones in 11 To Fergus for Turnip seed. to Belwood re Buying cow

" 13 Dry Drilling and Sowing Turnips Beans & Carrotts

" 14 Hot Dry Drilling and sowing Turnips & Corn on Track A Came Back from Lib Fixed {sheets?}

1905 == === 8 {top left corner} =

June 15 Plowing in N. Clipping sheep. very Hot

" 16 Rainy all day finished Plowing for Turnips in 11. A up to Lib

" 17 very warm misty morning finished sowing Grey seed in swamp making a Total of 370 Lbs sowed. Total Grain 155 Bush. A Came back from Libs. harrowing in 11

" 18 (Sunday) To Church Then to Jno Blacks. Thunder But no Rain

" 19 Drilling and sowing Turnips in spring. 7 warm Rain

" 20 Warm. finished sowing S. F. started Drilling and sowing in 11

" 21 To Belwood with 3 Hogs @ 6.50 A to Fergus for Turnip seed Drilling and sowing in 11

" 22 Finished sowing Turnips started Road work very Hot

" 23 Still Hot at Rad {Road} work Pulling mustard. Piling cedar in {Little?} Field

" 24 Warm took Load of oats to Fergus 42. Pulling mustard

" 25 Warm Os Stewart and Mabel Here. Thunder & rain at night

" 26 Cool Harrowing in 11

" 27 Started to Plow Summer Fallow (11) Cool

" 28 Cool. To Fergus for Binder (Massey Harris) 6 foot Cut took Down some Oats 42 Harrowing

" 29 Cool. all Horses in 11 Plowing and Harrowing

" 30 Hot. 2 Rigs in summer fallow - 11. Mary Williams Came

July 1 Cloudy forenoon. Plowing Digging Roots in 11 Rainy afternoon

" 2 (Sunday) Cloudy and warm. fine Growing Day

" 3 Hot Picking stones. Plowing. Raking & Burning Twitch grass in 11 to Belwood at night for oatmeal {Drew?} Hay Cut & Peas in Bloom

" 4 Hot Plowing and scraping in Hole in 11. Harrowing in {..?} To Fergus To Stanley Clarks Funreal {Funeral} & Miss Perrys Rain at night

" 5 very Hot. Plowing and Harrowing in 11. S.S. Pic Nic at No 2

" 6 Hot Scuffling Turnips in S.F. Thinning in afternoon Shower

" 7 Finished Plowing in 11 Harrowing and Thinning Turnips

" 8 Hot Harrowing & Cultivating in Forenoon. Thunder & Rain afternoon

" 10 Rainy morning Cleaned out sheep House Scuffling and Thinning Turnips Picking stones in 11 Hot

" 11 Warm & cloudy Lots of thunder no Rain. Thinning Turnips S.F. Putting P Green on Potatoes on Track. Cultivating all day in summer Fallow 11

1905 == === 9 =

July 12 Thunder & Rain all forenoon to Fergus with old Binder after {n?}

" 13 Cultivating and {Drawing?} of twitch Roots 11

" 14 Scuffling thinning turnips

" 15 Scuffling in 11 Thining in S. 7. Expert setting up Binder

" 17 " Harrowing and S. Raking in 11

" 18 Stan Hanna Came Thinning Turnips hoeing Corn Burning Roots Hottest Day 92

" 19 Cerlaw Johnston & Reidy here thinning Turnips thinned Carrotts

" 20 Dry and cooler Turnips all thinned started to Cut Hay in 15 New Potatoes

" 21 Plowing Round Potatoes. Scuffling Finished cutting 15 started in 12 Coling in 15. Clear and cool. started Cutting in 12

" 22 finished Coling in 15. Finished Coling 12 all but 2 ac {acres} 12 all cut Clear. Cool. A to Fergus. X

" 24 Cool with slight showers all day. took in 2 Loads of Hay Choring

" 25 Drawing Hay to stack. Had A. & L. Hanna & C. McDonald too in 26 Loads Clear. Cool.

" 26 Fine but windy took Load to Hanna Put 9 in stack started to Cut in 2. Hoeing Potatoes

" 27 Fine Cool Finished Hoeing Potatoes Finished Cutting 2. Coled it and drew in 2 Loads. got {Mgmt?} Cream Separator

" 28 Cloudy Bert Milne Drawed in 2. Raked it 2nd time and drew in Rakings Cut 6 Patched Barn Roof

" 29 Slight Rain in morning. Cool. Drawing threshing wood. Forenoon

" 30 Cleaning Turnips after Damp all day

" 31 Cleaning & scuffling Coling Hay in 6 all coled cutting and Coling in 14. Drawing in Cool. Clear

August 1 Cool. Grand hay day. Sandy Burns here Drawing from 6 & 14 finished Coling14 started to Cut 13. Calf (Topsy) very Cool night

" 2 Clear and warmer. Finished Cutting and coling 13 Hay all Cut and Coled Drawed in 5 Loads Cool Evening

" 3 Dry warm. Finished Haying 93 Loads 2 Davis Boys here Frost in morn

" 4 Warm. Putting fence round Haystack in forenoon Rain in afternoon. to Alex Bremmers funreal {funeral} got twine

" 5 started cutting mixed Grain in 7. Thunder but little rain

" 6 (Sunday) Thunder and rain last night warm day Fred and Lib here

== 1905 == === 10 ===

August 7 Warm. Finished cutting 7 all stooked some rain

" 8 scuffling and Cleaning Turnips. finished scuffling in S. 7 started 11

" 9 very hot finished hoeing in S. 7. started in 11 finished scuffling in 11 A to Jerry Beechmoir and to Elora Getting Engine wood after 5

" 10 Hot and threshing Rain Finished Cleaning Turnips

" 11 very Hot. started to Plow summer fallow 2nd time Cutting and Drawing Fence Posts

" 12 still very Hot Stan had team away John Plowing in forenoon Jim & I measuring out Post holes Heavy thunder some Rain Drawed in 6 Loads mixed Grain

" 13 (Sunday) Fine. Dry. Hannas Horses came up track crossing Trestle

" 14 Cutting in 13 (all) Jim and I drawing in mixed Grain

" 15 Heavy rain last night and this morning wet and windy all day

John Plowing Stan digging Post Holes A and I to Fergus

" 16 " " " " " " in Forenoon Cutting in 10 in afternoon Grand day Clear and Cool

" 17 Finished 10 Cut a Piece of 3 Fine

" 18 Cutting in 14 Drawing in mixed Hay {Press?} came Stan to meet them

" 19 Dull Cloudy windy Forenoon. Finished Packing hay by 11:30 Stan took Press to Belwood. Got in one Load Heavy rain from 3 P.M

" 21 Warm. Finished cutting in 14. Mixed Grain in 7 all in. Thunder and Rain

" 22 " Cut this side of Ditch in 8. Started in 4

" 23 very Hot Cutting in 4 & 3 Raes threshing in Forenoon

" 24 Cloudy and threatening Rain. Finished Cutting at Home Drawing in Oats from 3. Raked and Drew in Rakings from 7. The Sheffield standard oats we cut to day were 92 Days from Sowing to Cutting

" 25 Hot Cutting in 8 and drawing in from 3

" 26 " Stan Cutting at Home stook in 14 Drawing & Raking 3 & 4

" 28 Fine Drawing in A Hanna here Putting up wire fence

" 29 Stan Drawing in at Home. Finished Cutting Drawed in Black muck all in at Home But Rakings Great storm to the north at Dark. no rain here

" 30 Fine to Fergus Stan Plowing. John Drawing wood for threshing finished stooking very High wind in afternoon

" 31 Fine John at Rennie's Getting Ready to thresh Stan Plowing

1905 == === 11 === {upper right corner} === =

Septr 1 - Extra Fine Day Drawed in and threshed all Lower Place But 2 Loads. Fair turn out Except 3 acres in 14

" 2 2 teams and 3 hands at D Milnes Threshing Peas in Field in Forenoon Barn after wet afternoon. Heavy thunder storm at night. Curtis Barn in E. Gara Burned

" 3 (Sunday) Dry Cooler at R. Staceys Funreal {Funeral}

" 4 Damp 2 hands at Bert Milnes threshing Rennie afternoon Drawed 8 loads of Hay to Belwood. Had Bob Thompson in afternoon

" 5 showery Cool took last Load of Hay to Belwood 291 Bales 12 Ton's. 495 lbs to Fergus in afternoon with Chop. Pigs and Cattle took Home stone Stan Plowing in 11

" 6 Cool showery. Stan Plowing all day in 11 {John?} in afternoon Fixing Fence and Choreing

" 7 Cool. Finished Plowing Fallow in 11 started Harrowing it

" 8 showery. Harrowing and Cultivating in 11. took in Rakings in 8 making stakes for wire Fence

" 9 Warm. Stan Harrowing in 11 in Forenoon. John Plowing in 4 Stan in 4 in afternoon. A. & Mary to Fergus with Jessie Walker

" 10 (Sunday) Fine. warm. Mary & I to Church J.B. announced his Resignation

" 11 Rainy Forenoon. Plowing in 4 Furing 10 To Belwood at night Good all

" 12 started manure at lower Place Stan Harrowing in 4 in Forenoon all at manure in afternoon Clear and warm

" 13 & 14 Warm fine. all at manure

" 15 Threatning Rain to Elora for lumber 700 for self some for A Hanna Les Hanna here

" 16 all manure out of Foundation 100 odd loads out

" 17 (Sunday) Rain all day. warm. (John spreading manure

" 18 Warm Helping A. Hanna to take Roof off and Raise House

" 19 very Warm Stan helping his Father with House young Pigs John and I Furing out 4. Putting in stakes between Posts in wire fence started to Draw manure to 4. Heavy Thunder and some Rain at night

" 20 Fine Cooler Drawing manure to 4 took 41 Loads

" 21 warm very windy moving straw from old stack to yard on low Place Harrowing in 4. McDonald House on 4th line Burned

" 22 High wind Drawing manure slight shower {McGladday?} {Burt?} out 6th Line

1905 == === 12 {upper left corner} =

Septr 23 Cooler. Finished manure at Home 77 Loads spreading and Plowing in 10. Weighed Cattle. A. To Fergus Les Hanna here yesterday afternoon to {..?}

" 24 (Sunday) Fine. Cool. Mary & John to Church John to J Blacks

" 25 Frost Cold day Plowing in manure A. Laid up sore Back

" 26 Cool Plowing and spreading manure

" 27 Fine warmer " " " " in forenoon started Potatoes

" 28 very warm at Potatoes all day. A & Mary to Fergus to Dr

" 29 " Hot at Potatoes to Fall Show in Fergus in afternoon

" 30 still warm " " Been a Grand month for fine weather with Cattle {Frost?}

Octr 2 Heavy Rain al Forenoon. Thunder Tearing down wall (shed) John to Fergus for lime and cement

" 3 Fine to Fergus & Elora Re Bank Jacking up sill of shed Jno Malcom (Mason) Came

" 4 Drawing stone & sand and helping masons. Fine but windy

" 5 Masons finished Barn and Chimmney in forenoon. Boarding in Little stable till 4 . Then 2 Hands at Thompsons threshing {..?} also

" 6 still warm finished Thompsons at 1:30 Jacking up Barn and Putting Piers under shed Posts. Cleaning up Chop

" 7 warm John to Fergus with chop in forenoon. Plowing in 8 at Potatoes in afternoon

" 8 very warm. John Mary & Jim to Church A and I to Burrs in afternoon

" 9 Really Hot. Finished Potatoes John Plowing in 8. Remarkable fine weather Horses out nearly every night yet

" 10 a little Cooler. To Fergus with 6 Lambs to N. Murphy 590 Lbs @ 5 1/2 Got Roofing (Pattersons)

" 11 Rain most of last night and this forenoon. spreading manure and Plowing in 10

" 12 Cool with some hail. Rev. J. B. Mullan visiting finished spreading manure in 10 started in 4

" 13 Warm. Finished Plowing in 10 at Hannas threshing From 3 oclock

" 14 Fine warm Plowing in 8. at Hannas threshing Finished

" 15 (Sunday) very windy Rain at night

" 16 Cooler. spreading manure in 4. Finished Plowing 8 Picking apples

" 17 very Cold 2 Plows in 4 to Fergus in afternoon {Scherios?} sale

" 18 Rain all day. Cold. Put sheeting on Building

" 19 all spreading manure Forenoon Plowing afternoon A. Moir & Mrs here. Rain

1905 == === 13 {upper right corner =

Octr 20 Cold. Showers of Rain and Snow all day Jim Plowing in 4 John at Marshalls threshing. Erin show very windy

" 21 Ground white with Snow. Drawing up Hay and straw. John & A to Fergus with Chop (Horses) cows in all night for the First time

" 22 (Sunday) A and I to Church Cold showers of rain and snow

" 23 Finished Plowing 4 Sold 5 steers to Wm McGregor av 1208 a 3.75 helped him to Fergus with them

" 24 Fixing Fence round stacks. A to Fergus with Geese 11 @ 9 Took up. Carrotts and cabbage topping Turnips

" 25 Hard Frost. topping Harrowing and drawing in Turnips S. 7 A to Libs

" 26 " " " and Drawing Turnips A Hanna here helping to Put on wire edge ready Roofing on new Building

" 27 Damp morning Fine afternoon at Turnips. Sold 2 Cattle to Jno Black (Belwood) @ $39.00 a piece

" 28 Cold Raw showers of snow. went to sheep sale in Fergus took Cattle to Belwood

" 29 milder (Sunday) A. & Mary to Church

" 30 Finished topping and Harrowing up swedes in spring field fine afternoon started Pulling Turnips in 11

" 31 Ground Covered with snow this morning to Belwood got foot measured for a Pair of long Boots. Drawing Turnips

Novr 1 Terrible stormy To Elora Took Mary and M. Kitchen over

" 2 Hard frost in morning milder after. Stan Hanna Came Pulling and Drawing Turnips from 11 to Pit. D. Anderson looking at Cattle. A (Singer?} bot 8 @ 274.00

" 3 Rain Covered some Pit. started to Plow sod in 12 Cold

" 4 Fine Drawing and Pulling in 11

" 5 Fine morning Mary and Bud to Libs Rain at night

" 6 Rainy morning. Jas Milne Threshing Stan Came at noon Plowed sod. Started to Plow in fallow in 11

" 7 Drizzly Rain and snow. Jas Milne finished threshing Wm Thompson here Pulling {D.?} and Jim to Fergus with Chop got salt

" 8 Snow again. Pulling and Drawing Turnips

" 9 " Hard frost Wm Thompson & Johny Rennie here Topped and Harrowed up and got all in but Culls afternoon fine

1905 == === 14 {upper left corner} =

Novr 10 Snowing again Drawed up Hay and straw in forenoon Covered Pit in afternoon milder

" 11 mild first morning since Monday without Snow and not much frost. Sold two Cattle to Rennie @ 3 1/2 = 2260 $77.00 A. to Fergus in forenoon Stan had Team away with Load of Turnips Drawing Culls in afternoon A & M to Belwood at {night?}

" 13 Finally Finished Turnips the worst {either?} for the Job Since 1873 _ Jim Plowing fallow Marshall Finished threshing in Fore noon. Haileys threshing in afternoon

" 14 To Fergus with Chop. A. Jim & Mary Drawing wood Hastings finished Took Chickens to Fergus & took home Ram & Put with Ewes

" 15 very snowy some Rain Jas White threshing Jim & J Fixing Hay Chute

" 16 Fine. A. and I to A. Moirs John Plowing sod

" 17 Frosty. Raes Threshing in Forenoon. Drawed up apples Cut scaffold Poles & Drawed them up. Plowing sod

" 18 Fine. John Plowing Jim and I Covering Pits

" 19 (Sunday) A and John to Church then to Stewarts Fine

" 20 Put Poles on Building and Put straw on got Load of wood

" 21 Cold Fine. Cleaning up Oats in Forenoon. Drawing Hay after A. to Belwood got Boots Felt Lined

" 22 To Fergus with oats Brot Coal for Hanna

" 23 Killed sheep for D. Milne. finished Roof on New Building A. Helping Bert Milne to Clean new House. Fine Fair

" 24 Rain. Rennie threshing. John and A then went to Blacks sale

" 25 Fine Mild Plowing sod with 2 Teams Rennie Finished A & J {there?}

" 26 (Sunday) mild some showers of snow A & Jim to Church A {Hanna?} here

" 27 Fine Plowing sod. To Fergus D Milne threshing

" 28 Snow storm then Rain Cutter out first time D Milnes Finished threshing. Bert in afternoon. Thunder and heavy Rain at night

" 29 Mild morning Bert Milne Finished threshing machine Came here got Frosty at night and Snow storm

" 30 very Cold 2 Below. Finished threshing But took all day fair Turnout mixed grain very good

Decr 1 Fixing up after threshing took Load of mixed grain to Jas Milne Chop to Fergus (Hogs). Killed Pig for A Hanna

1905 == === 15 {upper right corner of page =

Decr 2 Snow Some sleighs out mild afternoon some rain fixing stall to Fergus to get Pump sucker rod mended

" 3 (Sunday) A. and Mary to Church Jno Black here Snowing

" 4 Cold Fair sleighing Billy Horse Died Fixed Pump took in Binder

" 5 Cold Sunny. A. to Fergus went to Coreys sale

" 6 Milder. Killed a Pig for D. Milne took load of Turnips to Fergus

" 7 misty morning then soft. Took Hogs to Fergus (1) = 400 @ 6.00

" 8 Misty Mild. To Fergus Fergus for 24 Cattle from Jno White 22616 Lbs = $790.00 @ 3 1/2 {les?} $2.00 average wt 942

" 9 still mild misty fixing at new Building and old Foundation

" 10 (Sunday) Colder. A. & I to Church J.R. Gilchrist Preached A to Mrs Browns

" 11 Mild Cloudy Getting and Cutting wood and making salt Troughs

" 12 " " making doors and Putting on Battens a Fall of snow last night Fair sleighing

" 13 Cold. and a little Drift. A. & John to Fat stock show Guelph Anderson v. s. here filed Door key {nelly?} and {Doleys?} teeth

" 14 Cold sunny. took straw to Clulow. Drawing manure away from straw stack took home Plows very Cold at night 3 Below

" 15 Cold. Raw morning some snow fell East wind Cleaned up load of Chop 12 Bags. A & John took it to Fergus Old man had to stay and chore

" 16 Clear. Cold. Hanging Door and fixing in Foundation

" 17 (Sunday) Beautiful Sunny day. Mary & John to Church

" 18 Mild misty Getting wood forenoon trimming Turnips after

" 19 " " Mrs Browns sale Took Load of Turnips to Fergus

" 20 " " A long busy day From 5 to 9-20 Trimmed 2 loads of Turnips and took 2 to Fergus high East wind at night

" 21 High Wind all night Snow then Rain Drawed one Load of Turnips to Fergus Disagreeable East wind

" 22 Snow Rain Hail and wind in the Forenoon To Fergus with cutter in the morning. John took Load of Turnips in afternoon

" 23 mild morning took 1 Load of turnips Colder at night A. Jim & Jno to Fergus

" 25 Cloudy raw cold Fair sleighing Lib & Fred here

" 26 Fine sunny Putting manger in new Building

" 27 " " sleighing gone. Cutting and {setting?} wood Piling up logs Taking down Fence and other Choring

1905 == === 16 {upper left corner of page} =

Decr 28 very fine & mild Cutting and drawing wood A. to Fergus Anderson v. S. here Dehorned 20 Cattle some Rain at night

" 29 Thawing But raw wind working in new Building

" 30 High wind Drifting 4 ft deep in Places " "

" 31 Milder quiet Mary & I walked to Church Could not get out a horse for Ice. The winter has so far been mild and the year has been very free from Wind. Thunder or Rain storms with no Draith or floods. Closing with no sleighing


Jany 1 Windy Cold some snow. Killed Pig 335 Bert Milne helping

" 2 Went to Fergus with Bert Milne. got Tar Paper. Fine day

" 3 E. Wind rainy Freezing as it fell making very Icy roads

" 4 very stormy high winds to Trustee meeting

" 5 Stan Hanna came and took Chop to Fergus as we could not get out for slippery Roads

" 6 still Blowing (7 Sunday) very stormy Cons Bad Blocked

" 8 Fine still day Colder Broke roads up to Gravel down to Cattle

" 9 Fine Cold to Fergus with Ram we had from Rye got Chop for Horses very slippery

" 10 very Fine A. and Mary to Jas. Gerries Sawing wood

" 11 " " mild Getting Poles for manger for stockers. Helping Jas Milne to kill Pig. looks like a thaw A. to Fergus A. and Mary to D. Milnes in evening sleighing {abot?} {worn some?}

" 12 Clear Fine Jas Gerrie here. cleaned up 12 Bags chop

" 13 Cold Raw E wind Jno to Fergus with Chop Jas & I Cutting wood Drawed up load. Rubbed steer for Ring worm

" 14 (Sunday) Mild Rain A. & Mary to Church

" 15 Thaw. Rain. Sow away. Sold 4 Cattle to Thos Hays 3579 @ 3 1/2 $122.85 sleighing Bad again

" 16 Heavy Rain last night Snowing all Day and the Heaviest blow of the winter

" 17 Fine Fair. Breaking Roads Forenoon Staceys sale afternoon

" 18 Snowing Mild Good sleighing at last To Fergus & to Creightons sale Bot Disc Harrow $11.00 Got Salt

" 19 Fine Took load of Turnips to Fergus Grand sleighing Thunder to the South During the night

1906 == === 17 {upper right corner} =

Jany 20 Mild Some rain all day Took 3 load of Turnips Jas Rennie Taking one

" 21 (Sunday) Heavy rain last night sleighing gone very warm Flies Flitting round outside River Broke up

" 22 Thaw still Continues Cattle out Grazing warm. Showers of rain all Day. Putting on Tar Paper and Putting in stalls

" 23 rainy forenoon & warm Turning Colder after noon By night quite a Frost Snow all gone in Fields River Higher than General in spring Good wheeling A. to {Alan?} Hannas at night Mrs Hanna very ill

" 24 Cold Clear Sheep home from Rennies to Websters sale

" 25 Beautiful Bracing Day Drawed one Load Turnips. Saw new moon 30 Hours after Change Mrs A. Hanna Died

" 26 " " " George Milne here Drawing Turnips took 4 Loads

" 27 Fine Cleaning manure out of {..?} House Mary to Fergus

" 28 (Sunday) Fine Good wheeling. A. & Mary to Church

" 29 Cold __ Raw. Mrs A. Hannas Funreal. Took Load Turnips to Fergus

" 30 Mild Cloudy. A & I up to Freds & to Skinners sale Fine roads

" 31 Chilly. raw killed Pig. Took Load of Turnips to Fergus

Feby 1 very stormy Getting Colder at night at Belwood Re audit Took load of turnips to Fergus

" 2 Cold & stormy Pump went wrong (Iron) 10 Below zero

" 3 " " Rigged up mast and took Pump out went to Fergus in evening 15 Below wild night

" 4 Cold still Continues Seems as if February had Brot the Cold as in Jany Zero was never Reached (Sunday)

" 5 To Belwood got Pump fixed Cleaned up Chop 14 Below

" 6 worse yet 23 below but Calm. To Fergus with Chop. Got Turnip tickets

" 7 Cold and sunny still at zero. Cutting wood. A seeing Mrs Thompson

" 8 4 Below Calm Sunny Drawing up hay assessor here A to Whites

" 9 Cold Clear. At Tp Audit all day showers of snow at night

" 10 Snowing Drifting Cold. To Fergus with Cattle to J. White 3 steers 3220.4 {C..?} 1180 @ 3. John to Elora wiht Jas White

" 11 (Sunday) A & John to Church A to see Mrs Jas Milne took sick Mrs Wright here. Weather Flirting with zero

" 12 Beautiful mild day to Belwood with Auditors report to Council A some Better

" 13 Fine Mild like Indian summer. To Wm Embrees sale

1906 == === 18 {upper left corner of page =

Feby 14 Rain last night. Snowing Blowing & Freezing to Day

" 15 Cold Clear Choring

" 16 " " Drawing wood. Rather milder. A Better

" 17 very fine filled up load of oats Drawing wood at by Sargeants Funreal {Funeral}

" 18 (Sunday) Mary and I to Church Fine. Some snow in evening

" 19 very mild. got up load of wood Jno to Fergus with load of oats 35 Mary to Grandmas Blue

" 20 very fine Thaw Drawing wood across River feeling Tough

" 21 A Rainy night Heavy showers The country in Flood all snow gone again only at Fence. Laid out with sore back

" 22 Cloudy and raw not much frost to Fergus Re Insurance Meeting

" 23 Fine and warm. River broke up again. no frost at night

" 24 still Fine Boys Cleaning manure out of Root House A & Mary to Fergus Robins reported

" 25 (Sunday) Cloudy misty no frost snow in afternoon

" 26 Colder but not Frosty Boys Cleaning out Cattle

" 27 Clear and very Cold down to Cleaning up oats for D. Collie

" 28 " with a north wind Pump Froze (Iron) Cutting wood. D. Collie here for Oats 100 Bu. seed A. to see Mrs Bert Milne

March 1 Snowing and Blowing to Fergus Re Bank John Down with Chop 12 Bags 1340 Lbs

" 2 Cold Fair A. & Mary to Fergus

" 3 Rainy misty Jno Ford here for Oats Freezing at night

" 4 (Sunday) very slippery A. & Mary to Belwood Church

" 5 Clear & Cold Pulling out Pump took it to Belwood

" 6 very fine & mild to Wm Singers Sale

" 7 Colder fine A and Mary to Guelph Edna came up

" 8 fine all day but Colder

" 9 very mild thawing lively to Thompsons and Jas Whites

" 10 Cold north Wind took up Hay went to Atkins Sale

" 11 (Sunday) Fine A and John to Church

" 12 very Raw Cold N. wind Putting in fence Gate Posts

" 13 Milder S. wind Getting wood A and Edna to Fergus

" 14 Mild South wind Drawing wood fore noon Cleaning up Oats in afternoon

1906 == === 19 {upper right corner} =

March 15 Colder again North wind. John to Fergus with Chop and to Seed Fair got 3rd Prize for oats sheffileds {standown?} Ed to Baers & Jas Gerries

" 16 stormy To sale at Wilsons in Nichol with Jas Burr

" 17 " Cold. Cleaning up oats

" 18 Calm Cold Isie & Harry Jones came up from Guelph and Lib and Fred were down all the Childre at home at once (Sunday)

" 19 stormy again at night very stormy A took Isie to Fergus in forenoon I walked down at night meeting in St Andrews Church Re Mr. Mullans Resignation

" 20 very stormy Cleaning up mixed Grain

" 21 Still stormy To Thos Broadfoots sale

" 22 A Terrible stormy day and Cold to Parkers sale Cutter

" 23 Fine morning but stormy afternoon A to Fergus Ida Came up

" 24 stormy yet Cleaning up mixed grain

" 25 (Sunday) A and Mary to Church thawing our little bit of sleighing gone

" 26 Quite soft rain Cleaning up oats Ogg & Wilson here Re {suit?} CPR

" 27 Rain in Forenoon snow in afternoon. To Fergus Re suit and seeing Richardson (TC) Boys and others off to the West 6 Cars left Fergus Cold at night

" 28 Clear Fine to Guelph being examined for discovery Re Suit

" 29 Fair Chilly Sandy Burns here for Oats Roads Bad 5 below Zero

" 30 To Elora looking up witnesses got A. Johnston then to D. Anderson Served him very muddy Roads. high wind at night and cold

" 31 very Hard Frost all day Clear Roads better. To Fergus then to Sandy Burns served him

April 1 Clear and frosty Getting milder at night (Sunday)

" 2 Clear and milder. A. Jim and I to Guelph Re Suit against CPR on account of Bryons Death

" 3 Clear and very mild still in Guelph Mary came down

" 4 mild some rain Bill in Guelph Case concluded verdict in our favour for Came home at night colder

" 5 Raw and colder. Snowed from still day John down with Chop. Got {storne?} seed Anderson v. .s Dehorned 4 cattle moving oats in Bin Clear Raw. To Gibsons sale (Charley) Bot Buggy $35.00 Roads very Bad

1906 == === 20 {upper left corner} =

April 7 Clear Raw afternoon Snow in forenoon Cleaning oats in morning Trustee meeting Re School Fence in afternoon Then to Fergus Roads still Bad

" 8 (Sunday) Cold E. Wind. A & Mary to Church in morning John and Mary in evening

" 9 Rainy & Windy all day Cleaning oats moving straw

" 10 Cold Raw Stan here Clipping Darky Frogs heard

" 11 Milder drawing up and Cleaning oats. W.B Thomson Plowing

" 12 Warm. Clear Oats all up and Cleaned A to Elora with Mrs Sarah Milne. Harry Williams Came very muddy

" 13 Fine warm Drawing up Turnips and Hay to To T. Burns sale

" 14 Warm heavy rain in Forenoon Cleared up in afternoon Roads very Bad. To Belwood in forenoon To Fergus in afternoon John with 11 Bags Chop (Horses) Mary and I had Buggy Calf (Blue Grey) Got fence wire &c

" 15 (Sunday) Sunny but Raw. Mary walked to Belwood church

" 16 Hard Frost. started to Plow in 12 (Sod) Stan here clipping mare. Jerry Buchnoir Came to Build Line fence tween us and D. Milne. Fine drying day

" 17 Fine sunny Drying fine. Finished sod in 12 all but ends Jerry at Fence tween 12 & 13. First swallows seen

" 18 Warm Great drying day started sowing mixed Grain S. F Drawing Rails Filling in Farrs with Disc

" 19 Grand Seeding day Finished Sowing S F and Harrowed it Plowing end lands in 12 Jerry finished fence tween 12 & 13

" 20 Sunny & warm To Fergus for Wire and Rennies Rolled Discing and Cultivating

" 21 Frosty morning then slight rain cool Jerry Finished line fence Discing & Harrowing in 12 finished

" 22 (Sunday) raw Frost in morning Rain in afternoon A and I to Church Snowing in evening

" 23 Hard frost and cold all day north wind strong fixing gate Cleaning up manure at old straw stack Drawing Home old Rails Sowing New Zeald oats in 12. {Scaretching?} out and fixing in 1. Northern lights. Rennie here for clover seed

1906 == === 21 {upper right corner} =

April 24 Hard frost Ice 1/2 inch thick Plowing sod in 1 finished sowing 12 Harrowing {Dc?} Cultivating in 8 Thompsons Here for oats & clover seed

" 25 no Frost. Cool. dry Sowing in 8 Harrowing & Rolling in 12 took up load Turnips Northern Lights

" 26 Frost. Plowing in 11. Harrowing in 8. To Fergus with chop Took 20 Bu Oats to R. Brown. Swallows Plenty

" 27 Fine Plowing in 11. Rolling in 8. Fine weather for Horses working

" 28 " warmer " Finished Rolling 8 Started stubble that was seeded Last year. northern Lights at night

" 29 (Sunday) slight Rain in morning warm afternoon Thunderstorm to the North

" 30 wet morning Cold. Plowing in 11. drawing up turnips all up

May 1 Plowing in 11 finished Rolling stubble S. Hanna here for oats To Fergus in afternoon Re Bank

" 2 Rain more or less all day Plowing sod in 1 To Guelph by train Re Guthrie. The rain was needed

" 3 Started to sow in 11 fine drying day Cool

" 4 To Fergus in Forenoon Re Pritchard Pd Insurance Sowing in 11 and Picking stones

" 5 Fine cool Picking stones & Harrowing in 11 finished sowing in 11. Sowed 59 Bu 14 Lbs on it with a total of 307 lbs grass seed altogether. Like rain this evening

" 6 (Sunday) Dry. Cold no growth yet frost every night

" 7 Finished Picking stones in 11. Finished harrowing Rennie here for Grain

" 8 Rolling in 11. Plowing sod in 1. Rain and snow all afternoon making and mending Gates &c.

" 9 Snow showers all forenoon mending Gates moving straw Plowing sod in 1 afternoon

" 10 very Hard frost this morning Hindering Harrowing Cold all day To Levi Tibbetts Funreal Plowing sod young Pigs

" 11 Frost again but Lighter Finished Rolling in 11 started in S.F. finished Plowing sod in 1 and Disced it Calf

" 12 no Frost High wind in afternoon Great Dust storm Harrowed sod. Planted 4 Drills of Potatoes in 1 Harrowed 1 and sowed it Finished seeding all But some Harrowing & Rolling

" 13 (Sunday) Warm Rain more or less all day the First day of Real Growth this Season

1906 == === 22 {upper left corner} =

May 14 Cooler & very fine. Fixing fences in forenoon Harrowing and Rolling in afternoon A to Fergus Got Flour

" 15 Warm. Finished Rolling fixing Fence Putting wire acrross {across} River tween us and Gerrie in afternoon

" 16 No Frost Last night very warm Getting Ready for wire at Concession. Young Cattle out all night

" 17 Thunder and Rain in morning then Fine and warm all day. Picking Potatoes Finished wiring at the River Wild Plums in Bloom

" 18 Plowing for mangolds Picking Potatoes To Fergus Saw D {Allen..?}

" 19 Rain and Thunder Round about us Cooler

" 19 Cool. Drilling and sowing mangolds. John to Fergus with chop and Oats to C. Robinson @ 35. Cows out all night

" 20 (Sunday) very White Frost ice. A & John to Church

" 21 Frost again. Cultivating Turnip land over to Jno. Whites Bot 24 Cattle @ $89.00 4 mos to Belwood Re Hogs Trees well in Leaf

" 22 No Frost warmer finished Picking Potatoes John Plowing for Potatoes Mary Came Home from Toronto

" 23 Thunder in the morning and a few drops of Rain to Belwood with 4 Hogs 730 @ $6.75 one weighed 250 7 mos Ragged up Potatoes

" 24 very warm Lots of Thunder and some Rain in afternoon Harrowing Root Land Loading up Potatoes

" 25 Warm To Elora with Potatoes 23 Bgs @ .75 Cutting Potatoes

" 26 Hot With Lots of Thunder and some rain Planting Potatoes in Forenoon. to Wm Cowans sale in Belwood in afternoon Cool at night

" 27 (Sunday) Cloudy Cold day. A & Mary to Church Jno Black here

" 28 Cool. Finished Planting Potatoes Sowed Carrotts and Beans

" 29 Warmer & Dry Levelling Pits Picking stones in 10

" 30 Warm. Thunder Rain & Hail in afternoon Cultivating in 10 Filling Drain fixing Buggies and general Choring

" 31 Cool. Finished Cultivating in 10. Harrowing {Do?} Plowing in 4 To Elora R. Loan Co. A to R. Blacks at night

June 1 Cool. Jim finished Harrowing in 10 John Plowing in 4 Frost these nights

" 2 Warmer. moving stone Pile in 10. A Jim & Leith to Fergus

" 3 (Sunday) To Church (Communion) some what warmer

" 4 Warm. Drawing up Hay from stock Bottom. washed sheep. Plowing in 4

1906 == === 23 {upper right corner} =

June 5 Hot Drawed out 4 Loads manure to 4 Plowing and Harrowing in 4. Clover in Blossom Thunder an {and} fine Rain at night A to Blacks

" 6 Rain mostly all night warm up to Libs John to Fergus with Oats 38cts got 2 blocks salt

" 7 Warm misty A and I to Guelph Re Cattle D. B. 6 mo {11th ?}

" 8 Wild Thunder storm last night warm to day Plowing in 10. Black mare Served Thunder storm and Tremendous Rain in afternoon. Raising Rivers and flooding low land

" 9 too wet to Plow warm John to Fergus with oats A and Mary to Fergus to Late Mrs Hays sale Got sideboard Cleaned out wood shed and drawed away ahses Thunder and rain at night

" 10 (Sunday) Thunder and rain this morning at 4 oclock and in Forenoon Clearing up and colder at night

" 11 John to Fergus with Oats Filling up wash outs in Turnip Land in 4 Cultivating and Harrowing Frost

" 12 Frost again. Drilling for Turnips John Plowing Lib Down for Mary

" 13 Light Frost. Sowing Turnips. Plowing in 10 To Jas Dicks Funreal Cool day

" 14 Drilling for Turnips & Harrowing in 4 Plowing in 10 warmer Nellie Served

" 15 Warm. Thunder Rain Picking stones in 10

" 16 " Thunder and Light rain last night and nearly all day. Fred & Lib here Mary came with Thom Barley in head A. and John to Fergus at night. Looks rainy yet. {Lambs?}

" 17 (Sunday) Warm and still Showers all day heavy at night Too Much rain for low Land. Mary and John to Church

" 18 Warm Rain all Forenoon to A. Moirs in afternoon Damp

" 19 " Filling up oats Choring Drilling and sowing in afternoon in 4

" 20 " started to Drill then Rain all day Thunder at night

" 21 Rain in Early morn then Cleared Drilling in 10 Sowed 1/2 a hour after Dinner then Rain and three 3 Thunderstorms Mary to Fergus

" 22 John to Fergus with oats Bot {P.40?} showers all day made Pole Gate warm

" 23 showery Anderson V. S up Twice to Derkey. Building fence at River Been Rain every Day for 9 Days. Looks Fair Cooler to night

1906 == === 24 {upper left corner} =

June 24 (Sunday) Fine dry all day. A. Jim & Leith to Church M & Jno {Evans?}

" 25 Dry Hot sowing Turnips 10 all we are Putting there

" 26 Dry & very Hot Turnips all sowed finished in 4 scuffling mang

" 27 very hot thunder to the north. To Nellie Broadfoots Funreal to A. Moirs with Mary Hoeing Potatoes & mangels

" 28 still Hot Plowing in 10. Thunder. Black mare away

" 29 " " scuffling Potatoes. Finished {Beets?} Jno Helping Rennie

" 30 Cooler. Road work Rain. Cleaning up at night

July 1 Misty morning slight Rain all Forenoon

" 2 Hot. Road work Plowing in 10

" 3 " " " " Heavy rain in afternoon then from 10 to 2 in the morning. Over to Wm Clarks Re School

" 4 Plowing in 10. (5) Plowing in 10 afternoon thinning mangels scuffling Turnips

" 6 Cooler. 10 all Plowed but top Headland. Thinning Beets

" 7 Hot Picking stone in 10. thinning Beets. Heavy Rain

" 8 (Sunday) warm with showers Heavy to the north

" 9 still Hot John to Belwood with waggon to get {fence?} stones all Picked on 11. & Headlands Plowed Thinning Turnips A. to Fergus Thunder and Rain at night Disc & Clarke here

" 10 Hot Dry thinning Turnips Putting up Fence at River Taking down Fence Round where Hay stack was

" 11 Hot Harrowing 11 thinning Turnips mowing Lane

" 12 still Hot To Fergus in morning. Fork Handles oil Green & cc John to Belwood for Truck Waggon then to Fergus with Chop got Salt Black more again

" 13 very Hot John mowing at Hannas took in Load of Hay

" 14 Fair & warm Scuffling & thinning Turnips Drawing in Hay for Hanna John to A. Moirs For Mary

" 15 (Sunday) Hot A & I to Church Harry & Edna Came up Rain in afternoon light New Potatoes

" 16 Hot Stan Came Nelson Warmington & Tom here thinning Turnips Heavy rain & Thunder at noon

" 17 Still hot N. & T Warmington here Thinning Turnips

" 18 " " T. Warmington here Turnips in 11 all thinned Cool at night up to Jno Gerries Re P. O

1906 == === 25 {upper right corner} =

July 19 Cooler started Haying Cut 3 up to Fullers Got Picks Sharpened at Belwwod. Got Honey Rain at night

" 20 Warm Rain A. to Elora in afternoon I to Fergus A Great Rain and Thunder storm. Putting down Crops Badly

" 21 Finished thinning Turnips Drawed in some

" 22 (Sunday) A & Edna to Church Heavy thunder wind rain at night

" 23 Stan didnot Come started to Cut 6. Drawing from 3 Cooler to W. Clarks {...?}

" 24 Cool morning 3 all in Scuffling Cutting in 6 & 7 Drawing from 3

" 25 Grand day 6 all in but Piece left fro second Cutting & Coling in 7

" 26 Hot Hay all cut Coling & Raking in 7. Raked 6 2nd time & took it in Cleaning Bean and Carrotts. Had new Beans

" 27 Moderate Hot Hay all in Cole A away looking for Hands to stack Thunder and rain in afternoon and then at night

" 28 Hot Damp morning Drawed in Hay to stack slight Rain in afternoon Harry Derrs Here

" 29 (Sunday) Rainy all Day A very heavy storm in the afternoon

" 30 warm. Fair {Trinning?} up manure Pile setting up Binder Helping D. Milne thin Turnips in afternoon

" 31 Hot Hay all in 25 Loads in stack 14 in Barn Stan D M {S...?} here Helping

August 1 Dry Hot Trinning up and fencing Hay stack in forenoon started Harvest in spring field John & Mary to {Metz?} Garden Party

" 2 Dry warm John Cleaning Turnips Helping A Hanna to shingle House

" 3 " " To Fergus to see K. Murphy Re Cattle

" 4 very Hot 90 in the shade John Cutting in spring field To Guelph Re Guthrie J.B. Bad Thunderstome to the south in afternoon

" 5 (Sunday) still warm A to Church Ann Came up

" 6 warm Cleaning Turnips Rich Murphy up Fixed spring

" 7 " " " finished Cutting S. Field slight Rain

" 8 To Belwood in morning to see school after dinner at Turnips

" 9 at Turnip A Gerrie from Nichol here. John ran mower over Black muck

" 10 Heavy rain last night Cleaning Turnips in 10 Cooler

" 11 Clear warm at Turnips all day

" 12 Quite Cool. Mary to Church Took Ann Mown & Rhoda {Brian?} up

" 13 Cool. Cutting in 8 and at Turnips

" 14 Cutting in 8 started in 11 all spring field in Down to school in morn

1906 == === 26 {upper left corner} =

August 15 Culling in 11 at Turnips A to Fergus very Hot

" 16 still Hot Raes Threshing in Forenoon Cutting in afternoon

" 17 Hot Dry Cutting in 11 & stooking A to Fergus

" 18 very Hot Finished Cutting 11 and 1 stooking

" 19 (Sunday) Mary and I to Church. Rain Heavy Thunder to south

" 20 To Fergus with some school roofing & and to Elora very Hot 3 Thunderstorms went Round us

" 21 Tremendous Heat Cutting & stooking 3 storms Round

" 22 still very Hot. Finished Cutting all stooked. Ed Came up The usual. 3 storms round us.

" 23 Hot moving manure Cleaning Turnips got one load of oats in when rain Came Heavy

" 24 Hot first Day without rain this week. Drawing oats from 1

" 25 misty morning. got oats all in at Home. Thompsons threshing (all hands)

" 26 Cooler. A & Ed to Libs Jno Black here Rain at night (Sunday)

" 27 Cool. Drawing threshing wood. Jas White threshing Harry Came up

" 28 Fine Dry Cool. Killed sheep &c {..?} Getting Ready to thresh

" 29 " " " But windy Threshed on lower Place from the stook 40 acre 19 hands and 4 Teams Drawing to machine Good Turn out 9 1/2 Hours Done 9 acres in 1 hr 20 min

" 30 fine Still D Milne threshing forenoon. Rennie after

" 31 Fine Cool Cleaning up after Threshing in forenoon John at Rennies Drawing in all day I helping D Milne afternoon

Septr 1 Fine Cool Jas and J. helping D Milne all day John helping Rennie

" 2 (Sunday) Cool some Rain A number from Fergus Re J J Craigs Pony

" 3 Cool Rain this morning. John Plowing Jim helping Rennie

" 4 To Fergus Re J.B. took down Butter and Pears Dry warm

" 5 Dry Hot John Plowing in 1. Took 10 Cattle to N Murphy 1127 average $430.25

" 6 " " To Elora for Lumber Plowing in 1 Rakings all in

" 7 still Hot & Dry John down with Chop. Jim and I Fixing Fence

" 8 " very Hot & Dry. Putting new cover on well in forenoon Folks to S.S. Pick nic in afternoon. Edna went to Guelph and Mrs Jas Moir came from Elora

" 9 (Sunday) Same weather a week now without Rain a thing that has not happened all Summer

1906 == === 27 {upper right corner} =

Septr 10 opening sand Pit Harrowing in 1 in forenoon. tearing out verandah filling with stone in afternoon A to Fergus Gramma sick

" 11 Dry. Hot Drawing gravel to verandah & sand making stone Boats Painting Roof with asphalt. Mary to Belwood Re Mail key

" 12 Hotter than Ever Plowing Black muck in 4 Below Turnips {99? ..?}

" 13 Cooler to Fergus to See Malcolm Re verandha McCullough got Load of straw Plowing muck. slight shower

" 14 Fine and cool. Finished Plowing muck Mc Got another Load of straw Jno to Fergus for Cement Frost

" 15 moderate warm. Jno Malcolm here Laying Cement verandah Finished Late

" 16 hot again A Jim & Leith to Church

" 17 to Fergus in morning Re Hanna J. B marking out for manure with Plow To Belwood in evening Re mail Lock

" 18 very Hot again. Jno to Fergus with Malcolms {Traps?} Cleaning up round verandah. Started to Draw manure at Loran Place

" 19 very Hot at manure all day. A to Fergus in Forenoon

" 20 Fine morning A & I to Guelph Re Cattle note boys at manure up home Heavy rain at night first for 17 Days

" 21 Cool A to Burrs Rev. Mullan here at manure (Home)

" 22 " Drawing manure

" 23 (Sunday) Fine A and Mary to Church and S. School

" 24 Cool J. Goudie here at manure at Lower Place Sold Jas Caldwell 9 Cattle @ $400.00 First Ice this Fall

" 25 Cool. Goudie here at manure all day at Low Place

" 26 Cool. Drawing manure at home spreading & Plowing John & Jas at Fergus show rain in Forenoon Drizzle all day Heavy at night Thunder

" 28 Cool yesterday & to Day at manure Finished at Home 87 Loads A to Fergus

" 29 Rain more or less all day Sometimes Heavy Choring Fixing stables {&cd ?}

" 31 (Sunday) Clear and cool A Jas & Leith to Church morn Jno Mary Evening

Octr 1 Cool Heavy Frost. Stan Came went to Bert Milnes Threshing Willie Johnston Came in afternoon at manure all day

" 2 Fine at manure Finished 210 Loads Stan Patching Barn roof in afternoon Covering well Below and Choring. To W Dixs & W. Clarks Evening Frost

" 3 Cool started Potatoes spreading and Plowing in manure (Stan) in 1

1906 == === 28 {upper left corner} =

Octr 4 slight Rain all afternoon at Potatoes forenoon started sugar Beets spreading and Plowing in manure in 1 Stan

" 5 Damp morning Clearing up after. To Fergus Stan Plowing in manure spread all manure in 1 At Beets

" 6 Colder Rain all day Piling Beets making Bed Seat

" 7 (Sunday) Clear High Cold wind. A & Mary to Church. calf (Heifer)

" 8 Warmer thundr and some rain through the day. Thunder storm at night Stan Plowing Finished Beets and Potatoes Beets Fair Crop Potatoes Poor

" 9 Cold showers of hail & Snow all day. Spreading manure in 8 in forenoon. 2 teams Plowing in 1 afternoon Finished it filling up Chop

" 10 warmer in morning By 10 oclock Snowing Snowed heavy all afternoon 3 inches anyway John with chop in forenoon Stan Plowing snowing and Blowing all evening wild

" 11 A. Record storm for the season at least 15 inches fell in this Neighbourhood. sleighing to the North round the Lake shore to Goderich. Buffalo cut off from all sides by {wire?} Bad at Sarnia. Jas White threshing {C....? Cattle?} away

" 12 very hard frost this morning spoiling mangels and apples of which the Greater Part was out 12 Below freezing Sold Jas Caldwell 3 Cattle 1. 1340 @ $ {412?} 2. 2400 @ 3.22 = $146.00 2 Teams Plowing 1 in 8. 1 in 12. Grand day

" 13 warmer snow gone. spreading manure in 8 Plowing in 8 & 12

" 14 (Sunday) fine and warm A & I to Church. r. Stewart and Mrs here Looks Like Indian Summer. Calf (Felks)

" 15 very warm. Plowing A and Edna to Guelph

" 16 very fine. Plowing. Finished spreading manure Jas Milne Threshing

17 fine 2 Teams Plowing. To Fergus to Fergus Re {Base?} Trough

" 18 Cloudy. Thanksgiving day. Harry Jones Came up Plowing Harrowing Black Muck Mary & Ed to Libs John took Mary up at night

" 19 Heavy Rain all day till 4 PM. to Rennies Filling Chop

" 20 Fine Plowing up to T. Smiths John to Fergus with Chop Borrowed from Rennie 1270 Lbs started taking up Turnips Edna came down from Libs

" 22 Fine Cloudy took Turnips to Fergus 1 Team Plowing in forenoon 2 in afternoon. Pulling and Topping Turnips

1906 == === 29 (upper right corner) =

Octr 23 Fine warm. Turnips to Fergus 1 Team Plowing in forenoon Topping Pulling and Drawing to Barn in afternoon

" 24 Cloudy Raw Cold Thunder and Rain in afternoon John to Fergus with Turnips Jim Drawing in To Hannas threshing all day John in afternoon Edna went to Toronto

" 25 Cold Raw. Turnips to Fergus to Hanas threshing in forenoon Drawed in Some Turnips And Harrowed out Rain at night

" 26 Drawing Turnips Cold and wet at night

" 27 Rainy all day Made upper Turnip waggon Box. Killed Pig A to Fergus

" 28 (Sunday) Cold Snowy day very disagreeable

" 29 Cold but Fair. To Fergus with 9 Cattle sold to Jas White Stan here Lbs $816.00

" 30 Snowy Dirty day Stan & John Plowing all day finished 8 & 12 Tied up three steers. Jime took apples from Rennies

" 31 Hard frost Taking up & drawing Turnips Greystones all in

Novr 1 " " " " " " " to Pit Clear Sunny afternoon

" 2 very Hard frost but Clear day and milder Finished Turnips in 4 John to Fergus with 8 Lambs - 729 Lbs @ 5 1/2

" 3 Fine Pulling Turnips in 10 Stan here in afternoon

" 4 (Sunday) very fine for the season A & Mary to Church Mary to {....?} SS

" 5 Frosty morning Fine day Stan here Pulling and Drawing Turnips {.....?} Came

" 6 " " " Jas Hanna here & Vrooman " " "

" 7 " " " " " " " Drawing & Pulling in fore noon Threshing machine (Hastings) in afternoon Hanna Pulling

" 8 Some Hail & Snow in morning finished threshing by 9 oclock then Pulling and Drawing 2 Teams. Hanna & Vrooman here

" 9 Some rain in morning colder To Fergus Re Bank Got Plowsheres John to D Milnes threshing. Finished Pulling Turnips

" 10 Fine Day Stan here and D. Vrooman all shipping Turnips in Trimming Pit 2 Teams Drawing

" 11 (Sunday) Ground white this morning A & Mary to Church then to A Moris Mary staid

" 12 Inch of Snow no Frost Stan Here Covering Pit

" 13 Frosty cloudy Finished Covering shipping Turnips by noon. Plowing in afternoon Sod 6 1 single 8th riding Plow

" 14 Hardest Frost of the Season. 2 plows in sod 4 Put in Binder

" 15 Frosty Sunny. 2 Teams Plowing in 4 in Forenoon the {.....? .....?}

1906 == === 30 {upper left corner} =

Novr 15 Took up Load of oats to Clean. Cloudy. Frosty finished Plowing 4 started in 2. taking in Cull Turnips in afternoon

" 16 Frosty Sunny. Cleaned up 40 Bags of oats 105 Bush took then to Fergus to Packover Cull Turnips all in {.......?}

" 17 Stan took Load of Turnips to Fergus in morning rain Freezing as it Fell Took up oats and Cleaned them for Chop Took down another Load of Turnips to - Packover. took Chop to Fergus (for Horses) Lbs

" 18 (Sunday) Good day for the season Wm S Clark here

" 19 Clear Sunny day to Fergus with chickens 12 weighed 89 Lbs Plowing sod after Hastings threshing

" 20 Rainy freezing as it fell. Hastings finished threshing 2 teams Plowing sod - 2 in afternoon

" 21 Cold Rain all day Freezing on everything A {Base?} going to thresh but too wet

" 22 High Cold wind Rennie threshing Black mare sick Anderson V.S Here twice

" 23 Fine Rennie Finished threshing Black mare Died

" 24 very fine for Season. A. Rae threshing. Plowing sod in 2 Drawing wood

(Sunday) 25 Frosty morning fine day Hail & Rain at night Jno Black here

" 26 Heavy rain all last night and this afternoon. Plowing sod in 2 in the fore noon. Finished Covering Turnip Pits Jno Baer here colecting

" 27 Cold Damp. 2 Teams Plowing in sod

" 28 Showers of snow Hard frost by night. Finished Plowing sod in 2 Rennie X got 680 lbs Grain (Repayment) Took Load of Turnips to {Scheris?} Got Ram and Put with Ewes started to Plow where Potatoes were

" 29 Hard frost Clear & sunny Cleaned up 8 Bags Chop 25 oats took to Fergus

" 30 Cloudy cold some rain A & I to Fergus To Bank etc then A and John Down to the Supper in town Hall St Andrews Church

Decr 1 Fine morning but started to snow and High wind to D. B.

" 2 (Sunday) Cold & raw. Jim and Mary to Church

" 3 Winter fairly very Cold and stormy. A. Singer here sold him 10 Cattle @ $39.00 Killed a pig (4) moderate to Thompsons in forenoon Castrating

" 5 milder but still cold to Belwood in Forenoon wiht Boots to Repair To Jno Whites and Wm Clarks in afternoon then to Fergus Snowing at Night

" 6 rain sleet and ice mild forenoon. Colder in afternoon to Load of Turnips to {shario?} - Sleighing first of Season

" 7 Clear but very frosty with high wind all day. Colder this season

1906 == === 31 {upper right corner} =

Decr 8 Milder but Snowing all day. Took Turnips to {Scherio?} Mary went took home Coal 800 Lbs Good sleighing

" 9 (Sunday) A. Jim & Mary to Church. Fred & Lib Here. milder but Raw

" 10 Misty some Rain Colder at night. Took Turnips to Schorio A. Down with cutter Thompsons Bros got Grain. Total 875 Bags included

" 11 Cold Clear day Took Load of Turnips to Scherio A Laid up with cold Sold Cow & steer to Wm Shortread for $73.00 and Delivered them John and Mary to Party at D. Milnes

" 12 Cloudy mild sold Pair steers to Jas White @ 4 cts Less $1.00 took Jag straw to A Hanna Choring Drawing wood etc

" 13 To Belwood for Boots Rep. Drawed Load of wood. Hannas got sleigh John and Jim to see Jno Whites Cattle

" 14 Cold Raw morning Ice mist Rain. To Shortreads for side of Beef 326 Lbs @ 6 cts Thomsons Bros threshing Finished

" 15 Rain in morning But fine day tho slippery. took 2 Cattle to Fergus to Jno White 2410 Jas White threshing Finished

" 17 Fine Choring Putting on Tar Paper. Mrs & John Hastings and Jas White here at night

" 18 Grand day Drawing wood Jas Gerrie here. Mary to Annie Days Funreal John to Fergus. Mrs Wright here. McLellan Drawing sand

" 19 Cold Clear. Took wire off at River took up Wood

" 20 Fine mild. Cutting wood accross {across} River. A. & Jno To Fergus got meat {Barrell?}

" 21 " " " " To Jas Whites {castridating?}

" 22 Sunny Cold A to Fergus Brot Jane Moir up in Forenoon Down to Fergus in afternoon pd Taxes

" 24 Sunny. Cold. Choring.

" 25 very Cold Clear Drifting some to Fergus Bot 16 Cattle from A. Shortread

" 26 Sunny. Cold. Took Cattle Home Wt 13860 @ 854 = $439.45

" 27 Some snow last night Milder Drawing wood from over the River

" 28 very mild Cloudy Drawing wood

" 29 " " " " " Taking out Fence Posts at river ({wire?})

" 30 (Sunday) Jim and Mary to church mild Rain. John helping Rennie to Find {farm?}

" 31 Rain mist Disagreable Day John down with Turnips to Scheria The Winter so far has been about Perfect not much Snow not very Cold no storms good sleighing

1907 == === 32 {upper left corner} =

Jany 1 mild. Fair, Cloudy. Choring Took up Cull Turnips

" 2 Fine Cloudy. Trustee orgn meeting to R. Blacks in evening. misty

" 3 Last night rain that Frose then milder. Rainy all day. Party at the Wright

" 4 Damp Cloudy Took Jean Moir Back to R.A.H

" 5 " " mild John had Dan to Fergus getting shod

" 6 (Sunday) Mild. A. and Mary to Church. Johnny Black here

7 Rain all day 2 Sows away River Broke up and Jammed

" 8 " Freezing as it fell. Took Turnips to Rea

" 9 Hard Frost. Snow flying very Icy. Turnip to Schorio

" 10 Cold Showers of Snow. Blowing Getting worse By night Sows Home Stan in morning Turnips to Rae

" 11 Heaviest Blow of Season no Cold. 2 Loads Turnips 1 to Rae 1 to Scherio

" 12 Snow from the East last night. Mild Cloudy " " "

" 13 (Sunday) mild Damp. Willie & Nob Black Here

" 14 Hoar Frost mild misty 2 Loads of Turnip to Rae A to Fergus & Thomsons

" 15 Fine Cloudy at Turnips had Stan and Wm Thompson Drawing 2 Loads to Rae 4 to Schario

" 16 Raw East wind. Stan {Jno?} Rennie and Wm Thompson Drawing one Load each 1 Load to Rae 3 to Schario. A Moir and wife here

" 17 Cold Raw East wind Some snow finished Cleaning mixed Grain Cleaned some oats up to D. Milnes at night

" 18 Fine. mild Took load of Turnips to Schario Jno & Mary to Hannas

" 19 Rain all day (Heavy) Cleaning oats. Rained & Froze last night

" 20 (Sunday) Heavy Rain last night Jams broke up and river clear and very high. A. Snowy windy Drifty day the worst this sseason

" 21 Drifty Blustering Day Cleaning up oats Stokers got Hay first time

" 22 Cold with Drifting showers. To Jno Gregsons Sale Bt. sledge for Stokes

" 23 Clear Cold 11 Below To Fergus settling for Turnips

" 24 Clear morning 15 Below Snowing in afternoon to Belwood with oats got 200 Flour. took up school Clerk. With wheels no sleighing

" 25 Cold stormy To Scharios Sale Bot Bells

" 26 Cold quiet drawing wood

" 27 (Sunday) Fine A and Mary to Church

" 28 Cold some snow Helping Thompsons up with 5 cattle to W. {Bs?}

" 29 Fine with some snow. W. B Thomsons sale. Mary down to entertainment at St. Andrews Church {Stokes?} Catte to Coldwell

1907 == === 33 {upper right corner} =

Jany 31 Cold. Bright took Cattle to Jas Caldwells 94 @ $130.00 To John Marshalls in Evening

" 31 Milder Hoar Frost. Some snow To Belwood all day Re Tp audit

Feby 1 mild misty Took load of Turnips to Rea

" 2 soft thawing " " " " Snowing & Blowing at night

" 3 (Sunday) Colder. stormy and snowing

" 4 very fine. to Fergus Re Caldwell {Ck?} Hodge Malcolm & c

" 5 Drifty from East last night and to day Cold

" 6 Cold quiet took load of Turnips to Rea

" 7 Cold very fine " " A went to Belwood

" 8 " " " Mary & Jim up for A

" 9 milder A to Fergus pd Gibson note Cutting wood over River in afternoon

" 10 (Sunday) Mary went to Church walking stayed all night. A very stormy day the worst this winter not Cold

" 11 stormy yet and very Cold by night John to Fergus with Chop (Horse) started the Tp Audit

" 12 18 Below Zero and stormy at audit

" 13 Sunny & milder Mary had {A?} to Fergus then to W.W. Gerrie Sale

" 14 To Guelph Re D. B. and A to Fergus stormy afternoon

" 15 Fine Day Stormy evening. A to See Mrs Thompson

" 16 Milder Accross {Across} River Getting wood Mary Jno & Jim to Fergus at night

" 17 (Sunday) very fine A. & Mary to Church morning Mary & Jno Evening

" 18 Fine at audit in forenoon A and I to Libs afternoon A stayed

" 19 very {gles?} last night mild morning stormy afternoon quiet Evening Finished Audit young sow away

" 20 Beautiful Sunny mild morning To Council meeting with Auditors Report John to Geo Burrs sale. A very stormy night

" 21 Cold yet to Fergus to Insurance meeting

" 22 very Cold Clear 16 Below To Robinsons Sale

" 23 A little milder Clear Drawing wood & cutting

" 24 (Sunday) Mary and Jim to Church quite a snowfall 6th {stormy sun?} day in succession

" 25 Cold and a little stormy. Cutting wood & choring Roads Heavy

" 26 Cold and blustry to Martins sale A Came back from Freds

" 27 {....?} Clear day took over {Rungs?} Jno to Jas White drawing Lumber

" 28 Raw East wind Choring

1907 == === 34 {upper left corner} =

March 1 Raw not Cold to Geo Allans Sale Mary to Fergus Rain at night

" 2 Soft morning Some Rain then a wild stormy afternoon To Fergus to Sale Got Bag Truck 1/2 Doz. Cattle Chains & cc

" 3 (Sunday) very stormy all day

" 4 Clear milder. Jas Gerrie & Joe Roxburgh here for seed oats

" 5 mild morning very stormy afternoon. Fred & Lib here for seed oats finished drawing Turnips 2131 Back = $192.60 Mary Down {Eo?} {Buttons?} to crop

" 6 Cold Clear To Belwood & Joe Whites Looking Horse Jas Gerrie came for his oats

" 7 Mild took up Load oats Drew Load Posts Killed pig for Jas Milne

" 8 Fine morning stormy afternoon. Cleaning oats A. To Fergus with Mrs Jas Milne

" 9 very fine Drawing in Turnips and Hay. A & Jim to Fergus for Boots, mail & {c/c?}

" 10 (Sunday) A & I to Church then to Jno Black very fine

" 11 To Jas Retties for seed sale {(Barley?)} to D Milnes for seed Barley. R. Kerr here putting up {E...?} Trough on N.W. of barn sleighing about gone Drove Waggon to 3rd line first wheels along

" 12 Mild misty and some rain. To Elora to John Richardsons Funreal {Funeral}

" 13 Clear and sunny. T. Smillie & {Hawiks?} Bilton here for seed oats

" 14 another fine day A to Fergus with Mary to Dr wheeling Pretty good

" 15 Sunny with cold wind to R. Stewarts {...?} Cummings sale Robins

" 16 A real thaw and sunny. Drawing in Turnips and Hay {2?} to Mrs Wright

" 17 (Sunday) Clear with cold wind. Rain last night A. Hanna here frosty night

" 18 hard frost in morning Bluebirds Snow at night ( river Clear

" 19 milder misty. To T. Connellys & H. Sargeants sale ( wheels

" 20 Raw and Colder. W. Clark & F Green here for oats

" 21 very fine no Frost at night Real spring day to Fergus Re Clover seed

" 22 very warm wild Geese Sun Took up oats all signs of early Spring Thunder

" 23 Sunny and very mild Cleaned up some oats

" 24 (Sunday) Stan here. Thunder again last night

" 25 To Fergus to P. Boynes & Jno Mutchs funreal {funeral} roads very muddy

" 26 still mild took up 2 Loads of oats

" 27 another storm last night Thunder and rain to S. McKees Bot mare $165.00 rain and misty afternoon & warm

" 28 Fine drying day Drawing up & Cleaning oats

" 29 Good Friday Cooler some rain then windy Drawing up and Cleaning oats no Frost for a week Frogs heard

1907 == === 35 {upper right corner} =

March 30 Dry and cooler. Got oats all up from below and {Jeg?} Hay

" 31 (Sunday) very Hard frost windy and snow flying all day

April 1 Cold Frosty day. Drawing up wood &c A and Mary to Fergus Mary to Russells

" 2 Milder Drawing up Turnips to Wilson Ransoms Funreal {Funeral}

" 3 soft again some Rain in afternoon Got straw at D. Milnes Cleaning up oats

" 4 warm Rain at night. Making Timber at Jas Milnes Drawing up Turnips

" 5 Dull Rainy afternoon Cleaning up oats

" 6 To Fergus. Took Load of oats took Home Harrows. Clear but Cold & Rain

" 7 (Sunday) A & Jim to Church Raw and Frosty

" 8 still Raw. Snowing in afternoon to Wm Blacks Funreal A to Belwood

" 9 Dirty Damp Raw Day. Ground white with snow. Elora Horse show Lambs

" 10 stlll Bad Snow {flying?} Horrid weather. Jean Moir Nichol Died

" 11 Hard frost Sunny but north wind. A to Fergus John Building fence

" 12 Frost Ground white with Snow to Jane Moirs Funreal. Roads very sloppy raw and cold

" 13 another Raw Cold day. John to Fergus at night But Mary up

" 14 (Sunday) still Cold. John A & Mary to Church in evening

" 15 Heavy frost this morning. Ice 1 1/2 inches thick Damm froze over in Fergus John to Fergus with oats took 25 B 20 lbs to Anderson @ 36.00 = $9.25 Brot up Clover seed 400 lbs @ 16 per lb. Freight 1.04 = $65.04 Jno Burr and Wm Townout here for seed oats Burrs = $9.25 Brot up {athle?} and Fixed {Democrat?}

" 16 Frost and the Ground white with snow. Snowed all day. John Down with R. Stewarts & R. Blacks Clover. Seed harder Points

" 17 Wintry looking morning Sunny but Cold all day Roads sloppy from melted snow John to Belwood getting Buggy shaft fixed then took Rennies & Milnes Jas Whites & Thompsons Clover seed to them

" 18 still cold snow flying Cutting wood {Nob?} Black here for oats

" 19 " " Drawing up Hay and wood Roads Getting dry

" 20 Colder North wind Sunny. took up some Bidding and wood in forenoon A. Jim & Leith to Fergus in afternoon John Putting Points on Seeder

" 21 (Sunday) Fine somewhat warm A. Jim & Leith to Church {Dance?} {...?} Jim and {...?} here

" 22 Clear milder very high wind started to Disc in 6 Down to R. Blacks in evening

" 23 Mild To Belwood. Discing in 12. Harrowing in 6. Seeding fairly started D. Milne & Bert Sowing afternoon warm. But cold at night

1907 == === 36 {upper left corner} =

April 24 Frost. Ice 3/4 inch Sowing oats in 6 Harrowing in 12. It has been a very slow spring sleighing gone on 14 {marsh?} Sowing a week later than 1906

" 25 Rain Last night. Picking stone in 12 and started Sowing it to Boers at night

" 26 Frosty morning Finished Sowing 12 and Harrowing it started to disc in 2

" 27 Too much Frost to sow or Harrow in the morning fixing Floor of Pig Pen finished Discing in 2 and Harrowed it . started to sow it. took Home the Last of Turnips Put 3 Cattle out. A. & John to Fergus Mary Came up. Butter 25cts a Lb

" 28 Frost yet but got warmer (Sunday) A Jim & Leith to Ch {Church} John and Mary in Evening

" 29 Rain and Thunder in morning. mixing Grass seed and Daubeny oats and Barley Bush of Each Jim Milne got oats Swallows here

" 30 Thunder & Rain nearly all night and this Forenoon turning Cold at night The land badly flooded an {and} River very high the coldest {apiece?} for 59 years and one with little Rain or snowfall until today. Been a cold Raw month

May 1 Hard Frost no seeding till noon. In the shade Frost all day. Sowing mixed Grain in 10. Pigs (13) Lambs (Triplets) milder at night

" 2 Slight Frost but warm day. Finished sowing 10 - 10 {per?} ac 11 B the 8 oats 11. 12 Barley

" 3 Fine. Finished Harrowing 10 & 2. All sowed but 4 which is very wet up to Living Springs S. H. rc Platform Some have got none sowed yet

" 4 2 inches of snow this morning and snowing until 8 gone by noon Sunny after but Cold Cleaning up oats took up Jag bidding {evening? for Roots

" 5 (Sunday) Fine. A. Jim & Leith up to Libs

" 6 Dry & Warmer to Fergus. Re Pritchard Got {Ret?} feed. Flour wir. &

" 7 Fine Cultivating sowing & arrowing in 4 Jerry Brechins Came to Fence started between 8 & 9

" 8 Fine warm Got all sowed but wet piece at bottowm of 4

" 9 Frsot all this week (Light) Planted some Potatoes in 1 started Plowing for Roots

" 10 Cold Rain snow Hail Last night Cold all day finished Plowing for Roots Jerry Fencing on line Between D Milne & Thompsons and us

" 11 very hard frost Ice over inch thick out thawing in the shade all day John to Fergus evening Mary & Rhoda Brown came up gto 76 Lbs soft wire from A Hanna Jerry left but not done {......?}

" 12 (Sunday) another Hard frost & Ice milder at night John & Mary to church

" 13 Better weather warmer a high Drying wind. Finished Seeding an acre at the Foot of 4 Leaving the Black muck Sowing Grass Seed on it only A & I to A Moirs

" 14 Warmer. Windy Putting wire across River at Gerries Line in forenoon To Mrs. Wm. B. Thompsons Funeral in afternoon

1907 == === 37 {upper right corner} =

May 15 Cooler. Cloudy to Elora at J. Moirs Rainy afternoon

" 16 To Belwood in forenoon. To Fergus in afternoon Re Bank quite Cool

" 17 Drilling and Sowing. Sugars Beets. Cool till Evening then warmer Roy Black here

" 18 Drawing old Racks for wood. To Fergus and Elora in afternoon at R. Stewarts

" 19 Cool and windy threatening Rain (Sunday)

" 20 very Cold windy showers of Snow To Fergus in afternoon Re. T. B.

" 21 Cold yet and Heavy Frost this morning Ice an inch thick to Fergus with A. Re L Jerry Came {...?} to Fence

" 22 Better putting wire along lane. Drawing Rails Harrowing A to Fergus

" 23 First Right spring day John at Jas Whites Jacking up Barn Edna came up From Toronto. A. & E to Jas Gerries up to D Milnes in Evening

" 24 Fine Getting Cold at night Plowing in orchard below Mary up

" 25 Cold Clear took down some oats to Fergus 42 cts and A shop to N Murphy Edna & Harry to Libs Rain at night

" 26 (Sunday) Fine warm Heavy Rain Wind and thunder at night

" 27 Cold Raw morning to Fergus with {e?} wanderor in the afternoon a Regular Blizzard snow 2 inches and high wind very Cold 5 below Freezing Fred and Lib down {Fed?} 2 cattle

" 28 Cold Clear Plowing in 1 A Moir and wife here meeting our assessor

" 29 Frost Ice took oats to Fergus Leaving very little out yet. Got Calf from Hanna

" 30 Cold wet north wind took oats to Fergus {Levelled?} down Pit in 8 Pd McKee

" 31 Cold Picking and Cutting potatoes D Milne Brot 8 Cattle to grass

June 1 Planted Potatoes 39 Pails Dull day with some rain at night and warmer

" 2 (Sunday) Fine warm the only Growing day since last Sunday A Jim & Leith to Church. Mary and John at night wild Plums in blossom at last very little Leafing

" 3 Fine Harrowing in 1 & 8. A sick Choring round

" 4 Cool cloudy morning rain all afternoon John to Raising at S Lougheads took A to Dr and took Mary up from Russells

" 5 Cold windy showery all day heavy rain and East wind all last night To Fergus to Bank John to Lougheads {Ditch?} Raise

" 6 To Fergus J L 12.00 To Elora For Turnip seed Finished {Loug Treads?} Rain Cold day Foal from Nellie

" 7 Warmer Separating Cattle Harrowing in 8 To Belwood at night

" 8 Fine and warm Putting wire accross {across} River at this end D Milnes working shop A. and Mary to Fergus Trees in leaf at last Frost every night McKee and McQuarries rest Colts

" 9 (Sunday) Fine all Day. {Gerty?} Marshall here Jno & Mary to Church at night

" 10 Warm morning windy then Cold at night Drilling and Sowing Turnips in 1 Fixing floor of Pig Pen Putting on a wire on line tween 8 & 9 &c

1907 == === 38 {upper left corner} =

June 11 Middling Fine Sunny Cool East wind Plowing in 8. Choring No Frost

" 12 " " " " " " Drilling and Sowing in 1. Plowing in 8. A and Mary to Fergus Mary went Back to Russells young Pigs 2nd litter

" 13 Warmer But Drying East wind. finished Plowing for Roots in 8 To Fergus Pd Ryder Cold night

" 14 Warm morning. Nellie Sowed Drilling & sowing Turnips in 1 Mrs McDonald here

" 15 Finished Drilling and sowing Turnips in 1 Washed sheep Harrowing in 8

" 16 (Sunday) Fine warm. A. & Leith to Church Grandma Gerrie came up

" 17 Fine Hot Blasting stone. Harrowing in 8 Jno White Got oats

" 18 " " Drawing stones Harrowing & started to Drill in 8. Got a {swatthing?} Fixed Pump and Turnip source. To W. Clarks in evening Thunder

" 19 Hot Forenoon in the afternoon Heavy Thunder storm and Grand Rain the first in 15 Days {Jno?} away (Popper) Drilling and sowed some in 8

" 20 Glorious Growing Day Drilling and Sowing Turnips in 8 very Hot

" 21 Hot 3 Thunderstorms and heavy Rain to Arthur to Reform Convention A. Marting Choice John to Fergus with Chop

" 22 very hot Finished sowing Turnips fine Growth storms round us finished

" 23 Hot forenoon. A. Jno & Leith to Libs 3 Thunder storms in afternoon one with Terrific Rain Hail and wind The Heaviest rain for 14 years Mary Came up Broke Her tooth

" 24 Hot took Darkey to Fergus to get shod started to scuffle mangels A went Belwood Choring

" 25 very Hot Road work Gravelling Hole above Track. Took Jim to Fergus for the Entrance Examination Took Aunt Hattie up

" 26 Rain in morning. Cool. Getting very Cool at night Finished Road work up to Jno White at night for middlings $25 Sh

" 27 Cool Clear day. Scuffling and started to thin mangles Jas Whites Raising

" 28 Warmer Thinning mangels. Fixing spring Clipped sheep

" 29 Hot to Fergus Re Bank. another heavy Rain and thunder storm

" 30 (Sunday) Fine A and Aunt Hattie to Church Joe Williams came up

July 1 Hot Thunder and Heavy Rain Took Cattle to Jno Whites 17290 Lbs John took J. Williams to Fergus

" 2 Cool Moving stone Pile in 8 started to Plow S. Fallow in 8 at Mangels

" 3 Cooler Finished thinning mangels Jim Took A to Fergus whence she went by {stage?} to Libs John Plowing in 8. Scuffling Potatoes

1907 == === 39 {upper right corner} =

July 4 Warm Fair Scuffling in 1 Plowing in 8 Nelly served again R. G. & Jess Facinator

" 5 " " Finished Plowing in 8. Digging out stones in 8 Plowing Headlands in 1

" 6 Hot Thunder Drawing off stones in 8 and Harrowing. Drawing Rails from Lane

" 7 Cooler (Sunday) Mary and I to Church Mullans farewell sermon after 36 years {sideways in right column} {Jest?} {Gavaich?} 14-7

" 8 Thunder But no Rain Windy Harrowing in 8 (Summer Fallow Jas White Brot Cattle to {...?} scuffling Turnips hoeing Potatoes

" 9 Fine Mary to Fergus Jim hoeig at Bert Milnes. Thinning Turnips

" 10 " Johne Mowing School yard thinning Turnips scuffled mangels

" 11 Rain from the East all day making stock Rack. Cleaning out sheep House

" 12 Fine. Thinning Turnips

" 13 " " " scuffling in 8 to Fergus & up to Flewellings in Evening

" 14 (Sunday) Fine Hot. Maggie Burr and John Here

" 15 Grand day. Thinning Jim scuffling John to Fergus with Chop Hogs rain at night

" 16 Fine thinning Turnips Mary to Fergus Rhoda Brown came up

" 17 Hottest day this season. Finished thinning in 18 scuffling in 8 Putting Green on Early Potatoes. School PicNic John to Fergus for slate Blackboards

" 18 Warm Dry Putting Green on main Crop Potatoes. Thinning Turnips in 8

" 19 Hot " Thinning Turnips John up to Flewellings for A

" 20 Fine Thinning At At Jas Whites laying tile Stan Here A to Elora J Moirs

" 21 (Sunday) Fine A and J to Church. A went up to Flews WS Clark Here

" 22 Fine To Fergus for Ceiling material for school Got metallic but not sheeting Stan here thinning Turnips for Jas White. Rain in morning

" 23 Fine warm Jimmie Gibson & Mr Clulow he {here?} thinning Turnips {Conestoga?} Horse Came

" 24 " " Thunder storms round us. Jimmie Gibson here Finished thinning Turnips

" 25 Warm Hoeing Beets 2nd time. Thunder and rain at night

" 26 Cool. Heavy rain and thunder in Early morning. Beets Finished Started Hay in 3 First new Potatoes very Cool night

" 27 Cool morning mowing orchard Coling Hay Scuffling Turnips 2nd time Jess away again (R. Russels)

" 28 (Sunday) Fine Cool A & Mary to Church Grandpa Gerrie Wm & Rachel Mrs McDonald here

" 29 Fine Fair at Turnips Drawing Hay from 3 Cutting thistles on Con Road

" 30 " " " " Hay all in in 3 Cutting in 7. Scharie Got Pigs away

" 31 Fair some Thunder. Coling in 7 and drawing all in cut. A & Mary to Dr. A sick

Aug 1 Fine Turnips Mowing Raking & Coling Hay John Cutting A. Hannas hay Thunder & Rain at night

" 2 Damp morning Choring in forenoon Finished Cutting in 7 Cut some in 11 {Coed?} up all 7. Cool evening

1907 == === 40 {upper left corner} =

August 3 Cool. Dry. Drawed all 7 but 28 Coles & 1 Load from 11

" 4 (Sunday) Cool day. Mary & Leith to Church very Calm

" 5 Cool Cloudy threatening Rain all day. at Turnips. John at A Hannas Drawing in Hay. Stan Came Down to school

" 6 warmer. Mowing in 11 Stan at Jas Milnes for Blackstone. to school

" 7 " Mowing Raking Coling in 11

" 8 Hot Hay all cut Raking and coling

" 9 very hot A. Hanna & Hugh Thompson Here drawing in al {all?} coled up

" 10 still hot " " " " " " " finished 2 stacks Hay all in the Last 27 acres without Rain. Fair crop R. Thompson Here

" 11 (Sunday) very Hot and drying Jim over to J. Blacks. M. Jno & Stan to Church evening

" 12 Hot Cloudy threatened Rain. A & Mary to Jno {Davis?} Picking Berries. Twice to Belwood to see McClanahan Re school scuffling and hoeing Turnips

" 13 Hot and very windy Finished Turnips in 1. started in 8 at school House in afternoon. Helping McLanahan and taking down scaffold

" 14 Cooler & quieter. Hoeing in 8 Stan cultivating & Harrowing Summer fallow A & Mary fixing up school House Scrubbing & Dusting John at D & J Milnes Packing Hay

" 15 Hot at Turnips to Belwood Getting sulkey Rake wheels set to Fergus with Moffatt's scafflolding from school and Chop (Horses) A. up to Flewellings Brot. Lib down

" 16 Fixing up Binder. Thunder and rain first since Aug 1 Stan & John to Belwood {esfs?} Edna saving machine to Toronto started harvest in 10

" 17 Cooler. A. Mary Jim & Leith Picking Berries 10 all in stook. to school {ivey?}

" 18 (Sunday) Hot Dry O. Stewart & Mabel. John Black & {Hand?} here

" 19 Cloudy Stan to Belwood getting Truck wheels tires set Cutting in 4 in afternoon. J. Paton Put in 3 Cattle

" 20 Cloudy & Rainy like. Pressed stack of Hay

" 21 Hot Dry Drawing Hay with 2 teams. Fred Down Lib went Home

" 22 very Hot & Dry Frost in morning. Finished Drawing Baled Hay 11 Loads R. Thompson took one Load = {13 ton 14 cut?} Left. Truck Waggon at McGregors

" 23 Cutting in 4 Drawing Rakings (Hay) started to Cut in 12 A to Fergus with Mrs Blackstone

" 24 Warm. Like rain a few drops. Choring in forenoon Stan with Chop to Fergus after A & Mary Picking Berries {Fle?} went Home

1907 == === 41 {upper right corner} =

August 25 (Sunday) Cool High drying wind. A & Mary to Church {Moyes?} J. M & S {Cuor?}

" 26 Finished Cutting 12 Drawing in from 4. Cool morning. drouthy day

" 27 Rainy most of Day Plowing in 8 (Sod) To Fergus in afternoon got {Spec..?} Colder

" 28 Warm to Belwood for Waggon (Truck) new {aple?} took up 2 wheels to get tire set. Plowing forenoon Stan Cutting afternoon

" 29 Warm dry Finished Plowing in 86. to Belwood for wheels

" 30 Warm Getting threshing wood. Finished Discing. To Fergus Jas A Smells Funreal

Septr 1 (Sunday) A & J to Church Communion. Thunder & Heavy rain at night

" 2 Clear & warm Thompsons Thresing in afternoon

" 3 Fine Harrowing in Forenoon Threshing in afternoon Lower Place good Quality but small Turnout 2 fields 10 & 12

" 4 Warm Threshing Peas at Jas Milnes in forenoon from field Drawing in after 2

" 5 Rain all forenoon To Fergus pd McKee

" 6 Fine with Surveyor 3rd Line Lots 11-12-13 all day Boys at fence between 7&8

" 7 " Drawed in 6 in forenoon Finished all but Rakings Raked 2 & 6 drawed in

" 8 (Sunday) Fine A & Mary to Ch {Church} Willie Burr and Maggie here

" 9 Scratching out fields for Plowing. D Milne threshing Raked & drawed in 2 Calf Rosy

" 10 Harrowing in 8 Forenoon Jno & Jim * Team helping D Milne to draw in Rain all afternoon Cleaning Chop

" 11 Marking out 12 for Plowing Rennie threshing in afternoon Rain

" 12 Some showers finished fence tween 7 & 8 A to Fergus with Mrs Rennie

" 13 Fine took up load of straw. John to Fergus with Chop (Hogs)

" 14 " Warm Jno & Jim & Team Helping. D. Milne draw in Choring

" 15 (Sunday) very Fine and warm. A & Leith to church Mrs Brown (Ada) Came up

" 16 Rain and thunder last night showers to Day. A & Mary to Libs. A lot of Grain to Draw in yet started to Draw out manure to 6

" 17 Cool morning warm after J. & J. helping Rennie to Draw in drawing out old Chips and also Picking up along new fence

" 18 Cool Cloudy day 2 teams drawing out manure A to Fergus with Pears

" 19 Warm Drawing manure Finished 6 Put some on 2. Showers A to Belwood

" 20 Hot Drawing out manure below to 12 threshing Rain all afternoon

" 21 " " " " " Burnt Fence bottom tween 7 & 8

" 22 (Sunday) Fine Dry warm Getting cool at night Jno & Mary to Ch {Church} at night

" 23 Fine at manure finished Foundation at lower Place A & Mary to Fergus First General white Frost

1907 == === 42 {upper left corner} =

Septr 24 Rain last night scattering showers all day. some Thunder. High wind cold at manure

" 25 First snow flying Cold Drizzling Day. Finished manure at Home 85 Loads. Quit Drawing Below as root Land was all Covered 52 Loads

" 26 Fine again. Fixing feeding Passage. Trimming tree in 8. started to spread manure in 6

" 27 Warm. spreading & Plowing in manure 2 Teams. Rain at night. Cooped Chickens

" 28 Cold Rain all day From the East Thunder at night Choring

" 29 (Sunday) Fair Cold misty. A & I to Church morning Jno Stan & Mary at night

" 30 Shower in morning then Cleared up. all manure in 6 spread & Plowed in Bert Milne threshing in afternoon. Clearing tree of Fence Bottoms in 8

October 1 Heaviest frost this season ice Bert Milne Finished threshing started Potatoes

" 2 Fine Sunny at Potatoes John & Jim to Fall show in Fergus

" 3 Fine & Warm morning Finished Potatoes good Crop Jno to Fergus with chop Mary & Mrs Blackstone to Fergus Rain at night

" 4 Fine spreading manure in 12. Fred Blackstone helping Plowing in with 2 Teams To Church meeting at night Choosing a Minister Rev. Mr. Brown from Agincourt the Choice

" 5 Finished spreading manure in 12 Plowing. Bill Gerrie and Sarah came showers Rain & Hail

" 6 (Sunday) Fine warm forenoon Rain all afternoon

" 7 Fine warm forenoon. Thunderstorm and Rain in afternoon Picking stones on Fence Bottom in 8

" 8 Cold Clear windy day. Plowing in 12. started to take up Beets W Gerrie wife and A up to Jas Gerries Jas White got 175 lbs oats

" 9 Hard frost 1/4 inch Ice. Plowing in 2. W. Gerrie and wife left: W. Kitchen and Mrs Kitchen Came showery towards Evening at Beets

" 10 Cold showers all day. Thunder & Lightning at night. at Mrs D Guerre's (Jenny Burrs) Funreal also at Wm Gerries aged 82 to Elora Rocks with Kitchen

" 11 still showery Finished Beets W. Kitchen and wife went to Fergus John Plowing in 8. Jim in 2 Lightning at night

" 12 Cool yet & showery John Plowing in 8 Jim in 2 Mary to Fergus Re Dentist Then John and A at night John got overcoat young Pigs

" 13 (Sunday) Cool Mary and Leith to church Jas White here evening

" 14 Cold To Fergus with Lambs T= 600 @ 5 1/2 Jas White threshing Forenoon {W...?} afternoon

" 15 Cool John Plowing in 8 Jim in 2 spreading manure Picking apples

" 16 " " " " " " " Finished manure " "

" 17 Warmer Finished Plowing in 2 & 8 Finished apples

" 18 cold Discing & Harrowing in 8 started Turnips M. to Fergus

1907 == === 43 {upper right corner} =

October 19 Hard frost Pulling Turnips. John to Fergus with Turnips Jim Harrowing in 8

" 20 (Sunday) Fine no one to Church in forenoon. John and Stan in evening

" 21 Fine Taking up {Co...?} Killed a sheep took load of Turnips

" 22 " Stan Came at Turnips one Load to Fergus

" 23 " at Turnips on Load to Howard

" 24 " " " Two loads to Fergus

" 25 " " " " " "

" 26 " " " " " " all up in 1 started in 8. To Belwood Re Election

" 27 (Sunday) after 2 weeks of unbroken Dry weather rain Came last night and continued more of less all day. A & Mary to Boers

" 28 Cold Pulling Turnips in 8. F. Blackstone here up to {Deans?} Re Election Load of Turnips to Rae

" 29 Hard White Frost at Turnips in 8 By Election for Dominion at Living Springs as D.R. U vote there Hamilton 30 Martin 13

" 30 very fine & warm to Fergus with Chop & Potatoes to Miller Bros Herb Stewart here Pulling & Topping Turnips sold to Jno Black. Fred took Cattle away

" 31 Fine all Pulled last 4 Drills Harrowed up the Topped ones Jno Rennied here with Team Drawing shipping Turnips to Pit

Novr 1 Raw Day no Frost threshing rain. To Fergus Re {Tramp?} and Binder note Then to {Boys?} sale Jno Rennie and {?}Boy here drawing to Berts for Black & to Pit

" 2 Heavy Rain all day Cleaned up all mixed grain and throwed Back Dump

" 3 Dull cold day. Herb took Mary and Buggie Kitchen to Ch. staid all day

" 4 Hard Frost Finished taking Turnip to Bert Milnes for Jno Black 316 Bu Finished triming all {Diamon?} ones in Pit

" 5 Milder. Turnip all in Pit Trimmed up and started to Cover

" 6 Fine To Fergus with Chickens av 7 lbs Price 9 cts Allan Rae & Jas Milne threshing

" 7 very high wind Threshing in forenoon Slim yield D Milne in afternoon To Fergus with 3 Hogs to Mills Bros 630 @ 5.80 Dressed 46% shrinkage 26 {CG?}

" 8 started to Plow sod. D.M. Finished threshing Herb & J there

" 9 Hard Frost Turnips all Covered Stan Plowing sod all day John in afternoon no snow yet

Sunday 10 First Snow Ground white Gone by noon A & Mary to Church Jno Black and Boys here Lib and Mrs Boys Came. Lib stayed all night (Sunday)

" 11 Cold morning Plowing in 7 (sod) Jno at Hastings threshing. Lib went home A to Fergus with Jim to Dr.

" 12 Hard frost. John to Hanna Bros Threshing Plowing sod in afternoon

1907 == === 44 {upper left corner} =

Novr 13 Plows stopd By frost Stan down with Chop (Plate & Rolls) Killed Pig Drawing filling from sand Pit to Fergus Re Hogs and {depardoronts?} D. Milne took away Cattle. First Real snowstorm

" 14 Cold Clear. Induction of Rev. J.A. Brown to St Andrews

" 15 " " Getting wood Taking off wire at River. {Jno? Kerr?} took colt away

" 16 very fine Choring A at Rennies all day Mrs Rennie Ill

" 17 (Sunday) very fine. A to Church. E. DeGuerre came then Maggie Burr with A then went Back & Brot. Deguerres Baby here {McQuarries?} Colt away 5 1/2 {mo?} {125 ...6.25?}

" 18 again a Grand day fencing straw stack Stan got his mare shod. Putting in End Post for wire Below Track at Stn J Burr Collectors here

" 19 still fine. Choring Stan & Jim to Fergus got flour

" 20 " " Rennie threshing Rain at night

" 21 A wild rain storm and high wind from the East all last night Thompsons threshed windy day Colin Stewart Came here

" 22 Fine mild 2 Teams Plowing in sod John & Stan Mary Came back from Russells

" 23 Hard white frost in morning John and I Plowing sod Finished 7 started in 5 Stan to see Gibson & to Fergus. Stan & Mary down at night

" 24 (Sunday) Fine. Mary & Jim to Church Willie Burr & Les Hanna here

" 25 Fine. Frosty. took Stan to Station at Fergus off to New Liskeard

" 26 soft snow all day. Jim White threshing Quiet mild

" 27 Fine Choring W. Dix & R. Black threshing John there for Jas Milne {snowing?}

" 28 Showers of snow all day R. Black Finished threshing Plowing all day in 5

" 29 Mild Snowing. Took Load of Turnips to Rea, Killing Pigs at Jas Milnes in afternoon. Blackstone & Mrs Here Got {Rem?}

" 30 Snowing Pat {Rennie?} with {Evans?} Turnip to Rea to Wm Taylors funreal Mary to Church

Decr 1 (Sunday) Quite a snowfall last night sleighs running young Cattle tied in Mary and Jim to Ch {Com?}

" 2 Coldest yet. Turnip to Rea on Whole the Lots of sleighing going snow Every day for 7

" 3 Cold fine. Turnip to Scherio to Belwood Dan shod up with Cloak and Boots to be {upined?}

" 4 Cold Turnips to S. Belwood Jim to Fergus with Chop

" 5 a little rough Killed a Pig Turnip to S. Belwood

" 6 very fine sunny Mild Cutting and drawing wood at River

" 7 Mild Thawing Drawing up and Cutting wood mary and John to Fergus at night {Rhoda?} came up {.......?}

1907 == === 45 {upper right corner} =

Decr 8 (Sunday) very mild Raining A & I to Church morn John & Mary {Evan?} {Rhodd?} went home with them Maggie Burr & E De Guerre here to see the Baby

" 9 mild with Rain Thunder. Jno to Fergus Re Turnips Cut down {Birch?} Trees at spring

" 10 misty mild Took Load of Turnips to Rai Plowing with one Team all day 2 in afternoon

" 11 Froze up again Snow Jim to Fergus with chickens. went to Belwood for {dark.......?} it

" 12 Cold Snowing Turnips to Scherio Mary to Fergus with Em Hastings

" 13 Fine. 2 Loads Turnips to Fergus 1 t Rea 1 to Scherio Seeing Wm B Thomson

" 14 The First Real storm of the season from N E Turnips to Scherio

" 15 (Sunday) Mary John & Leith to A Moirs Snowing all day late now for sleighing

" 16 Snowing some all day. Drove Leith to school in to Blacks & Rennies Turnips to Scherio. W.S. Clark & Jas White here at night

" 17 Moderated to Fergus to Mrs Deans Funreal (Anne White) settled for Turnips {date?} Took Load to Rea

" 18 very fine. Load to Scherio to Belwood got Clock & Boots for Jim

" 19 very stormy. A & Mary to Fergus with Baby Turnips to Rea

" 20 Fine. Turnips to Rae Down to School in afternoon. Closing entertainment. R B {Clark?} & {Jno?} here

" 21 very fine Turnips to Rea John Moir from Elora Came stormy evening

" 22 Extra fine & Sunny (Sunday) A & Jime to Church in morn Mary & John Even

" 23 Heavy snow in morn then Cleared up a while came down again heavy and blowed Wild. To Fergus settled for Turnip {Told?} Book sold Jno Moir went Home

" 24 Fine day Harry Edna and Forbes Cairn up from Toronto at night Jno Jim & Mary to Fergus

" 25 mild but snowing heavy. Lib Fred & Arthur down

" 26 Colder but fine school meeting D. Milne Elected Trustee A Harry Edna & Children up to Burrs

" 27 Rain last night mild all day Roads soft John & Harry to Fergus with chop Horses

" 28 Heavy rain all night Fairing up at daylight all of us to Fergus Getting a Family Group Picture taken Fine day

" 29 Dandy day slight frost. A & Jim to Church (Sunday)

" 30 Heavy fall of soft snow last night with rain and Freezing then snow at night disagreable day

" 31 stormy all day but not Cold John and Mary up to Flewellings for Edna and harry Coming home by Fergus. The winter up until now has been moderate the last thaw has given us lots of water. sleighing is good

1908 == === 46 {upper left corner} =

Jany 1 Fine day mild Sunny

" 2 Colder Harry and Edna to Jas Gerries Trustees met for organization Mary and John down to to reception at Rev Mr Browns

" 3 Clear Cold Harry and Ed went Back to Toronto John and I up to Belwood & Cooks Re wood to Fergus Nellies Teeth Filed Took Sow Home

" 4 Fall of Snow but mild Colder at night High wind

" 5 (Sunday) Clear Cold A & Jim to Church morn Mary & John Even

" 6 Fine To Fergus got Jess shod Municipal Election voted at No 1

" 7 " Boys in Bush. Bot S {Edo?} wood From W Hamilton ( For School

" 8 very Fine Killed a Cow 639 {Sbo?} Beef A. Hanna helping

" 9 Colder cut up Beef to Fergus with hide 3 1/2 {lt?} Per Lb Dan McDermotts Funreal got Darkey shod

" 10 Fine Choring forenoon over to Rennies in afternoon John to Fergus Chop Hogs

" 11 Great day boys drawed 5 Cords wood over river Piled at Gate

" 12 after Grand weather to {...?} we have a heavy snow from the NE High wind 10 inches fell filling up all the Con Roads

" 13 Forenoon Breaking Roads through fields afternoon to Belwood Re School Evening stormy To R. Blacks about P.S. Jno letter. Heavy Roads

" 14 Fair Good day. People Breaking Roads feeling tough like Grip Mary & John to Clarke

" 15 Blustery and by night very stormy Blowing all night

" 16 stormy morning Clearing up at night Colder drawing & cutting wood

" 17 Broke road up Con line drifting wild in afternoon Boys in woods

" 18 Stormy all day. Boys Cutting wood. John & Mary to Fergus at night very bright

" 19 Calm and milder A and I to Church Roads very Bad (not Packed)

" 20 Drifting some Took Leith to school. Breaking Roads made it through Fields to River to up to Bert Milnes at night Jas White got 42 Beef {@4....?}

" 21 Thaw rain Team Plowing snow up Belwood Road 7 hours Mary and John to Wrights at night

" 22 stormy morning not Cold afternoon fine to Belwood sold Cow

" 23 Fine morning To Fergus in afternoon with chop Pd Hamilton school wood Hodge & Jas Wilson and sons very stormy night and cold

" 24 Clear Calm. Coldest this season 15 Below Boys in Woods

" 25 Drifting to Belwood with cows 1240 @ 3 & 1.00 getting wood in afternoon

" 26 (Sunday) Heavy snow fall Mary and John to Elora to J. Moirs B Stewarts

1908 == === 47 {upper right corner} =

Jany 27 very stormy and cold Robt Black Here

" 28 Cold and stormy yet. To Belwood to H McDonells Re Audit Boys to Bush

" 29 Coldest yet not stormy Drawing and Cutting wood

" 30 Colder yet 18 Below 2 hands and Team Plowing 2 1/2 hours. at John M Hannas Funreal A with me to Fergus

" 31 not quite so Cold Calm. Team Plowing Road 3 1/2 hours down to R. Blacks at night meeting Jno & Jas Malcolm Wild night

Feby 1 A Furious day of storm. John down to Fergus with Ram Lamb to W. Kyle

" 2 (Sunday) The worst storm of the Season Roads filled to top of Fences

" 3 drifting yet but not so bad Breaking Roads and Cleaning up oats. Saw new moon 27 Hours after new

" 4 Clear & Cold Went to Hamilton with A. Hanna plowing roads 1/2 day {...?}

" 5 Furious storm from the east. boys choring 20 Below Zero

" 6 still very stormy, roads all blocked hardly a Train moving

" 7 cold. no mail, John & Leslie plowing roads 1/2 day {....?}

" 8 Got back from Hamilton after being snowbound 2 days lots of Roads Blocked yet Rather milder. John & Mary to Fergus Chop

" 9 (Sunday) Clear Calm Cold Jno Black here Beautiful night

" 10 Clear calm Milder Boys opening Roads Mrs Wright here

" 11 " " Choring. A to D. Milnes in afternoon then to Blacks

" 12 Milder. Lean & 2 Hands on Road with Team 8 Hours Then John all afternoon A Mary and Jime to Fergus in afternoon rain at night

" 13 Quite mild John on Roads all day. A to D.M. in afternoon

" 14 " " Heavy rain all afternoon making waggon Tongue

" 15 Everything covered with Ice. Anothr storm Pretty wild Cleaning out Pigs Ice has done a lot of Damage Breaking wires and Trees

" 16 (Sunday) M and I to Church. fine day but squally

" 17 Colder fine working at audit John at Barnetts sale Jeannie Wright here

" 18 Moderate Cloudy. To Belwood with DeGuerre Baby to Dr Called Mrs Mc

" 19 very stormy from East Teams Delayed. To Belwood with Auditors {rep...? cut off} to Council Johns Birthday some folks in at night

" 20 To Fergus to Nicol Ins meeting Deans & {Wisslis?} Elected for

      to Rev Mr. Craws Induction 2 hands & Team on Road

" 21 Big Blow last night Snowing heavy to day to {Deans?}

" 22 Fine John Drawing snow out of Foundation Jim helping Jas White {...? cut off} A Leith to Fergus with Butter

1908 == === 48 {upper left corner} =

Feby 23 (Sunday) Fine A and Jim to Church

" 24 Clear & very cold 17 Below John on Roads all day Jim & I Getting wood Party at Jims {mutual?] at {supst?}

" 25 Milder John on Roads all day. Jim to Fergus with Chop storm at night

" 26 another Blow in woods forenoon. Team and 1 hand on roads {afternoon?}

" 27 Cold again Team and Driver on Roads 1/2 a day 17 below

" 28 Drifting and Cold Cutting and drawing wood all day

" 29 very fine and sunny. A and I to Fergus to Church Team and Driver on Roads all day and have them in splendid shape Bot {F... Coat?} @ 32.00

March 1 (Sunday) about the worst drift of the season A and I to Church. Communion. not cold

" 2 Mild forenoon. Team and 3 Hand on Road Breaking and shovelling 4 Hours. To Fergus in afternoon Drifting Train Late and Cancelled

" 3 Another stormy day to Jas Whites sale Bot 2 steers $30 each 9 mos

" 4 A Beautiful Bright mild day Boys taking snow out of Foundation

" 5 " " " " John on Roads 9 hrs fixing Pot holes Jim and I Cutting and Drawing wood and shovelling snow out of Foundation

" 6 Stormy morning then start freezing as it fell. Then rain and thaw sunny at night. Team and 2 hands on road 2 hrs great wind all night

" 7 mild cloudy day Team and Driver on Road 3 hours. Shovelling out Trought Below Mary to Fergus Jas at night to meet Stan who did not Come

" 8 (Sunday) mild. A and I to Church Mrs and Fred Blackstone here Saw Ground Hog Deguerre and Willie Burr also Jno & mary to Ch at night

" 9 Some Snow in the woods in forenoon to Fergus in afternoon Lots of Crows

" 10 Milder. Team and driver on Road 1/2 day. John to Fergus in evening to meet Stan and the other Boys

" 11 very mild. Drawing wood Roads getting soft.

" 12 warm and sunny. John & Cutting wood. Jim to Fergus for Stans things got 5 Bags Corn and 2 bags of American wonder Potatoes from Wm Hamilton

" 13 No Frost Last night Some Rain Freezing up hard at night Getting Poles. Cleaning out Hogs to Belwood. Folks up to Thomsons at night

" 14 Fine morning. To Fergus. Jim and Leith to Jno Blacks Rain at night

" 15 (Sunday) heavy Rain all Forenoon Freezing up at night Jim & Leith Came Back {C...?} {s.....?} last night

1908 == === 49 {Upper right corner} =

March 16 Hard frost. John and Stan with Team on Roads in afternoon to Blacks at night

" 17 Stormy morning Cleaning up & Getting milder put 7 Cattle to Lower Place

" 18 Mild Choring Cutting at school wood

" 19 Colder. Some showers of snow. John & Mary to Fergus with Horse chop (Seed Fair

" 20 Clear and cold. A to Thompsons. Boys in swamp. Stan at Sargeants sale

" 21 Fine to Fergus with chop Got School stone Fixed Hard crust

Sunday " 22 mild Lots of Robins A and Mary to Church in morning. John and Stan at night lots of Snow went and Roads Bad

" 23 Mild Team and 2 Hands on Road 8 Hrs Presentation to T. C. Richardson Rain and the first Thunderstorm of the season at night Bluebirds

" 24 Colder. A and I to Fergus meeting of the executive of {Raisor?}

" 25 Hard frost Jim at McGregors sale. Boys sawing school wood

" 26 Great thaw. Stan with Team and Jim for stuff he got at Sale John on Road 1/2 day. Bert Milnes Barn and stable Burned Some Rain at night Miss {Allendya?} here Stan to McGregors for oats River Broke up During the night

" 27 Cloudy and Raw. Stan to Sales near Elora. Anniversary of Jas A Milnes wedding (Silver) Heavy Thurderstorm and Rain

" 28 Soft and misty all day. John and Stan to T.C. Richardsons sale

" 29 (Sunday) mild Mary walked to Church. Katie Thompson here River clear from Belwood to Fergus

" 30 Some Frost Roads pretty Good. to Fergus with Chop. Got Clover seed to Elora with Potatoes to J Moir and to Ewens for 4 Cattle for Stan

" 31 Mild again. John and Jim to T.C. Richardsons for sow for Stan

April 1 Clear and raw. with Rain at night Freezing Mary and E Hastings at B. Milnes wood to school

" 2 drawing wood to school. Stan to Fergus for cattle. stormy all day with regular Blizz at night then Frosty

" 3 Cold and stormy. To Belwood {Rc?} Hall for meeting Jno & Stan to Boynes Sale

" 4 Cold and Sunny Stan over to Boynes for sow Mary & I to Fergus after

" 5 (Sunday) fine morning. Rain at night Mary to Church

" 6 Greatest Thaw of the Season John Jim & Team on Road 3 hours Sunny all day Rain at night

" 7 No Frost last night and a lot of snow went Finished School wood with sleigh out as Far as Rennies Gate with wheels after 128 Days sleighing. Folks over to Hastings at night Rain at night

" 8 Damp Drizzling day. Froze on Trees. Cleaning up oats Stan over to A Duncans sale where he Bot mare

1908 == === 50 {upper left corner} =

April 9 Frost last night Sunny mild to Day. T.J. Hannas Sale Bot 2 steers $71.00 8 mos Lots of Wheels on Road which are Bad

" 10 Great thaw River high. to T.J. Hannas in forenoon to Belwood in afternoon {...on?} meeting Choosing Delegates to Convention in Fergus on 18th

" 11 Showers of snow Frost and a very high wind taking off Roofs {&c..?} Team Driver and 3 hands on Road 2 hrs

" 12 (Sunday) Cold morning Fine day A and I to Ch morn Mary Stan Jim Even

" 13 very fine Cleaning oats. Team Driver and 2 hands on Road 3 hrs First Frog heard. Colder at night

" 14 Fine. Cold Wind. A. and J to Fergus. T.J. Hanna moved to Fergus

" 15 Warm Forenoon Threatening Rain Turning Colder and Hard Frost at night. Finished Cleaning Oats D. Milne Plowing A to Jno Hastings

" 16 Cold Hard Frost Sunny with East wind John to Fergus with Chop (Hog) Got Corn and Cement Pig Trough got Pd for school wood 5 cds $35.00

" 17 Frosty morning mild sunny Day at Burrs and Connelys sale Bot Pair steers @ 33.00 Each & Pair Heifers @ 28.50 = $123.00 9 mos

" 18 Rainy all day To Fergus to Reform Convention McKinnon chosen

" 19 (Sunday) Cold Raw A & Jim to Ch morn John and Mary at night

" 20 3 inches of Snow all gone by noon Drawing logs on sleigh shutting up sows very frosty at night Wrights Girls here

" 21 Sunny day hard frost in morning Getting milder at night Swallows seen

" 22 First Real spring day. Rain in morning and a thunderstorm to NE then Warm started Plowing in 15 first mosquitos. Allan here for oats A and Mary to Fergus and up to Libs. Sunny afternoon and very drying

" 23 very warm for the season Plowing in 15 and Picking stone young Pigs {9 y s ?}

" 24 Cooler E Wind Sowing {Daubing?} oats in 1 some Harrowed young Pigs {160 ...?} Rain at night

" 25 Cloudy forenoon warmer Plowing in 15. Folks to Fergus at night Rain Thunder

" 26 (Sunday) Fine A Jim & Leith to Church in forenoon John, Mary afternoon. First of the new Pipe Organ Maggie Burr and E. DeGuerre here very mild Evening

" 27 Fine Plowing in 5 Harrowing in 1 Wm Burts Funreal Elora. A & J there

" 28 Showery " " " land Pretty wet

" 29 Showers of sleet all day Discing in 5. Helping John Rennie lay Kitchen Floor

" 30 Frosty morning. Finished & Discing 5. Snowed all afternoon but mild

1908 == === 51 {upper righ</t corner} =

May 1 3 inches of Snow on Ground this morning Drawing wood from Culvert on C.P.R. Plowing in 15. Cold. A. McKinnon her (Candidate)

" 2 Rain and snow all forenoon. Cleared up Plowing 15 Snow again at night

" 3 (Sunday) Ground white again and hard frost. cold all day A Jim & Leith to Ch

" 4 Fine Sowed 5 a few Drops of Rain. To Fergus Re Pritchard and Ins

" 5 Good drying day finished Harrowing 5 Sowed 2. Rainy like

" 6 Showery and misty all day. A to Fergus in morn Got Corn. John in afternoon Chop Hogs and Horse

" 7 very Heavy Rain all day and night Land very wet River high

" 8 Rainy all forenoon {....?} up at noon and warm. Plowing 15 Drawing up hay

" 9 Cool. Clear. 2 Teams Plowing in 15. A Great Gale all afternoon

" 10 (Sunday) Dry fine. Mary walked to Church 1/4 inch Ice in morning

" 11 warm Sowing mixed grain in 8 finished harrowing in 2

" 12 Rain slightly all night heavy till 8 a.,. then fair 2 teams Plowing in 15

" 13 Fine warm morning finished Harrowing E Ditch in 8 Last Ewe lambed Discing in 7 Rain from 4 all evening Thunder at a Distance

" 14 Wet morning Plowing in 15. Rain at 4 PM and all evening

" 15 Damp misty Cool " " To Fergus to Jno Hamiltons & Jno Gibsons Funreal

" 16 Fine and Warm " " Planted some Potatoes in Lower Orchard 2 Colts of Jno Howards and 1 of Scherios came

" 17 (Sunday) Thunder storm to the south Last night Clear and warm John & Mary to Ch at night

" 18 very Fine and drying sowed 7 with oats and Harrowed it

" 19 " " Finished Harrowing 7. Picking stones Roots & Plowing in 15 Picking Potatoes

" 20 Cloudy. Warm. Finished Plowing 15. Chapman Brot Colt

" 21 Warm Rainy forenoon Cloudy fair afternoon until night then Heavy Rain John to Fergus with Chop got Corn. {Wm?} Hamilton Brot 5 Cattle and Coleclough 5 {D..?} Put wire accross River at Gerries. A. and Mary to Fergus and A to Elora Re Potatoes fixing wire along Lane

" 22 very warm Choring and Sprouting Potatoes 2 Teams in 15 Discing and Harrowing. Trees well out in Leaf and wild Plums in Bloom

" 23 Clear and warm. Harrowing & Discing in 15. Ready to so {sow} it John to Fergus with Load of Potatoes a {at?} .75 Fine Growth of Grass

" 24 (Sunday) Still Grand weather A and Jim to Ch morning Jno Jim and Mary at night. Ida came up Put Cattle out and colt to {Fas. C?}

" 25 A Grand day. Sowing Peas and oats in 15. Jessie Came up from Fergus Colts got out found them on 4th Line at Eramosa Blanchetts Colt Came to Pasture

1908 == === 52 {upper left corner} =

May 26 Warm 4 thunder storms and Rain very Heavy at night Jessie and Ida went away to Toronto. Robt and Mr. Black here at night Finished sowing and Harrowing in 15 ( of Ditch

" 27 Warm. Put wire accross River in forenoon. Plowing in 8 afternoon 2 Teams {this Side?}

" 28 very Hot. Lots of Thunder and some Rain finished Plowing 8 Rennie Brot 5 Cattle to Pasture

" 29 another hot day with Thunder storms not much rain here until night Finished sowing N.W. of Ditch in 8 all sowed Wonderful Growth Cut Grass in orchard 15 inched high. A to Fergus and Elora Cutting Potatoes Lots of Fireflies

" 30 Heavy Rain and Thunder through the night Drizzling all forenoon then Cleared. Heavy Rain Hail and thunder at night finished cutting Potatoes. Plowing in 6 for roots most Rain in May for 30 years

" 31 (Sunday) Fine and cooler

June 1 Cool Dry Nomination Local House McKinnon & Craig Boys Fencing

" 2 " " Planting Potatoes Fine day for it Drilling for mangolds

" 3 Cold morning Frost Planted Jims Potatoes in 12 washed sheep Sowed mangolds

" 4 Warm John down to Fergus with Hogs 10 - 2100 @ 5.75 A & Mary to Fergus at Fence 15

" 5 Hot dry and dusty Fence in forenoon Fred Youngs Funreal in afternoon A up to H. MdDonalds Jim with Stan Planting Potatoes

" 6 Another Hot day John Drawing Timber for Bert Milne A. Hanna here stretching Wire Bottom of 15.

" 7 (Sunday) good and Hot. Jno Black here

" 8 Hot and Windy Election Day JJ Craig Elected by 219 Maj at Fence 15 Thunder and some Rain at night Anderson V.S. Here Castrating

" 9 To Fergus Re Lindsay. Boys Got Fence enought to keep stock out {Be...?}

" 10 Planting Potatoes. Drilling For S Beets Frost

" 11 Sowing Beets Clipping sheep Plowing Turnip Land To Jas Whites {C...?}

" 12 To Fergus Lindsay in full Sowing Turnips in 6 warm Nellie

" 13 Finished Sowing Turnips in 6 Fixed school Bell. Got Flag Pole for School Picking stones. Fred and Lib Here Ed Came up

" 14 (Sunday) A at R. Blacks all day fine Rain at night

" 15 To Fergus took down Buggy wheel Got Rope Pully &c for school Flag Plowing for Turnips in 15

1908 == === 53 {upper right corner} =

June 16 Heavy Frost ice on water But no Damage Done. To Fergus to Mrs Mutch's Funreal Finished Plowing 15

" 17 Dry and Warm John Drawing Lumber for Bert Milne Picking Stones Choring. Fixed Bank on other side River Harrowed Potatoes A over to Rennie. Plowing in afternoon in 15. Fallow

" 18 Hot Dry Drilling and sowing Turnips in 15

" 19 Finished Drilling " " " " " Fine Rain at night

" 20 A and Jim to Belwood forenoon John Plowing in 15 Both Teams in afternoon Took down Flag Pole to School and Erected it John and Mary to Fergus in evening Fire Flies very thick

" 21 (Sunday) Hot A and I to church morn Jno & Mary Even

" 22 very hot Down to school in morning Re Flag 2 teams Plowing in 15 very Heavy storm at night of Wind Thunder Lightining and some Rain one of the Greatest Electrical Storms of the summer 90 in the {shade?}

" 23 still very Hot finished Plowing in 15 A Continuous thunder and Rain storm from 1 until 4:30 John to McBains for sow

" 24 Cooler. Building fence Between 4 & 5 E. Hastings here

" 25 Beautiful day and Cool. Finished fence between 4 & 5 started Harrowing in Summer fallow in 12. {R...?} Jas A Brown and Lady here

" 26 Warmer. John & Mary to Fergus forenoon Chop (Hog & Horse) fixed School Bell. Calf (Blue Gray)

" 27 very Hot again Plowing endlands in 6 Picking stones and Harrowing in 12. Jno helping Bert Milne

" 28 (Sunday) Warm Mary & Edna to Church morning John & Mary Evening Mrs Burr Maggie & John here

" 29 Cloudy Rain at night at fence Round 15 all day. Bill Mutch Brot Horse to Pasture

" 30 Cooler at fence forenoon at school entertainment and Stewarts wedding anniversary in afternoon Stan Brot 8 Cattle to Pasture

July 1 Hot John helping masons at Bert Milne in forenoon Jim and J at Fence. Jno Mary & Jim a Pic Nic afternoon Fred Blackstone and wife here

" 2 Cooler. Finished Fence Round 15 in forenoon to Late {Low?} Baynes Funreal in afternoon started to thin Beets

" 3 Warmer Thinning Beets and scuffling Potatoes and Turnips

1908 == 1961 === 54 {upper left corner} =

July 4 Misty morning Hot and Close. Showers all day Cleaning out sheep Pen hogs &c John and Mary to Fergus at night Heavy Rain. Thunder and Lightning from 9 to 11 P.M.

" 5 (Sunday) Hot. A. Jim & Leith to Ch morn John & Mary Even

" 6 Sweltering Hot John and to Fergus With Dan to V.S Re eyes Putting sleeper on Bert Milnes Barn

{sideways in left column} Corn Dump

" 7 very Hot forenoon With thunder then Heavy Rain from 11 A.M. until Dark then Cooler Baby Edna Jones Born in early morning

" 8 Delightfully Cool Cutting thistles fixing spring Cultivating in 12 finished scuffling all Roots first time. John to {Metz?} Garden Party

" 9 very Pleasant Bert Milnes Barn Raised Jess & Mellie served

" 10 Warmer Cultivating in 9 making Gate Jim Scuffling

" 11 very hot 92 in shade finished gat and Hung it Thinning Turnips in 6. A. and J to Fergus in afternoon with wool 13 cts got salt Lib and Arthure came up Hottest day so Far 91.

" 12 (Sunday) Cooler. Mary to Ch in forenoon. Fred came for Lib

" 13 Hot heavy Thunder storm at night 2 showers. Finished thinning in 6. Scuffling and started to thin in 12

" 14 Cooler sunny Thinning & scuffling in 12. {Haed?} in orchard

" 15 Cool & Cloudy Putting Paris Green on Potatoes. Thinning Turnips

" 16 hot. thinning Turnip laid up with Grip Hay fever &c

" 17 A very heavy Rain From 3 am to 6 pm all Low Land flooded from Smith

" 18 Cooler. Cloudy Fair until night and then some Rain Thinning

" 19 Cloudy (Sunday) A & Mary to Ch W.S. Clark & Jessie here

" 20 Fine started Cutting Hay in 10 Raked up coled and took in one Load

" 21 Rainy morning at Turnips To Elora in afternoon Re J. Moir Got Twine from Armstrong

" 22 Cutting Coling in 10 (23) Same & drawing in

" 24 Fine Dry Warm finished Cutting in 10 Coling & Drawing in

" 25 " " " started to Cut in 11. Stan here in afternoon

" 27 Hot Dry Cutting Coling in 11 Stan all day. A. Getting hands to stack

" 28 " " " " " Drawed in 1 stack. Hugh Thompson and A Hanna and _ McClellan here. Stan and Team

" 29 very Hot 92 Built another stack. Finished 11. Some of it cut this morning 2 McLellans H. Thompson A Hanna Stan and Team started in spring Field

1908 == === 55 {upper right corner} =

July 30 Hottest day in 10 years. 94. Finished Cutting Hay and all coled up John Cutting A. Hannas Hay

" 31 Hay all in nearly all without rain started harvest Cutting Oats in 1 Earliest Ever 98 Days John Drawing in A. Hannas Hay A to Fergus

Aug 1 still very Hot finished thinning Turnips. Cutting oats in 1 Mrs. Jones Came up from Toronto Grandmother Jones

" 3 Hot Cleaning Mangold Finish Cutting in 1 Edna Mrs Jones Went Home

" 4 at Turnips 2nd time John to Fergus with Chop and Oats to W. Shortreed in afternoon the Worst Hail storm in 30 years Threshing out Grain smashing Turnips. Broke 15 Panes of Glass Here extended from Alma to Tottenham and from 1 to 2 miles wide Then a Heavy Rain at night

" 5 People {Snowpin?} Round viewing the Damage and licking their own sores

" 6 Fair. Hot at Turnips in forenoon A to Burrs with {Bernie?} John to Stans Cutting in afternoon

" 7 & 8 Hair Warm John at Stans. At Turnips Great N. Light night of 8th

" 9 (Sunday) A. Jim and Leith to Ch morn. Jno & Mary Even Fair

" 10 Started to Cut in 2 Heavy Rain at night

" 11 Finished Cutting 2 Mary at school House Cleaning Stan here with Binder. Isie Came started to Cut in 8

" 12 Rain To Belwood to Council meeting Mary Milne Married

" 13 Heavy Rain again To Fergus. Re Bank Mary finished school Stan here Drawing out manure

" 14 hot finished Cutting 8 started in 7. Stan here with Binder

" 15 Cooler. Finished Cutting 7. Start drawing in 1.

" 16 (Sunday) Cool Some Rain in Forenoon misty Even Jas & Mary to Ch A heavy thunder and Rain storm from 10 to 11 PM

" 17 A heavy Thunderstorm this morning from 1 to 2 Buildings on fire to the south showers all day. John helping Stan to move trusses

" 18 Dry all day & Cooler. Scuffling Drawing wood Forenoon stooking in afternoon

" 19 Dry & Breezy moving straw mowing with scythe Drawing in from 2

" 20 " " Cool. 1 all drawed in. 2 all in and Raked. A & Mary to Fergus

" 21 " & Warmer Drawing in & raking 5 Grain all in at home Place

" 22 Cool and Breezy Cut 15 Stan Team and Binder Here. Poor Crop

1908 == === 56 {upper left corner} =

August 23 (Sunday) Fine Cool John to Ch Evening & Mary

" 24 Fair Cool Stooking 15. Cutting in 8

" 25 Frost. Drawing manure Finished Cutting Warmer

" 26 " Getting threshing wood. Scuffling Choring

" 27 Fine dry. Jim scuffling finished A to Fergus John Sowing J. Johnston

" 28 Fine warm. Threshing of Lower Place (Hastings Machine) On account of the Hail storm and Great Heat at teh End of July The Poorest Crop we ever threshed

" 29 Fine & Rather warm. Raking and drawing in Rakings John to Fergus with Chop (Hogs) wind from the East for 5 Consecutive days

" 30 (Sunday) Dry and hot too Hot for season. Fireflies were seen last night John and Mary up to Freds. 90 in the shade

" 31 Dry and warmer than yesterday. Not a Cloud sun all day. Raking in 15. Pulling Peas

Septr 1 Cooler Cloudy afternoon Some Rain Jno to Fergus with Load of Rakings to _ Carlios Pulled some Peas and took in. A. Moir & Mrs here

" 2 Cold & drizzling all day Building Fence between 5 & 6

" 3 very fine at Fence. finished Pulling Peas A nasty job ground Rough. and straw 12 feet long took in one Load

" 4 Fine warmer. Driving stakes tween 5 & 6 Fixing Cistern finished Raking 15 Took Load of Rakings to Wm Gow Drawing Rails

" 5 Fine warm A and I to Fergus {Tel?} Wm Gerrie Finally Finished Harvest Peas all in

" 6 (Sunday) Breezey {Threshing?} Rain Cool at night

" 7 Frost then misty fine day. {Scralching?} out Land in 2 started Drawing Manure

" 8 Dry warm. Boys at manure To Fergus

" " " " " " A and I

" 9 " " " " A t Belwood Mary to Fergus

" 10 " " " " To Geo Petries {estc?}

" 11 " " Finished manure at Hoem 85 Loads Drawing {Belora?} Chapmans Colt away

" 12 Still Dry and Hot. no Rain since 17th Aug = 26 Days A to Ch in afternoon Drawing manure Below Joe Howard here for Hay. Anderson V.S. to steer

" 13 (Sunday) warm Dry. A & Leith to Ch morn Jno Mary Even

" 14 Cooler at manure. To Alex Spences Funreal very Large turnout

" 15 Quite a Frost Finished Drawing manure. 150 Loads never had Better Weather for it started Plowing in 2 Sold Jas White 6 cattle @ 222.00 {?} 22.00 each

1908 == === 57 {upper right corner} =

Septr 16-17 Plowing Spreading manure {Sh..?} still Brass and the Earth Iron

" 18 " " " John to Fergus with Chop. Hogs after 32 Days of unbroken Drouth we had Rain & Thunder storm

" 19 Misty 2 teams Plowing Finished spreading manure in 2

" 20 Hot Dry A. Jim to Ch morn. John Mary Even

" 21 very Hot To Arthur to Liberal Convention A Martin the Choice. A with me to Flewellings Jas Milne threshing

" 22 still Hot John and J at Jas Milnes threshing forenoon Jno at Haines in afternoon. Jim Plowing in 5 school meeting in evening remarkably dark and thick mist

" 23 Same Weather only hotter. Jim Plowing John at Haines threshing in Forenoon D. Milnes in afternoon. A To Fergus in Forenoon then up to Blackstones in afternoon A few Drops of rain at night

" 24 Hotter still 92 in shade Thunder to the east of us in afternoon Jim Plowing in forenoon D. Milne finished threshing 2 hands at Thompsons from 3 oClock to Wm S Clarks in evening

" 25 same Drouth and heat Jim Plowing John & J at Thompsons in forenoon and at Hastings in afternoon

" 26 Same of Weather and the same old way: 2 Teams Plowing in 7. D. Milne Brot 7 Cattle to Pasture

" 27 (Sunday) still Hot & Dry. John and Mary to Ch at night {Blo..?} Calf

" 28 Change at Last Cooler and heavy Rain tied Cows in all night Bert Milne threshing quit for Rain. Plowing in 7 (Jim)

{sideways in right side of page} Rennies Cattle away

" 29 Quite Cold Flakes of snow flying to Belwood in morning Re School Cheque & Pump leather Bert Milne finished threshing

" 30 Heavy Frost First Ice 2 Teams Plowing in 7 in forenoon Rain in afternoon Jno Jim Mary & Leith to fall show in Fergus

October 1 Frost Cold showers all day. A and J to Fergus Finished Plowing 5 % 7 Trustee meeting in evening at D. Milnes

" 2 Cold all day. started to Plow in 15 with 2 Teams Gathered Pump {Ring?}

" 3 {} heavy frost but fine day. started Potatoes

" 4 (Sunday) Warmer. A and J to Ch morn Jno Mary Even Jno Black and Boys here

" 5 Grand day at Potatoes all up at home but 6 Drills

" 6 Warm fine finished Potatoes fair Crop. started Beets with Les Hanna

" 7 " " Pulling Beets forenoon Drawing afternoon A & J to Belwood then Jim

1908 == === 58 {upper left corner} =

October 8 Cool Cloudy all day Finished Beets fair Crop about 375 Bu 1 ac. John Plowing in afternoon 15 Jim with Les Hanna Leith and J Choring

" 9 Fine 2 Teams Plowing in 15

" 10 Cloudy and colder with some rain at night To school Putting in Pane of Glass. then to Fergus Plowing in 15

" 11 (Sunday) Cold with snow flying. A & Jim to Ch morn J & M Even

" 12 Hard frost 2 Teams Plowing in 15

" 13 " " " " " " warmer in afernoon Leith in the Harness

" 14 white frost warmer finished Plowing in 15 started into Plow in manure in 12. A & Mary to Fergus in afternoon to Belwood Martins meeting {Conj ?} Schario took Colt away

" 15 Warm James White threshing spreading manure in 12 sold cow (Spottie) to Fred Blackstone & Calf

" 16 Warm at Jas Whites threshing (Finished) John at Erin show Took up and Cleaned Chop

" 17 Hot Dry John & Jim up. With Cow and Calf to meet Blackstone John to Fergus with chop in afternoon (Hogs and Horse) Jim and J spreading manure. A. Helping Sarah to make apple Butter Leith at Hannas 5 days

" 18 (Sunday) very warm for the season thick Fog or smoke A and J to Ch morn Jno Mary Even Fred and Lib Here

" 19 Cooler Plowing in 12 To Arthur Re Nomination Martin and Clarke the Candidates

" 20 Cool. dry. Manure all spread Howard drawing hay 2 Loads

" 21 " Plowing all done but Sod and where the Roots are. Howard Hay 2

" 22 Still dry at Turnips Howard finished Hay 5 Loads

" 23 Dry warm Rae Threshing at Turnips to Fergus Stan With One

" 24 Rainy all day Hanna Boys threshed John Mary to Fergus at night

" 25 Warm mist and rain in forenoon (Sunday) Jno and Mary to Ch Even

" 26 Rain all Forenoon Clearing up and very warm Leith barefoot Picking Turnips Polling Day D.R.O at No 1 Martin Elected by 84

" 27 Unseasonably Warm Boys Barefoot finished Topping Harrowing and drawing in Turnips in Lower Place Poorest Crop I ever handled

" 28 Warm Rain all day to Belwood at night with Ballot Box to {Mc..?}

" 29 started to Plow {at?} Turnips in 6 But stopt for rain Furing 3 & 12 Pulling afternoon

" 30 Cooler snow at night Pulling all day Finished Stan here digging Pit

1908 == === 59 {upper right corner} =

October 31 Ground white with snow. Frosty all day. Turnips at home all in good Crop. Cabbage in. Good weather for the job as ever we had

Novr 1 (Sunday) Clear freezing all day. A & J to Ch in morning

" 2 Fine Furing sod in 3 and Turnip Land in 12 John threshing with {Rogers?}

" 3 Warm morning cold at night Boys all Helping J Milne and Stan to Finish Roots To Jno McDermotts Jr Funreal

" 4 very stormy John Plowing forenoon. tied in Heifers Bot 20 Cattle from Jno White and took them Home = $520.00

" 5 Frosty Jno Plowing Sod Choring High Wind. A up to Libs fine at night

" 6 2 inches of snow last night milder. A & Lib went to Toronto

" 7 Snow gone John Finished Plowing 3 & started 12. furing 6 sold 4 Heifers to Shortreed @ 4.50 Pu 100 Drawing straw and rails

" 8 (Sunday) Fine for season. Howard took His 2 Colts away. DeGuerre and Jno Burr Here to see Bessie 12 Callers here to day

" 9 Fine Took Lambs to Murphy & McDermott 11 - 1120 @ 4 cts $44.80

       John Plowing in 12 Thanksgiving Day

" 10 " " Fins. A and Lib came back from Toronto

" 11 more snow this morning. Plowing forenoon. Jno to F. Gerries sale afternoon. Jim took Lib home

" 12 Flurries of snow. Finished Plowing 6. Covered Turnip Pit Stan took away his Colt & Blachetts

" 13 Fencing Round stack and Drawing straw in Forenoon started to Plow sod in 11 in afternoon

" 14 Snowing all day looks like winter Plowing sod all day filling chop

" 15 (Sunday) Snowy and Runners going

" 16 Fair sleighing Cleaning Chop Jim to Fergus with it Jno Threshing with {Rogers?}

" 17 Mild Drawing straw with sleigh

" 18 Took wire off River mild sleighing gone. Whites team here for steer

" 19 Drawing straw and Hay and Threshing wood mild

" 20 Fine Plowing sod in 11

" 21 Warm. Fixing fence Brace Between 11 and 13. Plowing all day

" 22 very fine (Sunday) A and Jim to Ch. Burrs People here

" 23 Indian Summer. Threshing in afternoon (Hastings machine) rain

" 24 Finished threshing Grand Weather Rennie threshing in afternoon Jim and J Cleaning Chop. Rain at night Poor turn out Hail

1908 == === 60 {upper left corner} =

Novr 25 Fine mild Rennie Finished threshing in forenoon. then to Hastings in afternoon Jim to Fergus with Chop Cattle & Horses

" 26 Remarkably mild morning with Great Gale in afternoon Hastings Finished threshing Plowing sod all day to Fergus with Hogs 4 a 40 ea 6 cts wt 680

" 27 Colder high Wind Plowing all day (sod) Jno to Felkers Sale in afternoon

" 28 Fine some frost 2 Teams Plowing sod A to Fergus

" 29 another Fine day (Sunday) A & Jim to Ch morn. Jno & Mary night

" 30 Misty and Rain most of day. Plowing sod. To Fergus for Ram. Lambs from Murphy & McDermott 132 Lbs Put Ram with Ewes

Decr 1 Mild morning started to freeze by 9 a.m. and by night very Cold With showers of snow. 2 Teams Plowing finished all of it including where roots were about 61 acres

" 2 very Cold and stormy all day helping Jas Milne kill a Pig

" 3 milder & Fair Jno to to John Dario Jr Sale Jim Cutting in Glass of J Milne

" 4 Mild and snowing Cleaning up Grain Cleaning out Hogs " " " "

" 5 " " " Jno Milne here from Michigan

" 6 Mild morning heavy snow at night To Grand Valley with Milne (wheels

" 7 Sleighing this morning cold and stormy to Fergus with Cutter

" 8 Snowing & Blowing all day Jno to Fergus with chop Putting on Door {Track?}

" 9 Good sleighing To Guelph to fat stock show Stan Hanna along

" 10 Fine. Jno & Stan to Guelph Re Overcoats

" 11 milder sleighing first Class fixing Cutter

" 12 " Drawing up and cutting wood. A & Jim to Fergus

" 13 (Sunday) Fine Jno and Stan to Ch evening

" 14 mild and {sciring?} to Fergus with 4 Heifers 3890 @ 4 1/2

" 15 very mild killed a Heifer for Stan took fore Jr 82 lbs

" 16 " " Drawing wood of River flat Jas White here

" 17 stormy To Fergus with Hogs 4 = 700 @ 5.65 = 39.55

" 18 Fine more snow. separating Sows Choring

" 19 Colder and stormy Jim & Leith to Jno Blacks

" 20 (Sunday) Cold Stormy Stans Heifer Bloated Jno and him to Pt {Nig..?}

" 21 The Stormiest day of the season so far Nothing Doing

" 22 Fair with Raw East wind Nothing Doing

" 23 Fair & Milder Cleaned up and sent Down 60 Bags Chop with Stan

" 24 very mild. To Fergus Re Taxes Nothing Doing

1908 == === 61 {upper right corner} =

December 25 Mild some snow. Cutting and removing Trees in 15 Evy Milne (Mrs Boys) Came With 3 Children

" 26 Somewhat stormy Nothing doing

" 27 (Sunday) stormy afternoon and evening To Ch morning

" 28 Grand day A took Mrs Boys and Children to Fergus. Leith helping {Jam?} Milne with Cattle to Belwood. Jim with Bert to Fergus at same John to Nomination (Municipal) Belwood

" 29 very fine. Mild. up to Jno Whites. Cutting wood John, Stan to Eramosa Re wood. A and I to Robt Blacks at night Re school audit

" 30 Last night snow and Rain. Rain and mist this Forenoon afternoon sunny and thawing. School meeting Thos Wilson Elected trustee Drawing wood

" 31 stormy and Colder The Winter so far has been mild with good sleighing and {are} Blocked Roads but a Great scarcity of water


Jany 1 Rather stormy all day. Robt Black and 2 Children here with Present to A. and school Payment. Cold night

" 2 Last night the Coldest so far. Mild to day. Cutting wood and saw logs Jno to {...?}

" 3 (Sunday) Cloudy and very mild misty and some Rain to Ch in morning John and Stan in evening D. Milne and Mrs here

" 4 Mild Thawing. To Fergus got Flour. Municipal Polling Day Stewart Reeve over Anderson. Council Ellis Alexander Smillie Ireland

" 5 Heavy rain last night sleighing about done to Fergus with Heifer to Harttman 890 @ 4 1/4 Got Team sharpened all Round Coldest night

" 6 stormy and Cold. Killed Pig. Filling up and drawing load of oats

" 7 Coldest yet but quiet Took Turnips to Schoria Cleaning up chop

" 8 Cold quiet John to Gramma Re Wood Turnips to Schario

" 9 Milder misty slight Rain Freezing. With chop in morning (Horses) Jim with Stan to Scotts for 2 Heifers. Turnip to Sch very mild at night

" 10 (Sunday) To Ch in morn (Working) mild and misty Heard R.C. Ch Bell in Arthur a {raare} occurence Some snow and Rain Freezing as it fell

" 11 Fine Snow at night Choping in woods. Wm Clark and Jessie here

" 12 Cold sleighing good again John Down with chop (Hogs & Cattle) J to Mrs D Hodges Funreal Jim with Stan at Pump

" 13 Coldest yet 20 Below to John Whites in morning Cutting and drawing wood. Jim at R & W. Thompsons Stan & John to J. Whites for steer Mary came Home from Toronto

1909 == === 62 {upper left corner} =

Jany 14 Fine winter Day. Cold yet. Choring " 15 Sunny fine to Fergus got meal {900..?} Lasted 57 Days Stans Cattle went John with him

" 16 very Cold Raw East Wind Nothing Doing

" 17 (Sunday) fine Morn. A & Jim to Ch John & Stan Even stormy

" 18 Cold again to Belwood in morn Re audit Mary A & John to Ch annual meeting Jno Rennie Jr Here

" 19 Mild morning stormy afternoon Killed sow 300 lbs Pork Jno to Eramosa Re wood

" 20 Mild Nothing doing. Jno to Fergus with Stan who had Chop

" 21 Misty snowing & Thawing Snow going fast more Rain at night

" 22 " and Rain all day sleighing done Cleaning oats Sow at McBains

" 23 Thaw continues Misty and Rain Cleaning oats Took sow Home

" 24 (Sunday) still thawing Snow all gone but drifts River broke up to Ch walking sunny afternoon at A. Hanna's

" 25 Thaw over slight frost good wheeling Load of Turnips to Schario to Jas Milnes at night

" 26 Harder frost but Clear and sunny Stan to Sullivans sale

" 27 stormy Jeffry & Haw sale Jno and Stan to it

" 28 very fine to Belwood in morning to Fergus in afternoon to Rennies in evening

" 29 Cold Raw wind from N.E. stormy afternoon

" 30 very stormy to Belwood Re Audit North wind

" 31 (Sunday) still stormy N. Wind and very Cold 24 Below John and Stan to Ch at night

Feby 1 stormy Con Roads Badly Drifted John and Stan Breaking Gravel Road Jim and Mary to Fergus with Stan in afternoon John with J. Milnesawing wood

" 2 Blustery but not so Cold John & Jim to Fergus with Chop and Chickens Chickens averaged 82 1/2 Cents Each @ 11 cts 6 Weighed 45 Lbs Audit finished

" 3 Milder, Boys over River making Road and cutting wood Killed a Pig A to J. Milnes

" 4 very fine wood in forenoon A and J to Burrs in afternoon Thaw again

" 5 Thaw still Continues with some rain all day Nothing doing

" 6 Froze up again high Wind Nothing Doing

" 7 (Sunday) very Fine good wheeling A and J Ch morning then to Jno Blacks

" 8 Cloudy with East wind Nothing doing

" 9 Colder East wind and afternoon very stormy Boys Cutting wood in forenoon with Stan to Fergus Getting his horses shod

" 10 Rain last night then snow and Froze up again. Drawing wood in forenoon Boys and Stan to Elgies sale very stormy all afternoon and evening

1909 == === 63 {upper right corner} =

Feby 11 Stormy and drifting all day Stan to Orangeville Fair (Horses)

" 12 milder John to Eramosa for wood (school)

" 13 Fine. " " " Drawing out

" 14 (Sunday) stormy all day from the N.E. Snow and hail to R. & J. Thompsons in afternoon. Jno Stan and Mary to Ch evening

" 15 {Rind?} of sleighing again Jno to Eramosa drawing out wood

" 16 a very stormy Day A and J to Fergus to Sid Blacks Funreal John and Stan to Eramosa for wood. Pretty good sleighing

" 17 To Belwood with auditors report to Council Jno & Stan for wood more snow and worse drifted Roads than has been all winter Line (4th) Drifted full Mad Road through fields

" 18 stormy To Insurance meeting. Boys finished Drawing wood to school

" 19 Milder with rain and sleet from the East. To Marjorie Boynes funreal

" 20 Fine Choring nothing much doing

" 21 (Sunday) Grand day A and J to Ch morning To R. Stewarts in afternoon

" 22 Some frost Killed a steer 400 Beef. To Mrs (F) {Calleys..?} funreal

" 23 Rain from East. Freezing forenoon Then softer A and J to A Moirs sleighing some

" 24 Heavy rain all last night Ponds full of water {Craks?} and ditches overflowing started to Freeze in afternoon Snowing & Blowing at night Boys were at Jas K. Dicks sale J at Mrs Clulows Funreal (ne Kennedy) everybody to Jas Milnes at night {.... & ....?}

" 25 Last night the stormiest of season stormy all day. John to Fergus got horses {shef...? (Bi...?}

" 26 Quiet and milder Load of Turnips to Schario

" 27 " " " Some snow Flying Turnips to Schario. Took cattle from Stans

" 28 (Sunday) Calm. Clear. Cold. To Ch in morning Jno Stan and Mary in evening sleighing very Poor Bud here in eveing

March 1 Cloudy Cold Raw Some snow flying. Turnips to Scherio. Mrs Wright & family here in evening

" 2 very fine frosty. To fergus with Chop. Jno Stan & I Signs of storm

" 3 very stormy Snowing and drifting from NE

" 4 another stormy day and colder. A and I up to Burrs Bessie Jean DeGuerre Christened all of us up at D Milnes at a Party

" 5 very Cold Took Mary to Ferugs to jas Russells. Load of Turnips to Schario

" 6 Fine Mild took up Hay. Load of Turnips to Ch in afternoon

" 7 (Sunday) Fine mild to Ch morning (Communion) John & Stan at night A. Hanna Here

" 8 Mild and sunny. To Belwood to Council meeting Re school S. Enlargement

" 9 Hail and sleet all day. Jim Leith helping Stan Pick Potatoes Nothing Doing

1909 == === 64 {upper left corner} =

Mch 10th Mild Forenoon some rain folks to Jno Hastings in evening very stormy

" 11 Cold stormy Roads Drifted John and I to Orangeville fair Stan sold mare

" 12 Quiet milder John to Fergus with Potatoes (Stan)

" 13 very mild Jim A and Leith to Fergus with Potatoes - 50 cts

" 14 (Sunday) mild but showers of Snow (Mary Came home Last night)

" 15 Sunny. Cold helping Jas Milne kill 3 Pigs in afternoon

" 16 stormy all day wild at night Stan at {Rastings?} sleighing fair again

" 17 One of the Big storms Blocking Roads 2 Hand and Team on Road 3 Horses

" 18 Cleared up Jno and Jim to Eramosa for wood started to Pull down old Houses

" 19 very mild some sleet. A and I up to Freds Sleighing good

" 20 E. DeGuerre here. Jno Moir from Elora came last night

" 21 (Sunday) Fine and Cold sleighing Grand DeGuerre and I to Ch morn. Maggie Burr here. Jno. Stan and Mary to Ch even

" 22 Cold north wind northern Lights last 8 nights John to Raso and Boynes looking for oats took load of Potatoes to Fergus for Stan

" 23 milder sunny Cutting Trees at River. John to Les Deans and Fergus Getting mare shod to Robinsons in evening Robins

" 24 Raw morning John to to Snows and Douglass took up and cleaned oats one of the Nastiest afternoons of the season Wind Hail Snow Rain

" 25 Cold north wind sleighing again. Took Load of Turnips to Schario John and Stan to John Whites sale seed fair in Fergus

" 26 Cold Good sleighing Took Load of Turnips to Schario (Last) 68 Bus Got 4 B. Barley @ 65 cts John Helping Stan to Draw hay

" 27 mild But raw wind John Helping Stan with hay. Took up load of Hay from Below A and Mary to Fergus in afternoon

" 28 (Sunday) mild heavy shower of snow after Dinner A and J to Ch morn John Mary and Stan Even

" 29 Cloudy and raw Getting out Load of saw logs a good deal of snow went

" 30 Raw N. W. wind to Baileys sawmill with Load of logs Crossed River Likely the Lasst time this season Wheels running in all Directions

" 31 Month ended up Fine took up the Last of oats Jim helping Stan to tap trees Lot of Snow went

April 1 very Fine and sunny Blue Birds to Fergus with Pig for Leith 170 @ 6.00 Good wheeling John Drawing of snow fence for R.R. {Cay?} River Broke up in morning Biggest thaw yet (Sun)

1909 == === 65 {upper right corner} =

April 2 mild Cloudy Jim with Stan Snow at night Jno to Fergus Chop

" 3 The first morning with Really no frost. wet snow most of the Day John up to Burrs Re oats got them

" 4 (Sunday) no one to Ch morn Jno Mary & Stan Even A Hanna here Fine

" 5 Clear warm South wind Mrs Stewart and Robt here Cleaned last of oats

" 6 Warm Cloudy Fine Rain in afternoon John Drawing Wire for A. Hanna from Stn

" 7 Worst Gale of wind for 2 years. Snow all gone but a few spots round fences River highest of Season Great Damage by Wind Barns {....?} Windmills down oc

" 8 Frost in morning warm day drying fast old House all down and logs Piled up A and John to Fergus in evening

" 9 Good Friday Blustry and snowing all day A Mary & Jim to Wm B. Thomsons at night

" 10 Hard Frost and Cold windy day nothing doing

" 11 very Hard Frost. Sunny (Sunday) A Mary and Jim to Ch morn. Jno Stan Even

" 12 Frosty High South wind Chopping to East Milder at night Cutting wood Rennies Chopping oats Heard Frogs for first time

" 13 mild morn High wind from south afternoon Rain and at night Snow from the N.W. Fixing spring and making gate

" 14 1 1/2 inches of Snow on Ground frosty & Raw moving of Brush with sleigh Elora Horse show Jim to it stayed all night

" 15 Frosty morning sunny day taking stones off Grass Laid with grip Influenza

" 16 White frost Cloudy and raw. Rain until 4 oclock then Bright Thunderstorm storm at night A and Leith to Fergus to Hanna Bros at night re Syrup

" 17 Sunny Cool at Funreal of Wm Hanna Sr to Belside and William Alexanders to McKees Cemetery. Plowing started saw first sowing on Lot 5 Con 8 A and John to Burrs for oats 57 Bu @ 47 cts

" 18 (Sunday) Rain last night and showers all day with Thunder Mary & Leith to Ch morn

" 19 Rain all last night and thunder. Rain this morning Clear at noon then rain again Everybody Laid up with Grip had to send for Stan to do the miling Colder at nigh

" 20 Folks all Pretty seedy yet. Cold Rain all afternoon Les {hand?} Les Hanna to Burrs for oats

" 21 Cold yet. Rain and Thunder in afternoon heavy rain all night

" 22 still Cold John to Fergus with Chop Miss Ramsay (WB Thomsons {.....?} here Willie Burr here in afternoon very Cold night

" 23 Hard frost this morning Cullivating in 5 & 12 Drawing of stones front

" 24 Hard Frost. Cleaned up. Foundation of old House Drawing stones off 6 and 12 To Belwood to R.R. Station Re Time Clock for {Day?} Snow Fence

1909 == === 66 {upper left corner} =

April 25 (Sunday) Raw and rainey John to Ch Evening

" 26 Milder Discking in 11 Jim {Sleighing?} Nelly Picking Potatoes

" 27 Sowing mixed Grain in 6. Cold Rain all afternoon

" 28 very Hard frost No Getting on the Land in forenoon Drawing and Cutting wood Choring

" 29 Hard Frost again. A snow storm from the East all day. Drifts 2 feet deep and high wind. Thunder storm in Evening and most of the Night with rain freezing as it fell. sleighs running to the S.W. of us snow Ploughs out on R.Y. at Stratford first lambs

" 30 Milder and misty all day but Snow not near Gone

May 1 Cold raw day showers of Snow all day {unsrat?} night Ground Covered 2 in deep. The latest coldest spring since 1883 when we sowed first on 8th May. Picking Potatoes A and Jim to Fergus John taking down fence

" 2 (Sunday) Weather worse and Colder fierce showers of snow all day 2 in deep again at night. John & Mary to Ch at night

" 3 Heavy fall of snow this morning between 2 & 3 in Cleared off and all melted Fanning up oats drawing up hay Hanging Gate &c

" 4 Warmer but snow flying. To Fergus Re Pritchard Discing in 11

" 5 First real spring day. Swallows here Finished Discing in 11 Sowing in 12. Harrowing in 11. Land dried a lot A at Rennies

" 6 Fine and warm finished sowing in 12 Harrowing in 11 started to sow in 15 in afternoon snowbank in Corner of it thunderstorm and Rain at night A at Rennies

" 7 Wet Cold morning Clearing up in afternoon. Cultivating and sowing in 15 Finished Harrowing in 12. To Orangeville with Jno White

" 8 Fine Finished sowing and Harrowing 15

" 9 (Sunday) wet forenoon warm. Thunder and Rain afternoon and again at night Jno & Mary to Ch

" 10 Cold Rain from the north all day Land very wet again

" 11 Frost Dry Clear day. Driving stakes for Fence in forenoon sowing Peas and Oats and Harrowing in 11. Last Lamb Came 1 Ewe -1. 1 Ewe 3. 7 had Pairs 9 Ewes 18 Lambs

" 12 Fine warm Finished sowing & Harrowing 11 Discing 3 Picking stones in 15

" 13 " " Finished Picking stones in 15. Sowed 3. Cultivated 5 Harrowing in 3. Lots of Lightning in the Late Evening Then Northern Lights strange Phenomenon never saw them Both Before

" 14 very warm Sowed 5 Finished Harrowing 3. Rain after Dinner 22 Cattle out to grass

" 15 Damp morning Cultivating in 7 finished Harrowing in 5. Thunderstorm

1909 == === 67 {upper right {corner} =

May 15 (Con) and} Heavy Rain at night Cultivating Turnip Land 2 Sow farrowed - 12

" 16 (Sunday) Dull Damp and cold all day A Jim & Leith to Ch morn Howards 2 Colts came

" 17 Cloudy and cold. Fencing all day no {g..?} no growth

" 18 Fine Cloudy Picking Potatoes Practically Finished Sowing A at Rennies

" 19 " Warmer finished Cultivating 2 Drawing out manure A at Rennies Ed Came

" 20 " " Rolling Drawing & spreading manure Plowing To Fergus Re Potatoes

" 21 " Cooler Cloudy Plowing Rolling John to Fergus (moffat Brot 6 Cattle

" 22 " " " Rolling Harrowing Drilling Sowed mangles stretched wire across River at Gerries. John Jim & Mary to Fergus at night

" 23 (Sunday) Rain Thunder and some Hail A & Leith to Ch morn John Mary night

" 24 very fine making fence stakes to Fergus in afternoon to meeting of Reform Executive John Finished Rolling and sowing mangels Jim Fishing Scherio

" 25 Finest Day yet Cutting stakes Jim Harrowing Jno Cultivating in 12 Cows out all night First {I out made?}

" 26 Fine but East Wind for a week. John to Fergus with Potatoes to Boys 24 Bags @ 65 cts

" 27 Rainy from 5 am to 3 pm Cutting Potatoes Cutting stakes Then a very Heavy Rain at night with Thunder up to Jno Whites

" 28 Cloudy with fine Rain all day Planting Cedars for Hedge alongside of Orchard. A and J to R. Blacks at night Mary to Fergus in morn Re mail

" 29 Clear and fine. Planting Potatoes Drawing up Cuttings from fence tween 10 & 11 Wild Plums in full Bloom Leaves on Trees about 1/2 out

" 30 (Sunday) Fine John took Ed to Libs. Jno. Black and Burrs here

" 31 Drawing out and spreading manure on 2. To Belwood Re Third Line Road Disputes Deputy of Surveys hearing Evidence Got Gaiter Boots $3.25

June 1 Grand day Some Rain at night to Guelph Re S S Petition to Get Part of Lot 7 from S. S. no 1 Courtney Brot Colt to Pasture

" 2 Finest and warmest day so far. Plowing Root land in 2 John Laid off. R. Craig Brot mare and foal to Pasture

" 3 Fine and hot Plowing in 2. Trees in Leaf at Last A heavy rain in the afternoon No thunder Put wire accros {across} River at this End

" 4 Hot finished drawing Refuse nails Tween 10 - 11 Planted Bag Potatoes Mozier

" 5 Hot some Rain Thunder. made Waggon Tounge {Tongue} Harrowing in 2 Washed sheep. A and Mary Ch stretched wires orchard Cooler at night

" 6 (Sunday) Fine Cloudy A and Mary to Ch morn (Communion)

" 7 Cooler Cloudy Harrowing Plowing in 12. To W.D. Greens Funeral Jim with A. Hanna To Rennies in Evening Threatening Rain

1909 == === 68 {upper left corner} =

June 8 Cool Clear Jim with A. Hanna {fating?} Jno Plowing in 12. R. Craig Brot 2nd mare & Foal

" 9 Cool East wind for 5 days Family Drawing stones finished Plowing 2 {.......?}

" 10 Warmer. Jno Plowing in 12. To Fergus got Darky shod. Rain at night

" 11 very warm finished Plowing for Roots Sowed first Turnips in 2 Jim with Wm Dix

" 12 Fine warm Cultivating in 12 Clipped sheep Jim with Dix

" 13 (Sunday) Cooler Rain nearly all day Thunder and heavy rain at night

" 14 Cloudy and damp all day very cold at night Picking stones all day John Burr and Deguerre here

" 15 Fine Finished stones. Harrowed Down Potatoes. To Elora Helping Les Hanna to unload Threshing machine Frost

" 16 Fine Scuffling Mangles Drilling & sowing Turnips Harrowing in 12

" 17 Thunderstorm and Rain until 1 oclock fixing stable Floor and staking Fence. A & Ed {Edna} to Mrs Wrights very Cold at night

" 18 very Cold all day. Jno to Fergus with chop Got Boots Harrowing in 12 Drilling in 2 all but a wet Piece in the middle Jim Harrowing 12 Frost

" 19 Drilled and sowed 1/2 of 12. to Elora for shingles 17 sq @ 2.70 = 45.90 took wood to Fergus 61 Lbs @ 20 cts = 12.20 some Clover Blooms

" 20 Fair Cool A Ed. & Leith to Ch morn Jno Mary at night (Sunday)

" 21 Fair. Hot. Finished Drilling and sowing Turnips Except a wet place in 2. Jim and Mary to Fergus Jim to Dr First Fire Flies

" 22 Damp and Hot some Rain. Finished fence between 10 and 11. started between 2 and S. Field A to Jno Bremmers. Ed to J. Milnes

" 23 Showers very Hot. S. Field fence finished A Ed to Burrs

" 24 Hot Thunder no rain. At Fence Between 1 and 2 all day

" 25 Hot. Like Rain at Fence all day

" 26 still Hot Finished tween 1 and 2 Built 95 Rods this season Getting {oat?} Posts. Jim took Ed to Jas Gerries started to thin mangles 6 days earlier than 1908

" 27 (Sunday) warm A and J to Ch morn John Mary Even

" 28 Hot Day Cooler at night Thinning mangles at Jas Whites noon

" 29 Cooler Dry To Fergus got Dan & Jess shod Jim to Dr got shingles made Bot Pair of Cattle from Scherio 6 Mos John helping Stan to get in his Buckwheat. A and John to St Andrews Ch Gardern Party at night

" 30 Fairly warm John at Stans with Team all day. Finished thinning mangles school Pic Nic (Mrs Lightbody Teacher) A & J There

1909 == === 69 {upper right corner} =

July 1 Hot Dry Cool at night Sowed wet strip of Turnips in 2. (Greystone) Putting in end Post and fixing fence Round Pump took Calf to swamp to wean

" 2 Cloudy some rain at Roadwork Team & 2 Hands Heavy rain at night

" 3 Cool Finished Roadwork and sowed 2 Endlands with Turnips in 2. Ed Came back from Jas Gerries Rose Jones Came up from Toronto

" 4 (Sunday) Fine Cool. A Ed. & Rose to Ch morn John Mary Rose Night

" 5 Stripping off and started Re shingling south side of Barn. A. Ed. and Rose to Elora very Cool all day. needing rain

" 6 warm and dry. Shingling all day Jim White helping scuffled Potatoes Ed and Rose left for Toronto

" 7 Dry yet. Shingling To Belwood to Council meeting Re Culvert to Rennies at night

" 8 shingling to Belwood for nails Got new Boots (Gaiters) Stan here Finished south side of Barn 49 Bundles = 16 1/3 sq B.C. shingles 52 lbs 1 1/2 wire nails shingles $2.70 Per sq nails 3 1/2 per lbs who will Reads this will I hope take notice whether the shingles or nails last longest. My opinion is the nails will Wear out First

" 9 Dry and Cool. the Crops and Pasture are badly in want of Rain finished patching North side of Barn roof. Scuffling started to thin Turnips {Jess?}

" 10 Warmer Scuffling Thinning in 2 Jim Leith & Mary to Fergus Jim to Dr Thunder and a Fine rain at night very much needed

" 11 (Sunday) Hot and Close. A and J to Ch morn John Mary Eve. Thunder all round us through the Day Heavy rain at night

" 12 drizzly forenoon. Putting in and fixing Posts. thinning Turnip cutting Thistles on Gravel from 2nd to 4th line. 2 1/2 Hrs with mower

" 13 {Thing..?} 2 all scuffled. Colder in morn. warm again at night

" 14 Cool morn Getting Hot and Sultry finished thinning in 2 Scuffling in 12 A and J to Fergus morn. John and Mary to Party at Wrights Even

" 15 Hot thinning and scuffling in 12. Thunder and Rain from 1 to 2. to Beers at night

" 16 Threatened rain Did not come. Cleaning up old stack Bottoms Getting Posts Pulling mustard scuffling mangels 2nd time

" 17 Fine and temperate all day Putting Green on Potatoes Choring Put Clark Cattle in swamp

" 18 (Sunday) a heavy rain this morning Colder and windy A laid up Liver

" 19 To Fergus Re 4 F. {Enver?} Paris Green Binder Canvas %c Putting on Green 2nd time

" 20 Warmer started Haying in 4. Cleaning Mangels thinning Turnips in 12 Cold up What we cut Like Rain at dark

1909 == === 70 {upper left corner} =

July 21 Threatening Rain thinning Turnips scuffling Potatoes A to Elora Re Janis Jim at Thistles {Green?} Road

" 22 Warm showery forenoon Heavy Rain at noon. at Turnips Boys Raking off stones on Gravel J Plowed Headlands in 12 John to Fergus at night

" 23 Rainy all day Heavy from 10 to 5 Boys Raking stones J Lewelling for Wire Fence along Lane

" 24 Cold Raking stones. Clearing Mangles got 4 {...?} Cutting thistles J & M to Fergus M. Murphy Came up with : Antilon : Nellie

" 25 (Sunday) sunny cool. Rhoda Brown here. A & Jim to Ch morn Jno Mary Even

" 26 Warm Scuffling in 12 finished the first time Pulling Red Root & thinning Pulling sow Thistle in 5 took in all Hay that was cut

" 27 Hot Scuffling mangles thinning Turnips Cutting and coling Hay in 12. Margie Keith Came

" 28 " thinning Turnips Coling and drawing in Hay M. Murphy : Antler : Nellie

" 29 very Hot Damp morning. To Fergus for Pig Feed 1240 Barley {seed?} @ 1.35 Thinning Turnips Drawing in and cutting. Thunder and Rain at night

" 30 Mowing. Coling. finished thinning Swedes. Hot

" 31 Hot. Helping Jno Clark to draw Brick. Turnips all thinned Hay all Coled that is Cut Les Hanna Here in afternoon

Aug 1 (Sunday) Fine A Jim to Ch morn. Mary Jno night. Fred and Lib Here Art Williams Came up from Ch too

" 2 Fine Not too hot. Drawing in. Finished Cutting in 11. Less Here in afternoon

" 3 Fine Drawing Coling Morning

" 4 Cloudy warm. 8 all cut started 10

" 5 Warm but Cloudy. 8 all coled up 10 all cut

" 6 very Hot. D Milne and his man & Team. and Bert Milne A. Hanna Stan and Less Hanna and Team Drawing in took in 20 acres 1 Load less all of 10 and 1/2 of 11

" 7 Hotter still 3 Hannas and Team Drawing in finished 8 & 10 all in thats Cut

" 8 (Sunday) Hot & Dry none to Ch Morn 92 Hot Jno Mary Maggie Even

" 9 light shower in morning Cut some Hay in 4. Fixed up stacks. started Binder. Cut 6. {Daubing?} oats and Barley. started in 12. some grain cut in 95 days from sowing

" 10 Cooler. John took Load of Hay to Jas Quinn @ 8.00 finished Cutting 12 To Janie McBains Funreal scuffling

" 11 Fine Finished Cutting Hay. Cut Timothy for seed Scuffling Jno Mary & Maggie {Ketchin?} to {Melz?} Garden Party Ground very dry and grain ripening to Fast Rain needed

1909 == === 71 {upper right corner} =

Aug - 12 - Hot drying day Hay all in at last. Finished scuffling 2nd time in 2. Slow Job had to Pul weeds before scuffler would get through too long in doing

" 13 Hot Dry Stooked up all that is cut. Threshed load of Grain up at Hanna's. Butcher took away Moffats Calf

" 14 still Hot and dry. Scuffling in 12. John Helping D & B Milne Press Hay (took in 1 load from 6

" 15 (Sunday) light all day till 5 (Rain) Jno Mary and Mag to Ch Even

" 16 Hot Grading Road to 15 forenoon 2. Thunderstorm & Heavy Rain Mary Moir - Elora Here

" 17 Cool and damp John took {100a?} of Chop to Fergus (Horses & Hogs) this seasons Grain Pretty Early A and J to Fergus Got twine flour &c fixed Pump Finished Thistles 2 Bags 3 1/2 Hrs

" 18 Fine finished grading started Cutting in 15. Fine Crop. Finished End lands thinning white Turnips

" 19 " Finished Cutting 15. started in 3. To Jas Whites at night his mother ill

" 20 Took in Load of Timothy. stooking in 15. Thunder with a vicious Cold Rain from the north with some Hail. Scuffling in 12 finished Cutting in 3 all but {...?} bit

" 21 Heavy White frost: Finished scuffling Turnips (Rather late for good farming) finished stooking 15. Drawing in from 6. To Freds Flax Bee. Cold night

" 22 (Sunday) Another Frost. My Boys. Sue. Maggie Burr & Jno Mary & John to Moirs Elora

" 23 Drawed in 6 & 12. John and Team at R. Reas Threshing Raking 6

" 24 Hot John & Team at Reas in morning. took rakings from 12. Pulled Peas in 11 started to Cut oats in 11 (25th) Hottest since Aug 6th 1900 96 to Day then 98

" 25 Hot Windy and Dry To Fergus in morn Jess shod. Finished 11 started in 5 signs of Rain

" 26 Fine. Finised {Finished} Cutting in 5. started 7. 2 windy Days Breaking the Grain Down D. Milne threshing 2 hours. A. at Rennies

" 27 very fine morning heavy Dew Finished Cutting 3 days later than last year Drawing in Oats and Pea

" 28 warm. and threatening rain all day which Came at night with Thunder

" 29 (Sunday) Cooler. A & J to Ch morn. Mrs A White very ill A. there all night

" 30 slight frost getting threshing wood. Drawing oats. Cool " " " "

" 31 Threatening rain all. sharp shower in afternoon. Choring Cleaned out sheep Pen. Raked 3 and 5. Flo Moir here. A at Whites

Septr 1 Cold raw wet morning Boys Hunting up Cattle forenoon. A. Hanna Here Building wire fence along Orchard Cool night

" 2 Frost in morning Cool all day. Rennie threshing in forenoon. A. and John there. To Funreal {Funeral} of the Late Wm Singer in afternoon A Mary and Bessie to Fergus to Miss Aledyce's

" 3 Cool all day till 5 then warm and threshing Rain Jno at John Blacks threshing

1909 == === 72 {upper left corner} =

Septr 3 {Con:?} Getting to thresh. Mrs Lightbody (Teacher) visiting

" 4 Rain last night and mizzly all forenoon. Drove Mrs Lightbody to Roxboroughs. Jim and J to Fergus. John at Blacks forenoon Craig took mare away

" 5 (Sunday) Cool and sunny. A and J Ch morn (Communion)

" 6 Frost: Fine asking hands to threshing. to Hastings for Tank machine did not Get here till 5 P.M. Threshed 3 loads

" 7 Grand day Threshing finished at 2:30 Good turnout. But the old story scarce of Hands Jas Milne threshing Peas aftr {after} John there with Team. Jim for Hand. A to White at night E & W Hastings here

" 8 Frost then warm. Jno at J. Milnes threshing with Team till 4 then a hand to Howes till night. Mrs White {very low?} A. there after 5. Jim and J. getting Phone Poles

" 9 Cloudy John Plowing for Section men. Getting out Telephone Poles. Raking in 15. Mrs A. White Died A there all day

" 10 Warm and Threatening Rain. Pulling and Drawing Phone Poles Finished racking and Drawing 15. John to Fergus with Chop

" 11 Fine. Plowing in 15. At Mr Whites Funeral. Cool evening

" 12 (Sunday) Fine a shower would be Welcome. Jno & Mary to Ch Even

" 13 Warm John out with load of oats in forenoon 9315 @ 35 at Jas Milnes Pressing Hay in afternoon J finished Telephone Poles

" 14 very Hot. Goodalls outfit here Pressing hay Pressed {382 19?} Bales {Ian?} 1350 @ $11.00 Per Ton was done at 5. John Took motor to Belwood

" 15 Cloudy warm. Rain with some Thunder J to Fergus in afternoon Drawing Hay to Belwood Less Hanna here took 3 loads

" 16 Cooler. Less Here to 6 Loads of Hay fine and sunny J to Belwood in afternoon

" 17 Clear Cool 3 Loads in forenoon John 1 in afternoon Finished Drawing Jim with Less at Buckwheat in afternoon

" 18 Cool. Clear. Drawing up straw. Weighed cattle Raked 7

" 19 (Sunday) Fine A Jim Leith and Bessie to Libs Deguerre and girl here

" 20 warm Cloudy cleaning up hay stack Sold 2 Cattle to Mr Howes Pilkington took them to Fergus John Plowing in 15

" 21 Warm sunny Plowing Harrowing in 15. Repairing Fence at D. Milnes Broken when we weighted Cattle Schario took mare & Foal away

" 22 Cloudy damp to Belwood got Flour. settled for Hay. Plowing in 15. R. Black got 8 Phone Poles

1909 == === 73 {upper right corner} =

Septr 23 Heavy Rain to Fergus Re Bank. Hannas {Tie?} set &c Finished Plowing 15

" 24 First Ice warm day. Plowing in 11. Harrowing in 15 Jno Moir Came at night from Elora

" 25 Fine Finished Plowing in 11 & Harrowing in 15

" 26 (Sunday) Cold and Cloudy all day Jno Mary to Ch even

" 27 Cold morning. Moffatt took Cattle away. Harrowing in 11

" 28 Cold Cloudy. Harrowing in 11. John with Chop. 2 Hands at Hastings Threshing in afternoon To Fergus with Jno Moir to Dr. (Kyle)

" 29 Rain all forenoon. 2 Teams Plowing in 3 afternoon finished

" 30 " " " " " " To Fergus {Remit?} to Orangeville

Octr 1 Showers. Plowing in 12. John Jim Leith Mary & J to Fall show in Fergus

" 2 Fine 3 Hands and {R?} at Thompsons Threshing Finished Isabell Milne Here

" 3 (Sunday) warmer Cloudy A. Mary & Isabell to Ch morn John {M. ?} Even

" 4 warmer. Drawing manure to 5 (D. Milnes spreader)

" 5 Hot Dry James White threshing Jim Plowing in manure 5. J Plowing in 12

" 6 " " " " Finished Jno and A there Jim and J Plowing in forenoon to Belwood show afternoon. showed Courtneys Colt Leith with A {Ale?} in forenoon and all day yesterday

" 7 Hot Dry. at manure all day. To Mrs F. Youngs Funreal {Funeral}

" 8 " " D Milne threshing Buckwheat Forenoon Jas Milne afternoon (outside)

" 9 " " Hanna {Brothers?} " all day. 3 Hands and Team

" 10 (Sunday) still fine. Jno Black here. John and the Girls to Ch Even

" 11 Rain in morning to Fergus with 8 lambs @ 5 cts 730 Lbs Hanna Bros threshed in forenoon. Bert Milne in afternoon took up some Beets and Potatoes

" 12 very Cold and Raw showers of snow. Bert Milne finished in Barn then to Howes and finished Ground froze by night took up 20 Dills Beets. Cows tied in first time

" 13 Bitter Cold 1/2 inch Ice. Bert Milne threshed Buckwheat (outside)

" 14 Milder but High cold wind Drawing manure. Beets all in good Crop. 13 Loads = 600 Bushels

" 15 Finished manure at Home 60 spreader Loads 5 waggon Loads Took up 10 Drills of Potatoes Cold (Erin show) filled B.Wheat at {Berts?} at night

" 16 3 inches of Snow this morning showers of snow and Rain all day Chop to Fergus. Plowing in 5. a dirty day

" 17 (Sunday) Blustery showers of snow and Rain all day. A. Leith & {Bill?} to Ch morn John Mary & Bill Even

" 18 Took up 2 Drills of Potatoes then snow & Rain, till noon then Cleared

" 19 Hard Frost. Finished Potatoes. Good Crop. 200 Bush an acre

1909 == === 74 {upper left corner} =

Octr 19 (Con) Sold 10 Cattle to Mr. Webb @ 4 cts

" 20 Hard frost. took the Cattle sold to Webb to Elora Wt 9520 Lbs Started to Pull Turnips in 12. {Mogies?} took up hi Potatoes

" 21 Plowing in 12. Rain all day. Heavy Thunder in afternoon

" 22 Damp Finished 12 started 11. Lusk here looking at Cattle

" 23 " Pulling Turnips. Jim to Fergus with (Chop) {Horsed?} {sw....?} tops Mr. Jones. Came up from Toronto Cold night

" 24 (Sunday) Bright Cold Drove Mr. Jones to Elora and Home By Orangeville Road

" 25 Frost fine afternoon Thanksgiving day Mr. Jones went Back to Toronto. Aunt Maggie Came Pulling Turnips Rain at night Pulling apples

" 26 Wet morning then Clear and warmer. Topping Turnips in 2 forenoon Pulling in 12 in afternoon Finished Pulling apples

" 27 Pleasant Day Snow at night Pulling Turnips A took Aunt Maggies to Fergus. Took up Cabbage

" 28 Ground White Snow. Took 4 Hogs to Fergus {as.?} 190.5 mos & 13 days old @ 7 1/2 Plowing Harrowing up Turnips in 2 Digging Pit. A. Mary & Bessie to Burrs

" 29 Hardest Frost so far. Clear day. started to Draw in Turnips from 12

" 30 Frost a few Drops of Rain a Bright Rainbow in the West Before the sun was up. A mild fine day Turnips all in from 12 middling Crop

" 31 (Sunday) very fine. A & Mary to Ch morn John Mary Even been a very broken month with blustry weather and not much rain fell

Novr 1 Fine warm Took 8 lambs to Murphy 670 @ 5 cts Drawing turnips from 2. 20 loads. Miss allerdyce here at night

" 2 Rain all day. Boys Plowing in afternoon in 11. at Jas Milne's {Back...?} and James Whites killing a sheep

" 3 Raw morning Boys Plowing at Turnips after dinner Sold 5 Cattle to A. Weadick for $194.00

" 4 Cold Rainy forenoon took Cattle to Elora at Turnips

" 5 Fine Pulling Turnips all day (in 2)

" 6 Hard frost misty morn. Drawing Turnips all day Swedes all up and all in a splendid crop )in 2) Greystones all up

" 7 (Sunday) Fine Lib & Fred here and Wm & Rachel Thompson, Rain at night

" 8 Rain all last night and till 9 am today Finished Turnips A. Mary and J to Fergus afternoon {Retired?} Cattle {order?} Pd Hodge 1908 John Plowing in 15

1909 == === 75 {upper right corner} =

Novr 9 Hardest Frost yet. Plowing in 11 & 15 Raw East wind

" 10 Misty and threatening rain all day Plowing in 15. Trimming Pit Choring

" 11 Fine warm. Pits all Trimmed ready to Cover Fixing Roof. Plowing in 15

" 12 Fine. Plowing in 15 John Helping Hannas to thresh at A. W {Guerre's skimmed a shots

" 13 " But Misty Evening Finished 15. Got threshing wood took in Potato Tops. John to Reas to thresh but machine did not come

" 14 (Sunday) misty then fine and warm to Ch morn (Walking)

" 15 Fine morn, windy Colder at night. A. Rae threshed. Got 510 lb Buckwheat from Bert Milne took Chop to Fergus (Hogs) 900. got Flour 150 Jim Plowing in 11 John Mary Jim & Leith to Entertainment at S S No 1 at night

" 16 Some Rain in forenoon freezing as it fell and the Heaviest rain of the season all afternoon. Cold. Covering Turnip Pit in forenoon. Telephone gang to Dinner

" 17 Cold showers of snow all day Telephone Poles Put in Cleaning up Barn to thresh Anderson V. S. here filing Horses Teeth. Killing sheep for Jno Rennie Bot 1/2 @ 3 1/2 live wt 252 got out another Phone Pole Jas Milne got Oats 9 Bags Took home men to dinner

" 18 Cold water froze in Back Kitchen Ground white with snow Covering Pit forenoon. Machine came at 5 P.M. Threshed till night

" 19 Fine Milder Finished threshing N. 30 Good turn out John at D Milnes threshing afternoon Cover turnips from 12.

" 20 Fine Jim Plowing in 11 all day John afternoon. D Milne Finished threshing

" 21 (Sunday) Rain in morning A & Mary to Ch morn. Jno Mary night

" 22 Rain all day Freezing as it fell. the worst since Decr 15th 1893 Telephone and Telegraph Lines Down in all directions Trees Badly Broken

" 23 Snow and cold last night Clear all day to Fergus. Boys at Pit sleights out

" 24 Hard Frost Clear. Finished {Corning?} Turnip Pits Rennie Threshing afternoon A & John there

" 25 another Cold Clear day Rennie threshing until 2:30 PM Broke down A and John there. To Fergus seeing Hog market. Barn Burns down the old McBain {Stan?}

" 26 Mild Most of the Ice gone off the Trees. it has Been the Worst Ice since the Telephone lines were Built. Rennie finished threshing Drawed up apples in afternoon

" 27 Milder Sunny. Taking of {off?} wires along river. Drawing manure to 7

" 28 (Sunday) Mild Rain at night. A & Leith to Ch morn John Mary night

" 29 very Fine Sunny Jim & Mary {Floridaying?}</> Jno at Hastings threshing

" 30 " " Hasting threshing John there myself at Jas Milne thresing {threshing} Mary up the 5th Line. A & John to St Andrews Ch at Andrews {festival?}

1909 == === 76 {upper left corner} =

December 1 Fine yet. To Elora then to {Pres?} Jas Hannas funreal {funeral} Jas Milne finished threshing

" 2 " " To Fergus with Hogs 4 - 230 = 920 @ 7 1/2 6 1/2 mos old and 12 Chickens 83 Lbs @ 12 cts. To Thos Broadfoots for Ram (Murphy) Put him with Ewes John Wm Dix threshing for J Milne John Howard took Colts away

" 3 Misty mild. working at hen House John to Fergus with Chop (Horses

" 4 very mild " " Telephone men to Dinner Mary up North

" 5 (Sunday) mild. A & Jno to Ch morn. Mary John night Rain at night

" 6 Cold Blustry Day Jim and J at Hen House. John for Chop (Horses) Did not get on 3rd

" 7 Hard frost last night High wind rain. Hail and a Real Snow storm at night from N. W. John to Fergus with Turnips Scharios Mary Canvassing Nichol

" 8 Stormy John and J to Winter Fair Guelph

" 9 " and colder some sleighs going

" 10 " Load of Turnips to Fergus Schario Team shod sharp

" 11 Fine Milder Taking wire off River Team Broke through Ice Darky Badly Cut A. and Jim to Fergus

" 12 (Sunday) very Raw from East. Snowing Jim & Mary to Ch morn

" 13 Milder Rain all day. Freezing in morning. Thawing at night

" 14 Stormy again. John & Mary to Maggie Campbells Funreal {Funeral}

" 15 " John to Hastings Helping to saw. Leith & Mary Canvassing Cleaned out woodshed

" 16 Stormy yet. Took Load of Potatoes to {MCGuir?} & coal to Hannas Turnips (Scherio, Fair sleighing

" 17 stormy Turnips to Schario " A and Mary to Ch in Evening special

" 18 Stormy and Colder Turnips to Scherio Leith with Bert Milne Mary to Ahrens Roads Getting Drifted

" 19 (Sunday) Cold stormy none to Ch morn John Mary Even

" 20 Raw. Snowing Hanna's House o {on} Belwood Road Burnt To Bellwood with A Hanna. John to Belwood took Load of Coal to Hanna Bros

" 21 still Snowing Drawing wood. John and Mary to Fergus. Telephone Instrument Put in

" 22 Colder & Blowing Killed a pig A Jim & Leith to School Entertainment

" 23 Mild stormy in afternoon To Fergus. Pd {Jasco?} Scherio got pd for Turnips {....?}

" 24 Colder and Blowing Hitched up Colt (Geordie) first time. To Belwood with Chop John to Fergus with Jim & Leith Mary Came up

" 25 Snowing Heavy. Lib and Fred here

1909 == === 77 {upper right corner} =

Decr 26 (Sunday) Cold Clear afternoon To Burrs with Bessie to see her father

" 27 Cold Drawing Wood John & Stan to nomination in Belwood

" 28 " Cutting wood along wire Fence accross River Boys Drawing out manure A and J to Robt Blacks at night

" 29 very Cold Annual School meeting A Moffatt Elected trustee went to Fergus. Jessie McLachlin Came at night

" 30 Colder yet 19 Below. Boys at manure. Cutting in Wood shed

" 31 Sunny and milder. John Helping Stan with Pump John Mary to Fergus. A. Hanna here in evening. So far this Winter has been good no heavy Blows. But there has snow fallen every day since the 6th Dec


Jany 1 Decidedly mild with rain at night A and J to A Hannas to Dinner

" 2 (Sunday) Fine A Jim to Ch morn John Mary even

" 3 stormiest day of the Season. Municipal voting Stewart Reeve 2 {marg?} To Fergus Re Craig and Telephone Mary & Emma Hastings to Luther

" 4 Bitter Cold 10 Below John at R. Blacks

" 5 Milder Hail most of the night then some Rain freezing as it fell

" 6 " Jim with Stain Driving Cattle from Gillespies. To Fergus pd Cattle. Got Craigs Pastures Got sack meal

" 7 a little stormy Nothing doing. John to Fergus with Stan

" 8 Milder but snowing Mary and Emma Hastings got Back Nothing doing

" 9 (Sunday) Mild A & Jim to Ch morn Jno Black & Henderson here

" 10 The finest day this winter Clear and frosty. Jno & Mary to Libs Jim at R. Blacks all day. Jno a {at} Rennies in afternoon

" 11 milder. To Arthur meeting of Reform Assos A with me to Libs

" 12 Fine Jno at Rennies Jim with chop to Fergus Mary too

" 13 Raw East wind. Stan to Orangeville with Best. Jim at R. Blacks John Driving Colt

" 14 very stormy from N. E. John with Stan to Fergus {3?} Cattle Roads Blocked up. Train had snow Plow on first time this season

" 15 Fine Milder and sunny. 4 Hours 2 Hands on Road with Team. To Fergus with Chop (Horses) sow away (Wm Dix Misty Evening

" 16 (Sunday) Fine John Boer and Maggie Here Jno Mary to {J Thompson?}

1910 == === 78 {upper left corner} =

Jany 17 Mild misty night Heavy rain. Fred Cull here then Wm {B?} Cork & Jess {...?}

" 18 Rain all forenoon 2 Hands and Team on road 3 hours (Plowing) Big Blow at night

" 19 Fine. Mary away up to Metz. Jas Martins sale to Thompsons (Bros) night

" 20 Mild morning Turning to Thaw at night. Turnips to Rea Mary Back from Metz. Rev Brown here. T Jas Whites at night to Prayer meeting

" 21 very mild Rain and soft snow. to Whites sale 7th Line John at R. Hannas Pressing Hay. Jim with Turnips to Scherio A. & J. to Bert Milnes at night

" 22 Greatest Blow yet. Con Roads badly Blocked yet not Cold

" 23 (Sunday) Mild Quiet Snowing most of the day Jno Mary Ch night

" 24 very fine to Fergus Re Ins Buggy Pole etc To Rennies in afternoon

" 25 fine Wm Tebbutt here Choring

" 26 Raw morning E. Wind in afternoon Snow Hail & Rain Turnips to Scherio Darkey hitched up first time since 11 Decr Potatoes to Mrs Brown took home Buggy shafts. Mary to Fergus as Jas Andersons. Fred and Libe here

" 27 stormy but not Cold Turnips to Scherio Killed a Pig

" 28 mild but Roads heavy. To Belwood Re Audit Team and hand on Gravel Road 3 1/2 Hours. took Grist to Fergus

" 29 Fine. Load of Turnips to Scherio took Chop home. Mary to Fergus

" 30 (Sunday) Fine A to Ch morn. Coons at night Snowing

" 31 Snowing But mild. Turnips to Scherio A & J to St Andrews Annnual meeting {....?} Blacks

Feby 1 Colder. Calm. Sunny " " " Mary up to Libs. Got Goods from Eatons

" 2 Mild until Evening then I think the Heaviest snowfall of the season 10 in Turnips to Schario finished Pit in 7

" 3 Drifting and roads filled up. Cleaned up all the mixed Grain Jim at Blacks John and Mary to Byers at night

" 4 Colder. Sunny until night then a wild storm John and Mary {st.....?} at Leybornes in Eramosa. Team and hand 6 Hours on Road 3rd time

" 5 stormy and Cold. Jim and J to Fergus Re Hodge Sargeant &c

" 6 (Sunday) Clear. Calm. Coldest so far. 21 Below Jno Mary Ch even

" 7 Cold and drifting Roads. Bad took oats up. A to Rennies

" 8 Milder Cleaned up oats. Jim took 25 Bu to Anderson {Bros?} @ 38 {Page?} 35 {Ch....?}

" 9 Quite mild. Team and hand on Road. 8 Hours Mary to Thompsons

" 10 Clear very Cold 32 Below To Fergus with Mary to Meeting Re Ch Sheds

" 11 Cold Raw E. wind Jno and Mary to Fergus. Jno Burr and Maggie here

1910 == === 79 {upper right corner} =

Feby 12 Snowing all day getting milder at night. Mary to Fergus on her {finial?} Finial Came as. Took cattle (Fat) to {Boelhiweek?} Stan to Hammills sale Aboyne

" 13 Cold drifting all day. A and J to Ch morn Jno & Mary Even

" 14 Milder Took Cattle to Belwood Cow 1220 {465?} 3 steers 29 5 cts = $205.50 to Fergus afternoon 2 hands and Team on Road 4 Horses

" 15 mild morning stormy afternoon then Rain at night Killed steer 475 Lbs Beef. John & Stan to Bucklands for sheep for Stan Got stuck Coming home. Team and 2 hands 2 hrs on Road

" 16 stormy forenoon and wretched roads To Belwood re Audit

" 17 Fine morning Cold by noon Snowing at night A up to D. Milnes who Came down and got 59 Lbs Beef @ 10 cts Per Lb. Turnips to Scherio

" 18 Cold and drifting Jim to Fergus with Chop (Cattle) R. Black got 69 Lbs Beef Turnips to Scherio

" 19 Cold and drifting. A and J to Fergus Meeting of Nichol Ins {Corp?} {R....?} Turnips

" 20 (Sunday) Passable day. Jim & Mary to Ch morn. Jno Mary Even

" 21 Cold Drifting Team and hand on Road 6 hrs. Took chop to Fergus (Horses) to Ch Meeting at night Decided to Build horse sheds

" 22 Finest Day for a week till night when snow started Took Turnips to Schario Took home chop got Bags (Dozen) mended got Flour 2 Bags

" 23 One of the Bad Blows. Rough and Cold all day Jim at Blacks afternoon

" 24 22 Below Calm sunny. Making and Breaking Roads all day Jim at Blacks

" 25 Milder Cloudy. Team and hand on Road 8 Hrs. To Geo Cooks Sale Bot sleigh (long) {..?} Party here at night 60

" 26 Fine morning but snowy afternoon to Cooks in morning for sleigh. Took Turnips to Rea

" 27 (Sunday) Rain last night soft all day. Cloudy. John Ch night

" 28 mild Thawing all day Plowed Con Turnips to Rea the whole month of Feby has been stormy and tis said that snow has fallen some time Every day since 7th Decr some fell this morning

March 1 still Thawing Cloudy misty. To Hy Websters (Sr) Funreal Roads very soft Got sack meal Turnips to Scherio

" 2 still fine Took up load of oats " " {Turnips to} Rae Jim & Stan at Mission {Banquet?} Belwood Crows seen

" 3 " " Roads Bad Turnips to Schario Mary to Concert

" 4 very fine and mild Anderson vs Taking wart off Black steer Team and 2 Hands on Road 7 hours Roads very Bad

1910 == === 80 {upper left corner} =

March 5 Finest and mildest yet. A and Mary to Ch Communion Preparatory Turnips to Rea Roads very soft

" 6 (Sunday) a Peculiar day for the Season Thunder storms all day and some rain with vivid lightning far into the night

" 7 Blustry Showers of Snow not cold. all Turnips in Pit away Load to Schario Turned a very stormy Evening

" 8 stormy a wild Blow last night fine afternoon to Wm Deans sale settled Turnips to Date John up to McDermotts for seed Barley 10 Bu 55 cts to Jas Campbell seed Fanning mill

" 9 Fine Jno to Baileys Trimming Turnips Jas White & W. Thomson here

" 10 very fine Cleaning Timothy for D. & Bert Milne Trimming Turnips Load of Turnips to Rea Em Hastings here

" 11 very fine Drawed up some Wood. McDermotts sale The Largest sale ever held in West Gara Amounting to {$96.00?} Robins seen

" 12 Fine yet. Cleaning Timothy seed for R. Black Team and Hand on Road 5 Horses

" 13 (Sunday) Mild morning but very stormy afternoon started to walk to Ch too Late

" 14 very stormy and Cold Cleaned Timothy John Drawing wood to school From Baileys

" 15 Cold stormy at night Jim Whitehouse Cleaning Timothy seed Jno for wood (Baileys) Sarah & Mrs Rennie here

" 16 Bright. Raw. To Kennedy Orr's sale. Boys drawing home wood

" 17 Sunny but cold 2 hands on road 3 hours. Killed a Pig at Thompsons to Wm McDermotts at night Presentation of Gold Watch

" 18 Quiet and milder Jno & Jim to Baileys for Load of school wood John took seed Fanning mill Back to Jas Campbells Blue Birds seen

" 19 Sunny and great thaw River Broke up at Con 4. Load of wood to school

" 20 (Sunday) Biggest thaw yet. Thunderstorms and heavy Rain last night River Broke up from Belwood to Aboyne Walked to Ch

" 21 very fine and sunny. Team and hand 5 hours on road discing A and J to Hastings at night. Some rain Pd {1909?} Threshing to Hastings

" 22 No frost last night very warm and snow went Rapidly. Cleaning up oats. first wheels here (John White)

" 23 Sunny but Raw E wind Jim at Blacks. Team and disc on Road 5 hours. A at D. Milnes

" 24 Great Thaw warm Finished Cleaning Oats all that was up Geo Tilleys sale Bot 3 {Geese?} First night without Frost Frogs

" 25 Good Friday Fine shovelled out Road at R. Blacks 2 hands 2 1/2 hours Digging frozen Tile from Milk House Stan Hanna Plowing Good wheeling

1910 == === 81 {upper right corner} =

March 26 to Fergus with Broken Plow and Harrows Seeing about D. oats Clover seed &c A and Leith down in afternoon

" 27 (Sunday) Clear Raw E. Wind A & Mary to Ch morn. John Stan Even

" 28 Still fine. Cleaning oats. John to Fergus with Chop 15 Bags (Horses)

" 29 Fine and {hot?} Drawing in Turnips forenoon Started Plowing in 11. 75 in {shade?}

" 30 Still Fine warm. A and J to Fergus. to McAllisters Sale. Bot Churn Binder Cover and valise. Threat rain at night 75 in shade

" 31 Cooler To Fergus with {Case?} and got Plow Harrows Oats {Daubney?} it has been a March seldom Equaled every day fine

April 1 Warm again. Plowing. Rain needed to start the Grass and take out the Frost also help the Fal wheat

" 2 Another warm still day. Plowing in 11. DeGuerre and Children here Jas White here for Peas. Roads getting very dusty

" 3 Cool E. wind but sunny A Jim and Leith to Ch Boys to Blacks O.S.R.

" 4 Misty morn then Clear and warm started Cultivating in 15. Picking stones off N. Corner of 11 Mosquitos Warm misty night Quite a growth of Grass

" 5 Misty and warm Cultivating in 15 Started to sow in 15. to Elliotts sale in afternoon Bot Cow @ 65.00 steer Heifer 39.00 each and Heifer @ 29.00 = $168.00 {Hanos?} Jim Plowing in 11. 75 in the shade

" 6 Rain through the night. Cooler. Jim Leith & J to Elliotts for Cattle Stan Brot Grain {Runs?} cow {went?} to Grass Got Clover seed. Put 8 cattle dow {down?} to other Place Smart shower at noon another at night snow flying Mary to Hastings

" 7 High wind all last night Frost and snow Cold. Plowing {......Guelph?}

" 8 Hard frost. stopt Plowing in forenoon. Drawing stuff to Lane from sand Pit. Finished sowing 15. Sowed Bu 33 milder at night

" 9 Cool Clear Picking stones off 15. Finished Harrowing it John Mary to Fergus as usual

" 10 (Sunday) warmer A. Mary to Ch morn John Even Mary to Belwood

" 11 Cool and some Rain flakes of snow. Cultivating in 4 and 2 Fast {Bessell?} into Montreal

" 12 Froze to Hard to Harrow in morn. Cultivating in 2 Killing Pig at Jas Milne

" 13 " " " " " Sowing in 2 warmer and sunny. Mayflower Blooms

" 14 No Frost milder Quite warm by night. Finished sowing 2 and 3. Harrowed 2. started to Harrow 3 Cultivating in 12. Picked stones in 2 and 8

" 15 Cooler Finished Harrowing 3. Cultivating sowing Picking stones in 12 Mary to Belwood to Institute meeting. Rain at night to R. Black for {chats?} as showing the Earliness of the season. Bert Milne finished sowing yesterday

1910 == === 82 (upper left corner} =

April 16 Cold E Wind finished Cultivating. Sowing Harrowing and Picking stone in 12. A and Jim to Fergus Bot Sash Rain at night Sowed to Date (33 A. 89 Bu

" 17 Showery (Sunday) R. Thompson here Jno Mary Ch night

" 18 Warm and still. John Cultivating in 11. Jim Drawing straw. Picking stones in 11. (19th) Rain all day Cleaned up Peas

" 20 Rain all last night Clearing at daybreak Finished Plowing in 11Digging stones in old Fence Bottom

" 21 Warmer. Finished stones on old Fence bottowm in 11. 2 Teams harrowing in 11 Digging outlets of Drains on R.Y. Track Swallows

" 22 very Warm. Sowing Peas Bu Sowing oats in 11. Picking stones and Harrowing in 11 The first Real good days work thru seeding John up at 5 o Clock

" 23 Rainy morning Took up Load of Oats. John to D. Milnes Pressing Hay Jim Harrowing afternoon Bot 2 Heifers from Stan @ $ 55.00 ea 6 mos

" 24 (Sunday) Cloudy Damp some showers. Jim and Mary to Ch morn Maggie came with them

" 25 Damp Cool 2 Teams Plowing in S.F. Mary & J to Fergus Darkey shod

" 26 Rain last night. Thunder and 3 showers to day Plowing in spring Field D. Milne Plowing here in Forenoon. Land do most People stopped for wet

" 27 Fair Cool Sowing Picking stones Harrowing in 11. all the white Grain Sowed Below

" 28 Hard Frost 1/4 inch Ice Growing warmer. Plowing and Discing in S. F. Took Down Turnips and up Hay. Jno Jim to Belwood Re {Sapress?} Corn Col

" 29 Heavy Rain and Thunder at daylight. Freezing on trees and Fences in the morning. Took load of oats to Fergus 61 Bu @ 32. 7 Bags Chop

" 30 The months ends Blue looking Those who are not done can't do any thing for wet the month has been noted for E. winds not much frost but Raw and Backward. Finished Plowing for White Crop started for mangles John for wood. A and J to Fergus Curlies sale

May 1 (Sunday) dull damp. Misty at night. A. Jim Leith Ch morn John {Mary?} night Jim Hastings here First Lambs

" 2 Rain Pratically all day with 2 or 3 Thunder storms work at a stand = still County Flooded Cleaning out Root House &c

" 3 Fair Cool Took load of school wood. Down Turnips up Hay

" 4 Frost Ice Sunny Drying day Sowed spring Field Finished seeding of White Crop 59 acres 142 Bu Oats 12 Peas 14 Days ahead of last year D S Night Prayer meeting

" 5 Cold Clear drouthy day. Cultivating Root land Finished Harrowing S. F Leveling Turnip Pits &c A went to {Glanning?} where Jas Gerries Wife is ill

1910 == === 83 {upper right corner} =

May 6 Cool and very drying. Boys took 2 loads of wood to school. Frost 1/2 in Ice King Edward 7th Died rather suddenly

" 7 Frost. warmer. John Drawing stone all day from Gows Quarry for St Andrews Church sheds J to Fergus Re Pritchard. People are getting on their Land again. Browns were 21 Days held up with wet

" 8 (Sunday) Warm Threatening Rain None to Ch morn John Mary Even Wild Plums in Bloom

" 9 Warm. Like Rain at noon Cold at night. Put wire across river at Gerries. John Harrowing at D. Milnes afternoon Sow Farrowed 15

" 10 Frost. 2 squalls of Wind and rain in afternoon John took 1 load of wood to school and the Last one to the gate. Put in Posts along Lane No Growth No Grass no Leaf on Trees (started to use sack of meal

" 11 Hard Frost Clear Cold windy all day School wood Finished at Last nothing doing in afternoon. J was fixing Turnip {so...?} & Picking Potatoes Em Hastings Here Last Lambs Came. 17 in all. 15 living from 9 Ewes

" 12 another Hard frost Clear and cold north Wind all day Sowed Beets in 5. Planted 3 drills Potatoes. Picking Potatoes all day.

" 13 Cloudy Cold North wind snow flying all day. Took load of Cedars up and Planted them in forenoon. Clearing Road at River Re Wire afternoon

" 14 Cold. John took Oats to Jno White. Fixing fence. Plowing in 7 in afternoon 2 teams. A came Back from Clavering

" 15 (Sunday) Frost Ice Calf (Elliott) Fine afternoon A. and J to Ch morn John Mary Even Lib and Fred here

" 16 Frost then warmer Got of {off} to a good start Didn't have to make Breakfast John Drawing sand all day for St. Andrews Ch shed Jim Plowing for A. Hanna. Picking Potatoes Schario Brot Colt Colts out all night

" 17 Fine No Frost High wind all day Rain at night Choring Filling {Bids?} &c To Mrs Sullivans Funreal {Funeral} to Elora

" 18 Rain all last night Cold and windy all day finished Plowing in 7 started discing. Norman Hamilton Brot 5 Cattle & L. Sargeant 2 colts

" 19 Frost Ice shower Discing & Harrowing in 7 Picking Potatoes

" 20 Filling up Potatoes John at Hannas Discing Rain all afternoon King Edward 7th Funreal {Funeral}

" 21 Warm Trees well out in Leaf. To Guelph with 26 Bags of Potatoes & 6 Bags oats. 25 cts a Bag for Potatoes and 38 cts a Bushel for oats got Turnip Seed. Crop and grass seem vary Backward for such an early spring

1910 == === 84 {upper left corner} =

May 22 (Sunday) Fine warm Jno Burr and Maggie here. {Howitronot?} Colt to Pasture. John and Mary to Shands {S. S.?}

" 23 showery all day. Cutting some potatoes. Raw night

" 24 average day. Plowing for Potatoes. The Kitchen Girls cam up

" 24 Jim Leith to Belwood John Mary to Fergus

" 25 Cool working Root land Kitchen Girls went Back to Fergus Good view of Haleys Comet

" 26 Plated Potatoes Rain all afternoon Cold J Whites team for oats

" 27 Saved 4 {sills?} Turnips. Put wire across River at this end. {Rep?} Fence Round 10. L. R. Blacks at night Cold Jim to Carlaws at night

" 28 Cool but very drying working up. Root and Buckwheat land Jim to Belwood Schario Brot another Horse

" 29 (Sunday) showers all day. 2 Thunderstorms at night Hail None to Ch

" 30 Cold. Drawing manure out of Foundation forenoon Rain all afternoon Filing saw

" 31 Drawing up straw &c showery Cold nasty day month ending with lots Growth and Crops generally looking bad Last Calf of Season

June 1 Wet all day lots of snow flying Raw and Cold. Building Fences 9 & {6?}

" 2 Cold Cloudy Damp Reform meeting in Fergus Got 200 salt

" 3 Cows out all night for the First time

" 3 Cloud off warmer. Putting in Posts along Con next Gerries 6 Cattle ( # {skeoch?}

" 4 Frost Clear day. Plowing in 5 Tinkering at Fence Mary to Guelph with {B..?}

" 5 (Sunday) Cold showery all day none to Ch morn John Mary at night

" 6 Cold damp. Plowing in 5 Drawing manure to 7

" 7 Cold Clear. North wind " " Thompsons spreader Mary to Fergus

" 8 Warmer Clear To Fergus Re 11 & Erie Walked both ways Drawing manure

" 9 First real Growing Day manure out. Plowing Harrowing 5 Cutting Posts Fire Flies

" 10 Fine But all the month so far N to E winds finished Plowing in 5 start Plowing in manure in 7 Harrowing Drilling and Sowing Turnips in 5 Foal Jess - Antillion

" 11 Damp Forenoon. Plowing in 7. Heavy Rain all afternoon

" 12 (Sunday) Forenoon Damp Cleared up after A. Jim Ch morn John Mary Even. John {Reas?} here

" 13 very Fine 2 Teams Plowing in 7 John to Fergus in Evening

" 14 Hot the first Real Day for Crops finished Drilling and sowing in 5 Plowing in 7 washed sheep. Thunderstorm in S. E.

" 15 very hot 80 Plowing in 7. to Fergus got Cabbage Flour &c

" 16 Hotter yet 84 A and Mary to Fergus Sowing Turnips in 7 Finished Geordie Ran away from the Door smashed Buggy all to ___

1910 == === 86 {upper left corner} =

July 11 making Road through stone Pile 6 Hours scuffling in 7 Hoeing Potatoes Took 50 Bu Oats to W Dix @ 33 cts Dix Pd {mixed gear ...?}

" 12 Rainy Forenoon Heavy Rain and thunder at night Plowing Headlands of 5. To Fergus got Cistern Pump {Rep?}

" 13 Fair and Cooler. Put Green on Potatoes thinning Carrots hoeing Beans Putting in Beans at 8. 59 Birthday so worked harder than usual

" 14 very Hot. To Fergus with wool. 81 Lbs @ 25 = 20. 25 got 57 yds Poultry netting 6 1/2 cts Per yd = 3.70 20 Ledger Plates for mower 5 cts each Runner for shoe .50 Sack of meal 2.50 Turnips in 7 all scuffled first time scuffled Beets 2nd time Bert Milnes wife Mrs Young Emma Hastings and Nora Wright here John to Garden Party at Simpsons

" 15 Hot mowing thistles on Con Thinning Turnips Finished hoeing Potatoes The First I did it after the Green was on Lazy as Wednesday washing

" 16 Thunderstorm at 6 a.m. very heavy Rain and some hail showery till 3 PM. Finished Fanning Oats another Wednesday washing should have been done in April. John with Stan in afternoon at stones

" 17 (Sunday) A and Jim Ch morn Jno Mary Even. Jim Gerrie and 2 Children Came up

" 18 Cool. Finished thinning Turnips mangels 2nd time. 5 hours at stone Pile Jim and Leith a {at} Jas Whites in afternoon

" 19 Warm. Scuffled Potatoes and Beets John mending Rack Jim and Leith To R. Blacks thinning

" 20 Fine started Haying Cut 6. Jim and Leith to Erin St Andrews S S Picnic. Haying is only General to Day and none to Ready 4 hrs at stones

" 21 Warm shower at 11 another at 5. fixing Roof of sheep house 5 hrs at stones. Mary at Institute meeting Belwood

" 22 Fine Hot To Fergus got twine 2 Bales (Nichols) to Elora Re {Bask?} Maggie Burr and Johnie here. 10 Hours at stones Jas White oats 51.26 {Bu?}

" 23 very Calm and Hot. 6 Hours at stones in Forenoon Raked and Coled up 6

" 24 (Sunday) Hot A. and Mary to Ch morn Rainy all afternoon Jno and Mary at night. Heavy Rain and 3 or 4 Thunderstorms

" 25 very windy. up to Libs (A and Bess) 5 Hours at stones finished mowed some in 8. Cutting thistles on Con

" 26 Fair Cool Put on gate tween 8 & 9 Ready for Crusher now scuffling Green Peas Drawing in Hay from 6

" 27 Hot 6 all in Cutting and Coling in 8. Thunder. Rain to south and north a few Drops here Mary to Fergus

1910 == === 87 {upper right corner} =

July 28 Cutting Raking and Coling in 8. Mrs Hastings here. Fine warm

" 29 Fine until 4 P.M. then a thunderstorm with big winds finished Cutting 8 E of Ditch Drawing in took twine home from Rennies

" 30 Fine High wind Drawing from 8 Coling at night

" 31 Frost Dry and Cool. A Jim to Ch morn John Mary Even. New Potatoes Jno Black Robt Thompson and Jno Burr here

Aug 1 all Hay in that is Cut Thunderstorms all afternoon with slight Rain But Heavy rain to the south of us John to Fergus with Chop (Pigs) Jim to Belwood for my Boots {...?} warm and like more rain

" 2 Fair and warm Cutting in 8. Scuffling started to Clean Turnips Plowing Headlands on Turnips. Mary Leith Picking Berries

" 3 Finished Cutting 8. Scuffling Coling. Thunder all afternoon Rain at night. A Fierce storm tween 10-11 at night Wm Mitchell team killed

" 4 Hot Misty morning Cool windy afternoon 8 all Coled. Cutting in 10 To Fergus got mended Buggy

" 5 vicious high wind for 2 days Finished Cutting Raking Coling Jack Moir St Elora Came

" 6 Cool. Windy Cloudy forenoon Quieting in afternoon Scuffling Cleaning Turnips Finished Coling started Harvest Cutting 2 (mixed Grain 114 Days from sowing

" 7 (Sunday) Fair an {and} Calm. A and J to Ch morn John and Mary at night Jessie & Wm Clark Jno Burr and Maggie and Ray Black here

" 8 Fine Hay all in But 2 Loads and Rakings had A. Hanna Mose Cadney Sam Lougheed wit Stans Team and D {Drovnan?} with Bert Milnes Team Put all to good Hay in the Barn and Clover in stack

" 9 Dull morning Warm Thunder an {and} Rain at noon then all Evening Hay all in Except Rakings in 11. John with Team Drawing Bales for Stan Jim with Bert Milne in afternoon A Wm Clarks Funreal {Funeral} (Bush Willie)

" 10 Thunder and some Rain Rep Rack 3 Picking Berries at Jno Davis stooked 2 at Turnips Jno with Stan in Evening

" 11 Fine Finally Finished Hay Rakings of 11 Finished scuffling self Feeder Turnips 2nd time. Cleaning Turnips to Fergus Flour and {sugar?} A ato Rennies

" 12 Fine Finished Cleaning Turnips in 5 started to Cut Oats in 12.

" 13 Fine Cutting in 12 Drawing in From 2. Feeding Pigs Beets Growth of 1909 N Zealand

" 14 (Sunday) Fine Rain at night None to Ch morn (too Lazy) Jno Mary night

" 15 very hot Clear morning Rain and thunder at 4 P.M. started to Cut 3 A and J. to Jas Whites at night

1910 == === 88 {upper left corner} =

August 16 Cloudy, misty Damp day Rain at night to Jno Bremmers in forenoon. To Fergus in afternoon Got Jess shod Tomatoes Binder Whip &c finished 3 Jess Present Fashion

" 17 Warm and Close. Choring. Cleaning Turnips Jim Russell here with Auto

" 18 Heavy Rain last night Damp and dull all day Drawing logs out along River. Getting Rafters A Moir and wife here A Mary Bessie to Burrs

" 19 Fine Clear finished Cutting 12 started 15 one of Sargeants Colts away

" 20 Hot finished Cutting 15 Put in a good days work started before 7 2nd Day

Sunday " 21 Fine Warm A Jim and J to Ch morn. Jno Mary Even Fred Lib Wm and Em Hasting Sarah Burt A Jas White here (work to {season?}

" 22 Thunderstorm in the early morning and rain until 8 a.m Cutting in S 7 in afternoon warm and looks Like more Rain had Lamp lit at morning time

" 23 Damp. Some Rain in afternoon Finished Cutting S. Field

" 24 Misty morning. Hot. John to Magwoods (Fergus) for Binder Tongue (Broke one yesterday) Cutting in 11. A to see Mrs Nelson (Kate)

" 25 Hot no Dew. finished stooking 15. Finished Drawing 2 Cut on 6 = 19 days Thunder and Heavy Rain at dark Jim at Stans and Howes Threshing

" 26 Fair Cooler Finished Cutting (not Buckwheat) to Fergus Pd Russell in full to date to Belwood in evening Re Hay a feature of the season is a Great many done Cutting None in

" 27 Fair Cool took Rakings from 2. to Wm B Thompsons Re Telephone to Fergus in evening for Front Bolster of Waggon

" 28 (Sunday) Warmer. A and J to Ch Morn Mary John even Jas White & {Mrs?} here even

" 29 Fine Finished Cleaning Turnips at Raes Threshig in afternoon 2 hands and Team. Jno at Jim Milnes Threshing after supper Les Hanna came from West

" 30 Warm Cloudy Finished drawing in 3. started S.F. Jim with Jas Rae for 2 days Leith with Bert Milne 3 days

" 31 Heavy Rain and thunder in morning Jno to Fergus with Chop (Pigs) Took Cement Pig Trough 6 ft = 1.50 720 Chop

Septr 1 Cloudy Warm Jno at D. Milnes threshing A and J to Elora to Jas Moirs Funreal {Funeral}

" 2 Clear Cooler John Plowing 10 forenoon. Jim at Jas Raes all day Pulled Peas Fed last of Beets Growth of 1909

" 3 Fine morning Thunder and Heavy Rain nearly all afternoon was Going to thrash below but threshed few {...?} in Barn John Got Leg Gashed with saw on {Empire?}

1910 == === 89 {upper right corner} =

Septr 4 (Sunday) Fine A Mary to Ch (Communion) Kuje rain

" 5 Rain all day. Jim Plowing in 10. A and J at Rennies threshing

" 6 Warm and wet Heavy rain all last nigh A and Jim to Fergus with Pears Jim got Boots. A Moir and Mrs here missed swallows

" 7 Cooler started to cut Buckwheat in 7 Turning out stooks which were growing Badly

" 8 Fair all in at home But Rakings Turning out stooks and Peas Jno to Fergus for Flour (Milverton) 3 bags 1 @ 2.70 1 @ 2.80 and 1 @ 3.00 = 7.50 A Jno to Belwood with Pears Intending to thrash tomorrow if dry

" 9 Like rain in morning but kept fair Windy Threshing Below 40 acres oats and Peas. Fair turn out 18 hand for supper and {allow ...?} (Hastings machine) The worst delayed harvest since 1901 on account of Wet lots of Grain to drawn in yet.

" 10 Fine warm. Jim & Leith at Radburns threshing. Took up Loads of Peas that was not threshed. Choring Jno to Fergus to Dr getting Leg {Cleaned?}

" 11 (Sunday) Fair warm A Jim Leith to Libs Jno Mary to Sunday school

" 12 Heavy mist in morning. like rain all day Jim & Leith to Radburns threshing Jno to Fergus getting Leg Dressed Cooler at night Reno*

" 13 Cool. Fair. Cut Buckwheat in 7. started in 11 Jim at H Ellis threshing (for Jas Rae

" 14 Fine Cool. Leith at Hannas Pulling Peas. Finished Cutting Buckwheat (not stooked) started to Cut Aug 6 = 39 days

" 15 Fine Jim and Leith at Hannas threshing all day Team in afternoon

" 16 " Choring. stooking Buckwheat

" 17 " " Finished stooking Buckwheat. A Mary John to Fergus at night

" 18 (Sunday) Cloudy Cool A Mary to Ch morn. Jim Mary to Shands SS

" 19 Cool morning. Fine day. Norm Hamilton took Cattle away Sold 4 Cattle to Wm Nelson = 3510 @ 5 cts $4.00 off - 171.50 Tried 4 Horse Evener worked all night

" 20 Fine Cool Plowing in 10 (4 Horses) To {Lab?} Jas {Skeschs?} Funreal {Funeral} (Jess again

" 21 " Plowing till noon. Cleaning up Oats Getting threshing wood etc Mary at Hastings Stans Wedding

" 22 First Heavy Frost 1/4 inch John to Fergus with Oats {13.?} Lbs @ 33 cts Chop For Horses Jim at Bert Milnes threshing all day Team Leith and J From 3

" 23 Frost that {Loupit?} Threatening Rain all day Thrashed Buckwheat out of stook 9 acres 240 Bushels 48 days from start to Finish of Harvest Country looking fine Lots of Grass. Cattle scarce and dear

1910 == === 90 {upper left corner} =

Septr 24 Rain this morning (East) D. Milne started to thresh but quit John to Fergus with oats 25 Bu 30 Lbs. Chop (Hogs) 1100 Damp all day got sack meal

" 25 (Sunday) Cloudy Damp. all Day A Mary Jim to Ch morn John Mary Even

" 26 started to Draw manure to 3. Jim to Fergus for chop. Cloudy Damp McCulloughs colt came Thompson {Bu?} got 975 Grain

" 27 Rainy Forenoon Jim at Wm Hughes threshing Cleaning up & Fanning Oats

" 28 Fine at manure all day. Helping Jim to make rafters tween Loads

" 29 Fine Warm at manure all day. Jim to Jas Reas

" 30 " " Clear at manure Forenoon John Mary Jim and Leith to Fergus Fall show in afternoon. Thunder at night no Rain here

Octr 1 Threshing at D. Milnes. Team and 2 Hands. Drawing in Buckwheat very high wind all afternoon

" 2 (Sunday) Fine A and J to Ch morn John Black here

" 3 Fine at manure at Thompsons threshing until 3 (break)

" 4 Rain all day 4 Hands at Thompsons Finished

" 5 Cloudy damp. Finished manure here. To Elora for Lambs 400

" 6 Rain from the north all day. Choring A and Mary to Fergus

" 7 Frost very Fine. 2 Teams Plowing in forenoon started Beets Pulled half of them Took in 3 loads

" 8 Frost Fine Pulling and drawing Beets Jim at Jas Whites threshing

" 9 (Sunday) Cold Cloudy. A & Mary to Ch morn John & Mary to Shands S.S

" 10 Fine Mary & J To the late Wm Richardsons Funreal {Funeral} Finished Beets The Best Crop I ever saw on an acre of Field 5 N.E. side there Was 18 Loads about 800 Bushels started Potatoes took up Carrotts

" 11 very Fine at Potatoes all day

" 12 Fine Colder Finished Potatoes a good crop. but over 1/2 of them Rotten Took up Beans a {and} corn. 1st of stone Crushers came to Board

" 13 Clear Cold John to Fergus Darkey shod Harness fixed on Grader in afternoon. A & J to Late Mrs. {Alvin?} Browns Funreal {Funeral}

" 14 very Fine 2 Hands and Team on the job all day myself in afternoon

" 15 " " 3 Hands " " " " " " "

" 16 (Sunday) A & J to Ch morn John Mary Even to Barrs for Bessie

" 17 Sunny Hot 2 Hands and Team at stones Fanning Grain & Choring myself

" 18 " " " " " " " " J digging up Pipes in spring Leith Helping Stan to Sandersons sale Bot Plow $ 5.00 There has Been 10 Days of Splendid weather since the 7th

1910 == === 85 (upper right corner} =

June 17 Still hot finished Plowing Harrowing Picking stones in 7 A and John with Bessie to {Butrs?} for Buckwheat Thunder and Rain at night

" 18 Hot Finished Plowing Sowing Harrowing and Rolling in 7 Sowed with Buckwheat the First ever sowed here. Getting Poles for gate

" 19 (Sunday) Hot Walked to Ch at A Browns for dinner Mary John Even

" 20 Hottest yet 88 in shade 108 in Sun. Plowing in 11. To Fergus with chop Making gates Dan shod the Last time was Decr 10th 1909 = 6 mos 10 days

" 21 Hot Plowing in 11. Clipped sheep in afternoon Fixing gate Posts across river 89 in shade

" 22 " Finished Plowing for Buckwheat in 11 Framed Posts across River Mary at S.S. Convention Belwood John at night got {stal?} soled Boots 93 {D...?}

" 23 still hot Jim Leith at Circus (Fergus) John sowing Buckwheat and Rolling Harrowing myself. Glad to get done sowing 9 acres Been at it since Apr 5th 2 mos 18 days

" 24 a little cooler. A & J to Fergus Re Telephone and Bank started thinning Beets

" 25 warm Beets all thinned Mary left for Montreal on {Mor...?} trip Barley in head in 2

" 26 (Sunday) No one to Ch for want of Buggy very hot

" 27 Drawing up oats in forenoon Cleaning oats after Rainy all afternoon warm

" 28 Cooler Oats all up. Rep Fence tween 7 & swamp Jno to Belwood (Crop to tie 66 acres)

" 29 Warm Rod work. Building Fence. Scuffling Potatoes Jim Leith SS PicNic

" 30 Hot. " " Choring. Been fine. Farmers weather since the 9th

July 1 " Finished Road work stretching wire new Gerrie along Com Took 1940 mixed Grain to Wm Dix @ 1.00 Per 6 wt

" 2 very Hot John out with the Wrecking waggon hand led the wreck of 2 Buggies money making Job Scuffling Cut wire fence on other side of River Put in Bars Ida (Mrs Page) and Ella Williams Came

" 3 (Sunday) Hot none to Ch morn too Lazy to walk No Buggy

" 4 Cooler thinning Turnips A Jim & Leith to Burrs Picking strawberries

" 5 " To Fergus with 600 Chop (Pigs) and 46 Bu 21 Lbs oat to A. E. Boys to salt (200) and Bag Flour Paris Green, Etc.

" 6 Hot a few drops at night To Fergus with A. thinning and scuffling Turnips 80 Degrees

" 7 very Hot Shower this morning Thinning to Belwood with waggon wheels to get tires set. Drawed up the stuff from Fence Bottom across River

" 8 Hot Finished thinning Turnips in 5. To Fergus Re wire & Rivets

" 9 Hotter Howing Potatoes to Belwood for wheels (Tire set)

" 10 (Sunday) Grand showers all day which was Badly needed No thunderstorm here. But Lots of it to the West

1910 == === 91 (upper right corner} =

Octr 19 Fine Hot 2 Hands and Team at stone A to Fergus W. Kitchen 8 {mos?} Came

" 20 Cooler. Cloudy

" 21 Cold Cloudy Thunderstorm and Rain at night Team 2 hands on stones Kitchens left for Fergus 21st Drove them down

" 22 Cold and rainy all day Stone crushers left Put on 383 yds on Road John and Team with them all day. Jim Plowing Leith with Stan 4 days

" 23 (Sunday) Cloudy Raw None to Ch morn Jno Mary Even Maggie Burr here

" 24 Warmer Cloudy started Turnips. Finished Fanning oats Jim Plowing in 3

" 25 Fine Jim Plowing in 3 John to Fergus with Chop (Hogs) 1080 Brot up Big Tlle for spring Drilled holes in them Rolling Turnips

" 26 Fine forenoon Put in 2 Tile 3 ft wide at spring Dug up wooden Pipe That was Laid on July 24th 1882 it was Rotten and cut like Cheese Down 28 years. Culling Turnip afternoon till rain came Cleaning Oats

" 27 2 Distinct Thunderstorms Last night showery all day. The First snow of the season at night. To Fergus with Chop (Horses) 880 lbs got Pipe for spring Got started drawnin Turnips. A helping Mrs J. Milne to Pick Fowl

" 28 Ground white with snow this morning showers all day. 2 Teams Plowing S.7

" 29 Frozen hard to Plough. Putting in Pipes at spring. to Fergus For 50 tile renewed spring waterwork at a cost of $78.19 made up as follows Cement 425 So 4.3 in tile @ 15.00 0.96. 79 1/2 ft 2 in stal Pipe @ 15 cts foot 11.93 Couplings &c 1.05 Willie Kitchen came

" 30 (Sunday) Ground white hard Frost milder afternoon. A and J to Ch morn took Aunt Jessie up. John Mary to S.S.

" 31 slight Frost then fine Drawing Turnips Forenoon Pulling after Jessie & Wife left

Novr 1 Misty morning then fine. Pulling and drawing Turnips

" 2 Fine. Turnips all Pulled in 3 Drawing in started in 7

" 3 Pretty good day. Pulling Turnips in 7. 5 all in. H Skeoch took Cattle away

" 4 very hard frost taking manure out of Foundation forenoon Pulling Turnips after 1

" 5 Fine Frosty Drawing Turnips Forenoon Pulling after Stan here afternoon

" 6 (Sunday) Snow None to Ch morn Schario took colt away

" 7 Blustery and snowing all day 2 Team Plowing in S.F. To Fergus Got Paid for Pasture by Skeoch & Horvatt Leyborne & Borthwick Came go grade on Gravel Road But Quit to much snow and frost

" 8 more snow 2 Teams Plowing in 7. Bot sheep from Leybourne @ 4 1/2 9.00 Helping Jas Milne Kill a Pig Tied up feeding Cattle There are still a lot of Turnip out J. White T. Wilson Rennie round here

1910 == === 92 {upper left corner} =

Novr 9 Milder. Heavy rain at night. Plowing in 7 Killed sheep 109 lbs to the Late Mrs W. Thompsons Funreal {Funeral} to Belyside

" 10 Rain all last night and most of the Day. Cleaning up Grain

" 11 stormy. Took up load of Threshing wood. Drawing in Turnips. 3 loads and the Culls out yet. A helping Mrs Hanna at Dicks threshing

" 12 stormy. Plowing Finished 7. " " " " {A helping Mrs Hanna} Jim at A Rea threshing afternoon Cattle all {Tied?} in

" 13 (Sunday) And J to Ch morn John to Mary to S.S. then to Ch night A to R. Blacks in afternoon (Birth Girl) snowing all day

" 14 Milder day but Last night was the hardest frost yet. Covering Pit A Mary and Bessie to Fergus. Jim at Raes and Jas Milnes threshing

" 15 Fine Cold Jno at Jas Milnes threshing. To funreal {funeral} of A McBain Mary went to {Sewing?}

" 16 Fair Raw Cold Jas Milnes finished threshing then Horses in afternoon R & W Thompsons Sale Killed and dressed a steer for Jas White

" 17 Fine Cloudy. Howes finished then we Finished machine moved to Rennies (Hames machine) Got 105 Lbs of Beef from Jas White

" 18 Cloudy snow at night Covering Turnip Pit John and A to Rennies threshing. Revd {Reverend?} Mr Besson.Wife and Daughter here for Tea

" 19 Frosty fine Jno and A to Rennies (Finished) Covered all Turnips up got in a Few more loads into Pit

" 20 (Sunday) Milder none to Ch morn John Mary Even

" 21 Misty Snowing Hand at Hastings threshing all day 2 in afternoon Leith and 1 at {.....?}

" 22 Sunny. Milder. 2 Hands at Hastings. got load of wood. Dug trench at {.....?}

" 23 Fine Forenoon fierce storm of Snow afternoon. Hastings Finished at 10 A.M John Plowing in 4. To Adairs Sale took home {Berts?} Horse and Buggy

" 24 Rain last night snow gone. mild Turnips all in on month since we started the latest we ever were nearest to it 1879. 13th But very bad Weather for the job. Frost and snow a Grand Crop. first time sowing Invictias & Magnum {Brown?} Finished work at spring and got the new Pipes going first time

" 25 Snow as usual last night Mild Finished Covering Pit Jno at Jas Whites threshing. Plowing in spring Field (Finished)

" 26 Snow last night again Mild Jas White finished threshing the last of the season Moving Hay 2 Teams Plowing in 4 (sod) in afternoon Jim to Belwood

" 27 (Sunday) Raw East wind. A and Mary to Ch morn

" 28 Misty cold. Rain from the E Freezing as it fell snow at night

over {bottom right corner}

1910 == === 93 {upper right corner} =

Novr 28 (Con) Jim to Fergus with Chop (stones) 1500 took down fowl for St Andrews Choir supper

" 29 Drawing ties off Track with sleigh. Took in Binder &c&c snowing at night

" 30 Fair sleighing this morning took 13 lambs to N. Murphy 1270 @ 5.75 Mary to St Andrews Choir supper

Decr 1 First wintry Day Cold and windy Repaired and took Home Thompsons spreader Choring

" 2 started to Draw Turnips Load to Schario (wheels) 11 cts

" 3 Fine Turnips to Rea (wheels) To Fergus Preparatry since St Andrews (Cutter) Bot Ram Lamb from Alex Stewart @ 50.00 Jim went after it milder at night John has been with Les Hanna threshing all week

" 4 (Sunday) A Mary & J to Ch Communion Mary down at night to {Swing?} Clear Cold

" 5 very Cold {} Turnip to Schario John Laid up with Cold

" 6 Cold 4 Below Got in good days work 2 loads Turnip onto Schario one to Rea

" 7 Milder some snow Drove Jim to Fergus he went to Fat stock show Guelph

" 8 stormy to Fergus with 5 Hogs (sleigh) 1120 @ 6.40 are 224. 7 mon old tied Colts in

" 9 Fair Cold Turnips 2 Loads 1 to Each Mary Collecting for B.S. Wheeling

" 10 Cold E Wind Took wire of River Forenoon Getting wood afternoon

" 11 (Sunday) milder some snow None to Ch morn John Mary Even

" 12 Cold Clear Took two Loads Turnip one to Each To Elora Sold Heifer to Wm Shortread @ 51.00

" 13 Blustery Helping Jas Milne to lift Colt Helped Bert to kill Pig Load of Turnips to Rea Jno Burr and Maggie Here at night

" 14 Raw Choring Sold Wm Shortreed 4 Heifers 2 @ 5 1/4 1 @ 5 and one @ $39.00

" 15 stormiest day so far Boys took 2 Hiefers {Heifers} to Shortreeds

" 16 very fine. to Jno Whites in morning Load Turnips to Schario Crossed river first time with sleigh

" 17 Fine Some Snow Getting wood from across River

" 18 " " " (Sunday) to Ch alone morn the usual at night

" 19 Showers of snow Load Turnips to Schario 12 cts Killed Geese Put on 2nd Load took it off again

" 20 Lots of Drifting last night Cold to day. Turnips to Schario Jim to Fergus with 3 Geese 38 lbs @ 12 cts Harry Gerrie Came up with him

" 21 Clear and very Cold Below Turnips to {Red...?} Took Morrows (7) Colt and Scharios mare Home. Jim took Harry Gerrie to Fergus

" 22 Milder. To Jno Whites then to Fergus Pd Taxes Paid {J...?} Insurance Telephone &c John down with Chop (Horses) Sold 40 B 25 lbs @ 32 cts

" 23 milder and snowing all day. John took Buckwheat to Schario 61 Bu 22 lbs @ 45 Per Bu the first load of Buckwheat we ever sold. then helping Less Hanna to move threshing machine. Got Ck For Schario Pasture

1910 == === 94 {upper left corner} =

Decr 24th Snowing To Fergus Re Shortreeds Chk Schario Pasture and Buckwheat Jno Jim and Leith Down at night

" 25 (Sunday) very fine None to Ch Geo Henderson here

" 26 Mild Lots of Snow now and good sleighing Municipal nomination

" 27 More snow last night took down 2 Heifers to Wm Shortreed 1810 @ 5 1/4 John at A Hannas threshing & Helping Less to move Jim in afternoon

" 28 Mild snowed heavy from 7:30 until noon John helping Hannas all day to move {their?} Engine A and Mary up to see Emma couldnt get mitts mended

" 29 Mild snowing John with Hannas Got the outfit finally moved

" 30 Colder biggest Blow of the Season got Chop (Cattle) load of Turnips Schario Hannas started to thresh had to quit Lesky Tubes

" 31 The year Closed up with a Cold snap 20 Below Zero and grand sleighing. Quite mild By night Jim & Leith helping D. Milne to take Cattle to Fergus. Harry Williams Came. Myself to Fergus Re Turnip tickets &c 911 Bu so far @ 11 cts 15 Loads


Jany 1 (Sunday) Mild. Thaw Rain at night A & J to Ch morn the others at night

" 2 Real Jany. Thaw until 4 P.M. then Frost and a gale. Election for Municipal office Anderson Reeve. Smellie. Alexander. Ireland and Ellis Council Peoples Ry. By Law Defeated. Harry Left

" 3 Cold snowing. Load of Turnips to Rea To Fergus with Cutter to Bank

" 4 Cold Clear 10 Below. Goodalls outfit Pressing Hay to Fergus with Heifer to Wm Shortreed 920 @ 5.

" 5 Cold and stormy. Finished Pressing Hay. moved to Jas Whites A and Mary to Fergus. 151 Bales 8 ton 265 Lbs @ 8.50 - $69.00

" 6 Cold Raw E Wind Snowing John at Jas Whites Pressing Hay Jim to Fergus with Oats to Geo Henderson 28 1/2 Bu @ 32 cts

" 7 Pretty good day. To Fergus Pd Hodge {Rufus? Leapr?} & John at Jas Whites Hay Finished in Forenoon

" 8 Mild thawing then soft Snow with a stormy night to A Moirs

" 9 Big Blow Colder Cleaning up Grain. Calm Bright night

" 10 Fine Mild at night Turnips to Schario Stan Hanna Threshing (Finished) the last of the season Mary to Fergus with George

" 11 Thaw some Rain in afternoon heavy snow Turnips to Rea Sow away

" 12 Fine. Killed Pig. Turnips to Schario {...?}, Hastings and Burrs Here

1911 == === 95 (upper right corner} =

Jany 13 Mild Misty A & J to Fergus. Turnips to Schario Broke sleigh Runner

" 14 " Thawing got Land of Rennies sleigh Took 104 Bush Turnips to Rea The Largest Load we ever Drawed Roads could not be Better Got 500 of Milverton Flour (Banner) @ 2.60 From Jas Anderson CPR

" 15 (Sunday) Fine Colder A & J to Ch morn. Mary {Jno?} & John at night

" 16 Fine Load of Turnips to Schario got sleigh Drawed home Turnips Thompson (got Buckwheat 190

" 17 Sunny Cold Jno to Fergus with Buckwheat & Oats to Geo Henderson J to Belwood with R. Black Mrs. Black D.J. and A Milnes here

" 18 very fine and sunny but was 10 below in the morning to Fergus Re Turnips &c got sack of Beachville oatmeal 2.25 To Alf Leybournes in the Evening sheaf of Wheat Beef Ring Re Organized ,y No is 10. F.B. Andersons family here

" 19 stormy morning fair and milder at night. A Mary and Geo Henderson to Guelph

" 20 Misty and mild to Mt Forest meeting of Executive of E. W. Reform Association agreed to hold a convention about the End Feby

" 21 Thaw then Freezing at night very Icy

" 22 (Sunday) Mild none to Ch morn. A. Mary and Geo to Jas Gerries

" 23 Fine Drawing and Cleaning oats 32 1/2 Bu to Henderson. Jno & A to Fergus

" 24 A dandy day Cloudy Mild John and Mary to Fergus. Icy Roads

" 25 very mild some showers of Snow. Mary married to Geo R. Henderson of Tugaska Sask By Rev J. Brown of St Andrews Fergus

" 26 still milder misty Cleaning Grain. Harry Jones went Back to Toronto slight Rain at night

" 27 still mild Geo Mary & Edna to Fergus

" 28 Froze up again very slippery. To Fergus with Baled Hay. J to Belwood Re audit

" 29 (Sunday) Thaw again mist Rain Geo Mary & I to Ch morn Geo & Mary to Thompsons

" 30 Frost again. the Wildest Blow of the Winter this forenoon Calming down at night. Took down Cow to Wm Shortreed @ $60.00 at Audit

" 31 Milder Snowing Jno to Fergus with Baled Hay. Working at audit

Feby 1 stormy from N.E. John " " " " 5885

" 2 (Candlemas) Dark misty morning Light {Brewing?} until 8 am John to Belwood re Audit J to Fergus in afternoon very stormy & cold

" 3 Cold Raw morn Wind E E Getting milder Geo Mary and Ed up to Libs

" 4 stormy Jim helping R Black with Cattle J to Elora to see V Richardson

" 5 (Sunday) Sunny Frosty. Geo Mary and A to Ch

1911 == === 96 {upper left corner} =

Feby 6 stormiest Day of Winter from the E. Roads Blocked Train stopd first time this winter. Cold Blowed in every crack

" 7 Cleared up. Breaking Roads. Train at noon. 2 Locos & S. Plow

" 8 Cloudy Mild Killed Pig Took in some Turnips. To Mrs Jas Gerries funreal {funeral} (Ne Mary Kennedy) lots of shovelled Roads

" 9 Mild Sunny. Finished audit. Jno A Mary Ed 3 Children to Fergus

" 10 Colder and slowing. Cutting & Drawing wood {Geo?} Mary to Rockwood

" 11 very Fine. Cutting and drawing wood. Folks Came Back from Rockwood

" 12 (Sunday) mild looking like Thaw. A Mary Geo and J to Ch morning Fred and Lib Maggie and John Burr here in afternoon

" 13 Mild and misty all Day. To Fergus settled with Jno White got {Doors?} From Wm Shortreed. R. W. and Rachel Thompson here

" 14 Another Big Drift. Geo Henderson was to ship his horses but too stormy

" 15 still stormy Roads Blocked to Council with Audit Stan Hannas Sale

" 16 Mild Misty A and J to Fergus. Meeting of Nichol Ins {Coy?} To R. Blacks in evening. Turnips to Schario Bad Roads

" 17 Thaw Rain To Funreal {Funeral} of Late Mrs Anderson (Smellie Geo Henderson shipped his horses. Fred here going to Gerrie sale

" 18 Breezy mild to station With staff for the West Getting Colder

" 19 (Sunday) Fine Ed and J to Ch morn. Geo and Mary to Leybornes

" 20 stormy morning then fine. To Arthur with Wm Richardson to Reform Convention

" 21 very Cold but Calm. George and Mary left for the West on 4:14 Train. C.P.R. Jm McLellan Drawing sand

" 22 stormy. Turnips to Schario McLelland 2 Teams at sand

" 23 " " " " Killed a sheep

" 24 Fine sunny. A and Jim to Fergus. Turnips to Schario

" 25 " " making Tough Sleighing Ed and J to Belwood Re Reform meeting. Goodale Paid for Hay. Turnips to Schario (Finis)

" 26 (Sunday) Soft Rain Snow Ed and Children went to Libs

" 27 hard Frost Blustery. nothing Doing

" 28 The month Ends Rough and Cold To Thompsons in evening nothing Doing

March 1 Cold Blowing snowing A. Moir here. Meeting in Belwood to Elect Delegate to R. Convention in Elora on March 6th

(2) Down with Chop Flailed oats

" 3 Fine Boys at wood over River. Helping Thompsons Bros kill a Pig

1911 == === 97 {upper right corner} =

March 4 Cold Blustery Boys at wood Forenoon. A {Agnes} John to Fergus in Evening

" 5 (Sunday) Fine till night then a Heavy snowfall Jno to Ch at night

" 6 Cold Clear Boys Drawing wood across River. Reform Convention at Elora {Ardneg?} Richardson Chosen for nominee of R. Party

" 7 Fine Cold Boys at wood Fred Brot Edna down and timothy seed

" 8 Milder very fine to Belwood winding up audit to Jas Mathiesons sale Edna and Children left for Toronto morning Train CPR

" 9 Fine at wood all day Soft and Rain at night

" 10 Getting Colder but a lot of Snow went

" 11 mild and snow going. Seed Fair in Fergus Jno & Jim Down First Thunderstorm in the Evening away south

" 12 (Sunday) mild Drizzly morning First Robins none to Ch morn Jno Evening

" 13 very Fine Blue Birds seen. First Wheels on Gravel. To W.S. Clarks in afternoon lot of snow Went

" 14 still Thawing River broke up at foot of 4th line. To Elora (Wheels) Re Jno Moir

" 15 one of the stormy days Cold at night John to Belwood Boots

" 16 very Cold morning 7 Below Zero. Snowing Blowing milder at night Nothing Doing

" 17 Cold stormy Sid Hamiltons sale John Bot: 1 Crown Gang Plow @ $

" 18 Milder went for Plow. Jim to Sale of Websters Truck got O.meal 50 lbs

" 19 (Sunday) mild misty None to Ch morn. Jno Even Robt Thompson here

" 20 Windy Flurries of snow Drawing up and Cleaning oats. Bright {arrived?} 2 nights

" 21 Milder John took 77 1/2 Bu oats to Wm Dix J went to Jas Douglas sale (Wheels)

" 22 Rainy forenoon then very Cold with snow flurries to Robt Stewarts sale Bot 5 Cattle Pair steers $90.00 1 steer and Heifer $105.00 = $235.00 milk can 40 shares 10 Potato scratcher 25 ea 75 total $235.75 10 mos

" 23 very Cold and windy to Stewarts for Cattle Drawed up Hay

" 24 still Cold Took 76 Bu oats to Wm Dix. Total 153 1/2 Bu @ 31 cts = $47.50 in afternoon took Chop (Horses) to Fergus & 15 Bu oats to A. Hanna @ 33 = $4.95 To Thompson Bros in Evening Got Hair Cut.

" 25 Mild Sunny Drawing up Hay and not much of that

" 26 (Sunday) milder Cloudy A & J t Ch morn John Even Rain at night R. Craig Here

" 27 Heavy Rain River all Broke up and High Flood Getting Colder at night Funreal {Funeral} of Late Mrs Wm Nelson

" 28 Cold Raw Henry Ellis sale

" 29 Snow Flurries Jno to Belwood Jim to Fergus with Chop (Cattle)

1911 == === 98 {upper left corner} =

March 30 Cold Snow almost sleighing again took up Hay and Oats

" 31 {Bay?} Frosty By night taking up and Cleaning Oats (seed) Leybourne funreal {funeral}

April 1 Cold snow very frosty at night A and J to Fergus. Drawing cleaning oats

" 2 (Sunday) stormy snowing Cold Maggie Burr & Jno and Roy Black here

" 3 Sunny Cold Getting wood & Hay

" 4 Cold Cloudy morning heavy Rain all afternoon John and J to Guelph to O.A.C. Re oats & to see Deguerre

" 5 Rain most of the Day. Funreal of Jas Gerrie (A's uncle) John and A to it

" 6 mild morning. Thunderstorm an rain all afternoon A. and J up to Libs Bad Roads taking up Turnips 2nd morn no Frost

" 7 Cleared up Raw. Cold Drawing up oat and Hay

" 8 Fine. Cleaning up Oats slow Weather

" 9 (Sunday) none to Ch Jim and Leith to Jno Blacks Sunny day 4 weeks since the Robins Came and lots of snow yet. slow spring

" 10 very fine Sawing Ties in forenoon. Jno Jim Over to Hendersons after

" 11 Raw E. Wind took up Load of wood. John to Walt Robinsons Sale

" 12 Cloudy E. Wind Rainy afternoon Cleaning up oats (A. to Thompsons

" 13 " " " " " Took up Hay Elora Horse show (not three)

" 14 Good Friday Heavy Rain last night and this morning. Then Cleared up and warm. Windy. Put 6 Cattle down. Took up oats

" 15 Fine Oats all Cleaned up. A. and Jno to Fergus in Even

" 16 (Sunday) 3 inches of Snow this morning. showers all day A. Jno to Ch

" 17 Frosty Sunny Jim to Fergus with Chop (2 kinds) Sawing ties Aunt Liz and Mary Came up some Snow Flying

" 18 Fine warm Aunt Liz left in evening started Plowing in 11.

" 19 Cloudy warm E. wind Plowing Jim Boarding in Hen House

" 20 Sunny warm Plowing in 11 with 2 Rigs Fixing Pole of Doble Rig

" 21 Dull and Cool. S. Bowley Here for mixed seed. 850 Lbs. 2 outfits Plowing {Disc?}

" 22 Fair Cool finished Discing in 10 Harrowing in 11. Jno to Fergus for Drill - Noxon

" 23 (Sunday) Cool. A Jim to Ch morn John Barr Here Swallows

" 24 Sunny. Dry & Cool. Frost Every night started Sowing Oats in 10 Cultivating in 5. A up to Mrs Wrights then to Libs. helped Jim Milne kill a Pig

" 25 Warmer. Siwubg ub 11 Harrowing in 5 and 10 Blood Root and Mayflower Blooms

" 26 " Sowed 5 (Daubney oats) First Team Crossed River on 4th Line Finished Harrowing 5 Cultivating 7. at Funreal {Funeral} of Late Peter Black Herb Howe got oats

1911 == === 99 {upper right corner} =

April 27 The First Real warm spring Day. Cultivating Harrowing and Leveling Turnip Pit in 7 started Cultivating in S.F. Broke Doubletree

" 28 Warm Cloudy. Finished Cultivating S.F. Sowing in 7 and Harrowing Borrowed 12 Lbs Grass seed From D. Milne

" 29 warm Threatening Rain. Been a Grand week For seeding / Finished sowing & Harrowing 7 Put in 30 acres in good shape this week

" 30 (Sunday) Rain Through the night showers all day none to Ch

May 1 Showers all day. Thunderstorm in afternoon Warm Fields have their first Green on Lambs Plowing some Cleaning out Root House

" 2 Frosty quite hard by night Cloudy Windy Showers of snow Plowing in 4 2 outfits

" 3 Ground white with snow Hard frost. Plowing sod in 4 (Finished) A up to Burrs with Bessie. T. Dow here renewing Ins Jno Rennie to here

" 4 Hard Frost Disking in 4 and Harrowing A went up to Libs on stage

" 5 Sowing in S.F. Discing and Harrowing in 4. Dry and Cool

" 6 Warmer To Fergus Got mangel seed etc Finished sowing S.F. and 4 all sowed Here but Small strip at sand Pit

" 7 (Sunday) Fine warm None to Ch Sow Farrowed 9 8 alive

" 8 very fine warm. Choring Planted 7 Drills Potatoes in S.F. Boys over to Rand with Plows

" 9 " " " stretched wire at Gerries Line A Came Back From Libs Boys went over to Hendersons to start Plowing 1/2 day 5 Horses

" 10 warm slight rain Choring Howard Brot Colt (yearling) to Pasture

" 11 " Boys at Hendersons Thunder & Rain at 6 P.M Dix Brot 8 Priestly 14 Cattle

" 12 ToDay and yesterday very high wind Blowing Down Jas Whites Windmill Turned Colts Down. A up to Burrs Brot Bessie Back John over for oats

" 13 Frost Find Day. Burning Brush across River. Alf Leybourne Brot 10 Cattle and Joe Roxburgh 6 to Pasture Choring. Deguerre and wife came from Guelph

" 14 (Sunday) Frost Clear. Jno Burr and Maggie here. Deguerre went home wild Plums in Bloom and Trees 1/2 out in Leaf 10 Days Earlier than 1910

" 15 warm Boys at H. Cows out all day some Rain at night Choring

" 16 " " " A Fine Light Rain mostly all Day

" 17 To Arthur Meeting Cencus {Census?} Commissioner ( T. Dryden) Getting Forms and Instructions Damp and warm. Thunderstorm in afternoon then 2 wild ones in evening. Went with Jno Burr Last Lambs

" 18 Warm and Great Growth Pear Tree in Bloom

" 19 Hot and Great Growth Since the start of Growing about the 7th

1911 == === 100 {upper left corner} =

May 20 Hot. Threatening rain Boys Finished at Hendersons 10 1/2 Days 2 Hand and 5 Horses sowed 88 Bush oats John Home at 11 P.M.

" 21 (Sunday) Hot. 2 Thunderstorms last night None to Ch morn 85

" 22 still hot John Plowing for A Hanna. Jim for Roots in 3 90 in shade

" 23 Heavy. Thunderstorm Early this morning still very hot Jim finished Plowing for Mangolds & Potatoes Jno J. Putting in Posts over River for Wire fence John and A to Fergus at night more Rain Bot manure spreader

" 24 Cooler Cloudy Drilled and sowed mangels Jim at Celebration at Fergus

" 25 Warm again John to Fergus with Chop (Horses) got Team shod woven Wire Oatmeal Jim Cutting Potatoes J getting Braces &cc for fence at River Heard Whipporwill and saw Fireflies Took oats to Anderson V. S 25 Bu {sideways on right edge} see also Pages 35-75

" 26 Hot stretched wire along and accross {across} River At this End Cutting Potatoes

" 27 " Planted Potatoes washed sheep one Died

" 28 (Sunday) Hot Clear A and JIm to Ch morn then to Libs Jno Ch night

" 29 Cooler Cloudy Took Bask {Basket?} oats and Bas Buckwheat to Wm Dix Fixing Fence Picking Potatoes. Boys went to {H s?} after supper

" 30 Cool John Plowing in 11 Jim to Fergus with Chop (Cattle and Pigs) {Cattle?} in 3 took Down 4 Bags Potatoes @ .80 to Mrs Leybournes sale. Bot sowing machine $2.50

" 31 Rain and thunder at noon. Plowing in 11 and 3 Cool at night

June 1 Cool To Fergus in Forenoon. Re H & E and W. {Seip?} started Taking Census in afternoon Beginning at Lot 7 Con 1

" 2 showery Forenoon at Census Sowed First Turnips in 3

" 3 Warmer at Census Boys Fixing Fence & Clipping sheep A to Ch Prep Com

Sunday 4 Cloudy Rainy Like shower at night None to Ch morn John in Even A Laid up with sore Hip Johnnie Black here (Boys Building fence tween 9 & 10

" 5 Rain & thunder this morning Cloudy all day at Census Rain at night

" 6 misty Damp at Census (Glenlamond) Drawing out manure

" 7 Cloudy all day, sick, Drilling and sowing Turnips in 3 to R. Blacks at night Census

" 8 " warm Census Bottom 1st Line working Road {house?} in 11

" 9 " Close Heat. Thunder a few drops Census anderson {scout?} & Plowing in 11

" 10 very Hot Bad storm to N.E. Census Hatings to Hanna. Turnip all in in 3

" 11 (Sunday) Hot storm to West doing Great damage no Rain here but High winds A and J to Ch morn

" 12 storms all Round us but little rain here Plowing in 11 Phones out of order (Lightning) To Fergus and Arthur Re Schedule Nos

1911 == === 101 {upper right corner} =

June 13 Cooler. Damp Cloudy 2 teams Plowing in 11. at Census Welcome to Reas

" 14 " " " " " Drilling and sowing Turnips in 11

" 15 Cool morning Rainbow at Census from Woods to McBrides 2 teams Plowing in 11

" 16 Warmer and dry at Census from John A Armstrongs to A. R. Gerries Finished Plowing in 11 started to Harrow Cool night

" 17 Hot took Heifer to Wm Shortreed 960 @ 5 1/2 Census Nelson Boyne Anderson and Patton Practicly Finished Census Enumeration see Page 95 of Diary which Began in 1884

" 18 (Sunday) Fine Hot A and J Ch morn Stan and Emma here in afternoon

" 19 Hot and dry. Sowing Buckwheat in 11. To Late John Marshalls Funreal {Funeral} John Leith to Jno Clarks for 2 Pigs. Drouth Getting serious Especially for Hay

" 20 Hot and dry. Sowing Buckwheat and Harrowing in 11

" 21 Frost this morning Ice down by the River. Finished Sowing Buckwheat 2 months lacking 3 days seeding. Harrowing and Rolling To Arthur with Census Returns A with me up to Libs Hot day

" 22 Coronation Day of George 5th Choring. {Revd?} Brown and wife here. Prayer meeting at Jas Whites at night Finished Rolling

" 23 Cloudy like Rain But did not Come Picking green of Potatoes making gate &cc

" 24 Cloudy Hot John to Elora for shingles 16 sq @ 2.30 Soft Lumber @ 30.00 =1.50 took wood to Fergus 54 lbs @ {23?} = {12.46?} {Daubeney?} oats in head some Peas in Bloom

" 25 (Sunday) No. Ch too late getting up. A up to D Milnes in afternoon

" 26 Cloudy 2 showers first since 5th. {Rip?} Pig Pen floor Choring Boys and Team Putting in Road work for Henderson Place

" 27 Warm Finished Roadwork over River (H) To Fergus setting saw got 110 Cabbage Plants. Planted them

" 28 Windy stripped shingles off N.W. side of Barn and started to Lay new ones Jim to Fergus with Chop (Horses) Cool night

" 29 Hot Dry shingling S.S. Pic nic No 2 The situation Getting serious for want of Rain

" 30 Hot Dry Shingling we have had Practialy {Practically} no Rain this month

July 1 Hot shingling forenoon. Boys to Pic Nic No 1 afternoon scuffling Potatoes S.F.

" 2 (Sunday) A Bessie and J to Ch morn. To Jno Blacks O.S.R. afternoon No Rain yet The like Brass and the Earth like Iron this was the Hottest day since Records wer kept in Ontario 101 in shade the next to it was in August 1854 99 have seen the Grand River 52 Never so low in June

1911 == === 102 {upper left corner} =

July 3 Hot. Hotter Hottest To Fergus Rep Pump got Flour 2.70 shinglng Colt Castrated no let up on the Heat. The lowest this morning was 78 and By 3 oclock it had Climbed to 103. and at stonecliff nippising 109 Record smashed

" 4 The same heat and drouth. Hay Dried before it is cut. Finished shingling N.W. side of Barn same Conditions as (see Page 69) scuffling Turnips in 3. started Haying in 12.

" 5 Cutting and Coling Hay in 12. a thunderstorm to south of us Heat fierce about 3 oclock the Warmest wind I ever felt

" 6 some what Cooler Finished Cutting 12. Coling and drawing in

" 7 Hot Drawing in Hay. Drouth bad as ever

" 8 very Hot 12 all in Put Green on Potatoes Cut thistles on Cor 12 {Switch?} in 12

Sunday 9 another scorching Day. None to Ch morn Jno Even Thunder to S.E

" 10 still the same scorching Heat. Cutting and Coling Hay in 15

" 11 Cutting and Coling in 15. Drouth still on. Though we had Thunder to S and E fair rain at Fergus. The situation is getting very serious

" 12 same Iron & Brass weather. Drawing Hay from 15

" 13 " " " " " " " " " Alf Leybourne (10) and Joe Roxborough (5) Took Cattle away. Paid (Cheques) L. 18.00 R 10.00

" 14 still Dry. Drawing in from 15 finished Cutting it 15. Loads from 15. Left 2 acres to Cattle

" 15 " " Finished Drawing in 15. Cutting and drawing in 6. Rain at night the First Real Rain in 40 Days

" 16 (Sunday) Damp morning A and J to Ch Saw first stooks (Jno Gregsons) fall Wheat. Fred & Lib John Burr and Maggie here Rain at night Now that the Drouth seems Broken we see the Damage Roots mostly a failure Barley Badly hurt. Pasture gone never saw the Lik so Early

" 17 Cooler thinning Roots Jim to Fergus with Chop got twine salt &c to Fergus in morning myself to {Barnith? Anttowers?} in afternoon Voters List

" 18 Cool 2nd Raked 15 took them in Finished Cutting 6 Coled it up started to Cut in 8 New Potatoes Frost this morning

" 19 Cool 6 all in. Drawed from 8. Fine shower after 5 P.M Loads in to Date 43

" 20 " Fine Mangels thinned Cutting Coling in 8 To D. Hutchinsons morning

" 21 Cool Fair Drawing Cutting Raking in 8

" 22 Fine Hay all cut and Coled to Belwood Re voters Lists Cool at night A Jno to Fergus

" 23 (Sunday) Cool Cloudy Rain at night. None to Ch morn {Els..?} Deguerre here

1911 == === 103 {upper right corner} =

July 24 Cold some Rain very high wind. Burrs and Deguerres came made an agreement and Deguerre to {Burrs?} to Guelph on a visit Jno to Fergus for Stans Tank

" 25 Cold wind shower to Fergus Got home shoes on Dan and darkey Drawing logs at River

" 26 " showery to Fergus Re Binder Canvas Mrs A Moir Tom & Nelly Moir here

" 27 Fine Clear Finished thinning Turnips in 3 scuffling in 11. Cut Timothy Cutting oats in 5 4 days sooner than 1908 which was the Previous Record

" 28 Warm Clear Built Hay stack Finished Haying 5 Loads

" 29 Fine Fair Warm Thinning Turnips in 11. Helped R & W. Thompson Finish Haying

" 30 (Sunday) Hot Dry No Ch morn To Funreal {Funeral} of Late Mrs (Jas) Campbell to Carmel Cemetry {Cemetery} Longest Funreal {Funeral} I Ever saw in the Country

" 31 Hot Dry Harvest Cut and stooked 5 started to Cut in 7 Water Getting scarce. started to Draw from spring Leith took Tank to Stan

August 1 Hot Took in Timothy Finished Cutting 7 Boys to the Place evening

" 2 Rain last night showers to day hot and Close thinning in 11

" 3 vey warm Damp and Close Heavy Rain at night Several Thunderstorms apparently from the East A and J to Fergus J to Elora Jess Antillion

" 4 Damp Warm Chop to Fergus (Jim) Jno to H. Place. Killed ailing Cow for Thompson

" 5 Dry Hot Cut 10 Laid up sore Back (to N. & E. {Bad?} Horses killed Barn {Round?}

" 6 (Sunday) Heavy Rain in Early morning 3 separate Thunderstorms A and J to Ch morn Thunderstorms all afternoon (Kerr Preached) Content

" 7 warm Jim to Fergus for Chop finished thinning Turnips Cut 7 acres in 11 Finished Cutting Below as showing the Light Crop 1/2 Ball twine tied the 7 acres and Jim stooked it in less than 2 Hours I think the worst Crop since 1872

" 8 Hot Fair to Ransoms in morning then to Fergus {Jeans?} shod Cut S. Field

" 9 " " Finished Cutting Here the Earliest Ever the only year near it was 1868 when we finished cutting on 15th Aug in /72 it was Aug 29

" 10 Hot Drawing in all day Finished 5 and 7 Rakings and all Rain at night

" 11 Cooler to Arthur to Reform Convention A Martin Chosen commisioner Boys over to H. Place started Cutting there

" 12 Dry Warm Boys Cutting in H. Place

" 13 (Sunday) Dry. A and Leith to Ch morn (Russell Preached)

" 14 Hot over at Ditch meeting W 1/2 Lot 3 Con 4 Boys cutting at H Place

" 15 Rainy morning to Belwood Re Judges Local voter List at Turnips

" 16 2 Thunderstorms not much Rain. Finished Cutting H. Place all the White Crop Cut. on Lb twine to acre for all 70 odd Pretty slim

1911 == === 104 {upper left corner} =

August 17 Plowing down Buckwheat in 11 Drawed in S.F. A {Agnes} to Fergus

" 18 Cooler with showers all day. Plowing in 11

" 19 Dry Cooler Crop all in above started Below. Cleared 7 acres in one Load in 11

" 20 (Sunday) Fine A and J to Ch morn Russell Preached

" 21 Fine Finished Drawing in White Crop here Rakings and all 16 Load of {sh...?} off {in?} acres. more Records Broken Drawed 110 stooks at one Load over Track up hill on Con

" 22 Fine Jack in up at H Barn in Forenoon started to Draw in there in afternoon To Fergus Returning Jack shower at night

" 23 Boys drawing in at Hallday. Choring Jack Moir Came from Elora

" 24 Cool. Bert Milne threshed forenoon D. afternoon Finished Drawing in at H. Place 16 Loads

" 25 Hot D. Milne Finished threshing {Flailer?} {Geald?} oats

" 26 " Finished Cleaning Turnips in 3 to Late Mrs R. Burrs Funreal {Funeral}

Sunday 27 Cool Thunder A Leith to Fergus Re Report of Wm Gerries death (Bro)

" 28 Fine Jim to Fergus with Chop Jno Plowing A Leith to Fergus to stands S. night

" 29 Cool at Jas Whites threshing forenoon. Jim to Radburns in afternoon A Martin here Jno Plowing. To Martin meeting Belwood at night

" 30 Frost Finished Radburns Threshing moved to Thompson Bros and Finished them (2 Hands) 34 Barns finished in August

" 31 Fine Plowing Aunt Mag and Ann Came on trail Jim Went down and took up W. Kitchen & Jno Gerrie Jr Badly done up with hay Fever

Septr 1 Hot Funreal {Funeral} of Late Wm Gerrie who was killed in Alberta on Aug 25 Aunt Ida came up and Wm Jr

" 2 very Heavy Thunderstorm Lightning struck a stump close to D. Milne Ran and {...?} on fire. Jim took Ida and Willie to Fergus

" 3 (Sunday) Clear Cool None to Ch morn

" 4 Frost Ice. 2 teams Plowing in 10 one Team Harrowing in 4 A at Hastings John Jim and Leith to Fergus to Hear Hugh Guthrie

" 5 Cloudy Rain all afternoon 2 Teams Plowing in 10. Jim at Hastings To Fergus Bank. Phone &c

" 6 Cloudy Cool Finished Plowing 10 A to Fergus got Flour Jim at 11

" 7 Cool some Rain Plowing in 4. Black Belle Calved Jim at Hastings

" 8 Cloudy Like rain all day {quit?} in 4 Harrowing

" 9 Clear and warm Harrowing in 11

1911 == === 105 {upper right corner} =

September 10 (Sunday) none to Ch morn Lib and Fred Robt Thompson and :{Dos?}: Milne here

" 11 Sunny warm with Survey on at ditch Cons 2 3 4 Lots 4-3-2 Thunderstorm and wind Rain at night Brot Home New manure spreader

" 12 Cool Drawing out manure

" 13 " " " " had a Break down

" 14 Heavy Frost Ice {Wind?} Cut the Buckwheat and Potatoes Nomination (Dominion) at Arthur Martin Clark Candidates Rain at night

" 15 Damp forenoon. Drawing manure A to Mrs Wrights

" 16 Warm Drawing manure

" 17 (Sunday) Fine A and J to Ch morn (Communion) Howards Colt away Came May {10?} {91.00?}

" 18 warm started to Cut Buckwheat

" 19 Some Rain then Fair. Finished Cutting Buckwheat A Jim to Fergus

" 20 Warm Drawing manure. A to Guelph Re Bessie along with Maggie Burr at the Late Jas Broadfoots Funreal {Funeral}

" 21 Mild Cloudy Rain in afternoon at manure Polling in Dominion Election A Landslide. Laurier with a Maj of 44 Defeated by 42 on Reciprocity in natural Products with U.S. in our own riding the vote was Clarke Martin Martin Maj Les E 84

" 22 Clear warm Finished manure at Home

" 23 Fine stooking Buckwheat A to Fergus in afternoon to see A Moirs ({wife in ......?}

" 24 (Sunday) Fine A Leith to Ch morn

" 25 still Fine {Day?} Day John to Fergus with Chop. Leith Plowing in S.F A Rather uncommon event is D. Milne taking up Beets before he had his Buckwheat Cut and Jas Milne the same before Peas were Pulled

" 26 warm Digging out stumps finished stooking Buckwheat Leith Plowing in manure in S.F

" 27 Rain all Forenoon Plowing in S.F. {Grubbed?} out spruce Tree beyond the spring

" 28 Warm Grubbing stumps Jno Leith Plowing in manure Rain at night to Rennies

" 29 Damp all day Plowing Forenoon John & Leith to Fergus show afternoon

" 30 Cooler. Cloudy Choring took up Potatoes in S.F. A John to Fergus at night

Octr 1 (Sunday) Rainy all day None to Ch morn Jno Burr and Maggie here Took away Bessie Likely Finally Been Here since 17th Novr 1907

" 2 Fine Leith Plowing John to Howes Threshing A. to Fergus

" 3 Taking up Potatoes Rainy afternoon Choring

== 1911 == === 106 {upper left corner} ===

October 4 warm morning at Beets. Leith to Belwood show. Jno & A over Picking apples at H Place very High wind with showers all afternoon

" 5 Damp Forenoon Plowing in 4. Finished Potatoes

" 6 Rain From E. all day Heavy in afternoon Cold John to Belwood Re Boots

" 7 Fine Plowing in 4 Finished Beets

" 8 (Sunday) very Fine Cool Heavy Frost. A & J to Ch morn A to Thompsons after Performed my vow

" 9 Fine warm Plowing Forenoon Choring after

" 10 Sunny forenoon after Cloudy Rain at night Helping Ja Milne to Draw in Peas and some Buckwheat

" 11 Cloudy Damp Picking apples H Place in forenoon Below in afternoon

" 12 Fine Plowing in 11. A to Fergus

" 13 " Cleaning up Barn for threshing Jno to Reas threshing

" 14 " Rae finished threshing Machine came here (Stan) at 11 am Threshed Buckwheat moved up to Barn threshed {Timothy?} {Jim?} Wm Dix took away his Cattle (8 came 11 May)

" 15 (Sunday) Fine None to Ch morn Jim came up last night

" 16 Fine Finished threshing about 2:30 I think a shade the Worst Crop Crop ever we had on account of the Drouth 43 acres 510 Bushels {About?} 12 acres Buckwheat 180 Bu Stan Hannas machine Jim to Jas Milnes threshing rest of Day

" 17 Rain all day and most of it very heavy J. Milne finished and Dave to

" 18 Cleared up Fine and warm Jno to Rennies threshing {Snuged?} up where we threshed Buckwheat

" 19 Fine warm to Fergus with Chop (1720 Hogs and horses) got Flour 1 sack {Jee...?} = 235.3 sacks Banner = 2.55 waggon Bottom 1.85 {snails?} Bolts &c Rennie Finished threshing By 8 A.M. A to Harry Ellison

" 20 making waggon Bottom to A. Staceys sale started Turnips

" 21 Damp and Cloudy all day. Finished W. Bottoms Jno to F.B Andersons threshing afternoon

" 22 (Sunday) Heavy Rain all day Colder Jim Came up last night John & he to Fergus

{sideways in left column} 23 John to F. Bs threshing Leith and J Drawing Turnips Rain

" 24 Fine Finished Drawing Turnips Below took Wm Whitehead to Scott Place

" 25 Great day Pulling Turnips in 3. Killed and Picked 7 Geese at night

" 26 Fine No Dew nor Frost Jno to Jas Whites threshing Leith and J Drawing in Turnips took in Carrots Beans & Cabbage A to Sarah's Picking Geese

" 27 First snow of the Season Last night 2 in. A and J to Fergus to the Late Mrs. Allisons Funreal John at Turnips To {Guelph?} men & Team Dinner

" 28 Hard frost Jno to Howes threshing Leith and J drawing & Pulling Turnips

1911 == === 107 {upper right corner} =

October 29 (Sunday) Fine Clear Windy None to Ch

" 30 Fine and milder. Finished Pulling Turnips Rita Williams here A {Agnes} took her to Fergus

" 31 Fine Rain most of the Day Some snow. John to Fergus with Chop (Hogs)

Novr 1 Hard frost in morning Getting milder Snow at night Plowing and drawing Turnips To Late John Youngs Funreal {Funeral} 4 Teleph {Telephone} men and Team for dinner

" 2 3 in Snow High wind last night Drifts 18 in separating Cattle Plowing in 11 Telephone men for Dinner 4

" 3 milder to Belwood for meat " " {Telephone men for Dinner} Teleph foot measured (Boots) Drawing Turnips in afternoon all the shipping ones

" 4 Fine mild finished Turnips fair Crop thin and lots of Big ones Plowing in 11 Leith at Bert Milne in afternoon

" 5 (Sunday) Fine A Leith to Ch morn Lib Came Down stayed all night

" 6 Rain all day sometimes very heavy to Jno Hastings threshing

" 7 very High wind showers of Rain all day 2 Rigs Plowing in 11

" 8 Cleared up Lib started Home To sale of Timber &c at Baileys

          "     "   "   " {Plowing in 11}

" 9 Fine 2 Rigs in 11 Forenoon Leith to Rennies Turnips afternoon To Jno Greens sale

" 10 " " " " Helping Jas Milne kill a Pig

" 11 Cloudy Damp Rain at night Killed Pig = 90 Lbs = &c John up to Warners (Luther) For Shingles 2nd Class 11 sq @ 1.00 18 mos Behind

" 12 (Sunday) Thunderstorm last night Rain and high wind until 10 a.m. today then Snow and by night hard frost and wind higher

" 13 vicious Frost for the season 25 Below Freezing Tied all the Cattle in. John and A to Fergus Mary Came on Evening train from Tugaska Sask

" 14 Cold and stormy Fixing Fence Below Sawing wood choring

" 15 Milder Blowing Drawing this in Forenoon moving Tank in afternoon {Paisley?} took Cattle away

" 16 Fair and Frosty Threshing at H Place (Hanna) their Last job for the season. turn out about _ Bu to acre sleighing

" 17 A very nasty day. Snow first then Hail and a night Rain A & J to Fergus

" 18 The stormiest day so early in the season that I Remember Jno to Fergus with Chop Snowed more or less for 7 days

" 19 (Sunday) no let up in snow and Blow Roads Blocked already

" 20 Fine To Fergus Boys drawing wood Good sleighing

" 21 mild Hastings threshing 2 Hands there

" 22 Fine " " " " "

" 23 Fine Forenoon Rain Snow afternoon A and Mary to Burrs

1911 == === 108 (upper left corner} =

Novr 23 (Con) Took Hogs to Fergus 3 = 690 and 1 = 220 total 910 @ $6.40 6 1/2 mos old

" 24 Choring Finished Drawing Ties from Track

" 25 mild got Some wood. A and Leith to Fergus L. Got Boots stormy night

" 26 (Sunday) stormy forenoon fine after None to Ch Mrs Jas Milne here

" 27 very fine shingling Colts House to Wm Richardsons at night

" 28 Rain all day to Fergus twice with Lambs 13 = 1140 @ 5 cts $55.80

" 29 Fine sheeting Hen House. Cold at night Roads Icy

" 30 Cold Raw day Choring to Rick Hannas at night John Rennie here

Decr 1 milder Picking Chickens showers of Snow

" 2 stormy A and John to Fergus with Chickens 15 cts Dressed

" 3 (Sunday) Fine Clear Cold None to Ch too slow or lazy

" 4 Cold Fine day. Nomination for Ontario House U Richardson & J J Craig

" 5 mild Sunny Jno to Fergus with Chop then shingling

" 6 " " shingling all day Broomfield Mills Burned last night

" 7 very Fine mild shingling sleighing Gone some Rain at night

" 8 very mild Shingling like Nailers Rain again at night

" 9 Regular thaw and misty Finished shingling Hen House

Sunday 10 Snow all gone frost all out Misty and some Rain None to Ch Mrs Hendersons (May) Daughter Agnes Mae Born 3:35 A.M.

" 11 Rain all day {Schocking?} Roads Elecetion day (Local House) Craig vs Richardson Richardson Elected By

" 12 Clear Fine Frost all out Plows going Boys taking wire off at River

" 13 still Fine Sunny No Frost made door for Hen House Killed sheep For Rennie and {Boke?} on @ {3.14?}

" 14 Frost to {sop?} Plow To Fergus in afternoon for oil Cut up sheep D M Horse sick

" 15 Snow again sleighs Running Killed old sow 410 lbs

" 16 nasty Day Hail snow rain Ice Cut up Pig Jno to Fergus Jim Cam up

" 17 (Sunday) Raw Cloudy mild None to Ch morn

" 18 another Fine day. Conservatively mild Wind {N?} Cleaning chimnney and Pipes

" 19 very Fine But Hard Frost. at Hen House Took Turnips to Scherio sleigh

" 20 " " " " Took 3 Hogs to Belwood total 620 Leith 1190 @ 6.15 = {38.00?}

" 21 misty Hail Rain To Fergus Funreal {Funeral} of Hattie Richardson but I was too Late Jno with Turnips to Rea

" 22 mild and misty Rain in afternoon Municipal Nomination ( {monstery? Being Christmas day

" 23 Cloudy Raw S. W. wind Jno to Fergus with Chop _ lbs To the Funreal {Funeral} of Late John Thompson Geo Henderson Came from West

1911 == === 109 {upper right corner} =

Decr 24 (Sunday) Cloudy To Ch morn To {Burrs?} in Even misty Jim Came up

" 25 Fine mild Tinkering at Hen House John Down with Jim in Evening

" 26 George and J to Fergus and Elora Paid Taxes shingles {Ects?} very Fine

" 27 Cold and very windy. Putting Glass in sash Snow at night

" 28 " and a very Drifty day Putting in Posts in Hen House &c

" 29 Rather mild Boys Got load of wood Papering Hen House

" 30 Pretty nice day Getting stormy at night to Fergus in forenoon Got meal &c John and Henderson down in evening

" 31 (Sunday) None to Ch morn Snowing Drifting Raining then Snowing and Drifting again The year ending up with no sleighing Plenty of big drifts

=== 1912 ===

Jany 1 Snowing Drifting an {and} cold all day Roads very Icy. but not sleighing municipal Election 3 for Reeve Alexander Anderson and Stewart Anderson Elected by 30 Council Ireland Smith Smellie and Gregson A and J to D. Milnes at night

" 2 Cold and stormy all day A and George to Fergus (Wheels) Jno Leith across River

" 3 Fine and still. Papering Hen House Got Hens moved in 14 months Behind

" 4 Colder and Snowing stormy afternoon To Funreal {Funeral} of Delmore Barclays Children A sad affair House Burned and the 2 Children smothered George & J Then to Fergus

" 5 Real winter Cold and stormy 18 Below Wind N.

" 6 Cold but quiet first time accross River 2 Lad & George to Fergus got Coal

" 7 Sunday Cold snowing Drifting A and J to Ch morn

" 8 Cold Below Drifting and Heavy snowfall milder at night wind E to S (sow away 8th)

" 9 Colder and wild day. Roads all Blocked no mail Every train Not {tile?} after midnight The 5th Day of storm Drifts carrying any Place

" 10 still Blowing No one on the Belwood to Day 6 ft Deep at R Blacks

" 11 Quiet But still very cold Got Roads Broke and sow Home a load of wood up John got Ear Badly Froze Coming from {Walt/} Thompsons

" 12 Calm and very Cold Choring Nothing doing

" 13 Calm 29 Below Geo and J to Fergus Paid Telephone Record & star

" 14 (Sunday) Calm & Fair now at night Jno & Geo at Libs Burrs & Bessie here

" 15 3 in snow last night Cold and Drifting nothing doing

" 16 Snowing Blowing and very Cold Nothing doing

" 17 Milder and misty Jno and Geo to W. Dix Forenoon Fergus afternoon Christmas {.....?}

" 18 Thaw Rain all day To Fergus Cleaned up Daubney oats First 1/2 days work this year Rosy calved (Dead)

1912 == === 110 {upper left corner} =

Jany 19 Wild Drifting Day Cold Cleaning up oats

" 20 milder Snowing Jno to Fergus Forenoon Re Plow {set?} G& M in afternoon

" 21 (Sunday) stormy Jim Came up last night none to Ch morn Lay too late

" 22 Roads heavy {Geo?} took Jim down took load Turnips to Rae Geo & Mary to Fergus

" 23 milder stormy Turnips to Rae Roads very heavy

" 24 stormy Roads heavy To Late Elam Vroomans Funreal {Funeral} Turnips to Rae

" 25 Fine Done a Fair days work had the 2 Craig colts hitched up. Fixed Barrow stopped Filed & set Bucksaw Geo and Mary to Fergus

" 26 Fine To Belwood Re Audit Jno & Geo Took over load of oats from H. Place

" 27 very fine Geo and Mary to Fergus in afternoon nothing much doing

" 28 (Sunday) Fine a little storm at night. Geo & Mary to Ch morne Fred Lib and the Children here

" 29 Fine Cleaning oats Day mild afternoon some Hail

" 30 mild Cleaning oats Forenoon John with chop after (1000 Lbs) Cattle

" 31 Fine with a little Drift Cold at night been a very stormy month & Cold

Feby 1 Finest Day this year. Geo and Jno to Belwood Brot my Boots Mrs J. Thompson and Girls here at Audit

" 2 snowing and Blowing over For Load of oats at audit

" 3 Fine Cold at Audit Geo to Fergus in afternoon

" 4 (Sunday) Cold Drifting ___Below None to Ch Lay to {too} long in morning

" 5 Cold Calm Mrs Wright and Nora here Henderson sold Farm To R.J. Black Jr we sold stack Hay to Black to Belwood in Even

" 6 milder To A. Moirs then to McGregors sale A. Geo M. Baby & I

" 7 stormy Jno and George fixing up for Cattle Below Finished Audit

" 8 Cold and stormy A. Geo Mary & Baby to Fergus John Black Brot 21 Cattle

" 9 One of the Bad days Cold and stormy. Geo to Fergus 26 Below

" 10 Fine But very Cold 30 Below Got Load of wood on River Geo to Belwood

" 11 (Sunday) snowing milder none to Ch A Mary Geo Baby & I to Burrs afternoon

" 12 Fine Cold John Geo to Belwood with Colt YB Anderson Here Re Audit

" 13 Finest Day this year Cold To Fergus forenoon Pd Hodges Re Bank Geo and Jno to A. Flewellings Sale. A Mary to Jas Milnes Quilting

" 14 Fine Mildest night over at H For Load of oats to Bellwood {Belwood} with Audits

" 15 " milder Load Turnips to Rea down the River which is now a good Road

" 16 " very mild Cleaning up oats Forenoon with Chop after A Geo Mary John {Bu..?}

" 17 Fine very mild Got 2 Loads wood Load oats Fair days work Jim Came up Maggie {...?} Here

1912 == === 111 {upper right corner} =

Feby 18 (Sunday) Fine Thaw Geo & Mary to Ch morn Jim Came up last night

" 19 Quite soft some Rain " " "{Geo & Mary to} Fergus Forenoon Geo & John to Crabs sale (Jack)

" 20 Fine Colder Took up load oats Geo Mary to Fergus all up to Jno Marshalls night

" 21 A Heavy Blow from the E all day Train went E at {6:30?} but did not Come back

" 22 The wildest Day I ever saw the afternoon of the 21st Feby 1884 was the nearest to it: No Train all day. Drift some Places 10 feet Deep

" 23 Quiet mild Got Roads Broke. Geo and Mary to Fergus no Train to day

" 24 Mild Geo and Jno to Belwood Forenoon Fergus in afternoon

" 25 (Sunday) A and I to Ch morn Geo Mary and A to Jas Thompsons A Hanna Here

" 26 stormy from the E. Took over Load of oats Cleaned up 2 Loads not Cold 5

" 27 stormy and Cold Geo and I to Fergus in Forenoon Geo settled his {bottom?} Farm To Belwood in afternoon with Geo and Mary who Left for the West to Day

" 28 Cold stormy Filled up 2 and took over a Load of oats

" 29 Cold and Blustry Took over 1 Load and Cleaned up 2 Crows

March 1 still Cold and Blowing A and John to Fergus with Chickens 12 = 69 lbs @ 13 cts

" 2 " " " To Fergus afternoon {Property?} since {Took?} {Bond?} Go Cut {Saw?}

" 3 (Sunday) Fine Cold A and I to Ch morn Communion

" 4 Fine Cold 12 Below took over 2 Loads of Oats From H Place Finished

" 5 " " 8 Below Finished Cleaning up Oats from H Place over for Load of straw

" 6 " milder Took up Load wood. Then a Load of straw from H Place

" 7 Fine and mild A days work done Chores done before Breakfast 2 Loads of straw Brot over Sold 6 Cattle to Jno Black Belwood 4 @ 6.40 2 @ 6 + 2.00

" 8 Cloudy mild snowing Mixing Chop Took Chop to Fergus (Cattle) $1.50 Per mo

" 9 Fine Cold Took over Load of straw Went to Fergus Ins meeting N. Mutual

" 10 (Sunday) Fine Cold A & I to Ch morn Jno Black and Bud Milne here

" 11 milder Cloudy Wind S. & E. Took over 2 Loads straw (Robins Reported

" 12 mild 4 in snow from E last night Sunny afternoon Took over 1 Load straw

" 13 Fine Sunny Cold Got Load of straw & Wood Got 6 more of Blacks Cattle

" 14 Fine mild straw all our 10 Loads then went over for Drill Three {weeks?} weeks {...?}

" 15 One of the Bad storms 7 in of snow fell with high wind from N.E. {Choping?} Round to N.W. Bert Milnes Sale Postponed on account of storm

" 16 Fine Breaking Roads till noon A and Jno to Fergus St Andrews Ch Bazar

" 17 (Sunday) Fine Thaw Leith and A to Ch morn John Even Blue mouse hatched

" 18 Fine thawing yet. Jno and Rennie to Burrs Cleaning Timothy 3 1/3 Bu

" 19 " " Cleaned up 50 Bu oats for A Rae Broke Con Drawed wood Roads Bad

1912 == === 112 {upper left corner} =

March 20 Colder moving Hay and straw in Forenoon Jno to J. A Whites sale afternoon

" 21 very stormy morning Fine afternoon 6 in snow fell Bert Milne's sale which was posponed {postponed} from 15th Large Crowd good sale Bot H. Rack and sleigh 6.25 T {Down?} 5.00 = 11.25 10 mos

" 22 Cold Drifting until 8 pm Jno Leith to Fergus with Blue mouse

" 23 Fine milder to Belwood with Cattle (6) 4 = 4730 @ 6.40 2 = 2070 @ 6 = Total $426.92 one steer = 1310 average = 1133 took up Buckwheat for Chop

{sideways in right column} wood J Dix 60 Bu {...?}

" 24 (Sunday) Fine Cold A. Jim to Ch morn Jim Came up John took him down night

" 25 Fine Cold To Fergus Pd Stewart not Cashed {Censur?} note and Black (Cattle) Presentation to Bert Milne at night all hands and Bessie there

" 26 stormy Laid up with Cold nothing doing

" 27 Fine John With Chop to Fergus Horses and Cattle Cold N.W. {C...?}

" 28 Fine and mild Ringing sow Put wire of portion of Hen House {Cast calf?} John Burr and Maggie here took Bessie of again

" 29 Fine A and Leith to Fergus Nothing doing (First night without Frost since Decr 26th

" 30 Hard Frost this morning but strong sun and at Lot of snow went Put {cows?} on Pasture in {....?}

" 31 (Sunday) Misty morning Rain afternoon Freezing at night Nobody to Ch Not up until near 9 Blue Birds and Plows Heard

April 1 Raw Snow Rain Freezing as it Fell

" 2 " Cloudy all day Got load of wood in Forenoon Jas Loughreads Sale Got Barley Fork

" 3 Frosty Cold Cloudy 2 Loads of wood up Blustery at night

" 4 Snow last night Cold Forenoon 2 loads of wood up Real thaw in afternoon First Wheels on {Gravel? Jno?} Black

" 5 Good Friday saw Robins and Blackbirds for first time Jim Came up on Train Great Thaw River Broke up Right through Fergus hurt Monklands Dam Jno to Hamilton sale ({Cart?})

" 6 mild all night Snow went fast

" 7 (Sunday) Heavy Rain all last night River higher than it has been since 1899 and I think the highest I ever saw it in spring Flood Bridge on 8th Line gone. Railway West abutment washed out and half Bridge gone. started to get Colder about 10 a.m. and by night was Freezing Hard

" 8 Hard Frost Cloudy all day Snow River Fell 4 ft Cold Raw

" 9 2 in snow last night milder at night Sawing wood

" 10 Sawing Wood. Sunny. Cold. Fair wheeling Put in Racks Below

" 11 " " " " slowSpring Leith sore eye

" 12 Rainy all Forenoon Raw and Cold Elora Horse show to Rennie Even

1912 == === 113 {upper right corner} =

April 13 Sunny Cold To Fergus met Deguerre took him to Burrs in evening Frogs

" 14 Damp Rain misty E. Wind Heavy Thunderstorm and Rain at night

" 15 very fine sunny and warm Wind. Took DeGuerre to Fergus Swallows

" 16 Sunny but Cold Raw Wind Howes Plowing Cleaning Oats

" 17 Hard Frost last night started to Jim Blacks Cattle Hay. Cloudy all day Rain at night E. Wind took 33 Bu and to Murphy Bros @ .60 Got 3 sacks universal Flour @ 2.65 and 50 lbs Clean seed @ 15.00 Bu Broke Front axel of Waggon Jim Came up

" 18 Cloudy misty Damp and Cold To Belwood with Waggon axle to R. McGregor to Fix Jim walked down Track

" 19 Clear sunny Cold N.W. Wind started Plowing in 11

" 20 Fine Warmer To Belwood Re appointment of Tp Clerk Jas Campbell appointed The up in evening for Waggon axle

" 21 (Sunday) Fine Warm Swallows Plentiful none to Ch Railroad men for Breakfast and dinner Bridge repaired and Train {eve?} G. R. Bridge

" 22 mild morrning Getting Colder and Snowing at night A & I to Fergus Plowing 11

" 23 Ground white with Snow 2 Teams Plowing sod in 13.

" 24 Fine 2 Teams Plowing in 13 Been laid up this 2 days with {In..?} {past?} {apend?} or smooth like it

" 25 warm " " " " " Jim came up at night

" 26 Cloudy damp to E. Wind Getting Colder at night P in 13

" 27 Fine Got very Cold at night P. in 13 down for Waggon at night Ed Came up

" 28 (Sunday) Heavy Frost this morning A Leith to Ch morn Cloudy afternoon

"  29 very Cold N.E. Wind to Fergus for Calf Geo {Rennie?} = $5.00 Frosty night

" 30 Hard Frost Choring None sowed Not But what there might have been as the 30 acres dry enough First lambs warmer in afternoon Cultivating & Discing in 10

May 1 Frost Raw Cold Day Wind S.E. Threatening Rain Sowing oats in 10 First one of the Late years Like 1883 when we sowed first on 8th May

" 2 no Frost fine day finished 10 To Fergus Re Insurance &c Pigs

" 3 Fine sowing in 11 Discing in 13 Ground in good shape

" 4 Cloudy Cool sowed acres in 12 Discing in 13

" 5 (Sunday) Cool Cloudy Windy Rain at night None to Ch

" 6 First Real spring day warm John took 12 Bu oats to {skeach?} John Rennie here for Hay Jno Black took his Cattle away Harrowing in 11 and 13 Fixed Crossing at River

" 7 very Fine Sowing and Harrowing in 13 finished Harrowing in 11

" 8 Fine young Cattle out last night First time sowing Harrowing 11.

1912 == === 114 {upper left corner} =

May 9 Rain last night Cold and damp all day Finished sowing and Harrowing in 13, Cultivating in 3. To Fergus in afternoon Got Beet seed

" 10 very fine sowed 3 Mixed Grain Cultivating 4

" 11 Cloudy morning W.G. Gerrie Brot 13 Cattle to Pasture Finished Sowing 3 Sowed 1/2 of 4 S.W. of Creek Rain from 3 P.M Fixed roof on {...?} House

" 12 (Sunday) Warm Rainy all day None to Ch A & Ed went to Jas Gerries he not at home

" 13 Colder Rainy until {9?} then shower of snow all the Rest of Day Jas White got 24 1/2 Bu oats @ 6 cts Jno Howard Brot Colt yesterday {Dirty?} night

" 14 Fine Cold John to Fergus with Chop (Hogs & Horse) Plowing in 7 (Seeding down failed

" 15 very Fine Plowing in 7. 2 Teams. A and I to Fergus

" 16 Cold and Rain all day some heavy showers

" 17 " " " until 4 P.M Jas Gerrie here & J. Moir Came

" 18 Fine High wind Finished sowing 7 and 1/2 of 4 _ acres _ Bush

" 19 (Sunday) Fine all day. Rain at night A Leith to Ch

" 20 Rain all day. Put wire over River at Gerries 2 Thunderstorms Last night

" 21 " " " Robt Black for Load of Hay Wild Plums in Bloom

" 22 Thunderstorms Rain all Forenoon Cleared up in afternoon warm Land Badly Flooded River very High To Funreal {Funeral} of late Chas Ransom

" 23 Warmer some Rain WS. Clark got Hay Fencing Round 13. Ground very wet. Harry Jones Came up Cows out all night First time

" 24 Heavy Thunderstorm and Rain in the morning. Then a very fine day warm 60th anniversary of John Gerries Wedding a Gathering of the Family to Congratulate them to the number of 35

" 25 very fine wam Fencing Trees well in Leaf

" 26 (Sunday) Extra fine and warm. A to Ch took down Aunt Annie Fred, Lib and Children here

" 27 Fine warm 2 showers of Rain A and I to Fergus Plowing for Potatoes in S.F

" 28 Rain most of the afternoon. Fencing 13

" 29 " To Fergus Got sack meal " Ground very wet

" 30 Fair Drawing Rails Got Fence all 4 Rails High

" 31 Fine dry warm. A and I to Guelph Back at noon Fencing Harrowing Potatoe land

June 1 Fine warm. Cultivating and Harrowing Root land Cutting Potatoes John Gregson Brot 4 Cattle

" 2 (Sunday) Rainy all day Stan to Ch John took Edna and Children to Libs

" 3 Fine at Fence 13. Plowing and Cultivating Root land Rain at night

1912 == === 115 {upper right corner} =

June 4 - Rain in morning Drying day high wind sowed Beets in S.F to Guelph on Deportation to Co {County} Council Re Delantures Cool night

" 5 Frost Fair all day Planted Potatoes {Jur?} here Bot Hens

" 6 Rain in morning Team Plowing in S. F 3 Rig Cultivating in 11 John took Jim Down to Fergus A at Rennies Papering

" 7 Fair Cool Windy Plowing in S.F. {Catuding?} in 11. Sowed Beans Carrots &c Frost with Ice

" 8 Fine working in 11 & S.F. forenoon Putting wire along Con in afternoon

" 9 (Sunday) Fine But Cool A and I to Ch morn. A to SS afternoon Frost

" 10 Frost fine Cool getting Corner Posts in forenoon Putting up wire at Gerries 2 {...?} times Putting in Posts Harrowing in S.F

" 11 Frost Putting in Posts Washed sheep Sow {1st?} Turnips in S.F.

" 12 Rainy morning to Fergus got Turnip seed {staples?} &c Plowing 11

" 13 Digging Post Holes in Forenoon (John) Drawing manure afternoon 11

" 14 Drawing manure and Plowing all day in 11

" 15 Fine Drawing manure all day in 11 Cool Fireflies

" 16 (Sunday) Fine None to Ch Cold

" 17 Fine To Fergus for Wire in forenoon Putting it up in afternoon Between 13 and 14 A. Hanna stretching H Horse Ran away Frost

" 18 Fine sowing Turnips in S.F. Plowing in 11 Frost

" 19 Heavy Frost Quit Drawing manure to 11. Plowing in 11 Clipped sheep

" 20 Fine Finished sowing Turnips in S.F. Harrowing in 11 Niagara Excursion

" 21 The First warm day this Season. Been Colder than 1901 which Held the Record. Drilling and sowing in 11 Finished sowing Turnips Plowing in 11. Inspector of H and E {Coy?} Here

" 22 Heavy White Frost warm day Plowing for Buckwheat in 11 (2 Teams) Cut wire & Put in gates 13 - 14

" 23 (Sunday) Fine Hot A Jno and Leith to Ch A to S.S. {Lunch?} Jno Blacks

" 24 Hot Threatened Rain Finished Plowing for Buckwheat and Harrowing in Forenoon Sowing with 2 Rigs in afternoon Rain needed

" 25 Hot John with Team at Roadwork Leith Finished sowing Buckwheat and Harrowing ii in 11

" 26 A Few drops Rain to Fergus with wool 23 cts Team on Road Harrowed down Potatoes {......?}

" 27 Fine Cool to Arthur to Reform meeting wire Put across River at Con Cabbage Planted Buckwheat Drawed up

" 28 Fine Hot Getting Plank at River S.S. Pick Nick at S.S. No 2

1912 == === 116 {upper left corner} =

June 29 To Belwood with Broken Pump Rod Hung gate Con 13 - 14 Put 2 more wires on at Cn 11 Queen served at Broadfoots Percheron

" 30 (Sunday) Fine dry Stan Hanna Came up last night None to Ch morn

July 1 Getting serious wiht drouth Put on new Culvert on Creek going to 15

" 2 very Hot To Fergus Re Pritchards Pulling mustard in 13

" 3 Hottest yet started Haying in 12 Coling Sold Buckwheat to White and Howes = $1.00 Per Bu Jim up 1/2 Holiday a strange fact selling seed Grain and Haying the same day

" 4 Misty morn Foal Jess Antillion very warm but mostly Cloudy To Fergus Drawing up Plank from River &c (and good Rain at night

" 5 Hot Drawing in Hay Lib down with Ed and Family Thunderstorm

" 6 Rather the Hottest day yet: Driving stakes and Putting on Riders Round 13 Finished Culvert got out last Posts for wire 13-14

" 7 (Sunday) Fine Hot A Leith Jim to Ch morn

" 8 shower this morning. Put in last Posts Finished Fence 13-14 Scuffling and started to thin Beets Davis (Contractor) Culvert on Gravel near 4th line Came to Board and 1 hand. Thunder and Rain at night

" 9 Hot Thunder Finished thinning Beets John and Team on Road

" 10 very Hot. John Team at Culvert. Thunderstorm and Heavy Rain at night

" 11 Cooler Driving sloping stakes - 13. Leith at Rennies in afternoon John Team at Culvert

" 12 Fine to Belwood in morning for meat &c Finished sloping stakes at {Bers?} John Team at Culvert

" 13 Cooler and mostly cloudy some Rain Cutting weeds making Pig Trough John at Culvert Culvert Finished

(Sunday) 14 Fine A Jim Leith to Libs Wm Thompson and Rachel here

" 15 Rain John at Culvert 1/2 day. To Fergus Re Telephone P. Green

" 16 Cool Scuffling and thinning Turnips. Putting on Paris Green Jess to Pulkinghorns Hackney

" 17 Fine Scuffling Turnips (all done in S.F.) thinning Folks all to Burrs

" 18 Rain John to Fergus with Chop. all the Rest to Fergus visiting

" 19 Fine at Turnips to Fergus Re Loan

" 20 Fin Edna and Family left for Home. Turnip Drawing wood

" 21 (Sunday) Rain all morning until 10 A.M. A. Leith Bessie to S S

" 22 Fine at Turnips {Bahall?} 12 Coling up 1/2 of it

1912 == === 117 {upper right corner} =

July 23 Cloudy. Got 12 all in without Rain Fair Crop

" 24 Raining until 10 A.M. Boys at Turnips myself Repairing Forks (Roads {Goto?} &c

25 Fine Cool at Turnips

" 26 Fine mowing in 15. Raking Coling. Turnips

" 27 Frost this morning Raking Coling in 15 took in 2 Loads To Jas Campbells Even

" 28 (Sunday) Fine Cool A. Leith and Bessie to Ch morn

" 29 Cool Cloudy Threatening Rain Finished Cutting Hay in 15. Left 3 acres for Timothy seed. A to Fergus Brot Mrs and Miss Robertson up

" 30 Fine Cool Turnips in Forenoon Coling and drawing in 15 afternoon

" 31 Cool Cloudy Cutting in 5 Forenoon Leith scuffling all in form 15 but Rakings

Aug 1 Leith Raking in 15 forenoon. Raking and Coling in 5 afternoon

" 2 Took in Rakings from 15 and 1 Load from 5 then Rain (Heavy) until 5 P.M John to Fergus got Chop. Lbs (Hogs)

" 3 very Cool thinning Turnips all day made a gate

" 4 (Sunday) Cold Cloudy None to Ch A. Leith to S.S.

" 5 Cool some Rain Turnips morning started to Cut 6. 5 all Coled Drawing in

" 6 Fine the Best day for making Hay for a week. Finished Cutting 6. 5 all in Jas A Milne went West

" 7 Cloudy and threatening Rain Finished Cutting (in 7) 6 all in Turnips

" 8 Rain all last night and until 11 to day. Grinding Reaper. knife fixing Canvas Put in a gate Between 5 and swamp took up wood. Taking out wreckages at River

" 9 Cloudy and damp all day Showers Finished thinning Turnips in S.F

" 10 " " " Howing Potatoes forenoon. A to Fergus Rain in afternoon Assembly stuff to Fix Cistern Getting Binder Ready

" 11 (Sunday) Rain all day and and I to Fergus at night to see J. Williams

" 12 Cloudy and damp all day. Took Lumber up from River. Drawed Gravel to Repair Cistern Calf (Lady Duff) Sandy Burns here Evening

" 13 Fine Fair first day without Rain since 7th scuffling Forenoon Cutting Timothy in 15 Raking and Coling in 7 lost Casting on end of Rake

" 14 Fine Finished Cutting Timothy Rain Last night and Heavy thunder and a High wind to teh S. West John to Fergus for chop (Pigs) 1/2 Ton = @ 28.00

" 15 Fine and cooler. Finished Haying started July 3 very Catchy time Rains 6 days at one time stooked up Timothy Finished scuffling Turnips in 11 First time Flos PicNic

" 16 Fine Thinning Turnips in 11. First new Potatoes Stan Came up at night Frost

" 17 Cloudy all Forenoon Rain all afternoon very Heavy at night Thinning Turnips Forenoon

== 1912 == === 118 {upper right corner}

Aug 18 (Sunday) Cloudy and damp all day none to Ch River High

" 19 Cloudy Damp {Rutting?} up Forms in Cistern for Bennet A to Fergus

" 20 Finer Fair all day Rea threshing in morn. at Turnips made gate

" 21 at Turnips all day nearly done

" 22 started Cutting Cut mixed Grain in 3 started in 4 A very heavy thunderstorm wind and Rain at 4:30

" 23 Fair all day Finished Cutting and stooking 4 all but 1/2 acre and almost Finished thinning Turnips it is a serious state of things on account of Rain we have 2 1/2 acres of Hay not raked the second time and cant scuffle Tunrips for wet only one day since 7th {Rain?} {viz?} 13th

" 24 Cutting in 10 Thunder and Rain (Heavy) Hot at night

" 25 (Sunday) Hot and Close A. Jim Leith to Ch morn

" 26 A Terrific thunder storm Early this morning Buildings burnde to S. & W of us Hot Misty Forenoon Cleared up then Thunderstorm at 5 P.M

" 27 No Rain for over 24 hours Cutting stooking in 11 Cool

" 28 Cloudy forenoon then Rain took in Timothy 6 Loads Jno Gregson Brot 2 Cattle

" 29 Misty morning then Clear all day Finished 11. started 13 A {Agnes} to Fergus & Sarah

" 30 Frost Finished Cutting 13 started in 7 Cloudy aftenoon Rain at night Calf {B Benty?}

" 31 Rainy all Forenoon Drawing threshing wood in afternoon Cleared off Hot

Septr 1 (Sunday) Thunder and Rain Early this morning drizzled all day till 3 PM and all signs of another Heavy Rain the Air is full of moisture even the Plaster in houses running wet. Warm. A and L to Ch morn

" 2 Hot Misty Rainy and a thunderstorm A serious time {......?} too damp to strike Clothing and all things wet just with the Humidity started Plowing (sod in 6) 2 outfits single and Crown

" 3 Fair but close and muggy Finished Cutting White Grain A to Fergus with Pears 75 Got Flour 5 {Jewls?} @ $5.00 (100 sugar @ 5.50) {sideways in right column} swallows left

" 4 Fair and hot all stooked up A to Fergus with Pears 7 Bas {Baskets?} @ .50 got

" 5 very Hot Rain 2 thunderstorms Plowing in 6 Drawed in 2 Loads of mixed Grain but not ready Jim Came Back from Exhibition Toronto

" 6 Fine Hot Plowing 6 mixed Grain all in (3) A to Fergus

" 7 " still Hot Drawing oats (4) all up here in but very Tough

" 8 (Sunday) Hot A and I to Ch morn Cloudy afternoon Rainy like

" 9 Hot Drawing in all 7 2 Loads from 11 (To Barn)

1912 == === 119 {upper right corner} =

Septr 10 Hottest Day of the year 92 Getting Ready to Thresh in Forenoon machine Came at noon (Hannas) With Fixing Belts &c not much done

" 11 Threshing in Barn until 10 Finished mixed Grain Good Turn out 40 Bush to acre some oats then moved down and got started before dinner Then threshed Pretty steady all afternoon There was Rain last night

" 12 Warm Finished Drawing and Threshing Below at noon about 1250 Bushels - 40 acres all done by 9 Hands (all hold) Pretty good working John to Fergus in afternoon With Chop (Hogs) 575 Lbs Got salt and cement

" 13 Warm Cleaning up and Fixing after Threshing Raking stubble and Drawing in rakings Laid out myself all day

" 14 Hot yet shower in afternoon John Plowing in 6 Forenoon Leith Raking Jno helping R. Black in afternoon Leith and I drawing Rakings and Wood

Sunday 15 Cloudy warm none to Ch And in the afternoon the {Hardest?} Rain of the season

" 16 Fine all day Civic Holiday in Fergus Jim at home Put a 6 inch Cement wall inside 3 sides of Cistern Jno Rennie got 2 Bags oats F. Leybourne Here R.R. MD {Pafore?} W.G. Gerrie took away 4 Cattle

" 17 Cloudy all day and threatening Rain which came at night Finished Plowing in 6 Disced and Harrowed it started Plowing in 10 Warm

" 18 Plowing in 11 2 outfits in Forenoon John at D Milnes Threshing afternoon I to Fergus Fair all day

" 19 a lot of rain last night D. Milne Threshing forenoon Then {Pruinttey?}

" 20 {Pruithy?} finished {Thresing?} at noon 2 Rigs Plowing in 10 afternoon

" 21 Fine Cooler John to Fergus with Chop (Hogs and Horses) Leith and I Took up some Turnips and Timber

" 22 (Sunday) Cloudy Heavy Rain in afternoon A & Leith to Ch morning

" 23 very fine Rennie threshing Forenoon Jas White afternoon A {Agnes} Helping Mrs Rennie Rain at night Leith Plowing in 13

" 24 Rain Jas White thresing {threshing} until 2 P.M. " " {Plowing in 13}

" 25 wet Cloudy morning A {Agnes} to Fergus Finished Repairing Cistern Cost about $13.00 Gravel & Drawing 2.00 Putting in {Lorn?} & {gointy?} 2.00 Putting in Cement Fixing floor 5.00 2 Barrels Cement Plowing after in 13

" 26 Rain Thunder 2 Rigs Plowing in 13 Cleared up and Colder at night

" 27 Frost Cut Buckwheat in 11 Leith to C Wellington show in Fergus Been a great drying day

" 28 Cloudy Rain from 4 PM 2 outfits in 13 Shingling W. End Hen House Rain all night

1912 == === 120 {upper right corner} =

Septr 29 (Sunday) Cloudy Cold Rain A {Agnes} and Leith to Ch morn

" 30 Cold some showers Plowing in 18 Forenoon stooked Buckwheat in afternoon Put Floor under Cistern Pump finished the Job should {sunbon?} {on?} May There was Frost Ice and the ground Frozen first time this season The month Ends with lots of Grain out and some to cut

October 1 Cold Fair and a Drying wind 2 Plowing in 13 forenoon Leith to Belwood show afternoon John Plowing First day of Rural Mail Delivery on Route No. 4 Daily to and From Fergus

" 2 Frost Fine & warmer Finished Plowing 13 A {Agnes} to Fergus to {Thankoffay?} meeting Mission

" 3 Cloudy some Rain started Potatoes To Fergus Re manure spreader Note {.....?}

" 4 very Fine at Potatoes Light Crop and Rot

" 5 " " Finished Potatoes started to draw manure to 4

" 6 (Sunday) still Fine and warm none to Ch morn

" 7 Cloudy High Wind shaking down apples &c and very Cold drawing manure started to take Beets John to Laurier meeting in Mt Forest Evening

" 8 Hard Frost Cloudy Fair Drawing manure Beets all up

" 9 Drawing manure Forenoon Rain all afternoon A {Agnes} to Broadfoots =Pears= Ram Broke into Ewes

" 10 Cloudy all day Drops of Rain then Heavy at night 2 Teams Plowing in manure in 4. A {Agnes} to Fergus with Butter Cleaned out wood shed

" 11 Light showers all day Warm 2 Teams Plowing in 4

" 12 Thunder and heavy Rain through the night. Fair and a Fierce Wind all day shaking apples off Badly Drawing manure in afternoon

" 13 (Sunday) Fine Sunny Warm John to Libs W.S. Clark and Jessie here Maggie Burr & John Brot down Bessie Jno Rennie Jr and W. {Fergus?} here

" 14 Fine Clear Cool John Drawing manure Leith Picking stones Plowing Drawed some filling to yard look up Load Turnips

" 15 Cold showers Drawing manure and Plowing To Ransoms sale( 6th Bot Harness

" 16 Heaviest Frost this season at manure and Plowing in morning then Drawing in Buckwheat to Barn Fine and day to handle

" 17 very Fine and warm Drawing in Buckwheat all day 1 load left

" 18 Misty morning warm and Cloudy Rain from 5 PM from S.W Finished Drawing Buckwheat 56 Days since we started Harvest

" 19 Misty morning Cloudy day light showers John with Chop (Hogs) in Forenoon Leith & I Picking apples. Finished manure here in afternoon Got Cistern started after being 8 months out of Commission

1912 == === 121 {upper right corner} =

Octr 20 (Sunday) Hard Frost Fine day A {Agnes} & Leith to Ch R. Thomposon here

" 21 very Fine Picking apples Forenoon started Turnip afternoon

" 22 cloudy and showery all day Pulling Turnips

" 23 Cold Cloudy Pulling Turnips started Drawing in

" 24 another Cold Wet day. Drawing Turnips with manure spreader

" 25 Cold showers No Turniping Drawing wood Plowing A {Agnes} to Fergus

" 26 very fine Pulling Turnips all day. A {Agnes} took very ill sent for Dr. Armstrong

" 27 (Sunday) Fine Took A to Hospital (R.A) John & Jim to Ch Evening to hear Prof Grandier Jubilie of St. Andrews Ch 75 yr of organization

" 28 Thanksgiving Day Fine Drawing in Turnips Buried a sheep misty night

" 29 very Fine Drawing in Forenoon Pulling afternoon

" 30 Cooler Light showers Finished Pulling Turnips up here in Forenoon Drawing in afternoon

" 31 Cloudy all day Rain at night Down to see A {Agnes} in Forenoon Lib and Boys Here in afternoon Finished Drawing in Turnip from S.F. and got Cabbage to took until 6:30

Novr 1 Heavy Rain all last night Clearing up about 10 this forenoon Shower of sleet in afternoon started Turnips 11. River High

" 2 Hard Frost Freezing in shade all day. Turnips Leith trimmed Cabbage

" 3 (Sunday) Snow last night Really the First this season none to Ch Went to Fergus and Brot A {Agnes} Home

" 4 Fine some Rain at night Pulling Turnip in 11 To Fergus for medicine A {Agnes}

" 5 Extra Fine and warm. Finished Pulling Turnips some to Harrow

" 6 slight Rain all Forenoon very Heavy all afternoon John to D {Boyne?} sale all the Turnip up out of the ground. {....?} Load in from 11

" 7 The Ground in awful mess and the River very high Fair all day To Fergus with Chop (940) lbs Got 554 lbs Buckwheat {...?} Got sack meal

" 8 showery all day. Drawing Turnips Killed sheep in morning

" 9 Raw not frosty showers of rain and sleet Turnips all in 43 spreader loads (40 Bu) Plenty of Turnips but small Pulled then all but 1/2 an acre not Cold nor frosty but Rain worst for 43 years

" 10 (Sunday) none to Ch Jim up Fine. There is Grain (oats) not Cut yet {sideways in right column} Jem Turnbull

" 11 very Fine and warm {...?} Flying {took?} {Oswald?} Stewart here Drawing manure Forenoon to Raes Threshing after Leith Discing in 6

1912 == === 122 {upper left corner} =

Novr 12 Cloudy misty some Rain very warm John and Oswald at Raes threshing until 3 oclock. Leith Plowing in 11. Frogs Croaking a rare thing in Novr

" 13 Rain from 10 last night and all day to day. Mud Mud Everywhere River like a spring flood. W.J. Gerrie took cattle away (9 & Calf)

" 14 Fair and Colder at manure all day Leith Plowing

" 15 Hard Frost John Drawing manure forenoon Oswald at Thompsons Threshing all day John in afternoon Leith Plowing in 11

" 16 Hard frost. Jno Oswald at Threshing in forenoon 3 Plows in 11 in afternoon. Gregson took Cattle (4) and Colts (2) away = 22.10

" 17 (Sunday) Ground white with Snow not much Frost A {Agnes} and I to Ch morn. The best sermon (in my opinion) I ever heard Revd Brown Preach {St?} Peter {1st?} 6-7

" 18 Hard Frost Fine Took 6 Ewe Lambs to Fergus for Fred Flewelling < 600 @ $5.60 = 33.60 Three Teams Plowing in 11. McCulloch took away Horse

" 19 Frost Extra fine for the season 3 Teams Plowing finished 11 started in 8 (Sod) sold to John Black 1 Cow @ 6.00 7 Hogs @ 8.25 and the {Ripe?} 7 lambs @ 5.75 Cow and Hogs to go Decr 9 Lambs on 21st Novr Paid $6.00

" 20 very fine To Harriston to meeting of Executive of N.W.R.A Three Teams Plowing sod in 8 (Howard took away Colt on 19th)

" 21 Fine Plowing in sod. A {Agnes} to Wm B. Thomsons in afternoon Took to Fergus 6 Lambs J. Black {600...?} 70 total this year for lambs {$73...?}

" 22 " " " " John to Wm Hughes Threshing

" 23 Fine the whole week has been extra fine for the season Hughes has Finished threshing in Forenoon Two Teams in sod in forenoon then in Turnip land in afternoon. Oswald at Jas Whites threshing got 738 Buckwheat at Thompsons

" 24 (Sunday) Fine morning A {Agnes} Leith to Ch Snow in afternoon First Real

" 25 Storm Snowing Tied in all Cattle Oswald at Jas Whites Threshing all day John Down with Chop in afternoon

" 26 Snowing all day Wild at night A {Agnes} and Leith to Fergus Jno Black Brot 27 head of Cattle to Eat straw Os {Oswald} at Whites and Hastings threshing

" 27 Wintry snowing and drifting Drawing up oats Os {Oswald} at Hastings Threshing (Finished)

" 28 Hard Frost no sleighing drawing up Oats Gows men came to Lower House

" 29 milder Fine First {Bunnies?} here (A Rec) Looks as if Plowing was over the season were at it on the 26th (one was Tom Wilson) Got up a Load of {threshing?} wood

" 30 Fine mild Took Thompsons {Plow?} Home Jno to Rennies threshing in afternoon

Dec 1 (Sunday) milder some Rain A {Agnes} and Leith to Ch morn

" 2 Rain all day very dirty day. Jno to Rennies threshing

1912 == === 123 {upper right corner} =

Decr 3 Frost Fine Hanna Threshing from 11 o'clock went to Fergus for Coal 710 Lb = {..21..?}

" 4 Fine Finished Threshing about 11 am Good Turnout Especially Buckwheat Jno to Jas Milnes threshing Killed and {dressed?} 12 Fowl mild Evening

" 5 very Fine To Fergus with Fowl = 78 lbs Live 73 1/2 dressed Got 16.06 for Chickens and 11 for Hen they are 13 Liveweight Jno to Jas Milne Threshing (Finished) Roads muddy Jno Stan & Os {Oswald} to Fergus at night

" 6 Heavy Rain Last night High wind all day Choring

" 7 Some snow last night but Fine day. Took 7 Hogs to Fergus to J. Black 1820 lb @ $8.25 = 150.15 and one Cow 1300 @ 6 = $78.00 D. Milne Threshing afternoon

" 8 (Sunday) Snow last night Cold and {Spally?} all day None to C. in Bed too long

" 9 very Cold and High Wind D. Milne Finished threshing forenoon {Glen?} Below Getting in

" 10 milder But wind very High over River taking down wire. Put in spreader {Binder?}

" 11 Thick showers of snow Colder Putting up wire around straw stack {Ha..? Cut?}

" 12 Hard frost High wind and drifting Choring

" 13 Fine choring Grand days for Working

" 14 Fine Drawed up 350 Bu oats from other Place Giving Cows more Room

Sunday " 15 Fine mild A {Agnes} & Leith to Ch Lib Came down in evening. Stan Here

" 16 Extra Fine Mild A {Agnes?} and Lib went to see Sarah then Lib went Home. A. Funreal {Funeral} of the late John Allison

" 17 Fine day mild Choring Thaw By nigh {night} to Jno Rennies in Even

" 18 Another Great day Trucking Round to Thompsons Bros in Evening

" 19 4 inches of snow last nigh {night} and sleighing (of a kind) A {Agnes} and I to Fergus. stormy afternoon took sheep in Presentation to F.B Anderson

" 20 some showers of snow. but Fine day Jno over to Carlson Os {Oswald} Rubbers

" 21 A Lot of snow fell sleighing Pretty fair Leith to Jno Blacks

" 22 (Sunday) none to Ch Stan here stormy day

" 23 Fine Taking home wire off at the River A {Agnes} to Granma Gerrie who is ill

" 24 Snowing some A {Agnes} to Grannas I to Funreal {Funeral} of H Howes child then to Burrs

" 25 Fine Jim here A {Agnes} at Granmas Leith and I up to Libs

" 26 Finer Mild Choring Helping Thompson Bros to Kill a Pig A Moffitt and Chas Gibson here in Evening Re school audit

" 27 Fine Forenoon Blowing afternoon. Adjourned meeting of Rate payers S.S No 2 in Evening I was {soaked?} in for Trustee John at D. Milnes Pressing Hay

" 29 {28?} very Mild Jno to Fergus with Chop A {Agnes} Came Back from Granmas

Sunday " 29 still Fine mild. None to Ch Jim here Bad with Sore Back

1912 == === 124 {upper left corner} =

Decr 30 about 6 in snow (soft) fell this morning and to day very mild and the First Good sleighing Nomination (Municipal) Council by acclamation Gregson, Smith. Smillie and Snow. Pollfer Reeeve. Anderson and Ireland

" 31 Fine Sunny and mild. A {Agnes} and I to Fergus old Folks Better Tho we had a Fresh Summer Harvest and Fall the Winter so far has been Ideal Neither Snow mud nor Cold

== 1913 ==

Jany 1 very Fine and mild in Fact thawing Jim Bad with Cold & sore Back

" 2 mild Cloudy Thaw A {Agnes} Back to Granmas some Rain at night helping Jas Milne kill Pig

" 3 mild Snowing all day and drifting and by night a wild storm To School H. doing some repairs

" 4 Colder and drifting all day. Sow away (to Scanlon Bros)

" 5 (Sunday) None to Ch Cold morning Getting milder by night a thaw Bert Milne here

" 6 Rain this morning and soft all day. Municipal Election Anderson had 12 maj over Ireland

" 7 stormy all day To Fergus in afternoon Re {....?} Insurance ({...?}) & The Greatest snowfall of the season 8 in sleet Rain at night

" 8 Colder Drifting some snow A {Agnes} Came home From Granpas Jno to Fergus for Coal to A. Hanna took down school Pump

" 9 Cold morning 8 Below Team over the River on the Ice first time this season Fine afternoon. To Fergus Re New papers & Boys drawing wood

" 10 Fine and By Night mild drawing wood

" 11 Thaw misty Calf (Rosy) Took Turnips to Schario Jim came up

" 12 (Sunday) very stormy morning Fine afternoon None to Ch morn mild at night

" 13 Fine Calm Cold Choring Been Laid up with sore Back 3 day better

" 14 Fine John a {and} I helping Rennie kill Pig A {Agnes} down to see how the old Folks were

" 15 Thaw some Rain Took home and killed Pig Bot from Rennie live Wt Live 350. Price $6.75 dressed 270 shringage = 80 lbs almost 25 PC Jno Black took Cattle away

" 16 Thaw yet Cut up Pig went to Thompsons Whites & Rennies

" 17 Thaw yet Nora Wright here very Icy rain all last night Misty

" 18 Thaw Rain until 9:30 a.m then 1 1/2 hours of heavy snowfall 3 1/2 in then Fine then snow and hail and by night wild drifting not Cold River broke up in Places Jam at R y. Bridge Breaking some Piles Train did not Cross it all day To Fergus Re Bert Milnes Note &c &c

" 19 (Sunday) Fine mild Calm None to Ch morn

1913 == === 125 {upper right corner} =

Jany 20th Heavy Rain all day with snow at night John and I to Arthur to Reform Convention Dr. N. Wallace teh Choice

" 21 Colder but quiet Choring

" 22 Fine mild Sunny To Belwood Re Audit Jno to Fergus (Chop)

" 23 Rain all day again very Icy Roads

" 24 Fine A {Agnes} To Fergus Load of Turnips to Carrol

" 25 mild thawing Turnip t Schario

" 26 (Sunday) very fine and mild A {Agnes} & Leith to Ch Jim Came up

" 27 Some sno and Cold at night Leith started to school

" 28 Cold Preistlys Sale Raw night E. Wind

" 29 Cold Last night very Icy and showing how often the Winter is Automobiles are Running on Gave a horse Bert Milne was Driving and had a Runaway milder Misty at night and snowing

" 30 Mild A {Agnes} & Jno to Fergus with 500 Lbs old Papers Cleaning Oats

" 31 A heavy Rain most of Last nigh and this Forenoon then snow and Colder Drifting. A very mild Jany

Feby 1 very Cold and Drifting {....?} Gows People got 3400 lbs oats @ .34 including 232 that Omar got Previous. Road very Icy

(Sunday) 2 still cold and drifting but not much snow None to Ch

" 3 Cold and stormy Leith Down with Grip At audit

" 4 " " " John " " " " "

" 5 " " " John took A {Agnes} up to see Maggie Burr who is very ill

" 6 Coldest yet 10 Below still drifting John to Fergus for Chop Horses sharpened

" 7 Cold storm To Belwood in the morning to see H McDonell A {Agnes} and Jno Fergus to meet Chapmans but they did not Turn up 10 Below

" 8 still storming the Eighth day and no Let up not so cold to day

" 9 (Sunday) stormy in morning by night quiet None to Ch I to Thompsons

" 10 Fine milder Drawing wood. John went down a {and?} took up Chapmans

" 11 Rather the stormiest of the winter Jno A. Mrs Chapman to Jas Thompsons

" 12 Cold 12 Below To Council Meeting with auditors Report A {Agnes} & John to Fergus with Chapmans

" 13 Cold and very stormy

" 14 Cold but Fair Jno to Fergus got Bag Flour

" 15 Quite mild Snowing By night and Blowing

" 16 (Sunday) Cold again A {Agnes} Jno to Ch morn Jime Came up

1913 == === 126 {upper left corner} =

Feby 17 Fine Cold Cleaning up oats. Lib and Lloyd Came

" 18 Fine morning milder Took 100 Bu Oats to Murphy Bros and Cleaned up and took 30 Bu to Roberts @ 30 cts Per Bu Snowing in evening

" 19 mild Thawing Drawig up oats Lib and Lloyd went Home Jim and some others came up at night very fine

" 20 a rare thing in Feby no Frost this morning Misty and some Rain John and I to Fergus with wheels Nichol Fire Ins Co meeting

" 21 Froze up again Dull Raw day at night Rain and Hail Wind N E Teleph Came to Robertson (Gows Camp) from Arthur sick child time 9 PM Jno Drove him to Fergus

" 22 strange day Hail 2 in Then at 10 a.m. Heavy Thunderstorm Curtis Barn (E. Gara) struck Rodded afternoon lots of snow fell and drifting Cold Jno & A {Agnes} to Fergus Chop 7 Bags and 1265 lbs oats to Gow Bot 2 cwt sugar sack Flour John Came up swollen Face Gum Boil

" 23 (Sunday) stormy and very Cold None to Ch

" 24 Clear Cold 10 Below Took sow Home from McDonalds Cleaning oats

" 25 Cold Took Bal of 100 Bu Oats to Gow Roberts Took oats to Roll To Robt Russels sale Finest sleighing of the season

" 26 milder Light snowfall all day John laid off with Cold

" 27 " N.E. Wind and very Raw

" 28 Dandy day A {Agnes} and Leith having Minnie White Mrs Marshall here

March 1 Fine not the Ideal March weather Snow at night A {Agnes} John to Fergus Ch

" 2 (Sunday) Now we have got it By all odds the worst Blow of the Winter

" 3 Roads Badly blocked stormy till noon then let up and milder

" 4 Fine Cold Jno to Fergus with Heifer to Wm Shortread 100 @ {6 1/2?}

" 5 Hoar Frost Fine day H Armstrong here for oats New Batteries in Phone

" 6 High Wind Drift Roads Blocked Cold at night

" 7 Cold 10 Below drifting some yet H. Armstrong here for oats total 118 Bu 15 Lbs at 34

{sideways in left column} The Winter Gow Cut Jim Milnes swamp A very mild one

" 8 Milder Got up load wood Letter from Ottawa Timothy seed No 1 Jim White here John to Fergus at night Jim Came up some Rain

" 9 (Sunday) thaw Rain Jno and A {Agnes} to Ch Colder at night

" 10 Fine Jno to F. Bs Re Timothy seed sold it for $2.50 Per Bu

" 11 A Beautiful day a lot of snow went A {Agnes} Jno to Fergus Chop (Cattle

" 12 " " " " John to Fergus with Chop (Horses) and Timothy to Jas Andersons (For Syndicate) $ 2.50 Per Bu

1913 == === 127 {upper right corner} =

March 13 Great thaw Hot Sun sleighing gone up to Burrs with Bessie no Frost at night some Rain River Breaking up

" 14 Warm misty morning then hot sun River Broke up Tremendous Jam One of the Biggest I ever saw last year it was the 5th of April Teams Crossed here of the 12th Blue Birds meadow Larks &c John to seed Fair in Fergus the Ice Jam there was the Highest Ever

" 15 Thaw over Cold and Raw snow fling Frost by night

" 16 (Sunday) Cold High wind some snow None to Ch

" 17 Sunny High wind Frosty nothing doing

" 18 " mild snow going drawing up some wood measured stump of big Elm in Jas Milnes Bush 6 ft 9 in accross {across} 349 Rings

" 19 very mild sunny lot of snow went to Belwood (Cart) Council meeting

" 20 " " some Rain in morning but a fine day Jno and I to Arthur Reform Convention ___ Hazelwood of Clifford the Choice By large majority in to see Lib and Fred coming Home

" 21 Good Friday Jim and Simmonds up Rain and E wind until noon Then a Gale from the S.W. one of the Worst that Ever {.....?} Ontario from Smith Falls to Goderich and 20 of the W. and S.W states and along the Lakes to the foot of Lake Ont A Tremendous lot of Damage done in this neighbourhood about 1/4 of Barn Roofs wrecked in the Cities Chimmineys down in a face and lot of Houses wrecked

{sideways in left column} I think this was the worst Wide spread wind storm I ever Experienced Blowing 50 miles an hour

" 22 stormy Snow Cold a dirty disagreeable day Winds still High

" 23 (Sunday) Fine Forenoon A {Agnes} Leith to Ch afternoon Rain From E

" 24 3 Thunderstorms last night and Heavy Rain the whole Country flooded River as High as when Ice went away John Helping Rennie to Repair Barn Roof

" 25 A Disagreeable day slight Rain Freezing as it Fell N.E. wind Jno to Fergus in afternoon

" 26 A Coat of Ice on Everything Trees Broke down. Telephone lines Down all over No getting Fergus To Chas Nelsons sale in afternoon

" 27 Snow storm all day new Drifts 4 ft deep by night

" 28 Cold John To Fergus in afternoon Chop took Timothy seed to 2 Leybournes and Robinson Got sack of meal (Purlees) meal lasted until June 16th Been a Week of very Dirty weather one of the Worst

1913 == === 128 {upper left corner} =

March 29 Thaw Fine John to Fergus in afternoon McEwen with him Jim Came up

" 30 (Sunday) very fine Mild No Frost last night None to Ch morn Frogs

" 31 Heavy Rain last nigh Showers of Rain and Snow all forenoon

April 1 Hard Frost high Wind all day Clear No Cloud all day

" 2 Fine the Best day since the Gale John to Fergus for Clover seed {$1.50?} per Bu) Bags to send away oats Irons for Rafter {Heels?} &c I was the Funreal {Funeral} of Late Mrs D.B. Scott Rain at dark

" 3 Thunder and Rain through the night then Thunder storm this morning and Rain all day. Cold Freezing on trees dirty day

" 4 showers all day Cleaning up oats Took 2 Loads of wood up to Gows men (3rd time) Trustee meeting in Evening at W. Hamiltons Re Teachers illness

" 5 stormy Cold

" 6 (Sunday) Fine Cold A {Agnes} to Ch morn John up to Libs R. Thompson here

" 7 Fine Cold up to Belwood Re {Leay?} Books John Helping Carlaw with {Boer ....?}

" 8 " Cold north wind down to school Re Cutting wood then found Cadnay at Herb Howers John to Fergus 20 Bu Danbury oats to A.E. Letts Burris Ireland {P6?}

" 9 Clear sunny Cold Ground Froze Hard to Fergus with money orders {(P...?} Bank Got Nails for Rafter irons Revd Mr Hunt came to Teach S.S. No 2 for {Mr?} {Goodace?}

" 10 Cloudy morning Hard Frost Heavy Rain From 10 am A {Agnes} and I to Fergus settling up Pritchard matter and making arrangements with Wm Rutherford

" 11 milder Cloudy threatening Rain Cleaning up oats Anderson v. S here Blistering Colts shoulder {anti?} and stifle then went to Raes & Milnes to D. Milnes Cow died

" 12 mild and Cloudy John to Fergus with 30 Bu Dauberry oats to John Wilson Gore Bay Manitoulin and Front Axle and wheels on manure spreader to Massey Harris to be repaired

" 13 (Sunday) Fine A {Agnes} Leith to Ch morn Jim and 3 others up in afternoon

" 14 Fine Cold N.E. wind Larry Brown here for oats Digging Post Holes

" 15 " Warmer Some Plowing on high sandy Land

" 16 " " started to Plow in 9 at Fergus myself {Re?} P 6 orders

" 17 To Fergus with Fat steer 1180 @ 6.50 Plowing in afternoon 2 Teams to Burrs Grass seed

" 18 warm windy John to Fergus in Forenoon with oats Manitoulin Island then to D.B. Scotts for Potatoes 2 Teams Plowing in afternoon at Rennies Rennie here got sq shingles Thunder Rain and high wind at night

1913 == === 129 {upper right corner} =

April 19 Cold and Windy Hard frost By night 2 Teams Plowing sod in 9 To Fergus to Funreal {Funeral} of Wm Deans Child who was Drowned

" 20 (Sunday) very hard Frost 1 1/2 in Ice Clear all day and no {sofss..?} None to Ch

" 21 warmer 2 Teams in 9 A {Agnes} over to Thompsons

" 22 quite warm Like Rain Two Teams in 9 Elora Horse show swallows

" 23 Heavy thunderstorm last night and Rainy all forenoon John up to Fred's Changing oats very warm took up __ Bu Took Back __ Bu

" 24 Hot Cultivating in 8 Harrowing in 9 W. Liscomb Came to Board {Br calf ..?} A rather notable day in the Parliamentary History of Canada Closure was Carried in Ottawa this morning by Conservative maj of 35

" 25 very hot in shade started Sowing in 9 Sowed 17 1/2 Bg of {....?} Rennie got oats

" 26 Cooler like Rain all day which came on at 4 P.M sowed 27 Bu 7 lbs Rocky Mountain oats in 8 E of Ditch and got all Harrowed

" 27 (Sunday) Colder and Rain (light) all day none to Ch

{sideways in left column} A Noteable Fact the Past Season was the almost entire abscence of Northern Lights

" 28 Cold {Furing?} out in 9 Cultivating in 11 I to Fergus Re Returning money to {Irelands?} Re {oats?} John down with chop and got M. spreader wheels

" 29 Cold N. wind and drying Cultivating in 11 and 13 Great day for Horses working

" Spires P.O was closed to day after being in Existence since Aug 11th 1882 heavy frost and Ice Cultivating in 18 Harrowing in 11 and 13 {left column - postal stamp for Spires Ont.}

May 1 slight frost warm Day Erected mail Box on R.M D No 4 Fergus to Fergus with Equipment of PO to Be sent to P.O I Toronto Sowing Oats and grass seed in 11 34 Bu New Zealand 115 Grass seed

" 2 Fine warm Finished sowing 11 started in 13 83 in shade one night with no Pain

" 3 " " finished Harrowing 11 Sowing in 13 84 " "

" 4 (Sunday) warm A {Agnes} Leith to Ch morning First lamb (Regular)

" 5 Fine warm morning with heavy dew Wild Plums in Bloom Finished 13 45 acres sowed 30 seeded down

" 6 Cool Fine finished Cultivating in S.F started in 6 Harrowing in S.F Trees Pretty well in Leaf

" 7 Cold morning hard Frost Ice on water Trough Finished Cult in 6. sowing and Harrowing in S.F. Finished Picking Barley out of bag of Daub Oats took 30 min to Pick at Pound

" 8 another hard Frost lots of Ice Finished sowing S.F have seeded Down 37 acres Planted 8 Drills - 6 1/2 Pails of Potatoes in 6 Sowed Daubeny oats in 6 85 lbs (Pura) like Rain all afternoon Cold

1913 == === 130 {upper left corner} =

May 9 Frost again this morning. Cold all day. Finished sowing 6 in Forenoon 2 Teams Plowing in 9 in afternoon. A {Agnes} and I to Fergus.

" 10 4th morning of Hard Frost and the worst Ice {a Big?} 1/2 inch thick

" 11 (Sunday) Cold Frost again 7/16 thick Leaves Browned None to Ch

" 12 Frost Ice again Cloudy morning wind S. Pair Lambs Came weighing 29 lb 2 Teams Plowing sod in 9 Turned all cattle out but 3 milking Cows 2nd Pair of Lambs weighed 22 lb. Jim up at night went Back Some Rain

" 13 Colder Blustery Finished Plowing in 9 (sod) another Pair lambs

" 14 Frost again John to Fergus for Calf (Simmons) = $8.00 Picked stones off 9 Foal (Queen) Perchiron {Percheron} 15 days before Due Raw Cold night

" 15 Raw very Cold day showers. Thunder The last of the Lambs Came this morning (Pair) Wt 16 Lbs from 9 Ewes we have 14 lambs living (one Dead) = 15. 6 had Twins and 3 singles Fed last of Roots at noon John Plowing in 9 Blistered Antys shoulder & stifle

" 16 Cloudy damp forenoon Fine after 9 all Harrowed Plowing and discing in 8

" 17 Big white frost then misty Sunny by noon. Finished sowing and Harrowing in 9 about 16 acres of in Crop. Thunder and Rain at night Liscomb went to Fergus

" 18 (Sunday) Clear Cold A {Agnes} & Leith to Ch morn

" 19 Hard Frost Ice on Trough Finished Plowing for White Crop (in 8) Discing and Harrowing in 8 To Fergus Got Flour &cc

" 20 Fine warmer Finished seeding of White Crop (ended this side ditch in 8) over. 70 acres sowed about 182 Bu

" 21 Rain From 7 to 10 - and 4:30 to 7 to Belwood Boys at Fence - Gerries

" 22 Cold Cloudy at Fences by the River woven wire up

" 23 " " Got wire across River a {at} Gerries Turned 12 Cattle {on then?} To Fergus With Geo McEwen

" 24 Warmer but still cloudy Our great need for the Past 2 weeks has been sunshine for notwithstanding our Early start for Growth it is behind the average year now Leith Plowing for Beets doing some {Kenering?} Fred Brot. down 6 Cattle and Lib & Boys

" 25 (Sunday) Fine Cold A {Agnes} and I to Ch morn took up Jack Page and Will John took them down in evening Wm J Thompson here

" 26 Frost Ice E wind threatening Rain all day Collis Bros Brot 8 Cattle Sowed Beets iin 4 Leith Plowing in 10 sold Ram Lambs to Bergin @ 6.00 Paid 1.00 Backward weather no Growth

1913 == === 131 {upper right corner} =

May 27 Cold Cloudy a few drop of Rain all day John to Fergus with Chop (Horses) Leith Plowing in 10. Black Lamb wandered away took {Scochs?} Buckwheat

" 28 Best day in 2 week 2 Teams Plowing in 10 A {Agnes} and I to Fergus Re H. and E. Payment Fairly warm

" 29 Preparing Potato land Cutting Potatoes Prayer Meeting at Jas {Martins?}

" 30 Hard Frost Ice Planting Potatoes John to Fergus with McEwen

" 31 warmer morning Finished Planting Potatoes Putting wire across river at this End

June 1 (Sunday) Fine a little warmer. Growth far Back especially Grass Hay land has really nothing on it and Bad appearance Frost almost every night and North winds A {Agnes} & Leith to Ch Communion Rennie {so?} {Here?}

" 2 No Frost warm small shower at noon working Root land {Ragin?} got Lamb Geo. McEwen ill John at Jas Milnes all night

" 3 No Frost warmer small shower at noon working Rootland {Ragin?} got Lamb Geo McEwen ill John at Jas Milnes all night

" 4 Fine But some Frost Took McEwen Home in Buggy John took his things in wagon and Brot up 200 salt and 10 15 in Cement Pipe Took Hay down to Camp for Gows Cold at night

" 5 Another Hard Frost Ice Hot sunny day Drilling and sowing Turnips in 10 Great need of Rain Hay looks a Failure

" 6 warmer Plowing in 4 Rain at last and a thunderstorm about 6:30 P.M. Heavy wind went north and Cold again

" 7 Cold High winds all day Rp {Repair?} Fence round 12 Plowing in 10

" 8 (Sunday) Cold Frost lots of Ice Just 3 nights without Frost this season to Date None to Ch. 3 to Sunday School

" 9 Frost Cold sunny day 2 Rigs in 10

" 10 Frost again but Light warmer day 2 Rigs in 10 Fixing Pig Pen Put up Bill Board at Corner (working up 10 For Buckwheat

" 11 Light Frost Nasty windy drying day sowing Turnips in 4 A {Agner} Finished House Cleaning in Kitchen wrecking Cutter Jim up 1/2 Holiday in {Fe?}

" 12 slight Frost sowing Buckwheat in 10 Scorching dry day

" 13 First morning without Frost since 16 may warm day sowing Buckwheat in 4 (all sowed) To Erin to meeting of E. Wellington R.A. Public meeting in afternoon in Stanley Park. Speakers McKing Proudfoot McQueen Guthrie Hazelwood Richardson D. Rea Presiding Fair attendance

1913 == === 132 {upper left corner} =

June 14 Really a summer Day Washed sheep also D Milne & Carlaw Cutting Posts overloaded waggon {wagon} Broke axle (the Stan Truck)

" 15 (Sunday) a fine shower in morning thunder A. L. to Ch Hot

" 16 Thunder and Rain this morning Hot day Finished sowing Turnips Trustee meeting at W. Hamiltons in Evening Jim up

" 17 Hot young Pigs this morning not a satisfactory Litter 5 living 6 Dead A. {Agnes} and Leith to Fergus Got sack meal John Cleaning up B. Kitchen Below

" 18 Sunny dry Cool Getting out Posts for wire fence along Con

" 19 The Ideal Farmers day Hot and showery all day at Posts

" 20 Warm and drizzling all day Nothing doing

" 21 Wet misty morning Foal Jess By Warwick Diplomat (Hackney) took Hay to Camp very Cool Night Jno Burr and Maggie Here

" 22 (Sunday) Fine warm None to Ch morn Jno Black here & D.M & {E?} M

" 23 Fine Hot Clipped sheep Jim up at night

" 24 " " John to Fergus with Chop (For Hogs and Horses) Took down Wool 10 Fleeces = 71 lbs @ 21 cts = $18.66

" 25 very Hot Putting in Fence Posts

" 26 Heavy Rain and thunderstorm Early this morning W.S Clark had 10 Cattle Killed then another about 6 PM Hot all day A {Agnes} had me to Dr Jess Foal died Put sheep down to 12.

" 27 Hot about 85 But a lot of Humidity Put in Corner Post at N. Corner of E 1/4 lot 10 which is 46 Ch 22 1/2 Links S.E from Centre of Big Ditch Between Lots 11 and 12 and 50 Links (33 feet) from Centre of Roadway according to Survey made John Molloy in 1867 and Produced for over Original Pine Tree Centre Lots 11 - 12

" 28 Fine hot Posts all in but 6 Scuffling Broke scuffler

Sunday 29 Hot Grand growth A {Agnes} and Leith to Ch morn R. Black and wife here at night

" 30 still hot Taking Down Fence killing Time John to Fergus for Roll of Wire. Trustees here at night Heavy thunderstorm about 10 P.M, and a few drops of Rain Jno & W. Hamilton to Wm Simpsons

July 1 Hot yet Ready to stretch wire but Hanna did not Come Drawed 2 Flat stones moved at Got And Fooled a day away Engineers on Grand River survey went Past here to day

" 2 Hot A. Hanna and 2 men here in Forenoon stretched wire along 4th Line 8 Ch 12 ft (woven) 8 Bar Pulling mustard A Perry Brot Horse 5th Aug # {us till?}

1913 == === 133 (upper right corner) =

July 3 Cool morning Hot day Took Hay to Camp started to thin mangold A {Agner} and I to Fergus (to Dr I) saw First Blossom on our Potatoes

" 4 Thinning Beets Forenoon. Thnderstorm at 1 PM and a Glorious Rain all afternoon John to Broadfoot with Queen

" 5 very hot yet at Beets Jno Cut Grass in Orchard took Grey Cow up

" 6 (Sunday) after warm fine Growing weather since the 13th June we have a Cold wave today with high drying. Wind Jim and {A?} Simmons Came up last night

" 7 warmer but Pleasant scuffling and thinning Turnips in 10 To Fergus to meeting Re watching Co Council Jess shod

{sideways in right column} Johnston Put Team on Grass

" 8 Cool Cloudy A {Agnes} and I up to Lib Boys thinning Turnips in 10

" 9 Hot forenoon Thunder Rain and Hail afternoon Turnips thinned in 10

" 10 Fine ordanialy {ordinary} day finished hoeing Potatoes Leith at PicNic SS 2

" 11 A. White Frost and Cool drying day high Wind

" 12 Cloudy morning Rain Clearing up about noon John to Belwood A {Agnes} and I to Fergus to Dr High disagreeable wind

" 13 (Sunday) None to Ch morn " " " {High disagreeable wind} all day and Cool

" 14 Dry Cool very High wind Thinning Turnips Finished scuffling {Just...?} Calf (Lady {bull?})

" 15 " " Calm at Turnips Jim and {O?} Simmons Came up and John and Leith and then went to Garden Party (Simpsons) Cool night

" 16 Cool Clear morning Cloudy after {afternoon} Turnips thinning

" 17 Fine Cool at Turnips

" 18 " Warmer Putting Paris Green on Potatoes Thinning Turnips

" 19 " " Thinning turnips Ed and family Came up From Toronto at noon Jim Came at night to help in Haying Gows Robarts People moved out of the House below New Potatoes

" 20 (Sunday) Cool 2 showers of Rain and some Thunder Ewe killed by dogs last night Jim White Wm and Jessie Clark and D Milne here A {Agnes} and Jim to Ch morn

" 21 Fine very Cool morning started Haying in 3 Finished Thinning Turnips Raking and Coling in 3 Light Crop

" 22 Sunny and nasty drying wind Forenoon Drawing in from 3

" 23 Fine Cloudy a few drops of Rain at night finished 3 (Drawing in) Coling in 15

" 24 " Cutting Raking and drawing in From 15

" 25 " Finished Cutting in 15 Raking Coling and drawing in

" 26 Getting too dry Finished 15. Mrs Walker (A) here

" 27 (Sunday) Bad day for the Crops Fierce sun and hot wind (over)

1913 == === 134 {upper left corner} =

July 27 (Con. From Page 133) A. {Agnes} and I to Fergus to Ch I to Dr. Jno and Mrs Watson here storm at night But no Rain Hot night 90 in shade

" 28 Hot and dry. Cut 5 and Coled all but one acre felt Better than I have For 2 mos Pulled Barley out of Daubeny oats Ok for a shower - 86

" 29 Hot and dry. Got 5 all in But 6 Coled started Cutting in 11 & coling

" 30 very Hot Burning things up. W Hughes Cutting oats Finished Cutting Hay Raking Coling and drawing in

" 31 Hot very 92 in shade at 2 P.M. Finished Haying Crops (except Roots) are suffering oats Getting white (not Ripening) Pasture Burnt Brown Just a serious situation

Aug 1 Drouth still continues Repairing Fence etc

" 2 " " John to Fergus with Chop Leith scuffling Beets Harry Jones and {Mils?} Cox Came up from Toronto

" 3 (Sunday) Looked Like Rain and a few drops Fell Cooler Fred Lib and the 2 Boys down John Rennie here

" 4 Same Iron Earth and sky of Brass started Harvest in S.F. Harry and Miss Cox Back to Toronto A. Hanna here Gan Ck 7.50 Bill 3.10 {pue?} 5 {..?}

" 5 Dry Cooler A {Agnes} and I to Fergus I to Dr. Cutting oats in 9 Perry Got Horse

" 6 warm Cloudy slight Rain scuffling & Cleaning Roots Ed and I to Thompson

" 7 Hot dry at Roots Ed and I to Burrs Trustees here in Evening

" 8 " and bad drying wind Cutting Timothy and oats in 11

" 9 Draught Broken Thunderstorm this morning about 3 a.m and a grand Rain Pretty steady until noon R.M. Hazelwood and V. Richardson here Re voters Lists

" 10 (Sunday) Last night there was 6 hours of a thunderstorm to the South of us which just touced us ending at 3 a.m a few drops of Rain Fine all day Getting Cold at night None to Ch

" 11 Frost Fine cool Cutting in 9

" 12 Cool Cutting in 8 Ed and I up to Libs Fine Harvest day

" 13 Hotter Cutting in 13 Binder went out of kilter W. Deans (agt) Rep To Council meeting Ewe killed by dogs got $6.70 Jim up in afternoon helping to draw in Sandy Burns here at night

" 14 Hot Cutting in 13. To {Fox?} gusts Dr Ed with me got Sack Flour

" 15 " Finished 13 Cutting again in 11

" 16 Hot 92 in shade. Finished Cutting 11 Then cut 6 Took in Timothy Rose Jones came up

1913 == === 135 {upper right corner} =

Aug 17 (Sunday) Fine very Hot Leith Ed and Rose to Ch 94 in shade M and J Burr and {Boys?} here

" 18 another schorcher Cutting in S.F. Broke Knotter went to shop and got Repairs Drawing in from 9 Edna and children an {and} Rose Jones left for Toronto Jess to Broadfoots Percheron Job Ransom brot Home the first Gasoline Traction Engine To Come into W Gara and to Wat McLean belongs to Distinction of Piloting is {it} from the stn to Ransoms 28 H.P. 2 Cyclinder G.M {B.?} make Brantford

" 19 Cooler Finished Cutting S.F. started a Piece in 8 stooking A {Agnes} Jim to Fergus night

" 20 " all cutting done except N.W. of Ditch in 8 Ulrich Simmons her Aunt Sarah came up

" 21 Cooler Cloudy signs of Rain Got S.F all in Rakings too and the Daubeny oats Jim to Berlin to S Pic Nic (S.S.

" 22 A much needed Rain this morning and another Heavy shower after Dinner Hail to Dr. and took Aunt Sarah down to Fergus

" 23 Quite Cool. Finished up all the stooking Missed Swallows

" 24 (Sunday) Cool A {Agnes} and Leith to Ch morn A {Agnes} and to see Mrs Jas Milne

" 25 Frost Ice John looking for a machine to thresh Sulky R. Drawing

" 26 Cool John seeing thresher Finished Cutting in 8 all cut but Buckwheat

" 27 Cool Cloudy to Fergus for threshing supplies started Plowing in 9

" 28 Rain slight all day Plowing some in 8

" 29 Great drying day until 5 P.M. then rain Jas Milne and A Rae threshing 1/2 day each to Fergus Re Meat &c For threshing

" 30 Could not thresh for wet stooks Thompsons Threshed John Jim and A {Agnes} there Leith Plowing in 8 Fair all day

" 31 (Sunday) A {Agnes} and Jim to Ch Fair all day and warmer

Septr 1 Rainy Looking but Cleared up and was dry all day to Fergus in the morning for meat some Rain there. Threshed 44 acres out of stook. M. Cradys machine 17 hands all told about 1400 Bush a good machine and careful hands

" 2 Rainy like but kept off John Helping Rennie to Finishe harvest then Earl Vrooman Came with him and got ours all in Leith Raked 11 Jim started at saw mill

" 3 Putting of Loads John to D Milnes threshing L. took B.B {Cow?} up

" 4 Fine Cooler A {Agnes} to Fergus John to Rennies threshing 1/2 L Plowing 9

" 5 Fine warmer Jim and A {Agnes} at Jas Whites threshing Cut Buckwheat

1913 == === 136 {upper left corner} =

Septr 6 to Belwood in Forenoon Re Judge and voters lists to Fergus in afternoon to Dr got 2 Balls of Twine 13 cts Leith Down with Chop John went to Toronto last day of exhibition

" 7 (Sunday) a bad day of Heat and drouth None to Ch

" 8 Cooler a lot of Lightning last night and some rain Leith Plowing in 9 in Forenoon Finished stooking Buckwheat in afternoon myself Helpig Rennies with Pump in afternoon

" 9 Fine very Cool Leith Picking Pears in Forenoon Plowing in afternoon A {Agnes} to Fergus in afternoon John Came Back From Toronto

" 10 Frost Catching the Late Buckwheat also Corn and Potatoes Plowing in 9 2 Outfits in afternoon Hot

" 11 Harder Frost lots of Ice 2 Plowing in 9. Cloudy at night warmer Bergin here took 2 lambs (last of Rams) = 6 @ 6.00 = $36.00

" 12 Fine Cool 2 Plowing in 9

" 13 A Gale N.W. all day Cold Buckwheat all in 1 mo. 5 days ahead Last Year

" 14 (Sunday) Hardest frost yet. Cool. Calm all day. The Droth is Getting serious Pasture and water very scarce A {Agnes} Jim Leith to Ch morn R. Thompson here

" 15 Fine very Cool. To Fergus to Dr. Plowing in 9 (Finished)

" 16 Cloudy wet afternoon L. Harrowing in 9 John at manure 8

" 17 Rainy most of Day Jim to Fergus

" 18 Fine at manure Harrowing in 9 Calf (Black Belle) Seeing Sarah

" 19 Fine Drawing manure Covering same Minnie Whitehorse here and {..?}

" 20 Fine " " " " Jim Quit sawmill

" 21 (Sunday) Cloudy all day and Cool None to Ch

" 22 Fine Drawing and Covering manure A {Agnes} to Fergus Jim to Ewings

" 23 Fair Cold at manure to Fergus to Dr. Paid twine xxx

" 24 Fine Drawing and Plowing in manure the Great need is Rain

" 25 Fine Hot Centr. W. show 2nd day A {Agnes} & Leith Down

" 26 Cloudy Warm some Rain took hay to Camp took up load of straw took home some Posts Collier took away their Cattle Paid $25.00 Bal Due $17.00

" 27 Fine at manure Below still Dry Great need of Rain

" 28 (Sunday) Fine warm A {Agnes} and Leith to Ch and Sunday School

" 29 Fine Hot at manure Below

1913 == === 137 {upper right corner} =

Septr 30th Fine warm at manure and Plowing Bill Mutch had Waggon

Octr 1 Clear Dry and to at manure and Plowing Belwood show None {.....?}

" 2 Damp some Rain Jno to Fergus with Chop Did not Get it Back

" 3 Fine started Beets Hughes threshing in afternoon A {Agnes} and I to Fergus I to Dr. owing to the steam Roller being on Belwood Road Crossed River and went to Orangeville Road and I can safely assert that in 55 years I never saw the Grand River so Low and this John Malcom Concur

" 4 Fine Hot Hughes Finished Threshing Beets all in Lib and Lloyd down Drouth still Bad 3rd hottest in October on Record

" 5 (Sunday) Fine Hot Jim up None to Ch D. Milne here

" 6 Fine Hot 80 in shade at Potatoes

" 7 " warm at Potatoes Fine Quality but Light crop

" 8 " Hot Finished Potatoes Jas White Here for spring water

" 9 Fine Hot 80 again. Plowing Picking apples

" 10 " Cooler apples and Plowing 1 Ewe with Ram

" 11 Colder Windy with Rain John at Hastings Threshing

" 12 (Sunday) Cold High wind showers A {Agnes} Leith to Ch morn

" 13 Frost Fine " windy Leith Plowing John at Hastings until 2:30

" 14 Hardest frost of season then Fine and warm Bessie Came down A {Agnes} and here went to Fergus Hastings Finished

" 15 Fine Hot 2 Plows going A's {Agnes's} Face very sore

" 16 Fair Cloudy Plowing in 4 and 6 Prayer meeting here

" 17 Cold Cloudy morning Rain all afternoon from E

" 18 Cloudy Cold with wet in the air all day A {Agnes} to Fergus for Jim sprained ankle A.P. Gerrie took his cattle away 3 head 4 1/2 mos @ 1.50 = 20.25 one dollar of this should go for wire over River or = settled for 1913

" 19 Cloudy and very Raw None to Ch A {Agnes} Bad with Cheek and Ear

" 20 Thanksgiving day First snow of season about 3 in and lay all day not Frosty

" 21 Cold more snow but all gone by noon A {Agnes} to Fergus Re apples then her and I to Marshalls started Turnips

" 22 Raw and Cloudy wind S Drawing in Turnips sleet at night

" 23 Cloudy Warmer wet all day Jno to Fergus with Chop Leith at Turnips

1913 == === 138 {upper left corner} =

October 24 Cloudy showery Clearing up Grainery

" 25 Colder Dry afternoon all Turnips in from 10 started in 4

" 26 (Sunday) Cold Cloudy A {Agnes} Leith and Bessie to Ch R. Thompson here

" 27 mild mostly Cloudy at Turnips

" 28 Rain High wind went up For Some apples to D Milnes

" 29 Cloudy at Turnips A {Agnes} and I to Fergus and Bessie where I took a bad spell and we had to stay all night Rained all afternoon

" 30 Drier Came Home in Forenoon Finished Turnips S.W. of track Got Cold at night Mrs Jas A Milne Died this Forenoon after a years illnesses with Cancer age 52

" 31 Rain at Turnips in forenoon Both Boys at D. Milnes sael in afternoon Jno Burr and Maggie here Bessie went away with them

Novr 1 Hard frost Fine day at Turnips J Rennie Sr here at night

" 2 (Sunday) very Fine A {Agnes} Leith to Ch Messrs McDonald Vallery and Alexander here in afternoon Jas White evening

" 3 Cloudy Raw day Rain at night Turnip T.G. Richardson Here

" 4 Raw showers of snow all day Funreal {Funeral} of the Late Mrs Jas A Milne (Sarah) A {Agnes} and Leith at Funreal

" 5 Frost in morning then a very Fine day. Finished Turnips in Forenoon Middling Crop in afternoon Leith Plowing in 6 John in 14

" 6 very Fine Plowing A {Agnes} and I at Jno Rennies in afternoon

" 7 " " like Indian summer 2 Rigs Plowing

" 8 Windy and Rain all day John to Fergus Got Barrell Ed apples

" 9 starting at daylight and snowed or Rained all day with a very high wind none to Ch the worst storm on Record on the upper Lakes

" 10 showers of snow all day and hard Frost at night John to Fergus with Chop and sent a Barrell of apples and a Bag of Potatoes to Ed Took home Flour and salt The old Dog (Fox) died of old age Possibly about 15 yrs

" 11 Snowing Got Frosty at night Plowing

" 12 milder Sunny Plowing A Hanna here

" 13 Misty an hours heavy rain in the morning Cleaning up and mild John to Fergus with 4 Lambs = @ 7 1/2 31.50 we kept 2 $15.75 which with 6 Bucks @ $6.00 each makes a total of $83.25 for 12 Lambs add wool 18.66 = Grand total 101.91

1913 == === 139 {upper right corner} =

Novr 14 Fine Plowing A {Agnes} to Fergus Got sack sugar

" 15 very Fine Plowing in 14 John Killed sheep made good job for his First

" 16 (Sunday) Fine yet. None to Ch Jno Jim to Libs W. Burr Here

" 17 Colder but Fine drawing up threshing wood Plowing

" 18 warm and misty all day Rain at night Fred here for his Cattle

" 19 Mild Rain all day very warm at night Jas White threshing

" 20 Extra fine day Flies and gnats thick A {Agnes} and I to Fergus I to Dr Jas White and Thompson Bros finished threshing machine came here

" 21 Fine started to thresh. Broke down then to the Plow

" 22 " " " " " " Rain and thunder Heavy showers at night

" 23 Sunday Fine None to Ch Jim Came up last night Les Hanna here

" 24 Finished Threshing at 11 machine went to Raes 3 or 4 heavy showers of Snow with high wind

" 25 A {Agnes} Killed and Picked 1 doz Chickens Rae Finished Came to Jas Milne

" 26 Fine A {Agnes} took Chickens to Fergus sold to Wm Shortreed 78 @ 17 cts Finished threshing at Jim moved to Daves

" 27 Raw Cold E wind John to Fergus with Cow Sold to Shortreed $73.00 Leith at D. Milnes threshing in Forenoon (Finished) then to Rennies

" 28 Fine Finished Rennies Moved to Carlaws (Finished on 29

" 29 very Fine no Frost There has not been a day in Novr but the Plow {Coverag?}

" 30 (Sunday) warm like the middle of Octr Wm Richardson & Wm Thompson here

Decr 1 The wonderful warm weather still continues {Rivets? Flying A. Moir and his wife here. John to Fergus with Chop Jim up at night

" 2 Fine day plowing sod with 2 teams

" 3 plowing still

" 4 fine weather still plowing

" 5 A {Agnes} to Fergus to see Dr

" 6 R. Black and John Rennie here still plowing

" 7 rain in morning snowing at night frosty

" 8 first winter day cold and stormy

" 9 cold J trimming turnips

" 10 Leith Jim Lib at Guelph fat stock show

" 11 cold but fine J with load of turnips Scherio 189 G. Mc John Chapman here left machine

1913 == === 140 {upper left corner} =

Dec 12 fine day J trimming turnips and {Jopering?} stook

 13 extra fine J to Fergus with chop Paying {tw...?}
 14 dull Cloudy and Cold Fred and {Beth?} came Libbie stayed over for {few?} days
 15 fine day picking Geese 13 H J and A
 16 Moffats sale cold Jim Leith to sale
 17 Cloudy cold wire off at river
 18 Fred here Libbie went home cutting wood cold
 19 J to Fergus for separator repairs
 20 J and L Cutting wood Beautiful weather
 21 Leith to Church Jim wheeled home Beautiful day Jim white here to see dad still very Poorly 
 22 J to Fergus with chop got 1150 cwt of coal hundred Flour
 23 J to Fergus with turnips east storm of snow
 24 cold but fine J picking {geese?} for Xmas
 25 Xmas day 35 years married Jim Wheeled home from Fergus fine day John {...?} Hastings wife Stan Hanna and wife family here
 26 fine John to Fergus with 3 Pigs at 9 {.....?}
 27 cold Libbie here Boys getting wood
 28 V Richardson and wife and mother here Forbes still very Poorly J Burr {Wife?} Thompson J White and wife also here
 29 Nomination Anderson Stewart Smith 
 30 J and I to Fergus fine day
 31 J with turnips Sherrio

1914 Jan 1 {St.....?} Jess here and went to Fergus

 2 Jack and Isa and Edna presentation at Dave Milnes J. L. {..?}
 3 snowing Barely enough for sleighing
 4 Sunday Clear and cold
 7 {Craig?} to {oslt?} Gerries

1914 == === 141 {upper right corner} =

Jan 8 Dave Milne left this morning and the neighbors finished loading his car {...?}


10 Stormy day Wm Mitchell here for oats 2 loads

12 Mitchel got his last oats $86.50 very cold Stormy

13 very cold 25 below zero

14 Still very cold trimming turnips

15 a little milder C Petrie got $16.65 worth of oats16

16 very mild trimming turnips soft snow from due E

17 colder again Alex {n ?} Stewart got $36.50 of oats

18 a lovely day A. Moir R. Stewart W. & M Burr Wm Richardson and W. B. Thomson here to see Father

19 Fine day Dady {Daddy} took worse at 2 oclock in morning called R Black Fred and Libbie here also Rev Brown and Sadie Jas White {...?} daddy

20 Dady very low Jas Milne sat up all night {stor..?}

21 Father still very low R. Black R.J. Thompson & J Burr all night

22 R Thompson S J Burr here all day Father died at 8:37 oclock Jim came out with Simmons Rev Brown here

23 J Burr & I went to Fergus to arrange about the Funeral

24 fine day Jim at Miss Mackenzies Funeral Libbie & A Moir here

25 clear and cold Jno Thompson & wife & neighbors called

26 a very Fine day Father's funeral to Bellside aged 62 years 6 mons family all here except Mary & George

27 fine weather but a very sad and lonely day Harry went home

28 very mild tthinning turnips Edna & mother to Fergus

29 Still very mild Sleighing about gone Turnips to Schario Edna went home on morning train

30 Cold day again Geo McKewen here cuting wood in swamp

31 very stormy hail from the east then snow from the south to Fergus to Jno Black stock sale

Feb 1 sunday very stormy all day

2 stormy to Belwood for chop Thompsons sale after

Feb 1914 == === 142 {upper left corner} =

Feb 3 mother & I to Fergus very mild bought Pig from Wm Carlaw $40

4 turnips to Schario Pig to Fred Mcd 18 cattle of John Blacks here at $1.00 Per month

5 a very nice winters day only not good sleighing turnips to Schario

6 Raw East wind heavy snow fall from 3 oclock till high Rain all night

7 the worst storm this winter brote Pig home Med

8 Sunday Leith & mother to church still very stormy

9 cold to Belwood with chop

10 still cold gathering and cutting wood

11 20 below turnips to Schario

12 very cold triming turnips

13 raw East wind turnips to Schario

14 choring and cuting wood

15 Leith & mother to church Jim came out

16 fine morning stormy night Fergus with chop

17 trimming turnips snow all day

18 Fine day turnips to Schario

19 Mother & I to Fergus to see Blacks cattle

20 Cold to Fergus got 15 cattle from J Black $8.20

Killed Pig dressed 202 lbs Libbie came down

21 to bush for wood helped take Blacks stockers to the farm

22 Sunday stormy Leith & mother to church

23 cold cuting elm top on river

24 " still cuting & drawing up Elm

25 milder laid up with soar {sore} Back Pig away

26 very mild mother over to see Mrs J Rennie

27 still mild sold fat cattle 7 {1/2?} J Smith

28 mild but raw wind took cattle to Belwood weighted 3060 at 7 1/2 + $229.30

{Sideways in left column} The Coldest month for 28 years

Mar 1914 == === 143 {upper right corner} =

Mar 1 Cold stormy Leith & mother to Church

2 The stormiest day of the winter last night

3 to Fergus with Chop nice day

4 snow Jim here all day sick with cold

5 light snow Cuting {Cutting} wood & doing Choars {Chores}

6 snow all day helping Jas Mills & W Dix with Barn

7 Leith & mother to Fergus still snowing

8 " " to church Oswald Stewart & James Moir here still snowing

9 Cuting {Cutting} Elm top on river snow still

10 geting {getting} wood forenoon helping Jas Mills kill Pigs in the afternoon snow

11 Leith & I to Fergus to see and horse fare cold & stormy to Dr Kyle got bottle medicine

12 laid up Clear & cold Leith choaring {choring}

13 getting wood of the river mild Norah Wright came of the train lots of Crows

14 very mild Cuting {Cutting} logs mother & Norah to Fergus took Norah up to a Louttit at night

15 Sunday south East wind very mild mother to church

16 still very mild first robins drawing Elm logs to the mill river flooded crossing on the ice {stafed?} snow nearly all away

17 still mild to Fergus with cattle chop got Pair of rubber boots $4

18 cold again drawing up the lumber from the mill

19 cuting Balsam logs at salt spring

20 " " " and drawed up a load {Eli...?} {....?}

21 " " got one load R Thompson came up for dinner cutting fire wood in after noon

22 raw day S W wind and snow Leith and mother to Burrs

23 to Fergus with chop a very raw west wind {Rosie?} calf

24 milder got up a load of wood & got ready

March 1914 == === 144 {upper left corner} =

Mar 24 to clean seed grain the to John Rennies here

25 first Rain since Jan making three horse {Even...?}

26 A little frost warm morning Rain in after-noon Mr Rennie and I up to Burrs cleaning Timothy mother to Jas Gerrie Funeral {Nichol?}

27 Rain nearly all day started to clean seed grain {R..?} River Broke up and all gone 14th last year 5th of April 2 yrs ago

28 Warm day to Fergus with turnips to Schario 25 to harrows

29 Sunday none to church raw East wind up to Carlaws

30 Rain cleaning seed grain

31 Frost got load of oats up Leith Bessie & mother to Fergus J Rennie at night

April 1914 1 Cleaning up grain started to rain about 3 oclock and Rained heavy till dark wind in East for a week

2 got up oats & cleaned 1 1/2 inch of snow morning

3 " " " " " Snow again gone by night

4 cleaning oats to Fergus for Jim at night about the worst storm I ever faced

5 Sunday none to church Jim here all day back at night

6 snow all day took horns of {off} 14 cattle then Jas White

7 to Fergus with chop got asbestos and gutters for roof still cold

8 cleaning Dawbney oats cold & blustrie

9 to fergus with oats to Dr Anderson got Recipt very cold River very low frozen over morning

10 good Friday cuting {cutting} wood forenoon William {kut..?} here & maggie came up very windy

11 at wood forenoon mother took Bill & Maggie to Fergus

12 Easter Sunday mother Leith & Bessie to church Had dinner with grand parents very windy

13 fixed stabble {stable?} drawed up wood fore noon cleaned out Beaver meadow ditch

14 Fine day shingling house Leith tooch {took} down chop didn't get it Heard frogs first time

April 1914 == === 145 {upper right corner} =

April 15 Jim and I shingling Leith got chop home Mother took Bessie home shingles 42 years on

16 shingling warm day

17 " hotest {hottest} day this season ( george Rennie Plowing

18 " still warm no rain yet this month

19 finished shingling the main part of the house

20 sunday Jim Leith & mother to Church heavy rain

21 rain all day a little snow at night cleaning seed First Swallows

22 raw wind got seed Barley 15 bus from J Rennie starte {started?} plough & cultivate

23 Plowing in 13 Cultivating in 9 nice day

24 Geo Rennie got 25 bus of oats Daub East wind

25 mother to Fergus paying interest on home place Rain (heifer)

26 Leith & mother to church a dull day a little warmer

27 harrowing in forenoon sowing afternoon

28 sowing all day Leith cultivating

29 rain all day mother to Rev Browns for tea put up wire on the other side of river

30 ground to wet in forenoon finished sowing the hill at the back of the lower house

May 1 harrowing in 10 cultivating in 8 frost last night little Pigs

2 sowing 10 harrowing 8 warm

3 mother & Leith to Church good groath {growth?} to day

4 sowing & cultivating 6 a little rain

5 finished 8 & sowed 6 harrowing in boath {both}

6 cultivating & disc in 14 a little rain in afternoon

7 finished cultivating 14 and harrowed mother to Fergus on train

8 finished harrowing 14 & started to sow it

9 finished sowing & harrowing 14 at five o clock to {Fergus?}

10 Leith & mother to church Leith to sunday school show

11 Cultivating harrowing & sowing in 4 dull day

12 to Fergus with chop a dirty day hail & rain Jas Mills got the rest of his oats 74 1/2 bus

May 1914 == === 146 {upper left corner} =

May 12 all after noon Leith finished cultivating 4 Jno Bilton Came to Fence

13 harrowing & finished sowing 4

14 sowed some patches in spring field where the {new?} 62 acres

seeding was killed not Finished seeding at noon

15 warm got mangold ground ready to drill

16 drilled and sowed mangolds warmer {Early Potatoes put in?}

17 Leith & mother to church in morning Jas and I at night

18 Finished mangolds sowing very warm

19 Leith & Jas drawing rails to Jno Belton fencing mother & I to Fergus Re {Sefe notl?} hot & dusty wild plums in bloom

20 Leith & Jim drawing rails & diging frost holes for wire

21 building fence along 14 Ten chain of wire & 4 or rails steers out

22 mother Leith & Jim up to Libbie John Belton finished fence around swamp got Pit at 8 {duchoal?} & $10.60 in cash Rain heavy Bergin got lamb 88 lbs at $7 Leith stayed up their {there}

23 cultivating all day cool & windy agnes kitchen up

19 Leith & Jas drawing rails to Jno Belton fencing

Mother & I to Fergus Re Safe note hot & dusty wild Plum in bloom

20 Leith & Jim drawing rails & digging frost holes for wire

21 building fence along 14 An chain of wire & 4 of wire steers out

22 mother Leith & Jim up to Libbie John Belton finished fence around swamp got Pit at $8 {duchaot?} & $10.60 in cash Rain heavy Bergin got lamb 88 lbs at $7 Leith stayed up their {there}

23 cultivating all day cool & windy agnes kitchen up

24 hot in fore noon then rain from 4 oclock agnes & 3 to church

25 Rain till Eleven then cleared warm & windy picking over potatoes agnes went home Jim to Fergus

26 drawing out manure on hill at back of other house

27 finished manure and ploughed potato ground

28 harrowing potatoes ground drill cut & planted Libbie brought Leith home away 6 days

29 Leith plowing for turnips mother & I to Fergus paid interest on lower place & To Broadfoot for mare {...?} to Jno Bremner at night and Paid int

30 Leith ploughing Jim & I planting corn

31 Sunday mother & boys to church David Mills here

June 1 Leith Finished Plowing turnip ground & harrowed Jim & I planting corn

2 Leith Plowing for Buckwheat & clipping sheep

3 cleaning wood of little field Leith Plow Jim to {momc..?}

4 " " and started to plough a little rain

June 1914 == === 147 {upper right corner} =

June 5 drilling & sowing turnips Leith Plowing for Buckwheat

6 to Fergus with chop

7 Mother Leith & Jim to Church hot our first thunder storm at 2:30 in afternoon barn struck with Lightning

8 plowing for buckwheat & finished little field to provincial convention Udney Richardson chosen got home chop

9 drilling for turnips Jim sowed Leith harrowing B.W

10 Leith finished Buck wheat land I laid up soar {sore} back

this line is right 11 Leith & Jim sowed & harrowed Buckwheat very hot & dusty

choaring & fixing up things cleaned seed Buckwheat

Leith & Jim sowed & harrowed buckwheat very hot

12 Jim took drill down to a a armstrong for Geo Rennie Leith took down fence at orchid I finished turnips

13 saturday fencing orchid Jim & mother to church Mae & Hazle came out with them

14 Jim & mother started to church horse got away give mother a bad shaken up Roy Black brot her home

15 around the house helping mother Jim to Fergus for repairs

16 thinning mangolds second time in June of

17 anny record frost the last to mornings put in culvert below track

18 at the mangolds Jim to guelph warmer

19 Rain all fore noon then north wind & cool

20 a very heavy frost ice at river in morning potatoes & corn badly frozen Mother & Jim to fergus re Doctor {pigs?} 16

21 sunday a little rain in the afternoon a good one at night

22 warm again to nomination provincial Richardson & {....?}

23 finished drawing gravel to culvert below track thunderstorm

24 finished thining sugarbeet then pulling mustard Pig home

25 Leith scuffling & to fergus with chop pig

26 hoeing turnips & scuffoling {scuffling}

27 shingling hen house then to fergus for hay {loder?} & a pair of calves cold raw day

June 1914 == === 148 {upper left corner} =

June 28 sunday I up to Libbies showery and warm

29 Election P Richardson majority 437 rain all day

30 cuting weeds in hay & hoeing & scuffling turnips

July 1 hoeing & scuffling turnips threting {threatening} rain all day

2 shingling side of hen house boys cutting thistles

3 Road woork {work} Jim driving Geo Rennie's team

4 " " " " Pulling mustard & hoeing & scuffling

5 sunday very hot Leith & mother to church

6 Jim scuffling mangolds Leith at Wm dix I hoeing

7 Jim & Leith hoeing & scuffling I to Fergus pig chop

8 " " " I to Fergus for chop wm shortreed here bought heiffer {heifer} 758 and 3 lambs at 7 {each?} = 21

9 delivered heiffer {heifer} very hot & dry needing rain bad

10 all hoeing turnips " " "

11 mother & I to Fergus forenoon hoeing mangolds second time

12 Sunday Jim & Leith to church a little rain afternoon

13 dull morning ground mower {nails?} & cement wall in shed

14 hoeing mangolds 2 time Jim & Leith hoeing for J Rennie

15 started to cut hay very light

16 men her puting up hay loader Jim & Leith at Geo Rennies half day raking & drawed in one load

17 Jim {sked?} hoeing turnips then Paris g potatoes 22 loads

18 Jim & Leith finished g Rennies turnips I cut hay PM

19 sunday Leith & mother to church in morning J & I at night

20 haying in 13 dry & hot

21 " " " " "

22 haying in 11 very dry need rain bad

23 a little rain in forenoon cementing front of shed

24 damp forenoon took in two loads in afternoon

25 Jim to fergus & cuting hay took in 3 loads Edna and family came home up from Toronto

26 dry & hot none to church in morning

27 " " " cuting in 11 raching {raking?} & drawing in

July 1914 == === 149 {upper right corner} =

July 28 finished cuting 11 drawing in We need rain bad

" 29 cuting in 3 drawing from 11 & cuting in spring

" 30 drawing in 3 & spring finished hay Except {rakings?}

" 31 finley finished hay started to cut oats 78 days sowed

Aug 1 to Fergus for chop very dry things brown and harvest coming to fast got 50 lbs twine

" 2 sunday Leith & mother to church a little rain

" 3 finished cuting spring field started in 17

" 4 finished 17 cut it mostly one way

" 5 took in timothy and one load of oats mother at Robert Black

" 6 hoeing turnips mother and at Elora udney brought her home

" 7 Jim took Edna and family to {Subbies?} started to cut spring {frely?}

" 8 Jim at Geo Rennies drawing in Leith & I drawing in oats

" 9 sunday none to church oswald stewart here Harry came up last night

" 10 I took Harry up to Fred's a little rain cuting in afternoon Pig {away?}

" 11 wet all forenoon Jim at Wm Dix helping rais driveing shed I finished cuting hill in 17 started in 10

" 12 finished cuting in 10 started in 8

" 13 " " " 8 forenoon rain in afternoon to Fergus Harry came home with me

" 14 started to cut and broke to Fergus for repair Libbie came down wwith Edna & family Mother went up

" 15 cuting in 8 then in 14 nice cool for horses

" 16 sunday Jim to church in morning then up to Libbies for mother booth to church at nigh a little rain

" 17 cuting in 14 very warm

" 18 rain to Fergus for chop got oat meal

" 19 " finished cement in front shed A Moir & wife here

" 20 " plowing sod below station

" 21 cuting mixed grain in 14

" 22 " " " " 5 finished

August 1914 == === 150 {upper left corner} =

August 23 Sunday a very nice drying Leith mother & Bess to Church

24 Turned out shocks and drawing in Edna and I to Fergus

25 Very nice day drawing in mixed grain

26 Edna and family went home Stacking at the lower place Leith at Geo Rennies

27 Stacking at lower place Seth at Rennies

28 " " " " finished {Illegible} one load

29 Rain till 3 in afternoon Jim to Fergus plowed {Illegible}

30 Sunday a little rain Jim & Leith to Church

31 to Elora for lumber Leith plowing rain

Sept 1 plowing a little the heaviest rain since June

2 " a very good drying day

3 " geting ready to thresh rain again on afternoon

4 Jas white & Thompsons threshing

5 I Thompsons a little in morning then here till four in afternoon 6 hours threshing at lower place

6 Sunday rain last night night gina & mother to Church wind {Illegible}

7 Jim & Leith at Jas Milnes threshing & choaring {jchoring}

8 " at Geo & John Rennies " I to Fergus for chop got salt flour from H Ellis and Paid for 5 hundred

9 Jim picking {Illegible} Leith & I drawing up straw finished harvest after 11 days wet weather

11 10 Leith plowing Jim and I shingling other house

12 " " " " " boarding in shed

13 Sunday Leith & mother to church Rachel {with them?}

14 Cuting buckwheat and corn very warm

15 " corn Leith Plowing

16 Shocking buckwheat and corn made harrow cart

17 finished " Leith harrowing Jim & mother to Fergus

18 To Fergus for chop took wood to grand Father wheat

19 laying cement floor in pig pen & drew in Brick

20 none to Church a very nice day

21 Put off two loads of Buckwheat then picking stones Mrs Pugh 3 bags oats

22 three hands at stones Jno {Brether?} barn Burned

1914 Sept == === 151 {upper right corner} =

Sept 22 by lighting a very bag {big?} storm

23 fixed the in side of pig pen Leith plowing

24 got the pigs into the pen Jim - Leith to Fergus show

25 drawing out manure and plowing at lower place

26 " " " " " Jim at Geo Rennie

27 Sunday Jim Leith & mother to church cool day

28 finished manure at lower place cut corn in little field

29 puting in cement in for cattle forenoon then shocking corn

30 to Fergus for chop horse & pig took wood to grandpa A Rae threshed

Oct 1914

Oct 1 Leith cultivated and harrowed & at cement very dry again

2 started the mangolds & at Jno Rennie tile Bea

3 at mangolds & cement Jim at " " " " {Jno Rennie tile Bea} and Jas Mills raising forenoon got lighting rods A Rae Brot home oats

4 sunday Leith & mother to church Fred & Libbie & Robert Thompson here also Henderson Black

5 at the mangolds very warm {A?} Smith finished Rods

6 Leith at Geo Rennies corn Jim and I pulling mangolds

7 started to manure at home " " Leith " "

8 at manure till it rained thunder all around us William Hugh threshed

9 " " morning rain afternoon at cement

10 " " finished mangolds 21 loads good crop rain and thunder black cow calved

11 sunday very windy None to church in morning Jim at night

12 Aunt Ida & Lizzie here drawing out manure

13 plowing & drawing out manure

14 to Fergus for chop started to potatoes

15 Leith and Jim at potatoes I finished cement

16 Rain working in stables

17 " " " " afternoon Leith plow

18 sunday Leith and mother to church Bessie & Will & Jessie Clark here Jno Burr came after Bessie

Oct 1914 == === 152 {upper left corner} =

19 finished potatoes {...cept?} harrowing

Oct 20 finley {finally?} finished potatoes started turnips the latest with potatoes for some time Jas White threshing after noon fenced the straw stack

21 Jas White threshing getting ready for threshing

22 Thompsons " " " forenoon pulling {...?} up {afternoon?}

23 threshing at home started 8:30 finished at 3:30

24 Jno Hastings threshing I to Fergus with chop took oats for war fund Leith picking apples took up cabbages first frost for three weeks

25 sunday cool Leith mother to church and sunday school

26 Leith at Hasting threshing I diging pit toping turnips

27 nasty fixing stables forenoon picking first turnips after noon

28 picking turnips a very nice turnips day

29 30 nasty rain and snow Jim & I fixing stables Leith plowing Jim and mother to Fergus on 30th

31 nice again at the turnips

Nov 1914

Nov 1 Sunday Leith to church Mr Mrs Stan Hanna and family here a very heavy thunder storm

2 nice again at the turnip

3 rainey forenoon got too loads in I toping

4 at the turnips showery mother {off?} to Burns

5 " " " " with snow & rain tied in 16 feeding cattle

6 finished turnips mother over to Thompsons

7 Leith plow Jim & I taking posts and wire of railway

8 Sunday cold Leith & mother to church

9 to Fergus for chop Leith plowing

10 to hard to plow covering pit the first snow storm

11 stormy Jim & mother to Fergus Jno Ford got Lamb

12 Leith plowing Jim & I building in door at the lower place very heavy snow at night

13 rain this morning thunder for the third time this month afternoon clear & cool

Nov 1914 == === 153 {upper right corner} =

Nov 14 Leith plowing Jim & I still at the doors at lower place

" 15 Sunday none to church a steady rain all day S E

" 16 Jim choaring {choring} Leith & I plowing finished 14

" 17 very stormy choaring {choring} Jim went to Fergus to store

" 18 to Fergus with chop did not get it cold

" 19 took Lombs and sow to fergus pig $32 Lamb $45 got Right with Wm Shortreed brot home chop Heavy snow fall

" 20 Leith & mother to Fergus I choaring {choring} rev Brown and Sadie

" 21 Choaring {choring} I laid up with soar {sore} foot Sleighing fair

" 22 sunday none to Church very heavy snow at times

" 23 to Fergus with cutter re Black note horse shod

" 25 24 mild choaring snow going fast

" 26      "           "     sleighing gone

" 27 " " filled up a load of chop

" 28 to Fergus with chop plowed a little afternoon

" 29 sunday mild Leith & mother to church

" 30 Rain nearly all day yong {young?} sow away plowing a little

Dec 1 1914 1234 plowing over on Hill Leith choaring

" 5 filled wood shed fore noon plowing afternoon

" 6 Leith and mother Church John Black here

" 7 raw cold day drawing out manure Leith B d

" 8 " " " " " "

" 9 to Fergus with chop Leith with Dix with cattle

" 10 9 Pigs to Fergus 1750 lbs @ 6.85

" 11 Mother to Toronto milder

" 12 mild keeping {Batch?} Hall sow away

" 13 Sunday heavy snowfall

" 14 Mother came home colder stormy Leith Alex Louttits {......?}

" 15 stormy and Cold choaring

" 16 Alex Louttits sale stormy

" 17 John Hastings sale more snow

" 18 Fergus with chop Raes sale

" 19 Choring Mrs W. Hannas Sr Funeral

" 20 sunday mother Leith to church Jack {Als..?} over snow fall

" 21 very stormy picking geese

Dec 1914 == === 154 {upper left corner} =

Dec 22 Spent choaring mother and I plucking geese

" 23 to Fergus with geese a very stormy afternoonn

" 24 cuting wood & choaring Leith to Fergus at night

" 25 christmas at home Jim out with us very cold

" 26 still cold choaring 15 below yesterday Fergus chop

" 27 Sunday Leith & mother to church stormy

" 28to Fergus with chop {cart?} home booth {both} loads

" 30 mother at Jas mills J plucking chickens

" 31 " & I to Fergus with chickens got 1350 of coal

January 1915

Jan 1 New years day mother {....?} get her dinner with her Father & mother aunt Jessie their

" 2 nice morning but very stormy after 930

" 3 Sunday none to church very nice day

" 4 to Fergus for cattle chop " " "

" 5 mild day mother up to Libbies took wire of at river

" 6 Leith at Bob Blacks threshing started to rain at 11 oclock

" 7 " " " " " moved to Rennies afternoon

" 8 " " Rennies all day yesterday was very windy

" 9 " " Geo Rennies all day

" 10 Sunday Leith & mother to church very nice weather

" 11 Leith at Geo Rennies threshing in the afternoon mother to se Mrs J {Rennie?}

" 12 " Jas Mills threshing finished after noon Mcdonalds horse power

" 13 to Fergus with horse & pig chop extra nice weather

" 14 " " " cattle chop

" 15 started to draw out manure over to {McFerrins?} at night

" 16 at manure a very disagreeable East wind

" 17 a little rain this morning Leith & mother to church

" 18 colder choaring to Jas Martin sale

" 19 snowy " " Alex Rogers sale

" 20 milder again turnips to Schario {SC ?} first

" 21 colder " " " "

" 22 choaring and drawing out manure a very dirty night

" 23 to Fergus with chop fine day but roads heavy

Jan 1915 == === 155 {upper right corner} =

Jan 24 Sunday Leith & mother to church Ben Morrison here in afternoon

" 25 heavy snow last night took Carlow sheep home and got ours home

" 26 Leith & mother to Fergus I choaring fine day

" 27 fine day sold cattle to Alex White 16 at

" 28 " " choaring I not very well

" 29 choaring a little colder again

" 30 " milder by night cuting wood

" 31 Sunday none to church rain & froze at night

Feb 1 cold & stormy a very bad storm at night over to J Rennie mother stayed I went after her at night

" 2 very stormy trains snow bound first time

" 3 brakeing roads forenoon to Thompsons sale after

" 4 to Fergus for chop & takeing in turnips after

" 5 took out the fat cattle mild had a little rain Bessie came

" 6 choaring took up cattle & colts from below

" 7 Leith & mother to church Jim came out

" 8 drawing out manure raw wind

" 9 " in turnip very frosty first Lamb

" 10 to the bush for the first time snow very deep Black cow away

" 11 Leith mother & Bessie to Alex Moir mild & rain

" 12 to Fergus for chop roads soft

" 13 raw east wind A Moir exch oats oswald & Boys here

" 14 sunday Mother Leith & Bessie to church rain

" 15 fine day turnips to Schario

" 16 " " " " "

" 17 " " " " Beattie

" 18 " " Fergus with Pig chop

" 19 " " another Pair of Lambs Jim & Leith to Fergus

" 20 " " cuting logs snow still deep

" 21 sunday Jim & Leith to church an extra fine day Libbie came down

" 22 Maggie Burr Came Bessie went home Libbie went home drawing up logs misty

" 23 {} all day Cleaning grain

Feb 24 1915 == === 156 {upper left corner} =

Feb 24 Jim at Jno Rennie mother & I to Fergus rains morn

Feb 25 colder choaring & cuting wood

" 26 stormy & cold to L. Brown's at night with Robt Black mother stayed at Black's cleaning grain

" 27 still cold & stormy choaring Jim to fergus train

" 28 Sunday Leith & mother to church cold

Mar 1 Jim & Leith to Fergus for horse chop

" 2 cold & stormy Jim at R Blacks Black Bell away

" 3 cuting and drawing wood from swamp

" 4 at wood clear and cold wind

" 5 took in turnip from {pit?} a very raw {Cold?} wind snow high

" 6 Jim at R Blacks Leith & mother to Fergus

" 7 " & mother to Church a stormy forenoon

" 8 mother sick cold nothing doing

" 9 drawing out at teh bush cuting wood

" 10 drawing out manure forenoon w.g. gerrie sale

" 11 " out manure Jim at Blacks mother at Geo Rennies

" 12 Jim at Blacks Leith & I at seed fair a fine day

" 13 drawing out manure

" 14 sunday Jim and Leith at church cold wind

" 15 drawing out manure a soft day

" 16 cold wind to Andrew Tomsons sale

" 17 at manure milder again snow going fast

" 18 to Fergus with sheep and chop Pattisons sale

" 19 start to manure but sleighing went so fast we had to quit sleighing done for this year

" 21 sunday none to church over to Tompsons Earl here

" 20 Mother to Fergus on train fixing pig pen

" 22 colder choaring & cuting wood

" 23 cleaning grain milder lots of mud

" 24 " Buckwheat to Fergus for chop river Broke up but did not get threw Fergus

" 25 cleaning grain colder pigs 7

" 26 cold & wind up to Libbie walked

" 27 came home boys choaring a cold wind

March 1915 == === 157 {upper right corner} =

Mar 28 Sunday Leith & jim to church walking up to Blacks

" 29 heavy snow storm Last night and all day to day cleaning oats for to ship Tompsons brot 5 cattle

" 30 turnips to {Beattie?} at 20c Jim at R Black's

" 31 " " " Leith over to clarkes for crate

April 1915

April 1 W S Clark here takeing of horns & Thompsons Rennies toock in 25bus of oats to ship to Kerry mother Pd Rutherford

" 2 cutting wood good Friday

" 3 turnips to Schario forenoon oats to young 10 bus

" 4 Sunday Jim mother to church morning snow morning

" 5 Misty & rain drawing timber for J Brett

" 6 " warm sun afternoon " " " "

" 7 Jim to Fergus on train I to Belwood oats to Wilson warm

" 8 cuting wood a very warm sun first frogs

" 9 a little rain cuting wood frogs 11 carlow sow

" 10 " " " to Fergus heavy rain in afternoon

" 11 Sunday drying fast Ben Morrison & I to church

" 12 drawing up oats 8 cleaning them fine day Edna came up

" 13 mother and I to Fergus A Stewart & Wm {Challow?} funeral got 7 cattle from F Carlaw

" 14 drawing up oats & cleaning

" 15 " " " " " to Fergus for chop plowing first

" 16 started to sod Leith corn ground

" 17 " " " " " " Jim at Blacks

" 18 sunday Jim & mother to church fine day

" 19 Leith plowing I started to cut {watering?}

" 20 " " cultivating mother started for Tugashe Sask swallows

" 21 plowing on hill Leith plowing and Harrow

" 22 hard frost plowing & cultivating drying fast

" 23 harrowing very hot to Fergus for pig chop

" 24 very hot sowing on the hill Leith Harrow

" 25 " " fore noon heavy thunder in afternoon

" 26 Leith harrow I finished sowing Hill

April 1915 == === 158 {upper left corner} =

April 27 I harrowing where roots were Leith finished hill 3 very heavy thunder storms makeing the ground very wet lots have to sow over again

" 28 Jim & Leith puting wire on at river I up to Fred's for four calves $84 Tompsons cattle away

" 29 Leith plowing sod I drawing out manure

" 30 " " " " finished and cultivate

May 1 took down hay to cattle below brot {...?} straw I cultivating showers the last 3 days

" 2 grandmother Gerrie died 84 years old cold raw wind

" 3 sowed and harrowed below station frost morn

" 4 Harrowing & sowing N.W. side of beaver meadow

" 5 finished sowing and harrowed Leith harrowing in back field below track grandmother Funeral

" 6 sowing back field below track and Leith frost plowing for mangold's cultivated last field

" 7 Harrowing hot & dusty forenoon rain after

" 8 " S.E side rain at night heavy thunder

" 9 sunday ver cold snow morning Jim & Rose to church

" 10 plowing 3 teams in 8 cool and windy plum in bloom

" 11 finished plowing harrowing and sowing

" 12 " sowing and got it harrowed & rain

" 13 to Fergus for chop got horses shod and pd {Hodge?}

" 14 drilling for mangolds Leith cultivating

" 15 sowing mangolds forenoon putting wire across river afternoon fence {vurvers?} on between Hughes & Mills

" 16 very cold sunday rain afternoon

" 17 putting wire on at {gerties?} Geo Rennies got oats drawing rails afternoon

" 18 building fence Leith plowing for Buck wheat 1/8 ice

" 19 cold " " " " " "

" 20 wet & cold started to plow for corn Leith plow

" 21 " thunder at noon heavy rain warm at night

" 22 cold again plowing for corn & Buck wheat

" 23 sunday cool and sunny none to church

May 1915 == === 159 {upper right corner} =

May 24 cool & sunny Harry & Forbes here plowing afternoon

" 25 plowing with to team cold and windy

" 26 ice 1/8 of an inch drawing out manure

" 27 a little warmer " " "

" 28 manure in forenoonto Fergus afternoon sent money to Huron Erie got bag of flour

" 29 at manure at lower place for potatoes

" 30 sunday cool & windy Leith to church

" 31 at manure for turnip at lower place finished

June 1 1915 cuting potatoes and plowing for them

" 2 planting potatoes forenoon at tile for Rennie after

" 3 Leith plowing I drawing tile for our selve rain morn

" 4 finished sowing corn and harrowed it

" 5 drawing out manure yesterday afternoon and today washed the sheep after dinner

" 6 Sunday Edna Rose and Family to Burr's Oswald Stewart here

" 7 a little rain this morning heavy rain at night Lamb stuned with Lightening Cull watering

" 9 drilled & sowed turnips at lower place Lamb died

" 10 Leith cultivating broke axle I harrowed Early pota to Fergus in after noon got cultivator from {Ge chah..?}

" 11 started to build fence between to places

" 12 drilling & sowing turnip fencing & Harrow night

" 13 Sunday none to Church very hot thunder at night

" 14 fencing and scuffling mangolds Edna Rose & family up to Libbies Clover in Bloom

" 15 rained since 11 last night till noon cleaning up Barnyard Edna & Jim to Fergus

" 16 Leith cultivating drilling & sowing turnips to Fergus got Binder twine $10.25

" 17 Leith Cutivating I shearing sheep Jim at Jno Brett raising

June 1915 == === 160 {upper left corner} =

June 18 Harrowing & plowing warmer

" 19 Jim & Leith plowing I to Fergus wool 35c

" 20 Sunday Jim & Rose to Church

" 21 plowing for Buckwheat Mother Home from west

" 22 23 " frost & Snow morning " Fergus for chop

" 24 " mother " to " grandpa ' Jime at Jno Brett Barn raising

" 25 Jim at Bretts finished plowing for Buck wheat Leith harrowing

" 26 " " {Leith harrowing} Fred Libbie and Boys down

" 27 Sunday clear & warm Leith to church

" 28 sowing & Harrowing Buckwheat

" 29 " " " finished at noon Cuting rafters for F.B. Anderson

" 30 finished rafters 31 to Geo moon raising after noon

July 1 hoeing mangolds forenoon rain afternoon

" 2 drawing rafters out of bush and took load over

" 3 hoeing mangolds took to load of rafters to F B Anderson fixed mower tung and it rained Harry Jones went home on night train

" 4 sunday Leith Edna and 2 childre to A Moir

" 5 hoeing mangolds hot

" 6 finished " then pulling mustard

" 7 at the road woork {work} 3 hands and team rain all after noon

" 8 finished road work 36 load of gravel

" 9 hoeing turnips {....?} served

" 10 " " Jim went to Toronto

" 11 sunday none to church fine day

" 12 at the turnips a very heavey rain afternoon {Mcurins?} at night

" 13 " " " mother came out on train sold too cattle Shortreed 8 1/2

" 14 hoeing turnips got a good day at them

" 15 finished turniip at home place to Fergus

" 16 fixing up things for haying Leith scuffling

" 17 to Fergus for pig feed $33.40 " "

July 1915 == === 161 {upper right corner} =

July 18 Sunday Leith & Forbes to church warm

" 19 wet morning Lowered Beam in barn

" 20 started haying cutting at back of swamp

" 21 to F B Andersons barn raising rain

" 22 put up hay fork forenoon Paris green potatoes afternoon

" 23 draw in hay and cut some

" 24 " " " " " " Harry came up Hot and dry To Fergus got set of team harrness {harness}

" 25 sunday did not dry anny all day

" 26 rain again and no hay weather

" 27 fair hoeing turnip hot sun threting {threatening} rain

" 28 showers all day poor hay weather nothing doing since saturday

" 29 Hot cutting hay & raking to Fergus

" 30 very hot cutting & drawing in one field finished

" 31 scuffling & getting wood forenoon rackin {raking} & drawing in after

1915 Aug 1 Sunday very hot Owald Stewart here

" 2 to Fergus moving grandpappa Gerrie out home with us

" 3 heavy rain all forenoon heaviest rain for 40 years grain all down

" 4 5 6 7 wet & no hay weather Edna & family home on 4th

" 8 sunday nice day Agnes {Hog?} here

" 9 10 11 fine at hay & scuffling turnips

" 12 13 14 wet and nasty 13 grandpa & I to Fergus

" 15 Leith & mother to church Fine

" 16 17 fine at hay Jim Home again

" 18 19 " " " started harvest cutting Hill

" 20 cutting grain & finished Haying one month at it

" 21 " " over net McFerrin drain

" 22 sunday Leith & mother to church

" 23 finished cutting over their started in 9 {rain?}

" 24 finished 9 started in 8 a heavy crop

August 1915 == === 162 {upper left corner} =

Aug 25 started cutting broke not much done

" 26 not much done broke the tung

" 27 cutting and drawing in fine day frost

" 28 " " " " {fences?} back of other {horse?} in

" 29 Sunday fine day Jim & mother to Church

" 30 Cold & wet shocked a {bit?} over to Elora about silo

" 31 cuting grain in 8 finished ice this morning

Sept 1 " " " 3 " Jim & Leith shocking

" 2 drawing in to stack from 9 & 15

" 3 " " " " " 15 hotvery

" 4 finished 15 and got 3 in to barn

" 5 sunday cloudy East wind & a little rain

" 6 Built fence at back of swamp rain got rails for stack & turned shocks

" 7 " plowing in 7 sod

" 8 wet " " "

" 9 cuting in 5 Jim shocking in 8 Leith in 5

" 10 " " " finished and got it shocked

" 11 turned shocks in 8 to wet to come in othes are drawing

" 12 heavy rain thunder all day Jim Gerrie and wife here

" 13 plowing in {7?} Jim at McFerrins threshing

" 14 " " " Jim & Leith at Thompsons {threshing} afternoon

" 15 Leith at Jim White & Geo Rennies threshing drawing in 5

" 16 threshing at Lower place 6 1/4 hours " "

" 17 to Fergus for chop Jim at Hamilton's threshing for R Black much Like rain

" 18 mother & grandpa to Fergus finished 5 go 2 load out of 8 not very good shape 6 pigs killed CPR

" 19 sunday windy day fine drying William Thompson and wife here from Fergus & {Rachel?} Mother & to Boys to church

" 20 drawing in from 8 very good stacking Back Barn

" 21 rain Last night Leith at A Rae threshing forenoon drawing in 8 after noon

" 22 finished sheaves Latest ever on record on account of wet weather started Buck wheat

September 1915 == === 163 {upper right corner} =

Sept 23 Cuting and shocking Buckwheat mother grandpa to Burrs Carlow Bros got 14 bag of oats

" 24 finished cutting Buckwheat to Elora for lumber

" 25 to Elora for lumber Jim at Jno Blacks {D&R?}

" 26 sunday rain & high wind till 2 in afternoon

" 27 working at silo

" 28 I at silo Jim at J Blacks Leith plowing

" 29 at " " & Leith to Fergus show

" 30 " " Leith plowing & disking

Oct 1 " " " " mother an I to Fergus

" 2 " " " " gave Jno Rennie $14 on tile

" 3 sunday Jim & mother to church mother to home from

" 4 started to mangolds

" 5 at silo morning " afternoon

" 6 " " " finished pulling & drawing mangolds wet

" 7 finished teh mangolds 22 loads a good crop

" 8 cutting corn Rennies Binder

" 9 finished " then took it to Jno Rennies

" 10 sunday Jim Leith & mother to church fine

" 11 drawing in Buckwheat Norman McFerrin helping 15 acres 12 load

" 12 put off 10 Load Buck wheat started to full silo

" 13 finished silo at 1:30 then to Jno Rennies

" 14 " at Jno Rennies at 2 then to Geo Rennie with plowing

" 15 " Geo Rennies at 4

" 16 got 1330 {bus?} grain from Thompson Bros for pig chop

" 17 sunday Libbie Fred & Boys Jessie & Wm Clark here

" 18

" 19 Jim at R Blacks threshing for Wm Dix Leith {an I ?} plowing

" 20 " " " " forenoon Jno {Downie?} I after Leith there

" 21 " and Leith at Carlow Bros all day

" 22 threshing at home Broke their drive belt

" 23 started in the afternoon and finished {....?}

" 24 fine da Leith to church on Bicycle

" 25 Jim at Wm Dix threshing forenoon

Oct 1915 == === 164 {upper left corner} =

Oct 25 Boath {Both} hands at McFerrins afternoon I at potato

" 26 " " " " I finished potatoes

" 27 Finished at Mc started at Thompson 4 hands

" 28 picking apples windy day

" 29 " " Leith at A Rae threshing

" 30 Jim with O W Thompson Leith at W F Carlaw threshing I to Fergus for pig & cattle chop

" 31 sunday mother & I to church very windy

Nov 1915 1 started to turnip got 10 load in fine day

" 2 I toping turnips Leith at Jim Miller threshing

" 3 at turnips threting {threatening} rain or snow

" 4 a little snow in morning and then rain forenoon

" 5 at turnip Earl Vromm in afternoon finished at home

" 6 Leith toping at Lower place I to Fergus for chop

" 7 Sunday Leith and mother to church fine

" 8 Leith plowing I harrowed turnips at lower place sows at McFerrins

" 9 finished turnip mother to Fergus sows home

" 10 to teams plowing on the hill fine day

" 11 Hogs to Fergus 12 hogs 20 cut at 830 Wm McDermot $26,30 on harness killed pig Leith plowing

" 12 2 team on hill the best plows day this fall

" 13 2 " forenoon 1 after finished

" 14 sunday mother & Leith up at Fred's

" 15 2 teams plowing corn ground at Back of Barn cold

" 16 cold & stormy Leith to Fergus for chop

" 17 " Back to Fergus for chop I covering pit finished plowing corn ground started to 3

" 18 to hard to plow put wood in wood shed

" 19 cleaning out root house at lower place

" 20 plowing in 3 very wet

" 21 mother & I to church very stormy

" 22 snowing & drifting tied in the rest of cattle

" 23 stormy choaring a few sleighs & cutters running

" 24 still stormy

Nov 1915 == === 165 {Upper right corner} =

Nov 25 thawing fast plowing toward night

" 26 plowing all day finished 3 started 12

" 27 raining to Belwood pd R McGreggor to Fergus afternoon mother to pd J C Chapman

" 28 sunday Leith & mother to church J Burr & Maggie here

" 29 stormy all day rain all last night Leith at Jim Mill's threshing for R Black

" 30 plowing afternoon sod in 12

Dec 1 " " " " "

" 2 " a heavy snow fall in afternoon

" 3 " cold and snowing plowing in 12

" 4 stormy " choaring Killed horse dolly 29 years

" 5 sunday Leith & mother to church Jim home

" 6 choaring sold 2 cattle & Lambs to Jno Black

" 7 " cold & stormy

" 8 took 4 cattle to Fergus {Ram?} died

" 9 " 6 lambs to " $6.75 highest price yet

" 10 Leith at Jas White threshing I choaring got Ram front {....?}

" 11 " " " " finished then to Jno Rennies

" 12 started to thresh at Rennies at 3 oclock got chop

" 12 sunday Leith & mother to church good sleighing

" 13 threshed at Rennies afternoon got a load of chop

" 14 finished " " moved to Geo Rennies

" 15 " Geo Rennies I paid for mine $29.00

" 16 Choaring brot up 5 cattle and tied in S at R Blast at night

" 17 " rain nearly all day got load shorts yesterday

" 18 cold again choaring & cuting wood

" 19 sunday Leith & mother to church some snow

" 20 choaring Jim joined 153rd Battallion

" 21 " fine day cuting wood

" 22 " heavy snow storm from East to Fergus

" 23 " cold cuting wood

" 24 mother & I to Fergus got chop Pd taxes Leith at {Hugh?}

" 25 Christmas stormy 10 inches of snow Last night & to day Jim here got 4 days leave

Dec 1915 == === 166 {upper left corner} =

Dec 26 sunday Jim & Leith to Church cold

" 27 Choaring " went back to Fergus on train

" 28 Bessie came down Jno Burr and I to A A armstrong sale

" 29 cold cut wire fence out of river Lib. Fred down stormy

" 30 colder took wire of at river opened silo

" 31 cold morning geting milder Leith to Fergus for Chop dehorned cattle for Geo {B....?} and 12 at home

January 1916

Jan was one of the mildest in History we had 3 zero days and the rest was very mild a lot of rain the river broke up on 22nd and did not freeze over till Feb

Feb 1916

February started fine but soon changed and cold stormy weather all threw as low as 30 below zero the Parliament Buildings at Ottawa was burned on the 4th presentation to Jim on the 15th from S S no 2 a wrist watch and mirror

March 1916

March came in like a lamb but the Lion soon followed had some very heavy storms three thunder storms on the afternoon of the 6th the train had the snow plow on twice. Nora Wright here on the 14th continued cold & stormy untill the 25th then milder on the 29th 30th snow went very fast all away But the Big drifts Robins on 29th & river broke up the coldest March for years

April 1916

April came in wet and mild soon turned cold and continued till the middle of the

April 1916 == === 167 {upper right corner} =

month cleaning seed and cutting & drawing wood

grandfather Moir Mar 3. 1884, 74 y. 11 m

   "   mother  "       "   1  1899 86 y  9 "   yrs old

Dad Jan 22 1914 62 1/2

Mother Dec 6 1938 80

Lib 1952 71

Edna Apr 16 1962 78

Mary died Nov 1 1967 79

John " Mar 5 1967 78

June 27. 1850 Forbes Married Elizabeth McGregor at Bramanus Scotland

granpa Gerrie about June 11 1920 Moir in his 91 yr.

June 27 1850 Forbes Married Elizabeth McGregor

July 13. 1851 Forbes Jr Born

Oct 29. 1853 Donald born

Feb 20 1857 " died

{ 61 top ?}

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Forbes Moir_1904-1914_101.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_102.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_103.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_104.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_105.pdf
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Forbes Moir_1904-1914_143.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_144.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_145.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_146.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_147.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_148.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_149.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_150.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_151.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_152.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_153.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_154.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_155.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_156.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_157.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_158.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_159.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_160.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_161.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_162.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_163.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_164.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_165.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_166.pdf
Forbes Moir_1904-1914_167.pdf


“Forbes Moir Diary, 1904-1914,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed September 28, 2022,

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