Elizabeth Philp Diary & Transcription, 1901


Elizabeth Philp Diary & Transcription, 1901


Elizabeth Philp


Courtesy of Archives of Ontario




20th Century, Wellington County, Maryborough Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Philp Family Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


Diary for 1901

January TUESDAY,1 (1--364) 1901

Tes. Fisher here crushing grain Walt plant helping all day Robt (Robert) choring and helpingkind of stormy Willie and Ma went up to see aunty Cass dick went up to aaron walton's party. Willie and Jim went up at night.

WEDNESDAY, 2 (2-363)

Finished chopping fornoon Walt Plant here helping Robt choring and helping move Fisher to Perkins Jim took Dick to the train at eleven and took willie at one o'clock back to work. Jim stayed over for a few days longer. Robt drawing out manure. Cold.

THURSDAY, 3 (3-362)

Robt choring fornoon then helping Burrows kill a beez? Miss north here to give girls their lesson Jim here for a while. lizzie and Sarah Hilborn here in the evening. Very fine day. A new teacer for this year. A Miss Forbes Olive and Brock started

January Friday, 4 (4-361) 1901

Robt choring and finished drawing out {illegible}. rather a fine day. Mother here for a little while afternoon.

Saturday, 5 (5-360)

Robt: choring forenoon and cleaning out all the {fens?} and down to Drayton at night. children and I down home in the evening. beautiful moonlight- nights.

1a Sunday, 6 (6-359)

all at home all day. jim here forenooon children and I down home for a little while.

January MONDAY, 7 (7-358) 1901

Da choring forenoon. Over to route in afternoon. Down to Drayton at night. Fine day. Mr. McEwing and Mulloy elected for Commissioners.

TUESDAY, 8 (8-357)

Da choring all day Jim went home at noon.

WEDNESDAY, 9 (9-356)

Robt choring all day.

January THURDAY, 10 (10-355) 1901

Soft rainy day Robt choring in forenoon. took "Mint." over to Dick Lowes in afternoon.

FRIDAY, 11 (11-354)

Robt choring all day 'D' Battery Guelph Boys arrive home great reception.

SATURDAY, 12 (12-353)

Cold and stormy. Da choring in forenoon. In the afternoon over to Dick Lowes and round by Drayton.

January SUNDAY, 13 (13-352) 1901

Beautiful day. up to Grandpa Philip's in afternoon

MONDAY, 14 (14-351)

Lovely morning. but a soft snow falling in the afternoon. Robt choring in the forenoon Started to draw up wood in the afternoon

TUESDAY, 15 (15-350)

Foggy and soft choring and drawing up wood.

January WEDNESDAY, 16 (16-349) 1901

Very stormy day. Da choring in the forenoon, and over to J. Richie's sale in afternoon. W. {Fain?} and N. Bimming here to see {illegible}.

THURSDAY, 17 (17-348)

Stormy day. Robr- choring all day sold calves to Fain, and Bimming for $130.00 Rich {superscript symbol} brought word.

FRIDAY, 18 (18-347)

Choring forenoon drawing wood afternoon very fine day.

January SATURDAY, 19 (19 - 346) 1901

Choring all day. and down to Drayton at night.

Oline, Brock and I at Drayton afternoon

very bright- but cold

W.Fair took his bull away. It was the oldest.

SUNDAY, 20 (20 - 345)

all at home all day.

very fine day.

MONDAY, 21 (21 - 344)

Robt choring forenoon. packing Feather Tick and took it to Drayton and expressed it

Saudy Walker here for a few minutes. Robt went to Drayton with him and took the bed to express to Brandon.

January TUESDAY, 22 (22 - 343) 1901

Choring forenoon and down to Drayton to get horses shod.

All over to Sara Burrows 40th birthday party had nice time.

Cold but fine.

Queen Victoria died at 6.30. Eng.

WEDNESDAY, 23 (23 - 342)

Choring forenoon started to N. Binning's with Bull calf at 1 o'clock. Folm Craig here aft.

Little pig died.

THURSDAY, 24 (24 - 341)

Folmie Craig here all day

kind of soft.

Robt got home at night.

January FRIDAY, 25 (25 - 340) 1901

Choring round all day.

Richd brought- White Rocks from Fergus at night

Robt. to Drayton afternoon.


Aunt Kate. Eleanor and Violet came here Uncle Richds

SATURDAY, 26 (26 - 339)

Choring and drawing wood aft.

The three children to Drayton in afternoon.

Robt took Aunt Kate Rothsay in the morning.

They gone to live in Brace bridge

SUNDAY, 27 (27 - 338)

Mother and I up to church in afternoon. soft snow falling

Mr. Aull from Palmeston preached about our Dead Iueeu

January MONDAY, 28 (28 - 337) 1901

Robt choring forenoon finished drawing up wood afternoon

TUESDAY, 29 (29 - 336)

Choring and helping Mc Euning kill pigs and down to Drayton and got Brocks top ouw coat.

little stormy.

WEDNESDAY, 30 (30 - 335)

Robt choring forenoon. and took load of hay up to Rothsay and then went to Drayton evening.

Mr. North here for tea.

Peel and Maryborough Co. meeting

January THURSDAY, 31 (31 - 334) 1901

Robt choring forenoon Cleaned out {illegible} afternoon.

Burrow {illegible} jack fisher for cutting wood on thin premises.

February FRIDAY, 1 (32 - 333)

Robt choring all day.

Ma up to Richds making door for sheep house.

Stormy in afternoon.

SATURDAY, 2 (33 - 332)

Choring forenoon and afternoon.

Queen Victoria to be buried. parade in Drayton and Rothsay.

Beautiful day.

February SUNDAY, 3 (34 - 331) 1901

Robt and I up to Bob Gasse's for dinner. Children at grandma's

turned Very stormy.

Clara has a bad cold

MONDAY, 4 (35 - 330)

Robt choring forenoon

W. Plant helping chore and then helped down with three Head of Catlle choring rest of day

rather fine day

TUESDAY, 5 (36 - 329)

Robt choring forenoon then let the fire out and cleaned out the chimmey and pipes and I blacked the stool.

very sharp and cold

February WEDNESDAY, 6 (37 - 328) 1901

Robt choring and drawing out manure afternoon

Miss farbes come down with children from school

Jorah B. and Ma here for a while

I feeling sick with cold

THURSDAY, 7 (38 - 327)

Robt choring forenoon

I choring all afternoon

Nell hardon came with Maud Morth

mother here for a while

very fine afternoon

I feeling miserable at night with cold

Robt gone to Drayton at night

FRIDAY, 8 (39 - 326)

Robt choring forenoon drawing out manure afternoon

very fine day

I feeling miserable with a cold

February SATURDAY, 9 (40 - 325) 1901

Robt choring forenoon then up to Rothsay to animal factory meeting in to pay H {Hasreltim?} and see his grandpa Philp

very stormy forenoon turned fine aft

father has a bad cold in bed all day

got a letter from fas {name?}

SUNDAY, 10 (41 - 324)

at home all day

I went down home a little while at night

rather fine

2 MONDAY, 11 (42 - 323)

Robt choring forenoon and up to Burrows other place. Surveyor did not come, Folmie Craig here an hour or so in the morning. putting in straw aft

very fine day

Da very poorly, Robt done his chores all this week

February TUESDAY, 12 ( 43 - 322) 1901

Choring forenoon

Down to Drayton afternoon

very stormy day

WEDNESDAY, 13 (44 - 321)

Robt choring forenoon

fine day

cutting out the top of stack

Robts birthday 45 years

THURSDAY, 14 (45 - 320)

Robt choring forenoon

Drawing out manure afternoon

very fine day

February FRIDAY, 15 (46 - 319) 1901

Robt choring forenoon

cleaning out hens and pigs and choring

Yom Miller here for supper

very fine day

SATURDAY, 16 (47 - 318)

children all down to Drayton forenoon

Robt choring forenoon drawing out manure afternoon down to Drayton at night

very fine day

SUNDAY, 17 (48 - 317)

very fine day.

All at home all day except children & I down home for tea

Da & Ma feeling better

February MONDAY, 18 (49 - 316) 1901

Choring forenoon

Drawing out manure afternoon

very fine forenoon turned out stormy at night.

TUESDAY, 19 (50 - 315)

Robt away until 2 o'clock helping surveying a line between John Fisher and Burrows. Then did the chores

a little stormy.

WEDNESDAY, 20 (51 - 314)

Robt choring forenoon

Drawing out manure in afternoon

Tom Henderson left Kate and Grace here while he went to {Sawe?} Crockers They went away about half past eight

Pretty stormy day.

February THURSDAY, 21 (52 - 313) 1901

Robt choring forenoon

Drawing out manure.

Very stormy day.

FRIDAY, 22 (53 - 312)

Robt choring forenoon

Gone to Charlie Duckerings funeral in afternoon. Then drew out three loads of manure.

fine forenoon but very stormy in the afternoon.

SATURDAY, 23 (54 - 311)

Robt finished drawing out manure. Very fine day but sharp out. Plenty of snow roads very good. Drown to Drayton at night

February SUNDAY, 24 (55 - 310) 1901

Down to grandma's in afternoon at home rest of day.

Rather nice morning but stormy in afternoon and evening. pretty cold

MONDAY, 25 (56 - 309)

Robt choring round all day Joe Mr Dornald brought the lamp for piano. paid him and bargened to keep piano at {illegible} Down to Drayton at night

very fine day

TUESDAY, 26 (57 - 308)

Robt choring and up to Billy fairs to help him ring the B.Calf choring evening

little stormy

Hilborns Young Folks here

February WEDNESDAY, 27 (58 - 307) 1901

Robt choring round all day

very fine day

THURSDAY, 28 (59 - 306)

Robt choring round all day

very fine day

March FRIDAY, 1 (60 - 305)

Robt choring and went down to Drayton about four o'clock


very fine forenoon

March SATURDAY, 2 (61 - 304) 1901

Robt choring round all day and down to Drayton at night

very beautiful day

Clara & Olive up to Richds aft

Brock out of school all week with a cold

SUNDAY, 3 (62 - 303)

Turned terribly stormy about ten o'clock. then very high wind at night

children and I down home for a while

MONDAY, 4 (63 - 302)

Robt choring forenoon

very fine day I washed cloths

Henry {name?} & Old mon Shepherd here cleaning out the well in the poplar

Yom Miller come here and staid all night.

Turned little stormy at night

March TUESDAY, 5 (64 - 301) 1901

Robt choring forenoon Yom Miller here till aft dinner. fine forenoon but turned stormy toward night

I down helping mother and Robt choring round barn aft.

Addie Noecker married

WEDNESDAY, 6 (65 - 300)

Robt choring forenoon took out some chop to Drayton and got it home.

rather fine day

THURSDAY, 7 (66 - 299)

Robt choring forenoon out with chop afternoon and brought home our 30 lbs of lard

very fine day

Miss North here

March FRIDAY, 8 (67 - 298) 1901

Robt choring forenoon and out for the chop

Terrible heavy fall of soft snow commencing at about 3 aft

Ma & Sarah Burrows here

9 Young pigo

SATURDAY, 9 (68 - 297)

Robt choring forenoon

down to Drayton with chop

Brock went along to get his hair cut

very fine day

1 young lamb

SUNDAY, 10 (69 - 296)

All at home all day

The girls went down home for a couple of hours

Turned out fearful stormy

3 young lambs from 1 few ewe

Thunder & lightening at night

March MONDAY, 11 (70 - 295) 1901

Robt choring forenoon and afternoon

terrible stormy all day

Craigs whole family here for the evening

Mr {name?} & Darrock along

Robt went for Da & Ma

terrible stormy but not cold

TUESDAY, 12 (71 - 294)

Robt choring forenoon choring round aft and filling up chop.

I down home for a while

Mrs {Hueltim?} here to pay for 30 lbs of Butter

very stormy forenoon but cleared off evening quite mild at night

WEDNESDAY, 13 (72 - 293)

Robt choring all day

Terrible stormy the long day

children all at school

Jimmie Mitchell married

Old Mrs Tiles buried

March THURSDAY, 14 (73 - 292) 1901

Robt choring all forenoon stared out to Drayton aft__ but just got as far as Mc{illegible} Come back and taok out the plough to plough the road

snow very deep

rather fine day

FRIDAY, 15 (74 - 291)

Robt choring all day cleaning out pens and set

Mother up here for a while

rather cold wind

SATURDAY, 16 (75 - 290)

Robt choring forenoon

{name?} here for seed oats

Mother and I down to see Mrs Tarner Page

beautiful day

the first fine day in March

March SUNDAY, 17 (76 - 289) 1901

very fine day

Children and I up to church then down home for a little

Robt up to see his father afternoon

MONDAY, 18 (77 - 288)

very fine day

choring forenoon

started to draw out manure afternoon

I washed a big washing

TUESDAY, 19 (78 - 287)

terrible stormy day

Robt choring forenoon and Down to Drayton afternoon brought home a bag of N. spys

March WEDNESDAY, 20 (79 - 286) 1901

Raw East wind

choring and drawing out manure

THURSDAY, 21 (80 - 285)

Robt choring and drawing out manure.

Rather stormy and cold.

Os. and Miss North here

jennie calued.

FRIDAY, 22 (81 - 284)

Choring in forenoon

Drawing out manure in aft.

Ma and Sara Burrows at grandma's.

Clara 16 yrs old.

Stormy morning fine aft.

March SATURDAY, 23 (82 - 283) 1901

Robt finished drawing out manure

Very fine day. Ma, Brock and grandma at Drayton.

Daisy ealned (heifer)

SUNDAY, 24 (83 - 282)

At home fore.

Down to grandma's afternoon.

Misty and thawing.

MONDAY, 25 (84 - 281)

Very foggy day. Choring in forenoon. at Drayton and Goldstone pay Norris.

March TUESDAY, 26 (85 - 280) 1901

Choring this forenoon

Mr Mc {Euimg?} and Robt ploughing road.

Rather dull and thawing.

WEDNESDAY, 27 (86 - 279)

frozen hard

Robt choring forenoon Took gag of straw down to Da and drawing out manure

fine clean day

THURSDAY, 28 (87 - 278)

Choring and gone to help Perkin with cattle to Moarefielde forenoon

fine cold clean air

helping butcher at Richdo afternoon

then all over to Craigo Euening {e4apt?} Brick. He staid down all night with Ma & Da.

March FRIDAY, 29 (88 - 277) 1901

choring forenoon

drawing up stone, tile, and old rails, of other place afternoon

thawing and very soft {daytime?}

SATURDAY, 30 (89 - 276)

choring forenoon

very fine day

Mrs Burrows helping sew rags

cleaning out pews and choring aft

Da & Brock gone to meet Jim

very fine day

freezing at night

3 SUNDAY, 31 (90 - 275)

very fine day

Jim here for Dinner

children & I down home for a little while.

freezing hard at night

April MONDAY, 1 (91 - 274) 1901

Robt choring forenoon

choring and cleaning out pews afternoon

Mother & I washing and sewing rags

Very fine day overhead

TUESDAY, 2 (92 - 273)

Robt choring and went to Drayton to help Mr {name?} load his car for the N.West

Mrs Pirkin and Emma here afternoon

Yom Miller here

snowing soft snow

WEDNESDAY, 3 (93 - 272)

Robt choring forenoon

choring and sawing old rails afternoon

Mother & I sewing rags all day

very fine day

April THURSDAY, 4 (94 - 271) 1901

Robt choring forenoon sawing rails afternoon, I sewing rags finished for this spring 16 llo

thawing and very dull.

roads bad

FRIDAY, 5 (95 - 270)

Good friday

very fine day choring forenoon

and Both down to see Howard Hilborn {illegible} sawing up old rails afternoon

Mrs Smith came up from Toronto

I down home for a while

SATURDAY, 6 (96 - 269)

fine day

choring and sawing rails

(Mrs Smith here.) afternoon (for dinner & tea)

roads very bad

Robt down to see Howard

April SUNDAY, 7 (97 - 268) 1901

very dull, and raw wind

all at home

{e4apt?} down home for a while

Mrs S_ gone over to saw

MONDAY, 8 (98 - 267)

Robt choring forenoon

Yom Miller came to make timber for the driving house. Wat-Ed. helping

very raw wind

spitting snow all afternoon

Mrs S_ and Ma here

TUESDAY, 9 (99 - 266)

Robt choring fore and all Hands went out to finish the timber

Robt came home about Eleven O clock with a terrible cut in his right foot sent for Dr Mack and put in seven stitches in it (very sore)

Richd & Wat - done the chores

very fine day Ma here

children all at home

April WEDNESDAY, 10 (100 - 265) 1901

Wat choring off and an all day

fine weather

Ma here

Robt foot not very painful

Walter Smith out here

Wat went out to Drayton with chop

THURSDAY, 11 (101 - 264)

Wat choring all day

very fine day

Robt foot feeling fine

Ma here

3a FRIDAY, 12 (102 - 263)

Wat choring all day

Dr Mack here to dress the foot said it was doing splendid {illegible} saw a wound do better

Moble down here for a while

very fine day

Ma here

April SATURDAY, 13 (103 - 262) 1901

Robt feeling well but tired sitting in the house

Wat choring forenoon and took the {Team?} and went to Palmerstan for a tank. Home again about four

very fine day

Ma here

SUNDAY, 14 (104 - 261)

Robt feeling well foot not painful

very fine day

Richard doing chores, today

MONDAY, 15 (105 - 260)

Wat Burrows doing chores

very fine

April TUESDAY, 16 (106 - 259) 1901

Wat doing chores

very fine

Robts foot doing fine Dr Mack here to dress it

WEDNESDAY, 17 (107 - 258)

Wat doing chores

fine day

Richd took two pigs to Bill Richards

THURSDAY, 18 (108 - 257)

Wat doing chores

fine days rain

colder & freezing at night

April FRIDAY, 19 (109 - 256) 1901

Wat doing chores

Drayton Horse show

dull but dry.

SATURDAY, 20 (110 - 255)

Wat doing chores


Mother & I down to Drayton forenoon

turned out a terrible snow storm and very cold snow in big banks

SUNDAY, 21 (111 - 254)

Richd doing chores

Ann & DickLowes here afternoon and Art Garneau.

Very misty and heavy rain off and on all afternoon

April MONDAY, 22 (112 - 253) 1901

Will McJovish came choring

Mother & I down to Drayton to see Mrs Barry

Robt able to move round on crutches Dr Mack here to dress his foot.

Eda {Weocker?} married

beautiful day.

TUESDAY, 23 (113 - 252)

Will choring forenoon down to Drayton aft with chop

Henry {illegible} here putting in the cistren got done at noon

little mizzle forenoon

WEDNESDAY. 24 (114 - 251)

Will choring forenoon all day

beautiful day

Mell Gordon Started mercing in Guelph Hospital

April THURSDAY, 25 (115 - 250) 1901

Will choring forenoon

lovely fine day

Men spouting the house into the cistren

Miss North here

Will choring afternoon and building fence

FRIDAY, 26 (116 - 249)

Will choring forenoon and building fence

very fine day

I helping take plaster of mothers room & helping her rid up aft.

Mrs Craig here afternoon

very fine day

Brock home from school with bad head ache

SATURDAY, 27 (117 - 248)

Will choring forenoon and disking sod started seeding

Dr Mc here to dress Robts foot

Brock in a high fever very sick

beautiful day

April SUNDAY, 28 (118 - 247) 1901

Will here to do up chores morning

we done the chores among us aft.

William {Tass?} here aft and John Gordon here for a while

very fine day

Olive + Clara took grandma up to church

MONDAY, 29 (119 - 246)

Robt started to do the chores for first time after having cut his foot

Will working on the land

fine day

Robt down to Drayton afternoon to get a wash for Brocks {throte?}

TUESDAY, 30 (120 - 245)

Mother and I down to Drayton afternoon

looking like rain

Will working on the land sowing peas

Robt picking up fence botton

between Ezra & Ms. T choring

May WEDNESDAY, 1 (121 - 244) 1901

Will working up barley ground and sowing it spring {tathing?} root ground aft.

Robt Helping Burrows butcher five pigs

Robt choring and piling wood

Turned the young cattle out in the bush

rain, thunder, & lighting Norths House burned

THURSDAY, 2 (122 - 243)

Robt & Will picking up stones and rails forenoon on other place

Will spring{illegible} and sowing aft

very fine day

Robt piling wood

FRIDAY, 3 (123 - 242)

Will finished sowing here and Harrowed it

Robt piling wood in the yard


May SATURDAY, 4 (124 - 241) 1901

Will cultivating and sowing on the other place

Robt sawing rails in the yard and piling them

very fine day

Clara down to Drayton aft

Brock a great deal better


SUNDAY, 5 (125 - 240)

All up to church but Olive

lovely day

Olive has a sore mouth but not so bad as Brock

MONDAY, 6 (126 - 239)

Robt choring and down to Drayton to vote on the felt by law. Clara gone to Drayton for Miss Johnson

Moving fince back on other place in the afternoon and Will back seeding on the other place.

May TUESDAY, 7 (127 - 238) 1901

Robt choring and sharpening stokes to build fince on the other place forenoon driving them afternoon

Will back seeding on other place

fine day

WEDNESDAY, 8 (128 - 237)

Robt choring and back building fence on other place

Will seeding back there too

I down to Drayton aft

rather fine looking like rain

THURSDAY, 9 (129 - 236)

Clara down with card to past to Jim

Will over on the other place seeding

Robt choring and building fince

little misty aft

Miss North and Carrie here. Tenth {illegible} in 2nd quarter

Robt down Town at night

Art Garneau out here to shoe Carrie

May FRIDAY, 10 (130 - 235) 1901

Will working on the other place finished seeding over there

Robt choring and building fince finished the fence

Mr North here to put in the cistren pump and stayed all night

Jim Bradey here for first time.

SATURDAY, 11 (131 - 234)

Robt and Will choring and moving the potatoes pit out of the pit into the root house

turned very cold misty and some rain

Girls took Miss Johnson to Drayton

Miss Duncan came over here evening

SUNDAY, 12 (132 - 233)

Robt choring

Miss Duncan and I up to church

turned very cold and hail & rain fell

All down to Mothers for a while

then Robt took Miss Duncan home in the evening

very cold and raining a little

May MONDAY, 13 (133 - 232) 1901

Clara gone for Miss Johnson

Robt choring and drawing out manure on the barly ground

I took Miss Johnson to Drayton in the evening

quite cold

TUESDAY, 14 (134 - 231)

Robt choring and drawing out manure

fine cool weather

WEDNESDAY, 15 (135 - 230)

Robt choring and drawing out manure forenoon

Started to gang plough afternoon

drawing out manure aft

Turned the cows out to grass


May THURSDAY, 16 (136 - 229) 1901

Robt choring and drawing out manure fore

Started to gong for barley aft

very fine

Children home from school

Teachers Conv_at Palmerston

FRIDAY, 17 (137 - 228)

Robt gong ploughing all day

fine cool weather

I down helping Mother

Jim Braedey here

SATURDAY, 18 (138 - 227)

Robt finished ganging B_ ground forenoon

Harrowing afternoon finished at five oclock. then milked and both went up to Rob. Norths

children stayd at home

very cool

May SUNDAY, 19 (139 - 226) 1901

Robt up to Rothsay aft

mizzling and dull all day

Children and I down home for a while

quite a lot of rain fell cool

MONDAY, 20 (140 - 225)

Robt cleaning out pig pens and calf pens and {dwiding?} little calfes forenoon

Helping me clean out wood house and choring round aft

mizzling forenoon

TUESDAY, 21 (141 - 224)

Robt ploughing patch in front of house and sowing barley and harrowing it

fine day cool and brezz

May WEDNESDAY, 22 (142 - 223) 1901

Robt ploughing and working on the mangol ground

mizzling off and on all day

House cleaning

THURSDAY, 23 (143 - 222)

Working on mangol ground all day

planting a few early potatoes

Robt down to Drayton at night

FRIDAY, 24 (144 - 221)

Raining all day

Robt choring round all day

Brady here for dinner

Terrible lot of rain fell

May SATURDAY, 25 (145 - 220) 1901

Robt chopping out dead trees and drawing out the old carn all day

Clara down to train to meet Jim

very fine day

SUNDAY, 26 (146 - 219)

little rain moring

Jim and I up to church

fine afternoon

MONDAY, 27 (147 - 218)

Robt over at Burrow

helping out with manure all day

fine day

May TUESDAY, 28 (148 - 217) 1901

Robt drilled up the mangol ground and sowd them forenoon

drawing out manure afternoon


WEDNESDAY, 29 (149 - 216)

Robt drawing out manure and spredding and drawing out rails

mizzling of and on all day

4a THURSDAY, 30 (150 - 215)

Raining morning

Hasseltine & Hicks & Webber here to start put up winmill working at it all day


Got a barrel of sugar from Guelph

May FRIDAY, 31 (151 - 214) 1901

Robt Hicks & Webber working at W.Mill all day

raining off & on most of the day

Brardey here

June SATURDAY, 1 (152 - 213)

Robt cleaning out pens and then Hicks came to finish putting up the winmill finished about four o clock

Mother and I at Drayton afternoon

Robt round by Ad Fhaths and at Drayton at night

SUNDAY, 2 (153 - 212)

All at home except down home for a while

Y. A. Craig here aft

dull & raining

June MONDAY, 3 (154 - 211) 1901

Robt took old Francy to Moorefield forenoon. Young Folds galvanizing the water trough at other place.

Robt went over to Duckerings raisin got it up in good time

Yom Miller bought (the life of Queen Victoria) here aft

fine & Windy drying up fast

TUESDAY, 4 (155 - 210)

Robt building a piece of fence accross the road on other place

Old Jake acting very strange about noon took another spell at dark then shot him and burried him nine or ten years old

very fine and cool

WEDNESDAY, 5 (156 - 209)

Robt still working at the fence all day

fine day

Robt sprained his wrist at night taking away a cow

June THURSDAY, 6 (157 - 208) 1901

Clara & I milked morning

Robt went over to see get Will McYavish

Robt went down to Drayton

Will came over and chored o up till noon finished the fence on other place

cool and rain at noon

FRIDAY, 7 (158 - 207)

Robt & Will back on other place fixing fence and turning back the Young Cattle.

Will helping wash his fathers sheep and drawing out manure and over to Craigs

cold but dry

Brady here

SATURDAY, 8 (159 - 206)

Robt & Will Tagging sheep forenoon

Will drawing out manure aft

Girls down to see Ether aft

Both at Drayton at night

very cool feels like frost cool but bright

June SUNDAY, 9 (160 - 205) 1901

very bright day

All home forenoon

Children and I up to see grandpa Philp

fine day

MONDAY, 10 (161 - 204)

Robt ploughing on the root ground

Washing sheep afternoon.

Hay press men came on

very fine day

TUESDAY, 11 (162 - 203)

Men here pressing hay all day

Robt working on root ground and took load of pressed hay to Drayton

very fine day

June WEDNESDAY, 12 (163 - 202) 1901

Robt and Percy finished drawing pressed hay forenoon.

Robt working on root ground till four oclock then up to a meeting at the S.house

very hot day

THURSDAY, 13 (164 - 201)

Robt working on root ground all day Will McKay came here and staid for dinner

Mother and I down to see Mrs Jock Rich

very fine day

FRIDAY, 14 (165 - 200)

Robt sheering sheep Wat and Ed helping finished forenoon

Brady here

terrible heavy rain aft

June SATURDAY, 15 (166 - 199) 1901

Robt gone to Palmerston with wool got {illegible} per lb cash brought home four {illegible} of flour

Intend one for Grandpa Philp

Olive, Da, and I down to Drayton forenoon all had dinner at Grandmas

very fine day

SUNDAY, 16 (167 - 198)

All at home all day except Olive she was up to church with G_pa & G_ma

very fine day but Windy

MONDAY, 17 (168 - 197)

Robt working on the root ground all day

Maggie Benson & Eliza Allon here very fine day

June TUESDAY, 18 (169 - 196) 1901

rigging up for the turnips and sowing them.

fine day

WEDNESDAY, 19 (170 - 195)

Robt & Da cutting and planting potatoes forenoon

sprouting potatoes and filling them in bags for Goldstone

very fine day

THURSDAY, 20 (171 - 194)

raining morning but cleared up Pearcy took our potatoes to Goldstone

Robt ploughing the patch of sowthistle

June FRIDAY, 21 (172 - 193) 1901

Robt ploughing on other place

Harrowing potatoes

Brady here

I went down to Drayton aft

Both over to fix the little grove evening

very fine day

SATURDAY, 22 (173 - 192)

very fine forenoon

Robt working on a patch on other place forenoon.

down to Drayton with chop and to get the geam shod.

alittle rain at milking time

Miss Johnston here sewing aft

I took her down to Sanderson

SUNDAY, 23 # (174 - 191)

very fine day

children up to see G_pa.Philp in the afternoon.

June MONDAY, 24 (175 - 190) 1901

Robt gone to see Adam Flath and Ruben Rogers. did not get home till noon.

Miss Johnson here sewing.

In the evening Robt over to moorefield.

TUESDAY, 25 (176 - 189)

Robt distributing notice to fewer viewers in forenoon

In evening over to Bob. Hamilton's with notice.

Drawing up timber in afternoon.

WEDNESDAY, 26 (177 - 188)

Clara gone to Drayton to try entrance

Miss Johnson gone to Mr. McEuning.

very warm day Aunty Jass here

Planted trees in forenoon and piled brush. finished piling brush went down and cut rafters and drew them up

June THURSDAY, 27 (178 - 187) 1901

Clara at Drayton. very warm

Robt. scuffling mangols in forenoon and fixing fence between montgomery and us. in afternoon. Uncle Will McKay stayed here over night.

FRIDAY, 28 (179 - 186)

Clara finished at Drayton.

very warm. shower at noon.

Heavy shower in evening fierce lightning

Robt. Holing mangols all day. Jim Brady here

SATURDAY, 29 (180 - 185)

Robt. started at the road work

Will. McTauish helping. very warm day.

ordered got a crate of strawberries.

June SUNDAY, 30 (181 - 184) 1901

Ma, Olive and Clara over to camp meeting on afternoon.

Mr and Mrs Booth came here

we were not here.

July MONDAY, 1 (182 - 183)

Robt. and Will working on road

very warm day.

TUESDAY, 2 (183 - 182)

Robt. and Will working on the road finished

warm day.

Lightning and thunder at night.

July WEDNESDAY, 3 (184 - 181) 1901

Robert hoeing mangols in forenoon

Gone back to other place with Willie Wilson, R. Hamilton and Joel Kitley to settle line fence between us and Smith.

rather hot.

THURSDAY, 4 (185 - 180)

Robt hoeing mangols all day.


Ma and Grandpa hoed potatoes

Annie and Tillie Fisher called at noon

Miss North did not come.

5 FRIDAY, 5 (186 - 179)

Robt hoeing mangols all day.

rather warm.

Ma up to Uncle Rich'd

Jim Bradey here

Terrible rain and thunder storm about eight o'clock. Sky got very black. fierce lightning and heavy rain.

July SATURDAY, 6 (187 - 178) 1901

Da and Ma at Drayton at night.

Robt. hoeing mangols in forenoon

Ma, Olive, Brock, and Clara helping weed mangols and carrots.

E. H. Webber brought out new hay rake, oiled the wind mill and took the old rake away. Robt. scuffled cow here then went down and scuffled potatoes in in turnips field. (cloudy.)

SUNDAY, 7 (188 - 177)

At home all day Ma and Children down home. Robt. up to Fishers at night. Dreary day. Misty and cold.

MONDAY, 8 (189 - 176)

Robt. scuffling. turnips and mangols until 3e o'clock then hoed 13 rows of turnips. children dropped {rupe?}

fine cool day.

July TUESDAY, 9 (190 - 175) 1901

Robt. hoeing turnips till 3 o'clock

Then had a sick stomach. did not work till after supper. hoed 17 rows to day.

fine cool day.

WEDNESDAY, 10 (191 - 174)

Robt. hoeing turnips all day. hoed 24 rows.

Olive and Clara at Drayton this forenoon rather warm day.

Robt. had bad head ache.

THURSDAY, 11 (192 - 173)

Robt. hoeing turnips all day. hoed 26 rows

He feeling better to.day.

Ma at Drayton this afternoon

July FRIDAY, 12 (193 - 172) 1901

Robt. hoeing turnips all day finished them in evening. Jim Braedy here for dinner and Mr. Hatch. Ma, Olive, Brock, Grandpa and Clara at Drayton all day. Went down in morning and met morning train. Had dinner at Tom Henderson's got home about eight o'clock. Very big crowd there. rather warm all day.

Orange men celebrated in Drayton.

Saturday, 13 (194 - 171)

Miss North here the 12th lesson in Second quarter. {This line was written vertically on the left side}

Robt cleaned out all the pews and started to mow around the little trees. Finished it in afternoon and cut what was left with the mower after supper. Tom Miller here patching barn roof all afternoon. Robt disced over sow.thistle.

hot in middle of day.

Gone to Drayton at night.

SUNDAY, 14 (195 - 170)

Ma, Olive, Brock and Clara up to church in morning. Da and Ma up to see Grandpa Philp. Very hot day. Grandma up here this evening

July MONDAY, 15 (196 - 169) 1901

Robt. down with team helping draw in Mr. McEuning's hay. Took in 24 loads. Then Percy and Jim came up and they took in patch in front. Charlie Wallis here this morning. Ray brought Charlie's trunk and the word about Entrance Clara passed. Very warm day.

TUESDAY, 16 (197 - 168)

Children went up to Grandpa Philp's to pick goose berries, stayed for dinner. Threatning rain from about ten o'clock. little shower at noon. Robt. cutting hay back of old barn. finished it. At Drayton at night. very warm before rain.

5a WEDNESDAY, 17 (198 - 167)

Robt went down and banked up potatoes Then went for white calf to Mr. McEunings. and cleaned up the barn floor and straightened implements about.

Brock 8 years old.

After dinner Robt. raked Grandpa's hay and over field. Then Charlie and he puting it up. Charlie came for breakfast. rather breezy. Ma and Grandma at Drayton

July THURSDAY, 18 (199 - 166) 1901

Robt. mowing back in back field Then raked up what he cut. Charlie finished puting up back of old barn. Then back in other place. Clara at Drayton in morning to get knife mended. Then down in evening for mail. She got 746 marks. Out of 39 - 31 passed in Drayton. very warm day.

FRIDAY, 19 (200 - 165)

Robt. finished cutting in back field then raked it up this afternoon. Then he and Charlie puting it up. Jim Braedey here Miss North here. Grandpa puting in his hay.

SATURDAY, 20 (201 - 164)

Robt. and Charlie finished puting up back field at noon. Then drawing into Grandpa's barn from behind old barn. Mr. Craig helping them. Olive and Clara at Drayton in afternoon. warm day.

Robt and Charlie at Drayton at night.

July SUNDAY, 21 (202 - 163) 1901

At home all day Bob. Jass and Maggie here for dinner and tea. Charlie went up to Rothsay

very windy day.

MONDAY, 22 (203 - 162)

Robt. stacking hay in back field. Mr. Craig and Willie helping. also, Mr. McEuning and Percy and Will. McJavish. They put up between 30 and 35 loads and 2 loads left in the field yet. rather warm but a good breze blowing. Charlie 38 years old.

TUESDAY, 23 (204 - 161)

Robt. Charlie and Will McJavish drawing into Grandpa's barn from field behind old barn. Then after dinner took pig load up to Grandpa Philp and fixing up round stack and brought up what hay was left over from stack. warm day.

Clara and Olive down to Drayton.

July WEDNESDAY, 24 (205 - 160) 1901

Robt. mowing back by Rich'd. Then raked up what he cut after dinner Charlie cutting weeds and dock around till noon. Then he and Will McJavish puting it up. Will here this afternoon. finished mowing the clover part of it. Ma and Grandma up to see Aunty Gass.

THURSDAY, 25 (206 - 159)

Robt. took dog ("Mint") over to Dick Lowes. It was raining in morning but when he came back went and cut what he did not want for timothy finished about one o'clock. Then he and Charlie making a stone boat. Miss North here for dinner. Grandpa Philp 82 years old.

FRIDAY, 26 (207 - 158)

Robt. raked up what was left back at line fence.Then after dinner Charlie and he put it up. He cut little patch below orchard before he went to rake. In the evening he raked little patch and they put some of it up. Jim Braedy here for dinner. Clara and Grandpa to Drayton in afternoon. fine day.

July SATURDAY, 27 (208 - 157) 1901

Robt went over and got Bill McJavish and they drew in little patch. Just got last load as it came on rain. It rained till noon. After dinner men cut down 2 big poplars and the silver maple here at the door and piled up the brush and drew them away. Clara down to meet Uncle Jim. He came. Robt over to Dick Lowes. few showers in afternoon.

SUNDAY, 28 (209 - 156)

At home all day. Ma and Uncle Jim up to church in morning. Uncle Jim here for dinner. Big rain after dinner. Showers off and on rest of day. Robt down to McEuning in evening. Ma down home. Very sultry before dinner.

MONDAY, 29 (210 - 155)

Robt and Charlie, splitting, sawing and sharpening stakes all day. Clara and Olive down to berry bush got very wet. Uncle Jim, Clara and Olive at Drayton this afternoon. Tom Miller here framing timber for driving home. Went home at night. Robt. and Charlie up to Henry Perkins to get hair cut. Very heavy rain. Misty off and on all day.

July TUESDAY, 30 (211 - 154) 1901

Robt and Charlie cutting and sharpening stakes and clearing up rubbish on north side of barn in forenoon. Both went over to Mr. Craig's flax . bee. did not get home till late. Tom here framing. Ma and we children gone over to Mr. H Hilbows in the evening. fine day. Essie and Chrissie Smith came down from Tara. Uncle Jim gone back to Guelph.

WEDNESDAY, 31 (212 - 153)

Robt and Charlie getting out binder and oiling it up to cut barley behind the poplars. Got out about ten o'clock. Charlie shocking. finished cutting it about six. Very windy day. Robt over to get Bill McJavish to help with hay to_morrow. Tom Miller here framing.

August THURSDAY, 1 (213 - 152)

Robt and Charlie. and Will McJavish drawing hay. Mr. McEuning and Percy here in afternoon. Essie, Chrissie, Clara and Olive to Drayton in afternoon The girls first came to Grandma's night before and came up to our place in morning.

August FRIDAY, 2 (214 - 151) 1901

Robt and Charlie and Mr. Craig finished taking in rest of hay. Then Robt. cut timothy seed. Then took load of hay up to Grandpa Philps. Essie, Chrissie, Olive, and Clara at Drayton to get photos taken. fine in forenoon, mizzling rain in the afternoon and evening. Robt. over to Dick Lowes for the dog.

SATURDAY, 3 (215 - 150)

Robt. scuffling turnips and Charlie hoeing in forenoon. Both hoeing in afternoon. Robt disced sowthistle after tea. Then he and Charlie gone to town. Tom here framing to_day. cool and cloudy. Clara took Chrissie and Essie over to Uncle Sams morning. Grandpa and Brock at Drayton afternoon.

SUNDAY, 4 (216 - 149)

Robt and Eliza down to see Art. Booth at Goldstone. Clara up to church with Grandpa's. very fine day

Clara and Charlie did milking

Old. Jock Smith died in evening.

August MONDAY, 5 (217 - 148) 1901

Robt. and Charlie finished hoeing turnips at noon. Then they drew in barley. finished it in one afternoon. Tom Miller here framing all day. Jack here till noon. Essie and Chrissie gone home this evening. Took train at Moorefield. Clara and Olive at bush. May Gorden down fine day.

TUESDAY, 6 (218 - 147)

Robt. and Charlie drawing in Timothy seed in forenoon. About eleven oclock gone out to cut oats other side of orchard. Cut quite a few of them. Ma and Grandma gone to Jock Smith funeral. Robt and Charie gone to Drayton. fine day. Tom not here to day.

WEDNESDAY, 7 (219 - 146)

Robt and Charlie cleaned up barn floor and straightened round implements. Then pulled peas till noon. Drew in what peas they pulled after dinner. Pulled a load and drew it in after tea. Ma and Brock at Drayton afternoon. Tom here framing. fine day. windy.

August THURSDAY, 8 (220 - 145) 1901

Robt. and Charlie finished pulling peas and drew all in but one load in forenoon. Mr. Perkin helping a few hours this morning. Robt. and Charlie took in last load of peas. and loaded up a load of light wood and took it to Grandpa Philp. Then gone to Dave Corbetto farm for sheep. Clara and Grandpa at Drayton Miss North here Tom finished framing. fine day, but windy.

FRIDAY, 9 (221 - 144)

Robt. cutting barley next to Trask in the morning. Then cutting oats after dinner. Charlie shocking. very dull day. little rain at night. using new potatoes now. not very good. very few at hills. have 12 little pigs.

SATURDAY, 10 (222 - 143)

Robt. finished cutting oats about one o'clock. Then Charlie and he put them up. Drawing in what they cut first got 4 loads. Clara and Brock at Drayton afternoon. Robt and Charlie at Drayton at night. very dull day. windy. have 9 little pigs.

August SUNDAY, 11 (223 - 142) 1901

Ma and children up to church in morning. Uncle Richd and Uncle John here after dinner. Miss Duncan here in the evening for an hour or so. very dull day.

MONDAY, 12 (224 - 141)

Robt took five sheep over to Moorefield and children took horse over to bring him home. Charlie hoed while we were away. Unloaded a load of oats and sharpened binder knife before dinner. Then went back and cut oats on other place. Olive and Clara over to see Lillie Page in afternoon. Charlie shocking warm day.

TUESDAY, 13 (225 - 140)

Robt. cutting oats on other place and Charlie shocking. oats down bad this year. very warm at spells to -day.

August WEDNESDAY, 14 (226 - 139) 1901

Robt finished cutting oats on other place. Then came up and cut and put up Grandpa's piece. Charlie shocking all day. Finished cutting grain for this year. very warm day. Robt gone to hunt a maw for to-morrow.

THURSDAY, 15 (227 - 138)

Robt and Charlie drawing in barley auxt to Ezra's. Waller Smith helping. Got it all in but one load when a rain came up. Miss North here. rained about 3 o'clock. Then fenced the hay stack and fixed big window for barn. very sultry before rain. rather windy.

FRIDAY, 16 (228 - 137)

Robt took horses to Drayton to get shod in morning. Charlie finished hoeing turnips and cleaned out pigs while Da was away. Then drawing in oats after dinner. Grandpa helping in mow for a while in afternoon. Olive and Clara at Drayton in evening for mail. rather warm day.

August SATURDAY, 17 (229 - 136) 1901

Robt and Charlie finished drawing in on home place. after dinner. Then drawing up oats from other place. Will. Mc Javish helping all day. very warm day. Clara and Grandpa at Drayton after tea. met train and got uncle Willie. did not know he was coming. Charlie at Drayton at night. Miss Duncan came over and stayed over Sunday.

SUNDAY, 18 (230 - 135)

Ma and Miss Duncan went up to church in the morning. Uncle Willie here for dinner. Then down to Grandpa's after dinner Ma and Da took Miss Duncan home. warm in morning, but rather cloudy after dinner.

MONDAY, 19 (231 - 134)

Robt and Charlie drawing oats from other place. till five o'clock. Then very heavy rain. quite a lot of damage done by lightning Will McJavish here. helping. Brock started to school.

August TUESDAY, 20 (232 - 133) 1901

Robt and Charlie drawing out manure all day. Clara and Olive over to Mr. Craigs in morning. very sultry. Clara, Olive and Uncle Willie at Drayton in afternoon. Annie, Willie and Bella Craig here in evening. Uncle Will and Grandma up here. Splendid music. gone home about halp past 12 o'clock

WEDNESDAY, 21 (233 - 132)

Robt and Charlie drawing out manure all day. very hot and sultry. Ma. Grandma and Uncle Will went up to see Aunty Jass. stayed for dinner.Olive started to school.

THURSDAY, 22 (234 - 131)

Robt and Charlie finished drawing out manure. Ma and Uncle Willie at Drayton in afternoon. few drops of rain about 3 o'clock. Very heavy storm gone round. very sultry and warm. Miss North here for dinner

August FRIDAY, 23 (235 - 130) 1901

Robt and Charlie fixed up end window of barn. washing and oiling harness very heavy rain at noon. three heavy showers in forenoon. Uncle Willie gone home on one train to {name?}. dull all day long.

SATURDAY, 24 (236 - 129)

Robt and Charlie drawing clay from poplars. for to fix up barnyard about five o'clock went up to C. Walkers hill and got a load of clay to fill in round soft water pump. Brock and Grandpa took Mark to Drayton to get shod. rather cool wind but very fine.

SUNDAY, 25 (237 - 128)

Up to church in morning at home rest of day. Except to Grandma's. cool in morning. rather cloudy towards evening.

August MONDAY, 26 (238 - 127) 1901

Robt and Charlie drew 5 loads of gravel Newstead's pit this forenoon then drawing in oats after dinner. Got in 3 loads. Then very heavy rain about four o'clock very warm before rain. rather dull and sultry in morning.

TUESDAY, 27 (239 - 126)

Robt and Charlie working around house. Drawing clay from hill filling round house. fixed up a platform at the door. Put 3 loads of gravel around pump and up to door and down by milk stand. Gone to Drayton to get a man. very warm all day. Aunt Emma here in afternoon.

WEDNESDAY, 28 (240 - 125)

Clara drove Mrs. Pollock up to factory. {This line was written vertically on the left side}

Robt and Charlie drawing in rest of oats. on other place. Walter Smith helping. Finished harvest to - night. very fine day. Mrs. Tom Anderson & two boys of {Manitoba?} here for a little while with Jessie Pollock in afternoon. Then Mrs. Kirkpatrick and Mrs Duckening & children here in afternoon. Robt and Walter gone to Drayton evening.

August THURSDAY, 29 (241 - 124) 1901

Robt and Charlie gone up to help Uncle Rich'd draw in oats. Miss North and Miss. C. Taylor here for dinner. Ma at Drayton after dinner. Bright but threatning rain.

FRIDAY, 30 (242 - 123)

Robt and Charlie divided up the sheep brought some home to fat. After dinner gone back to dig sow-thistle Gone to Uncle Richd about 3 o'clock Very dull day. turned cool at night

SATURDAY, 31 (243 - 122)

Robt and Charlie gone up to finish Uncle Rich'd. in morning. Then came home and cleaned out calf & pig pens After dinner put calves back on clover and gone to other place to dig sow. Thistle. Clara and Olive at Drayton in morning rather dull, cool day. Robt and Charlie at Drayton at night. mist on at night.

September SUNDAY, 1 (244 - 121) 1901

Robt gone over to Hollew to see Rube Rogers. mom. dull day. We, children down home after dinner. misty at night.

MONDAY, 2 (245 - 120)

Labor Day

Brock, Robt and Charlie gone back to dig sow-thistle on other place in forenoon. Then gone with team after dinner to help Mr. McEuning draw oats. Dull morning. warm afternoon.

6a TUESDAY, 3 (246 - 119)

Robt and Charlie drawing in at Mr. McEuning's all day. Ma and Grandma gone to Drayton to visit Mary Rich. stayed all day. no school to day. Pretty Warm day.

September WEDNESDAY, 4 (247 - 118) 1901

Robt and Charlie drawing in at Mr. McEuning's till noon. Then brought down 5 loads of sand from Mr. Walker's pit. warm, fine, day. Mr. McEuning finished harvest

THURSDAY, 5 (248 - 117)

Robt and Charlie brought down 9 loads of gravel from Newstead's pit. for barn yard. very warm day Miss North here for dinner

FRIDAY, 6 (249 - 116)

Robt and Charlie drawing gravel for barnyard all day. brought 7 loads. very warm day. Clara at Drayton afternoon.

September SATURDAY, 7 (250 - 115) 1901

Robt gone to E lora for a load of lime. left about seven. got home half past four. Charlie working round driving house. taking out. truek, to get ready to move. Charlie and Clara gone to meet Uncle Jim at night. He came. very raw wind. very smoky in evening, and high wind.

SUNDAY, 8 (251 - 114)

Ma, Uncle Jim and Grandma gone to church. Uncle Jim went to Uncle Sams for dinner. Robt walked over to see Tom Miller Then he and Uncle Jim started for Palmerston about 4 o'clock. cool wind but bright day.

MONDAY, 9 (252 - 113)

Robt and Charlie cleaning out driving house in forenoon. Then Robt gone to Mr. McEuning's threshing after dinner. Jake Cole and his brother bought pig up from Richards & had dinner here. Charlie has bad cold. Rather dull day. Charlie at driving house all day. Men brought a load of tackling for morning with.

September TUESDAY, 10 (253 - 112) 1901

Robt and Charlie tearing out floor of driving house and ridding it out to move. Silas Rogers here over night. Very heavy rain at six o'clock. Dull all day. Ma at Drayton in morning.

WEDNESDAY, 11 (254 - 111)

Had men on mowing driving house. Got it down but not "packed" up. Eleven men for meals. Clara at Drayton in morning for nails. misty at times very dull rest of day

THURSDAY, 12 (255 - 110)

Men blocked up driving house. Here for dinner. Had 10 for dinner. heavy rain in night quite a shower in morning. Miss North here for dinner. Robt took Sil.Rogers tackling over to Moorefield. Wat. went with him. Got home eight o'clock. Rain at night. rather dull part of day.

September FRIDAY, 13 (256 - 109) 1901

Robt gone over to McKee's to see Bill Lowery about building driving house wall. could not get him. Then gone to Drayton with chop. Winnie McEuning here this afternoon. After dinner Da and Charlie picking out stone round driving house. fine day smoky afternoon.

SATURDAY, 14 (257 - 108)

Robt drawing down stone from old foundation to build wall of driving house. Charlie at I. Hilborn's threshing. Ma and Brock over to see Miss Duncan in afternoon. Robt and Charlie gone to Drayton at night. warm day. very foggy.

SUNDAY, 15 (258 - 107)

Clara up to church with Grandpa's. Arthur Booth's here in afternoon, and for tea. very windy day. rather cool

September MONDAY, 16 (259 - 106) 1901

Robt drawing stone all day. for new foundation. Charlie at Hilborn's threshing Mrs. John McLachlaw, Mr. & Mrs Wright here for a short time in afternoon. Awful windy all day, rather cool.

TUESDAY, 17 (260 - 105)

Robt drawing stones all day. Charlie at threshing till about nine o'clock. Then helping Da. Jim Braedy here for dinner. Ma at Drayton after dinner. rather windy & cool.

WEDNESDAY, 18 (261 - 104)

Robt started to plough down by turnips till about three o'clock. Then came up and ploughed corn ground. Charlie gone to Drayton about ten o'clock. Allie McLachlaw here {illegible} for a book. showery, and dull heavy froct night.

September THURSDAY, 19 (262 - 103) 1901

Robt ploughing all day back of Poplars a piece. Jim Braedy brought our horse, Flora, here this afternoon. Ma over to Henry Hilborn's for tomatoes. Fine day. good breeze cool night.

FRIDAY, 20 (263 - 102)

Robt. ploughing all day. Charlie came here at noon. Then he taking in wood into wood house. Mrs. North and Stewart here all day. Ma and she at Grandma's for dinner. Miss North came and gave us our lessons. Finished 2nd quarter. very dull forenoon. shower at noon. raining again at night.

SATURDAY, 21 (264 - 101)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie filling wood house in morning. gone to help Mr.Perkin take in clover seed in afternoon. Robt gone to Drayton at night. Brock and Grandpa at Drayton in afternoon. fine day. flies bad on horses.

September SUNDAY, 22 (265 - 100) 1901

Clara gone to church with Grandpa's. Da and Ma over to Dick Lowes after dinner Olive gone with thrm. fine day.

MONDAY, 23 (266 - 99)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie finished filling wood-shed. fine day. flies bad on horses.

TUESDAY, 24 (267 - 98)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie cutting stakes in Poplars. fine day. turned cool towards evening. Uncle John Gordon brought his heifer here to pastme. Clara up to school for afternoon.

September WEDNESDAY, 25 (268 - 97) 1901

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie cutting stakes back on other place. very cold all day.

THURSDAY, 26 (269 - 96)

Robt finished ploughing behind the Poplars, about ten o'clock. Then went back to other place and set up stakes. Charlie cutting stakes all day. Robt started to plough on other place. Miss North here this afternoon. warm day. flies bad in house. Clara at Drayton in morning.

FRIDAY, 27 (270 - 95)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie gone to McJavish's threshing from 11 to 2 o'clock then cutting stakes back on other place Ma visited Mrs. Perkin's in afternoon. warm day.

September SATURDAY, 28 (271 - 94) 1901

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie cutting stakes. Ma and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. nice day. heavy rain at night. Robt at Drayton at night. Mary Philp here in afternoon.

SUNDAY, 29 (272 - 93)

At home all day. Heavy rain in forenoon dull after noon.

MONDAY, 30 (273 - 92)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie cutting stakes fine cool morning. bright after dinner. Clara took Lizzie Hilborn some cabbage and Mrs Perkin some pumpkins. Mr.Craig here in evening.

October TUESDAY, 1 (274 - 91) 1901

Robt ploughing and moving stone pile all day. Charlie cutting stakes in forenoon, at Drayton show after noon. Ma, me children and Grandpa at show all afternoon. fine day got home at seven. very large crowd there.

WEDNESDAY, 2 (275 - 90)

Robt ploughing forenoon. at Mr. Burrows threshing afternoon. Charlie there all day. fine at times with scudding showers off and on all day. cold wind. Joe McDonald married to the lady who nursed his first wife.

THURSDAY, 3 (276 - 89)

Robert ploughing all day. Charlie cutting stakes. Miss North here afternoon. Very dull day. Raining all forenoon off and on. Robt killed sheep at noon. cold wind.

October FRIDAY, 4 (277 - 88) 1901

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie cleaned out pens, then gone to cut stakes. snowed for about two hours in morning Clara took children up to school then gone to Grandpa Philp's with meat and round by Uncle Richards. Ma and Clara at Drayton afternoon. Heavy snow storm passed over. cold. frost at night. Mr. North here in evening

SATURDAY, 5 (278 - 87)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie cutting stakes. cold day. Walter Smith here for pigs in evening. Here for tea. windy with little rain at night.

SUNDAY, 6 (279 - 86)

Ma, Olive and Grandma up at church in morning. At home rest of day. very fine day.

October MONDAY, 7 (280 - 85) 1901

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie took lambs to Moorefield and Brock took horse. They came back and took bags to Mr. Craigs for them to clean up grist for us. Charlie topping mangols after dinner. very fine day Clara at Drayton in afternoon. Miss Forbes here over night.

TUESDAY, 8 (281 - 84)

Robt ploughing out potatoes this morning Then we picked potatoes till milking time. Robt Charlie and Grandpa picked them over and pitted them. The clay stuck to them very much fine day. Clara at Drayton in afternoon. Finished with potatoes about nine o'clock (night)

7 WEDNESDAY, 9 (282 - 83)

Robt and Charlie topping mangols all day. also pulling them and putting them in piles.Fine for an hour or so in morning, but got misty and rainy. The man delivered map of Canada.

October THURSDAY, 10 (283 - 82) 1901

Robt took Ma to the station. She is gone to Toronto to see Duke & Duchess of York. The men cleaned out the pens this forenoon. Archie Maxwell, the masons came here to build wall after dinner. Not here over night Dull day. misting all day. Robt and Charlie topped few mangols this afternoon. got along fine without Ma.

FRIDAY, 11 (284 - 81)

Robt and Charlie topping mangols in forenoon Then drawing them in after dinner. They drew till six then had tea and milked The 3 masons here all day. 2 boys here over night very foggy till about ten o'clock Then cleaned up and was a lovely day. Lizzie and Hoshed Hilborn here for an hour or so in evening.

SATURDAY, 12 (285 - 80)

Rainy morning. Maxwell did not come till noon. Robt took load of cheese to Moorefield. Then drew in mangols till noon. Then they topped carrots and finished drawing in mangols. {illegible} up about 10 o'clock but rained again at four. Then they took in a couple of loads of carrots. Robt gone to Drayton to meet Ma. She had a fine time.

October SUNDAY, 13 (286 - 79) 1901

Robt went over to see Tom Miller at home the rest of the day. fine day with a little mist in afternoon.

MONDAY, 14 (287 - 78)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie choring round in forenoon. Gone to Newstead's threshing after dinner. The masons finished the wall except "pointing" and filling in where the blocking is. May Gorden and Miss Stone here for dinner and till about three o'clock. Clara up to Miss Stones for butter. fine forenoon rather heavy rain about half past three. {Wm?} & Sam Gough of Gorrie working with Arch-Maxwell.

TUESDAY, 15 (288 - 77)

Robt ploughing all day back on other place. Charlie at Newstead's threshing till about ten oclock. Then cleaned out pens and went back and cut stakes. Fine breeze blowing misty at times. fine day. Got Barrel of sugar shipped from Guelph

October WEDNESDAY, 16 (289 - 76) 1901

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie at Frank Pages threshing.

THURSDAY, 17 (290 - 75)

Robt ploughing all day. Charlie at Pages threshing till noon. Then at H. Perkins till night. Heavy snow storm at times all day. Miss North here to give music lesson. Put cows in over night.

FRIDAY, 18 (291 - 74)

Robt and Charlie at Perkins threshing till about half past three. Then came here and threshed for two hours. We had fifteen men for tea. Tom Miller came here about four o'clock and was here over night Ma, Olive, Charlie and Clara went up to Rothsay to Annie Craig's concert. nice time. home about twelve. fine day.

October SATURDAY, 19 (292 - 73) 1901

Charlie and Brock went up to Rothsay to see about bringing home lambs from Corbelts. Robt went with load of chop to Drayton and get the team shod. Left about 10 o'clock. home about five. Tom Miller here all day. Sile Rogers here in afternoon and evening to let driving house down. fine day, but raw wind.

SUNDAY, 20 (293 - 72)

Ma and we children up to Grandpa Philp's this afternoon. Saw Aunt Catty there fine day.

7a MONDAY, 21 (294 - 71)

Robt took a load of pigs to Moorefield and came round by Geo. Fisher's for lumber. arrived at noon Then he went back to plough. very fine day. Charlie at Drurys threshing till about half past eleven. After dinner Charlie gone to Drayton. Tom Miller here all day.

October TUESDAY, 22 (295 - 70) 1901

Robt ploughing all day. Tom here all day. Aunt Catty and Grandpa Philp here about three o'clock and for tea. very foggy in morning but a lovely day.

WEDNESDAY, 23 (296 - 69)

Robt finished ploughing stubble on other place. then came up and started in the rape. Ma at Drayton in forenoon. Robt at Will Lowes raising. after {illegible} Tom here all day very windy but fine. Mabel Philp here in afternoon.

THURSDAY, 24 (297 - 68)

Robt helping Tom get ready to raise. the addition to the driving house, in the forenoon. After dinner had 10 men and raised it. had tea here. Miss North here. cold raw wind rather dull.

October FRIDAY, 25 (298 - 67) 1901

Robt went to Drayton for a load of lumber in forenoon. Then went for shingles and took lumber from station to plaining mill and brought another load of shingels very fine day. Clara up to Grandpa Philp's in afternoon. Tom not here. Charlie came back at night.

SATURDAY, 26 (299 - 66)

Robt finished ploughing the rape this forenoon. Tom here to - day. Charlie helping Tom. The three masons came this morning to finish wall. Olive gone up to Uncle Richd this afternoon.

SUNDAY, 27 (300 - 65)

Ma and we children up to church in morning. Lewis Flath here in afternoon. Ma and Da gone up to Joe McDonalds after tea for a while. very fine day.

October MONDAY, 28 (301 - 64) 1901

Clara went to Drayton to get Miss Johnson then went to Moorefield to give Charlie a ride home. Charlie took sheep to Moorefield. Robt topping turnips till noon. Tom here. Robt and Charlie drawing turnips afternoon. beautiful day. Masoms finished here at noon.

TUESDAY, 29 (302 - 63)

Robt and Charlie working at turnips all day. Tome here. Grandpa helping at turnips very fine day. Ma at Drayton in moring.

WEDNESDAY, 30 (303 - 62)

Robt and Charlie drawing turnips till noon. Then Charlie helping Tom. warm day Grandpa & Da at turnips in afternoon. Robt took load of turnips up to Grandpa Philps

October THURSDAY, 31 (304 - 61) 1901

Robt taking in the old shingles of the driving house. Tom here. Wat & Ed Burrows and Charlie helping shingle the driving house Miss North here. very fine day shower at night. Clara took Miss Johnson to Drayton in morning.

November FRIDAY, 1 (305 - 60)

Robt working round building. Tom, Charlie, Ed and Walt here shingling. windy but very fine.

SATURDAY, 2 (306 - 59)

Robt working round the building all day. Tom, Charlie, Walt and Ed finished shingling the driving house at noon. Then put in the floor of it. Ma, Brock and Grandma at Drayton in afternoon. Robt and Charlie at town at night. Old Mark very lame. very fine day.

November SUNDAY, 3 (307 - 58) 1901

Robt walked up to Geo. Fishers this afternoon. We children and Ma at Grandma's this afternoon. raw wind but fine day. The roads are lovely now. smooth as in summer.

MONDAY, 4 (308 - 57)

Robt went up to Geo. Fishers for lumber in the morning and then went down and cut posts out of back bush. Charlie helped him. Tom here. After dinner they killed Grandpa's and our pig cold day. slight fall of

TUESDAY, 5 (309 - 56)

Robt cut up the pig in morning and cleaned up grist of chop. Went to Drayton with it after dinner. cold day. Tom working at doors. Fall of snow early in morning.

November WEDNESDAY, 6 (310 - 55) 1901

Robt drawing out manure all day. Charlie at Mr. Wallners raising. Ma and Grandma at Drayton in afternoon. Tom making doors. fine day.

THURSDAY, 7 (311 - 54)

Robt finished drawing out manure and brought up a load of clay from the Poplars to fill in at manure house door. Charlie at Woolness raising all day. Tom at the doors. cold raw wind with a skiff of rain at night.

FRIDAY, 8 (312 - 53)

Robt drawing up clay from Poplars for manure house till noon. Then moving stones into the orchard. Charlie helping Tom. Tom working at doors and stalls. fine day.

November SATURDAY, 9 (313 - 52) 1901

Kings Birthday {written centered}

Churned fint butter - 10 lbs. {This line was written vertically on the left side}

Robt cleaned out all the pens. then finished moving the stones. Tom Davidsom and Mr. Henry the spouters came here about ten and spouted the driving house finished about four o'clock. Robt skidding up the loose timber after dinner. Tom and Charlie working at stalls. Uncle Jim came home at noon. Hazel Taylor, Ethel Kirkpatrick and Mary Philp here in afternoon to see Olive. (cold day.)

SUNDAY, 10 (314 - 51)

At home, except to Grandma's. Uncle Jim here for dinner. We down home at night Mr. McEuning and Uncle Richd here in afternoon. Then Da went with them up to the school. Fine day.

MONDAY, 11 (315 - 50)

Robt cleaning out pens and ploughed the old driving house bottom in forenoon. Harrowed it and leveled it all. Tom stalling the stable. Ma at Drayton with Grandma in afternoon. Uncle Jim went home in morning. Clara churned - 10 lbs. raining in morning fared up and became very foggy rather warm.

November TUESDAY, 12 (316 - 49) 1901

Robt blocking the horses stalls in forenoon. Gone back to plough sod on other place. afternoon Mr. Sanderson brought Miss Johnson here to sew in morning. Tom at the stalls. rainy and misty all forenoon. turned colder and commensed to snow. churned

WEDNESDAY, 13 (317 - 48)

Robt ploughing sod on other place all day Miss Johnson sewing here. snowing of and on all day. Tom working here at stalls.

THURSDAY, 14 (318 - 47)

Robt helping Tom all day. Miss North here in afternoon. very stormy at times. stormy at night. ground covered with snow.

November FRIDAY, 15 (319 - 46) 1901

Robt helping Tom all day. Miss Johnson finished here at noon. Ma took her to Drayton after dinner. Soft snow falling all afternoon. thawing all day. freezing at night. Let young cattle home to-night

SATURDAY, 16 (320 - 45)

Robt cleaned out all the pens and did up the chores. then helped Tom at the driving house all day. Tom finished at night and sent his chest of tools with Harry Cole. Robt and Tom. at Drayton at night. snowing very little all day. not cold. Robt brought house a female deer, which Uncle Sandy sent us.

SUNDAY, 17 (321 - 44)

Robt went up to Mr. Walkers to see about Uncle Johnys heifer. Uncle Richd, Aunt Emma Elwin and Gerald here in afternoon. Fine day, but rather dull.

November MONDAY, 18 (322 - 43) 1901

Robt did up chores and skinned the deer. Then got horse ready to go to look for heifer, when Uncle John came along. Then they went together. Left about eleven o'clock. Got heifer at Will. Pollocks. Had dinner at Uncle John's then went up to Dave Corbetts for lambs. Got home about half past three. dull day but fine. Brock and Olive very sick with measels.

TUESDAY, 19 (323 - 42)

Robt cleaned the pens and did up the chores. Then went to Drayton with a grist of chop. Home about two o'clock. Then straightening up round driving house. and went up to Mr. Newstead's for a load of sand. Olive very sick with the measels. Brock some better. Bright, pleasant, day.

WEDNESDAY, 20 (324 - 41)

Robt ploughing sod all day. Grandpa drove Clara up by Rothsay to deliver venison in forenoon. Olive and Brock getting better. rather muggy day.

November THURSDAY, 21 (325 - 40) 1901

Robt ploughing sod all day. Ma at Drayton in forenoon. took 43 lbs. of butter down. Clara over to Mr. Craigs' in afternoon with venison. she walked home. fine, bright day. Art. Garneau came out and pared Marks' sore foot.

FRIDAY, 22 (326 - 39)

Robt ploughing all day. very soft snow falling in afternoon. turned colder and snowed some. Clara took venison down to Mr. McEwings & up to F.Pages in forenoon.

SATURDAY, 23 (327 - 38)

Robt at Richd's threshing all day. cold day_ Neal Philp sold his farm to Mr.Lawton. Robt covered some round the potato pit.

November SUNDAY, 24 (328 - 37) 1901

At home all day. Grandma up in afternoon. heavy fall of soft snow in afternoon. Robt tied in young cattle. Olive had bad ear ache in night. feeling not very lively.

MONDAY, 25 (329 - 36)

Robt at Richd's. threshing all day. Clara at Drayton in forenoon. raw day. Mr. McJavish here in morning after his pig.

8 TUESDAY, 26 (330 - 35)

Robt first did the chores and killed the ducks. Mrs. Burrows, Grandma, Ma and Clara se alded and picked fifty - eight ducks, from eight till five oclock cold and stormy all day. Ducks in fine order.

November WEDNESDAY, 27 (331 - 34) 1901

Robt doing chores in forenoon. Then took ducks and some chop to Drayton. in afternoon. Clara up to Grandpa Philp's in afternoon. Ma and Clara put duck feathers up in garret to dry. Cold day. rather snowy at times. Took 53 ducks to Drayton got 64 lb.

THURSDAY, 28 (332 - 33)

Robt choring all day. Then he and Ma went to Mr. Duncan's to a Thanks giving supper home at one o'clock. Grandpa and Grandma came up and had tea with us children. rather cold all day. Thanks giving Day.

FRIDAY, 29 (333 - 32)

Robt choring all day and cleaning out driving house to put implements in. Ma and Brock went to Drayton about 12 o'clock Expressed a roast duck to Uncle Jim. Brock got two teeth filled Mr. North here for tea. misty, then turned to soft snow. Then fine for rest of day.

November SATURDAY, 30 (334 - 31) 1901

Robt choring in forenoon, then helped Burrows Boys kill four pigs. then came home and took implements out of barn into driving house. Gone to Drayton at night. Olive has bad tooth-ache all day. fine day. machine came to Mr. McEwings

December SUNDAY, 1 (335 - 30)

Ma and Clara up to church in forenoon. At home rest of day. very fine day. thawing hard all day.

MONDAY, 2 (336 - 29)

Robt at Mr.McEwings threshing all day. Then up to see Grandpa Philp and got a cheese(18 lbs.) Grandpa Philp slipped and fell on his hill. not hurt very bad. frozen hard all day. cold. Percy and Ross filled tank here.

December TUESDAY, 3 (337 - 28) 1901

Robt at Mr.McEwing's threshing till about two o'clock. Then they moved here started at 20 min. to three. Mr.F.McMilliam, & Mr. Blauche with machine. beautiful day but sharp.

WEDNESDAY, 4 (338 - 27)

Threshing here all day. very cold sharp day. finished. Lara Burrows helped Ma with meals. Had the two threshers over night.

THURSDAY, 5 (339 - 26)

Robt choring and straightning up round home. beautiful day but sharp. Miss North here this afternoon. Da and Ma went up to see Grandpa Philp. this evening. They brought "Vesta" the horse home with them.

December FRIDAY, 6 (340 - 25) 1901

Robt doing chores and straightning machinery round in driving house. Ma and Olive at Drayton in afternoon. very. fine day rather raw wind. roads dusty and very smooth.

SATURDAY, 7 (341 - 24)

Robt doing chores and cleaning out hen pens Clara and Brock up to Grandpa's Philp's with a pair of shoes for him. hazy all day. raw wind.

8a SUNDAY, 8 (342 - 23)

At home all day. Very heavy fall of soft snow in forenoon turned to rain.

December MONDAY, 9 (343 - 22) 1901

Robt choring and piling up the old boards that came out of the driving house. Olive started to school. dull dark day inclined to be soft snowing heavily at night. roads very slippery.

TUESDAY, 10 (344 - 21)

Robt choring in forenoon, Then took out a load of manure, and loaded up a load of boards and light wood for Grandpa Philp. Lilliam and Alice Page here in afternoon. fine day, but stormy in morning.

WEDNESDAY, 11 (345 - 20)

Robt choring in forenoon and helping Mr. Burrows clean out their well, in afternoon Ma and Clara at Drayton in afternoon. mild day. Had cutter out for first time.

December THURSDAY, 12 (346 - 19) 1901

Robt helping Mr. Burrows with their well till two o'clock. Then doing up the chores. Clara at Drayton in forenoon. Miss North and Carrie here in afternoon. very fine day.

FRIDAY, 13 (347 - 18)

Robt choring in forenoon. and round to Willie Wilsons and Grandpa Philp's. in afternoon. very rainy until middle of afternoon. very sloppy under foot.

SATURDAY, 14 (348 - 17)

Robt choring till eleven o'clock, Then went to Drayton to get cheque cashed and pay taxes. very stormy in afternoon, but rained in morning, then turned cold.

December SUNDAY, 15 (349 - 16) 1901

Robt up to see his father in afternoon. very stormy at times and cold sharp day. Clara and Olive at Grandma's for dinner.

MONDAY, 16 (350 - 15)

Robt choring in forenoon and after dinner cleaned up the barn floor and the timothy seed. Mr. Fisher came here with the chopper and set. very fine day but cold and sharp.

TUESDAY, 17 (351 - 14)

Mr. Fisher choping here all day. Robt choring and helping. Walt Plaut here also. Mr. Jim Bready here for a short time in afternoon. very fine crisp day.

December WEDNESDAY, 18 (352 - 13) 1901

Mr. Fisher chopping till about one o'clock. Walt here all day. Robt choring and helping also. Clara went to Drayton in afternoon. Miss Forbes here over night. Lovely day.

THURSDAY, 19 (353 - 12)

Robt choring in forenoon and drawing manure on to potato pit. in afternoon Ma, Brock and Grandma went to Drayton in afternoon, Miss North here for tea. very fine day, but raw wind.

FRIDAY, 20 (354 - 11)

Robt choring in forenoon and started to draw manure when shoeing broke on the sleigh. Then he went and chored. very fine day. Killed three ducks for Xmas.

December SATURDAY, 21 (355 - 10) 1901

Robt choring all day long and cleaning pens and fixing mangers for little calves. very fine day.

SUNDAY, 22 (356 - 9)

At home all day. Cold raw east wind blowing. rather stormy and blowy.

MONDAY, 23 (357 - 8)

Robt choring in forenoon. and tearing down old pig pen in afternoon. very mild day.

December TUESDAY, 24 (358 - 7) 1901

Robt choring in forenoon, and cleaning out pens and took down the old pig pen in afternoon. Ma, Brock, Olive and Clara at Drayton in afternoon. Uncle Willie came off noon train and walked home. Grandpa down to get parsels from Uncle Jim and missed Willie. Willie and Grandpa here after tea. very mild day. roads. fine.

WEDNESDAY, 25 (359 - 6)

Christmas Day. {This was written centered}

Robt choring in forenoon. Then all of us went down to Grandpa's and had dinner with them. Uncle Willie met Uncle Jim off noon train. very fine day and bright. Little fall of snow in night just made good slipping.

THURSDAY, 26 (360 - 5)

Robt choring in forenoon and drawing manure in afternoon. Robt up to school meeting in forenoon. Tom Miller here for dinner. Uncle Jim and Willie here for a short time in forenoon. Ma down home in afternoon. Miss North here for tea also Uncle Willie and Jim. rather fine, but hazy.

December FRIDAY, 27 (361 - 4) 1901

Robt choring in forenoon and drawing manure in afternoon. Uncle Willie took Uncle Jim to station this morning. Uncle Willie up to see aunty Jass and over to Uncle Sam's. fine day.

SATURDAY, 28 (362 - 3)

Robt choring in forenoon and drawing out manure in afternoon. Clara at Drayton in forenoon Robt at Drayton in evening. Uncle Will here for a short time in evening. fine mild day.

SUNDAY, 29 (363 - 2)

Ma and Olive up to church. Robt up to see Grandpa Philp in afternoon. We down to Grandpa's at night. Olive and I over to Sara Burrows in afternoon. fine mild day.

December MONDAY, 30 (364 - 1) 1901

Robt choring in forenoon. drawing out manure and cleaning pens in afternoon. Uncle Willie went away on morning train Richd Chambers came on the one o'clock train. and walked up. stayed here in afternoon. He and Da gone over to Mr. Duncans. at night. to party ,Dance fine day but little colder.

TUESDAY, 31 (365)

Robt went to Drayton and met Joe Chambers off morning train. Home at noon. Robt choring all afternoon. Joe went over to Uncle Sams for night. Dick went over after breakfast. very very stormy from ten o'clock in morn.

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