Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878


Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Date Created

January 6, 1871

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Benjamin Reesor Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Jan 1871

January 6 1871 Drew wood AM Went to Duncan's with Susanna to get her measured for pr shoes PM W pretty cold

7 Helped to Move Machine to Br Cs AM. drew a load of straw to S Spence PM. W. very Cold

Sunday 8 went to Meeting at Hebron remarks & sermon on St John 4 C by Br C S Hoover of Altona with his son were here after service W. mild snow from East

9 Took little girls to Br S's to visit brought them home again good sleighing. W. Cold clear

10 Chored & I & Children Cleaned up wheat on new barn floor W. Cold Clear

11 Drew a load of wood to Walkey & 2 loads for ourselves W. mild

12 threshed at Br Cs with our Machine {illegible number} bus Oats & 113 bus Wheat. W. warm thawing I was sitting up at Flavius last night their baby is very sick with Inflamation

13 Finished threshing at Br C's AM threshed 86 bus Wheat. Took Br Cs sleighs to Br S to get fixed PM. W. very warm clear thawing

14 I went to Cedar Grove with Janet & JB drew wood to Walkeys AM I & JB drew some Oat sheaves into new barn out of Old PM W. mild thawing a little drissly & rain PM

Sunday 15 at home all day. Saml Doner & wife & Mrs Baker from Nottawasaga were here at dinner W soft & rain Nearly nearly all day. heavy this evening roads getting {thin?}

16 Cut sheaves for us AM with horse power & for Br C PM. W. snow nearly all day. pretty Cold

Jan 1871

17 helped Br. S kill 8 hogs W. Cold, clear

18 went to JB's I & he went to George Millins stock sale awhile P.M. Saw cows sell at from $300 to $400 W pretty cold. clear. sleighing good

19 Went to Br in law MN's W. pretty Cold. Cloudy AM. Clear PM

20 Delivered 2 beef Cattle at J McCalls for the Butcher at $25.00 per head. They are rising 2 years old I bought them in the fall @ $18.00 Went to BSS PM. W. Cloudy & damp

21 Went to McCalls for the Price of my Cattle & to JD's AM. Chored PM W. soft snow nearly all day. Mild. Old Samuel Hoover died last night. he has been sick a good while

Sunday 22 Went to Flavius. W. very Cold. Clear heavy wind last night. Samuel Hoover was buried today. at Wideman's. it was to Cold for Nancy & the baby to go to the funeral

23 Chored & Cut wood. W. Intensly Cold. about the coldest of the season

24 Thawed back pump & drew some wood I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove this evening W. Clear milder

25 Went to B.S. S & to Duffin's Creek Brewery AM. Chored & went to JD's PM. W. very Cold

26 Chored. Went to JD's visiting this evening W Strong snow & wind from East nearly all day. didn't snow much

27 had JD with his oxen to load logs to draw up to saw into wood with Machine. I used his sleigh and pulled out the tongue the first load this morning then we fixed driving house doors AM I chored PM. W. a little windy & squally at times. Mild

Jan 1871 Feb

28 I & Nancy went to Markham W. Cold

Sunday 29 I west with Br C to the Funeral of the widow of the late Rev Adam Wideman of Almira. W. Milder cloudy . a little snow AM Finlaw's youngsters were here tonight.

30 Drew home logs for Machine AM JD helped with Oxen & RW with Br Cs team I drew some wood & chored Pm W. fine AM. snow from East PM

31 Went to Cedar Grove & got barn ready for Clover Machine They Came here tonight W. rain nearly all day

Feb 1 had Jonas Miller Threshing Clover Seed Threshed 1 bus for flouring 2 1/2 bus for Br N & 14 bus for myself W. Mild

Feb 2 threshed 4 bus seed this morning Then I took my Mother to JD & helped JB {chop? or chore?} until noon he is working for me by the day didn't do much PM dont feel well. W. Cloudy & sqully with snow a little sunshine PM

3 Went to Manase Fret's on a visit then all went to Br N's this eveening W. west wind very heavy this evening

4 Brought home new sleigh from Walkeys made by Michael Burkholder & Walkey. Then went to Special School Meeting in our Markham section the annual meeting was Protested on account of an illegal vote on the appointment of Sammuel Shank as trustee he was reappointed today. Chored PM W. very cold Preacher Michael Shank from Indianna was here {tonight? page is damaged}


Sunday Feb 5 All went to meeting at Hebron remarks by Rd {Reverend?} H Barkey sermon on St. Mat 22 C by Rd M Shank from Indiana I went to see Br C PM he is sick with Pleuresy. he is rather better Br inlaw John Hoover was here tonight he is learning the shoemaking trade at C Raymans W very cold

6 Chored AM JB drew wood to Walkeys & I helped him to load PM. W very cold this morning. Milder PM. Clear

7 I finished drawing Walkeys & 2 loads to the House AM. Both Chopped PM. J & I went to John Stover's after supper W. East wind Milder

8 Chopped Cordwood then both I & JB helped RW Clean wheat for Br C PM W. mild Br C is pretty sick yet

9 Cleaned some wheat AM Both helped Flavius Cut Cedar Posts in his swamp PM. W soft snow AM Colder PM snow storm from N West this evening

10 Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Rd M Shank of Ind. Sermon on St Mat 8th C by Rd D Brenneman of Ind. Br in law MN were here at noon went to Br Cs awhile PM he is pretty sick yet. W. Mild pretty strong west wind didn't snow much last night a little squaly today

11 Took 40 bus 58 lbs Treadwell wheat to Cedar Grove Mills AM @ $1.35 cts per bus RW helped me clean Grist & I helped him draw straw for bedding PM JD were here tonight W. pretty cold

Feb 1871

Sunday 12 at home. W. Snow from East nearly all day. didnt fall very deep. Mild

13 Went to AB's on a visit W. pretty sharp. clear

14 Went to S Lehman's on a visit. W. rather milder

15 Went to Forest Mills AM. Chored & drew wood PM was at Br C's last night he is rather better. W. pretty mild. wind from East

16 I went to Clark's Mills to look for Pea {illegible} got none

16 Chored & Chopped a little AM JB came PM then we finished Duncans wood 3 cords then we cut drags untill night W. windy

17 Drew home 16 drags W. fine Clear east wind Commenced snow soft from East after dark

18 I & J went to CB's to help thresh. stormed and blowed from north so we didnt thresh snowed about 6 in last night rained some this morning. freesing this evening

Sunday 19 Went to Br S's on a visit. W. Clear a little snow this morning

20 I & JB helped CB thresh until about half past 2 PM W. Mild. Clear. rather sharp

21 Drew home 23 drags. W fine pretty sharp

22 I went to Markham to F inlaws for dinner Then to Br inlaw M Ns to ask him to saw wood with his Machine on Monday. brought Adeline home. She his been at her Grandfather's the past week. W. Clear. Sharp East wind

23 I & Flavius moved horse Power from Br Cs Flavius were here on a visit W. fine Clear

Feb 1871 Mar

24 Drew home 3 loads timber & took chop to Mill W. warm. Thawing

25 Drew 1 load lumber AM. brought home Chop PM. W. Mild Clear

Sunday 26 at home all day W. mild. soft snow & rain tonight

27 Got Cent shod AM Went to funeral of Michael Burkholders little child. PM W. windy clear

28 Had Br inlaw M N to saw wood cut all the logs except 2 rough ones. W. fine

March 1 Helped Flavius saw wood W. Clear

2 I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Saml Hoover's Then I & him went to Uncle Joseph Burkholder Sale PM Uncle is giving up farming & his son Christian is going to farm W. Cloudy rained a good while PM

3 Chored AM RW helped split wood PM. W. rain AM. Clear pretty Cold PM I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove PM

4. Went to B.S.S. AM Chored PM W. Mild Clear beautiful

Sunday 5 All went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Red H Barkey sermon on {blank space} by R J Wideman Finlaws & S Lehmans were here after service & MN & ABs at supper & F inlaws youngsters & J H Ramer's girls this evening W. fine bright Clear warm spring weather

6 Chored & fixed rack on Sleigh AM then started to take a Cord of green sawed basswood to Markham PM. roads rather bad. left wood in Br Ns lane W. thawing Cold N W wind

7 helped RW hang up Br Cs Pork to smoke AM hung up {bottom of page cut off} went to Christ Stovers this evening W. mild East wind

March 1871

8 Went to F inlaws. W. Mild Thawing. Sleighing gone

9 Chored. W. thawing, water high. began to rain after dark

10 Went to Old John Stover's to Ega engage Jane Stevenson to work for Br C W. mild. Clear

11 Chored. W. Cloudy drissly PM. raining tonight

Sunday 12 I & Nancy went to Br Cs on a visit he is able to sit up awhile. W. soft snow awhile this morning Clear today. mild. roads awful

13 Chored. I & Children cleaned a little clover seed. I went to Cedar Grove PM W. Clear mild Br S's Mill dam broke today.

14 Tapped 18 trees. sap run splendid. W. warm. Clear

15 Commenced to boil sap. soft snow & rain from east. had to quit. at noon. rained nearly all day

16 Chored AM. boiled sap PM. W. dull AM Ice thawing from trees. More clear PM. Br C getting better. he is mostly up in the afternoon feels rather dull today. Caught a little cold

17 Boiled Sap didn't run much today. W. Cloudy

18 Helped RW & JD sow grass seed for Br C AM. Went to Cedar Grove PM. W. fine Clear

Sunday 19 Went to CBs on a visit. W. Clear frose last night

20 Chored AM. Went to Br. S's Bee fixing dam PM. W. fine Clear PM. cold east wind AM

21 Chored & went to Election at Belford. Voted for H.P. Crosby in Opposition to Dr Hostetter the Patent Combination Candidate. AM Went to Br S's Damfixing bee PM. W. Clear. Cool

22 Boiled sap W. rather cold. Clear

Mar 1871 March 23. 1871 Chored. didnt feel well W. Cold a few inches snow last. night a little PM

24 Chored AM helped M Dyke Clean Peas that he threshed for me PM W. Clear. thawing

25 I & Nancy went to Markham & to JH Ramer's W. Cool air, Clear. frose hard last night thawing in sun today. roads very bad

Sunday 26 at home all day J McGaw was here Br N's, CB's girls & Br C's girls were here PM W. mild thawing. Commenced to snow from east tonight

27 Helped RW Clean Peas & wheat for Br C AM Chored & gathered sap PM. W. about 8 in snow last night & some AM. a little flurry PM. soft. beginning to thaw

28 Boiled Sap. W. fine Clear thawing PM.

29 I & Nancy went to Toronto W. fine Clear roads bad

30 I boiled sap. AM. Chored PM W. cloudy

31 I & W. Cleaned Clover seed & I went to Barrow's to get him to see Franks foot he is lame. having {Caulked?} himself a while ago W Morrison Commenced work on Wednesday morning 19 @ $120.00 for 7 months

April 1 Cleaned some seed Peas & helped M Dyke clean 55 bus Oats that he threshed. W. some snow from east. wet

Sunday 2 went to Meeting at Hebron remarks & sermon on St Mat 22d C by Revd H Barkey. Abraham Doner was here after service W. Clear. rain from East tonight

3 I boiled sugar W Picked in fallow W. rain last night awhile PM today

April 1871

4 I went to JD's AM & to Old John Stover's for Jane to work at Br Cs she is not well didnt come W. Clear. very windy PM

5 I & JD went to Toronto. took nearly 13 bus Clover seed for Myself & a few bus for him sold @ $4.25 per bus. W. hard frost last night fine today

6 Chored W Cut some maple tops W. clear

Good Friday 7 Went to JDs on a visit W warm clear. Thunder shower last night warm this evening. were at Br Cs for supper

8 I boiled some sap & W took Plow to shop AM Drew a heap of edgings away from Mill & brought one load home PM. W very warm clear

9 Sunday At home JD's were at my Mothers W. warm clear

Easter Monday 10 Went to Markham & to Finlaws Hired a boy David Stevenson for the summerx@ $5.00 per month. W. Clear rainy PM raining heavy this evening

11 I went to Cedar Grove AM Brought girl Jane Stover to work for Br C PM W. Cold west wind Started to fish with Simon Hoover & Martin Neighswander {illegible} & two Yake's Camped on the Banks of the Big rouge about 10 PM this evening

12 Caught 88 sucker & got home at noon W Commenced to Plow sod south of lane old Part & we intend to break the rough too W. pretty cold clear

13 Chored Drew old stump off new rough sode & brought sugar utensils W. fine clear. shower AM

April 1871

14 Burned stumps. W. cool. windy. Clear

15 Burned {illegible} stumps. W. Cool. windy. clear

Sunday 16 Went to AB's. W. Cool. Clear

17 Went to Markham AM burned stumps PM. & brought 4 bus seed spring wheat from D Hoover's @ $1.40 per bus David Stevenson Commenced work today at noon @ $5.00 per month

18 Fixed up Chunk heaps in rough sod then began to gang plow in north half of NW Corner field about 10 AM. W. Cool, raining a little this evening

19 Gang Plowed AM Chored PM W. heavy East Wind AM rain from East PM. Dr Doherty was here taking the Dominion Census today

20 Chored & Cleaned grist & W drew wood AM I took grist to Cedar Grove Mills & W drew a load of edgings PM. I & W sowed some Clover seed in west end of big field where it Caught badly last year. after supper W. showery AM clear PM

21 Finished Sowing Clover seed & began to sow Spring Wheat in NW Corner field. it was too wet then W Began to gang plow behind Cider house PM & I brought home grist W. Cloudy

22 I sowed Plaster on little meadow below garden AM. Made new pump platform & fixed back garden fence PM. W pretty drissly AM. rather Clear PM

Sunday 23 Went to Meeting at Cedar Grove Michael Frets's were here after service W cool. Clear

April 1871

24 Finished Sowing Spring Wheat & a few Oats in NW Corner field. north part. Sowed field behind Cider house with barley PM W Cool Clear

25 Finished harrowing field behind Cider house this morning & Carried potatoes out of Cellar AM. W. began ganging sod fallow East half of field East of dam & I & Nancy went to Whitevale PM Planted a few Early rose Potatoes this evening W. rain AM. Clear PM

26 I went to B.S. & to AB's AM rolled barley behind Cider house PM. W. cool clear W finished ganging sod fallow & began Plowing east half of big field

27 Chored & Cut wood I went to Cedar Grove & to Br S's after supper W. rain nearly all day Thunder Shower tonight

28 Cleaned some seed Oats this morning then boys Pointed Stakes along north fence & I brought a load of fence Caps from Br S's PM. W raining awhile this morning Clear today

29 Boys finished Pointing Stakes & I took salts this morning dont feel well AM helped boys drive stakes & Cap about 30 rods of north fence from townline west PM. W. Cloudy drisly

Sunday 30 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on St Mat 18 C by Rvd H Barkey Visitors PM Br S's Br N's Br Cs PDs AB's & Martha Shank. W. Clear rather Cool

May 1871

May 1st 1871 Finished Staking & Capping north fence to 11th Con. W. fine Clear warm

2 Went to WN's then I went to Claremont to Tailor to get measured for clothes W. Clear

3 I & W plowed in east end of big field. W blow from east like rain

4 Chored. I went to J Burrows PM for powder for sick cow PM W. rain from East all day heavy wind cool

5 Oiled harness AM. Fixed some fence on Pickering Town line where two Posts broke with heavy wind. & W went to B.SS PM W. rain AM Cloudy PM

6 Drew home wood for my Mother AM I & Br N put bottom boards on posts opposite Br C's PM. & W sowed Plaster W. Cloudy AM Clear PM

Sunday 7 went to Meeting at Widemans remarks by Revd H Barkey sermon on St Mat 18 C by Revd J Wideman. Went to Uncle D Burkholders W. Cold north wind. Clear

8 Sowed 17 bus barley for Br C AM helped Br W finish plowing east end of big field PM went to B's this evening W began plowing west end of field near Hoover's W. Cool windy

9 I & my Mother went to Markham AM sowed sod fallow 5 acres barley PM W. Cool north wind

10 Went to J Burrow's AM. he was not at home Went again PM. got some more Powders for sick Cow I & W sowed 15 bus Oats on east end of big field after supper. W. Cool. Clear

11 I sowed about 12 acres for Br C W. fine Clear

12 I & W sowed grass seed on Oats in big field Finlaws were here yesterday 11th

May 1871

12 this morning then I sowed peas in west end of field near Hoover's 4 1/2 acres & 2 bus south of garden of the kind Called Crown Peas. W warm

13 W rolled Oats. 5 acres barley sod fallow & Peas. I went to see Burrows Cow is no better W. Cold north wind

Sunday 14 at home all day. Skinned dead cow PM. Br S's were here at supper W. Cool

15 Took a load of Sawed Basswood to Markham for {G T Bainbridge or Bambridge?} W. Plowed turnip ground W. warm

16 I rolled spring wheat & oats in N West field AM Took some Peas & Oats to M Dyke's PM fine clear. small shower PM

17 Had John Stover to help trim Orchard W helped raise up A McCreights home to put a wall under W. cold wind Clear

Ascension day 18 Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke 24 C by Rd H Barkey. Went to AB's PM. W. fine Clear

19 Had John Stover help trim Orchard AM I helped Flavius fix his dam to wash sheep PM W finished Plowing turnip ground W. warm

20 Went to Simon Hoover's on a visit & I went to Watson Tailor for my Clothes W. very warm Uncle Daniel Burkholder died this morning with something like Inflammation on the lungs

Sunday 21 All went to JD W. warm. Clear

22 Went Uncle Daniel's Funeral Sermon's on Rev 14 C 15 Verse by Revd Jos & Henry Barkey

May 1871

Steckley & Johnson Had a part in Englis Went to Finlaws after service W. fine Clear

23 Planted corn East of dam I helped to scrub Hebron Chapel PM went to B S after supper. W. Cool Clear

24 I & W Cut rail timber AM All went fishing to big rouge P D & his little boy Ike Davis. W & D & little Johny & Flavius Caught 15 fish had more fun than fish I went to Burrows this evening Cent has the Mange. W. fine & Clear

25 Took buggy to B S to get Tires set & broken spring fixed AM helped fill dung PM. W began drawing on fallow south half of North West corner field & beech tree knoll W. very warm fine Thunder Shower tonight after dark

26 boys drew dung I Chored & Cut seed potatoes Shot a woodchuck in Scarboro pastures W. fine Clear

27 washed sheep at Flavius's AM put in new {illegible} post at field near Hoover's & fixed fence at Creek at Townline & dug garden I brought home buggy after supper W. fine Clear

Sunday 28 Went to Meeting at Wideman's Sermons on St Mat 26 C by by Revd Brubacher of Pensylvania on St Mat 27 C by Revd T Moyer of Clinton about 26 Visiting Brethren illegible were Present at the Conference on Friday

May 1871 June

Lords supper was Celebrated Today. Went to S Lehmans after service JDs my mother & Susan Burkholder at Br Cs here to meeting with us today

Whit Monday 29 Meeting & Celebration of Lords supper at Hebron Revds T Moyer S Weaver of Waterloo C Gayman of Cayuga & J{illegible} Wideman & Br C were Present & Deacon Wismer of Clinton. a good many Visitors after service T Moyer C Gayman & wife J{illegible} Wideman & wife & his Mother inlaw. Altona Saml Groves & wife MN's & Simon Hoovers wife S Lehman's & JH Ramer's! {illegible Finlaws Br S's & Samuel Weaver & wife from Waterloo & John Gayman & T Wideman were here PM W. very warm & Close Thunder Showers passed over PM

30 Planted Potatoes. W. very very warm fine rain started at bedtime didn't rain much

31 W harrowed sod fallow south of lane I killed Calf & shot large woodchuck! Chuck in the {barn? rain? brain?} with my rifle AM Took grist barley chop to Cedar Grove Mills after supper W. very warm

June 1 had JB with Br Cs team & RW F to help draw dung on fallow got it nearly Covered W. very warm. Shower much needed

2 boys drew dung {hung?} our pigs CB's & Br C's & I clipped our sheep (12) & Put lime on Corn W. very warm

June 1871

3 Nailed some boards on fence opposite Br Cs & made new bars boys finished drawing dung on fallow & drew some on heap back of barn & drew stones off new meadow in west end of big field W. warm heavy thunder storm went round PM. a little rain here. not much

Sunday 4 Went to Br S's they were not at home Came back & staid at home all day W. warm thunder shower went round PM

5 Went to Cedar Grove this morning for a Plowshare then nailed on boards Peter Lehman & wife & Miss Nancy Lehman from Clarence County New York were here this evening W. Cooler

6 Finished board nailing this morning. Then dug round some stones in fallow AM Took 8 bus wheat to Cedar Grove Mills PM Spread dung after supper W began breaking fallow yesterday noon. W. pretty warm, like rain tonight

7 Both plowed in fallow. pretty hard. fine little shower last night.

8 Helped Br Cs log. W. Cool. Clear. Cold wind this evening Br. C & Br. N Intend going on a visit to Black Creek tomorrow morning

9 I brought home grist this morning then Plowed finished fallow W. fine. Clear. Br C & N went off this morning. this evening Br Cs oldest daughter {Retuna? Retura?} had a fit she ws subject to them several years ago but not lately until tonight I staid until midnight & she fell asleep

June 1871

June 10 Sawed stub on fallow & rolled it up on stump I fired it then chored until noon W brought home rolls from Whitevale Dave hoed Corn Commenced to rain splendid showers at 3 PM. makes things look fine I went to Cobers & Flavius after supper

Sunday 11 at home JD's were here. We went to Br C's awhile this evening. W. fine little shower AM. Clear PM

12 I & W took 2 loads soft wood to {Bainbridge?} AM. hoed Corn PM I & AB went fishing to W Milne's with hook & line. Caught only a few had a fine time driving through the creek in the dark. got on a log in the middle of the creek. broke buggy. I jumped into the water. got wet. Patched up buggy & got home at midnight W. Cool

13 Plowed turnip land. W brought a load of Br S's lumber home after supper I intend to take it to the bay tommorrow W. almost Cold. heavy north wind

14 I took 1283 feet Clear Stuff to Bay for Br. S Got {illegible Cent? horse's name} shod after supper W. finished turnip land. W. Cool. slight shower at noon

15 Went to Quilting & barn shingling bee at Simon Hoovers W. showers PM

16 Plowed in sod fallow south of lane W went to Party on 3rd Con Pickering PM & JB helped me Plow. W. Cool clear

17 I & Nancy & My Mother went to Uncle Joes he is not very well. W. East wind. looks like rain

June 1871

Sunday 18 Went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C Sermon on St Mat 22 by Rev H Barkey Old David Hoover's were here after the service W. a little rain from East this morning. Cler today

19 W Began making turnip drills I went to B.S. AM & to Mill with Chop PM Sowed some turnips after suppert Let Job of deepening Creek in N West corner field to J Jarvis at 20ct per rod for {past? post?} & 25ct per rod for the rest W. cler

20 Finished sowing turnips W. slow rain from about 10 AM. to 3 PM

21 I & W worked on road in Markham Drew gravel W. fine cler

22 I & W Finished road work & drew some rails this evening. W. fine Cler, looks a little like rain tonight

23 I & W repaired some fences & David finished harrowing fallow AM I & Nancy went to Markham PM W. fine Cler

24 Made vinegar & ground Mower knives AM I took {Cent?} to Caldwell the B smith in Whitevale to get Shod PM W fine rain last night & awhile AM. Clear PM

Sunday 25 Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C Sermon on Acts 10th C by Revd H Barkey JDs were here after service & AB's & Finlaws youngster's at supper. W. fine Clear

26 I Mowed about 5 acres in big field north of old bush W. fine

27 I brought 500 tiles from Pettys AM boys shook up hay, raked part I began to cock PM began thunder shower about 3 PM splendid rain I went to Cedar Grove this evening

June 1871

28 Drew some wood & Chored AM began to shake out hay at 3PM raked & cocked after supper didn't get quite all cocked. W clear

29 W worked on road in Scarboro I cocked a little hay then went to JD's raising AM helped old WM put up a few cocks of hay he made Clover on Scarboro side on shares W fine cool Clear

30 Fixed Waggon rack & drew 1 load of hay out of Scarboro Meadow AM drew 1 load out of Scarboro into new barn & left it standing on waggon to take to J Burkholder tomorrow & drew in 2 loads north of old bush PM I went to Job letting on 11th Con this evening Let it to M Dykes at 28cts per rod Clearing out ditches & grading road to be performed on or before 10th Septr next. W. fine Clear Cool sharp frost last night

July 1st Dominion day stacked the rest of hay about 7 loads had RW & Steele to help AM W took that load to JB & I raked over the meadow PM. I & little boys went fishing awhile this evening little John could not go his foot is sore yet W. fine. Cool. Clear

Sunday 2 at home all day Nancy went to Meeting at Cobers. & Adline went to Meeting at Widemans with Br C's W. fine Clear. warm

3 I & W drew in 1 load rakings & filled in drains with Plow AM I began to mow in field near Hoover's PM. W. fair. warm, Clear

4 Chored AM. I went to Cedar Grove PM & mowed after supper. W. fine rain AM

July 1871

July 5 I finished mowing Meadow near Hoover's untill about 3 PM. then raked a little after supper but it was not fit. W. fine Clear shower's went round north PM boys scuffled Corn & potatoes

6 I & W took horse rake to B S Shop M Burkholders to get new tooth in this morning began to rake up hay about half past 10 Oclock began to rain about 2 Pm. stopped our operations heavy shower tonight I took Matty Shank to Cobers & brought shovel plow from Br. N's

7 We all except Adeline went to Grandpa Hoover's on a visit to see the railway & to see the Cars run it was a great sight for the little ones boys put shovel plow through Corn & raked & Cocked some hay W. fine Clear pretty windy

8 Drew in all hay out of field near Hoovers 19 loads I went to Whitevale this evening to get some Brandy for my Mother she has Bowel Complaint W. fine clear

Sunday 9 at home all day CB's & Br. S's were here PM. W. very warm. Cooler this evening Mother some better

10 I went to Markham AM cut little meadow PM except a strip for timothy seed W began crossing old fallow W. fine Clear. like rain tonight

11 I went to Whitevale for some beef & drew a load of peastraw for M Dyke AM helped Nancy Pick black raspberries PM. Dave raked over meadow near Hoovers & raked little meadow W. a little rain this morning. Clear, warm today

12 Drew in load rakings out of field near Hoovers & 4 loads out of little meadow which finishes haying except little orchard

July 1871

12 W mowed in that this morning & this evening. I & little boys to grist & chop to mill this evening W. Clear

13 W Plowed & I chored AM all hoed turnip PM I brought home grist after supper W. very warm

14 hoed turnips. W went to Jacob Reesor's home raising PM. I & Dave took in load of hay out of little orchard & hoed turnips W. very warm

15 I & Nancy went Markham AM boys hoed turnips & Plowed potatoes PM. I & W brought home load of edgings I had a swim after supper W. very warm looks like rain

Sunday 16 Went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke 12 C 15 to 45 V by Rd H Barkey went to Br S's after service my Mother went to Br N's W. fine. Cooler

17 Both plowed in old fallow Dave thinned turnips. W. cool clear

18 Both plowed AM W. finished in a few hours PM then we helped Dave hoe turnips. got pretty near done. W. a slight shower at noon very high wind PM

19 I went to B.S. W got Jess shod in Whitevale & then helped Dave finish turnips AM I & W helped Br N bind wheat PM Br S cut with his reaper W fine. Clear. Cool

20 Cut roads round Wheat. I was at Br C's awhile PM helping A McCreight put together his new selfraking Buckeye reaper PM I & Nancy took yarn to A Carnagie's after supper W. fine cool clear

21 Helped Br. C cut his old land wheat W. cool clear

22 Cut our treatwell wheat & a little Soules good crop W. Cool. I drove all day with vest & smock on

July 1871 Aug

Sunday 23 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br. C Sermon on Hebrews 54 C by Rev Joseph Barkey Simon Hoover & Martin Neighswander's daughter Elisabeth were here after service I took my Mother to JD's this evening W. fine, clear

24 Finished Cutting our wheat AM JB & RW helped Cut for JD PM. W. fine clear

25 I went to Patterson for new Reel Pulley for our reaper Nancy went with me as far as JH Ramer's W. fine Clear. roads dusty

26 I & W Cut barley behind Cider house didn't get quite done W. fine Clear looks a little like rain

27 I & W helped Br. C draw in 20 loads wheat till supper time when we had a splendid heavy thunder shower

28 Drew home Chips Dave harrowed fallows I went to Cedar Grove Mills after supper W. Cloudy AM Clear PM

29 Drew in our Wheat about 26 loads till supper time Br. C's force helped. then we drew in 6 loads from Br C after supper W. Cloudy AM. fine Clear PM

Sunday 30 Went to Br Ns W. fine warm Clear

31 Turned barley AM. W helped Br C cut barley PM until sickle knife broke then he scuffled turnips Dave harrowed fallow I & Nancy went to Markham this evening W. fine clear

August 1st Drew in barly behind Cider house until supper time. then drew wheat rakngs about 2 loads Br C's & I Davis helped W. fine clear

Aug 1871

August 2 I took grist wheat to Cedar Grove Mills AM & W drew Steels hay I & W. Cut barley in east half of field east of dam PM. W fine

3 I & W finished Cutting barley this morning & Dave raked field behind Cider house Cocked till noon W. helped JD thresh PM I & Dave Cocked barley PM & I brought home grist this evening W. very Close. looks like rain

4 All helped Br C draw in barley W. very hot & Close & sultry. Thunder shower went over this evening. rained a few drops here

5 I & Dave drew in barley rakings behind Cider house 1 load this morning. Then I helped Flavius set up Threshing Machine at his Place till noon and awhile PM then I went to Whitevale I got {Curt?} shod W helped CB thresh W. fine Clear

Sunday 6 Went to Meeting at Altona remarks & sermon on St John 9? C by Br C Went to MNs after service W. very warm & dry

7 Drew 10 loads barley out of field east of dam W. cler

8 Threshed at Flavius's with our Machine 246 bus wheat & about 45 barley W. fine Cler pretty warm

9 Drew in 3 loads barley which finishes it AM Cut & bound about an acre Oats in NW Corner field PM. W. fine Cler

10 I & Nancy went to Belford this morning then I helped W plow fallow south of lane W. warm. dry

11 I killed a sheep this morning. plowed till noon I & Dave drew in load of barley rakings after dinner then plowed till supper. went to BS after supper W. close. a little bit of rain this evening

August 1871

August 21 W harrowed Old fallow & Dave the new I chored we all turned Peas after supper W. Cloudy AM Clear PM

22 Had CB & his team & M Barkey his man to draw in Peas & Oats drew in 4 loads Peas found they were too wet. then they went home & we drew in 7 loads Oats. W. Clear

23 Had CB's again. finished drawing in Peas & Oats till supper. I & W drew in timothy seed after supper which finishes Our harvest W. warm Close. looks like rain

24 I & W helped Br C thresh (he had Baldry's Machine I bought his share in our old Machine last winter when he was sick) Dave drew stones off fallows W. fine

25 I & Nancy Got up at about 2 Oclock & went to Simon Hoover's & they went with us to Glen {Sherrand?} in Uxbridge to Pick Blackberries then we roamed up & down the hills & Glades in the beautiful wilderness until about 3 PM when we started home after Picking about 4 Pails of berries. W. beautiful. Clear W. began to ridge up in new fallows

26 I & W drew 2 loads of Duncan's hay rained a little PM. had to leave 1 load. raining now bed time

Sunday 27 at home all day Br S's were here W. fine Soaking rain last night & awhile AM

28 I & W ridged up in new fallows W. fine Clear

29 W finished ridging new fallow till about 10 am then it rained heavy shower boys threshed Peas with horse & helped me kill Pig. PM. Drew big stones off fallow tonight

Aug 1871 Sept

August 30 Both ridged in Old fallow I brought Duncan's last load of hay into barn this evening Br C loaded it for me. W. fine. slight shower after supper

31 I & little boys took load hay to Duncan & brought seed wheat from Flavius this morning. Then I plowed. W. fine. Clear.

Septr 1 sowed new fallow with Soules wheat AM. Sowed a few hours for CB PM then Plowed till night. W. fine Cler. JH Ramer's came to stay all night. My Mother was taken sick very sudden this evening. dizzy. & nervous like W. went for Dr McC. rather easier 4 Oclock Sept 2

2 Sowed Old fallow with Treadwell & a little Soules W. pretty warm. My Mother a little better

Sunday 3 at home J Stover's & Br S's were here W. warm, Close this evening Mother not quite so well. she has some Bilious Complaint

4 I took load wood to Bambridge & took grist barley Chop to Cedar Grove Mills this evening. W furrowed out wheat W. fine Cler. very warm. Close

5 I took last load wood to Bambridge AM Went to Funeral of David Whaley PM. He fell from his buggy near Markham Village on Friday evening & injured his spine & Died on Sunday evening. W very close & warm

6 I & W helped Br. S thresh W slight shower at noon

7 I & W cut Clover seed AM I went to BS to get Sickle fixed after dinner & W began fall plow in barley stubble behind Cider house & I helped when I came back W. fine Cool

Sept 1871

8 I sowed 10 bus Wheat for Br C AM Br C helped me Cut Clover seed awhile PM W helped JD log. Finlaws were here at noon W. fine Cler. Cool. Adeline & Susanna had the Measles getting over them nicely

9 I & Br. C finished Cutting Clover seed AM W & Dave drew dung on barley stubble in field east of dam I helped PM. W. fine. Clear warm

Sunday 10 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Widemans remarks by Re H Barky appropriate sermon for Celebration of Lords Supper by Br C Went to Little Chris Hoover's after service W. fine Cler

11 I & W helped Flavius thresh brought Machine to our place this evening. W. fine Cler

12 Drew dung AM. I & Nancy went to Markham PM boys finished dung W. fine Clear M Neighswanders were here PM when we were not at home

13 W plowed. I & Br C fixed horse stable I asked some hands to thresh on friday W. Cool heavy north wind PM

14 W plowed spot where Crown peas were below garden AM I chored & we set Machine & I went to Cherrywood store on 3rd Con Pickering at W Burkholder's Corner. PM. W. very Cool Cler

15 threshed 100 bus Oats. began to rain 1/2 past 9. began to thresh after dinner threshed 360 bus barley before sunset. good for our old Machine rained drissly sometimes PM.

16 Finished threshing about 1/2 past 3 the whole lot amounts to 470 bus barley 132 Soules wheat 37 bus spring wheat 12 bus rakings about 100 bus Oats. W. Cler AM all day

Sept 1871

Sunday 17 I & little girls went to Meeting at Hebron suitable remarks & sermon for the Celebration of Lords Supper by Revs Jos Barkey & Br C. W. Cool Clear

18 I sowed new ground stubble for Br C AM got Flavius rack & brought in 1 load Clover seed PM. W plowed till supper John & Joseph Weaver & their wives from Waterloo Jacob Reesor's & Manasses Frets' were here at noon little boys are starting with Measles W. Clear

19 Fixed staked & Capped some fences at Creek Crossings & W Cut Corn I took some grist to Cedar Grove Mills PM. W. a little rain last night. Clear today

20 Shocked Corn & Drew in last of Clover seed about 2 loads. boys Picked apples & I brought home Grist W. cool clear

21 I went to Whitevale AM boys Drew in haystack AM Cleaned load Soules wheat & brought home load Chips PM. W hard frost last night. warm today

22 Took 40 bus 50 {lbs?} Soules wheat to Whitevale @ $1.23 AM & @ about 40 bus PM @1.22 W was at Bee fixing bridge in north lane W. fine

23 Took 22 bus 5 lbs Soules wheat to Whitevale @$1.22 AM Made 1 barrel cider at P Lapps PM. W. warm clear

Sunday 24 at home AM Went to AB's PM were not at home then went to JD's W. fine. Clear

25 W helped Sanderson thresh. I boiled sauce & brought Chop home W. fine. illegible raining a little this evening

Sept 1871 Oct

26 W helped Sanderson thresh I brought My Mother Home from JD's I chored AM Made a barrel Cider PM. W. fine rain last night. Cool today

27 I boiled sauce Took my Mother to JDs this morning & brought her home this evening boys dug potatoes W. blustery & a little rain PM. This is my 35th Birthday

28 Thanksgiving day. All went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C Sermon on 5th Book of Moses by Revd H Barkey W. Cool clear

29 Finished digging Potatoes W. Cool

30 I & Dave drew home wood & Chips AM I took little girls to {Smeadons?} to get new boots Measured PM W plowed W. fine Clear

Oct 1 Went to AB's on a visit. W. fine warm Clear

2 I took 50 bus 24 lbs barley to F mans bay @57ct per bus Barley is an extra bright sample this season & an extra low price. W helped Br. N dig potatoes W. fine warm clear

3 I & W plowed in wheat stubble W. Drissly rain this morning. a little at noon

4 I took 50 bus barley to bay @55ct W fine Clear

5 I took 51 32 lbs barley to bay @55ct per bus W finished plowing wheat stubble except headlands W. fine warm clear

6 I took 51 bus barley to bay @ 56cts boys went to Markham Fair I helped CB kill 2 pigs PM W illegible fine? Cloudy AM clear PM

7 I bought 865 lbs bran at Whitevale AM @ 60cts per 100 lbs Chored & Cleaned load barley this evening boys helped Br C dig potatoes until nearly night W. pretty cold. Cler

Sunday 8 went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Rd H Barkey sermon on St John 15th C by Br C went to Br N after service W. cler

Oct 1871

9 I took 50 bus 29 lbs barly to bay @ 56cts W began to plow in barly stubble East of dam W. fine warm Cler

10 I & Dave drew in clover seed out of little Orchard & 2 loads Corn W. fine Clear

11 I helped W plow AM helped Flavius get Out Telegraph posts PM There is a line to be built between Whitevale & The Kingston road. W a little rain last night rather Cloudy today raining tonight

12 I & Nancy went to John Stover's on a visit Then I & John went to Joseph Ramer's sale I bought woodenheaded horse fork @ 75cts W fine Clear

13 Cleaned a load barley AM W took it to bay PM 53 bus @ 58 cts I & Dave picked apples. I & Nancy went a while to AB's PM W. fine Clear

14 Cleaned load barley & I & W sawed rail timbers AM W took 42 bus barly to bay PM @ 57 cts I brought windlas & buckets from J Clark's to deepen our back well next week W. a little drissly

Sunday 15 Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C Sermon on {blank space} by Red H Barkey Saml Ramer & his sister Adeline & Matty Shank were here after service W. very heavy wind last night & today. Terrible fire in Chicago on the night of the 8th Oct & following day. the main part of the City is burnt. 150,000 people houseless

16 W finished plowing barly stubble in turnip field I brought home {illegible meattubs?} from Dimma AM Picked some apples & drew a load of Corn PM. W. Cool. Clear

17 I & W put in a few Posts opposite Br Cs in a low place am I went to Henry Peter's sale {&?} boys drew in last load of Corn PM W. Clear AM a little drissly PM

Oct 1871

Oct 18 Chored sawed wood in woodshed & husked Corn W. pretty cold Cler

19 W began to Plow in NW Corner field where Oats & Spring Wheat was I chored AM helped John Stover kill 3 pigs that he bought from me & one for our own use PM. W fine Clear heavy wind PM. Jacob Shant's & wife from Berlin & Uncle Saml's were here PM

20 I chored & fired five stumps where W. is plowing Picked a few apples. W. pretty Cold

21 brought home Our Cider barrel from JD's AM drew a load of water from Flavius & Chored PM W. Cler Cool

Sunday 22 at home all day Took my Mother to JD's AM brought her home PM. W fine Clear day

23 I & Sanderson Put new stringer in bridge on townline AM helped Kirton take stones out of back well well PM. W warm smoky

24 Finished taking stones out of well AM he dug a little PM W. fine Cler

25 I made 83 gals Cider at Lapps AM I & Nancy went to Markham PM. boys tended Kirton W cold a few drops rain East wind tonight

26 I & Dave tended Kirton W helped Br C thresh he got Dyke to work in his place PM. I got plow fixed to plow at Beford Match tommorrow tried in our sod. found it too hard. wont go. JB Came. fix woodshed & {illegible Party? Pantry?} W. some thunder fine shower this evening

27 I & Dave tended Kirton W helped Br C finish threshg W. Cler AM, fine Shower PM Kirton didn't dig much PM

28 W plowed behind Cider house. I & Dave tended Kirton no water yet. very hard digging JB left this Morning W. Cool

Sunday 29 went to Meeting at Altona remarks & Sermon on St Mat 22 C by Revd H Barkey went to Simon Hoover's W Cool

Oct 1871 Nov

Oct 30 I drew some water & 3 loads wood AM & boys tended Kirton I & W tended PM he struck a splendid spring about 10 AM & another PM appears to be plenty of water W. fine Clear

31 tended Kirton made another splendid strike lots of water Commenced to stone up about half past 10 oclock W Clear began to rain from East this evening after dark

Nov 1 boys tended Kirton I drew 9 loads stone for well W. cold wind

2 I drew 4 loads stone AM boys began pulling turnips I helped PM. W sharp Cold wind Cler

3 I helped Kirton finish stoning well AM I & Nancy went to Markham to see Pump maker Called at Simon Reesor's W. Cler

4 All Pulled turnips left 20 drills to pull W. raw east wind

Sundy 5 at home all day Hoover's young folks were here PM W. Cool clear

6 I helped John Stover kill 6 hogs AM boys drew in 9 loads turnip JB was is here Cutting wood for my Mother AM & Carpentering for me PM W frose pretty hard last night

7 Drew in 20 loads turnips McDonald of Markham lengthened & put in back Pump PM W. pretty Cold

8 Drew in 8 loads turnip AM I & W took 50 bus to Riston in Sparta PM. Dave & JB finished pulling about 20 drills PM JB finished a granary in old farm for me W finer Cler Cold {wind?}

9 I & JB went shooting in big swamp & on the Rouges didn't get much. bush too dry. W beautiful

10 Drew in 1 load potatoes, began to rain at 10 O c husked Corn & I killed Pig

11 Finished drawing in Potatoes AM W plowed behind Cider house PM. I & Dave drew stones away from new well PM W. Cler sharp Cold North wind

{page badly torn in top left corner, top line(s) also missing}

{Nov 1871 Dec}

{part of page missing} finished plowing behind Cider house AM {missing} root ground PM W Clear

{part of page missing}{went} to Finlaws had Br Ns Peter to plow in {part of page missing} W. Cloudy, a squall of snow this evening

{part of page missing} W finished root ground & began in sod below {part of page missing} W Cler pretty cold

{part of page missing} {24} helped Br N kill hogs. W heavy soft snow AM thawing PM

{25} W helped JD thresh with team I & little boys drew {home?} pine wood & edgings with sleigh. W thawing, snow going

Sunday 26 at home all day. W. drissly thawing

27 I worked on road in Scarboro. W helped finish thresh at JD's AM. Plowed sod PM. W. freesing sharp

28 Helped Br C kill hogs. W. very Cold

29 Made ready to kill our hogs tomorrow W Cold Cler

30 Killed our 6 hogs. W fine some Milder

Dec 1 Chored. Cut a lot of Edgings. W. Milder

2 helped Br N kill hogs AM. Chored PM. W mild Cler

Sunday 3 I & little girls went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C. sermon on St Luke 10th C by Rev H Barkey. W. mild Cler. Br. S's youngsters & CB's were {here} PM PM

4 Had JD with oxen to skid up logs for Sawing Machine. W. mild AM some snow squalls PM

Dec 1871 Jan 1872

Christmas day 25 went to Meeting at Hebron Remarks by Br C Sermon on {blank space} by Red H Barkey Br S's were here PM John Stover's were here this evening W. fine Clear. heard today that JH Ramer's house was burned yesterday morning at daylight & a good part of the furniture

26 Went to S Lehman's W. Cold

27 I & RW killed our beef W some snow squalls Received a subpoena summons to appear at Court as a Petit Juryman on the 8th of January 1872

28 went to Markham & a while to JH Ramer's W. Cold

29 Had Jonas Miller to thresh few loads Clover Ginned out 5 bus. I & JB began drawing wood drags PM. drew 8 PM

30 I & JB drew 6 logs AM then he went {home?} & I brought load edgings PM. W. East wind rain this {evening}

31 Went to Falvius' W. thawing rain {after} {page torn} Finlaws Came to stay all night

Jan 1st 1871 at home all day. Br. N & Mrs Moyer {from?} {page torn} {were} here awhile AM. W fine Cler. roads a sheet of ice {page torn} the centre of the turnpike. fields mostly bare

{page torn} & JB drew 16 logs. Uncle Samls youngsters {&} youngsters from Cayuga & Anne Reesor were here {at} noon. W. strong sharp East wind

3 I & JB drew 9 logs AM Cut some sheaves put Brine on Pork & I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove PM. W East {wind} soft snow & a little rain PM. mild

4 I & JB & little John brought home Cow that I bought of AB @ $35.00 this morning. then we drew 11 logs W. sof. Cloudy

5 I Chored AM. Helped Br C kill beef PM W. fine RW Killed my Poor Old Faithful horse ! Tom ! tonight Aged. 29 yrs 6 m. he got down and Could not rise

6 I & Nancy went to Markham. Called at J Stover's for dinner he bought 2 steers off me @ $25.00 each I moved horse power behind Cider house W. Cold north wind

Sunday 7 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Rd H Barkey sermon on St Mat 8 C by Br. C Saml Ramer & Mary Hoover & Finlaw's youngsters were here PM I went to see JB to chore for me I intend to go to Toronto tomorrow W very cold a little milder this evening

Jan 1872

Sunday 7 Jan 8th Walked to Markham this morning Took the train on the Nippissing Railway to Toronto to serve on the Assize Court as Petit Juror engaged my board at the Black Horse Hotel was not Called into the Jury Box today W. Cold

9 Feel rather lonesome. not Called today

10 was Called today on the Traviss Murder Trial. was kindly Exempted by the Crown Atty Mr K McKenzie.

11 Murder Trial Concluded this PM. Traviss Found. Guilty.

12 Ordinary Business

13 Ordinary Business. Dismissed this PM. in time for the Train to Get to Markham but I took the Rouge Stage. & Hurrah for ! home sweet home ! {page torn} {Got} home about 8 PM found all in tolerable {illegible, page torn} {health?} Nancy has pretty bad Cold

{Page torn, Sunday 14} at home Cober's were here this evening {Continuation} of remarkable fine weather

15 Away to Toronto on the Nippissing again this Morning Br S's {Tilman?} took me to the station he is Choring for me a few days JB was here last week NB? I forgot to mention that M N Neighswander Sawed wood for me on the 8th Inst

16 Ordinary Business

17 ditto

18 ditto

19 do

20 Dismissed in time. & away home on the Narrow Guage. Br N met me at the station very fine weather all week except some soft snow on Friday PM

Sunday 21 went to AB's they were not at home Br S's Came here PM his son Menno came this evening to Chore for me this week

22 off on the Nippissing to Toronto again. a week of Ordinary business. rode home with Br S in his Cutter this evening.

Saturday 27. found all very well at home

Sunday 28 Went to JH Ramers on a visit they have a son all pretty well. fine weather last week. sleighing bad in Toronto

Jan 1872 & Feb 1872

Monday 29. Br S's Menno took me to Station this morning. another week of business got discharged this morning

Feb 3 were Paid off about 1100 AM rambled about town untill 3.30 PM then Hip, Hurrah, for Markham & sweet home Got home about 7 PM. February 3 found all well

Feb 4 Sunday. Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke 6 C by Rvd H Barkey. Finlaw's were here & S Lehman's PM W. fine mild

5 all went to Br S's My Mother went as far as Br N's W. fine good sleighing

6 Went to AB's. W. about six inches snow last night

7 Chored. JB's were here awhile PM. W. fine

8 Filled beds & chored. W. Clear got medicine for my mother she has bowel complaint

9 Cut some straw for bedding. & went to JD's & to Cedar Grove PM. W. fine Clear mother better

10 didnt feell well. have Influenza. took salts M Neighswanders & Rudolph Moyer's from Scott were here. W. fine Clear mild

Sunday 11 at home all day. W. fine mild

12 I Took 6 bus grist to Cedar Grove Mills W fine

13 Chored. W. rain from East nearly all day

14 Chored. W. Windy a little snow. Cold

15 Split some wood & drew a load of sawed wood into woodshed brought grist home PM W. NW wind pretty Cold

16 Chored. Took Chop to Mill. W. fine Clear

17 Chored. brought chop home PM. Colon {Colin} Reesor & wife were here this evening. W. fine Clear

Sunday 18 at home AB's were here W. fine mild Clear

19 Chored. W. beautiful. Clear. Abraham Doner & wife & CB's & JD's were here this evening

20 Chored. W. fine Clear thawing

21 Chored. {top?} threshed some Oats I & little boys finished Cleaning Timothy Seed pretty near one bushel

22 JB Came to help me Clean Wheat got only one load Cleaned. had visitor Manasse Frets's & {Marven? Martin?} Neighswander's. Joe Wideman fixed Clock. W. pretty Cold

Feb 1872

23 I took 47 bus treadwell Wheat to Cedar Grove @ $1.23 & took 35 bus 52 lbs PM

24 RW helped me run through a load this morning took it out 35 bus 33 lbs AM Chored PM W mild snow going fast. road getting Muddy

Sunday 25 at home all day. W. Colder AM Cold heavy west wind PM. froze hard. Clear PM

26 Chored. Started about 5 PM. to go for Dr Mc heard on my way that he was at Uncle Joseph Burkholder's with Dr {Lizars?} who is Operating on Uncle Joseph by Cutting for ¡ {upside down exclamation mark} stone in the bladder! Brought Dr with me this evening W. very Cold. pretty heavy NW. wind

27 Nancy gave birth to a son about 1.Ocl this AM. doing very well. I took M C home AM Chored PM. W. very Cold yet

28 Drew 9 loads wood for Steele W. pretty cold Uncle Joseph Died this morning

29 Brought Horse power from Flavius AM I own the whole Machine now bought Out Flavius & having bought out Br C last winter Finlaws were here today W. fine

March 1st Uncle Joseph was buried today I didnt go My Mother went with AB's W Clear Cold

2 Chored. W. fine. Clear Nancy & baby doing finely

Sunday 3 Meeting at Hebron I didn't go Old M Neighswanders & young Mort's were here W. fine Clear

4 Chored. very very Cold. NW. wind all day

5 Chored W. Clear. Calm. biting. Cold

6 Went to Flavius's Sale bought Neckyoke @ 50 cts Waggon rack 75cts Cider barrel $1.00 & Pair Bobsleighs $16.50. W. severe Cold, heavy north wind. Flavius has rented his farm to T.H. Hall & he is putting up a house on the north end of his farm on the 4th Concession for himself

Mar 1872

7 Brought home My Purchases from Flavius AM Went to Cedar Grove PM. W. Milder

8 Went to Cherrywood ¡ that is Walkey's Corner ¡ AM with old buggy. went to Markham PM W. mild

9 Went to Markham to Make Affidavit as Witness to the will of my late Uncle Joseph Burkholder at the Office of {N Mans? Annan's? A Man's?} W. East storm snow & drissly rain all day didn't amount to much after all

Sunday 10 at home Br S's Flavius & Isaac Reesor were here Cober's Called a little while W. mild the snow yesterday helped the sleighing a good deal

11 Went to JD's & to Cedar Grove AM Simon Hoover's were here when I got home. W. fine, warm. Clear

12 Chored & got horse power set. made ready for threshing W. fine. warm. Clear. thawing. There has still been thin Sleighing so far. but it appears it wont last much longer

13 threshed AM. got on very well. Put through over 200 bus Oats AM. ot done before dinner. W. fine AM Cloudy PM. Heard that Michael Burkholder's little boy about 7 years Old got Accidentally hung in a Cow Chain yesterday evening

14 Chored AM. went to Funeral of M Burkholder's boy at Hebron PM. W. fine. Clear. snowing tonight

15 Chored. I & little boys got a grist ready PM Jacob Grove & family were here PM. W. Clear sharp

16 Went to Cherry-wood AM, & to Cedar Grove with grist Chop PM. W Clear sharp

Sunday 17 at home Br. N's & Br S's youngsters were here. W. Clear. Sharp a little snow squally

18 Helped Br. C's hang up Pork AM. Got mine out of tubs PM. W. Clear. sharp. Commenced to snow from East very heavy this evening about sunset

19 Hung up our Pork. RW & WM helped. W. heavy NW wind all day. Cold. drifting snow

20 Chored. I & little John Cut some sheaves W. Cold freezing yet Hard windy yet

21 I & little girls & John went to Markham & to JH Ramers for dinner. W. pretty Cold N W wind pretty good sleighing in the ditches along the fences. all the gullies are solid ice

Mar 1872 April

22 brought home buggy from Cherrywood AM JB was here awhile PM. I went to Cedar Grove PM W Clear

23 didnt do much except fix single Harness a little. have bad Headache. W. snow from East AM. Clear PM

Sunday 24 at home Jac Reesors were here PM & CBs & Br N's & Br S's awhile My Mother was taken sick yesterday & was worse today Dr was here PM is rather better this evening W. fine mild

25 Fixed & Oiled single Harness & Chored W M helped Flavius draw stones this evening. I bought 2 1/4 Acres of land off CB being the Corner of Lot No 1 5th Con Scarboro. for the Sum of $200. $50. Cash down & the balance in 3 yearly Instalments without Interest

26 I helped T Sanderson at Sawing Machine W. mild Snowed a little last night. thawed a little today

27 I & W drew 4 Cords wood for My Mother AM drew some in field PM. W & J Atkinson Chopped some for Me this spring W. Snow going very fast

28 Chored. Went to Cedar Grove PM. W soft snow all day. mild

29 Good Friday My Mother & we all went to Br C's W. new snow nearly all went today. fine warm

30 I & W drew out Cordwood W. fine Clear mild

Sunday 31 Easter. this was the day for Meeting at Hebron didn't Open. strong wind & rain from East all AM about 6 in snow last night. mild

Easter Monday April 1 at home all day W. heavy north wind. a little snow. illegible {unpleasant?}

2 All went to Markham & to J H Ramer's W. fine. Pretty good sleighing this morning. bad this evening WM. Commenced work this morning @ $125.00 for 7 Months.

3 Drew some hay from Flavius for Steele & Cleaned grist AM. W took it to Cedar Grove & then we drew some rails PM. W. fine Clear

4 Drew some rails & then drew out Cordwood W fetched home grist this evening Abraham Hoovers were here for awhile PM W. frose hard. last night. thawed today

April 1872

5 Chored AM W finished drawing Out wood l I & Nancy went to AB's & I went to Whitevale & got Jess shod PM. W. fine Clear thawing sleighing gone

6 I went to duffins Creek for a keg of beer W split sawed wood we fixed up some fences along fallow in Scarboro PM. W. fine. very warm

Sunday 7 at home all day. JD's were here W. mild some rain

8 didn't do much. my Mother was pretty bad last night W went for Dr this morning he came this evening W. foggy & Cloudy

9 I went to Markham to get some Medicine for my Mother she rested pretty well last night. W. foggy & a little rain this AM warm Clear PM distant thunder PM. John Stover's oldest daughter died today of Scarlett fever it is very prevalent this spring

10 Chored W ground axe at Br C's AM. both chopped dead dead timber in old bush PM. W. a little squally

11 both Chopped. I helped Br N Clean some Oats that he bought off me @ 40cts per bus. I cant chop very much have Rheumatiz in my shoulders W. fine Clear

12 Cleaned seed Oats & sorted some turnips W. rain nearly all day I went to Cedar Grove this evening

13 I Chored AM brought home Iron plow from Walkeys where I had it fixed W Chopped. W. very windy. Cold

14 Sunday 14 at home. Br S's & CB's were here PM. W clear

15 Sowed grass seed on fall wheat in NW field & some on Oat stubble where it caught badly AM sawed big elm into Cordwood in Markham fallow PM. I went to JB's this evening W Clear AM snow squally alwhil awhile PM

16 Went to Finlaws & to Brinlaw Saml Hoover's W. Cold N.W. wind Clear roads getting pretty good

17 I & W sawed Old logs in Markham fallow AM Had A Purdy with JD's Oxen to log PM. got finished W fine clear

18 I got Cent shod AM I & Nancy went to Markham PM. W began Plowing sod below garden W. fine Clear roads pretty good. hard frosts few nights back

19 Both plowed JB's were here. W. fine. warm. Clear. drying fast

April 1872 May

April 20 W finished plowing below garden & Commenced in sod near Hoover's I helped Flavius draw sand & fixed board fence along pickering townline my Mother is rather poorly today W. fine clear

Sunday 21 at home all day Mother very poorly AB's JD's CB's BrC & Br S? N's were here PM. W. fine. Clear

22 Went to Markham AM got Medicine for My Mother AM. Chored PM W. Cold blustering Dave Stephenson Came to work today @ $45.00 for 7 months W. went to plow for John Stover blustering, a little snow squalls. Cold wind froze last night

23 Both plowed AM. Chored PM. W very Cold Wind AM. about 3 in snow fell PM

24 Sawed Elm Cordwood in two AM W helped JD log PM I & Dave brought home & planted about 20 Black raspberry bushes PM W. warm Snow all gone

25 Both plowed AM I brought load of lime from Jim Hadleys for Flavius PM. W. warm. Close

26 I plowed W is not well. W. fine Clear

27 Both plowed W. Cold NW wind. J Wideman & wife Came to stay all night

Sunday 28 I staid at home with My Mother & little boys. Nancy & little girls went to Meeting at Hebron. Finlaws youngsters were here after service David Burkholder at supper W. fine Clear

29 Sowed sod below garden with Oats JB Came PM to fix garden fences & lane fence. W. Cold East wind Clear

30 I sowed 4 bus spring Wheat in north side of field back of garden AM & Dave gang plowed it in then I helped JB at lane fence. W finished sod till supper time then rolled Oats after supper W. Close & warm distant thunder. looks like rain

May 1 Got Br Cs gang Plow boys both Ganged in field back of garden AM threshed Crown Peas PM W. a little rain this morning. Showry PM. makes things grow

May 1872

May 1 Great fire reported in Markham last night have not heard Particulars yet David Burkholder's illegible son Abraham's wife died Suddenly this morning

2 boys gang plowed last year's Root ground & nearly finished back of garden I helped JB at lane fence W. fine

3 Sowed sod with peas. Nancy went to Abraham Burkholder's wife's funeral with Br. C & Br N's got sod harrowed twice W. began to rain about 10 to 2 PM. Clearing till night

4 W began to plow in East end of big field where Clover missed. Dave finished harrowing sod peas till 10 AM then I helped to plow W. Cold north wind

Sunday 5 at home Br N's were here PM. W. fine clear

6 I sowed last years turnip ground with barley & Dave harrowed it. I took my Mother to JD. W began to plow behind Cider house. W. fine warm Clear

7 I sowed barly in field back of garden AM W & JB plowed behind Cider house JB hitched his horse with old Dick Dave harrowed barly I plowed PM & JB worked at lane fence w. very warm

8 Plowed & brought 10 1/2 bus white oats from Old Willie Morrison's AM sowed field behind Cider house PM. got harrowed once a little showry PM

Ascension day 9 I went with Children to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C. Sermon on St Luke 24 C by Rvd H Barkey W. warm Clear

10 I sowed Crown Peas in N W Corner Dave gang plowed them AM JB & W. fixed fence at Scarboro Pasture. W ganged PM & Dave finished harrowing Oats W. fine Clear

11 I & Nany went to Markham AM sowed grass seed on Crown Peas PM Dave finished harrowing. W. plowed in big field W fine Clear Saw the results of the fire in Markham today {Hon?} D Reesor's stable fired by an Incendiary were burnt his Dwelling Carleton's stable & Store D Johnston's Saddlery Mair's Law Office

May 1972

A building Occupied by A Barber the Anglo American Hotel Pringls Dwelling Workshop & Showroom Burks Store & J Robinsons dwelling The Economist Office was only saved by the greatest {exertion?} all the Contents were removed & everything put into Confusion so there was no Issue last week.

Sunday 12 at home Jacob Reesor's youngsters were here. & Br S's youngsters PM W. fine Clear. Cool. a good shower would do some good now

13 I & W finished Plowing East part of big field Dave carried potatoes Out of of Cellar JB finished west lane fence to Cider house from townline W Cool Clear

14 Sowed Peas in East end of big field Took my Mother to Br N's PM. My Mother is very restless at night & rather weak in her mind W. fine Clear. east wind PM

15 Took my Mother to B's S's & then went to Markham AM Planted Early Rose Potatoes PM W. fine Clear

16 I rolled some Peas AM. boys fired fallow south end of Markham bush. all fought fire PM. it run run run over nearly the whole of the Old bush. but I hope it did not do it much harm. it burned about 10 rods of fence on the 11th Con. W. Shifty wind. Clear

17 I went to Whitevale AM to get Deed drawn by T P White for 2 1/4 Acres of land that I bought of C Burkholder for $200. burned & Picked in fallow PM Dave finished rolling Peas PM W. fine clear

18 Chored & Picked in fallow AM put up new fence along 11th where it was burned PM W strong East wind. a little rain tonight. fire about out

Whit Sunday 19 I & Nancy went awhile to J Cober's W. heavy rain about all night & a good deal today will do a great deal of good I hope

Whit Monday 20 I & Nancy little boys & My Mother went to JD W. Clear with a few sunshiny showers. things look green

21 boys drew Old rails wood & stones off little fallow I chored & went to {Frys?} for some plants W. fine warm clear

May 1872 June

22 Dave harrowed root ground & W plowed potatoe ground got done about 3 PM then Cleaned grist W. fine AM rain PM. slowly at first heavy tonight Heard today that Uncle Jacob Burkholder Died last night

23 I & Nancy went to Uncle Jacob Burkholder's funeral at Widemans. Discourses by J Stakly & Shoults Went to Finlaws for dinner boys fenced pastures on Scarboro Side W. wet this morning, fine today

24 W Commenced plowing new fallow I brought Home Grist AM helped plow PM. W. Clear AM. some squalls of rain PM Planted a little Corn AM

25 I went to Fmans bay AM for some Plaster didnt get any AM. dug garden PM. W. strong north wind

Sunday 26 My Mother Nancy & little girls went to Meeting at Hebron. Sacrement today. I & little boys staid at home. I was not well, had to vomit last night. Danl Widemans & S Lehmans were here at Dinner & Menno Burkholder's & M Nighswander's at supper. Abraham Burkholder & his family & his Mother were here awhile W fine Clear

27 I & Neighbours Moved graveyard fence to the north & rebuilt it W plowed little Orchard for Old Steele to plant potatoes on shares W. a few heavy showers

28 W plowed in fallow I & Dave worked at fence on west side of field near Hoover's W. cool clear illegible night. W. fine Clear

30 I chored boys drew old rail pieces where Dave & I fixed fence then drew stones off west end of field near Hoover's where we are going to summer fallow. harrowed potatoe ground. & Piled some lim limb wood after supper. W. dribbling, & heavy shower tonight

31 Planted about an acre of Potatoes in East side of field East of Dam W. fine Clear

June 1 began to draw dung on fallow W. fine looks a little like rain

{June 1872}

Sunday 2 At home Flavius' Br N's & AB's were here W. Cool Clear

3 Drew dung W. fine some East wind

4 Spread some dung AM I took chop to mill & W began plowing fallow PM. W. Shower AM & another after supper {illegible very?} Pigs? tonight

5 Both plowed in fallow W. fine. Clear north wind AM JB's were here at noon

6 Both Plowed AM. W went to A Snider's on 3rd Con Pickering I took my Mother to JD She is getting very weak in her mind and body W. very warm

7 Washed sheep AM Dave helped Br C plant Potatoes AM Chored PM. W. began to rain about 10 AM. rained nearly all day

8 W went to Flavius log house raising on his end of lot on 4th Con. I took My Mother to JD's PM Saw Baby, born about noon W. some showers

Sunday 9 We all & My Mother went to Br S's they were not at home staid for dinner with the young folks Martha Shank & her Man & Christian Stover's were here at supper {Matty?} got married this spring to Mr Ebenezer Cook out west in the Township of Dorchester W. Clear heavy rain last night

10 Finished plowing fallow & started plowing turnip ground AM W plowed some PM & I went to JD's. W. fine AM some very heavy rain & Thunder PM. Started water pretty high

11 Sawed some rail cuts AM boys & CB & his boys went fishing PM. got nothing W warm & slight shower this evening

12 I Plowed garden for Flavius at his new house AM Helped W plow turnip ground PM. W helped Flavius Put rafters on his house after supper. W. fine warm. Clear

13 Both plowed in turnip ground till near noon when it began to rain. rained nearly all PM. I shot a bird up at dam today which Puzzles me to name it belongs to the Crane specie I should think

14 Drew rails out of Scarboro bush along 5th Con ready to fence it in. I took Nancy & My Mother to JD's & then went to Mr Swallows near Duffins Creek with my Bird to get it stuffed it proved to belong

June 1972

June 14 to the Crane Specie. but it is Commonly Called a (shitepoke) or Bittern then I got a keg of beer at the Creek Brewery W. warm slight showers PM roads heavy

15 Finished drawing rails out of bush & then drew 7 loads from Br N's W. fine Clear

Sunday 16 All went to Br N's. W. fine Clear AB's were here at supper

17 I & Nancy went to Markham AM I went to Cherrywood PM. W harrowed turnip ground Dave hoed Early rose Potatoes W. fine Clear

18 Dave harrowed old fallow W drew a few rails & then began to make turnip drills I helped scrub & wash Meeting house PM. W. fine Clear

19 Chored AM. Sowed about half of turnips PM. Uncle John Burkholder was here at dinner W. warm clear

20 I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Saml Hoover's his wife was confined about a week ago and is rather poorly but is getting better W helped Br C draw stones W. very very warm. sultry

21 Finished sowing turnips in East half of field East of dam about 4 acres. & 1 acre of potatoes. AM began drawing dung on heap in fallow Intend putting it on pea ground in field near Hoover's East part west part is fallow. W. rather Cooler

22 Drew dung. Mother rather Poorly. getting weak W. pretty warm

Sunday 23 I & Nancy staid at home. Meeting at Hebron my Mother is pretty bad we have to set up with her all night quite a few visitors. W. fine Clear

24 boys drew dung I helped to wait on my Mother She is very restless. sleeps very little. dozes a great deal. Imagines strange things. and consequently takes a great deal of attendance she got a little stronger this evening so I gave her a short drive in the buggy. W. fine Clear Jacob Hendrik & wife were here today with Jac Reesors & Old Samuel Neighswanders

25 Waited on my Mother. She is still pretty strong Joseph Shirk's were here today. M Dyke's little Mary Died today. W. fine. Clear. looks a little like rain

June 1872 July

26 W harrowed in new fallow. AM. he plowed on roads PM. I chored. My. Mother still keeps pretty strong Uncle Joseph's widow & young Christian, Little Chris Hoover's & Jacob Widemans were here today. W. pretty warm

27 W worked on road with team I Chored Dave finished harrowing new fallow W. warm clear we are still up every night with My Mother

28 W finished road work with team AM went to Party at Cherrywood PM. I Chored My Mother rather poorly. W. very warm. nice shower PM John Stover's were here PM

29 I. W. & Dave worked Scarboro road work with team. W. very very warm

30 Sunday. at home all day. Mother very poorly W. hot close

July 1 W. began Mowing little meadow in Scarboro. I waited on my Mother she is a little stronger PM W. very warm I & little boys brought home new 3 spring waggon from Cherrywood @ $100 PM they allow me $10 for our old double buggy

2 I chored W finished Mowing in Scarboro I & Dave raked & Cocked some PM

3 I took Broken horse rake to get fixed AM W mowed in Orchard raked & cocked the last of the hay in Scarboro PM. W very warm. shower & thunder went round west & south tonight

4 I got Cent shod at Bambridges AM. W mowed in Orchard finished till supper. then we scuffled potatoes after supper. W. Slight Shower about noon our turnips are Coming very slow, scarcely any to be seen Thos Wilson of Markham Village died yesterday from the effects of a fall off a building the day before

5 Drew in 3 loads hay out of Scarboro AM raked & Cocked part of Orchard PM. W. pretty warm

6 Fixed up Horse fork & raked rest of Orchard AM Drew it in 3 loads PM. W. rather Cooler S Lehmans were here at supper

Sunday 7 at home all day JD Brs S's & N's & Old Uncle Saml's & Flavius' were here today W. rather cooler

July 1872

8 W mowed fence Corners I & Br C Took reaper to pieces AM. Then I took Pitman & Boxes & knives to Mongolia to get repaired PM. Went to JB's for supper. W. pretty warm

9 Raked & Drew in a small load of fence corner hay Simon Ramers were here PM Martin Neighswander's wife & Tilman Wideman's wife were here today & Finlaws awhile AM. W pretty warm

10 W began to crossplow fallow I went to {illegible Belpond? Belfoot?} AM didn't do very much PM began to rain very heavy about 1 OC had a Splendid heavy rain soaked firstrate doing a great deal of good

11 I took reaper springs & some small jobs to Cherrywood AM turned some fence Corner hay & Chored PM. W. pretty warm slight Shower PM

12 brought home hay rake & reaper springs. & went to Cedar Grove AM Cleaned out drain through north end of pasture field at Pickering town line & Drew in last of fence Corner hay PM W. very warm. to warm to plow PM Great Accident yesterday PM on Nippissing at Boyer's bridge. Double Engine & 18 Cars off the track nobody hurt

13 I mowed in pasture field W plowed in fallow I & little boys went to Cedar Grove after supper. W fine. rather Cool

Sunday 14 We all & My Mother went to Br. S's in new Buggy Nancy & little girls then went to Meeting at Cedar Grove. My Mother is stronger but very restless at night we have to sit up with her every night. W pretty warm Clear

15 I went to BSS. this morning & Chored Dave raked hay in Pasture & W plowed AM. Drew in about 4 loads PM W. very very warm, sultry

16 I Mowed in west end of big field W. very warm had a slight shower after supper

17 I finished Mowing. W finished Plowing old fallow AM. raked & Cocked what I mowed yesterday W. very warm

18 Drew in hay west end of big field 8 loads W. Cooler I went for Dr for M Dyke tonight got back at midnight W. pretty cold driving

July 1872

19 Drew in rakings load AM. W scuffled turnip drills (there are scarcely any turnips) PM. then he went to show in Markham after supper. I & little boys took grist to Cedar Grove Mills PM. W. fine

20 I & Nancy went to M Neighswanders & Simon Hoover's I took part of reaper to Mongolia W. fine clear

Sunday 21 I & Nancy staid with My Mother girls went to Meeting at Hebron. W. fine shower this morning another heavy one PM. not many at the Meeting Old David Hoover's & Isaac Reesor were here PM Isaac is !doing the amiable! to Janet while I am writing. my Mother is not so well today a {as} she was. a few days ago she was able to walk to Br C's

22 I went to Markham AM. W helped Br. Cs get Out a stick of timber. W drilled over about an acre of turnips PM & I sowed them white globe seed. W. fine. Clear

23 Boys Cut roads round upper wheat field & I helped Br. C get reaper ready AM I raked off for Br C cutting his barley & W began crossing new fallow W. fine, a little rain PM

24 I helped Br C finish Cut barley with reaper W. Clear

25 Cut 8 rounds wheat in NW field this morning then I went to raising Br. C's barn at Dyke's boys bound wheat & Cut a road round field at end of lane. W. pretty warm. looks like rain tonight

26 Cut Wheat. a little rain AM. Clear PM

27 Finished NW field till 4 Oclock then drew Steele's hay 2 loads after supper. W. fine. Clear

Sunday 28 at home all day Ruhannah & Benjamin Diller were here W. fine Clear

29 Cut wheat in Scarboro W Cradled in rough part till about 11 oclock when it began to rain drissly & Cloudy all day heavy shower about supper time I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove after supper I shot a 9 1/2 lb woodchuck this evening

30 Finished Cutting Wheat didnt get it all bound W. Clear

31 Finished binding & Shocking wheat AM I & W cut barley back of garden. Dave helped Flavius bind wheat PM. W. fine. Cool. Clear

Aug 1872

August 1 I & W cut barley in field east of dam 5 acres finished at about 1/2 past 2 Oclock then drew in 2 loads Treadwell wheat began to rain about 6 Oclock

2 I went to Markham AM Chored PM W. warm Clear AM. Showry PM

3 Drew 2 loads Edgings AM W finished Plowing new fallow & drew out some wood He harrowed PM. & I & little John went for my stuffed Bittern & got a barrel of salt at Bay W. fine warm. Clear

Sunday 4 We & My Mother went to AB's they were not at home. then we went to JD's PM. W. fine Clear

5 Finished drawing in N W wheat field 12 good loads W. Clear

6 Drew in Soules wheat in field below townline till supper then I went to JB's & boys drew in 3 loads barly W. very warm clear

7 drew in 4 loads barley till 11 oclock when a shower Came up then I & Nancy & little boys went to AB's & I went to Cherrywood Came back after supper boys brought 1 load & I helped to bring 2 more till night

8 Drew 1 load of barley out of lower field & 9 out of upper. Simon Hoover's were here at supper W. fine very warm this is Election day in South Ontario Cousin T P White is endeavouring to run out Tory Gibbs

9 Drew 3 small loads barley out of upper field & W took waggon to shop to get {Tires?} set AM began putting {pulling?} sod Peas with horse rake. works well. W. fine warm very sorry to hear that Tory Gibbs is elected

10 Finished pulling Peas till about 3 PM Cut road round spring Wheat till supper W brought waggon home after supper. W. warm

Sunday 11 at home. W. warm. a little Cloudy

12 Cut spring wheat AM. JB helped. W helped Flavius thresh with team W. Cloudy AM fine shower about 1 Oclock PM. I & Nancy went to Whitevale PM

13 I & JB began Cut Oats in field behind Cider house AM bound spring wheat PM. W. pretty warm. Cloudy W. helped T {Hale?} Husk AM & CB PM

Aug 1872

14 I & JB brought log boat from Br S's to Move thresher Out of old barn into new. & fixed old barn roof AM bound & cut some Oats PM W helped CB thresh awhile AM W very close Cloudy AM. began to rain tonight at dark

15 Had Br. S with his Kirby to finish big Oat field & little one below garden except some that were down. our machine needs the Boxes filled and we didnt like to run it. we got big field all on shocks tonight. W. fine Clear

16 Bound Oats & Cut what was down. AM JB & W drew in 2 loads barly rakings & 2 wheat raking & I & Dave finished Oats W. warm Close

17 Moved Thresher out of Old barn into new this Morning. then drew in 7 loads peas & 2 loads Oats after supper. W. warm Clear east wind PM

Sunday 18 Nancy & Children went to Meeting at Hebron I staid with my Mother She is a great deal better but it was rather wet for her to go Br S's were here PM. W. slight shower this morning another pretty heavy at noon

19 Finished drawing sod Peas 8 loads & set power this evening JB is here again W. Close a little rain tonight

20 threshed 31 boxes Oats 13 boxes rakings & 63 boxes Treadwell wheat didnt go very well broke two arms. W. very warm. flies very bad

21 Made up for lost time went very well today threshed 100 bus Treadwell wheat till noon boys & JB pulled peas in big field PM. & I brought 2 pigs from AB's W. very very Close

22 Finished pulling peas in big field AM Drew in Spring Wheat 4 loads & 2 loads Oats PM. Dave thinned globe turnip W. very Close. warm Mr James Metcalfe Elected by Acclamation on the 20th Inst for East York

23 Drew in Oats below garden 5 loads & 7 loads out of field back of Cider house W. fine Clear

24 I got Frank shod this morning W & JB drew in 2 loads Peas out of big field when I came back we drew in last Oats 3 loads behind Cider house. Drew in 12 loads Peas. Finished big field PM R W helped W. very warm

Aug 1872 Sept

Sunday 25 went to Meeting at Wideman's Remarks by Joseph Barkey. Sermon on St Mat 18C by Br C went to S Lehman's PM & to JB's for supper. W. pretty warm

26 I & Nancy went to Markham & to JH Ramers JB & Dave pulled Crown Peas & W helped Sanderson thresh W. fine Clear

27 I JB & Dave Pulled Peas AM W helped Sanderson finish thresh AM. helped us pull Peas PM. W. fine Clear

28 Finished pulling Peas AM W began to draw dung off heap in fallow on sod Pea ground & I, JB & Dave drew in 4 loads Crown Peas W. fine warm clear

29 Finished Peas 3 loads AM I & JB drew dung & W began to plow Pea ground PM. W. fine shower tonight

30 I & W plowed JB & Dave finished drawing dung & spreading it JB went home tonight W. very heavy north wind. Cold as October a little drissly rain

31 Both plowed. Dave took share to BSS & thinned Globe turnips. W. pretty Cold & windy yet. Clear

Sept 1 Sunday at home. I went to Dr Mc Nancy has symptoms of Vomiting & Cramps or spasms W clear

2 Nancy better again. I plowed in pea stubble nearly finished AM W. plowed in new fallow I skinned Br Cs 3 year old Netherly mare she died last night of Influenza or distemper & took skin to Markham to get dressed for a robe they thought they Couldnt do it in the summer season so I sold it for $1.00 W. Cool. Clear

3 I finished Pea stubble till 10 Oc then helped W finish new fallow till supper Dave harrowed Pea ground with Dick & Br Ns old Prince I sowed some of the new fallow Treadwell wheat after supper W furrowed out out in fallow & Pea ground W. cool

4 Finished sowing new fallow. then helped W plow Dave finished harrowing new fallow. W. windy. Cloudy began raining nicely at about 6 OC this evening raining yet

5 Both plowed AM. I sowed 4 bags Treadwell on west end of field near Hoover's PM then plowed till night Dave harrowed. W. rather Cloudy. looks like rain

6 Dave finished harrowing till about 10 oc then I helped W plow sold some Treadwell wheat yesterday & today @ $1.37 per bus for seed W. warm fine rain last night

Sept 1872

7 Both plowed. Cleaned some Reed wheat this evening W very warm

8 at home all day PD were here W. very warm

9 {dowed Peogronuel?} except headlamds W. drizzly rains till about 10 am Then Clearded up

10 finished sowing harrowing & furrowing out wheat AM. Then I brought 1/2 ton of bran from Green River Mills @ $12.50 per ton PM & W had after noon to himself & got Mare shod this evening W. a little drissel of rain this morning very {Tue?}

11 J & W Drew Duncan's hay W. very warm. foggy this morning

12 Thanksgiving day. All & My Mother went to Meeting at Hebron nemarts by B C sermon on 5 {hook morn} 8 C by R A Booky. AB were here after sermon

13 Col at supper. W. heavy shower about 10 degrees some more PM. I {?} This evening

13 I Took 50 bus 2 loads 43 lbs Treadwell wheat to Cedar Grove Mill @ $1.37 W went to MDyRes Plowing Bee W. some rain This Morning. {alouing?} Cold month windy today

14 I little boys & Dave Made 37 1/2 gals Cider at P Sapp am W began to fall plow in barley stubble in turnip {pih?} I boiled pance & Dave helped to Plow Pm. W. fair Clear

Sunday 15 We all & My Mother went to meeting & sacrament at Hebron Remarks by R Jae Wideman appropriate sermon by B C Brinlames and Hoorer's & Abraham Hooely 12 Pickering were here after service Tinlanes boys at Supper W. fair Clear

16 I took

{All of the dates are written by the diarist throughout the diary} Oct 1872

Oct 2

J Chored began to make a bech{?} vat + helped to Pick some apples M Nighowander's{?} wife + boy got some to Dry on shores W. fine clear beautiful


J took Mary + my mother to Uncle Sams AM + then threshed beans + helped Simon Horner Pick foma{?} apples. brought Naug{?} + Mother home this evening. W . v fine eve


J + Nuay{?} went to funeral of a Etta Alescandra Mureion. to Makhah village J killed a calf after we came home W. vy fine eve


I got Jess + Cent shod at Bambridge. My mother went to P A Ramer's I went there for dinner W. fine clear heard a drunk man on Townline about 9 Ocl tonight found it was John Hollinger. W drove him home I followed in buggy + brought + W home

Sunday 6

at home all day My Mother went to Meeting at Cedar Grove with B C + our team + spiny{?} waggon W. a little rain at noon. heavy thunder lightning + rain


I + Dave Cleaned some barley this morning then Tonight I went around Through Pickering to Candas{?} for pupils for a German school to be held in our Church. Then we cleaned some more barley this evening he plows while I was gone. W. fine clear heavy rain last night


I chored AM + Donee{?} Plowed till noon then he had to quit. Our Horses + every other bodies horses are getting sick with a sort of Epidemic influenza. I went to stable raising at Flavius Pm. W. fine clear Willie came home tonight. he has sentey{?} Gawahil Harrongton's farm on the Morktown + Scarton's Townline near the 7 11 Corn


Picked winter apples AM began digging Potatoes PM. J took grist to Cedar Grove mill PM. W. fine warm clear


Day Potatoes. I brought home grist this evening


Day Potatoes. I went to stable raising at {Written above line} W. cool {Back on line} PD. Pm. W. Cool


Finished digging Potatoes. good Crop. W. Cool rather cloudy

Sunday 13

All went to Meeting at Helron as opt{?} My Mother + p drove + little Benjamin My Mother has a Cold remarks{?} by B C

Oct 1872

Sunday 13.

Sermon on by Br A Borky{?}. J Br were here aftr service they are keeping house for BrN they are away to Michigan + Waterloo. W. fine rain last night. Cloudy this morning. Clear today.


Sawed some Cedar trees that I got from Flavius a year or two ago for my Old Milk Can. AM Cleaned barley + put A back in bin again horses one not fit to team it away at Present I went to Horinos{?} sale at Cedar Goree P O PM. he is leaving W. pretty Cold. windy. moist{?} P Lappen{?} men dragging out on of his horses that died with Epidemics


Finished Cleaning barley + some wheat tailings W plowed awhile AM. J + Naug{?} started to Belford peas got sick toward back. she is better again. W. Cloudy. Cold. some soft snow from about 11 oc till 3. all Thawed again


W plowed. I killed a pig AM. J + Naug{?} went to Belford PM. Dave Picked apples. W. Cold. NW wind clear


J + Dave made 2 barrels Cider AM {?} W plowed Tilled beds PM. W. white frost this morning clouded up. East


W Plowed second time in West half of root field {Written above line} rain PM {Back on line} Dave Picked apples. I got some Powders at Barrows for horses AM they are hardly well get J helped P O thresh PM


I helped P D this m until about 30m {Written above line} W clear {Back on line} boys both Plowed. W. fine clear. a very little rain am

Sunday 20

We s my mother went to Par{?} Reesors Q. fine clear


I drove 2 loads Cider apples {Written above line} 42 bag{?} {Back on line} to P Lapp @18cts per lbs{?} W plowed. W. very fine beautiful weather Old Dick died {Written below line} (aged 29 years last night)


J Nancy + my Mother went to P Stevens + J went to Uncle Josephines sale{?} J bought Sendry{?} Plow @$12.00 + a lot {Arrow pointing up} 90 {Back on line} of sap buckets @11 1/2cts apiece W. fine warm clear, look a little like rain tonight {Written below line} a little drizzle this evening


W brought 194 4 in tiles from Cherry wool{?} this morning there we Commenced to draw Potatoes into Cellar J + little John brought home my Plow + buckets PM. W. very fine


J + Dave drew in Potatoes. W helped BrC log. W. fine clear


Chored AM. J + Dave helped steele{?} divide Potatoes that he Grew on shares in little Orchard + drew his shewn{?} home for him. W took 40 by 40 lbs barley to Whitty @ 68cts per bag. W. cloudy a little rain This morning puts heavy This evening rainy yet 9 o PM

Oct 1872 Nov


Chored J got some Powder at Barrows for Frank Pm he didn't seem to be very well after hus drive yesterday W very steady rain all night and all day. raining yet about 11 oc


at home BrN were here PM. J went to Burrows this evening Franks legs were swelled some Jimmy Junie came with me + I gave him a Ball. W. rained nearly all day looks like Clearing up now. very wet + sloppy


Chored this Morning began to Pull turnip about 10 Oclock JB came to help. W. fine clear. Frank some better


JB plowed in sod behind barn along bush awhile this morning + J helped BrC kill 2 pigs Then we all pulled Turnips.W. fine warm clear Frank some butter


PB went to Ws Plowing Bee{?} on Gannahil Horning town farm J v Dave Puller turnips after the front were off . W. fine warm clear


I started a little 2 Oc this morning to go to Toronto with Br. N he had gone when I got there. Then I walked to Agincourt{?} Station on the Nipissing. got well ser enaded by a Lynse on the Markham road about 5 Oc. AM. went to Toronto for Tomr German school Books that came to me by Express from Elkart and{?} rode home with Br N. W. very fine clear white frost last {Written on line below} night.

Nov 1

Pulled turnips awhile AM Chored Pm W. a little rain AM. cloudy PM. Cut a tree in Perkins{?} bush that we though had Coones{?} in it but we found none


JB{?} + Dave drew 4 loads turnips AM. (they also drew 4 loads on Thursday AM) I chored + went to Belford we all Pulled Pm. finished about 3.30 Oc Pm then JB + Dave went home + I went to Cedar Grove W {Written in line below} fine clear

3 Sunday.

I + Nancy went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by B C Sermon on {Blank space} by R + A Barker J D were here when we Came home + Abahim{?} Dower Came Pm. W, fine a few drops of rain Pm


Drew in 10 loads turnips W, very fine clear


Drew in 17 loads turnips with 2 teams. Frank is better again. W. East wind. began to rain at dark from east


Drew in 10 loads turnips which finished them W. Cloudy {Written on line below} mild


Drew two loads Potatoes out of field into little Orchard + Pitted them. Chored Pm. W. clear AM rained nearly all Pm Nancy + Adeline went to quilting at M Neighhowards{?}

Nov 1872

Nov 8

Took 6 ewes to Br Ns + bought Gallowing Bull from Br S. I intend to fatten him on sheves{?}. AM I + Dave took last potatoes 15 bags into cellas + drew 3 loads wood Pm W. rather cold. a slight squall PM. Heard{?} thus Josiah Parsons shanty south of Br N. was burned this PM. + his 3 children burned to death: shocking.


Dave Plowed in root ground. I chored + went to Cheryy wood AM. Took Some chop to Br S's Chopping mill in his sawmill. + helped M Dyke clean a lot of Peas brought home chop this evening. W. fine clear. sharp frost last night.

Sunday 10

all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Rev H Baskey sermon on St Jon 10 C by Br C.J + Nancy went to Br Cs awhile Pm. W. fine clear


I went to see JB to come + help me to draw barley to Whitby. AM. Helped M Dylan to put in some 4 in tiles south of Graveyard PM W. Cloudy mild


I + JB took 2 loads of 8 bags 19lbs barley to Whitby @ 65 cts. W> drizzly rain a few hours this morning Cleared ip PM. road very heavy + slippery Mr Dyke + Dave dry didtch ditch along west side of lane + on Townline past old line mile{?} to let water rain east from lane


JB took 50 bus{?} 30lbs barley to Whitby @ 65 cts J+R Gourdy dug a grave at Debron for Michael Burkholdens child AM. Went to Janes at PM Dave Plowed in root ground. W. fine clear AM. strong East wind PM. began to rain about 8 Tonight


J + Dave Drew some lumber to new barn at M Dykes J + Br C have Theshed{?} land I give him my scrloro{?} fifty acres + the corner field that I bought off CB of $500.00 for Lot No 4 containing 70 acres. {Squiggly line} I took grist 10 lbs wheat to Cedar Grove Mill this evening


J + Dave moved some stones out of Cellar at Dykes barn + I went to get in a few logs at Sawmill AM J cut some Cedar logs in Flavius swamp to lay stable floors at Dyks + helped Dave finish putting dung on potatoe pits PM. W. hard frost last night ground forze hard


I went to Markham Dave + W drew Horse dung on heap in field below garden J + W brought load of Planks to Dyke This evening W. Cold clear

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Reesor, 123.pdf
Reesor, 124.pdf


“Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed December 15, 2019,

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