Franklin McMillan Diary, 1924


Franklin McMillan Diary, 1924


Franklin McMillan


Courtesy of Archival & Special Collections, University of Guelph




20th Century, Halton County, Nelson Township, Ontario

Date Created

April 7, 1924


Scanned Manuscript


{Cover of diary is black. A yellow circle sticker is put on the top right side of the cover, with 1924 written inside.}

(Left Page)

1924 Frank McMillan Brulington Ont

(Right Page)


April 7th (Monday) arrived home in Hamilton at 750 this morning after being in Cal since Dec 3rd. Grandpa Boniface was at the station to me us. we took street car to 44 {street name?} and had a big blow out of a feed feeling pretty tired after being on the train since Thursday night at 650PM 3 days and 4 nights. Called up Ida who took us out to Burlington to see all the folks found them all fairly well, but Grandpa who was not very well. John + Smith have all the Calbury transplanted

(Left Page)

and nearly all the Tomatoes and they all look very good. B.S Hick + Ida drove us back to Hamilton at night.

April 8th Took street car up to James St. and got our Auts {illegible} No.87.140 cost $14.00 also propose to make out Memo reposts on look out at 1130 had denner at Johns and started eleaning of house. Went to station and {illegible} trunks. Mr Geu Alton never even saw them nor examined them. Went back on 7 oclock bus to Hamilton as one left charlotte & Louis there.

April 9th went up on street car again this morning. Met

(Right Page)

Sev Wilshine on the car. Yesterday morning he is some big star fellow now. Bat a new Mattsen for a bed at $15.50 also a {illegible} for the Dinning Room $16.20 and wall paper for 3.88 got car fixed up, also cleaning house. Weather damp + cold. Have a cold already. Drove into city again tonight

April 10th moved out to Bush this and went down and had dinner with grandpa. He is not very well. Weather is cold + cloudy. Strong west wint. Make me shiver when I go out. Have a bad cough already.

(Left Page)

April 11th Ground frozen this morning. Coal all day but pretty fair. Started work about 10 oclock stuck it out till about 4 oclock trimming cherry trees.

April 12th. Milder + partly cloudy. Trimming trees all day. Will loose a lot of trees gridled by mice in old {illegible} patele. Plum trees 10 year old gridled never new such large trees done before. Same 4 and 5 weeks through. Must be 25 gridled allowed and 50 more past way

April 13th Sunday. Fine in the morning ut a few showers in the afternoon.

(Right Page)

April 14th. Fine but a little cool. Transplanted 20 seeds sunset peppers + 12 sash hot pepper. Not very good very small plants and very poor earth. All invited to have supper at Sev Hammonds. Had a nice time.

April 15th. Cool with north + east winds. Finished transplanting pepper. 12 sashs more. But two {illegible} snowball Califlour for $6.50 at S.B. Went into toen to see about 7 week. {illegible} under new rooad regulations we can only get 1 ton {illegible} on 34 by 4 1/2 tires. 1 1/2 tired on 35 by 5 mesh

(Left Page)

and if we want two ton will have to get 36 x 6 in tires + new wheels. Cost about $235 and if we change to 35 by 5 will cost $80.00 for two new {illegible}

April 16th. Prunning in the morning. Went to Hamilton got two 35 x 5 tires on 7 week. Also soe greasing done. Cost $83.59. Also {illegible} no12692. Cost $25.00. Had to take of spare tires also cab door and took out to get eight under 3200lb. Weighed 3640. Weather cold + cloudy strong east winds.

April 17th. Brunning cold Bevy

(Right Page)

brushes along the road. Started raining about 9 oclock. Put seemed cost of paint on Dinning room floor. And word all the afternoon on Ineome 704 papers.

April 18th. Good friday. Rained all day. Till amost 6 oclock at night. Had Grandpa and hand me B. out for the day. Also Grandpa came for dinner.

April 19th Clear with strong west winds. Trimming cherry trees in the morning. Unloading 3rd car of manure in the afternoon to make more hot beds for transplanting

(Left Page)

April 24th. Men uncovering straw berries. Trued my hand at Bridge grafting. Some job hope it saves the trees fine + mill.

April 25th. Finished bridge grafting also finished uncovering strawberries. Settled duty with Sev Alton for tree $8.98.

April 26th. Weather fine + bright but call east wind. Paid handful income tax for 1923.8 17.42. Also took my own and Johns in nothing to pay. But two bags cobbler Potaotes at 285/bag late ones $1.85 from Steven + Solomans making but beds to transplant tomatoes in. Now started

(Right Page)

ploughing rye under for strawberries + trees.

April 27th. Sunday. Fine + warm. Hand John + family up for supper.

April 28th. Transplanted 60 sashs & John {illegible} tomatos - (6000 plants)

April 29th Trees arrived today $339 freight on them arrived in good shape and look alright. Transplanted 74 sashs tomatoes. And done a lot of watering. Jenny started work this A.M.

April 30th. Planted 5 bags potatoes and also planted trees on my place. Row York State {illegible} 40 trees + 384 ace seluphire afternoon 15.

(Left Page)

now ploughing by Henry {illegible} for Colleges all stopped by rain at half past three. It had been drizzling since 11 oclock this morning

May 1st. Planted 150 cherry trees on Johns place and filled up my (part) Blackberry patch. Weather cold + windy.

May 2nd. Started planting strawberries. Worked all day at sprayer when some thing went wrong about 500 and smashed the engine all up. Got 3lbs lime Sulphur 100lbs lead and two gallons blade leaf

(Right Page)

40. For peas. Weather still cold.

May 3rd. Planting strawberries. Weather very cold east wind all day. Started rainning hard at 5 oclock. Some thunder and lighting.

May 4th Sunday fair and cold.

May 5th. Planting strawberries all day. Very cold. West winds

May 6th. Still planting strawberries. Weather very cold. With east wind. Some rain last night. Brought sprayer back, worked

(Left Page)

all the afternoon but still refuses to go. Bot 1/2 ton of nitrate oof Soda $35.00.

May 7th. Worked all morning at sprayer. Then to much wind to spray in the afternoon. Finished planting strawberries about 3 1/2 or 4 acres.

May 8th. Cloudy + east wind. This morning got 1 1/2 tanks on peas and stopped by rain. The mix the for Pear Paylla to about 16. Gas Lune Sulphur and about 4/5 of a qquart of Black Leaf 40 er tank ysed as Dominant spray as late as possible

(Right Page)

rained heavy all

May 9th. Nothing doing. Raing all last night and all day. Ground very wet now.

May 10th. Worked at hatbed weeding peppers and transplanting tomatos. Weather fine + bright but cool east wind

May 11th. Sunday. Cool and cloudy. East wind. Went to the city for tea

May 12th. Cold east wind + cloudy. Cleaning brush out of Johns {illegible} stopped by rain at 10 oclock and still raining tonight. Worked at greasing + oiling truck + ear all day

(Left Page)

May 13th. Started planting out cabbage ground. Very wet but cabbage getting big. So have got to put them out. Had a few more showcase again today.

May 14th. Planting cabbages wtopped at 4 oclock. Has been raining since noon. Have 8000 plants out now. Stopped one {illegible} asparagus to Toronto first this year sold at $4.00

May 15th. Rained all morning again. Cleared up at noon. Transplanted the last of our tomatos in cabbage beds. Have 200 sashes in all

(Right Page)

May 16th. Finished planting Cabbages down at old place. Very wet yet also Howing old strawberry patch. Have about 1000 Cabbages. Will likely be cheap this year as they where dew last year

May 17th. Fine + warm eith heavy southwest wind. Hoeing old strawberry patch. Looks like rain at night

May 18th Sunday. Looks like a rainy day. Rained all night and still raining at 10 oclock this morning. Another big shower at noon and very cold tonight

(Left Page)

May 19th. Very cold. This morning we had a light frost. Hoeing strawberries yet

May 20th. Cold yet. Hoeing strawberries

May 21st. Heavy white frost this morning. Froze ice. A very few strawberry blossomed out on old bed strawberies but all out are frozen. Plum trees also all out in blossom may have frozen them all. Sowed 2 go Cauliflower and 4 go Capenhagen Cabbage seeds. Also Hoed early Cabbage not doing very well. Put out when the ground

(Right Page)

Was very wet. Hoeing this afternoon with fur lined coat and leather gloves on and nearly frozen.

May 22nd. Men hoeing SBerries & was calling back Black leabes. They are either badly frozen or diseased as they are dead at the top.

May 23rd. Frost again this morning. This makes four or five mornings that there has been frost this week. The asperagus about all frozen. But warmer tonight and cloudy look like rain for the Holiday May 24th.

(Left Page)

May 24th. Rained all night and part of this morning balance of the day. Very cold with strong west winds. Saw cherries nearly all out in blossom now. Do not look like much chance of them selling this kind of weather. Have a furnace going this evening.

May 25th. Sunday. Very cold with strong west winds + cloudy a couple of heavy showers in the afternoon with some thunder wind hail etc.

May 26th. Man ploughing at handfuls west of us digging away from trees in Johns ground. Wet and cold us here.

(Right Page)

reported that 50% of strawberry blossoms + buds frozen. Notice some of ours frozen but not not think that many.

May 27th. Milder today. Sowed {illegible}. Bill did not work good. One of the bushes gone. Started sowing half way past onion hole in drill. Sowed 1 1/4 lbs seed. Went over past Hickery tree about 64 cows. Looks like rain again tonight.

May 28th. Howed. {illegible} and put 150lbs nitrate of soda on cabbages. They are not going very well

(Left Page)

May 29th. Cool and cloudy again today. Planted 5 sashs hubbard squash and 1 sash manows. About 100 bags to the sash. Want to plant them in hubbard grounds.

May 30. Making ground for tomamtoes. Very heavy west wind + very cold. We shipped 6 batch Grass on May 28th sold at $3.50 per batch in Toronto.

May 31st. A little warmer today. But some claim white frost this morning a lot of people worked all night voering tomato plants with baskets and burning straw. But we

(Right Page)

have none out yet. Spent the whole day watering in the habberds and dusting for blight.

June 1st. Sunday. Fine and warm this morning. Covered hot beds again tonight.

June 2nd. Warmer today started planting Tomatos out large piece next Renno. 6500 John Barn plants. Also planted 4 ozs Cumberland Cucumber seeds. Looks like showers tonight.

June 3rd. Planting tomatoes all day. Have in all 13400 plants out now. Weather good for planting. Not too warm

(Left Page)

and mostly cloudy and started to shower just at 6 oclock tonight.

June 4th. Planting tomatoes all day. Olanted 20000 plants in three days weather was grand for planting. Not very warm and mostly cloudy.

June 5th. Fine + warm today planted out about 4500 Cauliflowers in the morning and 5000 peppers in teh afternoon.

June 6th. Finished planting peppers. Had 3 sashes allows sweets + 5 sashes neopolitan + 2 large sashes neopolitan + 10 large sashes 4 small of Ruby King. And

(Right Page)

8 sashes (large) and 12 small sashes Hot Peppers. In all 250 peppers in small sashes 275 " " larges sashes about 1150 all together.

June 7th. Digging around trees in old orchard and piling up frams + sashes

June 8th. Sunday. Raining this morning and cold. Had Mrs + Mr Sev Hammond for tea. Cleared up coal tonight.

June 9th. Finished digging around trees in old orchard and put nitrate of soda on tomatos.

June 10th. Cool yet. Put nitrate of soda on Cabbages second time. Also some on peppers

and took dirt of 220 sashes in hatbed yard.

June 11th. Started spraying pear trees. Got 2 tanks on and machine out of order for the rest of the day. Weather cool + cloudy.

June 12th. Spraying got 6 tanks on. Spraying pear with 4/5 qt nicotine 5 1/3 lbs lead 3 gals lime sulphur.

June 13th. Raining this morning nothing doing fine in the afternoon spraying men. Hoeing new strawberries

June 14th. Spraying apple 5 1/3lbs lead 3 1/2 gals lime sulpher. Seems to be the loads of apples plums and cherries but very few pears.

(Right Page)

June 15th. Sunday. Fine but not very warm. Had Grandpa + Grandma B out for the day. Also Connie + Mrs Bush called. Also Addie Vettor + {illegible} and Mrs Vettor called from Kitchener.

June 16th. Spray machine on the trunk again today. Had Elmer Hall to fix it had to put new gear wheel on. Same of the parts wore out. Only got 4 tanks on.

June 17th. Got several tanks on today. One more tank to finish. Taking about 30 tanks to do this time.

June 18th. Finished cleaning up hot bed ground

(Left Page)

June 19th. Started cultivating carrots + planted hot bed ground with vegetable manure + hubbard squashes. Had six hundred bills planted in berry boxs.

June 20. Cultivating + weeding carrots.

June 21st. Have a bad cold. Did not get up till afternoon weather getting warmer

June 22nd. Sunday. Recieved a message from Lost Angelas. Drews wife died suddenly yesterday. Sent a night letter break tonight.

June 23rd. Had a heavy rain early this morning with little thunder will

(Right Page)

do a lot of good. Planted Cauliflowers this afternoon.

June 24th. Planting Cabbages in the morning. Hoeing early Cabbages after dinner and sowed cucumbers again. Did not come up first time.

June 25th. Finished planting out late cabbages must have 10000. Weather showy and warm.

June 26. Picked first strawberries 45 carts sold 15 at $5.00 shipped 30 to Toronto sold at 21 to 25 cents..

June 27th. Selling {illegible} and berry shauties fixed up.

(Left Page)

June 28. Picked 63 crates SBerries this morning. Sold 28 here at $5.00 and cash back. Shipped balance to Toronto sold at. 20 at 25 4 50 23 30 22. Makes 108 crates total picked to this Sat night. First week, expected Indium from Londay today worked all afternoon at Hamilton Station none arrived.

June 29. Rained all Sat afternoon Sunday. Cool with heavy west wind.

June 39th. Monday picked 150 crate SBerries till 130PM. Had a share at 2 oclock. Took 55 crates to Toronto by {illegible} sold 54 at 400 and 41 at 12 cents.

(Right Page)

July 1st. Cool with a few sprinkles up rain picked 198crates SBerries had to shift 178 to Toronto on Commission no orders no sales. And all gone to peices in Toronto selling 8 to 10 cents in Toronto this morning. We done goot yesterday by selling

July 2nd. Only picked 76 crates today. Weather cold berries selling 8cts.

July 3. Picked 179 crates berries today mostly sold around 8 cents.

July 4. Picked 151 crates to 230PM. Quite. No sale. Sent 60 cents to Toronto by truck. Sold 42 at 104 10 at 84 8 at 81.

(Left Page)

July 5th. Saturday a little warmer picked 105 crates today for five {illegible} at 74. Makes 859 this week or 967 crates to date

July 6th. Sunday cool cloyded up at night looks like rain. Had little + Mr Tyler called in with Hicks we went down to the beach for supper

July 7th. Had our berry pickers out here at 520 this morning. Had alright shower. Stopped picking for a few minutes sent 53 crates to Toronto at 830. 108 crates at 130 to {illegible} sold 25 to Peddler at $200. Shiped 83 north.

(Right Page)

total 269 crates and stopped before 4PM by heavy rain.

July 8th. Picked 236 crates today. Price about the sme had to shift 41 crates on commission sold 6 to 7cts

July 9th. Stopped picking at 2 oclock. No sales. Sold 6 at $750 a crate 40 crates north at 6 1/2. 104 to conners at 6 1/2 4 Very warm. Making berries soft.

July 10th. Picked 239 today 108 crate to conners. 131 crates up norther at 175 a crate also 20 crates cabbages at 8.80 a crate

July 11. Picked 203 crates today weather very

(Left Page)

strawberries will soon be done.

July 12th. Picked after berries till 10 oclock. 44 cents. Picked 1200 crates this week. Total up to day 2167 crates

July 13th. Cool + windy had piece with Hicks, Longs and Hans. At Dundays park.

July 14. Strawberries slowing up. Picked 134 crate only sold 48 to Conner balance up north at $1.75. Picked 22 {illegible} Richmond cherries at 604

July 15th. Picked 103 crate SBerries today. And 21 {illegible} cherries (sweets + Richmond)

(Right Page)

July 16. Picked 27 crates SBerries today and 30 Richmond charries 604 cherries today took 6 tanks put in 5 1/2 lbs lead + 3 1/2 gals lime sulphur

July 17. Very cool this morning. Picked 57 crates SBerries. Ctting lots of cabbages about 30 crates today selling at 75 cents also picked 21 {illegible}. Seen peppers sold in Toronto at 904

July 18. Only picked 10 cents SBerries and 38 {illegible} cherries some selling at 50 at 11

(Left Page)

sprayed bartled peas with 3 gals lime sulphur + about 4/5 at meantime and started spraying apples.

July 19. Finished spraying after took 6 tanks seems to be a fair of apples. Weather very cool especially at nights. Picked 383 crates SBerries this week. Total to date 2550 crates.

July 20. Sunday fine + cool went down home and also down to the breach for tea.

July 21st. Picked 160 {illegible} Richmond cherries

(Right Page)

sold up north at 504 also cut 50 crates cabbages at 754 crate and 12 quarts Rasps for the first.

July 22. Warm today a couple of thunder showers went around north of here. Picked 129 {illegible} cherries at 504. And cut a few cabbages.

July 23. Very warm. Picked 13 crates strawberries $1.85 26 crates cabbages 754 86 cherries at 504.

July 24. Very warm again today and very dry we need rain very bad. Picked 101 {illegible} Richmond cherries and

(Left Page)

4 crates Raspberries also picked one {illegible} Tomatoes sold in Toronto @ 830

July 25. Had a nice rain last night. Finished picking Richmond cherries had 629 {illegble} and 16 sweet cherries. Also started picking Montmoreney's. 102 today. Totall cherries to date. 747 {illegible}. Also cut 34 crates cabbages today at 754 Richmonds sold mostly at 504. Montmoreney after 654 but mostly 604

July 26. Sat. Picked 26 {illegible} cherries for Concilla Barne. And we all went to Burlongton to the Drummers Snack for some and races. And soft ball

(Right Page)

game between Burlington and Arton girls Burlington won. Score 12 to 10.

July 27 Sunday. Fine and moderately warm had Grandpa mae up all day.

July 28th. Picked 10 crates Raspberries sold in Toronto t 18 and 20cts also cut 50 crates cabbages at 75 cts and 120 {illegible} cherries at 60 and 65 mostly 654

Kuly 29th. Picked 217 cherries today. Also cut 6 crates Cauliflower but not very good.

July 30th showering this morning not so many pickers. Crated 185 {illegible} cherries and a few cabbage 18 crate.

(Left Page)

July 1st. Ordered from Marehmet 5 cans Berry covering manure start shipping Oct 15th 2 cans green " Oct 1st 4 " hotbed " Felt 1.5 had a big rain last night with thunder + lighting very heavy the rain will do a lot of good. Cold + cloudy this morning. Picked 121 lsht cherries after dinner

Aug 1st. Rain + cool nearly all cherry orders cancelled only picked 69 lsht cherries 5 lshts no1 tomatoes at $2.50 2 lsht culls shipped to Toronto.

Aug 2 Sat. Only picked 26 lshts cherries today

(Right Page)

spray old cherry overhead again today trying to hold them on for awhile. Have 1517 lshts cherries picked to date. And 29 crates Rasps.

Aug 3 Sunday rain + cool.

Aug 4th. Up at 430AM shipped 20 crates Cabbages and 10 cherries on early train picked 2.25 lshts cherries today sold all north at 50 and 654

Aug 6th Big rain at 5 oclock picked 115 cherries and 10 crates Rasps some cauliflowers + cabbages. Very warm

(Left Page)

Aug 6 Big storm in the night again. Every pretty wet now. Picked 129 cherries 18 lsht tomatoes no1 sold at $125 north no2 sold in Toronto at. Also some caul. And 21 crates cabbages. Had another big thunger storm rain and with 7PM.

Aug 7. Orders very light itoday. Only shipped 62 lsht cherries. 10 lshts toma. 3 cabb. 21 peppers 7 crates Rasps.

Aug 8 orders worse today today only picked 68 cherries today and 16 no1

(Right Page)

to date 21 16 lshts cherries shipped picked 12 cherries to Toronto $100 to 125 sold 40 at 50cts tomatoes and 11 no2s Tomatoes a very poor crop and sample.

Aug 9. Saturday no order. Got two loads of orange crates from Hamilton.

Aug 10. Had another heavy shower in the night. Motered up to {illegible} Prelands and spent the afternoon and evening had a good time.

Aug 11 not many cherry orders only got rid of 83 lshts 7 crates cauliflower at $150 7 crates cabbages 754 18 doz cabb. 604 doz sacks also picked first two crates lawlons sold at 204 box very poor crop also

(Left Page)

4 crates rasps. And 58 no1 Tomatoes and 35 no2s. Sold at 304

Aug 12. Not very many order shipped 145 toms north at 404 and 73 no2s to Toronto sold at 304 also 57 cherries to Montreal sold at 604

Aug 13th. Showery in the night and today only picked about 60 tomatos half of them no2s sold in Toronto. 254 to 354 also shipped 57 cherries to montreal sold 10 at 854 47 at 654 and 20 lsht peppers. Peppers sold at 754 and cherries at 10 at 854 47 at 654 and shipped 10 crate cauliflowers to

(Right Page)

Toronto sold at $200 crate and 18 sunset peppers to Toronto sold at.

Aug 14. Had a few orders cherries at 504 sold McSmith 94 at 554 picked in all 161 lshts shipped 60 no1 tomatoes 404 and 52 no2s to Toronto cut 11 crates cauliflower and 12 crates cabbages Picked first plums A Willards 15 lshts sold 65 and 704

Aug 15. Shipped 19 crates cauliflower to Toronto sold at $225 + $250 a crate 100 lsht cherreis to smoth at 554. 103 tomatoes north at 404. 4 crates lawlan berries $5.00 a crate

(Left Page)

some apples at 304 9. Cauliflower $125 + $150 8 Willard june 704 8 red prune at 504.

Aug 16. To date picked 2649 baskets cherries picked 100 lsht red june plums at 504 and 10 crates cauliflower at $125 for Ross Hart.

Aug 17th Sunday. Cold and cloudy. Did not go out any place

Aug 18th Flooded with orders today. Only filled about half of Toronto orders worked till 930 at night. Shipped 169 lshts tomatoes at 354. 145 lshts

(Right Page)

cherries at 504 and a few at 604. 58 lsht apples at 304 91 lshts plums at 504 + 604 3 peppers at 50 + 604 15 cauliflower 8 150 crate 7 cabbages 754 " 2 manure 100 " total 466 lshts 24 crates.

Aug 19th. Picked 147 plum today 68 tomatoes. $5 some cabbages cauliflower and 113 lshts cherries.

Aug 20. Had a big day today. Picked 200 plums for Hart 2/2 for Smith at 404 (Aburn dance and Red June) also 25 for north. 101 lshts cherries. 300 offers 12 crates cabb + cauliflowers 9 crates lalutan berries at 204

(Left Page)

total 568 x 11 qts. 21 crates. Got done at 930PM.

Aug 21st. Busy as usal cherries tomatoes. Apples plum card. Etc. Also took 33 {illegible} tomatoes to Canning.

Aug 22 Finished picking cherries. 83 lshts total 3168 lshts this year. Picked 245 lshts toms today at 354

Aug 23. Warm today picked 150 Aburndance plums 404 and 50 Hamper apples {illegible} $100 yellow transparent 754 - for Lun Scott.

Auf 24. Fine and warm home all day tired out.

(Rigth Page)

Aug 25. Had another big day nine oclock now. And just done. Picked 310 lshts tomatoes 354 83 plums 504 15 cukes 504 8 peppers " 5 crates lablons. 28 crates caul. 9 cabbages. 18 hamper apples $1.00. First 2 lshts red peppers today 150 lshts.

Aug 26. Not quiet so busy tomatos 354. 20 hamper apples at $100. Also shipped sweet + red pepper to Toronto + montreal. Also 4 boxs manure.

Aug 27. Orders very light only tomatoes and could only pick 69 lshts. And

(Left Page)

Sept 5th. Very cold with a few cold showers. Had a pretty busy day on orders north. 195 lshts tomatoes 304 124 lshts plums 30 + 404 19 lshts peas 604 22 lshts Picking cukes 404 to 754 7 red peppers 75 and $100.7 green peppers 354.8 cents cauliflowers $150. 2 bags cabbages 504 total 384 lshts 8 crates 2 bags

Sept 6th Every thing going flat. Sold scott 130 Burbank plums at 244.

Sept 7th. Sunday. Fine and moderately warm.

Sept 8th. Monday not much doing only about 200 lshts orders and a few cabages + cauliflower. Ben Rupert refused to

(Right Page)

pick tomatoes. So got fired. Showery part of day.

Sept 9. Not very many orders shipped 80 lsht Burbank plums to Toronto sold 4 40 + 454 sold N.P.G. 25 peppers {illegible} 1/2 ton cabbages $12 per ton.

Sept 10th. Very few orders sent 160 lshts plums to Toronto and 47 lshts green peppers sold at plums peppers. Weather very cold + raw with a few showers people wearing over coats.

Sept 11. Busy today shipped 70 plums + 1 lshts green peppers to Toronto at noon sold at

(Left Page)

shipped north 125 tons 95 plums. 16 peppers. 6 crates cauliflower 2 bags cabbage + 53 lshts plums to Heart. Total picked 404 lshts. Had a white frost this morning. You could slide on station platform. When I was at 6 oclock train but done no damage.

Sept 12th. Not so many orders today due at 4 oclock have some big orders Toronto. Picked plums tonight for tomorrow.

Sept 13th. Sold Scott 181 Burbank plums 279 and Ron Hart. 51 Burabn 259 25 Bur plum 274 25 cukes

(Right Page)

50 peppers 354 35 cabbages 354 10 crates 81.10 Cauliflower total 367 lshts 110 crates.

Sept 13th Have sold this season up till tonight 3088 baskets of plums

Sept 14. Sunday. Cool + Cloudy. Had Hicks + Well Bells family call in. They found the body of the nurse who was missing from the Fronsides (down the lane). She was in the pond disappeared on Sept 4th.

Sept 15th. Busy again today. Picked 28 lsht plum 101 lsht tomatoes 31 lshts pepper. Total 417 lshts and 12 crates cauliflower and 3 bags cabbages

(Left Page)

Sept 16. Not so many orders today. 190 lshts north 6 crates cauliflower 7 boxes cabbages. Also send 39 lshts green bags to Toronto sold at 354 + 404

Sept 17. Picked 251 plums today (total 333 lshts 10 crates cauliflower and 4 crates cabbages. Wether fine + moderately warm.

Sept 18. Not many orders today only 97 plums + 68 lsht Tomatoes 2 peppers 6 cauliflower

Sept 19. Only picked 63 plums today + 79 tomatoes shipped 22 x 6 red peppers to Toronto sold at 504

(Right Page)

picked a load of Tomatoes for Canner. Also shipped 30 lshts {illegible} peas at 604 and a few cabbages + cauliflower

Sept 20. Started ploughing Toronto palet. Not much done. Showery all day. Fixed brushel boxes and ladder ready to pick apples. Burlington Fair today and yesterday. A very bad day for it today. Bay City won for second year in M.G. League Baltimore won International for the 6th time in succsesion.

(Left Page)

Sept 21st. Sunday cloudy and cool

Sept 22nd. A few showers in the morning. Had quite a few orders today. Plums. Peas. Cauliflower. Etc.

Sept 23rd. Picked 12 barrels Cobuat Appels + 1 barrelt Holland pepper sold at $2.50 per lb also some peas + 77 lshts plums.

Sept 24th. Weather fine + clear and not very warm. Picked 91 plum today and 79 lsht tomatoes 31 pears + 21 red peppers for Ross Hart at $100 lsht 12 bags carrots at 904

(Right Page)

1200lbs cabbages at $900 per ton (averaged at 404 per dozen)

Sept 25. Not very many orders. 85 peas. Also shipped 50 peppers to Toronto sold at Greens 35 + 40 Red $100. Also some Flemish Beauty + Windfall peas to Toronto sold at 20 + 304 and a few large yellow plums sold at 204.

Sept 26th. Very few orders today. 21 plums. 37 tomatoes. 19 peppers. 12 pears. 7 caul + 4 crate cabbages. Weather fine. Went to Ham. and got 170 orange + lemon boxes also took

(Left Page)

30 (illegible} Tomatoes to Canning Factory at 404

Sept 28th. Weather grand went to Hamilton with Sev Chapman (this is his last day) and got two more loads orange + lemon boxs. Got about 426 in the {illegible} loads cost about 64 each. Only had one order today 10 lshts tomatos.

Sept 28th. Sunday. Stated raining about noon. And raining yet tonight.

Sept 27th. Have picked 4318 lshts plums to date

Sept 29th. Rained all night and up until noon today

(Right Page)

only shipped 48 plums. Remi Clacede selling at 504 Finished up on Bartlett peas only had 46 lshts today. 8 crate cauliflower 1 crate cabbages + 7 lsht peppers.

Sept 30th. Took a load of cabbages up to Ron Hart this morning 3240 lbs at $9 per ton. Also 10 crates cauliflowers at $100 9 red peppers 754 30 sweet green peppers. 304 52 monarch plums at 254. Started raining at noon and rained all after noon and still raining at bed time. Only had a few orders north

(Left Page)

Oct 1. Very cold. Cleared up during the night and very strong west winds. Shipped 109 lshts monarch plum to Toronto. Also sold 254 42 lshts {illegible} Claude + Blues North and 60 toms. 8 pears 4 caul 2 peppers 7 cukes.

Oct 2nd. Only one order north 22 lshts pears to Suinelaw + Co. (Sheldon + Howell). Shipped 93 sold 25 + 30 plums 20 peppers to Toronto started picking snow apples weather fine + warm.

Oct 3. Fine + warm. Not many orders. 26 pears 20 toms 25 plums + 4 crates cauliflower

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Will Mac came down yesterday for a few days. Washington now the penant in American League and New York natural

Oct 4th. Sat. Picked 56 lshts pears for Ron Hart at 40 and picked a few apples John + Jenny having {illegible}.

Oct 5. Sunday. Fine + warm had a thunder shower about 8 oclock at night down at Johns for dinner + supper. Will + Grandpa + Fred + Hattie was there.

Oct 6th. Not very many orders finished on

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{illegible} + Howell pears. 63 lshts. Also 10 crate Cabbage + peppers. Started picking cranberry pepper apples. Apples had to sell have non sold yet.

Oct 7. Only shipped a few lshts north started Kreffer pears 12 lshts 304 5 toms 4 peppers + 2 caul. Also Ron Hart aload of cabbages $9 per ton. And 10 lbs snow apples 6 holland peppers 2 cranberry peppers.

Oct 8. Picking cranberry pepper apples. One tree had 38 1/2 {illegible} held on its

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only 304 small orders up north. Have a car of mixed apple sold to. O. S. Lester 180 barrels at $2.50 per {illegible}. Weather fine.

Oct 9th. A very heavy white frost this morning but done no damage only shipped 13 lshts up north. Picked + packed 32 {illegible} apples.

Oct 10th. The packing + picking seeming + Wagner apples frost again this morning dew in squash + manure had about 1200 Hubbard squash off hot bed ground. All new ones will have some job selling them all

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Oct 11. Picking + packing apples. Sold. Hart 26 plums 254 81 Green peppers 284 3 reds 604 4150 lbs cabb. $9 per ton. Washington now world seires 7 games. Won last game 12 winnings score 4 to 3

Oct 12th. Home all day Lillie sick in bed worth cold weather was grand.

Oct 13th: shipped 63 lshts pears Kieffers at 254 10 cauli 754 a few peppers etc.

Oct 14th. Shipped 5lbs cranberry peppers at $250. 12 1/2 dz cabb 404 dz

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sold Hart 10 dz squash at $100. Also picking + packing apples and Jerry ploughing. Have picked 4811 lshts plums to date.

Oct 15. Picking + packing apples all day.

Oct 16th. Finished picking + packing Lesters apples loaded car of 190 barrels apple supper done at 10 oclock.

Oct 17. Picking + packing apples no orders for any thing else. Shipped 10 {illegible} to Hanna + Co. Weather grand for the past two weeks

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Oct 18. Picking + packing Seeming apples weather fine.

Oct 19. Sunday. Fine and a little cooler.

Oct 20th. Frist this morning froze the flowers fro the first time this season. Picking Balderson apples.

Oct 21st. Picking + packing apples. Cold and cloudy frost again this morning has drawn last night to hear Johns Radio.

Oct 22. Picking + packing spys. Wagners. Jeryy ploughing yet weather first but cool nights + mornings.

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Oct 23rd. Packing Wagner apples all day weather fine + warm Election day for 6.7A or Government control had a radio put into day. Reports of voting at 9.30., wet 40000 majority. Mostly from Toronto + Hamilton.

Oct 24th. Unloading car of manure 44 tons 400 lbs and another car in theis afternoon. Had to leave truck at {illegible} water pump leaking water into oil.

Oct 25. Unloading manure all day weather fine.

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Oct 26. Sunday fine + warm. Mr + Mrs Bonfoace out for the day

Oct 27th. Finished car of manure and started picking apple again.

Oct 28. Picking + packing apples and loaded car of apples for CU sharpe. Burks + alls 140 {illegible}.

Oct 29th. Cloudy + foggy. Picked + packed 37 {illegible} spy apples.

Oct 30. Still pickign + packing apples weather fine

Oct 31st. Finished picking + packing apple had 560 {illegible} all together

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sold 50 {illegible} Spys at $350 Balance at $250 lb. Loaded last car of apples tonight 181 lbs

Nov 1st. Mild + very windy. Got sugar beets + corn stalks in. Went to Hamilton at night to get some books + tender wear. Also to book at some Radios not satisfied with the Westing houses.

Nov 2nd. Cold + cloudy started furnace going. Henry Sheppards boy {illegible} Today. Killed Fridays by a Auto near his home.

Nov 3rd. Monday. Pulling Carrots + getting load


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Frank McMillan Diary 1924  49.pdf
Frank McMillan Diary 1924  50.pdf
Frank McMillan Diary 1924  51.pdf
Frank McMillan Diary 1924  52.pdf


Franklin McMillan, “Franklin McMillan Diary, 1924,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 25, 2024,

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  44. Frank McMillan Diary 1924 45.pdf
  45. Frank McMillan Diary 1924 46.pdf
  46. Frank McMillan Diary 1924 47.pdf
  47. Frank McMillan Diary 1924 48.pdf
  48. Frank McMillan Diary 1924 49.pdf
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