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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1906-1909


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Aug 1908
Aug 1908
a very heavy shower here about 2 PM but barely a sprinkle at Ramer's
a very heavy shower here about 2 PM but h
8 Henry helped Flavius thresh till about 10 J & A Chored they drew in  loads mixed Peas & Oats &    loads pure Oats  Benj'ns 2 Men helped Machine Came PM W. very fine & Cler not so warm
Sunday 9 at home Flavius's Children were here to dinner W. very fine not so warm
10 Threshed the Fall Wheat this Morning in about 1 1/2 hours then the Cylinder Box heated the hands went home Levi fille the Box they started after dinner threshed the Barley & 3 loads Oats till 5 PM turned out well W. fine some cloudy pretty warm I & Nancy washed PM
11 Boys drew in grain all day Flavius Carl raked stubble I took Susanna to Elias's AM brought her home PM W. Cler pretty warm A helped Bob Milroy thresh AM
12 Boys gang plowed in field behind Cider house between showers I & Nancy went to Markham AM W. Misty this morning drizzly rain on our way rained heavy at Markham rain this evening some thunder
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Aug 1908
13 J took cream then the ganged they finished behind Cider house & began below garden A helped Johny Reesor thresh W. cloudy a few thunder showers not heavy
14 Boys harrowed & Rooled the ground that was ganged they drew in 6 loads of mixed grain & the spring wheat W. very fine & cler quite warm I brought Susanna home
15 A helped JD's thresh till after dinner J & Henry drew in Mixed grain they drew till evening when A Came home Johnny Alexander was here today he lives in Fort William  Davids had Ananias Shants & wife here for a Call yesterday  W. very fine & Cler I & Nancy were at Elias's PM their Children have Whooping Cough pretty bad
Sunday 16 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Widemans remarks by Levi Grove Sermon on St Mat 18 C by C Gayman went to Daniels to dinner W. Cler AM quite Cloudy PM not very warm
17 A & henry ganged 4 Acres East of Potatoes  in NE Corner field AM J took 3 Hogs 700 lbs to Locust Hill with Mares Nell & Jennie @ $6.40 per Cwt they drew in some grain PM W. very warm & sultry.

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Aug 1908

a very heavy shower here about 2 PM but h