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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863

Reesor Diary 1861-1863-7.pdf

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Feb Mar 1861

Cleaning and drawing

27 Finished Cleaning and drawing in Barley Weather, Clear & mild. Sold a sheep to Sparta Billy at $4.75 cts

28 Went to the Funeral of R Money's Child AM. and went to J Wood's store PM Weather, Mild and Cloudy, a little rain PM

March 1 Went to J Watts to buy seed Oats but he was not at home, AM. Cored & pared Apples PM. Weather, Mild & Cloudy a little rain in the Evening Went to singing school at Hebron Chapel in the Evening

2 drawed Hedgeings for ovenwood AM. sold 16 Bus Barley to Andrew Lapp and 10 Bus to W Mollinger @ 55cts per Bus & drawed a load of edgings PM Weather, Mild a little rain and fog

3 We all went to my Bro C Reesor's on a visit Weather Mild & Cloudy, a little rain PM

4 Hitched to the Sleigh to go to Mr Snowball's Brick & Tile yard 7th Con Markham when Mrs J Laughlin Came and bought 24 Bus Barley @ 55cts per Bus. Hitched again in the afternoon and went as far as Sparta when it commenced to storm and so we turned and went home and hung the meat into the smokehouse. Weather Clear & mild strong West wind, a little snow PM

5 I and John went to Mr Snowball's Brick & Tile yard and brought 700 Bricks @ 45cts per hundred AM Went to R Moneys B.S. Shop PM. Weather Cold Wind from the west, a little snow

6 I and John went to Mr Snowball's and brought one thousand 2 in pipe {illegible, page torn} @ $6 per thousand AM {remainder of page illegible due to torn edge}

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