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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863

Reesor Diary 1861-1863-46.pdf

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Feb 25 1862

{roads drifted} Started about 6 a m to see {Sm} went to Fatherinlaws for Miss Tammy to work for BrCs W clear cool Cleaned Wheat a while P M


Drew in wheat Weather Mild & little snow


Went to BSS & W Bolls AM Hitched up my young Mare Fly PM she went very quick Simon Horner was here a while this evening Weather north wind pretty cold heavy wind tonight


{Roads Drifted} About the house all day very Cold Strong north wind BrCs Elisabeth getting letter with inflamation she was very sick

March 1

I went to BrN AM his wife & son John have the Measles doing pretty well. I & John went to T Woods store PM brought home new {bots?} Weather Clear Cold strong wind from north

Sunday 2

I & Adleline took Hannah Stover home & Called at BrSrs to inform them that M Neighswander Senr had his thigh joint dislocated on Friday while he was turning his horse & Cutter I & Nancy went to B Ns PM Weather Clear Mild


Trees Covered with Ice Went to Old S Hoovers for Barbara Barkey to work for us AM filled bags with barley PM Weather rain & sleet from East strong wind


Hung our pork to smoke Weather mild snowed about 5 in last night. went to CBs in the evening trees bore down with ice


I & J took 2 loads Barley to Liverpool harbor @ 53 cts per Bus. Weather Clear Mild Snow 2 feet deep on the level roads very rough & heavy. bad turning out thawed a little


Went to Father in laws on a visit Weah Mild


Ice fell off the trees today. Went to Markham with my father AM Went to BSS PM & to B Lehmans in the evening Weath Mild thawing a little today


Took Nancy to Dr Mc to get a few teeth entracted Dr was not at home. AM Chored around PM W. Mild & Clear

Sunday 9

at home all day Weather Mild Clear a little rain tonight


Chored around AM Helped CB kill a pig PM Weth Drissly rain nearly all day Clear this evening getting Colder Snow going fast

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