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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863

Reesor Diary 1861-1863-48.pdf

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Cut first logs {Mar} in April Scarboro bush A M had BrCs oxen & drew Maple saw logs onto road out of Markham bush & cleaned Oats P M Weath clear


Drew Maple logs to Mill A M had BrC & his Oxen to draw out Maple saw logs out of OCarbone bush & Drew one load to Mill PM Weat Clear

John went for Dr Mc today Nancy has Diptheria


Drew one load Maple Saw logs to Mill tapped 50 Maple trees Drew home {illegible} for sap troughs Weat' Clear sap flowed and took kittles into sugar bush drew home wood Snow very deep in the bush almost impassible to get about A M Drew home timber for troughs P M Weath Cold east wind clear

Sunday 30

Went to Markham to see Dr Mc for Nancy her throat is better But she is weak yet Weather strong east wind, cold, sleet & rain about noon Milder this evening raining a little B B & family were here today. We got supper at fathers


Mrs John Cober died this morning Gathered sap & chored round A M Made sap troughs P M Weather Cloudy, a little drissly, mild Fatherinlaw was here a while A M

April 1

Tapped 25 trees Boiled Sugar A M . Helped K Gourley to Commence Mrs Cobers Grave at Hebron P M. Weath Clear & warm P M


Helped to finish the grave in the Morning Attended the Funeral at the Hebron Chapel A M Sermon on Revl 14 & 13 v by Revd J {Oyes} Tunker Ministers also remarks by Revds J Busor & H Barkey & by P Cober Tunker Minster. My Brotherinlaw M Neighswander & family & BrS & wife were here for dinner. Weath Cloudy east wind sharp thunder & lightening this evening


I & Nancy Went to Markham A M Boiled sugar in P M Weather warm & clear sleighing bad


Drew a large Cedar log from Tates to Cr S's S M for C B. A M. Made sap troughs & went to W Shpp's P M Weath Cool wind from East P M

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