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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863

Reesor Diary 1861-1863-51.pdf

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May 1862


Plowed. Went to W Sappy for six bus barley @ 67 cts per Bus. Weathr. heavy clouds. Cool

Sunday 4

Went to Meeting at Widemans Remarks by Rd O Burkhold T Reesor Sermon on St John 10 c 1st to 12 v Went to my Fatherinlaws after Service Weath Cool, showy P M


Plowed. Weath Clear heavy clouds Cool


Plowed. John went to Whitchurch this P M his Brother inlaw John Pipher Died yesterday morning the funeral is tomorrow 10 A M. Weath Clear, Cool north wind strong


Plowed A M Took 11 bus Oats to G Burtons P M Got Tom shod after supper Weath Clear, north strong wind


Sowed Peas on east side of Creek in old meadow & oats on west side Weath Clear windy


Finished harrowing in Meadow A M Commenced Plowing below the lane P M Weath warm windy clear


Finished Plowing below lane A M Stopped holes under board fence on Pickering townline & hunted up our Calves P M went to S M in the evening for some boards Weath warm clear north wind

Sunday 11

Went to Meeting at Hebron Remark by Rd J Reesor Sermon on St Mat 18 c by Rv H Barkey Visitors at service O Hollinger Went to D Hoovers P M Weath Clear Mild


Sowed Barley below the lane & Peas near Hoovers Weath Clear windy Jack Strohm & wife from Indiana were here this morning they were at my Fathers all night


Woods turned green Finished Cultivating & Harrowing Peas A M Harrowed Ribbed Wheat stubble in big Field P M Weath Drissly & Rainy A M Cloudy P M


Rolled in Peas & some Oats in old Meadow when the Roller broke at noon. Plowed in big field P M Weath clear comfortable


Plowed. Nancy went to see J H Rami?s son Weathr Clear


Plowed. Weathr Clear Warm


Plowed A M Washed Sheep P M Weath Clear Warm

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