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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1861-1863

Reesor Diary 1861-1863-70.pdf

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Dec 1862 1863


I & J D cleaned & brought home my Fathers wheat from Br Ns AM worked a while at kitchen PM J was in Markham with Susan. W. Mild. cloudy, April weather


{illegible} at home all day. Br Ns were here W. mild

29 1862

I lathed in kitchen J & J D went to Markham Weath. Mild. Jan 1863


I went to Sparta AM. Lathed in kitchen PM W. clear cold. roads rough


Helped J D at his chopping bee in our bush. W. clear mild

New Years Day Jan 1st 1863

Went to Fatherinlaws W. Mild clear beautiful roads very rough


Went to B Lehman's Chopping bee W. warm. clear April weather


Threshed Oats with horses. W. Mild. cloudy John's Father is here tonight

Sunday 4

at home all day. Br C & family were here W. Clear. windy tonight


I Went to Major Mills with grist for my father AM Went to C Raymer's for broad axe PM W. Clear mild


I took 22 43 lbs fall Wheat to Major Mills @ 87 cts {per?} AM threshed Oats with horses PM W. clear getting colder received a visit from J Honsberger from Cayuga tonight.


Went to Uncle Sam's with Mr. Honsberger AM Went to D Hoover's PM to get a hand to help thresh at Br N's. My hand is sore I blistered it at J D's chopping bee and it is very sore. W clear. cold Louis Moyer came here on a visit today


Went to R Money's Store AM Went to J Cober's & C Stovers PM. to Inform them that P Stover's wife Died yesterday. W. Snowstorm from the east about six inches fell today


Chored round AM got Bob & Jen shod PM & J D. & A McNair hewed timber W. Mild


Helped Br. C at threshing. W. Snowed about 4 in. thawing

Sunday 11

At home all day. W. Cloudy. Mild. Sleighing good


I & J D Went to Markham Sleighing pretty fine W. pretty Cold. J went to Br Ns sawly bee.


Hewed timber for new barn. W. Cloudy Snowed from the east PM. Fatherinlaws are here tonight


Hewed timbers AM Lathed in kitchen PM W. Cloudy AM Drissly rain PM Warm roads getting bad


Hewed timber W. Mild snowed from the east I & J D & Aleck McNair Went to T Woods tonight & bought a pair of moccasins apiece Snowed all the way

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