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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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30 Monday

Weather moderate & mild. hoar frost in the morning. we got the furnace going early this morning and on the boil by about nine oclock. Johny & Thom. McDougal were on hand but Uncle Thomas did not come to hand till about ten oclock. Robert Jestin came along but, as we were waiting for Thomas they went up for his hog which he killed first. we had the other 2 strung up before dinner. we got them all (7) hung up by about 3 oclock and I made ready and drove over to the Centre inn to the meeting of the Board of Health. we have a change of a member in the Reeve - Mr Fletcher , we had not much to do but organize. {in margin} Furnace on early this morning and we had the help of Johny & McDougal to help kill our pigs. Robt. Jestin also killed a big one - 1st meeting of Board of Health -

31 Tuesday

Somewhat stormy to day althogh not very cold. a dissagreeable east wind has prevailed all day. Willie and Robert Jestin took the pigs to Guelph. Robert had also 8 bags potatoes - Willie had 2 pigs, one weighed 150 lbs, the other 165. we had one 185 lbs. he got $8.50 per 100. Robert Jestin did not sell his stag. all he was offered was $4.00 per 100 for it. Willie bought 2 small front quarters of beef - he got it cheap $4.50 for 100. a young heifer from a Mr Wilson down at Shaw Station C.P.R. he brought us 1/2 ton of coals. $3.25. a pair of long Boots for Ewart $1.50. I cut up our other 2 pigs. one weighed 172 the other 125 and salted them dowm. Johny borrowed a shoulder 24 lbs - he also got a head 10 lbs. I have had to do up all the chores to day, as well as provide wood which had run entirely out. {in margin} Willie & Robert Jestin went to Guelph to day with the pork - bought beef. also 1/2 ton coal. Boots for Ewart - cut and salted pork to day.

Feb. 1 Wednesday

Rather a mild day. the customary hoar frost was present again this morning. toward evening it blew up colder after there had been perhaps a couple of hours snowing and blowing. I cut up our small quarter of beef and Margaret packed it away among snow in a box. it weighed 68 lbs. Willie paid me $6.70 being the balance out of the proceeds of the pig. $15.55. Maggie and her Mother and I drove over to Suttons this afternoon with Billie & Cutter - Mr Sutton is very poorly he keeps his bed the most of the time. he is being very much enfeebled both in body and mind and is a great handful for Mrs Sutton who, though energetic and active for her age (70 years) can hardly be expected to have strength sufficiant for the work. Kate (Mrs Wm Sutton) and the baby are both doing nicely. the baby is 2 weeks old to day I believe. in coming home we called at David Robertson. Eliza is now poorly from Grip, it is thought. the little Boy is getting better. {in margin} fixing up things this forenoon and cut up the Beef and put away the coal. Visiting at Mark Sutton Senr this afternoon - Mr David Robertson sick. the Boy getting bettter.

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