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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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FEBRUARY 1888 1893

2 Thursday

Rather colder to day, not so much that the frost is greater but that an east wind has been very raw and peircing - the wind drifted the snow very much through the night. I paid a visit to Robert McWilliams this forenoon. he is improvng now, although it has been very slow indeed in setting in. I spent a while at the swamp where Johny and Thom. McDougal are working - the snow is very deep down there and the lying timber (cedar) is so much covered by the snow as to increase the work of making it into cordwood very much. Willie has been about home the most of the day. I helped him cut up his beef, but the pig is too much frozen to cut up. it has turned out very stormy this evening - {in margin} rather dissagreeable weather especially at night - cutting up meat. down at the swamp where Johny is at work chopping - Johny has had quite a lot of visitors this evening. John Mutrie & wife, Arch. Johnston & Miss Johnston, Aggie Black & Maggie Scott.

3 Friday

The wind has blown a hurricaine to day and the snow has been driving before it till it is piled up in high drifts and through every cranny. the cold has not been great which was fortunate. I half soled a pair of Boots for R. J. Kerr. I charged 60cts for them, though there was a patch on the upper heel extra. Willie was helping Robt. Jestin break a colt this forenoon. I did up some of his chores. Johny & his man have been working in the Bush through all the storm. Ewart went to school along with McWilliams - they have the sleigh all the time, they say the roads are filling up badly. {in margin} very high wind which is piling up the snow into unsightly heaps. Ewart to school. at work through it. Breaking R. Jestins colt.

4 Saturday

The wind has gone down but, the cold has considerably increased since yesterday. the thermometer shows 7 or 8 below zero . I have been looking after the house wants in the matter of wood & water &c. and fixed up a blanket for Ewart to be used for the colt. I fixed on buckling straps and mended it up, Ewart has been helping at the chores and he and Willie have broken the road on the lane out to the line. quite a number have been out to day breaking the roads and shovelling snow. Willie drove down as far as David Robertsons. Eliza is still very poorly although a little better to day. Johny and his man have been cutting up the big pine logs down in the bush. {in margin} Colder again to day. hands out shovelling snow and breaking out roads. mending horse blanket and doing other chores.

5 Sunday

Pretty cold but not quite so severe as yesterday. the roads having so lately been blocked up, the girls did not venture out this forenoon to Everton. Johny drove over Lizzie to Ospringe, this being Sacrament Sunday. I gave him my Letter for Meaford to mail. I enclosed a dollar in it to pay for the Globe. Margaret & I paid Robert McWilliams a visit this evening - he is improving. Ewart & the girls drove to Everton this evening, also Willie.{in margin}

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