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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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FEBRUARY 1888 1893

6 Monday

Quite a change in the weather from frost and cold to rain and thaw. it partook of the pancake thaw in the morning but it became softer and we had rain and thawing all day. there has not been any work of consequence going on to day either with Johny or here. the water was getting into our cellar from the leading pipe to the cistern chocking up with ice. I had quite a time liberating the water course and shovelling snow. Ewart went to school to day and we hardly liked to see him go as he has a cough & cold, but, of course he rides with McWilliams. I am writing a letter to Alex. McGregor this evening, but, as all the rest are off to bed, I suppose I shall follow suit and finish up perhaps tomorrow. {in margin} A rainy day. working at the water spouts - writing a letter to Alex. McGregor.

7 Tuesday

Froze up again and rather cold all day. dry however and pleasant. I have been choring around and trying to get things comfortable for our visitors, Barrie Mutrie & his Mother. I was fixing up the horse blanket that our colt tore up badly. the wood also got very low on account of the soft weather and rain. Johny brought over Barrie and his Mother after dinner in the sleigh. they spent a pleasant time with us, and Barrie did not seem to feel any bad effects from the exertion. it turned colder toward evening and Johny drove them over in Crofts Cutter. their young folks were visiting this afternoon. I mailed a letter to Alex. McGregor and got the Monitor & a pamphlet from Alex. from Amherst, illustrating the Town and giving an account of it. {in margin} Frost again. visitors Barrie Mutrie and his Mother. sent a letter to Alex McGregor. a pamphlet from Amherst.

8 Wednesday

Rather cold and the wind increases the cold as it blows high and is drifting the snow up some. Maggie and Ruth McWilliams have paid a visit to our folks to day. I have been at home all day, doing up our own chores and helping some at the Barn & Stable chores. Johny was helping Albert Tolton to cut straw this afternoon and I went over at night and helped do up his work. Mrs Mutrie complains of a pain in her knee. she first it felt it this forenoon and it has become very painful this evening. Eddie Abbott came along with Ewart from school this afternoon. there is no more school this week as the Teacher (Miss Mitchel) is going to attend the teachers Convention. {in margin} a cold day & the wind drifting the snow somewhat. Ruth and Maggie McWilliams pay a visit to day. Eddie Albert home with Ewart. Teachers Convention - no school rest of the week.

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