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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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FEBRUARY 1888 1893

9 Thursday

Milder this morning and very pleasant outside although dull and threatning - we concluded as the chances for good weather were few that we had better go up to see the McKenzies to day. Ewart & Eddie and the girls and their Mother and I started off in the sleigh with the Pony and her colt about ten oclock and arrived up there about noon. the roads on account of the late drifts were a little heavy in going up. the side roads are badly blocked but the upper one is open at John Reas. however we drove through Jam. Reas farm to the other line in going up. we came home by way of the road in a blinding Snow Storm from the east which started about 2 oclock P.M. Bella & the Baby were well. the Baby grows splendidly but was very shy and made strange for awhile. John had first driven down to Everton mills and and returned at about 4 oclock. he had dinner at Willies. Mother had to go down to Mary to night as she took sick.

10 Friday

There is to day quite an additional depth of snow to record and in places it is blown up into inconvenient piles. I drove the pony and cutter down our lane this afternoon to go to Everton for Mother and I had a very hard job to keep from upsetting - they shovelled it out while I was away. Mary is better again. I was over at Johny's awhile this forenoon and saw Mr & Mrs McIntosh. they went away after dinner to Joe Crofts and took Mrs Mutrie with them. Mrs Mutrie's knee gives her some trouble and she is more concerned about it on account of the pain and swelling coming to it without any apparent Cause. I see by the papers that the snow is 4 feet deep on the level at Owen Sound and the report also says that 14 inches fell there in 24 hours. {in margin} more snow to record - shovelling roads &c - Johny's visitors away again - Mrs Mutrie also gone - reports of great depths of snow in places.

11 Saturday

Very fine day and quite mild in the early part although getting colder towards evening. I drove Johny's team to Guelph taking Lizzie along with Margaret to the Market with Butter & Eggs. Lizzie had also 2 bags dried apples which she sold at Fielding at 5c per lb - they sold the Butter and Eggs to Weatherstone the Baker at 22cts for Butter & 25cts for Eggs. Johny drew out his wood with Frank and the Morton Mare. {in margin} fine drive to Guelph Market.

12 Sunday

One of the finest days of the season. the sunshone out beatifully and the air was mild & fine. the girls went to Meeting this forenoon. Ewart drove them there with Fred & the Cutter. he also drove them down in the evening - I remained at home all day. Willie and Jeenie were away the most of the day and I had to feed up at noon and at night.

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