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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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MARCH 1888 1893

8 9 Thursday

A little frosty last night, but not enough to keep the snow from melting through the day. Colin and I were at the swamp this forenoon and we had some trouble with our rig on account of our hitching wire breaking. we had to leave it, while I rode the mare home at noon. Colin and I stayed up afternoon to help Willie to cut straw - Johny was to have been home to help him get things in order but as he was late in getting away to Crofts this forenoon, it was about 2 oclock before he returned - Robert Jestin and Henry Duffield also helped us, although between 3 and 4 oclock before we got under way, we succeeded in getting quite a nice lot of straw cut. {in margin} Colin McMillan and I at the swamp this forenoon - we helped Willie to cut straw afternoon -

9 10 Friday

Another such day as yesterday - the snow is going quite surely however every day and the bottom of the snow on the land is water logged. Colin and I were again at the swamp this forenoon and what I have recorded as happening to our rig was a mistake, as it was this morning it happened. Willie made quite a show of his bad temper this morning because I complained to him of getting our horse blanket torn to pieces by the colt being tied by him out in the shed yesterday with the blanket on him, when he ought to have known to take it off as this is the third time he - the colt- has done the same thing and I had to repair it twice. it is now, however, unmendable. I and Colin helped Johny to cut straw this afternoon as well as Willie. Thomy Webb, Thom McDoyal, Albert Tolton's wife and 2 little children were visiting this afternoon. they waited till nearly 2 this morning for him returning from Orton, but not coming all went to Bed. {in margin} Colin & I have again been at the Swamp this forenoon - helped at Johny's to cut straw this afternoon - Albert Tolton's wife & children visiting here this afternoon.

10 11 Saterday

Dull and softer this morning. the water is running pretty lively under the snow these times. Colin and I walked back this morning to the large elm tree at the lower corner of our sugar bush and we cut off 8 cuts off the but. I sharpened and set the saw before going. as rain came on after dinner we did not return. his 1/2 month was in last night and I paid him five dollars to day. he would not charge for the forenoon. I drove him and Mary, who was up here since yesterday, home to night midst a pelting rain. in coming home again Robert Jestin and another young man riding with me on the bad roads caused the harness to break in a pitch hole making trouble and nearly an hours delay - {in margin} Colin & I started to cut a large elm tree this forenoon at the sugar bush - paid him $5.00 for 1/2 months wages - break down with the colt and cutter -

11 12 Sunday

Weather yet partakes of the soft and humid character it has lately assumed. Ewart drove the girls to meeting this forenoon and afterwards in the evening. Margaret & I went over to Toltons after dinner and stayed till after supper. their best mare died to day. she had been ailing a number of days and they have had the farrier but she is gone. {in margin} visit to Toltons to day. they lost a horse to day.

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