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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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MAY 1888 1893

Fine day. land drying fast. Willie took his hogs to Rockwood (8) weighing 1330 lbs to took $80.00 for them by being stumped to sell by the dollar. by weight he lost $2.40. they were a nice lot of nice little hogs. I hitched up the Pony with the "Netty" mare & finished plowing the balance of the land left by Ewart last night. Henry Duffield sold ten cattle to Barber's and delivered them to day. $450.00 - Rich. McWilliams also delivered 5 steers $350.00. I drove down for the mail this evening and hurried home and borrowed Duffield's harrow and Ewart harrowed over what we have plowed. James McLean, insurance ag't called and renewed our insurance at Johny's. paid him a dollar fees, and gave premium note for $25.50, insurance for $1600. McLean is staying all night. Willie paid me sixty dollars. {in margin} Willie delivered his hogs at Rockwood this forenoon. Duffield and McWilliams also took their fat cattle there. Insurance. Willie paid me sixty dollars.

11 12 Friday

A very fine day, warm and summer like. I hitched up early this morning and Minnie accompanied me to Rockwood, staying at Stewarts while I attended to the business concerning Alex' remittance. I got $200 from Mr Eli Stout which he loans from this date for 2 years at 6 per cent per Annum. I gave my note for the amount and Johny is to join in the note, I procured a Bank draft from Mr Ross, of the Savings Bank {costing?} 63 cts and sent if off by Letter to Alex/ I had dinner at David Toltons and called on Mr Waters amd settled to take Willie's cattle to his pasture. he charges the same all round although the one is average and if they are much smaller than the average that are in, he will take it into consideration but, he wishes me to settle with him when the time comes. I returned to Rockwood on the 6 oclock train getting tea at Stewarts & then starting home with Minnie. the colt was nice at Stewarts. I went up on the 10 oclock train . Mrs Stewart has been very sick lately. Mr Stewart also. {in margin} Rockwood on Alex' business - Guelph on the train. Mr and Mrs Stewart both unwell. horse also - remittance to Alex. and note given for the amount - sent $250 to Alex.

12 13 Saturday

Another very fine day. very warm. I fixed up the onion ground this forenoon. took out a load of hen manure & ashes and top dressed. afterwards cultivated it in with the Gale harrow and harrowed it over repeatedely with the common harrow, stoning it also before dinner time. we had Willies team after Ewart finished harrowing on the sod. Willie took a grist to Everton with the colt and his Mother. I just started the onion bed and getting along nicely when a heavy rain came on. we then salted away our dried meat and cut all our early potatoes. {in margin} taking out hen manure on Onion Bed, and worked it up. Salted away our dried meat. cut early potatoes - Willie took a grist to Everton.

13 14 Sunday

heavy rain last night. A very fine day but rather mucky after the heavy rain. Margaret & I drove the colt & buggie to Rockwood and paid a visit to Stewarts. Mrs Stewart is some better. their horse worse. Mr Stewart himself continues poorly. we attended the funeral of Geo Stout who died on Friday morning. we left the procession and came home on reaching the gravel road. Maggie rode down to meeting with us. {in margin} Rockwood. Funeral of George Stout. visit with Stewart.

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