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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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MAY 1888 1893

24 25 Thursday

A fine day, a cool air but drying - Willie has been rolling and I was thinking the land is hard enough without making it any harder. Johny has finished sowing and harrowing the rough peice by the swamp and has been preparing the way for plowing the beaver meadow. he is late is getting through seeding but he is all alone and the chores take up some of his time daily. I have been working around helping plant strawberries, cutting the lawn with the mower. I also sharped up the mower and drove down to Everton, taking Maggie to help Mary at some baking. I trimmed up and cut the grass at the grave plot and did not get along very well on account of a piece being lost off the mower. got a newpaper from Alex describing the store opening Fessant & Sunter. {in margin} rolling the land which I think is too hard already - mowing lawn - and grave plot at Cemetery - planting strawberries -

25 26 Friday

A passibly fine day but not rapid growth weather on account of the cold air prevailing. I was choring around considerable to day - I went down awhile this morning to where Johny was preparing to plow at the beaver meadow. he had just got finished with the bed of the old fence cleaning up and I helped him pick up the broken limbs. Johny did a remarkable large day's plowing. I helped Margaret finish up the planting of the strawberries, we had put in an additional seven rows to the old six rows. Minnie & I attended the funeral of Laughlan Currie - it was appointed for the leaving of the house at 2 oclock but it was about 4 before they arrived at Everton where we met them. there was religious service before burial. {in margin} Johny starting in to clean up his last field for crop. strawberry patch planting - Minnie & myself attended funeral of Laughlan Currie -

26 27 Saturday

Very dull this morning and threatned rain. although remaining dull, cold & cloudy all day, it did not rain. Margaret & I drove to Guelph with the colt and our own buggie for the first time in that way. we had 28 dozen eggs and Jeenie 18 dozen. sold to Arthur Duffield at 10 1/2 c per dozen = $4.83. also sold traded a bag of dried apples to Fielding at 4 c per Bushel = $1.35. got the buggie fixed. cross bar on shaft renewed $ 75c, strap 10c = 85c. piece of lawn mower 10c , bought present for coming wedding $2.00. Bird seed 25c. Margaret paid out all her money for sundries. window curtains &c. Johny finished seeding. {in margin} Guelph with colt and our own buggie for first time - marketing & shopping - Johny finished seeding to day.

27 28 Sunday

Cool air continues. dry and clearer than yesterday. I walked over to Toltons this forenoon. Bella is thought to be a little better although she neither looks nor feels well yet. I returned home soon after dinner. George & Mary paid us a visit this afternoon. Maggie & Minnie drove Fred alone to meeting this forenoon. Ewart accompanied them in the evening. {in margin} visited at Toltons this forenoon - girls at Everton Meeting -

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