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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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June 31 1 Thursday

A very warm day. the weather seems to have taken a turn to the usual heat to be looked for at this time of the year. John Smallhorn is helping Willie to load up manure. I also turned in and helped all day. we took it out of the shed and, of course was out of the sunshine but, it was very close and warm and made us lose considerable sweat. Willie is drawing it out on the turnip land and partly on the potatoe land. Some rain through the night makes the land a little cloggy but is setting on the growth rapidly - I got a letter from Alex. this evening giving the account of their opening out their drug Store in Holyoke, Mass. {in margin} manure drawing at which I help all day - Letter from Alex. with account of first opening of Store - sent a note of hand.

June 1 2 Friday

Another warm day. the growthis going on apace. the manure drawing came to an end for the present, at dinner time and John Smallhorn went over to Johny's to help him. we drew out seven loads on our potatoe patch and I spread it nearly all so as to be ready for rolling and planting tomorrow. Willie got his all spread and Ewart rolled it. I started to cut our potatoes, and Mother finished up the cutting of four bags while I spread the manure. After tea I hitched up Fred and drove down to Everton to hear the "Lecture on India" by Mr Jackson a disciple Missionary. the girls were there all day and returned home with me after the Lecture. A telegram to day from Meaford - Announced the death of Mrs John Greive this morning. funeral Sunday. {in margin} finished up drawing the manure for the present. potatoe patched both covered - Lecture at Everton I go to hear. Death of Mrs John Greive, Meaford,

2 3 Saturday

Continues warm and close and toward night a terrible storm of thunder and rian visited us. the wind was very high for awhile and the rain fell in torrents. Willie plowed in the greater part of the potatoes before the storm. he first put in his own and went at ours when his seed ran out. Ewart dropped . I cut a quantity for Willie which he intended to plant but for the storm. there is great driving on the road to the Everton big meeting. in margin heavy rain to day. Potatoe planting to day. Big Meeting in full blast.

3 4 Sunday

More rain last night, but to day has been very fine and warm. the roads dried up rapidly. a terrible commotion in and around Everton. our folks down forenoon. I stay at home - I go down evening. James Moore came up with the folks. rides down with me in the evening. and goes home in Carryall. Mr Fowler speaks in house. I hear Mr Moffet who spoke outside adjoining Methodist Church, who reviews the prophecy and advent of Christ in old and nw testement. dwelling considerably on the Commisson. I saw and spoke to James Menzies, his two daughters, also Mrs Brown & Mrs Early.

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