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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JUNE 1888 1893

4 5 Monday

Very warm, almost too much so for comfort, but the matter of comfort comes in of secondary importance when that of good growing weather is placed in the balance. Willie with Robt. Kerr washed his sheep this forenoon, and he plowed afternoon. Johny washed his and ours after dinner. his mother and I & Lizzie helped him by warding them on the bank while he washed them on the east end of the bridge. the water being very high, by recent rains, one could wash any place about the bridge - {in margin} washing sheep to day.

5 6 Tuesday

Continues hot and sultry. we expected rain again to day on account of the great heat forenoon. it must have rained some other where round as it cleared off and became quite cool towards evening. I drove down to Everton this forenoon for Johny with a bag of grain to chop, and returned home in time for dinner. I called to see Edie Abbott, who is very much fevered, although not so sick otherwise. his case somewhat puzzles the doctors until it is further developed. {in margin} Everton with a Bag of chop for Johny. in to see Eddie Abbott.

6 7 Wednesday

A little frost last night. it is strange how soon the temperature changes from hot to cold. this has been a beautiful day. Maggie and her Mother were hoeing the strawberry and raspberry patches. I mended up my old dress shoes so as to serve for every day wear. we had to begin making ready for the wedding by 3 oclock. I brought the cows up and they were milked about 4 oclock, as six oclock was the hour appointed for the ceremony . we had to start off at 5. Maggie & Minnie started off on foot before we did and were taken up by Judson Tolton who was over at Albert's. Ewart and his Mother and I followed with our own rig. we were there in good time and others which they waited on were late in coming. it would be fully seven oclock before the ceremony was gone through. there was a large company and freinds from a distance. there were three tables set. the old folks getting their supper first. the Bride & Groom occupying the centre seat. a few freindly remarks were indulged in after tea and the health of the newly married pair drunk in pure water. Mr & Mrs Baker left shortly after for home, but the greater number remained until quite late. there was a sort of social formed for the rendition of pieces of music and recitations. I was appointed to the chair and we had quite an interesting and enjoyable programm carried out. it was past twelve oclock before we started for home and the girls accompanied the Toltons over in their two buggies (Dan & Albert) while we came home the same way as we went. it was 2 oclock A.M. before we retired to our nests. Thus ended with us the night of Hanah Tolton's wedding. a good many nice presents graced the table and, I think, none too many as Hanah has been a very deserving young woman. Edward Stevens paid me five dollars to night as payment of my outlay for him while canvassing - {in margin} hoeing among the strawberries and rasps. shoe fixing - Hanah Tolton's Wedding. Ed. Stevens paid me five dollars ($5.00)

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