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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JUNE 1888 1893

11 12 Monday

A very fine day. fine sunshine and warm. Johny has done his road work to day. his Boy & himself & team were out. they drew the gravel from Loree's pit, and placed it on the road fronting Willie Theaker's place. Willie intends doing his work tomorrow - he is plowing in the manure for his turnips to day. I have been hoeing the onions and doing other chores around. after tea Willie & I built a new fence behind the barn to form a small yard leading from the shed doors to the lane. Willie has plowed hard all day at the turnip land, having got behind they are both anxious to see the manure plowed under. {in margin} road work Johny did his to day - Willie hard at the manuew plowing under for the turnips - hoeing &cc.

12 13 Tuesday

Another beautiful day. the sun shone out hot and it looked thundery, but did not come on. Willie & his team were doing the road work to day. I went also so that allthe work would go in. the place has got off wirth 8 days this year. 4 apiece for the Boys. {Washy?} Loree has got his own way this time of putting on the gravel . he did it well as far as it went, and made sure to get good stuff. each team drew six loads in the day and he has hopes he may get a grant from the council to assist in gravelling some more. he thinks the statute labour insufficient to keep up the road as it should. we have sprinkled old slacked lime over our onion beds this evening. we had our dinner at Shaw Loree's to day. {in margin} Willie and team at the roads to day. I also went so as to put in the time to day. dinner at Shaw Loree's to day -

13 14 Wednesday

Continues splendid growing weather. I cleared the fence off and started the job of making a hen yard at the south end of pig pen. I did not however, get working at it very long as I helped Johny awhile to spread manure. he has on Albert Toltons team and was getting behind with the dung spreading. I had also to help Willie awhile at rolling. he is getting is corn plowed in to day. the Boy drops the corn in every 3rd furrow. Johny and I shore the sheep after tea this evening. Henry Duffield was there and took the place of one of us. shearing against each of us by turns. there were eight sheep. they have good fleeces. {in margin} started to clear the ground for forming a hen yard - Johny has Albert Toltons team helping him to day - I helped awhile to spread dung - we shore our sheep this evening -

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