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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JUNE 1888 1893

18 19 Monday

A very pleasant breeze has prevailed to day and caused a tolerable coolness where otherwise it would have been very hot. I was early at work this morning, about 5, and although assisting to fix up a gate and other chores, I got the balance of the post holes nearly completed (8) by dinner time. I drove down to Everton with Minnie. She saw the doctor and he says she is so much better that, he gave her no medicine at present until he sees how she will do without it. I paid him $2.40 for 3 Bottles of Emulsion. I paid him for the other 2 before. I got a bag of shorts & 25cts worth of oatmeal at Hortops. 95cts. the Boys are working on their turnip land. Bella drove down to day accompanied with her baby & Mrs Thos. Weatherstone. they had a very pleasant visit. everything looks its best at the present time. {in margin} finished digging post holes for hen yard. drove to Everton this afternoon - paid for Medicine to Dr Dryden - Bella & Mrs Weatherstone visits us.

19 20 Tuesday

Continues hot, as there has not been so much of a breeze, the heat is more oppresive. I dug round and took out 8 posts out of different places - 6 out of the old back yard and the 2 that has stood in front of the horse stalls. I planted them in after tea, with Ewart's help, into the fence forming the hen yard, so that the posts are all in now for that yard. I dug a trench and put in about 40 plants of Celery, making them about a foot apart. we are hoeing the Onions again. the strawberries have grown to a good size and although green, the hens bother us by picking them off. we are tormented by them, scratching at the potatoes. Johny is plowing his turnip land again - Robt. Morton is helping him with two teams this afternoon. Willie is harrowing & rolling his land to day. {in margin} oppressively hot. been lifting out old fence posts &c. trenching in Celery. hoeing onions - Robt. Morton helping Johny to plow.

20 21 Wednesday

Very close and hot until about 3 oclock P.M. when a heavy 2 hour rain cooled the air. I think last night was about the hottest of the Season and very hard to sleep under it's oppressiveness. I have been gathering the stuff & drawing nails &c for the boarding up of the hen yard. I sowed a quantity of turnips for Willie and he is afraid he will have to do them again as they, the drills, are badly washed away with this 2 hour heavy rain. later on this evening we found the rain has been more severe than at first we thought. the land has been running badly and the growing crops have been badly mashed up and covered in places. Margaret & I drove down to Morton's this evening to see Robie who has come up from Bellville this morning. this is his first visit since leaving home last September and he seems somewhat bewildered and sedate over the changes. Ewart did not go to school to day as he is quite unwell. he seems to have taken the trouble that is so general right now. Maggie is also unwell. the Doctors at present are having a busy time of it. {in margin} close & hot. a heavy 2 hour rain. sowing turnips for Willie. Robt. Morton came home from Bellville to day. we were down to see him this evening.

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