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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JUNE 1888 1893

25 26 Monday

A very fine day, moderately cool and very pleasant. Somewhat cloudy and threatning but only a sprinkling in the evening. the women folks picked the first picking of strawberries to day and filled 26 Boxes - they are mostly large and seem to be well flavoured. Willie has plowed his land for hungarian grass and I sowed it for him this afternoon. John Webb and Mrs Webb paid us a visit this evening. I have been choring about and boarding up the hen yard fence which goes slowly along there being so many other things on hand. Mrs McKenzie (Goulding) of Guelph and Mrs John Everts Junr. came along to see Harry Goulding and visited at Willies. Janet Abbott & Nettie are visiting here to night. Ewart is preparing for going to Guelph tomorrow for entrance examination to high school. I planted another row of celery to day. {in margin} first picking of Strawberries - 26 Boxes. sowed the hungarian. visitors Janet & Nettie Abbott - planted another row of celery.

26 27 Tuesday

A very warm and sultry day. thunder clouds passing around. and as Johny gave me his team, I hitched to the lumber wagon after dinner and went up to Lynmotts mill for the picketing I ordered the other day I was there. I was astonished to find on going up that from above McDermotts the country had been been visited with a heavy rain. it was late before I arrived back home with the lumber 140 pickets. he first charged $4.00 throwing in the 20 feet and only charged 10 dollars per 1000. he spoke of charging 11. the girls drove Ewart to town to day and returned all right. they sold the 26 Boxes strawberries to Hugh Walker at 6c per Box. in margin} suntry and hot. drove up to Lymotts Mill for 400 feet of picketting. the girls drove in Ewart to Guelph to day. he is trying the entrance examination.

27 28 Wednesday

Continues warm although not so sultry as it sometimes has been. I was up this morning by 4 oclock helping Willie to get away with his Steer. we got our breakfast and were loaded and away by 5 oclock. the steer was very quiet and behaved well all the way. we dumped him out by the side of the road beyond the frog pond. and Willie led him into town with the humbug the rest of the way. he weighed on the market scales 1420. and went 1400 on the other after standing about 2 hours. he brought $73.50. I had dinner at David Toltons and saw Ewart. I bought a screen door at Bonds for a dollar and got enough of stuff to make another at Stewarts & Bonds for 66cts, the fixings were extra. Spring, hinges 50cts and latches & screws besides - there was a lot of cattle to ship to day. some talk of there being 18 car loads. principally among the Barbers. {in margin} Guelph. I went in with Willie, who took his fat steer to Barbers weighed 1400 price $73.50. bought sundreies . 1/2 Barrell of sugar , screeen door &c.

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