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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JULY 1888 1893

= 23 =24 Monday

Weather cooler to day, quite breezy. A little rain is wanted now to freshen up the potatoes and turnips and indeed all garden stuff. Ewart drove Maggie & Mother over to Mutries berry patch. they returned home about 3 oclock. the berries are not so plentiful as they expected and they got out of patience after picking about 2 pails. Mary and I picked two thirds of a pail from our own garden patch. I hoed among the corn some. Johny has been cutting his meadow and quit a little early so as to drive Lizzie over to her brother Johns. Mrs John Mutrie is quite ill. Margaret & I went down to see little Geordie Robertson this evening. he is very low. Patsy Blanchfield from Cleveland came over here on a visit a week or so ago and died yesterday from inflammation of the bowels. very sad just to have left home and die - {in margin} need for rain - Berrying - hoeing the corn. Mrs John Mutrie very ill. have just heard that Patsy Blanchfield died in Guelph yesterday -

24 25 Tuesday

Warmer to day than yesterday and very windy the most of the day. no rain yet, although some indications have prevailed they have all passed over. Ewart and I hoed some along the corn. we both helped Johny some, I was more than half the day. Ewart raked it together for him and helped in with 2 loads. I then helped in with 4 loads. it was so windy the boys could not manage the loading very well. Willie has helped Robert Jestin to take in hay to day. (18 loads) he intended to cut his fall wheat to day but Robert is going to help him any time he wants him. Willie borrowed 4 balls of twine from David Robertson. blue ribbon @ 3/4 cts per lb. Maggie and her Mother picked some more berries to day. 3 pails for sale and about 2/3 of one for our own use. they sold 2 pails to Robert McWilliam 90cts each - {in margin} very windy - Ewart and I helped Johny at his hay to day. Willie at Robert Jestins. Berries sold to Robt. McWilliams

25 26 Wednesday

Another drying day and very high and scorching wind prevailing. the wind being so dry & hot must have a bad effect on the grain filling and growing crops. there was quite a thunder storm passed over through the night and a little rain fell which was very welcome. we hear the lightning has been doing damage around. one of the Taylors near Rockwood we hear had a valuable span of horses killed, and the Elliot (John Stewarts old place) Windmill was struck and fired. I helped Johny haul in several loads of hay to day - it was hard loading on account of the high wind. Robert Jestin cut round the fall wheat field for Willie with the Cradle and Willie raked & bound after him. Willie afterwards started the binder cutting a few rounds before night. they seem to think that although there is considerable rust on the straw the grain is not much affected by it, and as there is a good crop of straw it is to be hoped there will also be a fair yield of grain.{in margin} thunder storm last night but high wind throughout the day again. damage done - Willie started to cut his fall wheat.

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