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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JULY––AUGUST 1888 1893

30 31 Monday

A very fine harvest day. the ground is very dry & dusty. there were indications of rain but they blew over. Johny cut some barley with the reaper but, as it did not work well on account of a broken casting on the table, he borrowed one of Robert McWilliam's tables and at some trouble got on cutting again before after tea time. Ewart drove Minnie down to see the doctor - I also drove down this morning and got 60cts worth shorts and 100 of flour, in all $2.10. not paid. I tried the experiment of coaxing the fowls onto the pototoes by feeding them a little on the patch. they seemed to lay hold in earnest on the bugs, but they would a good deal rather have the wheat thrown at them. {in margin} Johny in trouble with the Reaper. I helped hinm to fix it up. Coaxing the fowls to eat the potatoe bugs - got 100 of flour from Everton -

August 31 1 Tuesday

Continues dry and not over hot. there has been a cool air although the sun shines a little hot. I put a cover on the front part of my boots today and sewed them on. Bella and Maggie McKenzie have spent the day with us. Noel helped Willie to hoe the turnips and started off between 7 & 8 oclock with the women - Johny has been pulling some wild oats that he spied among his peas. he also paris greened his potatoes the second time. I have been anxious to hear from Clarksburg and we heard to our sorrow this evening, a little letter card from Mr Kelly the young man's father informs us that his son started for Holyoke last Friday morning. received a letter from Bro. Alex. intimating he will likely be at Erin at 7.33 next Friday P.M. we are now at our wits end to decide how to get Ewart to Alex. it has been a badly managed affair. {in margin} Bella & Maggie McKenzie spent the day here with us. Noel helping Willie hoe turnips. Kelly gone to Holyoke - we are displeased about it. badly managed.

Aug. 1 2 Wednesday

Weather yet very dry and though a lottle cool at night, pretty hot through the day. I helped Johny to fix up the reaper to day. Johny started to cut his barley. Willie went up to John McKenzies to fix up his binder before starting it to work. John McKenzie came down to night to be ready to go down to Nassagawea to see Allen & Samuel Ramsey's farms wheich we hear are to be rented this fall. he does not take kindly to renting Martin's farm near Belwood as he thinks it is too much the same kind of farm he is now on. hilly & sandy. one cannot be too particular in choosing a place on rent - the crops are now so risky and the price so low that we can hardly expect much surplus after obtaining a living. renters however, in order to do business have to get their surplus or else they cannot continue to do business in that way. {in margin} helping Johny to fix up the Reaper - Willie gone up to John McKenzies to day. John McKenzie down to night so as to start out tomorrow morning to Nassagawea -

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