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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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NOVEMBER 1888 1893

12 13 Monday (317-49)

Raining this morning which continued the greater part of the forenoon. we were helping Johnny awhile in the early part of the forenoon to fix up the joists in his pig pen. and afterwards got ready to plow but the rain again coming on we did not commence until after dinner which we had early. I then finished up the front field and started in the field behind the Barn on Willies' corn patch. but did not get much done. being a little showery it was not very pleasant working out the land this afternoon. Willie plowed This afternoon he is nearly done with the field behind the orchard.

13 14 Tuesday (318-48)

A very fine day. the frost made the ground a little hard in the morning and it was a little late before I hitched up in consequence Willie took a grist to the mill this forenoon and finished up his field plowing after returning home I am plowing at the last piece to day and expect I can have it so that it will be done early tomorrow I skinned a sheep for Willie this morning that died. Willie brought home the terrible news of Mrs Sutton having been drowned in the cistern yesterday while they were all away to Robertson's Sale. poor Mark heard her scream about 2 oclock P.M. but of course was not able to get out of bed to help her. She had been working at the cistern getting water likely. then is no pump for it and the water has to be lifted out.

14 15 Wednesday (319-47)

A very rough day. heavy snow showers and frosty + cold. I made out to finish up my plowing and the folks thought I was foolish to work out in such a storm. I got done to the turnip and potatoe land however and I feel better pleased to have it done. Willie is away down by Georgetown to see about the sale of some of his horses he took the new horse with him. Johnny is now alone, his Boy is away to day. we have just heard today that Mrs Sutton had been washing on Monday and had the trap door open taking out water, one pail was on the floor above and another one was in the cistern with her. it is a terribly sad ending to a long laborious and useful life. and what is now to become of her poor afflicted husband, really it is awful to contemplate.

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