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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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June Monday 3 1912 King's Birth day.

A very fine day, after the rain, this is the first time the King's Birth day, has been approinted a holyday. the old Holyday of his mother, the 24th May, was duly observed too. Ewart drove down to get 2 bags oats chopped, and I rode up with him, and cut 5 bags or more of potatoes for him, he planted his feed corn, and also some potatoes. I walked back to see his crops. with the exception of some scalded spots they look very well, the fall wheat seems to be doing fairly well, the land for potatoes is in fair condition. got 3 dollars from him to day

Mailed letter to Bro. Alex Meaford. Went up with Ewart, and I cut about 5 bags, or more of potatoes for {seed} Crops looking fairly well.

Tuesday 4

Very fine weather to day. warm and pleasant, spent a long time this forenoon looking over papers and accounts, afternoon I dug this west end of the garden. and after tea Maggie helped me- and we dug up large portion of the old garden patch in addition. the south east corner was pretty soft and wet, but it is getting so late that we feel as if we must do something with it, John McKenzie {dunned?} for payment of balance of Dr.Howitts account, 30 dollars. John paid 50 dollars 6 years ago and thought that perhaps he would not look for more

Dug up a part of garden for vegetables. getting {late?} and a little wet John McKenzie {dunned} for the old {illegible}

Wednesday 5

Very cold this morning, think there was a slight frost last night Willie McKenzie came along this morning on his way to Guelph to see Dr. Howitt about his account, and said he would like so much that I would go with him. I consented to go and we reached Guelph somewhere about 11 oclock, I tried to see W.O. Stewart, and succeeded at about one oclock, but he was not much use to me, so went to see Dr. Howitt, and after stating our business,and pleading for substantial reduction on account he dismissed the matter by referring us to his son the Lawyer, we then {illegible} there and after a while R. McKinnon introduced us to Mr. Howitt, who was not long in offering to give us a receipt in full, for ten dollars as I proposed, he said his father had phoned him in regard to the matter. Willie had taken money out of the Bank, and as he got a settlement for less than he expected. put the money again before leaving. Ewart took his cattle to Rockwood this morning, but have not heard this evening what the result is, he returned home about noon. paid for {mercury?} to day, when in Guelph

Willie McKenzie and I drove to Guelph to day, and got a final settlement with Dr. Howitt for his charge of $80.00 for operating on Willie 9 years ago, John paid him 50 dollars 6 years ago. and he was now {dunning?} for the balance of thirty dollars, we beat him down to settle for ten dollars

Thursday 6

Rain again this morning, really it begins to look as if we are to be troubled badly to get our potatoes planted. I planted a few today on the house end of the lot. I wish the rest of the ground was as dry. Maggie sowed the vegetable seeds yesterday. I made out a cheque for $100.00 to Robert McWilliams, to pay off the note held against John McKenzie, it is 2 months overdue and John gave me a dollar to pay for that, and I paid it to Geo. Marshall when I gave him the cheque and got the note from him, the business has been losely done, as the last years interest is not endorsed and it only calls for 5 per cent. Bella and Maggie have been here this afternoon. John this morning.

Planted a few more potatoes in the garden. Paid Robert McWilliams by Cheque $100.00 to pay John McKenzie note in {Maggies?} favour. John agreed to pay 6 per cent by word of mouth.

Friday 7

Weather fine to day. Maggie and I fixed up a cucumber bed and put a barrow load of manure in it. I wheeled a couple of barrow loads to the other end of the lot and she and I cut out new diamond out of the lawn and placed the sods in a {illegible} round the southside of summer kitchen, sowed the cucumbers to day. There was a heavy white frost this morning.

Sodding and sowed cucumbers.

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