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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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{Throughout this diary William has crossed out all of the printed dates and penned in the correct dates; thus I have transcribed these entries according to the dates that William wrote.}

June Saturday 15 1912

Very dull and overcast this morning, we had prepared for going to Erin this morning, but the weather threatening a change we did not go. Mrs. Robertson was going with me to go to the dentist the rain held up fairly well until about 2 oclock, when it came down good and hard, as G.A. Abbott expressed a desire to have a cedar hedge like what we had planted, I thought I would gratify her by going over by McKenzies and get the cedar trees. Nettie went with me, but we had just got past G. Gray's gate when the rain began to fall and it soon poured and kept it up for long. Nettie + I drove in to McKenzie's when we waited till the rain was over and then John helped me dig up and load up 30m more 7 very suitable cedar trees. when done, Kittie + I drove up to Ewarts, Errett driving me down to Guelph road. Harold also. last night, a better received from James J. Hill saying he would give $500.00 towards improving the cemetery. {Written in the margin to the right of the date} heavy rain this afternoon drove over to McKenzies and got some cedar bushes to make a hedge for Abbotts drove up to Ewarts, Errett drove me home letter from J.J. Hill saying he will give $500.00 towards fixing the cemetery.

Sunday 16

Quite a heavy rain this afternoon, with thunder, it appears we have to put up with an over abundance of moisture, Ewart + Gertie were down this evening and, we made arrangements for Errett to bring the horse + buggie in the morning if the weather appears to be fine as I wish to go to Erin to visit and see Uncle Thomas Tolton. I wrote a letter to feenie at Edmonton to day, and expect to mail it in the morning. Errett (tomorrow morning.) {Written in right margin noted as W.R.M.} Thunder and rain. Ewart + Gertie down to day wrote a letter to Edmonton

Monday 17

A fine day, as there was promise of a good day. I made - ready for the drive to Erin, Errett Brought along the horse + buggy before going to school, Mrs. Geo. Robertson went with me, she went to see about her teeth at Dr Abbott's. I paid $2.25 for my dues to Overland, only expected to pay $1.50 as I paid that amount before for this year, but he tells me the usual fee of three dollars was found to be inadequate for meeting the current expenses this year, and the fee - had to be raised 75 c. to meet them. Uncle Thomas looks much the same as when I was over before, but he is duller and has less to say. the rest of them are well. I bought a piece of sole leather from Archie for 75 c. and got a bottle of baselene{?} for Mother 10c. {W.R.M.} drove to Erin to day. Mrs Robertson with me. paid - dues A.O.W.W. got a piece of leather for repairing not much change in Uncle Thos. Toltons condition.

Tuesday 18

A very fine day. Cooler than yesterday. I drove up to Ewarts to day, and helped him some at preparing posts for his wire fence and we dug 2 posts holes down by the gate at the line. he plowed at his root land this forenoon, and harrowed it, it was rather wet and soggy. had a letter from brother Jamie this evening , he speaks of coming down if he hasn't worn out his welcome, I bought 50 cts worth envelopes at Marshalls this evening. and 25 cts postage stamps {W.R.M.} drove up to Ewarts to day helping to prepare for building wire fence. letter from brother James Envelopes + postage stamps

Wednesday 19

very fine day. I drove up to Ewarts this morning with the horse and buggy. reached then about 9 o'clock. helped to plow a little and afterwards cut a lot of burdocks with spade. dug post hole + c. on driving home took Mrs Baldick to D. Robertson corner on her way home, Bella came here this a.m. {W.R.M.} again at Ewarts helping Ewart Bella here to day

Thursday 20

very fine weather to day, warm + dry. I hoed in the garden this forenoon all that was fit to hoe, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, raspberries +c. Bells here to day. Willie + Maggie came for her this evening, repaired Harold's shoe this afternoon, also sewed the lap rugs rippings. Mary also here to day making up a dress Blouse for Harold. Bella also helping. {W.R.M.} hoeing in the garden. Bella helping make Harolds blouse.

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