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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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June Friday 21 1912

very fine and beautiful weather, excepting, perhaps that cool nights prevail, and although the sun shines out clear + warm, there is a cool wind through it all. our last planted potatoes do not show through the ground yet and we have been expecting to see them by this time. We planted them on the 10th. I sharpened my axe this morning and cut + pealed some 7 or 8 poles (cedar) for making a climbing frame for Maggie's sweet peas I bought 91.2 lbs galvanized wire. 39 a pound from Dan Simons, and we fitted them into position 5 strands of wire. I mailed a letter to brother James this morning, watered tomatoes, raspberry new plants + hedge this nig {W.R.M.} Sharpened my axe and cut + peaked Cedar poles for a rack for carrying sweet peas by the house bought wire mailed a letter to Bro. James.

Saturday 22

Hot sunshine, though a cool air, the land and crops would be the better of a nice little rain again, growth is somewhat backwards on account of the late cool weather. the potatoes show very little yet but they are coming, Ewart drove to Guelph to day. he had 6 bags potatoes, which he sold at an average of $1.65. also about 48 lbs of wool at 21 c per lb. = about 20 dollars in all. Gertie + he got their Photos taken together, it is a good picture four dollars a dozen at Burgess Ann unwell with the cold, half soled Erretts Boots to day. not doing much {W.R.M.} weather drying up the land fast potatoes backwards Ewart to Guelph to day. sold 6 bags potatoes $1.65 per bag. got their photos. 1/2 soled Erretts Boots bad with the cold

Sunday 23

A very fine day, pleasant and clear sunshine, a shower of rain would now be welcomed, as the top of the ground is dusty and dry. Ewart + Gertie drove down to day and had dinner with us. I have not felt well to day, my cold is a long in breaking up. finished reading Gambles Book. The Titanic's foundering and all in connection with it. {W.R.M.} Ewart + Gertie down to day Sick with the cold. finished reading Gambles Book Titanic Tragedy

Monday 24

Warmer than usual last night, and very warm in the sun to day. we expected rain to day, a little fell but nothing of consequence I hoed in the garden some to day. the potatoe bugs are getting plentiful on our earliest potatoes. I killed a lot of them to day. but we will have soon to use paris green. I bought 1.2 lb package to day 15 cts at Marshalls, watered the tomatoe plants. and cedar hedge {W.R.M.} hoed in garden potatoe bugs bad. got paris green to day. watering the hedge + tomatoe plants.

Tuesday 25

Dry + warm to day, in the blaze of the sun it has been hot there was a very heavy dew this morning, I bought of Hortop 68 lbs of feed wheat for the hens costing 85 c. young charlie McDougal brought it up from the mill for me. and I rode up the 7 line with him to Willie Lorees and walked across the fields to Ewarts, getting there at noon. - after dinner I ran the turnip sower empty over the drills as Ewart made them, and Ewart sowed them afterwards, {Written above words in line} and acre + half {Back on line} Errett drove me home after. we had the lawn mower {W.R.M.} bought 85 cts worth wheat for the hens went up to the farm, helped - Ewart with his turnips sowing brought down the lawn mower

Wednesday 26

Another dry, warm day, thought there would be rain, there fella little but nothing of consequence. a little rain would now be welcome. John Roszal + Isabella came on a visit to day. they arrived here between ten + eleven oclock, and stayed till about 7 P.M. John is quite a cripple with rheumatism. we water the things in the garden {W.R.M.} John Roszel and Isabella paid a visit to day. watering the garden +c -

Thursday 27

Continues dry, a little cool at night, we need a little rain, because hot in the sun through the day, I cut the lawn this morning, hoed some of the potatoes. to most part are not up sufficiently to hoe. Children's night at church has drawn a large crowd. fine moonlight for Them to night. 3 or 4 men now at the bridges - They are now drawing gravel. and otherwise preparing to building. I took a walk down this evening there, and also much as far as McDougals. {W.R.M.} cutting the lawn children's night our Maggie + the Boys at it. walk down to the bridge + McDougals men working at the bridges

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