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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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July Thursday 4 1912

Extremely hot and dry. I dug the patch of ground for the cabbage plants this forenoon, and cut and peeled 2 poles of cedar to make an enclosure for the chickens, toawrds evening I rode up with John McDermott to Wilsons on the town line, and got 60 cabbage plants. afterwards walked up to Ewarts and drove home with the mare + buggy and keeping her all night so we might have her in the morning to scuffle our potatoes. {W.R.M.} hot + dry - cut poles for making chicken yard. got 60 cabbage plants got the mare for tomorrow

Friday 5

Another blister of a day. the extreme heat has an enervating effect on us all especially mother who seemed to feel it the most. I hoed awhile at the potatoes this morning, and about 10 oclock borrowed Weatherston's scuffler and scuffled the potatoes before dinner, after dinner we (Maggie + I) planted out 60 cabbage plants, watering the holes while planting, and I placed shingles so as to protect them from the blaze of the sun. after tea I drove up the mare + buggy to Ewarts. and while there quite a thunder + rain storm came up, wetting the land well, Ewart drove down with Prince we found there has been little of no rain at Everton. {W.R.M.} very hot + sultry. scuffled our potatoes this forenoon. planted 60 cabbage plants was up at Ewarts a nice rain up there but none here hardly

Saturday 6

The thunder storm of yesterday has not cooled the air very much, and another hot day has been experienced, I hoed at the potatoes this forenoon, but did not do much this afternoon as I made ready to be present at the funeral of David Cunningham which arrived at the Cemetery at about 3.30, there were about 30 rigs at the funeral. an a pretty large gathering of people. (Everton Cemetery.) {W.R.M.} David Cunning ham buried this afternoon. John + Bella McKenzie at the funeral and came down a little while

Sunday 7

Very hot again to day. Maggie has attended church both times as usual, and I staid with mother, I wrote a letter to the friends at Edmonton. which I hope to mail tomorrow morning. Mother feels the heat oppressive. I walked up to Evelighs to enquire about D Luttrell, and found he is keeping better {W.R.M.} wrote a letter to Edmonton. Luttrell some better.

Monday 8

Dull this morning but cleared up to be a hot day again, I rose before 5 this morning and hoed 4 rows of potatoes before breakfast I finished up the other 4 rows about 11 oclock, Ed. Abbott came home about 3 P.M. and I spent awhile with him, Hector Parker also came along with the statutes, but he should have brought those of 1897 instead of what he had, he contends that in purchasing more land for the cemetery the municipal council will have to be applied to, in order to make a legal purchase. Mailed letter + Photos to Edmonton {W.R.M.} Peter Matthews burial this after Ed. Abbott home this afternoon finished hoeing potatoes. erecting a yard for chickens Mrs Lynn. Holy oke I think died to day

Tuesday 9

Weather hot + dry, we hear of electric storms in other places, with rain, perhaps our turn may not be far away have been fixing up a yard for the small chickens. cut the grass in the Miss Robertson's garden +c. {W.R.M.} Weather hot and sultry. Mother feels it oppressive

Wednesday 10

Hot but a welcome thunder cloud came along and left us some rain, the rain kept falling for about an hour perhaps. and no - doubt will do much good. I planted a 5c package of sweet corn, the most of the other did not grow. {W.R.M.} planted corn a little welcome rain.

Thursday 11

A little cooler, and the dust is laid by the rain yesterday. I + Maggie put up the chicken wire fence, and put the chicks in. they are hard to keep in. paris greened some of the potatoes. Errett + Harold came down with Prince and buggy. They are preparing to go to the Picnic tomorrow. {W.R.M.} fixing up chicken yard. Errett + Harold. Ewart also down

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