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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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July Friday 12 1912

The Weather this morning looked somewhat threatening but the mist that early prevailed scattered after awhile and and a dry hot day followed. our folks started off for Stanley park Picnic along with others who gathered in front of the church about 8.30. Errett brought down Prince + buggy last night and Geo. Robertson + wife and our youngsters. with come of theirs drove there Maggie intended riding in our rig, but went with some one else, they had a nice day of it, so they say, they were very late in getting back home. I Paris greened our potatoes, they were getting rather bad {W.R.M.} our folks went to Stanley park picnic. Errett brought down Prince + buggy last night. Geo. Roberston drove him over I paris greened the potatoes. good turn out to pic nic, and good time

Saturday 13

Another hot day. I rose shortly after 5 oclock this morning and hoed at our potatoe patch till dinner time, and after having a good noon spell. I finished up the hoeing and also hoed the cabbage patch, I had 5 rows of the potatoes done yesterday. the rest to day. A card to day from Alex announces the death of Mrs Lynn. {W.R.M.} hoed the potatoe patch and cabbage +c - a card from our Alex announces the death of Mrs Lynn.

Sunday 14

the heat to day has been excessive, I was in hopes that a thunder cloud would visit us. and give vegitation a drink and cool the air. but it did not come, Bella was here to day. she attended the 2 meetings with Maggie, and went home in the evening with her own folks. James Abbott + wife drove over to day. Ed. accompanied them to Erin, he intends leaving for Owen Sound tomorrow. and goes from there to Duluth. calling at Sue St Marie, where he expects to see his Uncle Willie Mitchell who is very poorly. {W.R.M.} very hot. Bella over to day with us was at 2 meeting with Maggie James Abbott + wife over from Erin. Ed. went of with them to night.

Monday 15

very hot this forenoon, threatening rain with thunder, afternoon a big cloud gathered and broke into a heavy shower which - lasted about half an hour perhaps. it will do good although we would have liked it to have lasted longer. Geo. Robertson and I hauled out the pump. and I made leather valves for it. but did not get it finished, it got cooler this evening {W.R.M.} a nice shower to day. Geo. Robertson helped me at the pump to - day.

Tuesday 16

Cooler last night and to day. the rain of yesterday has made things look better, but the ground soon dries up again. I notice that the corn I planted last Wednesday was up an inch high yesterday. I was looking after material for altering the roof of the house in expectation that brother James would soon be down. I got a card this evening however saying that he is poorly and we now hardly expect him. I was looking after lumber to cover the top of our well and think I may get it from Wm Tovell. there is none at the mill. I cut poles for making the top and carried them home this evening. Geo. Loree carried a long one for me a piece of the way. {W.R.M.} things improve from the rain a card informing us that Bro. James has been very poorly. not likely he will visit us. Cut poles for top of well. expect lumber for it from Wm Tovell

Wednesday 17

Warmer than yesterday. I walked up to Wm Tovell's corner and sorted out enough of old lumber to cover our well top, and paid 50cts for it. he was only charging me 20cts but I thought it too little. he put in another board or two however{?}, it is good stuff and I was glad to get it. I got John McKenzie to take it down for me, also a wheelbarrow I bought from Wm Smith for 2 dollars {W.R.M.} Paris greened the potatoes this afternoon They were buggie again bought some lumber from Wm Tovell. for covering well bought a wheelbarrow from Wm Smith

Thursday 18

Cooler again to day, and rained quite awhile this afternoon. I made a platform for the well top to day. Mrs Bryant came last night and has been with us since got a letter from Bro. Alex Meaford. he has been wondering why I am so long in writing I have thought it his turn. but must be mistaken. Brother James very poorly {W.R.M.} Mrs Bryant here letter from Bro. Alex nice rain this afternoon

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