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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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July Friday 19 1912

Weather fine again, have been hoeing in the garden some. The little rain that falls soon dries up again, and we should take advantage of the softening of the land that a little rain makes, to hoe some Mr Luttrell is yet very poorly. and gives his friends much concern I fear he will not recover. haying has been hindered by the rain yes-terday. got 50 cts worth. oatmeal from Joe Stewart, they left it at Willie Tovells. {W.R.M.} a little fall of rain does good. Davis Luttrell very poorly haying hindered by the rain. 50cts worth oatmeal Joe Stewarts

Saturday 20

Rather dull all day. and much cooler, some people thought there was frost this morning, Harold came home this evening his father brought him part of the way. he says, he and Errett helped his Pa to take in 3 loads of hay to day. I have been trying to get a sand pump to clean out our well. but only got an old one which id out of order. if Ewart had sent down for me I would have gone up to help him at the hay. Mrs Boyant is yet with us. Bella also came along this morning. and Mary too. she is making a dress for herself and Maggie is helping to fit her.

Sunday 21

Heavy rain the most of last night and to day every thing is so nicely freshened up. this is the finest rain of the season and no doubt will do much to improve the crops. it was pretty cool this forenoon but it became warmer afternoon. I have written 2 letters to day. a long newsy one to Sister Bessie, Vancouver, and one to Brother Jamie, Meaford. {W.R.M.} heavy rain last night. will go good to the grain and root crops. wrote to sister Betsy, Vancouver and one to Bro James, Meaford

Monday 22

Considerably cooler but a fine pleasant day. I would have liked very well to have {Inserted above writing on line} had {Back on line} some outside employment. but as Maggie wished me to repair her shoes. I sat inside to fix them, I also repaired mothers felt Boots, I took down the old sand pump to Dan. Simonds, to have it put in good shape to work. he expects to have it ready tomorrow morning. the men are on at the work of the bridge and Dan is also with them. I got + paid for a 100 lb bag of Royal Household flour $3.00 {W.R.M.} fine weather repairing Maggie shoes. also mothers felt boots. looking after sand pump got 100 lb sack household flour (royal)

Tuesday 23

Has kept comparatively cool today although warmer than yesterday, the Heatherstones hauled in a number of loads of hay to day and I wouldn't have thought it a good hay making day at all it has been cloudy and threatening rain. Ewart was at the mill, yesterday he cut some grass. but it does not make good. Mrs Bryant went to Guelph by stage this morning. she has spent very pleasant few days with us. I got Geo. Robertson this morning to help with the pump. he tried the sand pump, but it did not work well, and we put down the pump itself and it brought up the dirt better than the other. I got the crown-ing{?} all ready and made a step. so if it gets fairly right. I will nail it down {W.R.M.} not very good hay making day Mrs Bryant went off on stage this morning Geo. Robertson helping to clean the well. sand pump does not work well.

Wednesday 24

The weather continues cloudy and threatening but does not rain after all. it is not good hay weather although there are some taking it in. Ewart went to Guelph to day. he drove to Rockwood accompanied by Gertie who waited in Rockwood while he took the cars to + from Guelph, the boys, Ewart{?} + Harold drove down with the other buggy. and I took the opportunity to go up to the farm. I had not much pleasure in going up then because of finding the young filly, that was foaled yesterday, quite sick, I hurried down to Hiram Swackhammer, who was at Bentley Wilsons, and he gave it a number of infections and partially relieved it, but it could not swallow so we could not give it medicine and it died before dark. it was sprightly on in the morning and gave little warning of being unwell but the mare has been losing her milk and it is said what the colt sucks from its mother is a binding nature for the bowels, and the colt should be given Castor oil from the first. {W.R.M.} Ewart + Gertie at Rockwood + Guelph. went to farm found the filly sick, got Swack harm. but too far gone and died this evening. very sudden bad turn. have had opening medicine sooner

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