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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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July Thursday 25 1912

Cloudy and warm all day, threatning rain, but none comes here, Ewart was down this morning getting the mower knife new sectioned, he is feeling bad over the loss of his nice young filly I have been walking round a bit, but not doing any work much the bridge men are working hard and are now making considerable of a show. there are six of them and it seems like hard work. 1 men feeding the mixing machine with gravel, while the Boss empties the sacks of cement with the machine, and 2 men with wheelbarrows each wheeling the mortar from the machine and emptying it int the boxing which forms the walls at each side of the bridge it is steady hard work. another man (making the sixth) fills in stones in the mortared boxing and packs it while filling. {W.R.M.} Ewart getting the mower knife fixed up some an account of how the perform their operations

Friday 26

A very good hay making day. and I thought Ewart would have sent down Errett this morning for me to help him, but he didn't, I went onto the roof and did some patching to the shingling, Ewart was down this evening, he + Errett hauled in 7 loads of hay to day, he would like me to go up tomorrow and help to coil up what he cuts in the forenoon {W.R.M.} a good hay making day patching the roof of the house

Saturday 27

Has been a good haymaking day. I went up this morning to Ewarts, Errett met me on the 7th at Jackson's gate. we took in a large load of hay before dinner after that Ewart had cut a large portion of the hay in front field south. we afterwards coled{?} it all up. which kept us going till near quitting time. Ewart + Errett took in the rakings to finish up the field between the barns, there have been fifteen loads in the field. Ewart is turning in the cattle there to night. Ewart drove me down this evg. he got the pitman of mower fixed so as to fit tighter. {W.R.M.} helping Ewart at the hay to - day. finished up the field between the barns. 15 loads Errett a good help to Ewart. Ewart drove me home to night got pitman fixed this evening.

Sunday 28

A fine day. Sunshine and not too hot. good filling weather for the grain I finished up the reading of the book I got on loan from David Tolton, all but an addition at the end, taken from another book. I have been much inter ested in its reading although it did not remove the difficulties in the way of my accepting the conclusion of the author and his following. the Bible he contends is the only authority, and, as it is the word of God. it is sufficient for the establishment of the Church and all its forms and and old time ordinances, at least, that is implied otherwise it would be of no force. to this I demur, the old Church became apostle, and of necessity had to the reproduced, and can a dead letter fill the Bill. it is an important question and all hangs on the word authority. I give the author (Mr Williams) credit for presenting his view of the matter in a concise and reasonable way. without the leash show of acrimony or a spirit of dictation. supporting all his - conclusions by a reference to the word, but, he at times has to allow that the translators acted from a bias. he is certainly, however a great Bills Student. to my mind and great exposition of its teachings and contents {W.R.M.} have finished the reading of the Book the "Redemption of the world" I have been much interest in the reading of it. I think the author is a great Bills Student and a great and truthful expositor of its teaching + cont ents. would like a second reading some time by + bye.

Monday 29

Another very fine day, the forenoon and all morning had an unsettled look. it would clean up and become cloudy again but eventually cleared up an settled so, I hoed the garden stuff this forenoon. and went through afterwards over the potatoe patch and hoed the weeds out. and seeing the bugs numerous went at it and paris greened them getting done before supper, Ewart, Errett + Gertie were here This evening, made arrangements to go up. Tomorrow and help {W.R.M.} hoed the garden stuff forenoon paris greened potatoes after noon. Ewart, Gertie + Errett here this evening

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