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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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July + August Tuesday 30 1912

A fine hay day. Errett drove down this morning and took me up to the farm. getting these about ten oclock. I churned Gertie's churning of butter. and just got it done about noon. was fully an hour - and half at it. we took in 8 loads of hay. 2 slings to the load, it was in fine condition. Ewart paris greened his potatoes this forenoon, Errett took Harold and I to Eveleigh comes this evening. sad news has reached Gilbert McCarter's people today of the sudden deaths of heart failure of his son Norman at "Swift Current" Sask. he just had been married about 6 weeks, and passed away so suddenly makes it extremely sad, it seems he was a very worthy young man and prospering. the family is prostrated with grey. John McKenzie and Bella are here this evening. they say the body is expected here on Thursday - evening. {W.R.M.} Ewart has now 15 loads of hay in from the field between the Barns and six out of front field south word has arrived of the sudden death by Norman McCarters Swift Current - Sask.

Wednesday 31

Beautiful weather. those having hay making on hand are having the very last of weather for the purpose. I have not been very well to day and have not put out my hand to do much. went down to see the bridge builders at work they have started to make the way clear for building the second bridge. they have built the cement railing on the first one on the south side next the mill. and are taking the boxing of it. it is a good looking piece of work - the cement men and the Everton team were victorious by 2.0. {W.R.M.} fine hay making weather. down viewing the bridge - men at work cement worker and Everton football team had a contest this evening, Everton men victorious

Thursday 1st August

A very fine day, a nice shower came along this afternoon and freshened things up round here, it did not extend far however Geo. Loree {Written above line} says {Back on line} they had very little over at their farm, Ewart + Gertie + Errett drive down towards evening. Ewart was at J. Weatherston's with the mare her time counts from now, I wrote a letter to our Alex. Ship'd,{?} this evening Mary + Maggie busy making preparations for the garden party tomorrow night Wm Mitchell of Sault Marie, died to day. he had been long an invalid. {W.R.M.} Ewart down with the mare to Weathers-tones. wrote a letter to Alex. Sp'f'd{?} this evening preparing for the garden party tomorrow. William Mitchell died at Sault Maire

Friday 2

This is the day the night of which was sometime ago set apart for the garden party to be held at Wm Robertson (Dougland's Son) for the purpose of raising funds for improving the cemetery, and it unfortunately has been rainy up to 4 or 5 oclock when it cleared off fairly well and, I should think, the party had a fairly good night afterwards they postponed the Rockwood g. party. so the way is left clear for this one. George Loree, drove to Guelph to day for the ice cream 10 galls at first 15 Gallons were ordered but they phoned to bring only 10. They were very much downcast on account of the prevailing wet through the day, but when it brightened up some their spirits rose in proportion since the above writing, it has transpired that garden party did not turn out so badly after all, there was $95.25 taken at the gate. and contributions which brought it up to about $100.00 the Booth and other things helped to pay expenses. at this writing cannot say the sun that is over . (W.R.M.} The Garden party at Willie Roberston's was carried out to a fairly good finish. the night cleared up fairly well. the crowd would have been much greater had not the wet weather intervened. parties interested were dejected on account of the unfavourable weather, but it turned out not so badly as the weather improved Burial of Norman McArthur took place this afternoon

Saturday 3

A fine day after the rain of yesterday. the folks are all tired after their work + anxiety of yesterday + last night, it was fortunate that the rain stopt early in the afternoon. but, for all that there were many who did not appear who otherwise would have done so but for the rain. {W.R.M.} Weather improved bridge work going on -

Sunday 4

Very cool turn of the weather, people are thinking that it is too cold for good filling of the grain. this has been a fine pleasant day though cool. Maggie went over to McKenzies with Bella from church and Mary took her place here. I had a walk up to the cemetery and went round inside viewing the tomb stones +c. {W.R.M.} cool but pleasant Bella here to day Maggie over with them. I had a walk to the cem -etery this afternoon

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