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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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August Monday 5 1912

Cool again last night, and to day it was rather cool for ripening and filling the grain, barley is being cut, and oats are colouring come a heavy shower of rain fell this afternoon. and the weather does not seem settled, I have not felt well to day and have not put out my hands to do much, took a walk down to see the bridge workers, they have found rock, so they expect to be on with the concrete tomorrow {W.R.M.} harvesting the barley bridge men have struck the rock.

Tuesday 6

a turn warmer last night and to day, it looked as there might be rain to day but it held off. this has been a better day for the crops than for dome time past. I found the potatoes rather buggy again, and I went over and picked them off. I did not like to paris green them any more if possible, but may have to do it yet. the paris green I got from Marshall was last years an am afraid it had lost its strength some what, it does not seem good from some cause. {W.R.M.} Weather warmer, the potatoe bugs are increasing and I picked them off this afternoon may have to paris green them again.

Wednesday 7

Weather nice and warmer to day, threatening some rain some but nothing came of it, although the wind has been from the east and cloudy this forenoon, Mary has had a busy time this forenoon preparing for her company in the afternoon. the young folks came to hand about 3 P.M. they made quite a big looking gathering, and quite a bit increased by the presence of older people, they seemed every one to enjoy themselves well. Errett drove down Prince and buggy. and the Duffield boys came with him. I made ready and placed the horse + buggy at the front verandah to take Mother along. but she declined going after all. she does not feel well at present. {W.R.M.} a fine day Mary had a good gathering of her S.S. children to day they seemed to enjoy themselves well. mother was expected to go too, but declined at the eleventh hour.

Thursday 8

Heavy rain last night, and considerable fell this forenoon, it cleared off nicely this afternoon, and was very warm, the men at the bridge put in a good afternoons work, 2 wheelbarrows - running steadily filling in the concrete into the boxes on the south end of the bridge, Ewart was here this afternoon and I half soled his boots, and half heeled them. too wet to day to work on the land. {W.R.M.} rain last night and this forenoon fine afternoon 1/2 soled Ewart's (and heeled) boots down viewing - the bridge men at work.

Friday 9

The weather still remains unsettled, rain has been falling this afternoon the men working at the bridge are having rather disagreeable weather for their work, they are wiling away trying to come to the rock to form a foundation for the north wall of the 2 bridge they now have the south wall up full height. they are digging out the earth + stones while the water may be 6 inches deep. of course they are wearing rubber boots. Mr Croft tells me the preparations for building this 2nd bridge is a worse job than that of the larger bridge now built. the meeting of plot owners of the Everton Cemetery was fairly well attended this evening, and the business of electing seven trustees was accomplished very quietly, their names are as follows. David Robertson. H.H. Horton. Wm Tovell. Alex. Burns. Josiah Stewart. Hugh Mitchell. and Joe Benham, who are to confer with the women's institute next Wednesday evening with regards to the Hill donation {W.R.M} rainy and very unsettled weather bad turn of weather for bridge builders meeting this evening of plot holders of Everton cemetery, election of trustees, accomp-lished all right

Saturday 10

Weather yet unsettled. the day was fairly fine a part of the time, but heavy showers in the afternoon made it very unpleasant, there is too much rain for this time of the year, we should now be on the edge of harvest. and the ripening of the grain is being retarded by the excessive moisture and so much cool weather prevailing. Ewart, Gertie + Errett here this evening. {W.R.M.} rain prevailing causes dullness and concern about crop prospects

Sunday 11

A rainy day, we are certainly having an awfully wet time, it really folks very serious especially for those who have their hay to finish up, also those who haven't got their fall wheat housed, the minister from Hillsbroft{?} is recujoying{?} the pulpit for Mr Welsnar who is away among his friends just now {W.R.M.} I wrote a letter to Cousin James Tunney to day. Maggie twice at Church to day. Hillsburgh{?} minister to day.

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