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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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August Monday 12 1912

Quite warm to day and yet has an unsettled appearance but little or no rain, hope it will now dry up for awhile. we are hoping that as the moon changes to day. there may also be a change in the weather. I have had a sore time from rheumatism to day. which may be an indication of a change in the weather. have not done any work of consequence. the men at the bridge are thoroughly tired of the sloppy work among the water. {W.R.M.} sore with rheumatism to day. mailed a letter to cousin James Turney. men at the bridge discouraged.

Tuesday 13

The weather has been much finer to day than has - prevailed for some time, rather close and warm however. but we are hoping the weather may settle some now. Maggie McKenzie is here to day and her Aunts Mary Loree and our Maggie have - been fitting her with a dress. I have repaired her boots to day. sewed up rippings, and half soled them, the men at the bridge worked till 7 oclock this evening. the commenced to fill in the troublesome hole this afternoon about 5 oclock, and it is now pretty well filled up with water, they say they will have to bale it out in the morning {W.R.M.} Maggie McKenzie here to day getting a dress fitted and made repairing a pair of shoes for Maggie McKenzie commenced fill in the cem ent this afternoon to thee{?} last wall at 2-bridge

Wednesday 14

Thunder + lightning prevailed last night and some rain . to day has been fine however and work outside has gone on, I repaired Maggie McKenzies other pair of boots (dressed) ones, there was a Bilffer{?} society meeting this evening in the Methodist church, John McKenzie + Bella, also Willie + Maggie were then. the Women's institute meeting was held this afternoon at the back room of the Disciple Church {W.R.M.} Thunder + lightning last night. 1/2 soled another pair of boots (dress) for Maggie McKenzie women's institute meeting to day

Thursday 15

A very fine day, a little cooler and weather looks more - settled, I see Weatherston's have been laying out their barley to dry and taking it in. Geo. Robertson has fixed up his water fixing for setting tires, I helped him some, we afterwards cleaned out our well and fixed the pump, and cemented the inside on top of the rock cutting. I afterwards put the top on. {W.R.M.} Weathersons turning out their barley to dry helped Geo. Robert-son to cement his trough for tire{?} setting cleaned out our well and got the pump in again. and put the top on well

Friday 16

Quite cool last night and this morning, but warm sunshine through the day. the weather is very fine + pleasant, Geo. Roberston and I hauled up Abbotts pump out of the well, and we had a dangerous looking job at it. Grace Ann Abbott and our Maggie helped to steady the monstrous thing, the long iron pipe 16 feet long with about 4 feet of additional pipe and the head of the pump at the end of it, made a formidable appearance, and dangerous if it happened to slip. we succeeded in getting it down safely and I was very glad when we did, we had a tedious time getting it apart, and making a new valve, we got it all done however, but something got into the bore of the well and the pump is 6 inches higher than before I got our well going all right to all appearance. and I nailed on the platform and cut sods and placed them round the edges of it. the bridge men completed both sides of the bridge to day. and some filling up besides. Dan Simons worked up till this evening with them, he goes to Ewarts tomorrow. Ewart was down here this evening {W.R.M.} Geo. Roberston and I hauled out Abbotts pump and put in a new leather valve the old one - having given out. we had a tedious job getting it out was a dangerous job. got our well cleaned out and pump in again. bridge men have the side walls done this evening

Saturday 17

Fairly fine this forenoon, but became unsettled and some rain this afternoon, which increased towards night, the wet spell is not over with though the harvest is on. the bridge men have erected the top of the flat bridge and placed 12 steel spanners across, besides smaller steel rods, they expect to put the concrete on on Monday. they are also filling up the top of the big bridge I have repaired a pair of shoes for Maggie, and done other choring {W.R.M.} Bridge men - at work at the saw mill bridge repairing Maggie shoes no word from Megford very long in writing

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