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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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August Sunday 18 1912

Quite a fall of rain again last night, but dry and fine to day although giving evidence that the weather is yet unsettled it is quite warm this evening and cloudy and we are very desirous that dry weather will now prevail, so as to dry up the grain that is cut and further harvest operation generally. Bella McKenzie with Willie + Maggie have been here to day. They had dinner with us and I went over to their place this afternoon with Willie + Maggie and after tea. came home again with them. they are at the Methodist meeting, their own not being open to night, Bella did not go home this afternoon. {W.R.M.} rain last night very wet harvest. Bella McKenzie here to day. I took a drive over to their place and came back again in the evening.

Monday 19

Weather again unsettled, there was quite a fall of rain again last night, and though little or no rain to day it does not turn fine, a good deal of grain is cut and much of it ready for cutting and this wet weather makes the situation a serious one. I have been preparing the place under the house for building a stone wall. it is - very damp and dark down there. Ewart + Gertie came down this morning Gertie stayed all day to get a garment made, and Ewart came back at night for her. I gave Marshal a cheque for $5.00 and sent $2.00 away for ear dreems{?} Mr Mcnal and Charlie Benham and maximal nelson wade{?} down at the bridge inspecting to day. I was there awhile with them, they have let the job of a further extension of the cement wall of 40 feet. to cost $125.00 from the far end of the big bridge on side next the mill, towards the flume, the smaller bridge is ready to receive the cement, concrete {W.R.M.} Weather unsettled very bad for harvest, am at raid harm will come of it Ewart + Gertie down, the latter here all day. member of the council inspecting the work at the bridges.

Tuesday 20

Unsettles looking early this morning but afterwards cleared up to be a fine day. Mary and Harold went off to Guelph this morning by stage. Mary had promised to take a holiday for Harold and herself to Guelph and there is not much peace until it is over with. I have been again working under the house and it is now ready to begin building the wall. Mother has been visiting with the Robertson girls to day. and Maggie + I join her for our tea this evening. {W.R.M.} Harold and his Aunt Mary went to Guelph by stage this - morning, mother visited at the Roberston girls to day, and Maggie and I joined her to tea afterwards

Wednesday 21

Weather fine to day. Only one shower, last night was rough, heavy thunder + lightening, with heavy pours of rain, really this is a serious time for farmers, their harvest operations should be on full blast and nothing can be done to forward it. I sold and soled my boots to day. got my ear drums by mail to night {W.R.M.} Thunder storm last night, but fine to day. soled + healed my boots to day. got my ear drums.

Thursday 22

Weather fine all day up till about 5 oclock when a black cloud came down upon us and a heavy down pour of rain, this was the night set for Ospringe presbyterian garden party. and the heavy rain which fell just as people were making ready for going to it killed it clean out, in consequences it was indifen{?} postponed after all preparations being made. I went up to Ewarts to day to look at his grain (barley) if any thing could be done to help it it was not in as bad condition as might have been expected and so we left it, we then hitched the team after dinner, and went to Standish's and cut 6 heavy poles to cover the Culvert at entrance to the lane, had them home before the rain.

Friday 23

A fine day, Errett came down with the buggy this morning and I went up again to Ewarts, we went immediately at the culvert, he had it uncovered when I got there, we first fitted in 5 new cross pieces and had it about covered by dinner time. after we went to our new bush and got 2 more poles and fitted there, spiking the whole on the cross pieces with harrow was and covered it with 2 loads of earth + gravel {W.R.M.} weather fine to day. got card last night that Mary Stephens is much worse and death may be expected. Finished Ewarts Culvert.

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