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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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August Saturday 24 1912

Weather quite unsettled yet. this forenoon was fine and we had hopes it would remain so but had to put up with more rain, and pretty heavy too while it lasted. really the harvest situation has become a serious problem. I wheeled round some stones {Written above line} from {Back on line} the Roberston girls house and also brought the pile of our own from behind the poultry yard . I received a letter from brother Alex. this evening he makes no apology for being so long in writing and makes no mention of getting my card I mailed last Thursday morning {W.R.M.} Rain, Rain a card from Lore - nts{?} says Mary Stephens is holding her own. but is yet quite low a letter from Bro. Alex Meaford wheeling stones for wall under neath the house

Sunday 25

A very fine day. threatening some but no rain fell, it has been close and warm and lightning flashing around this evening. Maggie has been twice at meeting to day. Bella McKenzie also the young - folks along, the latter also this evening, Mr + Mrs Welsman arrived home last night after a 3 weeks vacation. we had a call from Arthur Botton + child. they were on their way up to Ewarts {W.R.M.} no rain to day. very close + warm. the Welsmans arrived home. Bella here a call from Mr + Mrs Arthur Botton when on their way up to Ewarts.

Monday 26

Weather as unsettled as ever, last night was terrible with thunder + lightening, Geo. Marshall told me he thinks he never saw the likes of it in his life before for a long time it was one contiuous sparkling of electricity and a rolling of thunder. - we hear that Mr Gards. in the vicinity of Marden, had his barn burnt to the ground, we also hear of a shock of grain being burnt in the field on {Written above line} I rain {Back on line} Jackson's farm. I rode up with Neil McLean over to McKenzies. just in time to have our dinner, Harold was with me. I got Willie McKenzie to go to the 2nd line gravel pit. below Ospringe, and took a yard of sand for us to Everton. to build the wall under the house, at the back verandah, and when we got supper ive drew up 1 loads of stones from John Reed's places. No, one before and one after supper. I paid him a dollar, which he did not wish to take, for - doing it. Marshall wanted to charge one a dollar for about half a load {W.R.M} great thunder + lightening last night. constant blaze + noise Willie McKenzie drew me a load of sand from 2 line gravel pit. Engine and after wards 2 loads of stone from John Reeds lot. Evertons paid Willie a dollar. Marshal wanted a dollar for a part of a load of sand.

Tuesday 27

Quite cool last night and dry, and the day has continued much the same, very pleasant and a valuable day for drying the wet grain. I have been choring some around and made a start to fix under the house, took the boards up on side Verandah and find that I can put the stones under the house from that way, + also the light to show to do the work. I walked down to McDogals to enquire about Mary Stephens, they had a letter from Kenneth this evg. and he reports poor Mary is in a very bad way. the doctor gives them no encouragement to expect her to get better. {W.R.M.} fine drying day. made a start to build under the hove{?} Kenneth McDougall reports Mary Stephens in a bad way

Wednesday 28

A change again this morning in the weather, quite dull and threatened rain all day. it did not rain much but enough to make them cancel the order for the garden party, so we can't say when it will now be, the thing may be abandoned in the mean time indefinitely. - I riddled some sand and mixed lime in a portion making it into mortar so to be ready to build, had quite a talk with David Jackson Maggie + Mary paid a visit to Ed. McDougal's folks this evening. the mail did not bring us our paper this evening, some thing wrong. others in the same plight. {W.R.M.} Cancellation of garden Party riddling sand for use under the house. Maggie and Mary. visiting at McDougals papers not to hand this evening.

Thursday 29

A very fine day. if it would only continue fine for a couple of weeks it would be of immense benefit to the country. some farmers are getting a little of their grain housed but, I rather think it is not in good condition Ewart has not taken in anything, but a load of fall wheat.{W.R.M.} fine day - great anxiety about the crops that are exposed to the wet weather

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