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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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August + September Friday 30 1912

Weather again unsettled looking, no rain however beyond a few drops. Ewart drove down this morning and I went up with him. I shocked up all day at oats, Ewart cut 4 acres of oats this afternoon, finishing up the cutting + binding for this season, he has about 4 acres of peas to pull. they are almost a failure of a crop. farmers are very dull over the situation in not getting a chance to save their crops no sooner than the grain gets a little dried than down comes more rain. Ewart sow had a litter of 14 pigs and to day down to 8 or 9. she does not take care of them. Ewart drove me home this evening. {W.R.M.} unsettles weather. Ewart drove down this morning and I went up with him and helped him shuck oats. Ewarts sow has pigs. she is losing{?} some through carelessness

Saturday 31

Weather very good to day, threatened a change this forenoon but became fine afternoon. got 90c worth wheat for the hens this forenoon started about 11 oclock to the wall under house and worked this afternoon, it is slow work, as I have all the stones to wheel, and mortar to make and wheel round, but patience + perseverance will do it. {W.R.M.} sent a card this morning to erase R.R.I. from my address. Montreal Herald and Star 90 cts worth of chicken feed

Sunday Sep. 1

Very wet again last night, really this is awful weather for harvest. wish it would only take a turn, rained a little this forenoon. though dull and threatening no rain of any account we had the McKenzie's and George + Mary Loree to dinner and a pleasant time this afternoon, I wrote a long letter of 6 pages to day to brother Alex. Meaford, his letter to my last was only the size of a postscript compared to it, Willie said good bye, he intends starting for north west Tuesday morning {W.R.M.} rain last night bad for harvest wrote brother Alex. Meaford Willie Mc Kenzie bade us good bye. intends going off Tuesday morning for north west

Monday 2

Weather as unsettled as ever, very misty to day and damp. close + warm this afternoon, Errett drove down the Gertie mare + buggy with his mother. Mary + Maggie made up a pair of pants for Errett, he goes to school tomorrow. I worked under the house this afternoon. {W.R.M.} Errett drove down with his Ma. Mary and Maggie made a pair of pant for him to day

Tuesday 3

Dull + threatening rain this morning, but cleared up very nicely, very warm and the air damp, the grain in shock is growing rather badly. Ewart drove the team + low {Written above line} waggon {Back on line} with grain rack, and took home 10 square of shingles a two dollars a square, and 2 square of 2 class a $1.25 a square, W. Hortop gave an extra bunch of the latter to make up deficiencies. have been under the house working to day, tired of it no head room. {W.R.M.} air damp but no rain to day Ewart drove home 12 square of shingles to day. working under the house tired of it. poor head room.

Wednesday 4

Misty in the morning as usual for some time but turned out a fine day. very warm and hardly breeze ersay{?} to be a good drying day for the wet shocks, however we hope this dry weather may continue. I have been working under the house to day again, got the wall all built excepting about 5 feet by south x {Written above line} small {Back on line} verandah, have flushed what is done {W.R.M.} misty morning a warm, but not a good drying day. working under the house.

Thursday 5

Bright + clear this morning but a heavy shower visited Everton before dinner, and another shower towards night. the first, we hear, did not fall up at Ewarts, fortunate that it didn't. I have been under the house some to day. facing up the ends of the sleepers which were too much exposed to the cold {W.R.M.} 2 showers - pass around working some under the house mortaring ends of sleepers.

Friday 6

Another bright day and very hot, big clouds passed - along but fortunately no rain, I finished up the building under the house this afternoon. and was a little short of stones but a few under the verandah, covered with earth served to let me out. I gave Will. Horton a cheque for $22.50 in payment for the shingles the other day {W.R.M.} very hot to day, finished building under the house. paid shingles by check $22.50

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