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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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September Saturday 7 1912

A very fine day, the weather seems more settled and though warm and a nice breeze there is not the same sultriness that has so lately prevailed, the McKenzies came along this morning and picked about 3 baskets of plums for themselves. Gertie + Errett drove down also and got about 2 baskets. I went up with them and helped to take in 6 loads of oats. they were in fair condition, Ewart helped Charlie Duffield to thresh this forenoon. Gertie brought a nice basket Asn{?} apples from their father's folks. {W.R.M.} the McKenzies picking plums for themselves also, Maggie picking for Gertie up helping Ewart to draw in the oats Ewart threshing at Charlie Duffields

Sunday 8

A fine day, moderately warm, valuable harvest weather, if it only keeps like this for awhile, Bella McKenzie {Written above line} + Maggie {Back on line} was at their meeting, and John drove them down again this evening our Maggie attended both meetings too. I wrote a long letter to Mrs Kerr, Hamilton Asylym, in answer to one I received from her a few days ago. Errett drove Prince + buggy down to Sunday school {W.R.M.} fine weather not looking too well to night wrote a letter to Mrs Kerr - Hamilton

Monday 9

A very fine day the sun shone out brightly and hot, but there was little or no breeze so the grain sis not dry out very fast. I went up with Ewart this morning and we cut a lot of the bands of the barley. and drew in a load before dinner. we drew in 2 or 3 loads after dinner but as they did not dry out as well as we would like, we quit the barley and drew in 2 loads of oats out by the orchard. the oats were fairly dry, and good grain and long straw. Harold walked up from school , and rode home with me after dark with Gertie + buggy Maggie sold 2 baskets of plums to Renton 25cts each. plums are plentiful. Mailed a letter to Mrs Kerr this morning. {W.R.M} at Ewarts to day helping him at harvest. cutting the twine of bands and laying out the barley to dry drew in 3 or 4 loads of it. also 2 loads of oats Sold 2 baskets plums to Rentons mailed a letter to Mrs Kerr.

Tuesday 10

Weather continues fine for harvest and I went up to Ewarts to help at his harvest. we drew in 3 loads of oats and gave the barley all the times we dare. so as to dry out, we then drew in the balance of the barley, 3 loads, before supper. Ewart cut the principal of the bands and for all the stuff was hard to dry. after supper we took in 2 more loads of oats. which made 8 loads in all to day I staid up there to night. {W.R.M.} drew in 3 loads of oats at Ewarts before dinner. + later 2 more. and 3 loads of barley 8 loads in all. barley hard to dry out after being laid out.

Wednesday 11

Another beautiful day. and we have had a very busy day. fields of stooks stood this morning, but we went at it with a will, there was a heavy dew, but as we had a load to spread and a sling load, it gave them a chance to dry. we then hauled 3 loads before dinner, and did not put off much time at noon Charlie Duffield fortunately came along. I think about 2 oclock. and they drew in while I spread the bulk of them, in that way I think there were 12 loads taken in before quiting. I came home to night. Ewart drove me down {W.R.M.} a busy day helping Ewart Charlie Duffild also helping this afternoon. think there were 12 loads taken in Ewart drove me home in buggy.

Thursday 12

Continues fine, farmers have now cause for feeling jubilant over the opportunity for saving their crops. Ewarts on Tuesday last took barley into the barn. he talks of it having been cut a month or more, I went up again to Ewarts this morning and we drew in 2 loads of oats and pulled some peas with the revolving rake before dinner, after dinner Ewart pulled the balance of the peas with sulky rake (between 3+4 acres altogether) took them in in 3 loads, a poor crop but better then we expected. kept us till dark to dispose of them {W.R.M.} Ewart finished harvest tonight took in to day - 2 loads of oats and pulled and hauled in 3 of peas. sulky rake - worked well in finishing up

Friday 13

At home to day for the first this week. plastered outside of wall of back verandah + tightened up the boards of floor of verandah and nailed them down, inserted about 1 1/2 inch piece to fill the shrinkage. our folks selling plums at 25stc a large basket an open air social held at Mary's this evening, I passed off well and pleasantly. {W.R.M.} pulling and selling plums @ 25cts per large basket. they are plentiful this season

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