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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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September Saturday 14 1912

Weather continues fine + pleasant, slight shower to day. I have been under the house to day and finished up the work there, and gathered the debris together and cleaned up yard, bought him feed, chop + bran 60cts worth Ewart was at the mill and brought it up for us. {W.R.M.} finished under the house fixing hen feed 60cts

Sunday 15

Very heavy rain has fallen to day. the most of it was over between 3+4 in the afternoon however. the harvest is principally over in this section of country however which is a fortunate thing for the farmers. Bella was here to day. and went home with John + Maggies evening {W.R.M.} Dougal Robertson paid us a visit heavy rain Bella here to day

Monday 16

A beautiful day, sunshine and quite warm I have been doing up some chores around, repairing Mary's shoe, and, after dinner shovelled off some of the old shingles from house roof and partially covered them with better shingles Mary + Maggie picked 2 baskets plums. sold to Wm Barber, 25c per basket = 50cts {W.R.M.} choring and repairing shoes and shingling house roof. 2 baskets plums sold to Wm Barber

Tuesday 17

Threatened rain to day. but it held up well all day for all. after dark it began to rain some and looks as if we might have an oncome{?} more on less Ewart drove down this morning on purpose to take Mother + Maggie up to their house for a visit. they have been talking about it some time and they went to day. Mother was delighted with her visit to the old place and much pleased to find Ewart + Gertie so comfortable. it was pretty near dinner time by the time they reached there, and I think, it was between 8+9 before they got back home. Ewart was plowing this afternoon. I was shingling some on the house roof while they were away. {W.R.M.} rain at night but held up- through the day Mother + Maggie visiting up at Ewarts to day - mother enjoyed it shingling on the house

Wednesday 18

Considerable rain must have fallen last night but it cleared up this morning. and the day was moderately fine, although cloudy + threatening. the surroundings kept damp and indeed rather wet for comfort. I repaired Mary's boots to day. it kept me quite a time to do them. after Harold came home I took in hand to repair his boots. and they kept me at it till about 9 oclock. {W.R.M.} repairing pair of Mary's shoes also Harold's

Thursday 19

Fairly fine all day up to about 5 P.M. when quite a heavy plump from a black cloud fell, I was at Ewarts and was getting ready to start home with Errett when the heavy shower came along and having to wait till too late Ewart had to run down in the buggy with me. I rode up this forenoon with Ab {Undecipherable word). and I took off the siding from the walls of the horse stable and pulled out the grout in preparation for the renovation of the stable {W.R.M.} heavy rain cloud. taking off siding and grout from - horse stable wall

Friday 20

A very fine day. Errett drove down to school with Prince and I drove him up this morning. and helped Ewart to cart away the grout from the horse stable and put it on the ends of the lane. (down at the Culvert, and at the entrance of upper gate I went to see Jim Standish about coming with his Jacks to raise the building a bit , but he could not leave Al young at his Silo. come tomorrow morning if fine {W.R.M.} up at Ewarts carting off the grout + debris

Saturday 21

Quite dull and unsettled looking this morning, but after awhile these conditions changed and a bright fin day followed. I drove up this morning to Ewarts, and called for James Standish on the way. who went up with me to have a look at the horse stable. we took up a Jack. but we did not go to work with it. Jim is sick after taking him home again. I helped Ewart to pick + bag 30 bags potatoes, we were late in getting done as we only had some 6 bags done before dinner time. Ewart intends taking his load to Orton on Monday {W.R.M.} paid 2 dollars to Jim Standish for the poled covering the Culvert at line gate. he is sick now helping Ewart to pick and bag potatoes (30 bags) to take to Orton

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