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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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September Sunday 22 1912

Forenoon fine but threatning rain afternoon rained heavily really we are having terrible wet weather. no sooner a fine day arrives then we get paid up for it on the next day or so Maggie was at church this forenoon and visited at Wm Everts this afternoon. coming to church with Everts. evening Mary took Maggie place with us and George went with Ethel + John Atton on a visit. I wrote a letter to brother James {W.R.M.} Rain again makes it unpleasant wrote a letter to Bro. James Meaford.

Monday 23

Weather turned finer and to day has been finer than was expected early this morning. Ewart took his load of potatoes up to Orton this afternoon, the price dropped to 45cts per bag. his 30 bags were chiefly little sugar sacks +c. but they weighed 29 bags, 2610 lbs. = $13.05. John Reed fell off an apple tree this A.M. and was hurt, but it is not known yet how much. mailed letter to Bro. James {W.R.M.} Ewart took a load of potatoes to Orton. afternoon John Reed fell from an apple tree and hurt.

Tuesday 24

Rain again this morning and kept it up less or more all day. I took the chance of a ride up to Ewarts with Wm Jackson, although wet and uncomfortable he + I put forward the work of the horse stable some by Jacking it up and clearing out the foundation of the rotten sill +c. Mrs. Baldick was there, but going home again to night. I drove home with Prince + buggy. and Errett took them home. he had just come there from school, John Reed passed a good night last night and as he has been fairly well to day, it is hoped he is not so seriously - injured, as we feared he might be {W.R.M.} Rain again all day. helping Ewart at house stable. mailed letter to Bro. James John Reed doing fairly well

Wednesday 25

Look of sunshine to day. but has not rained, warmer to night and cleared up some but does not appear settled after all. Ewart + Gertie were here to day, Ewart at the mill, he brought up 100lbs Royal household flour, and 50lb pastry flour for us. 25 lbs graham flour. I gave him a check for $15.00 and he gave me the balance $9.60 or so cash I have been cutting some stove wood in 2 and doing some other chores bought this evening from Marshall 50lbs shingle nails and 30 lbs 3 inch @ 3.75 100 = $2.75 in all. { W.R.M.} unsettled weather Ewart + Gertie got 100 lbs Royal Household flour 25lbs graham flour and 50 lbs pastry flour gave him a check for $15.00 he gave me $9.60 the balance bought nails from Marshall

Thursday 26

Weather fair. Errett drive down to horse + buggy as he went to school and I spent the day up on the farm pulling down the balance of the growth and cleaning out the foundation for the cementing. Johnny was at Rockwood and got 9 sacks of $1.50 a sack with 10 c rebate on each sack returned. Ewart drove over to yoangs{?} and bought 7 planks. 5 inches wide, 112 feet. = $ 2.42 I gave him $2.00 so owe 42c. he is a pretty light business man. he took to 2 cents. I had a hard job to get some of the old work apart. came home tonight {W.R.M.} at Ewarts to day at the horse stable Johny got 9 sacks cement at Rockwood{?} Ewart got 7 planks at Ospringe for stable foundation

Friday 27

A fine day, Errett drove horse + buggy down this morning again and I went up again to help Ewart. I plowed some this forenoon and gangplowed this afternoon. the pea land was terribly grown up with thistles and it was impossible to make a good job of the work Johny has helped Ewart at the boxing and cementing and will probably get pretty well through with the balance tomorrow staying to night at Ewarts. {W.R.M.} at Ewarts plowing to day. Johny helping Ewart at cement foundation stay up there to night.

Saturday 28

Very cloudy all day and threatned rain. but it did not fall till near night I finished the gang plowing this morning. and plowed the balance of the day excepting to give time to Errett to harrow the gangplowing ground towards night. I helped Ewart to clean up the debris. after Johny + be finishing the cement work. {W.R.M.} gang plowed to day - Errett harrowed it. Ewart and I cleaned up the debris.

Sunday 29

Some rain through the night, but the day has been fairly fine I intended writing to Alex. mass. but on account of visitors could not accomplish it. I wrote a short letter to Aunt Isabel Nixon and enclosed it in our Maggies to Nellie Nixons (Mrs Tocher) Port Rowan) {W.R.M.} wrote a short letter to Aunt Isabel Maggie also wrote to Mrs. Tocher.

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