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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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September + October Monday 30 Sep. 1912

A fine day, {Written above line} heaviest frost of this fall this morning {Back on line} drive up to Ewarts this morning, and plowed up till noon in the field behind the orchard as usual. Ewart drove over to see Coffey about coming to help cement the floor of the Box Stall in horse stable. but he cannot come until getting in his buckwheat, so Ewart pulled 2 loads of beets and we handle them home, the potatoes are rotting now badly. {W.R.M.} hard frost I have been at Ewarts plowing and otherwise helping took in two loads beets.

Tuesday October 1

Very cold last night and this morning, but did not observe any frost. I remained at Ewarts all last night plowed again this forenoon. Ewart pulled 3 loads of beets and I hauled them up to the root house and unloaded the first 2, the last load, we both came home with them Harold had the toothache very bad last night and gave his Aunt Maggies little or no rest. Errett and I drove home this evening. Ewart + Gertie drove over to Ospringe, got a letter this evening from Alex. Sp'g'd. {W.R.M.} Stayed all night at Ewarts took in three loads of beets Errett drove me home. Ewart + Gertie to Ospringe this evg. letter from Alex Springfield

Wednesday 2

Continues pretty cool. but the weather is fairly fine. some rain last (Written above line} 2 {Back on line} nights {Written above line} ago {Back on line} but not enough to stop the drawing in of the buckwheat. John Coffey got his in yesterday, and he helped Ewart to cement the box stall to day charged him $1.25 for it. I plowed all day, and drove the horse down at night to Everton {W.R.M.} John Coffey and Ewart cementing Box stall to day

Thursday 3

Cool but a fine pleasant day. somewhat threatening towards night Ewart cut the corn and stacked it up. and finished pulling the beets and I hauled them and unloaded them. Ewart also shovelled the shingles off the east side of the stone piggery{?} roof. Mary went upto Ewarts to day with me. {W.R.M.} plowing at Ewarts and finished beets barely 7 loads in all. Mary went up with me

Friday 4

A beautiful day, warm and pleasant. Mary + Maggie planned to go to Rockwood show and take the 2 boys along. I was to stay with mother and keep house. and the 2 buggies were to drive - down together. Geo. Loree + Mary in theirs, and our folks in ours Geo. gave notice he wished an early start after dinner. Maggie could not get ready as soon as he was ready and he went off without them. so they impressed me into the service and mother staid with G.A. Abbott there was a good turn out. {W.R.M} took out of the Bank $10.00 ordered the winter coal from Lundy Rockwood. Rockwood show, ordered The coal. Mother stayed with Mrs Abbott

Saturday 5

A very fine day, I went up to Ewarts and plowed for him to day in the orchard. Ewart took off the balance of the shingles also the sheeting and rafters. I spent quite a while taking out the old nails out of the sheeting and Ewart plowed at the time. he drove me home with Prince + buggy. {W.R.M.} plowed for Ewart in orchard he took off the roof from stone piggery.

Sunday 6

A fine day. It looks as if we are to have more settled weather now. Bella has been with us to day, she attended the church forenoon + night. we had a call from Leonard{?} McWilliams this forenoon he and Walter drove to Guelph to see their father who is at present at the Gen. Hospital and very poorly indeed, he is no better to day. the doctors have been preparing him to undergo an operation but they don't consider him in a fit state yet to risk a surgical operation. {W.R.M.} Bella with us to day a call from Leonard Mc William, his father very poorly

Monday 7

Weather continues fine, I had intended to start taking up the potatoes to day but Mary + Maggie concluded to set up their heating stoves and clean the pipes +c. and wanted me to help them. and I did so, and regulates some other things that required looking after, the stove pipe business kept them late at work. and they had quite a Pic nic over them to night {W.R.M.} helped Mary and Maggie to set up the stones and pipes.

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