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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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October Tuesday 8 1912

Pretty cold last night + this morning, and the day was fine but the air was quite cold, I dig 6 rows of the potatoes this forenoon and intended to dig more, but Maggie thought that as there was some appearance of rain we had better go at the picking of them she helped me to pick after finishing her washing, and it was well we did not take up any more than we did as we found them very tedious to do. the rot has done terrible work, there may be 3.4. or 5 times tainted ones to one of sound, and they are very difficult to distinguish which are sound we carried in to the stable. 14 pails of what we consider fairly sound. received a letter from Uncle Alex. Meaford this evening {W.R.M.} Weather fine and dry - digging our potatoes. the rot is very bad. letter from Uncle Alex Meaford

Wednesday 9

A bad turn of the weather again. threatned rain this forenoon and I did not venture to dig out any potatoes until about 11 o clock when I dug up 2 rows, as it began to spit some rain we decided to pick them up and house them, and barely got them together when the rain came on. and a very wet time followed this afternoon. {W.R.M.} more rain only took up 2 rows of potatoes to day.

Thursday 10

Dull and threatning rain again to day, but very little fell - however, the land has got another wetting I did not take up any potatoes to day. Ewart drove down to the mill this morning - with a bag of oats to roll. and I embraced the opportunity to bring up 65. cents worth of chop + bran mixed for the hens, he is plowing in the stony corner in the back field. Agnes Marshall told me this evening that Uncle Tick McWilliams is expected to be operated on tomorrow morning, Mary had a quilting Bee this afternoon + Mr Welsman took mother to + from it. it was very dark when he returned A Sovenier Card from Willie McKenzie this afternoon. he is well, says he will write me {W.R.M} too wet to dig potatoes. paid 65 cents for feed for the hens - Ewart at the mill. Mary had a quilting Bee to day. Mr. Welsman took mother there in his buggy.

Friday 11

This morning opened out extremely dull with a dense fog, the fog remaining for a long time, and the sun remained hidden the most of the day. there was not much, if any, rain. however, the land and all exposures kept quite damp for the most part all day. John McKenzie was at the mill and brought Bella + Maggie along. Bella brought 16lbs of butter, which our Maggie is putting down for winter's use, She is getting 27c per lb for it. we did not pay for it. Rick McWilliams was operated {Written above line} on {Back on line} to day at Guelph at about 11 a.m. he is very low. fears are entertained that he won't recover. I cleaned out - the hen house. took out 5 or 6 barrow loads of stuff to the compost heap. {W.R.M.} dense fog. Sunless day the McKenzie's here to day, Bella brought butter. 16 lbs Rick McWilliams operated on to day. he is very low and weak cleaned out hen house

Saturday 12

Heavy thunder storm last night with rain, and to day has been cold and cloudy, no rain however. the land is too wet to take up potatoes, I have sawed in 2, 4 barrow loads of the McKenzie stove wood for the Range. and doing up some other chores. Mr + Mrs Gamble went to Guelph to day to see about an ear trumpet for Mrs Gamble they took one of my ear drums to Mr Petric to see if it would assist the trumpet to make her hear. Rick McWilliams is reported to be doing well after the operations of yesterday. Maggie got a basket of ripe tomatoes from Guelph by Marshall for 35 c to day. {W.R.M.} Thunder storm last night and more rain Mr + Mrs Gamble to Guelph, have away my ear - drum. Rick McWilliams reported as doing well since operation basket ripe tomatoes.

Sunday 13

Cool, but fine. I wrote a letter to Alex Springfield to day. Ruth McWilliams called to see us. she came out here last night, and stayed at Walters all night. Walter drove her to Guelph again to day. she came along to see her father, and being anxious to go home and her sister Lizzie wishing to get home, while nons{?} at Charlies. she telegraphed for her to come. and she goes back to Clear Lake tomorrow {W.R.M.} wrote a letter to Alex. Springfield Ruth Rogers paid us a visit

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